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Marian Rivera meets grandparents in Spain

Here’s how to play: There are nine sections of nine sections of nine squares in each puzzle. The object of the game is to fill in all the blank spaces with numbers from 1 to 9. The numbers can be in any order, but there are a few catches:

Masayang ikinuwento ng Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera ang mistulang mini-reunion ng kanyang pamilya sa Spain nang bumisita sila doon ng nobyong si Dingdong Dantes. Kahit kadarating lang mula sa Spain, dumalo pa rin si Marian sa anniversary party ng MEG Magazine nitong Huwebes ng gabi. Lady in red si Marian sa nabanggit na party. Siya ang cover ng babasahin ngayong June issue nito, ayon sa Chika Minute ng GMA News 24 Oras nitong Biyernes. Sa panayam ng showbiz press, masayang ikinuwento ni Marian ang pagkikita nila ng kanyang ama sa Spain. Sa susunod na taon nga raw ay nakatakdang bumisita sa Pilipinas ang kanyang ama. Nakita rin ni Marian sa unang pagkakataon ang kanyang lolo at lola. “Na-meet ko ang lola’t lolo ko na ‘di ko na-meet before. So nagkaroon kami ng maliit na reunion sa Spain; kasama sila papa tapos lolo’t lola ko, yung mga uncle ko. Nagkaroon ng bonding at paguusap na ang saya-saya. Parang feeling ko sobrang kumpleto na lahat,” ayon kay Marian.* Marian.*

− In each of the sections, no numbers can be repeated. − Numbers can’t be repeated in each horizontal line of nine squares. − Numbers can’t be repeated in each vertical line of nine squares. You solve the puzzle when you cor rectly fill in all of the squares. SEE SOLUTION ON NEXT ISSUE


Erich Gonzales finished shooting in Thailand with Mario Maurer

Erich Gonzales and Thai superstar Mario Maurer

Erich Gonzales has finished shooting her scenes with Mario Maurer in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thai heartthrob revealed that their last shooting day for the movie was held last June 19. On that day, Mario comforted the staff of the movie who were emotional as they bid farewell. He posted his photo with this caption: “last day for movie I wanna say thx u to all my filipino team don’t cry we will see u soon love u.” Through his official Twitter account (@ohohmario), Mario also shared a photo of him with Erich. He also provided this caption: “Don’t forget to support me and erich gonzales for our movie ‘suddenly it’s magic’ good bye friend.” Erich spent around two weeks in Bangkok to shoot her scenes with her leading man. The Star Magic actress is arrived in the Philippines on Sunday, June 24. Titled Suddenly It’s Magic, this movie is directed by Rory Quintos and produced by Star Cinema. Aside from shooting scenes in Bangkok, the love team partners also shot for several days in Ilocos. Mario is best known for his films Love of Siam and Crazy Little Thing Called Love. In Suddenly It’s Magic, he is cast as a Thai superstar who goes to the Philippines to escape from his frantic lifestyle. He then meets a romantically jaded pastry chef portrayed by Erich.*PEP




wordsearch Find the words in the list hidden in the puzzle grid.

Pleasuring his lover Their love story started out like a scene from a teenage movie. He was a well-sought after celebrity (AC) in his field, who has had his own share of intrigues despite not really part of show business. She was, a refreshing personality (RP), who rose to fame by doing the rounds of fantasy dramas. AC merely asked RP out publicly, and RP responded positively. From that first date, they became inseparable. Despite their busy schedules and sometimes, physical distance from each other, AC and RP managed to build a special relationship. However, there was a very personal problem that cropped up in the course of their relationship. For males born in the Philippines, certain customs are followed because of religious and medical reasons. Since AC was

raised abroad, he was spared from the traditional practice, but RP felt uncomfortable with that idea. Hence, RP encouraged AC to undergo the procedure. She even went with him to the hospital when he had to go under the knife, so to speak. With modern laser technology, RP missed out the fun of wearing balloon skirts and staying still for some days until the wound completely healed. Within a few days, AC was back to his routine, while RP was happier that AC finally had it done. Incidentally, one of the conditions RP set before any marriage plans with AC was that procedure. Well, AC was eager to please. Can you identify the characters in this story?*fashionpulis


Jong Combong Pijuan June 25

J Scott Galvez Sarria June 27

Lean Porquia June 26

Socorro Martinez June 28

Your horoscope


Neonita Gobuyan June 29 Cham Jover June 30 Gigi Sy July 1

1- Halloween greeting; 4- Actor Buchholz; 9- Thick slice; 13- Decide; 14- Name on a bomber; 15- Now, in Nogales; 16- Act of retorting; 18Long hard seat; 19- Diciembre follower; 20Power of vision; 22- Articles to be mended; 25- In a frenzy; 26- ___ Mio; 28- Severe experience; 32- Baby newt; 35- Bullwinkle, e.g.; 37- Attractive; 38- Member of a largely Middle

Eastern people; 40- ___ Dame; 42- Pit; 43- Put a new price on; 45- Verdun’s river; 47- Bad-mouth; 48- Landlord; 50- Bridges; 52- Roasting rod; 54- Constrain; 58- Capital of Namibia; 62- TV producer Michaels; 63- Cherish; 64Synthetic narcotic; 67- Madagascar monkey; 68Primp; 69- Arab instrument; 70- Abound; 71- Tendency; 72Actress Zadora;


andretti brack castroneves cheever dixon fittipaldi foyt hornish jones lazier luyendyk mears montoya parsons rahal

rice rutherford sneva sullivan unser

villeneuve vukovich ward wheldon


1- Made a hole; 2- ___ can of worms; 3- Brownfurred aquatic carnivorous mammal; 4Bravery; 5- Mich. neighbor; 6Louis XIV, e.g.; 7- Plumlike fruit; 8- Country singer Tucker; 9- Arab chief’s realm; 10Protracted; 11- St. Louis landmark; 12- Monetary unit of Thailand; 15- Soak up; 17- Yes ___?; 21Funnyman Philips; 23- High time; 24- Dimness; 27- Adlai’s running mate; 29- Oklahoma city; 30- Years in old Rome; 31- Caustic

substances; 32- James ____ Jones; 33- Gratis; 34- Makes lace; 36- Blow one’s top; 39- Large percussion instrument; 41Actor Morales; 44- Ground squirrel; 46Division of the United Kingdom; 49- Carnival site; 51- Not barefoot; 53- Lure; 55- Scout unit; 56- Affectation of sophisticates; 57- ___ lift?; 58Mickey’s creator; 59- Nice notion; 60- Iditarod terminus; 61Actress Deborah; 65- Driving peg; 66- Coop denizen;

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don’t hesitate to make a move or to share your feelings with family, friends or your lover. Much can be accomplished with regard to relationships and sharing quality time with people. Reconnect with someone from your past.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Aggressive action at home will help you accomplish your goals and set you on a path to personal success. An imaginative approach to the way you live your life or the interests you decide to pursue will broaden your circle of friends.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Take greater interest in activities that can improve your knowledge and skills and help you understand people from different backgrounds. Socializing will enhance your love life. Offering assistance will lead to an unexpected alliance.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Don’t let emotional matters turn into a costly affair. Put more thought into long-term consequences before you decide to make a change that can affect your current relationship. A joint venture can bring greater prosperity.

TAURUS (April 20- May 20): You are best to keep secrets to yourself and avoid anyone trying to pry into your business. Consider your talents and skills and you will find a way to turn what you have to offer into a profit.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Take a mini-trip or visit a place you haven’t experienced before. The inspiration you gain will lead to some great ideas that can benefit you as well as others who face similar dilemmas. Love is highlighted.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Emotional matters must be handled properly to avoid discord. Compliments and honest gestures will enhance an important relationship. Look for ways to make an unusual change at home.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Home is where the heart is, and making your place more conducive to success is where your efforts must be directed. Love is on the rise, and greater financial security is heading your way.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Make your surroundings more inviting, comfortable or user-friendly. Avoid impulse decisions that may affect your financial situation. Keep your lifestyle simple and within your budget.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): An unexpected financial change due to a settlement or other monies owed will help with your expenses. Take the initiative to embark on an expedition that will bring you greater knowledge regarding your professional options.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You’ll command attention with your outgoing personality. Spend time with people you enjoy most. A challenge will spark your interest.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): You may be asked to get involved in a financial venture that is questionable. Find a way to help without spending money. You aren’t likely to be given all the facts to make a sound judgment.


uusap na ang saya-saya. Parang feeling ko sobrang kumpleto na lahat,” ayon kay Marian.* her scenes with her leading man. The Star Magic actr...