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SafetyNet Inc. Offering iLockitOut â„¢ App with Best Lockout Tagout Programs Template

SafetyNet Inc. is a revered lockout tagout solutions provider that has been helping businesses achieve OSHA compliance without much hassle. It specializes in energy control program audits, onsite equipment-specific procedures, onsite instructor based worker training, along with site-specific written energy control program. Thanks to its informational web portal, organizations can access the desired Information on lockout tagout program effortlessly. Their professional team of engineers and trainers can help in creating custom energy control procedures and allow their clients to create them in-house with their user-friendly, web-based and mobile custom procedure creation software christened iLockItOut Pro ®. While speaking about the iLockitOut app, their Chief Brand Officer explained, “SafetyNet’s iLockitOut ™ app will allow you to create lock out tag out procedures using our auto fill templates. All our procedures are Osha lock out tag out regulation compliant. The Osha lockout tagout standard uses equipment-specific procedures including lockout tag out steps as part of the lock out tag out program. Osha lockout tag out programs also have to include a written program which SafetyNet can create for your company.”

iLockItOut ® by SafetyNet ® is a one stop solution for an Osha-compliant energy control lockout tagout program. SafetyNet provides onsite professional services along with web-based and mobile solutions to assess, develop and manage an entire lockout tagout program and train staff. iLockItOut ® and the SafetyNet Team can help minimize the burden of creating OSHA required procedures, eliminate the risk of injury by training staff on compliant zero energy lockout tagout procedures and give their client the peace of mind of knowing they are protected from costly fines and violations. The Chief Brand Officer added, “The Osha lockout tag out definition is 'The control of hazardous energy'. You need to ensure your lockout tag out kit contains all the required devices to lockout breakers, valves, disconnects and switched to block the flow of energy. The lockout procedure also needs to be spelled out in your written lockout tagout program. The lockout tagout programs templates equip you with the details you need to perform your lockout procedure every time safely. Templates will give you the peace of mind that your worker is safe for your facility lockout tagout procedures.” By selecting an upgraded plan, the client will be able to increase the number of procedures they can create, share and store in the cloud as well as the number of admins and users that can share the program. Clients can create and manage energy control procedures for dollars a day. Once the client's custom energy control procedures are created, they can seamlessly sync and share them with their team via iPhone ® or Android ® and manage them in real time from their PC, MAC, or iPad.

About SafetyNet Inc. At SafetyNet Inc., they believe that for a company or organization to avoid painful injuries to workers and the stiffest penalties, they must develop a site-specific program. They must train their staff on the application of proper safe lockout tagout. Generic templates or online training may not meet compliance requirements and put a client's staff in a dangerous environment. To accomplish this, the client needs professional engineers and trainers that can develop their program.Through technology, guidance, hands-on particle training, and program development their team of highly trained and experienced professionals can assist their client in developing or assessing their program to meet Osha compliance.

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Safetynet inc offering ilockitout ™ app with best lockout tagout programs template  

SafetyNet Inc. is a revered lockout tagout solutions provider that has been helping businesses achieve OSHA compliance without much hassle.

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