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Area of Biz Excellence... August 2008

L E A D I N G MA R I T I M E E q u i pM E N T I N D U S T RY Looking for cutting edge technologies? Looking for exceptional maritime talents? Looking for close cooperation with world leading shipowners? Have a look at Denmark!

The global outlook of the Danish maritime cluster has given Denmark a strong international maritime network, which facilitates business at an international level. A driving force for this cluster is also the high standards of engineering solutions provided by Danish companies and research institutions. These competencies have made Danish maritime systems and equipment competitive all over the world.

The Danish maritime equipment industry is technologically advanced and innovative. Industrial production within the maritime industry has been in the forefront for centuries, due to Denmark’s trade and shipping history. Danish maritime equipment is supplied to shipbuilders all over the world. This long tradition provides a fertile ground for growth companies in the maritime field.

Leading technologies

Danish maritime equipment suppliers are innovative and at the cutting edge when it comes to developing new technologies – and has been so for many years, e.g.: • MAN Diesel Group, with Danish engineers in the forefront, were the first in the world to develop the diesel engine as a maritime power source • Odense Steel Shipyard has played an important role in the development of flexible robots • Hempel has developed biocide-free systems and "non-stick" fouling release coatings • Thrane & Thrane is the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile satellite and radio communication systems


The Danish maritime equipment industry is characterized by

Advanced user-producer linkages leading to global cutting edge business solutions • Denmark has both customers and suppliers – from shipowners and shipyards to component manufacturers and ship designers • Danes have been inventing ships and ship elements for centuries – from the keel to the post-panamax container vessel

Customized solutions

The Danish maritime equipment industry stands out in offering customized solutions, perfectly matching the requirements of a specific job and/or a specific customer - from the development, design and production of single components, to testing and maintenance of the finished solution on the ship. Danish maritime equipment suppliers provide solutions to the offshore industry. A few examples include Bladt Industries, who specialises in the production of large and complex steel structures onshore as well as offshore, and VIKING Life-Saving Equipment, who delivers offshore and marine evacuation systems.

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Looking for cutting edge technologies? Looking for exceptional maritime talents? Looking for close cooperation with world leading shipowners...