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SafetyNet Inc.-iLockout Offers OSHA Compliant Employee Safety Training at Attractive Costs

SafetyNet Inc.iLockout is the premier company that provides a complete OSHA-compliant lockout tagout energy control program to businesses of all sizes in the USA. The services they provide help companies avoid painful injuries to workers and stiff penalties that may lead to the end of the said businesses. They provide software that helps organizations to train their staff on the application of proper safe lockout tagout. They have a team of engineers and trainers that help these organizations develop a program that works and that can be managed and maintained remotely on WIFI-enabled devices such as smartphones, iPads, MACs, and PCs. "It is important to keep your staff safe from any hazardous energy in your place of work and avoid hefty penalties that could kick you out of business. Our LOTO services will help you achieve this said safety and aid you to stay in business for a long time. Ours is a trusted company that offers OSHA-compliant Lockout Tagout procedures at affordable rates. We have a team of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals who are conversant in providing LOTO solutions that help businesses keep their workers safe from workplace hazards." said the Managing Director of SafetyNet Inc.-iLockout in a recent interview.

SafetyNet Inc. –iLockout provides the first-class onsite instructor based employee training, onsite equipmentspecific procedures, control program audits, and site-specific written energy control program. With their services, they seek to offer clients quality, efficient and convenient services that are OSHA compliant. They also offer automated background sync on their remote servers to guarantee that their customers' procedures are stored safely. The Managing Director continued, "At SafetyNet Inc-iLockout, we offer services such as energy control program audits, onsite equipment-specific procedures, onsite instructor based worker training and site specific written energy control program. We take a lot of time, knowledge and expertise in crafting our services to match up to OSHA approved standards. Whether you settle for one or all of our services, we promise that make your time with us worthwhile by offering you tailored services that your workers will love and appreciate." SafetyNet Inc.-iLockout provides a web and iPad-based software that companies can use to create lock out tag out procedure templates comfortably. The software has got all the tools required for developing and managing OSHA compliant energy control program. It is easy to use, has customizable templates and standardized procedures that can facilitate the development of equipment or process specific energy control procedures. The client can then share the created processes with maintenance, service or authorized LOTO worker. The group that receives the processes can execute the lockout tagout directly from their WI-FI-enabled MACs, PCs, iPads, and smartphones.

About SafetyNet Inc. –iLockout SafetyNet Inc.-iLockout has been helping organizations avoid injuries and penalties that may arise as a result of hazardous energy eruption at the workplace. They obtain this by using technology and hands-on practical training, guidance and program development. They have a team of engineers and trainers who assist organizations to create or access their programs to ensure that they OSHA compliant. The hands-on OSHA LOTO training seeks to bring an entire team up to speed with the relevant LOTO standards. It also aims to train and empower workers so that they know, understand and execute the necessary provisions of the hazardous energy control procedures efficiently.


Safetynet inc ilockout offers osha compliant employee safety training at attractive costs  

SafetyNet Inc.-iLockout is the premier company that provides a complete OSHA-compliant lockout tagout energy control program to businesses o...

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