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A Global Day of Action

To The Arctic Council With Love On April 20, 2013 more than 17.000 people came together across the globe to take a stand for the Arctic. Organisers hosted human banners in the shape of a heart, spelling out ‘I Love Arctic’, in more than 280 cities in 38 countries, ranging from Chile to New Zealand and Norway to South Africa. This was the largest manifestation for Arctic protection in history. A group of senior citizens from Portland, Oregon sent us a photo of themselves forming a heart. In their email they said, “We sure hope this will make a difference - we may be old but we certainly still care.” College students from St. James, Jamaica, sent us their photo with the words, “What happens in the Arctic affects us all, especially us small island states. We hope that this picture will help to deliver a strong message to Arctic Council”. Those unable to join a human banner submitted individual photos through social media channels using the #ILoveArctic hashtag; to date we’ve received over two thousand photos of supporters holding up

‘I Love Arctic’ speech-bubbles as a silent call for Arctic protection. The ‘I Love Arctic Global Day of Action’ brought an ever expanding movement for the Arctic together for one day, and almost three million people have now signed our Save the Arctic petition, with more joining every day! This book compiles pictures from more than 280 ‘I Love Arctic’ events, and more than 2.000 photos of individual people joined the global ‘I Love Arctic’ mobilisation with a speech-bubble photo. And it compiles the creativity, diversity and dedication of the global movement for Arctic protection. Now it is up to you - our political leaders - to listen to the global public’s demand for Arctic protection; to leave the Arctic off limits for oil exploration and destructive industrial fishing, and create a global sanctuary in the uninhabited areas around the North Pole.



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index 2 introduction 7 Asia India, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand 15 Africa South Africa 19 south america Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia 25 north america Canada, Jamaica, Mexico, USA










45 Europe Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom 101 AUSTRALIA Australia, New Zealand 105 North pole 108 i love arctic speechbubble pictures ďťż5


INDIA There is nothing stronger than the power of many. On April 20, we witnessed it, and along with people across the globe India also stood for saving the Arctic by forming a human banner, a symbolic representation of our unity and strength. Be the change that you want to see.... Shiva Sharma, Volunteer Coordinator

8 — asia

INDONESIA The Global day Arctic action was an opportunity to make world leaders understand how much we love the Arctic. It is time for us to stand up and call for a permanent ban on oil drilling and destructive industries in the Arctic. The melting ice in the Arctic will drown island nations such as Indonesia as the sea levels rises. Hindun Mulaika, Climate and Energy Campaigner

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PHILIPPINES Carbon emissions know no boundaries. The environmental stresses of climate change are already felt across the globe, but most severely by poorer countries like the Philippines – one of the most vulnerable and least prepared countries to face the impacts of climate change. Protecting the Arctic means protecting us all. Anna Abad, Climate and Energy Campaigner

10 — asia

TAIWAN To preserve our one Earth from here, where the crisis seems so far but yet so close, you have to look carefully enough to be aware of the cliff we are about to fall down. Hold back from the mistake and take real action for you and for a better future together! Nai-Chung, Web Campaigner

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THAILAND We are all connected, and one environmental effect can impact all of us on this planet - regardless of countries or territories. If we do not stand up to save the Arctic today, climate change will impact us sooner, not later. We are already experiencing this with shockingly higher temperatures, delayed rainy seasons in some areas, and extended monsoon in others. Together we are here to do all we can, to drive change for a better world and all life on Earth. Pimjai Banlangpoh, Volunteer Coordinator

12 — asia

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16 — africa

south africa We took part because, as the planet warms, the Arctic melts and Africa is devastated by droughts, floods and unpredictable storms that impact crops, livestock, water, and forests. In a world already so vulnerable we cannot allow climate impacts to get worse. NOW is the time to act. Lerato Tsotetsi, Communications Intern

africa — 17

south america

argentina To those who govern our planet, to the companies that want our Arctic, we ask you to stop hurting it. Let’s search for new sustainable alternatives, let’s make sure we can look our children in the eyes in the future without guilt, and with the satisfaction of having done what we could do. Money isn’t everything. Gerardo Fernandez, Volunteer local Group Coordinator

20 — south america

brazil We demonstrated that Brazil is closer to the Arctic than one would imagine. The world must understand that the Arctic is a unique ecosystem, that has a key role in stabilising the global climate, hence it needs international activism. Arctic protection means the protection of all of us Cristine Rosa, Climate & Energy Campaign Team Leader

south america — 21

chile It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world” - Chaos Theory. The Arctic lies opposite to Chile, but we know that what happens in the Arctic affects us as much as the polar bears. So we made four hearts! Samira Abumohor, Volunteer assistant

22 — south america

colombia I have to say that our country’s participation in the global day of action for the Arctic was fundamental to the process of expanding our holistic view of solving environmental problems. It also let us know that it’s possible to add something from any part of the world. Jhonny Vivas, Volunteer

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north america

canada You have been given the duty to care for this fragile ecosystem and make no mistake; the Canadian public will be watching and will hold you to that responsibility. Sadly, the Harper government has established a dismal history of undermining environmental legislation and shown disregard for science. As we now accept the Chair, the pro-industry agenda of this government must not be allowed to destroy the Arctic. Amanda Gomm, Volunteer Organizer

26 — north america

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jamaica The members of the Ecology Club of Montego Bay Community College, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica wanted to show their support for the Arctic. What happens in the Arctic affects us all, especially us small island states. In the picture are 17 members of the Ecology Club outlining a heart. We hope that this picture will help to deliver a strong message to Arctic Council, and show that we all stand together in support for the Arctic. Gavin Campbell, Ecology Club President

28 — north america

mexico Thousands of eyes all over the world are looking up towards the white Arctic paradise. We want our political decision makers to know, how much we hope that their decisions will safeguard the planet, us, our children and future generations! Adriana Chow, Volunteer Coordinator

north america — 29

30 — north america

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usa Our faith teaches us to love our neighbor, and it is our moral duty to protect the Arctic, our neighbor. We join millions worldwide and ask the Arctic Council to be courageous. Create a global sanctuary before it’s too late. Linda Horton, Volunteer Community Coordinator

32 — north america

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austria The Arctic is melting and in fact it’s our future which is melting. It concerns us all. It’s time to stand up and speak out loud for OUR Arctic, demanding that this area is protected. The worldwide movement is growing – we are millions of people who put our heart in this concern and together we will make it happen! Melanie Aldrian, Media Spokeswoman

46 — europe

belgium A tiny country with a ‘whole lot of love’ for the Arctic: two big hearts (in Ghent and Libramont) and over 20 local events equals almost 3000 people demanding a global sanctuary at the top of the world. Now, that we found Arctic love, what will the Arctic Council do with it? Jelle De Mey, Communications Officer

europe — 47

48 — europe

europe — 49

50 — europe

czech republic More than 1200 people from 12 Czech cities sent an urgent message to the Arctic Council. We delivered it from public squares and school courtyards, in the heart of the Europe. We have to protect this unique region for future generations. It is our Arctic too! Jana Pravdova, Volunteer Coordinator

europe — 51

52 — europe

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denmark This heart, formed by several hundreds of people, symbolises the deep love Danes carry for Greenland and the Arctic. We ask the Danish and Greenlandic representatives in Arctic Council to carry the love and concern into their meetings and to do their best to secure the threatened wildlife and nature against ruthless industrial exploitation. Birgitte Lesanner, Programme Manager

54 — europe

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finland Finland is one of the Arctic Nations. A quarter of the country is situated North of the Arctic Circle and the Finns love their life with four distinct seasons with a real Northern winter. This means that the people of Finland have a special responsibility to save the pristine Arctic – not only for themselves but for the whole of mankind. Juha Aromaa, Communications Manager

56 — europe

france I joined this global mobilisation because there is just no other option than Arctic protection: That’s the only way to try not to make things even worse, for the climate and for the humans living on this planet. Marina Charles, Participant in a heart

europe — 57

58 — europe

europe — 59

germany In Germany more than 3,000 people joined the global “I Love Arctic” Day in 70 German cities. They all share one strong wish: to preserve and protect this unique and fragile area. Schützt die Arktis! Save the Arctic! Melanie Manegold, Volunteer Coordinator

60 — europe

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hungary Standing in the heart, and knowing how many people did the same all around the world, made me realise that no matter where we live, we can stand together as humankind. We take action, because we really feel that this is our responsibility, and we urge our political leaders to do the same and think beyond their country’s borders, on behalf of the planet. Tibi Ferencz, Climate Activist

Photos: Bence Járdány

76 — europe


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greece Greenpeace volunteers in Thessaloniki were very excited with the “I Love Arctic” idea. This awesome place is so far away to the North but it is so very important for the entire planet. Now is the time to protect it and save it in the name of future generations. Manolis Savvakis, Volunteer

78 — europe

italy A heart from the heart of Rome - that was the idea. So we gathered in the very heart of Rome, where the city was founded thousands of years ago to show our love and care for the Arctic. Massimo Guidi, Photo Editor

europe — 79

luxembourg Luxembourg the Arctic! More than 150 people joined at Abbaye de NeumĂźnster in Luxembourg-City. Although the Arctic is far away, the fate of this unique ecosystem matters to us! Let it be the beginning of a wave of public mobilisation in Luxembourg for the future of our planet! Martina Holbach, Polar Campaigner

80 — europe

norway The Norwegian people have always held a strong love for the Arctic. This deep connection is something we want future generations to experience as well. Today, this unique environment is under threat, and the Arctic needs all of our love and support. We stand up for the Arctic. Will you? Sven Malmgren, Volunteer Coordinator

europe — 81

poland The Arctic needs our help! To support the campaign, we worked with a primary school. After the children learned about the Arctic, it’s beauty, and the threats it faces, they wanted to protect this fragile place. Why don’t adults understand, what kids understand so easily? Ewelina Kycia, Local Coordinator

82 — europe

slovakia After a week-long I love Arctic tour around Slovakia I feel more enthusiastic than ever. Firstly I feared that the public might find the topic too far away from their daily problems, but the exact opposite was the case. Many people already knew that the Arctic is in trouble. We collected thousands of signatures and even Slovakia is now full of Arctic defenders, who will not stop until the Arctic is protected. Andrea Zlatnanska, Climate and Energy campaigner

croatia Volunteers of Greenpeace Slovenia collaborated with the crew of the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise, while it was in Croatia, to join the global call for Arctic protection. Tina Peternel, New media and network coordinator

europe — 83

spain Spain is one of the European countries most affected by climate change. Climate Change already impacts our biodiversity, and economic sectors like the wine industry and tourism. Even more severe impacts are predicted for as soon as the middle of this century. To save the Arctic means saving so much more let’s declare a global sanctuary at the untouched area around the North Pole. Mario Rodríguez, Executive Director

84 — europe

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86 — europe

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88 — europe

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sweden Knowing how much hard and dedicated work that went into the planning & preparations of this project, and then seeing it all happen as people turned up in big numbers all around the country for this manifestation of Arctic love, I’m filled with a feeling that real change is possible! Ivan Oljelund, Volunteer Coordinator

90 — europe

europe — 91

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94 — europe

switzerland The regional Greenpeace group of Zürich, Switzerland showed lot’s of Arctic Love with a heart made of one hundred engaged citizens right in the centre of the financial capital of Switzerland. Another event with a heart made of candles took place in Neuchatel. Alexandra Ottinger, Volunteer Coordinator

europe — 95

96 — europe

the netherlands All nations should focus their energy policy on solar, wind and water, not on oil, gas and coal. I think that on the Global Day of Action for the Arctic, people have shown, that they deeply care about what happens with the Arctic. The world is ours, and it is not up to men and women in suits to decide what happens to the Arctic. It’s their duty to listen to the people. Noah Baars, Local group coordinator

europe — 97

turkey The heart of Turkey beats with the Arctic. We want you to take an important step for the future of this planet by declaring the top of the world a global sanctuary. We want to remind politicians that if they don’t act to stop anthropogenic climate change, we will all be left in a world where political calculations will be meaningless. The future of the Arctic will be your legacy. Ezgi Yener, Web Campaigner

98 — europe

united kingdom At more than 25 events across the UK, hundreds of us came together to celebrate the Arctic with passion and creativity. We joined thousands more around the world, to send a clear message to politicians: the top of the world belongs to everyone. This is what an unstoppable movement looks like.� Rachael King, Volunteer Coordinator

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102 — australia

new zealand With plans for deep sea oil drilling threatening the gorgeous coasts here in New Zealand, we fully understand the importance of protecting this beautiful planet, from the north pole all the way to the south. We stand with the rest of the world to say, “We Love the Arctic”. Abi Smith, National Community Outreach Manager Aotearoa

australia — 103

north pole

North pole In April 2013, four international youth ambassadors planted a Flag for the Future on the seabed beneath the North Pole, supported by millions of people across the world. Their message to the Arctic Council: the Arctic matters to every person on earth and must be protected. Anna Jones, Team Leader for the North Pole expedition

106 — north pole

north pole — 107

On April 20, 2013, we, a global movement for Arctic protection, came together to demand with one voice: • a ban on oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean • a ban on destructive industrial fishing in the Arctic Ocean • a global sanctuary in the uninhabited ares around the North Pole Now it is up to you, our political decision makers, to turn these demands into political action. Our hearts are with the Arctic, our eyes are on you.

Editor: Markus Power Design: Liv Caroline Acknowledgement: We sincerely thank all photographers who have contributed their photographs to document and visualise this Global Day of Action for the Arctic. Due to the very sharp production timeline of this book, and the great amount of ‘I Love Arctic’-photos, our team wasn’t able to gather and process photo credits. We hope for your understanding that we prioritised the production pace to be ready in time for the Arctic Council meeting, where we will hand over this book to relevant political decision makers. However, If you would like us to add your photo credit to this publication, please e-mail April 2013

I Love Arctic - A Global Day of Action  

On April 20, 2013, more than 17.000 people came together all across the globe to take a stand for the Arctic. Organisers hosted human banner...