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Denmark – the future Hydrogen Society Looking to locate in an internationally competitive cluster? Looking to set-up facilities with access to a large competence pool? Looking for strategic partnerships with world leading test market and development infrastructure? Have a look at Denmark!

Renewable energies have become a powerful engine for economic development and growth in regions that have established themselves as renewable energy friendly. Denmark is such a region, and the facts and figures tell the story. Top 5 reasons for placing hydrogen activities in Denmark

• Denmark holds an internationally recognised position within hydrogen technologies due to continued efforts since the early 1990’s • A cluster of companies which are efficient market- and systems integrators • Strong position and cuttingedge R&D within the PEM, SOFC and DMFC Fuel cells area • Proven track record of developing and introducing fuel cell based products on commercial basis within the fuel cell area (Uninterruptible Power Supply systems and combined heat and power units) • Government supported strategy with founding for the research, development, and implementation of hydrogen technologies (DKK 1.5 – 2.0 bn) The extensive usage of windenergy in Denmark (approx. 20% of total electricity consumption) has created the necessity for energy storage and translated this demand into cutting edge R&D within hydrogen. Unique track record within renewable energy technologies

The Danish success within renewable energy technologies, especially within the wind turbine area, is a result of a balanced usage of funding and incentives covering the areas needed for commercialising, i.e. research/ development, ­feasi­bility studies and practical tests, as well as market stimulation and creation. Another contributing factor is the ability of Danish enterprises to join

The Danish Hydrogen Network


Nordic folkecenter for Renewable Energy

Aalborg University DENMARK

Danthrem HIRC


Aarhus University TI


H2 Logic


Elsam APC Sønderborg GERMANY

SDU IRD Nakskov

Haldor Tops¿e Topsøe

Denmark – the future Hydrogen Society

forces and work in both formal and informal networks. A result of this is best illustrated by Denmark’s position as the world’s leading wind power hub, and in the technology’s future ability of competing with conventional energy tech­ nology on a pure commer­cial basis. A similar develop­ment is currently taking place in Den­ mark within the hydro­gen area.


The Danish Hydrogen Society

Conventional electricity production (coal, oil, gas)

Consumption Transport

Solar Electricity


H2 compression




Natural gas


Stream reforming

Fuel cell based heat and power production

Purifying H2 Pipeline

Hydrogen – the future energy resource

H2 tapping station

Electrolyses H

Transport of

2 Hydrogen as a source of energy compression compressed H2 is receiving increased attention Chemical plant at the global energy agenda. Purifying The ­so-called “hydrogen Refinery Transport of Storage of H2 condensing liquid H2 liquid H2 economy” is accelerated as a result of high and unstable oil prices and the new technolo­ gical advances. The Danish “Hydrogen Society” is based on an existing interesting infra­structure: the Danish natural gas infrastructure. Due to the increase of electricity and energy being produced by wind turbines, thorough focus has been put on the investigation of producing hydrogen from the excess electrical power and distributing this through the infrastructure of the natural gas network. The combination of know-how and regulation from a decentralised natural gas network has made Denmark’s hydrogen infra­structure among the most promising for develop­ing and testing hydrogen based technologies. The Danish natural gas infra­structure offers interesting capabilities, and initial investigations illustrate interesting possibilities in transporting, distributing, and storing hydrogen through this infrastructure, with a hydrogen share of more than 20%.

The Danish renewable energy cluster offers a very competitive basis for R&D and innovative business solutions, making Denmark an attractive location for investments within future renewable energy sources.

Whether your company considers to relocate, consolidate, set up new ­production facilities, is on the lookout for new innovation partners or other strategic business solutions in Europe, Invest in Denmark is a good place to begin. We provide customised information and ­services free of charge and in full ­confidentiality.

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