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Corporate quotes... January 2006

DENMARK - cORPORATe LeAdeRS SPeAK OUT Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft Steve Ballmer says there is a simple way to turn around Microsoft’s money-losing enterprise applications business - make the whole world like Denmark. There, Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning software has a commanding share of the mid-market and a thriving collection of partners that are reaching a much broader range of small and midsize customers than the company is elsewhere. “My ambition is to make the whole world Danish,” the Microsoft CEO said in a keynote speech at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. “If we were just as successful in other countries as we are in Denmark, the Microsoft Business Solutions (unit) would be a factor of 10 bigger in terms of revenue.” - CNET, July 13, 2004

Lou Gaviglia, Corporate Vice President, Nypro Inc. "We believed that Copenhagen would be very attractive to our people. It’s usually a difficult thing to relocate Americans as expatriates but we have plenty who are very eager to move here. And that’s important because you win the global game by getting the best people on the team." - August 2005, Invest in Denmark

H. Funatsu, Chief Executive Officer, DNP Denmark A/S “Denmark is a great location for our world-wide screen production centre. Dnp Denmark has managed to stay ahead in the optical screen market for a number of reasons, not least due to the solid core of expertise within optical screen technology originally developed in Denmark. Furthermore, Denmark is a great location for the development, manufacturing and marketing of our large optical screens due to the solid core of expertise within the optical screen market supported by the flexibility and high level of education of the Danish workforce in general. Being located in Denmark is also cost efficient as the actual manufacturing of optical screens takes up a lot of space and compared to Japan the cost of space is much lower in Denmark.” - August 2005, Invest in Denmark



Robert A. Rango, Senior Vice President & General manager of Broadcom’s Mobile & Wireless Group “The opening of our design centre in Copenhagen expands our engineering capabilities to support our growing mobile and wireless business in Europe. The cellular and wireless markets represent large potential markets for Broadcom. Being strategically located near some of Europe’s largest cellular equipment manufacturers will enable us to work more closely with them in developing nextgeneration mobile solutions.” - August 2005, Invest in Denmark

Alfred Cotton, Public Affairs Manager, Nypro Inc. "You can’t take designers from Massachusetts and put them anywhere in the world, but you can put them in Copenhagen. So this is good place to bring them together as well as picking up local designers." - August 2005, Invest in Denmark

Doug Burgum, CEO Microsoft Business Solutions “Knowledge and know-how was a part of the investment when we paid a billion dollars for Navision. The knowledge of Navision and the Axapta code is essential to our current R&D and the cooperation with our partners and we have more developers now than we did three years ago. Copenhagen is also interesting because of the activity within mobile technologies going on in Scandinavia. Generally, there is a good combination of experience, talent, access to universities and qualified staff. In short, a good place to locate a development centre. The Danish society may fully trust Microsoft’s engagement in the country, and should be proud of the work that’s carried out here. It is also a lighthouse, attracting talents to the country from all over the world to work here.” -, December 6, 2005 (ed. translated)

Guy Auger, General Manager, Dell A/S "Denmark has a lot of advantages for a company like ours: Young, dynamic staff with a good education, excellent linguistic skills and a work ethic which is way above what you would normally expect. These qualities of our employees are critical in order to ensure a high quality in our Business Centres and therefore decisive location factors. Also, despite the high wage level, the Danish welfare society is organised so that the level of salaries is more than competitive. The good salaries in return create satisfied personnel." - August 2005, Invest in Denmark

Whether your company considers to relocate, consolidate, set up new ­production facilities, is on the lookout for new R&D partners or other strategic business solutions in Europe, Invest in Denmark is a good place to begin. We provide customised information and ­services free of charge and in full ­confidentiality.

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lOu GaviGlia, COrpOrate viCe preSident, nyprO inC. "We believed that Copenhagen would be very attractive to our people. It’s usually a diffi...

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