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Dear reader, Welcome to TENTH EDITION. We never forget to always thank you to the Lord of His protection to you and us. In this adition we picked up the theme is about heavy transport. For the industries oil & gas, heavy engineering, and mining, this topic is very important. But of course the role of Freight Forwarding Company can not be ignored.I remember when I found my friend sad and desperate due to claims of heavy cargo handling. Therefore, along with this adition we issue Power Logistics Asia 2013 (exhibition and conference) as the main topic, which one of interest discussion is about heavy transport. Well, please do not forget to see our others interesting topics such as Logistics, Sea Transport, Air Transport, Road Transport, Heavy and etc as your requirement. We will always try to give you the best informations, trustworthy and fastest. You are welcome to visit our website

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Camera canon EOS 550D


U.S. Oil to build GAIN® Clean Fueling station in Columbus, Ohio




Power logistics ASIA 2013 will be held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore on October 30–31


Power logistics ASIA 2013 will be held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore on October 30–31, 2013 which this event for the heavy transport and lifting industry where you will meet with industries oil & gas, heavy engineering, and mining. Exhibition, Conference and Seminar are three important things will be held in this event. About exhibition, Exhibitors are Break Bulk & Project Charterers / Forwarders, Shipping Lines Specializing in Break Bulk / Ro Ro, Heavy Lift and Haulage Equipment Providers, SPMTs, Cranes, Trucks, Trailers, Lifting Equipment, Specialized Ports and Terminals, Government


Agencies, Insurance Providers, Surveyors, Offshore Supply Bases. While visitors are from Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Energy, Mining, Heavy Engineering, Procurement and Costruction, Steel and Cement, Pulp and Paper, Wind Power and Offshore Supply. About Conference, please find Conference Agenda as follow : (agenda conference ) And about Seminar, Its take topic Heavy Transport and Lifting Course. Why attend the Powerlogistics heavy transport and Lifting course? The answer is quite simple. You are moving equipment worth millions of dollars for your customer. Yet do your people have the necessary know-how and background? Increase your company’s technical know-how! Impress your customers. Increase the quality of your work by improving the technical ability of your workforce.

THE 5 MAIN TOPICS AT THE POWERLOGISTICS HEAVY TRANSPORT AND LIFTING COURSE 1.Heavy Lift : hear from the expert about various types of crane and lifting equipment, Learn to make a lifting plan and about stability during lifting activities 2. Exceptional Transport : Study load capacity on various vehicle types including SPMT’s and platform trailers 3.Load Securing : Come to terms with lashing / securing / dun naging 4.Lifting with Hydraulic Gantry and Strand Jacks : Get a grip on hydraulic gantry cranes (tower lifts) and the principles of strand jacks 5.Check List for Project Forwarders : Create your own checklist and thus eradicate mistakes, Improve your technical know-how, Minimize your risk, Get your staff accredited, Provide better quality.


Blackstar teams up with Messersi for The Box Shop

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CEA Projects Move 2 Catamarans in Thailand’s Gulf Coast



CEA Projects Move 2 Catamarans in Thailand’s Gulf Coast CEA Projects (Cranes and Equipment Asia Co Ltd) who joined the Project Cargo Network in March 2013 as a

representative in Thailand, have completed their latest project, the movement of 2 Catamarans from the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand’s Gulf Coast. One from the water to the factory for repair and the second, a brand new Catamaran, from the factory to the sea. Mr Michael Parham, the Business Development Manager at CEA Projects, explains; “The 1st Cat was 22m x 11m x 6m weighing 25tons while the 2nd working vessel was 20m x 8 x 6.5m weighing 35tons. While the 2 owners of the vessels are not related it just worked out to be perfect timing as both of the vessels needed to be moved so the owners got together working with CEA to split the Civil works which entailed leveling out the beach for shoring and launching, laying of steel plates so the 10 axle line hydraulic trailer and prime mover wouldn’t sink in the sand. The 1st Cat was a sailing Cat and did not have any engines and was positioned and beached using several zodiacs under rough conditions of 1.5m swells and 30 knot winds at high tide. When the tide receded, the steel plates were covered with sand and CEA’s team got to work quickly to get it clear so the trailer could be put into position. The following day the new Cat was brought from the factory and laid down on sandbags at low tide. The steel plates were brought up and on-lookers including the vessel owner, the manufacturers, CEA staff and tourists and locals alike were waiting for high tide to roll in and bring the vessel out to sea. All operations ran smoothly over 3 days and everyone involved were very pleased with the safe and efficient movement of both Cats by CEA Projects based in Laem Chabang, Thailand.” source :

Yusen Logistics posts quarterly loss US$5.98 million against last year’s quarterly profit of JPN447 million. Yusen said the international logistics market remained weak in the AprilJune period largely because of the prolonged economic slump in Europe and a slowdown in economic growth in some Asian countries, including China.

Japan’s NYK forwarding arm, Yusen Logistics, has posted a quarterly year-on-year net loss of

JYN592 million (US$5.98 million), compared with a profit of JYN1.26 billion last year. Quarterly revenues April to June increased 27.8 per cent to JYN99.27 billion) but the company suffered an operating loss of JYN140 million


ADPC ICT Services launches online software solutions


G6 Alliance adjusts Black Sea

coverage by new feeder service biggest reefer box ship - 9,814-TEU



Russian Railways Logistics Delivers Oversized Cargo for Oil Refinery.




Yusen Logistics said that although its sea cargo volume increased, its air freight volume fell. In the Americas, its first fiscal quarter operating revenue grew 32 per cent to JPN22.71 billion, yet it posted an operating loss of JPN57 million in the region, though narrowing the loss narrowed from JPN77 million from a year earlier.



source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

Unlimited Express (Myanmar) Move Construction Diggers Transport System “NBR-Crawler”



HANSA HEAVY LIFT appoints Roger Iliffe as

Interim CEO



The Future of Heavy Lift Vessels – What’s next?




The 8th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Fair






American Airlines And US Airways To Fight Justice Department Action


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Power logistics ASIA 2013 will be held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore on October 30–31, 2013 which this event for the heavy transport and lifting industry where you will meet with industries oil & gas, heavy engineering, and mining. Exhibition, Conference and Seminar are three important things will be held in this event. About exhibition, Exhibitors are Break Bulk & Project Charterers / Forwarders, Shipping Lines Specializing in Break Bulk / Ro Ro, Heavy Lift and Haulage Equipment Providers, SPMTs, Cranes, Trucks, Trailers, Lifting Equipment, Specialized Ports and Terminals, Government Agencies, Insurance Providers, Surveyors,

Offshore Supply Bases. While visitors are from Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Energy, Mining, Heavy Engineering, Procurement and

Costruction, Steel and Cement, Pulp and Paper, Wind Power and Offshore Supply. About Conference, please find Conference Agenda as follow :(agenda conference ) And about Seminar, Its take topic Heavy Transport and Lifting Course. Why attend the Powerlogistics heavy transport and Lifting course? The answer is quite simple. You are moving equipment worth millions of dollars for your customer. Yet do your people have the necessary know-how and background? Increase your company’s technical know-how! Impress your customers. Increase the quality of your work by improving the technical ability of your workforce.

THE 5 MAIN TOPICS AT THE POWERLOGISTICS HEAVY TRANSPORT AND LIFTING COURSE 1.Heavy Lift : hear from the expert about various types of crane and lifting equipment, Learn to make a lifting plan and about stability during lifting activities 2. Exceptional Transport : Study load capacity on various vehicle types including SPMT’s and platform trailers 3.Load Securing : Come to terms with lashing / se curing / dun naging 4.Lifting with Hydraulic Gantry and Strand Jacks : Get a grip on hydraulic gantry cranes (tower lifts) and the principles of strand jacks 5.Check List for Project Forwarders : Create your own checklist and thus eradicate mistakes, Improve your technical know-how, Minimize your risk, Get your staff accredited, Provide better quality.

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The Republic of Singapore is the major regional logistics hub for the oil and gas, heavy engineering,

petrochemical, maritime and offshore supply industry. It accommodates numerous multinational headquarters and serves as an important project cargo trans-shipment center for Southeast Asia the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia. | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



CEA Projects Move 2 Catamarans in Thailand’s Gulf Coast CEA Projects (Cranes and Equipment Asia Co Ltd) who joined the Project Cargo Network in March 2013 as a

representative in Thailand, have completed their latest project, the movement of 2 Catamarans from the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand’s Gulf Coast. One from the water to the factory for repair and the second, a brand new Catamaran, from the factory to the sea. Mr Michael Parham, the Business Development Manager at CEA Projects, explains; “The 1st Cat was 22m x 11m x 6m weighing 25tons while the 2nd working vessel was 20m x 8 x 6.5m weighing 35tons. While the 2 owners of the vessels are not related it just worked out to be perfect timing as both of the vessels needed to be moved so the owners got together working with CEA to split the Civil works which entailed leveling out the beach for shoring and launching, laying of steel plates so the 10 axle line hydraulic trailer and prime mover wouldn’t sink in the sand. The 1st Cat was a sailing Cat and did not have any engines and was positioned and beached using several zodiacs under rough conditions of 1.5m swells and 30 knot winds at high tide. When the tide receded, the steel plates were covered with sand and CEA’s team got to work quickly to get it clear so the trailer could be put into position. The following day the new Cat was brought from the factory and laid down on sandbags at low tide. The steel plates were brought up and on-lookers including the vessel owner, the manufacturers, CEA staff and tourists and locals alike were waiting for high tide to roll in and bring the vessel out to sea. All operations ran smoothly over 3 days and everyone involved were very pleased with the safe and efficient movement of both Cats by CEA Projects based in Laem Chabang, Thailand.” source :

Yusen Logistics posts quarterly loss US$5.98 million against last year’s quarterly profit of JPN447 million. Yusen said the international logistics market remained weak in the AprilJune period largely because of the prolonged economic slump in Europe and a slowdown in economic growth in some Asian countries, including China.

Japan’s NYK forwarding arm, Yusen Logistics, has posted a quarterly year-on-year net loss of

JYN592 million (US$5.98 million), compared with a profit of JYN1.26 billion last year. Quarterly revenues April to June increased 27.8 per cent to JYN99.27 billion) but the company suffered an operating loss of JYN140 million


Yusen Logistics said that although its sea cargo volume increased, its air freight volume fell. In the Americas, its first fiscal quarter operating revenue grew 32 per cent to JPN22.71 billion, yet it posted an operating loss of JPN57 million in the region, though narrowing the loss narrowed from JPN77 million from a year earlier. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


Jassim Transport & Stevedoring Company (JTC) Kuwait relies on the InterCombi from SCHEUERLE The SCHEUERLE InterCombi, with its rigid construction of 6500 kNm and a steering angle of 60° as

well as a maximum axle compensation of +/- 325 mm, is an extremely powerful and manoeuvrable vehicle. Proof that it can always be used reliably even under extreme conditions is demonstrated, among other things, through its daily use by SCHEUERLE customers, JTC Kuwait. Absolute functional efficiency was particularly important during a recent transport assignment - as part of an emergency call-out, turbines and other power plant equipment were delivered in order to help avert an imminent energy shortage. Piece by piece, the desperately expected equipment arrived via air cargo in Kuwait City. With all parties involved under a great deal of pressure, the complete shipment was sent on board fourteen aircraft over a period of ten days; after unloading, the components were then transported to the power plant in Subiyah. Difficult terrain along with the climate in one of the hottest countries in the world also made the conditions even more difficult. The heaviest piece of equipment weighed around 110 tonnes - no problem for the rigidly-constructed trailer. On up to twelve axle lines together with gooseneck, all components were safely transported to their destination. The 36 t technical axle load of the InterCombi always had enough in reserve and all routes were mastered without incident.

SCHEUERLE provides additional thrust without the use of an additional pusher machine on transport routes with inclines. Furthermore, the InterCombi PB can be operated as a self propelled unit as well as being coupled with other InterCombi platform trailers. As pusher machine: The driver starts the powerful 150 kW PPU before negotiating a critical incline. As soon as a tractor no longer has sufficient power to manage the incline, i.e. the speed drops below 14 km/h, the drive system cuts in automatically and thus provides the required additional power. As soon as the incline has been overcome, this ancillary drive shuts off automatically and the speed can be increased again in accordance with the road conditions. In normal road traffic as a trailer combination: After the driving gear has been switched off, the drive unit can achieve a speed of 80 km/h in the transport combination.

For in-house transport: Here, for in-house transportation tasks, the drive unit with PPU - with or without InterCombi platform trailers - can be uncoupled from the tractor and can be controlled as a self propelled transport combination using a mobile control unit with radio remote control. The hydrostatic drive , lifting and lowering functions, hydraulic steering, brake system along Several days later, the InterCombi once again demonstrated its qualities with the electric power supply can also be controlled using this at the construction site of the new refinery in Shiuaba. Using 2 X 10 axle unit. Small, manoeuvrable and extremely flexible! lines, tanks and reactor components weighing between 67 and 82 tonnes Side by Side: were transported for the construction of the new facility from the port to Coupled mechanically “side-by-side”: another option for the in-plant the future refinery site. Once again, the manoeuvrability of the transport is the mechanically coupled “side-by-side” combination. InterCombi here was “worth its weight in gold”: due to the very narrow Through the wide support base, loads with a high centre of gravity can exit of the port facility, on no account using a steering angle of less than safely be transported. 60° would have been impossible. End-to-End: Der SCHEUERLE InterCombi PB – a 5-in-1 solution for all cases Coupled mechanically “end-to-end”: for extremely long combinations From the onset, the SCHEUERLE InterCombi has been a vehicle that can (with or without decks), the PowerBooster can be used as a tractor at the be driven and combined in many different ways. Even more versatile is front and pusher machine at the rear. With this fifth solution, the the “Power Booster” (PB) version which is equipped with shiftable drive PowerBooster is a real all-rounder for transporting heavy loads. axles and can be towed at 80 km/h or even be propelled by an equally shiftable PowerPack Unit (PPU) as needed. This development from source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Emmert in electromagnet project USA headquartered project forwarding specialist Emmert International has successfully

relocated an electromagnet from the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, New York to Chicago, Illinois. The 15.5 m wide electromagnet is composed of steel and aluminium and will form a critical part of the Muon g-2 experiment being conducted by Fermilab - one of the USA’s leading laboratories for particle physics research located in Chicago, Illinois. At the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Emmert International successfully lifted the electromagnet from its foundations 3 m below ground and carefully moved the unit outside through a small opening in the building, known as the ‘mail slot’.

The frame was designed to keep the electromagnet as flat as possible, keeping deflections to no more the 2 mm across the entire structure. Emmert International then moved the ring approximately nine miles to Smith Point, where a crane was used to lift the unit from its trailer onto a waiting barge. The barge then began its month-long voyage down the US east coast into the Gulf of Mexico before voyaging up the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway to the Mississippi, Illinois and Des Plaines rivers. Upon arrival in Lemont, Illinois, the ring was carefully lifted from the barge and set down on the same platform trailer used earlier on in the project in New York. The final leg of the journey was completed over three consecutive nights, with the electromagnet safely being delivered to Fermilab on July 25, 2013. The move took 35 days and covered 5,150 km.

The sensitive machine was then transported across the Brookhaven facility using a platform trailer and a bespoke transportation frame designed by source : Emmert International.

First freight train from Zhengzhou arrived in Hamburg

the capital of Henan province, has nearly nine million inhabitants and is considered as an important industrial center and transportation hub. As the first international logistics provider, DB Schenker used the new connection for the transportation of containers for different customers from trade and industry. For three years, DB Schenker trains are traveling on the Euro-Asian route, in the past two years, more than 300 freight trains were sent to and from China. DB Schenker Logistics has been in China for decades and has a closely-knit network of locations in all major economic regions.

On behalf of the city of Zhengzhou, DB Schenker cooperated in the first freight train ride from the north-central Chinese city to Hamburg. The voyage was

In particular, the relatively short travel time from the Chinese inland, the arrival in the middle of Europe and the ability to distribute containers from here quickly and safely further, indicates the offer of DB Schenker. The train from Zhengzhou covered the 10,214 kilometer route through China, organized by the Zhengzhou International Land Port Development and Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland to Germany in a record time of just Construction Co., Ltd. The train with 51 containers arrived the freight yard 15 days. in Hamburg-Billwerder on Friday. DB Schenker acted as logistics partner to Zhengzhou for all services outside China which includes operations as well DB Schenker has a long experience in travelling the Euro-Asian route. Alas additional logistics services. ready in 1973 the first container travelled along the Trans-Siberian. And a “The growing Chinese goods traffic, together with the ongoing shift from first goods train been started in Beijing arrived at Hamburg in 2008. As of production-intensive industries to the Chinese hinterland, offers a lot of 2011 DB Schenker has set up regular weekly block train service between potential. DB Schenker in Asia is in an excellent starting position”, China and Germany mainly for the automotive and electronics industry. says Dr. Rüdiger Grube, Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Bahn AG at the occasion of the arrival of the train in Hamburg. Zhengzhou, source :

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LOGISTICS Glen Dimplex renews distribution contract with Norbert Dentressangle (NDC) in Stoke-on-Trent to a customer base that includes major electrical retailers, distributors, wholesalers and suppliers of professional catering equipment. The operation involves a core fleet of 16 vehicles and 64 trailers that shuttle finished goods from a production site in Prescot to Stoke, provide shunting at both sites, and outbound nationwide transport of over 500,000 GDHA products via 9,700 deliveries per annum. A key challenge was maintaining the current very high service levels and reliability whilst reducing the overall logistics cost. With a policy of continuous improvement, Norbert Dentressangle has introduced new longer length 15.6m semi-trailers for the factory shuttle operation to the Stoke NDC, improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of this element of the contract.

Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA), a market-leading domestic and professional appliances manufacturer, has renewed its long-term supply chain contract with Norbert Dentressangle for a further three years. GDHA is a privately owned company made up of leading cooking brands Stoves, Belling, New World and refrigeration brand Lec. The company manufactures 85% of its products in the UK, and employs over 1,000 people. Norbert Dentressangle has worked for GDHA for thirteen years, handling the UK distribution of its products from a national distribution centre

By optimising the dedicated fleet size and maximising utilisation, Norbert Dentressangle has also been able to remove cost through increased shared use, as well as improving efficiency, by employing the core fleet for backhaul and night distribution activities for other customers. Ian Worsley, Head of Logistics at GDHA, commented: “For over 13-years Norbert Dentressangle has provided a consistently high level of service and has been proactive in developing new solutions to meet changing market conditions. “The introduction of longer semi-trailers and improved fleet utilisation is typical of this approach, one that has both reduced cost and the carbon footprint of our supply chain, which is vital to maintaining our market leading position and meeting our environmental aims.” source :

Kenco Celebrates Six Decades of Business and Service company’s Chattanooga headquarters on August 2. They gathered to honor the founders and salute all the employees and board members who are carrying on with Kenco’s original mission, which is rooted in “a commitment to integrity over profitability.” “We want to celebrate our history and honor our associates,” said Greene. “The same entrepreneurial spirit and guiding principles that led to the founding of our company in 1950 are still very much alive in 2013.”

Last week, more than 4,000 employees in 100 North American locations celebrated the 63rd anniversary of the founding of Kenco, a leading provider of distribution, transportation, and supply chain intelligence solutions. In 1950, Kenco began with just two employees and one 100,000 square-foot facility in Chattanooga, Tenn. Today, Kenco is one of the largest family-owned and privately held third-party logistics providers (3PL) in the United States. That lone warehouse has grown to more than 100 facilities across the U.S. and Canada.

During last week’s event, large trees—newly planted at “Founders Grove”—were dedicated as a permanent tribute to founders Jim Kennedy, Sr., Jim Kennedy, Jr., and Sam Smartt, Sr. The trees include a Texas Oak, Red Maple, and Southern Magnolia. In addition to the dedication in Chattanooga, Kenco employees celebrated at each of the company’s worksites, and were applauded in a company-produced video. “We’re a team here, and everyone contributes,” said Kenco Board Member Sam Smartt, Jr. in the video. “We all are the Kenco family, and everything we accomplish is all done together.” source :

Kenco Chairwoman and CEO Jane Kennedy Greene—joined by four generations of the founding family—hosted a special ceremony at the | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


LOGISTICS are easily adaptable according to the customers’ demands.” Long track record Eltete has been on the market for almost 40 years. The company started by producing edge boards to protect and support products and is now conquering the world with automatic lines producing paper board pallets at a pace of 10 or more pallets a minute. Virtanen says: “When you combine a pallet with a transport box that both are made of carton and can take several tons, you can really talk about an environmentally friendly transport packaging solution.” The package as a whole consists of honeycomb boards, stabilizing edge boards with a couple of different profiles, glue and paper cores to stabilize the feet. “It may sound easy, but in practice it is impossible to make similar products with the same quality and low price per unit without using our technology”, Virtanen states.

Carton board challenges wood as the base for transport packaging Industries in all parts of the world are now thinking of replacing traditional transport

packaging solutions made of wood and plywood with almost

equal products made of substantially lighter and easily recyclable paper board.

New business opportunities As an example of the possibilities to save time and money by using paper pallets, Virtanen mentions that IKEA has reported that the company reduced its transportation costs by tens of millions of euros per annum by switching to thin and light paper pallets that let them load significantly more goods into trucks and containers. ““We have not contributed to IKEA’s solution, but we can help other companies to make the same difference in their businesses”, Virtanen says” We can either supplement the products or the production lines and raw material knowledge. The investments’ payback time can be calculated accurately.” In the beginning of June Eltete shipped an automatic production line for producing paper pallets to a Japanese paper roll core manufacturer that is broadening the line of business into logistics.

The spearhead developer and manufacturer of pallets and transport boxes as well as other transport packaging solutions based on paper board, is the Finnish Eltete Group. The company has its own factories in 15 “We have had a business relation with the company regarding other products for a decade, but the new plant will be a totally new line of countries and a sales network reaching in excess over 60 countries. business for them”, Virtanen says. ”With relatively small additions to the pallet production line it possible for them to manufacture for example “But since we can’t keep pace with the growing demand alone, we are boxes, since they will already have many of the production modules ready also offering turnkey production lines for the open market”, says Marko Virtanen, Eltete’s sales director of technology. “The beauty of our products at hand.” is that they form a modular system that can be combined into different lightweight transportation solutions. Dimensions and other specifications source :

Go-ahead for Wellingborough logistics park

Prologis has won planning permissions for a 2m sq ft Northamptonshire development.The £150m

logistics park at Appleby Lodge, Wellingborough has secured outline approval from Wellingborough council. James Wright, vice president at Prologis, said: “There is a shortage of Grade A logistics accommodation in the East Midlands, so it is very good news that the Council has granted planning permission for Appleby Lodge. “We are progressing the technical work so that we can deliver the site to meet customer requirements and we will start marketing the first phase of the development soon.” source :

14 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

LOGISTICS Space Savings Exceeded The original stockroom occupied 9,069 square feet of floor space. The new VLM stockroom and bulk area occupies 3,180 square feet, allowing Hauni Richmond to free up 5,889 square feet of floor space. “We were required to reduce the stockroom footprint by 60%, and we exceed the requirement by reducing our footprint by 65%,” said Cox. Accuracy That’s Easy To Maintain “Our accuracy has gone from 97% to 99%, but it requires a lot less effort to maintain it now,” said Cox. Previously, multiple orders were sorted from one box of picked parts and while accuracy was achieved, it was a manual and very time consuming process. When receiving a part into the stockroom, the manual system would require a cycle count of that part within 24 hours to ensure the put location was correct. This was redundant, but necessary to maintain accuracy in the previous system. “With pick to light technology directing replenishment and the VLMs consistently cycle counting our 99% accuracy rate is easy to achieve,” said Cox.

Order Fulfillment At Hauni Richmond Is Smoking Fast Hauni is the world’s leading supplier of manufacturing technology for the international tobacco industry. With corporate locations around the globe, Hauni

The Manual System Previously, Hauni Richmond used a 3 aisle man up narrow aisle order picking system and 5 vertical carousels to manage the inventory in the stockroom. Using a paper based manual system the order picker would use a paper pick ticket to drive the order picker to the location of the part. The vertical carousels were managed in a similar manner. The paper pick ticket would tell the order picker which carrier number the part was stored on. The picker would enter the carrier number and the vertical carousel would rotate to the desired carrier for the order picker to retrieve the part.

Richmond supports customers worldwide in the fields of tobacco processing as well as filter and cigarette manufacturing. They offer innovative technologies for all process stages from tobacco processing to the production of filters, cigarettes and Parts for multiple orders were picked into one large tote and delivered to shipping or kitting where the worker would sort through the box to create multiple orders. special products through to final quality measurements. Using paper work tickets, the worker would match up the correct parts from the box to fulfill an order. This was a time consuming task.

The Hauni facility in Richmond, VA focuses specifically on spare parts sales for North America, Canada and Mexico and machine remanufacturing for the world markets. At this facility Hauni specialists completely dismantle and remanufacture machines using state of the art technology with verified, overhauled and new OEM quality components providing customers tried and tested machines that are once again as good as new. When management needed to reduce the footprint of Richmond’s remanufacturing operations to make room for other revenue generating actives, the stockroom was faced with a 60% reduction in floor space. The stockroom already had a floor to ceiling man up narrow aisle picking system and there was little floor space and no additional shelf space that could be squeezed out.

Putting It All Together The stockroom manages over 16,000 SKUs. The VLM area holds 15,000 SKUs while the bulk overflow area holds 1,000 SKUs. The stockroom fulfills two types of orders, sales orders for shipment to an end user and manufacturing orders for delivery to a manufacturing production cell. All orders are entered into SAP and downloaded into the FastPic5 inventory management software for fulfillment by the stockroom. From the group of orders ready for fulfillment the Shuttle VLM operator creates a batch of orders in the FastPic5 software. Up to 18 orders can be fulfilled at one time. Each position on the batch station is assigned a tote, for a sales order or for a manufacturing order. Each tote represents an order.

With the click of the button the operator starts the picking and the 5 Shuttle VLMs move to retrieve the parts required to fill the batch of orders. Each Shuttle VLM With over $14 million dollars in parts inventory the stockroom is the heart is equipped with a TIC (transaction information center) that directs the operator to which machine to pick from first. A TIC is a light bar located on the front of the of the remanufacturing operation. “We couldn’t reduce our quantity of access opening that uses an arrow to pinpoint the extract location within the tray parts on hand without slowing down manufacturing,” said Clarence Cox, to pick from while displaying the quantity and part number to be picked. The opDivisional Manager at Hauni Richmond. “We had to find a solution to erator picks the quantity as indicated by the TIC and pushes the confirmation bar manage the same number of SKUs in 60% less space.” located underneath that TIC.

A Total Solution After careful research Hauni Richmond installed 5 Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) from Kardex Remstar with FastPic5 inventory management software integrated with SAP and an 18 position batch station. They also incorporated pick to light technologies and label printers to manage the stockroom inventory. “We needed a complete solution and the local Kardex Remstar distributor was the only vendor that could do it all; from the initial cube analysis and equipment installation to providing a logical parts slotting plan and physical parts loading through long term support,” said Cox.

With the parts in hand the operator turns to the batch station to distribute the parts among the orders. A label printer and a “put” light are located above each tote. The printer prints an identification label for the operator to adhere directly to the part or bag and tag the part. The put light indicates how many of the parts to place into the tote. The operator individually labels the parts and places the quantity indicated by the put light into the tote. When complete he pushes the confirmation button at the batch station indicating he is ready to pick the next part.

Turning back to the Shuttle VLMs, the TIC is light and the next part is ready for picking. The operator continues to pick parts required from the VLMs as directed by the TIC lights and place them into the totes as directed by the batch station put lights. Once the parts required for each order have been fulfilled the batch of Faster Picking with Less Labor orders is done and can be sent either to shipping for shipment to the customer or While order volume and SKU count has remained the same, Hauni Richmond is picking 75% faster with 47% less labor. With an average of 628 picks and 278 puts a to kitting for delivery to the manufacturing floor. day, Hauni Richmond performs over 223,000 transactions per year. “We are If an order requires parts from the bulk area a paper pick ticket is generated and absolutely picking orders faster with the Shuttle VLM technology- we’re easily sent to the bulk picking area. The worker picks the parts required and delivers them picking the same number of orders in a quarter of the time,” said Cox. to shipping or kitting to be matched with the parts from the VLM area to complete the order. The VLM area picks 99% of the parts required. The previous manual system required 17 workers and overtime was common. “Previously we were working an average of 3,200 overtime hours a year,” said Cox, source : “Money spent for overtime hours adds up quick.” The new automated system that requires 9 workers and virtually no overtime, providing a 47% reduction in labor. | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


LOGISTICS Con-way Truckload Doubles Down on Safety, Invests in Advanced In-Cab Technologies to Complement Driver Best Practices

Con-way Truckload, a full truckload carrier and subsidiary of Con-way Inc.(NYSE:CNW), announced it is investing in three state-of-the-art safety technology systems for all of the 525 new tractors it will take delivery of in 2013.

The three systems being installed on this year’s fleet deliveries are: - Front-Collision Avoidance – Combining onboard, forward-looking radar and adaptive cruise control, the system monitors the vehicle directly in front of the tractor and sounds an alarm when the truck closes to less than a safe, three-second stopping distance of the vehicle it is approaching. If the driver does not take timely action, the system intervenes and begins braking the truck independently. The system also issues visual and auditory caution alerts to improve reaction times. The Kenworth and Navistar tractors feature Bendix® Wingman® Advanced™ Collision Mitigation Technology, while the Freightliner tractors feature Meritor WABCO’s OnGuard™ Collision Safety System. - Electronic Stability Control – Developed by Bendix, this system automatically corrects vehicle speed to prevent potential rollover incidents. The technology monitors the tractor for G-forces and automatically begins braking to slow the tractor down and decrease the amount of lean, or tipping of the trailer in a turn, thus minimizing rollover risk.

- Lane Departure Warning – Developed by Takata, this system immediately alerts a driver if the vehicle begins veering unintentionally (without first engaging the turn signal) into another lane. Depending on which direcThe $2 million investment reinforces the company’s commitment to operating safely on America’s highways, and in particular, to the safety of tion the truck is heading, a sound resembling that of a “rumble strip” on its drivers. Already one of the industry’s recognized leaders in driver safety the apron of a highway emits from the corresponding radio speaker. This sound immediately alerts the driver, who can then take corrective action training, the new systems add “sense and respond” technologies in the by using their turn signal or guiding the tractor back into the proper lane. cab that enhance driver skills. The systems provide early-warning alerts as well as proactive intervention that will enable significant reduction of the most common highway safety incidents in which trucks are involved, Con-way Truckload selected these safety products after extensive research with an eye to avoiding the lure of new, but often under-tested, explained Saul Gonzalez, Con-way Truckload’s president. equipment. The newly adopted technologies have a proven track record of accuracy, effectiveness and reliability. “We already believe we have the safest drivers on the road,” Gonzalez said. “These systems will serve to supplement our drivers’ skills and good habits, and help us contribute to safer roadways for all who travel them.” Initial feedback on the new technologies has been positive. Drivers report that it not only helps them identify a potential situation in the moment, The new systems both complement and enhance Con-way’s existing but also serves as a training tool. “These new safety systems take ‘consafety-development programs, which include compulsory skills testing tinuing education’ to a whole new level,” said Eric Ponce, a seven-year and remedial training, continuing education, personal safety plans and Con-way Truckload professional driver. “Getting real-time feedback while bonuses for achieving safe-driving performance goals. on the road helps us become better drivers. This is an investment not only “We always want to be sure we have the best technology and equipment in our safety, but in the safety of everyone sharing the road with Con-way Truckload.” to support our drivers in the performance of their jobs safely and effectively,” added Gonzalez. “This investment once again demonstrates that source : we put nothing higher than the safety of our drivers.”

Reducing Landfill at Loscam

Thanks to a company wide effort Loscam has reduced the amount of waste that ends up at landfill by nearly 50 per cent, on track to achieve its end of 2013 target. “We looked at what we could do to improve our impact on the environment and the waste to landfill aspect of our business was something we could improve quite quickly,” explains Shane Crouch, Loscam Australia’s Quality Safety & Environmental Manager.

Through a concerted effort, Loscam has almost halved the amount of waste going from its depots to landfill.In March 2010, Loscam Australia set itself a lofty target to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by 30 per cent each year for the next three years – a reduction of 65 per cent in total.

“We looked for other ways to direct that waste stream, so it wasn’t used for landfill but for recycling, for mulch and chipping or reusing the timber at our repair facility.” This year Shane says Loscam intends to improve on the progress already made with even less of the company’s waste heading to landfill sites around Australia. “Progress so far has been significant and we’ve made a big dent in the amount of waste we send to landfill. We will continue to improve how we manage the waste until our target is achieved, exploring and identifying opportunities to further reduce our waste.” source :

16 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

LOGISTICS and other waste recycling to Europe on behalf of several leading waste and resource management companies in the UK. The company is also expanding its services to manage domestic transport movements. With extensive knowledge of recycling, the waste industry and the regulations that govern it, together with huge resources upon which to draw, Norbert Dentressangle offers sustainable integrated end-to-end solutions for waste material. Waste moved through Europe is burned in incinerators to generate hot water or steam, which can then be used to benefit the local community, or sold back to the local National Grid.

Norbert Dentressangle demonstrates expanding energy from waste expertise at RWM 2013 Norbert Dentressangle will be demonstrating its waste recycling transport solutions on stand 06P40 at the RWM Exhibition, Europe’s premier waste management event, held at the NEC, Birmingham, on 10 – 12 September 2013. A leading global transport, logistics and freight operator, Norbert Dentressangle has particular expertise in exporting refuse derived fuel (RDF)

And with proven, effective transport solutions provided by Norbert Dentressangle, sending waste to Europe becomes more economical than the rising costs of landfill in the UK. By utilising Norbert Dentressangle’s experience of devising bespoke transport solutions to move waste commodity to end destination customers benefit from a robust, ADR-compliant pan-European distribution network capable of carrying both hazardous and nonhazardous waste across the continent. The operation is led by Paul Caruana, Norbert Dentressangle International’s Strategic Account Manager, who has over 20-years expertise in waste transport and is CoTC (Certificate of Technical Competence) and CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) accredited. This provides reassurance that goods are correctly disposed of, in line with current legislation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets and Transfrontier shipment (TFS) of Waste Regulations 2007. “For waste and environment management businesses transporting waste, specifically RDF, it is vital that it is handled safely and legally,” says Caruana. “Our extensive resources mean we offer a robust solution with the flexibility to cope with high volumes and daily demands as well as ad hoc requirements. We also have the capability to carry hazardous waste to any European country.” At RWM a team of Norbert Dentressangle experts will be on stand 06P40, including Paul Caruana, to offer expertise and advice about energy from waste transport. In addition they can provide full details of the company’s solutions and the latest service developments. source :

Swisslog secures major order from retailer TJ Morris in the UK Southern England is soon to be constructed. First UK site with Swisslog’s CaddyPick Swisslog will act as general contractor for the materials handling elements of this new distribution The order comprises pallet and light goods cranes and conveyors, Swisslog has been awarded a major order by TJ center. including software, and racking. At the heart of the solution lies Swisslog’s Morris, trading as Home Bargains, one of the United CaddyPick semi-automated case order-picking system. The integration of Kingdom’s fastest growing discount retailers. Swisslog will act as general CaddyPick will revolutionize the working environment for TJ Morris, offering simplicity of picking and a clean, quiet atmosphere for operators. contractor for the materials handling elements of a new distribution The integration is due to start on-site in mid-2014 and be completed in center. The value of the order amounts to approx. MGBP 40 (MCHF 58). With this order Swisslog strengthens its position as a leading provider of 2015. Convincing solution design automated intralogistics solutions for the retail industry. Swisslog is proud to enter into this new partnership with TJ Morris. “Swisslog’s innovative solution design convinced us”, says Joe Morris. TJ Morris Ltd., trading as Home Bargains, is one of the United Kingdom’s fastest growing discount retailers, offering a wide range of products and “It was the decisive factor for us to engage Swisslog for this important brands. The company has over 280 stores throughout the UK and plans to growth project.” expand to over 700 within the next five years. A new distribution center source : that will handle the increased volume and also facilitate distribution in | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



DHL focus on functional excellence pays off Perhaps the biggest contributors to our success as a service company, however, are our initiatives such as Post Customer Interaction Survey, Net Promoter Approach, Customer Interaction Survey and Straight To The Top. These allow us to closely monitor service levels across all functions that interact with customers and to source feedback directly from the customers themselves. To complement these initiatives, we are introducing the Insanely Customer Centric Culture (ICCC) program that will ensure all actions we take based on these feedback will be synched across the organization helping us with the larger goal of delivering industryleading levels of service excellence and creating an environment where all employees, whether customer-facing or not, understand that meeting and exceeding customer expectations is their top priority, every day.”

DHL, the world leader in international express delivery, has reinforced its claim to be “The International Specialists” with external recognition in all continents in 2013 across a broad range of functional disciplines. The latest recognition, the Yahoo! Emotive Brand Award in Hong Kong, brings the total number of external honors won by DHL Express since January 2013 to 163 in more than 48 markets. Of these, 25 awards have been won for Human Resources related achievements. 64 have been won in the field of Customer Service. 11 awards have been given in recognition of the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility. “I am incredibly proud of the honors we have received in recent years, because it indicates that the hard work that our employees put in every day to achieve performance excellence is being recognized in their markets,” said Ken Allen, CEO, DHL Express. “Most importantly, however, an award in Croatia, Malaysia or Tanzania is not just significant for that particular market. We hope that it communicates to customers in every other market worldwide that their express shipments, wherever they are sent, will be handled by a global network of talented, dedicated international specialists.”

DHL Express determined to be an Employer of Choice Regine Buettner, Head of HR Europe & Global, DHL Express, said: “DHL Express is determined to continue its journey to be an Employer of Choice in each and every market that we operate in. To achieve this, we have deployed a range of world-class initiatives. We listen closely to all employees through our Employee Opinion Survey and consistently apply their feedback to improve our working environment. Staff engagement at DHL Express, measured by the survey, has increased in each and every KPI over the last 2 years. Our Employee of the Year, Employee of the Quarter, Long Service Awards, CEO Awards and many other awards recognize the contribution of top performers. Memorable programs such as DHL’s Got Talent and As One events create spectacular experiences that allow management to show appreciation for the work of employees. Our global talent management program identifies high potential employees and helps to build international careers, exposing them to various functional roles and maximizing their management potential. There are very few companies that can offer the global work experience and development opportunities that DHL Express is able to provide.” In addition to the awards in specific functions, DHL Express has also been recognized as “Express Company of the Year” in at least 8 countries in 2013. Significantly, it was named “Best Express Operator” at the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards in May 2013. This represented the 25th time that the company has been acknowledged with this award in its 27-year history.

”At the heart of our award-winning performance is our Certified International Specialist program (CIS), which has engaged over 100 000 Patricia Tan, Senior Vice President, Global & Asia Pacific Customer Service, employees in over 220 countries and territories worldwide since its global DHL Express, said: “We are committed to becoming Provider of Choice launch in 2010 and equipped them with the fundamental skills needed for our customers. To achieve functional excellence, we measure our to excel in international shipping,” said Ken Allen. “We firmly believe that performance across a broad range of key customer touch point metrics. CIS has transformed the culture of DHL Express and opened up more High performing DHL Express Customer Service centers that produce opportunities for DHL employees in all functions to grow and unlock their consistent and sustainable results are recognized with Center of full, world-beating potential.” Excellence (COE) certification. As of today, 41 countries have been certified or re-certified as a Center Of Excellence. source :

18 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


installing safety aids. Each element of the operation must be assessed separately, and then equipment specified to suit the particular risk. For example, bridging devices such as dock levellers offer safe movement between vehicle and loading area, but can do nothing to prevent vehicle separation from the loading dock; for the latter, a separate mechanism such as an interlock, wheel lock or wheel chocks must be considered. “It is a matter of having sensible protocols in place to get the best out of equipment and build safety into the daily fabric of the loading bay,” confirms John Meale. “There is no magic wand; only through the systematic specification and use of appropriate equipment can a company ensure a robust and effective approach to safety.” The latest additions to Thorworld’s product range exemplify this policy. The Yardramp Safety Interlock and Loading Bay Interlock both introduce a rigorous protocol into common applications to prevent drive-offs.

THORWORLD URGES ‘SAFETY TO SUIT’ THROUGHOUT THE LOADING BAY Loading and unloading specialist Thorworld Industries is urging companies to assess every element of its loading bay to ensure that it is running at optimum safety.

Both products utilise a ‘trapped key’ control system that only permits the use of loading bay equipment once specific criteria have been met. The interlock is secured onto the trailer’s emergency air hose connector, restricting the vehicle from driving away at the wrong time. Once the airhose is locked, a coded key is released that the operator can use to access the desired equipment. While the products share functionality, Thorworld deemed it crucial thattwo different interlocks have been made available, reflecting the differing requirements of the yardramp compared to loading dock doors or levellers.

“The aim of any solution is to ensure long-term safety in tandem with the reliable performance of the loading bay, which means that safety aids must not conflict with the operational needs of a piece of equipment,” Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures suggest that 15% of all reported explains John Meale. “It would not be practical to use the same type of interlock throughout the loading bay; therefore both of our interlock workplace transport injuries happen during unloading and loading, affecting both drivers and workers involved in the unloading or loading of systems have been carefully designed to complement specific pieces of equipment, and integrate with existing equipment and operations.” goods. “The loading bay is a particularly hazardous environment due to the sheer number of variables which pose a risk,” explains John Meale, managing director of Thorworld Industries. “Accordingly, investment in safety must be comprehensive to reflect this.” Thorworld explains that the differing needs of different types of loading/ unloading operation means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to

The launch of the interlocks also underlines Thorworld’s commitment to identifying gaps in the company’s own offering. “We see ourselves as a one-stop supplier and the new interlocks help us to meet our stated aim of having a robust safety solution for every part of the loading bay so that businesses can load and unload with confidence,” John Meale concludes.

Dematic Introduces Next Generation Package Sorter System Highest Sort Rates at Slowest Speed vary operating speeds to accommodate the actual volume flowing onto the sorter. Peak rate is 400 cartons/minute.

Dematic, a supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution

center, has introduced FlexSort™ SL2, a high capacity package sorting system. It is the next generation sliding shoe sorter that incorporates many new design features for improved performance, ease of maintenance, and reduced cost of ownership. The Dematic FlexSort SL2 is applied throughout the warehouse or distribution center in areas, such as receiving, order fulfillment, consolidation and shipping, to increase operational performance, productivity, and accuracy. Web-enabled modular software and distributed controls manage all areas of the unified sortation system including merge, induct, diverting, and take-away. The key attribute of the FlexSort SL2 is the ability to produce the highest sort rates at the slowest operating speed: 200 cartons per minute at 400 feet per minute. Reduced operating speed minimizes wear, sound, and energy use. Furthermore, automatic speed control allows the sorter to

FlexSort SL2 does not utilize the traditional large end drive motor with oily chain loops on either side of the sorter. Instead, it uses multiple drives to provide redundancy. The result: higher system uptime with less maintenance requirements, while issues, such as messy chain oil and slat skew, are omitted. Users can select either the non-contact linear induction drive or a profile drive configuration. According to Mike Khodl, Vice President of Solution Development for Dematic, “FlexSort provides operational flexibility. For example, it accommodates the hourly volume fluctuations with automatic speed control. Divert points can be taken in and out of service, merge release priorities can be changed.” FlexSort is modular and scalable, as divert switch locations can be moved and the sorter can be expanded/lengthen to include additional divert addresses. Lifecycle support features include: fast/easy slat removal design, no chain to be lubricated, side thrust wheels to ensure smooth slat flow, divert force on bearing versus pin, and the all new diverting mechanism designed for ultra long life cycle. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Kerry Logistics Continues Expansion in Latin America with Acquisition of Mexican Logistics Leader Kerry Logistics, a leading global logistics service provider, announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Cargo Master’s Group (CMG),

a Mexico-based logistics and freight forwarding company, with a domestic network of six offices throughout the country, including Guadalajara, Queretaro and Monterrey.

This is Kerry Logistics second major investment in Latin America this year following the acquisition of Braservice of Brazil in June. Founded in 1994, CMG has grown into a leading provider of integrated supply chain and logistics solutions, focused on a client-first business culture in the Mexican and Latin American markets.

The integration of CMG provides Kerry Logistics with a good platform in a country of dynamic economic growth and strengthening trade ties with worldwide trading partners including China and other countries in Asia. “This acquisition is part of our strategic objective to further develop our business and network in the dynamic Americas region,” said William Ma, Managing Director of Kerry Logistics Network. Christian Ryser, Managing Director - Americas of Kerry Logistics added: “With this acquisition we set another significant milestone in our regional development. We are excited to be able to offer our Mexican customers, a range of integrated logistics and forwarding services, throughout the Kerry Logistics Asian and worldwide network. Thomas Kroeger, General Director of CMG, said: “We are truly excited to be part of the Kerry Logistics global network. This integration will openup new possibilities of growth and will enable us to further expand our market share in Mexico.” source :

CaroTrans Opens Key U.S. Gulf – Brazil Export Connection CaroTrans, a leading global NVOCC (non vessel operating common carrier) and ocean freight consolidator, today announces a new direct, weekly LCL (less than container load) and

FCL (full container load) export service from Houston to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The first sailing from Houston is August 20th with arrival in Rio de Janeiro September 14th, a 25 day transit. This new offering compliments the existing direct Houston to Santos export service and marks the continued expansion of CaroTrans and Crafts comprehensive North – South, end-to-end service network. Craft, a longstanding, dedicated partner of CaroTrans the last 12+ years, is a global leader in NVOCC services in South America.

has significant growth potential. The upcoming 2014 Soccer World Cup and 2016 Olympics are driving infrastructure investment on a large scale,” said Greg Howard, Global CEO, CaroTrans. “Additionally, with this Brazil service we’re effectively addressing the time-sensitive needs of oil and gas industry exporters.” “As companies pursue global expansion they search out well-established, knowledgeable global NVOCCs in key growth markets, such as South America, to ensure reliable supply chain performance. Our partnership with CaroTrans delivers the depth and commitment in North America that allows us to deliver superior end-to-end transport solutions to our customers,” said Marcellus Hansford, President, Craft Multimodal. In 2012, CaroTrans expanded the scope of its South America service network with Craft by adding Argentina and Uruguay to its alliance relationship. Together, this alliance delivers high quality, customerfocused LCL (less than container load) and FCL (full container load) containerized shipping services. April 2012, CaroTrans added a direct Miami to Itajai, Brazil LCL export service.

“We grow and invest in important global trade lanes where our customers need dependable, direct, weekly ocean transportation solutions to meet source : the needs of their customers. As a market leader in this North – South trade lane, we understand that Brazil is a key emerging global market and

Hermes to take depot at Prologis Tamworth development The new depot is to handle an expected 15 per cent increase in parcel volumes during 2013.

Hermes Parcelnet is to take 336,000 sq ft at the Prologis Tamworth 594 warehouse development. The deal see Hermes take a property development jointly by Prologis and the Norwegian state sovereign wealth fund, Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM).

Adam Leach, estates manager at Hermes, said: “We needed the additional hub capacity to ensure we had the necessary infrastructure and resources in place to meet the precise needs of our retail customers during 2013 and the significant throughput capability will ensure we are best placed to take advantage of the continuing growth in online shopping,” Work to divide the building into two separate units is now on site with the remaining 258,000 square feet attracting a high level of interest. North Rae Sanders and Dowley Turner Real Estate acted for Prologis. source :

20 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


Holleman completes cool project Holleman Bulgaria, a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network representing Bulgaria, has transported one over-dimensional cold box from the Port of Ruse to the Sisecam glass factory in Targovishte.

The Holleman team was contracted to discharge the 93 tonne, 25.7 m x 5.4 m x 3.75 m cold box from a river barge and transport it to the factory jobsite.

to Targovishte. The road haulage was started early in the morning to minimise congestion to other road users. A police escort and a team for dismantling obstacles accompanied the consignment. To maximise safety, each bridge negotiated en route was closed and passed only by the loaded truck. As the Sisecam factory is still under construction the cool box was positioned on elephant legs; Holleman is waiting for a green light to deliver the unit to its final position on the jobsite.

In order to unload the cool box a mobile crane and a floating crane were Sisecam is an industrial group active in the fields of glass and chemical used in tandem to lift and position the unit on a heavy-duty trailer. The lift production. was executed in less than one hour. The truck and trailer combination then set off on its 120 km journey

source :

UTi opens new London operations facility in Heathrow UTi Worldwide Inc., a global supply chain services and solutions company, officially opened its new London operations located in Heathrow, United Kingdom last month (July). Located in close proximity to Heathrow International Airport, the 33,000 sq. ft. building is a highly secure facility with CCTV (HD standard) and security access controls, according to Colin Reynolds, UTi airfreight director for the UK. “Following a lengthy search for the right facility for our air operations close to Heathrow Airport, we are very confident that this new facility delivers on all fronts. The contemporary office combined with the state of the art warehouse ensures that our people enjoy a wonderful working environment, plus it enables us to provide even more services to our clients in a

very efficient and responsible way,� said Barbara Kearney, UTi vice president, UK and Ireland. As the main air and road facility in the UK, the operation offers X-ray screening, bonded storage, including refrigerated capabilities. Dangerous goods safety advisors are on staff. The warehouse received Home Office Section 5 approval for handling firearms and ammunition shipments. In recent years UTi has also expanded its gateway operation in the UK and the facility will be used for consolidation of air cargo to and from the other UK locations on a 24 hour, seven days per week basis. In addition there will now be space for contract logistics activities to complement the current freight forwarding and customs brokerage operations. There will be in the region of 60 employees based at the new site, according to Reynolds. The new building is equipped with up to date energy saving devices, including solar panels (which will provide 40% of the power), plug in terminals for electric cars, water saving measures and motion activated lighting throughout. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


LOGISTICS Starting from Scratch – Crane Worldwide Logistics celebrates 5 years of operations ‘It has never been done before’ remarks John Magee, current President and CEO of Crane Worldwide ‘logistics. ‘From the outset, a plan was devised to grow the company into a global mid-sized player dedicated to exceptional service. We have succeeded in

- Organically grown at over 40% annually and will exceed $600M in 2013. - Developed a strong global compliance program that adheres to the everchanging regulations in global trade, advising and assisting customers with their global trade requirements. - Continues to use latest technology to provide business intelligence information to its clients, whilst streamlining back office automation.

creating a supply chain solutions organization from scratch that is dedicated to ‘Challenging the Norm’ in the industry. We are now celebrating 5 years of - Contributed significantly to local charities through its many initiatives under the Crane Cares program. successful operations’ he concludes. ‘We are logistics professionals who take great pride in servicing a variety of industries’ comments John Magee, ‘Celebrating our 5 year milestone is a tremendous achievement for all our employees, their dedication and support have helped create an organization that continues to ’Challenge the Norm’. Our customers benefit from a dedicated team who are motivated and driven Multinational organizations are generally built on the foundations of large strategic acquisitions particularly within the logistics and freight forwarding to question day to day operations and improve efficiency of their supply chains in the dynamic environment in which they operate. We continue to industry. However Crane Worldwide has taken a different approach. They raise the bar on our expectations around service execution and our customhave expanded across the globe predominantly through organic growth, thanks to a strong customer base and emphasis on recruiting the best talent ers advise us that it is noticeably different if compared to our competitors.’ in each market. Crane Worldwide Logistics is a relationship-based organization that has a firm belief in the personal touch with its customers. Crane Worldwide During its five years of operations Crane Worldwide logistics has: Logistics offers a number of services including Air and Ocean freight forwarding, trucking, customs brokerage, warehousing and logistics as well - Expanded its presence internationally to 101 locations in 25 countries. as supply chain consultancy. - Moved into new headquarters complete with warehouse in Houston measource : suring over 500,000sq ft. Created in 2008 and backed by Jim Crane, founder of EGL Inc., Crane Worldwide has grown from strength to strength expanding its presence across the globe.

TNT invests in cutting-edge explosives and narcotics scanner at Suvarnabhumi Airport ment reaffirms TNT’s commitment to the development of Thailand as the leading transportation hub in ASEAN, and further demonstrates TNT’s focus on continual operational improvements. Both new scanning X-Ray and ETD equipments meets all certifications as outlined by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), ahead of Thailand’s 2-trillion Baht infrastructure development project and forthcoming AEC integration.

TNT Express Worldwide (Thailand) Co. Ltd., a leading provider of integrated express delivery services, has commissioned a state-of-the-art scanning facility at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

To prepare for the AEC, TNT recently introduced its growth strategy based on the development of the Asia Road Network; an integrated road delivery service in Asia which connects Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China. It connects seamlessly to TNT’s global air network, bringing customers a wide range of multi-modal delivery services to and from Asia. The road network spans 5000km and over 125 cities, with the dual advantages of being cheaper than air freight and faster than sea freight. The importance of a high level of security throughout both air and road networks ensures peace of mind for customers and peak operational efficiency.

The Ionscan 500DT by Smiths Detection offers compact and advanced scanning of import and export consignments as a second screening source : method as per the EU regulations beside the dual view X-Ray machine HI-Scan 100100V-2is inspection system and is able to detect microscopic particle presence of both drugs and explosives simultaneously. The invest-

22 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

UPS Expands Logistics Reach To Meet Emerging Demand In China


strategically located in close proximity to international airports and major road networks. Built with capabilities to support a diverse spectrum of growing Chinese industries - primarily high-tech, industrial manufacturing, aerospace and retail - customers will also have connectivity to UPS global IT platforms for distribution and post-sales support. The new facilities are considered a major part of UPS’s efforts to develop a national distribution network in China and strengthen the company’s overall portfolio of international capabilities. Each facility is designed with specific regional and market needs in mind. For more information on Contract Logistics Services in China, visit: UPS announced the expansion of its presence in China Chengdu Keeping with the Chinese government’s strategic “Go West” initiative, the with the addition of two new contract logistics new Chengdu facility offers more than 47,000 square feet of distribution facilities in Chengdu and Shanghai, warehousing and distribution space. It provides multinationals looking to bringing the total to more than 130 contract logistics conduct business in the region with access to central and western China facilities, covering 87 cities. The two new facilities are in addition to the and the growing cities of Chengdu and Chongqing. The facility is located UPS healthcare facilities that opened last year in Shanghai and Hangzhou. 2.5 miles from the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, which faciliThe contract logistics facilities will provide distribution and warehousing tates convenient access to major foreign markets and is in close proximity to major interstate roads, putting two-thirds of China’s Southwest populasolutions to shippers who want to reach customers within China. These tion within a day’s drive. facilities demonstrate UPS’s continued commitment to serving China’s emerging middle class. Shanghai According to a recent World Bank report, China is the second largest The new Shanghai facility consists of more than 70,000 square feet of global economy and the world’s largest exporter and manufacturer of goods. The World Bank report continues to predict that China will be the distribution space and is less than two miles from the UPS International Hub at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport, China’s largest airport by air cargo world’s largest economy by 2030. volume. The close proximity to the hub enables later cut-off times for “UPS is committed to supporting emerging market demand and helping express and freight exports to key markets in North America, Europe and customers expand into new markets in China,” said Jim Barber, President within Asia. The new facility, UPS’s fourth in the area, is designed to meet the needs of multinational companies looking to increase their business UPS International.”Expansion efforts, such as the opening of these two operations in the domestic Shanghai market. facilities, will bring unmatched resources to our customers looking for a national distribution platform in China. Our customers will benefit from “UPS’s established network, sophisticated technologies, facilities and our trustworthy and reliable service, proven logistics methods, industryour trade management expertise give companies a distinct business leading technology solutions, global distribution and multi-modal transportation network and decades of experience in the Chinese market.” advantage in Asia’s emerging markets and China,” said Brendan Canavan, President UPS Asia Pacific Region. The two non-bonded distribution facilities in Chengdu and Shanghai are

source :

XPO Logistics Completes Acquisition of 3PD XPO Logistics Completes Acquisition of 3PD

XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: XPO) (“XPO” or the “company”) announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of 3PD Holding, Inc. (“3PD”) in a transaction valued at approximately $365 million. The acquisition is expected to be significantly accretive to earnings. The company financed the acquisition and related fees and expenses with the net proceeds of its recent $220.5 million public offering of common stock, together with cash on hand.

Bradley Jacobs, chairman and chief executive officer of XPO Logistics, said, “Our acquisition of 3PD gives us immediate leadership in the heavy goods, last-mile space – an underpenetrated market for logistics with an exciting growth trajectory. We welcome 3PD’s customers, carriers and employees, all of whom will benefit from the combined resources of our larger organization.” Jacobs continued, “We’re very bullish about the opportunities embedded in each of our five avenues of growth: optimizing our existing operations, cold-starts, acquisitions, our strategic and national accounts program, and now last-mile. We’re right on plan for our long-term goal of creating a world-class 3PL with several billion dollars of revenue and several hundred million dollars of EBITDA.” source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


LOGISTICS Radiant Logistics Secures $30.0 Million Senior Credit Facility With Bank of America

Radiant Logistics, Inc. (NYSE MKT: RLGT), a domestic and international logistics services company, today announced that it had secured a new $30.0 million senior credit facility (the “Senior Facility”) with Bank of America, N.A. (the “Lender”).

The Senior Facility is collateralized by accounts receivable and other assets of the Company and its subsidiaries and provides for advances of up to 85% of eligible domestic accounts receivable and, subject to certain sub-limits, provides for advances of up to 75% of eligible accrued but unbilled receivables and eligible foreign accounts receivable. Under the terms of the Senior Facility, the Company is subject to a single financial covenant which requires the Company to maintain a fixed charge coverage ratio of 1.1 to 1 if, and only if, net availability under the Senior Facility falls below $5.0 million.

In addition, the Company is authorized to pursue acquisitions, pay-down subordinated debt and/or repurchase Company stock so long as the Company maintains a minimum availability under the Senior Facility of the greater of (a) $5.0 million or (b) 20% of gross availability under the Senior Facility. Under the terms of the Senior Facility, as of June 30, 2013 The Senior Facility replaces the Company’s $20.0 million facility with Bank the Company had gross availability of approximately $27.0 million, adof America and provides the Company with higher advance rates and less vances of approximately $9.0 million and net availability of approximately $18.0 million. restrictive financial and operational covenants than the previous facility. Advances under the Senior Facility are available to fund future “We are very pleased to announce our new senior facility with Bank of acquisitions, capital expenditures or for other corporate purposes, America,” said Bohn Crain, Founder and CEO. “The new facility provides including the refinancing of the Company’s subordinated debt and the us access to additional low-cost capital and greater financial flexibility as repurchase of the Company’s stock. we look to maximize long term shareholder value. Our business strategy Under the terms of the Senior Facility, borrowings through the first anni- remains focused on delivering profitable growth through a combination versary of the new facility accrue interest, at the Company’s option, at the of organic growth and strategic acquisitions intended to bring value to Lender’s base rate plus 0.50% or LIBOR plus 2.25%, and can subsequently our operating partners and the end customers that we serve. be adjusted based on the Company’s fixed charge coverage ratio at the Lender’s base rate plus 0.0% to 0.50% or LIBOR plus 1.50 % to 2.25%.

In compliance with the terms of the Company’s existing $10.0 million subordinated debt (the “Subordinated Debt”), the Senior Facility is structured to expire on the earlier of (1) six months prior to the December 1, 2016 maturity of the Subordinated Debt, or (2) August 1, 2018. Under the terms of the Subordinated Debt, the Company can repay all or a portion of the $10.0 million, which accrues interest at a rate of 13.5% per annum, as early as December 1, 2013.

Most recently, we have been investing in a number of organic growth initiatives, expanding our sales force and incubating our internal truck brokerage and customs house brokerage service offerings. In addition to these organic growth initiatives, with the benefit of the new senior facility we enjoy the increased capacity to pursue initiatives to unlock shareholder value, including opportunities to refinance our subordinated debt, seek compelling acquisitions and/or pursue compelling acquisitions and/ or execute a stock buyback if warranted.” source :

SupplyChainBrain Recognizes Fortna as a Great Supply Chain Partner For Fourth Consecutive Year

Fortna, the global professional services firm that helps companies make distribution a competitive advantage, has been named a 2013 Great Supply Chain Partner by SupplyChainBrain for the fourth consecutive year. This award is based solely on nominations from clients of service providers whose solutions made a significant impact on their company’s efficiency, customer service and overall supply chain performance. Nominations for Fortna included statements such as: - “Each time we engage with them, we get more value for our dollar than


any other firm we have worked with.” - “They are a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-savings consultancy that is a breath of fresh air to this client.” - “They offer robust support, they are constantly innovating, and they are open to input from the customer.” - “They demonstrated first-class customer-focused services in DC process and facility design.” “Of all the awards that Fortna receives, this honor is especially meaningful because the nominations come from our clients,” said John White, President of Fortna. “This award shows the ability of our integrated services model to produce strong ROI and competitive advantage for our clients.” The complete listing of the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners appears in the July/August 2013 issue of SupplyChainBrain magazine. This award is one of several that Fortna has received this year for excellence in supply chain. Others include the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 award for Great Supply Chain Projects, three Pros to Know awards and DC Velocity Rainmaker. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

LOGISTICS Kewill Announces Intention To Acquire Four Soft

Guildford, UK and Chelmsford, MA, USA Kewill, a leading provider of multimodal transportation software, announces that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the assets

Four Soft develops and markets a portfolio of logistics solutions for logistics service providers, retailers and manufacturers. Four Soft has more than 400 customers, with in excess of 60,000 users across 120 countries. “The acquisition of Four Soft is part of our strategic plan to significantly grow the Kewill business over the next 5 years”, comments Bob Farrell, Chief Executive Officer and President at Kewill. “At the completion of this acquisition, Kewill will have enhanced products, technology and domain skills, which will significantly improve our market leading position.” Palem Srikanth Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director of Four Soft states “The Board of Four Soft believes that the offer from Kewill is good for both the employees and customers of Four Soft and that with this acquisition, Kewill will be able to better serve the customers of both companies and further fulfill the needs of the supply chain execution software market”.

of Four Soft, a software company headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The acquisition is expected to close within 90 days and will expand Kewill’s existing leadership position in the Supply Chain Execution software market. source :

Toll’s online parcel delivery progress continues with GraysOnline contract win improve the online retail experience,” Mr Kruger said. “We know it is a growth area, so offering the best possible customer delivery experience is crucial if we want to stay ahead. We will work with GraysOnline to improve further, and we hope to announce some more exciting service improvements next year.” GraysOnline CEO Cameron Poolman said Toll’s ability to service customers across its extensive national network was a major drawcard. “Toll’s partnering approach, their innovative service offerings and their national network is second-to-none, and we believe together we will be able to offer a great delivery experience for our customers,” Mr Poolman said. The partnership with GraysOnline will also see Grays become a preferred auction partner for Toll.

Australia’s largest logistics provider, Toll Group, has teamed with one of Australia’s largest online retailers, GraysOnline, to further establish its reputation as the up-and-comer in Australia’s online retail delivery market. Toll’s partnership with GraysOnline marks the largest piece of work to date for Toll’s dedicated online parcel delivery service launched last year, Toll Consumer Delivery.

Mr Kruger said although Toll launched Toll Consumer Delivery last year, it has been providing high-volume express services to individual consumers for nearly a decade. The company also has around 30 per cent of Australia’s B2B express market. Of the total online B2C market in Australia, Toll currently has around seven per cent, and the work with GraysOnline will grow that significantly when it begins next month. The contract follows Toll’s recent announcement of construction starting on the largest freight sorting facility in Australia in Sydney, allowing for decades of future growth in the express parcel delivery market.

Toll Group Managing Director Brian Kruger said he was excited to be partnering with one of Australia’s top online retail and auction companies.

The $170 million development adds to Toll’s market-leading investments over the past few years including a $54 million express road freight terminal in Perth, a $39 million facility in Brisbane and a $10 million terminal in Canberra.

“It’s encouraging to see two industry-leading companies joining forces to

source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


LOGISTICS Damco Engages with Multiple Stakeholders to Assist its Customers in Adding Myanmar to its Supply Chain

Damco has commenced offering its customers access to the frontier market of Myanmar, after being granted a permanent license in July to operate under its own legal entity in the country, making the company one of the first supply chain solution providers to offer genuine end-to-end logistics services there.

sion which involved consulting with NGOs, local companies, and diplomats. Subsequently, a resource centre was established within the British Council in Yangon. Since then, an experienced business development manager has been accompanying some of Damco’s most important customers to meet local trade associations, conduct market studies and look at both vendor sourcing and setting up CFS (Container Freight Station) and CY (Container Yard) operations on the ground. “Damco is a first-mover logistics company in Myanmar. We have an immediate implementation plan as well as a long term one to set up logistics capability and infrastructure in Myanmar. This will allow our customers to open up their supply chains and sourcing operations in the country, whilst ensuring the highest standards are met in terms of meeting the principles of the UN Global Compact,” comments Damco Cluster Manager Kiattichai Pitpreecha.

Myanmar, with about 60 million people, is implementing reforms and was opened to business in 2012 with companies from the US, Europe and beyond.

Now that the company has obtained a long-term license to operate, it has commenced implementing a plan of investment to ensure its current consolidation and container deployment activities are extended in the years to come. Damco has made initial steps for setting up its own office in Damco is helping its customers reduce short and long-term business volatilMyanmar, and the company has already set up a container freight station ity in this new market by working closely with the UK-based Institute for operation in Yangon, having been awarded business by several of its global Human Rights and Business and the Danish Institute for Human Rights to accounts to manage their first shipments from Myanmar. ensure the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights are applied. Back in May 2012, Damco participated as part of a larger fact-finding mis-

source :

DB Schenker opens a new logistics hub to handle Pan-European goods in Zwevegem connections to both, domestic and international transportation infrastructure. On about 36,000 square meters of space, the DB Schenker logistics experts have invested more than 13 million Euro and have equipped the ultra-modern cross-dock terminal with the latest environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art energy technology, such as solar panels, light sensors and water recycling options. More than 70 unloading and loading docks will be available. They can be used by a vast range of different vehicles – delivery vans, standard trucks and jumbos.

Schenker nv, one of Belgium’s leading integrated logistics providers, will open a state-of-the-art logistics center in Zwevegem on August 19, 2013. “Boasting more

than 5,000 square meters of operational logistics space and 2,900 square meters of office space, the new hub, located in the De Blokken industrial park, will provide optimum conditions for future growth,” explains Ulrich Pütz, Managing Director at Schenker nv. “As a result, we will offer our customers in Henegouwen (postcodes 7), Western (postcodes 8) and Eastern Flanders (postcodes 9) even more expeditious access to the markets throughout Europe.” Between August 16 and 18, 2013, one year after construction work began, all 120 DB Schenker employees currently working in Waregem will relocate to the new cross dock terminal in Zwevegem. The distance between the new facility and the prior two locations in Waregem is just ten kilometers. The new venue has optimum

“We will offer our clients the entire logistical scope, covering everything from domestic to international overland transportation to air and ocean freight to intermodal logistics concepts,” comments Pascal Duhamel, Branch Manager at Schenker nv in Zwevegem. “Our 40 daily scheduled routes will connect the Flanders region with all European destinations quickly and dependably.” The new logistics center has its own air freight division, where shippers can quickly and easily register their air freight consignments electronically. A dedicated outbound shuttle service connects the new logistics center in Flanders directly with the airport in Brussels. The shuttle also picks up inbound air freight shipments for the Flanders region destined for Zwevegem, where they are available for prompt and timely local distribution early the very next morning.

Based in Antwerp, Schenker nv is one of the Belgian market’s leading logistics service providers and employs 680 staff at eight branches: Antwerp, Brussels, Eupen, Mechelen, Zwevegem, Willebroek, Zaventem and Zeebrugge. DB Schenker Logistics supports industry and trade in the global exchange of goods combining land transport, air and ocean freight, contract logistics and supply chain management. source :

26 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

Advanced Supply Chain invests £5m in new fleet


Advanced Supply Chain, which grew revenue by 60% last year and aims to top turnover of £100 million by 2017, is to buy 66 new cabs, fuelling claims that industry is driving a renewed economic recovery across Britain. Mike Danby, ceo, said: “Businesses are playing it safe at the moment and have been bruised by the past few years. We have bucked the trend by experiencing our best financial performance yet. “We didn’t plan to make this investment but we want to stay a step ahead of the game. We’re going to emerge from this downturn stronger than ever.” With manufacturing showing signs of the strongest growth in 20 years, leading to renewed confidence and driving a consumer-led recovery, there is growing demand for high quality logistics without damaging efficiencies made during the recession. Mike Danby added that the company was taking steps to move towards its goals of future growth, following a successful year.

Buoyed by the increase in consumer confidence, an ambitious logistics business that is aiming to more than double its turnover in the next four years is investing £5 million in a fleet of new vehicles to get a head start on the competition.

“These new vehicles will improve driver performance, boost fuel efficiency and so deliver valuable cost savings for ourselves and our partners,” he said. “They also show that we are not waiting for an economic recovery to help drive our growth, but our growth is helping drive a recovery.” The firm will begin using the new economic Mercedes StreamSpace cabs from November this year, enhancing driver performance and improving fuel efficiency. source :

iForce launches apprentice scheme to nuture future IT talent business. For the keen IT professional taken on for the role, it will give them the opportunity to learn about the logistics and IT industry and be part of iForce’s succession planning, fulfilling a long-term iForce goal to nurture future IT professionals through apprenticeships. iForce worked with apprentice specialists, Just IT, to find the right person for the role, and selected new team member, 19 year old Oumhani (Hani) Belhaj from Mitcham, South London. Hani trained at South Thames College in Wandsworth, studying towards a Level 3, BTec in IT.

iForce, a multichannel logistics provider, has launched an apprentice scheme to support its IT department to help ambitious, young professionals onto the career ladder. The new launch will continue iForce’s investment into the future of its IT team, by bringing young, savvy IT professionals in at a junior ‘grass roots’ level. The new role will initally run for a year, and includes learning the ropes on the busy helpdesk, as well as educating the new apprentice in the roles and structures of the business as whole. The contract is designed to be a pilot scheme to open the door to other apprentice roles within the

“Apprenticeships will be an important part of our IT department. It is a double win of injecting youth, passion and hard work into the team whilst also arming future IT professionals with the wherewithal to achieve their ambitions through experience and opportunities for learning. With youth unemployment for 16-24 year olds currently at around 20%, we feel it’s important to try and help youngsters gain experience in our industry. We welcome Hani to our team,” said IT director for iForce, Cliff Putterford. “Finding a job, or even work experience, right now is an extremely tough challenge, but I was adamant that there was an IT apprenticeship out there with my name on. My role at iForce is a money-can’t-buy opportunity to gain some vital experience and IT knowledge, and I’m delighted to be part of the team,” said Hani. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Locker service proving to be a Positive Solution With a national team of highly trained engineers, Positive Solutions found the ByBox service to be ideal in getting parts to and from its workforce. ByBox delivers parts pre 8am into its UK wide network of lockers; which is so vast that there is a locker on average within 2.5 miles of any engineer in the country. Located at petrol stations, supermarkets, sports grounds and other convenient locations, the lockers can be accessed 24/7, meaning engineers don’t have to worry about missing a delivery. Previous to using ByBox, Positive Solutions used to get parts delivered to its engineers’ home addresses on a pre 10:30 am basis. The problem was that engineers had to wait at home for their parts to arrive before they could start working, wasting precious time, delaying jobs and subsequently fitting fewer jobs into their day.

Positive Solutions, market leader in the supply of IT solutions to the UK pharmacy market has started utilising an electronic locker service to get parts out to its engineers. The service offered by ByBox, the field solutions specialists is used by a large number of companies in the IT sector, as a quicker, more efficient and convenient method of parts distribution.

With ByBox, there is no such problem. Engineers can also return parts simply and easily using the electronic locker network. ByBox drivers collect all returns every night and return them back to Positive Solutions the same evening. The service does away with the problem of missing parts and ByBox’ software platform Thinventory™ provides complete parts visibility at every stage of the process. Mark Garritt, Managing Director of ByBox commented, “Our solution appeals to forward thinking companies who are not content with the traditional delivery methods. Positive Solutions is a company much like us, which constantly evolves to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment and provide the very best service to its customers and we are proud to work with them.”

Positive Solutions knows that pharmacies rely heavily on their IT infrastructure. However, it is inevitable that occasionally things will go wrong and delaying repairs and maintenance can have huge ramifications. Pharmacies need the reassurance that problems will get resolved as quickly as possible.

Bill Ennis, Operations Manager at Positive Solutions said, “The ByBox service allows us to achieve greater visibility, flexibility, accountability and performance. We are extremely happy with the service and the continued support we are given. The ease of the service has allowed us to streamline our operation, cut costs and increase efficiency considerably.” source :

Wallenius Wilhelmsen boosts the frequency of its ocean services from Veracruz

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL), a provider of ro-ro shipping and factory-to-dealer logistics services, has announced that it is boosting the frequency of its ocean services from

Veracruz, Mexico. Starting in September, the company will offer two to three sailings per month from Veracruz to the US east coast from where the service will offer connections to ports across its global network. The service calls at the ports of Veracruz, Galveston, Brunswick, Charleston and Baltimore, and then proceeds to Europe calling at Antwerp, Bremerhaven and Southampton. “WWL is excited to support manufacturer needs for ocean transportation from Mexico to the US east coast and beyond,” said WWL vice president Rich Heintzelman. “As we see a shift toward greater domestic manufacturing in Mexico, it will become increasingly important to strengthen export-bound ocean services from Mexico around the globe.” source :

28 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

LOGISTICS global energy company. Logwin packages sensitive electronic equipment in Traiskirchen for the long-standing customer which is then transported by sea freight via Hamburg and Mumbai to Bhutan. Defying the forces of nature The packaging of the components being shipped cannot be standardised, which is why Logwin first determines the exact dimensions for all individual parts. The logistics specialist then orders the packaging materials from its suppliers in Austria. Logwin always has standard materials such as plywood board and drying agents in stock.

Logwin is certified for seaworthy packaging from Traiskirchen The logistics service provider Logwin has obtained certification for seaworthy packaging for its Traiskirchen location in Austria. Among other things, Logwin had to demonstrate in an audit that its wood processing machinery is approved for use in seaworthy packaging and that its staff is appropriately qualified.

Logwin performs a large number of services, from purchasing packaging materials to loading containers, in order to ensure sea freight is transported securely. One example of finding a solution to a particularly challenging packaging problem can be seen in its collaboration with Alstom, a leading

Packaging material for electronic goods must not only protect against moisture, dirt and extreme temperatures – special electrostatic films and fillers to cushion shocks are necessary to ensure secure transportation. Logwin staff stacks the individually packaged pieces onto pallets. The final step before they are stowed in the container is the so-called encasement where the pallet is completely enclosed in casing made from certified, pest-free wood. “What we really appreciate in our partnership with Logwin is the all-round support – everything is taken care of, from measuring the individual pieces all the way to container loading,” says Johannes Trobollowitsch, technical purchaser at Alstom Austria GmbH. Besides procuring packaging material and constructing special packaging, Logwin in Traiskirchen also advises its customers on the choice of packaging and insurance, weighs shipments, creates packing lists, organises interim storage and assumes responsibility for transport processing and customs clearance. source :

CEVA among first companies to sign up for electronic Air Way Bill processing with IATA in shipment documentation alone. Peter Baumgartner, CEVA’s VP Global Air Procurement, said: “This agreement with IATA is an exciting step towards operating in a completely paperless Airfreight environment. We believe that by using e-AWB we will be able to process freight more efficiently, accurately and quickly, while at the same time eliminating the unnecessary use of paper, delivering environmental benefits to CEVA and our customers.”

CEVA Logistics, one of the world’s leading global supply chain companies,announced that it is among the first Freight Management companies to sign up to electronic Air Way Billing (e-AWB) with IATA (International Air Transport Association) the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 240 airlines or 84% of total air traffic. The agreement moves CEVA one step closer to achieving paperless Airfreight operations and is just one way that the company is looking to minimize its impact on the environment. Paperless Airfreight will help increase the efficiency, accuracy and speed of processing freight while reducing error rate and costs for CEVA and its customers. According to IATA the freight forwarding industry currently ships 7,800 tons each year

“The multilateral e-AWB agreement is the most important new cargo standard developed in the last two decades. It gives us critical momentum to achieving the e-freight vision of a paperless cargo system,” said Des Vertannes, IATA’s Global Head of Cargo CEVA will be piloting the process in four locations: New York, Atlanta, London and Frankfurt, with the aim of rolling out e-AWB to its entire network, which spans over 160 countries worldwide, by 2015. The e-AWB agreement essentially replaces the hard copy terms and conditions previous on the reverse of the paper Air Way Bill and as such is signed by all freight forwarders participating in the scheme. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


PORT & TERMINALS The clear and user-friendly website offers extensive details of the products and services which include 3G&4G Data Connection, Connectivity & Networking to e-Hosting, IP Telephony, Teleconferencing and Computing Hardware Services. Potential customers will also find industry news, frequently asked questions and details of the award-winning data centre at Khalifa Port – the heart of ADPC’s highly sophisticated ICT infrastructure. One of the highlights is the online registration, allowing visitors to create their own accounts to access exclusive areas with more comprehensive information and tailor-made offers. In addition, registered visitors can download an application form to request specific services and software packages, creating a quick, easy and customer focused process.

ADPC ICT Services launches online software solutions A new ICT website offering a wide range of cutting edge software solutionsto customers at Khalifa Port and Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad) has been launched by ADPC. The services provided by the award-winning ADPC ICT Services department are not just limited to Khalifa and Kizad tenants though, customers can be located anywhere in the emirate.

East Coast of South America’s Largest Vessel Ever Calls APM Terminals’ Buenos Aires Terminal 4

On July 25th the largest vessel to ever call the Port of Buenos Aires,the 332 meter-long Hamburg Süd Cap San Nicholas, discharged approximately 800 containers at the APM Terminals Terminal 4 facility. The 9,700 TEU capacity vessel is equipped with 2,100 reefer plugs, making these the largest reefer capacity ships in the global fleet.

Saif Al Ketbi, vice president of ADPC’s ICT Services, said: “Khalifa Port is a world class state-of-the-art maritime facility. The IT behind the port operations has also been designed to be world class. To date it has won six national and international awards. “As part of ADPC’s drive to support the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, ADPC ICT Services will be seeking to provide a wide range of specialised services to customers located across the emirate, as well as those located in Khalifa Port and Kizad. “Our new online presence is customer friendly, quick and easy to use, providing extensive information about our first class products and services. Our customers are guaranteed access to the latest technologies and quick responses to all their ICT queries and requests.” source :

milestone for South American port operations” said APM Terminals Latin American Head Joe N. Nielsen. The Cap San Nicholas is the first of six of the Cap San class vessels which will be introduced into Hamburg Süd’s Asia/South Africa/East Coast South American route, with its sister vessel, the Cap San Marco, due to arrive in mid-August. Two more Cap San class vessels are scheduled for delivery this year, with the final two set to enter the fleet in January 2014. The Port of Buenos Aires is the second-busiest container port in South America, after the Brazilian Port of Santos. Terminal 4 was the first APM Terminals facility located in the southern hemisphere, when privatized in 2000. It is currently undergoing an expansion and upgrade, including the delivery of a new mobile harbor cranes and four Rubber Tire Gantry (RTGs) cranes in 2012, as part of approximately $20 million in investment over the past two years. Throughput at Terminal 4 in 2012 was 298,000 TEUs, a gain of 7% over 2011. “The future of South American shipping has arrived in Buenos Aires, and we are ready” added Mr. Nielsen. source :

“We are very pleased with the success of this vessel call, which is a major

30 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


Oman maritime services sector on the rise According to an economic update published by the Oxford Business Group(OBG), new investments by maritime services firms based in the Port of Duqm could help Oman boost its credentials as a shipping and trade centre. In early July, Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO) announced plans to develop an oil terminal at Duqm to provide bunkering services to the regional market, states the OBG report. The move seeks to tap into the increasing maritime trade along Oman’s Indian Ocean coast and attract more customers to the port itself, taking advantage of new business opportunities that are opening up, according to Omar Ahmed Salim Qatan, CEO of OOMCO. “We are in the process of negotiations to acquire a footprint in Duqm by establishing a terminal and bunkering services,” Qatan said in an interview with local media. “We hope to conclude negotiations in 2014. We have our master plan and are in liaison with the Duqm port authority, but it is too early for me to give a time frame as the process is still on.” OOMCO already provides bunkering services at the port of Sohar, to the north-west of Muscat on the Gulf of Oman, operating in partnership with German firm Matrix Marine Holding. The company was loading around 15,000 tonnes of fuel a month from its Sohar facility as of the end of last year, a figure it foresees rising to 45,000 tonnes a month in 2013. As is the

case at Sohar, OOMCO intends to offer marine fuel and gas, along with lubricants and other services. The expansion into Duqm is part of what Qatan said is an ongoing programme of diversifying the company’s activities beyond its main focus of automotive and aviation oil distribution and sales. It is not just in the bunkering segment that Oman’s maritime services sector is looking to expand. The state-owned Oman Drydock Company (ODC) is also eyeing new investments for its Duqm base, building on the capacity of its yard, which began operating in the second quarter of 2012. Company officials have said plans are in the works for a floating dry dock to supplement existing facilities, which will be capable of hosting up to ten ships of various sizes. Having served 76 vessels in its first year of operation, ODC is also aiming to diversify, developing the capacity to repair and maintain oil rigs and other specialist vessels such as derrick barges, dredgers and pipe-laying barges as part of a business plan to boost revenue to US$200 million annually. With Duqm being developed as a major seaborne trade and transshipment hub, as well as a hydrocarbons and petrochemicals industrial centre, there will be increasing opportunities for maritime service providers, along with associated side industries and suppliers. The challenge for companies such as ODC and OOMCO will come from other service centres in the region, particularly inside the Gulf where there are a number of large shipyards and bunkering terminals, such as those in Dubai. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


PORT & TERMINALS “Progress is a choice, and we have made the better choices to invest in the Port of Baltimore,” said Governor O’Malley. “This record-breaking progress demonstrates that the Port continues to be one of Maryland’s greatest economic engines, supporting tens-of-thousands of jobs for Maryland families.” Business at the Port of Baltimore generates about 14,630 direct jobs, supports more than 40,000 jobs, while approximately 108,000 jobs in Maryland are linked to port activities. The Port is responsible for $3 billion in personal wages and salary and more than $300 million in state and local taxes.

PORT OF BALTIMORE SETS MORE CARGO RECORDS Governor O’Malley announced today that the Port of Baltimore’s public marine terminals handled a record 9.55 million tons of general cargo during Fiscal Year 2013 (July 2012- June 2013) besting the previous record of 9.33 million tons set in Fiscal Year 2012. Baltimore’s public piers also set consecutive records for exported cars in one month. In May 2013, 22,897 cars were exported from the Port of Baltimore surpassing the previous record of 22,832 set in November 2012. In June 2013, the new record was eclipsed when 22,997 cars left the Port for worldwide destinations.

In June 2013 (the most recent numbers available), general cargo at the Port of Baltimore’s public marine terminals was up 4.6 percent from June 2012. General cargo includes autos, farm and construction machinery, containers and forest products (rolled paper and wood pulp). In 2012, the Port of Baltimore saw 652,000 cars cross its public and private piers, the most of any U.S. port. Earlier this year, the Port began handling Fiat, the newest partner in its large auto profile. The Port of Baltimore is ranked as the top port among 360 U.S. ports for handling autos and light trucks, farm andconstruction machinery, imported forest products, imported sugar, imported aluminum and imported gypsum. Baltimore ranks second in the U.S. for exported coal, and imported iron ore. Overall Baltimore is ranked ninth for the total d ollar value of international cargo and 11th for international cargo tonnage. source :

Odfjell Terminals entered into a Letter of Intent to purchase Chem-Marine Corporation The property is situated on the Cooper River and has a 250 meters deepwater front and a 12.5 meter draft ship berth, with one dedicated stainless steel lines connected to 12,800 cbm of storage in two carbon steel tanks. The facility currently handles the discharge of Alcoa’s alumina carrying vessels for once or twice per month which is conveyed to onsite dry storage facilities. Daily rail loadings of alumina are shipped to Alcoa’s primary aluminium production facility in Mt. Holly, SC. This acquisition offers an opportunity for expanding Odfjell’s physical presence in the South East region of the US. Further to this, the ChemMarine Corporation of South Carolina has been a valuable part of the Charleston community for over 35 years adding strength to Odfjell’s continuing commitment in this region.

Odfjell Terminals has entered into a Letter of Intent to purchase Chem-Marine Corporation of South Carolina. Chem-Marine controls a 25.3 acre/10.2 hectare site through a long term land lease, and is located adjacent to Odfjell’s tank terminal in North Charleston, South Carolina, USA.


This acquisition has an estimated value below USD 10 million. The transaction will be consummated through Odfjell Holdings (US) Inc., a subsidiary of Odfjell Terminals AS, which is the joint venture company owned 51% by Odfjell SE and 49% by Lindsay Goldberg. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

PORT & TERMINALS compared to 184,000 in 2008. During 2009, the worst year of the economic crisis, this figure was 85,721. It is forecast that a total of 700,000 vehicles will be exported via the port this year. The growth is 50 per cent attributed to vehicle transshipments. The volume of bulk solid cargo handled in the first six months of the year increased by seven per cent year-on-year with a total of 1.1 million tonnes being exported. Exports of bulk liquid cargo amounted to over 5.2 million tonnes and there has been a 69 per cent increase in petrol transport to more than one million tonnes.

Barcelona first half box exports up 12pc to 276,566 TEU, but imports slack

Imports, on the other hand, have been falling in recent years due to weak domestic demand because of Spain’s economic crisis. The first half 2013 total shrunk two per cent, although, imports in June were up five per cent, which may signal an economic turnaround. Imports from Turkey, India, Vietnam, Chile and Russia increased the most.

SPANISH Port of Barcelona’s containerised exports increased 12 per cent in the first half of 2013, compared to the same period last year, to 276,566 TEU driven by growing export volumes to countries outside of Europe.

Other positive port activity has been the growth of intermodal transport to and from the port by rail, up 14 per cent year on year to 66,942 TEU. Within the total number of vehicles transported to or from the port, 32 per cent (30,000) were moved by rail. Dry bulk grew by 22 per cent in the first half to 208,410 tonnes.

Overseas markets that showed the strongest demand were Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia in North Africa, which received 80,000 TEU, and the Far East (including China and Japan) with more than 60,000 TEU. The other leading regions for exports from Barcelona were the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea, reports Catalan News Agency.

The report said the port’s has benefited from the creation of new rail tracks that are the same width as the rest of Europe, thereby enabling cargo to be moved throughout the continent at a lower cost and without the need to change trains. source :

Motor vehicle exports hit 200,000 units in the first half of the year,

Konecranes Plc to supply another 8 RTGs to Bolloré Group in West Africa Group in West Africa, and we are very proud to get this new order which will bring the total to 43,” says Antoine Bosquet, Konecranes’ Sales Director, Port Cranes, region IMEA. “Africa is a growing market for Bolloré and Konecranes. We are delighted to be part of Bolloré’s growth in Africa.”

In July 2013 Konecranes received an order for eight Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes from Bolloré Group. The cranes will be delivered to container ter-

The eight RTG cranes will be equipped with the new Konecranes smarter cabin offering improved ergonomics, visibility and safety. They will also have advanced Konecranes technology such as Autosteering, which keeps the crane on a pre-programmed, straight driving path, and Variable Speed Engine and Diesel Fuel Saver technology. Taken together, these features help to improve operating safety and increase productivity.

minals operated by Bolloré Africa Logistics in Pointe Noire, Congo, and in Douala, Cameroon. They will be delivered in the second The RTG container positioning systems will be connected to the half of 2014. The parties have agreed not to disclose the value of ports’ the order. Terminal Operating Systems ensuring correct, real-time container positioning and an accurate inventory. The RTG cranes will also “Our cooperation with Bolloré goes back to 2007, when Bolloré be equipped with remote access technology, enabling remote purchased its first RTG for Abidjan Terminal in Ivory Coast. We diagnostics for have delivered 35 RTGs to container terminals operated by Bolloré maintenance purposes. The hydraulic-free, 16-wheel RTGs have a lifting capacity of 40 tons stacking 1-over-5 containers high and 7 plus truck lane wide. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


PORT & TERMINALS quayside expansion programme at the CTB’s Waltershof port. With its 1.4-km quay, the Waltershof port will now have four mega-ship berths, with a total of 15 gantry cranes. Dr. Stefan Behn, who is responsible for the Container segment on the Executive Board of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), emphasises the significance of this new container handling equipment: “These new cranes will enable the Container Terminal Burchardkai to handle the 18,000-TEU ships which have just gone into operation. It is crucial for us to be able to offer this service to our customers in good time, as these ships are commissioned. Our investment in these state-of-the-art gantry cranes underlines HHLA’s commitment to technological leadership. The increased handling capacity of the cranes on the quayside will improve our ability to meet these container mega-ships’ tight schedules. This is extremely important for our shipping customers due to the continuing delays in the dredging of the river Elbe. The acquisition of the container gantry cranes thus marks the completion of a cornerstone of the expansion programme at the Container Terminal Burchardkai.”

HHLA Prepares Itself for New Mega-Ships Four new gantry cranes arrived yesterday evening at the HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai. These stateof-the-art container gantry cranes are designed for the latest generation of mega-ships. Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) is therefore laying the foundations for being able to handle ships carrying 18,000 standard containers (TEU) at its facilities. Following an eight-week voyage from Shanghai to Hamburg, four stateof-the-art container gantry cranes arrived on August 8th at the Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB). The new container handling equipment will be used at the Waltershof port, together with a fifth gantry crane which will depart Shanghai for Hamburg in the autumn. CTB staff thoroughly tested the container gantry cranes produced in the vicinity of Shanghai before accepting them from the global market leader, ZPMC. They will go into operation consecutively over the next few months.

ZPMC’s new gantry cranes are designed for container ships with 24 transverse container rows. Thanks to their 74-metre jibs, they are very well equipped to handle the first 18,000-TEU ships with their 23 container rows, which have just gone into service. The cranes have also been optimised in terms of the height of the jib. They can handle nine containers on top of one another on deck. The new cranes can also operate in tandem mode. One hub makes it possible to move two 40-foot containers or four 20-foot containers. Each gantry crane weighs 2,400 tonnes and can handle a maximum payload of 110 tonnes. The gantry cranes were transported on a converted tanker. This ship – which was originally designed for a load of 80,000 tonnes – had no trouble handling the cranes’ total load of around10,000 tonnes. Over the past few years, ZPMC has become the global market leader, not least because this Chinese company offers its customers the possibility of accepting their equipment at the production site near to Shanghai and for its subsequent transportation to the site of operation, where the final handover takes place. source :

The launch of the newly delivered cranes will mark the completion of the

Port of Tauranga Purchases Strategic Onehunga Property from Goodman Already handling over 180,000 TEU per annum of international imports and exports to and from the Auckland market, the site has significant capacity to grow. This is further enhanced by the Company’s announcement today that it has acquired Gateside Industrial Park from Goodman Property Trust for $37.2 million. Port of Tauranga Chief Executive, Mark Cairns, said, “This strategic acquisition, with a total area of 6.8 hectares, will be key to expanding access to and from international markets for Auckland.” The property, which is immediately adjacent to Port of Tauranga’s inland port, MetroPort, includes three large industrial warehouses, an office building and more than 2 hectares of land we have ear-marked for future development.”

While the City of Auckland grapples with the future of its waterfront, Port of Tauranga Limited continues to expand its MetroPort inland port operations in South Auckland. 34

Mr Cairns went on to say, “This acquisition adds to the $10 million recently spent on acquiring three properties in Tauranga. These properties add a further 2.28 hectares to our potential development land, bringing our total holdings in Tauranga to nearly 190 hectares.” Rental income from these new properties will exceed $3 million per annum. The unconditional sale is due to settle in February 2014. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



New Welcome Centers will be installed at three of the Port Authority’s airports to provide the millions of customers who use the facilities with up-to-date information on ground transportation, hotel and tourism information including destinations that are part of New York State’s “Taste NY” experience, the agency announced today. Nine Information kiosks are currently being installed at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

The agency will install the new centers at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and Stewart International Airport. The new centers are part of a contract awarded by the agency’s Board for the maintenance of existing welcome centers at the airports and the installation of new ones. The Customer Care Representatives that

staff the centers speak foreign languages to assist customers traveling to this region from overseas. Currently there are 17 Welcome Centers located in passenger terminals at JFK, Newark Liberty and LaGuardia airports. The Port Authority is currently installing a Welcome Center at JFK’s Terminal 4 domestic arrivals area and Terminal 5’s new international arrivals area, to be completed by the end of 2013 and 2014, respectively. A center also is being installed at Newark Liberty’s Terminal B (International Arrivals), to be completed in the 3rd Quarter of 2013. The Port Authority expects to establish a Welcome Center at Stewart International Airport in late 2013. In 2012, nearly 700,000 visitors used the Welcome Centers to access t ransportation, hotel and car rental information. In addition, approximately 443,000 ground transportation reservations were made through the Welcome Centers to transport nearly 800,000 passengers. In conjunction with the installation of Welcome Centers being placed at the Port Authority’s airports, the agency is also installing information kiosks at the Port Authority Bus Terminal as part of the agency’s Tunnels, Bridges and Terminals Department’s “Quality of Life” Initiative launched in 2012. The installation of the Information Kiosks is expected to be completed in the 3rd Quarter of 2013. source :

Port of Klaipeda aims to become leading port of the region

Baltic Sea it maintains stable costs of cargo transportation year-round, while ports further north have to use icebreakers in winter, which increases costs of cargo transportation in winter by approximately 150 USD per 1 TEU ,” said Tomas Brasiunas, global network development project manager. One of such major sealines, MSC, entered Klaipeda and Vilnius a few years ago. Gdansk (Poland) welcomed Maersk.

The sea port of Klaipeda on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea has always been critical for maritime cargo transportation: it is the only year-round ice-free port on the eastern shore. Currently the port actively develops its infrastructure. The port water area is being deepened: now it can accept feeder ships and the additional dredging to be done will enable docking of mother ships, too.

The coming of these lines will lead to shorter cargo delivery times and lower transportation costs. “We congratulate the decision of MSC to choose the Port of Klaipeda, this is definitely an advantage for us and our clients as it will bring lower costs and decrease the price of forwarding”, said T. Brasiunas. source :

“The regions of the Eastern Europe and Russia, which exhibit outstanding growth in maritime cargo and transportation market in 2013, stimulate coming and settling of the major maritime companies. Klaip?da seaport is unique in this respect: being the only ice-free seaport on the eastern shore of the | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Kalmar expands TTI Algeciras shuttle carrier fleet

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has gained an order to supply two shuttle carriers to a long-standing customer, Total Terminal International (TTI) Algeciras SAU. The order has been booked into Cargotec’s second quarter 2013 order intake. TTI Algeciras, the first semi-automatic terminal in Southern Europe, will take delivery of these additional shuttle carriers in the fourth quarter of 2013. The new machines will add to the customer’s existing fleet of 20 Kalmar shuttle carriers and will handle containers from 20’ to 40’. Kalmar’s latest generation shuttle carriers feature a modular design for excellent versatility. The SCH250H has been fitted with twin extendable spreaders and has the capability of lifting up to 50 tonnes. The twin lift spreader provides enhanced container handling capacity with minimal service requirements. Highly regarded as the ultimate driver’s machine, the SCH250H features a spacious operator cabin with excellent all-round visibility, enhanced ergonomics and low noise levels. The driver seat rotates 180 degrees which means the machine can be driven in both directions from the same driver position. Productivity is further enhanced through Kalmar’s patented Smoothlift(TM) hoist system. Commenting on the order, Ignacio de Sebastián, Senior Sales Manager, Kalmar said,” We are delighted that TTI Algeciras has again specified Kalmar shuttle carriers. TTI was the first terminal in Europe to specify Kalmar shuttle carriers and clearly our equipment continues to deliver the performance they expect. The flexibility of our leasing solutions and Kalmar’s renowned service support was another key factor in TTI’s decision.” TTI Algeciras initiated the business activity in its Southern Spain container terminal in 2010 with the objective of progressively handling up to 1.8 million TEUs (twenty-foot standard containers) per year. The terminal surpassed the 1 million TEU landmark in 2012 and is expected to achieve the same in 2013. TTI Algeciras is capable of handling the latest and future generations of ultra large container vessels. It features two quay lines of 850 metres on the east quay and 550 metres on the north quay, with a draught of 18.5 and 17.5 metres respectively. source :

Port Eliminates 81% of Diesel Air Pollution The Port of Long Beach has cut diesel particulates by 81 percent since 2005, according to an analysis released today. The results for 2012 mark six straight years of im-

engines, the Jan. 1, 2012 deadline for full implementation of the Clean Trucks Program, increasing use of shore power, and a new low-sulfur fuel rule for ships that started in August 2012. Compared to 2005 emissions levels, all of the key air pollutants from portrelated sources were reduced in 2012. In addition to the drop in diesel emissions, smog-forming nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides have been cut 54 percent and 88 percent respectively. Greenhouse gases were lowered by 24 percent. The reduction in pollutants far outpaced a 10 percent decline in containerized cargo activity in the same period.

proving air quality in the harbor area thanks to the Port’s focused “We’ve been aggressively pursuing cleaner air for a long time and as you efforts to reduce air pollution can see from these numbers, we are succeeding. We’ve committed to do caused by goods movement. even more, to continue to reduce air pollution and its health effects,” said Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners President Thomas Fields. The reasons for air quality improvements include bigger source : ships carrying cargo more efficiently, newer ships with cleaner

36 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

PORT & TERMINALS introduction of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 9977. “Such meetings are very significant for development of the industry, Konstantin Chichagov, Country Ops manager of Shell and Aerofuels, commented. – Market players receive the opportunity to discuss accumulated questions, there is a number of them today. Now the important target is to keep up to date normative and technical documentation of aviation fuel supply and to adjust it in accordance with international standards. This is conditioned by the fact that Russian airlines operate foreign manufactured aircrafts, registered in other states, which is obliging operators to fulfill international requirements”.

Domodedovo Airport gathered aviation fuel supply experts Moscow Domodedovo Airport held meeting where fuel supply questions were discussed. The conference, organized by International Air Transport Association (IATA), gathered representatives of leading industry companies - State Scientific Research Institute of Civilian Aviation (GosNIIGA), Lukoil, Gazprom Neft, Rosneft, Shell and Aerofuels, and Domodedovo Fuel Services. Experts considered issues on normative base and technical documents of aviation fuel supply in Russia. The specialists’ attention was focused on the aviation fuel reception, storage and aircrafts fueling, correspondence of Russian documentation with international requirements due to standard

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is an active player of aviation fuel supply market. The largest fuel supply complex of Russia and CIS is operating in the airport. In 2000 Domodedovo set conditions enabling airlines to choose independently aviation fuel supply methods: fuel reception from one of the fuel handlers, storage of self bought aviation fuel, fuel furnishes from oil companies, which in their turn have opportunity to store it in reservoirs of the airport and to use airport’s fuel infrastructure for aircrafts fueling. At the moment two fuel handlers operate in the airport: Domodedovo Fuel Services and Shell and Aerofuels. Also such oil companies as Gazpromneft-Aero, Lukoil-Aero, TNK-BP and RN-Aero take the opportunity to store and sell aviation fuel with service of filling up in wing. Thanks to such policy, percent of aviation fuel, stored by alternative handlers and airlines in Domodedovo, increases from year to year: in 2000-2001 it totaled 20-25% and in 2009-2012 it increased up to 84%. For today, a number of questions is accumulated in the field of aviation fuel supply, requiring experts’ elaboration and legislative solutions. The meeting, organized by IATA in Domodedovo Airport, became a forum for discussion of the possible directions for the industry development.

Record 32.6 m passengers pass through DXB in the first half of 2013

Dubai International’s passenger traffic hit 32.6 million in the first half of this year, making it the busiest six months in the airport’s record-studded history, according to the traffic report issued today by airport operator Dubai Airports. According to the report, Dubai International handled a total of 5,537,908 passengers in June, a robust growth of 17.5 per cent from the 4,714,746 who passed through the airport in June 2012. Following seven consecutive months of five million-plus traffic, the year to date traffic reached 32,662,103 up 16.9 per cent from 27,931,639 in the first half of 2012. The average monthly passenger traffic recorded in the first six months of the year stood at 5.44 million compared to 4.65 million during the corresponding period in 2012. In June, the top five country destinations in terms of passenger volumes were India, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Australia and Pakistan. Spurred by the launch of Qantas operations into Dubai in April, Australia (+44.4%) tops the list in terms of percentage growth, followed by Saudi Arabia (+35.0%), the UK (+21.9) and India (+21.0%). The AGCC continued to top the list of regions with the largest increase in total passenger numbers (+198,779 passengers), followed by Western Europe (+170,782), and the Indian subcontinent (+158,161). South America was the only region recording a fall in traffic (-5,508) in June. Aircraft movements in June totalled 30,191 up 10.1 per cent from 27,428 registered during the same period in 2012. Year to date aircraft movements totalled 182,911, an increase of 7.4 per cent compared to 170,249 recorded during the first half of 2012. Dubai International handled a total of 202,077 tonnes of freight compared to 194,992 tonnes in June 2012, an increase of 3.6 per cent.

During the first half of 2013, air cargo volumes rose 10.2 per cent to 1,196,894 tonnes compared to 1,086,456 tonnes during the same period in 2012. “The first half this year has been very satisfying with double-digit growth across all markets, boosted by the launch of 84 new services to 25 destinations. A major driver of growth was Emirates airline’s tie-up with Qantas and consequent launch of the Australian carrier’s operations into Dubai. A number of major events are lined up for the remainder of the year – including the opening of the passenger operations at Dubai World Central-Al Maktoum International in October followed by the Dubai Airshow 2013 in November – making the second half even more promising,” said Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports. Passenger traffic at Dubai International is expected to surpass 65.4 million in 2013. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Seletar Airport raising service and safety standards of ground handlers

Seletar Airport has embarked on a full-scale review ofthe service and safety standards of its ground handling agents, as part of its long-term strategy to position Seletar Airport as a top business and general aviation airport in the region. Through the exercise, Changi Airport Group (CAG) – the manager of

of ground handling service options, with a more consistent and higher level of service and safety standards.

Singapore’s secondary civilian airport – hopes to benefit users with even more efficient airside operations at Seletar Airport.

Other developments at Seletar Airport Concurrent with the review of ground handling operators, CAG is also undertaking several initiatives at Seletar Airport to enhance capacity and infrastructure.

Previously, a total of seven licensed ground handling agents operated at Seletar Airport. The scope of ground handling services offered varied across these agents – some of them were equipped with the full suite of capabilities and equipment, while others outsourced part or most of their service delivery. Over time, this resulted in a disparity in the capabilities of ground handling agents at Seletar Airport, making it difficult to apply consistent service and safety level requirements for all players.

One such initiative is compact parking of aircraft, in which an operator is assigned a specific Compact Parking Area (CPA), with the flexibility to position aircraft within theCPA to maximise parking space. This concept is commonly practised in many business aviation airports around the world and will enable Seletar Airport to better meet the increased demand for aircraft parking space. By the end of 2013, two more CPA plots will be added at the airport, bringing the total to five.

Since early 2013, CAG has held consultations with the Seletar Airport community and users, to review the existing ground handling standards and put in place an improved framework. As a result of these consultations, some incumbent ground handlers decided to change their business models or acquire the necessary capabilities in order to meet the new standards. Some incumbents, on the other hand, decided not to renew their ground handling licenses when they expired in June 2013, preferring to continue their activities at Seletar by working with other ground handlers.

At the same time, 21 additional parking bays have also been constructed at the airport’s East (South) Apron, increasing, by 50%, the total number of parking bays to 58.

Mr Lim Ching Kiat, General Manager of Seletar Airport, said, “Certain ground handlers didnot possess the full suite of ground handling capabilities to carry out airside core services, such as towing of aircraft and passenger handling. While this situation was acceptable to Seletar Airport in the past, it is not ideal moving forward. The traffic at Seletar Airport has grown steadily in recent years, spurred by the development of the Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP) and the healthy growth of business aviation activities in the region. Hence, the objective of the current review is to raise the overall standards of ground handling at Seletar Airport, to ensure that the airport continues to provide a high level of service to users even as traffic grows. “Our aim is for all ground handlers at Seletar Airport to meet a set of minimum operating standards for essential airside services. This would mean a levelling up of service and safety standards among them, resulting healthy competition among ground handlers, while motivating each operator to improve its operations and efficiency.”

Singapore’s business aviation scene has grown steadily over the years, with aircraft movements registering a compounded annual growth rate of about 18% from 2008 to 2012 – a trend that is expected to continue.

Other key on-going infrastructural upgrades include the resurfacing of the West Apron, estimated for completion in the fourth quarter of 2013 and the lengthening of the current 3,275-metre taxiway, by more than double, by early 2015. These works are part of an upgrading plan since 2008 to improve the infrastructure of Seletar Airport, to support the development of the SAP which the airport is a key component of. Next year, Seletar Airport’s capabilities will receive a further boost with the addition of a new Instrument Landing System that will facilitate airport operations even in low visibility and poor weather conditions, as well as the construction of Singapore’s first Ground RunUp Enclosure (GRE)at the East (North) Apron. The GRE will support the requirements of maintenance, repair and overhaul companies operating at the SAP for the conduct of aircraft engine run-ups, while mitigating the noise impact to surrounding tenants as a result of such activities. The Airport Emergency Service of Seletar Airport will also have a new fire training ground by end 2014 to hone the proficiency of the airport firefighting and rescue team, further enhancing the team’s incident response capabilities. As rising affluence in the region brings about an increased demand for air travel, these service enhancements and infrastructural upgrades will not only enhance Seletar Airport’s offerings to users, but position it to capture the growth opportunities in the regional aviation sector in the coming years.

Five ground handlers at Seletar Airport have been granted temporary permits from July to December 2013, which will be converted into a two-year licence from 1 January 2014 if they meet CAG’s criteria under the new ground handling framework. Come 2014, Seletar Airport users will be source : able to choose from a number of providers, each offering a full spectrum

38 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

SEA TRANSPORT the ABX service will be “MOL Performance” (ETA Ningbo on 30th August). All port coverage will be maintained by a new dedicated feeder service with a connection via Port Said that will be added to the Loop 4 of the G6 Alliance. The G6 Alliance’s Mediterranean service, EUM, will also provide a connection to the newly deployed Black Sea feeder through the existing Port Said call. The rotation of the feeder service will be: Port Said – Ashdod – Istanbul – Constanza – Odessa – Istanbul – Ashdod – Port Said. The weekly service will provide a seamless coverage of the Black Sea with two vessels of approximately 3,000 TEU. After this service change, OOCL will continue to serve the market via alternative service arrangement.

G6 Alliance adjusts Black Sea coverage by new feeder service The members of the G6 Alliance have decided to modify their network between the Far East and the Black Sea effective from week 36. The last sailing for

The G6 Alliance is one of the leading consortia in global container shipping offering a variety of services between the Far East and Europe/Med as well as between the Far East and North America East Coast covering all major port pairs with weekly sailings. The G6 Alliance members are APL, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha and Orient Overseas Container Line. source :

“K” LINE Zhenhua Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Opens large-scale Warehouse at Yanshang, deep-water Port near Shanghai

Hapag-Lloyd Holding AG will be merged with Hapag-Lloyd AG Hapag-Lloyd Holding AG will be merged with Hapag-Lloyd AG, retrospective with effect from 1 January 2013. “This step is taken in order to simplify the Group structure of Hapag-Lloyd and does not have any impact on shareholder equity”, said Jürgen Weber, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hapag-Lloyd AG. Shareholders of Hapag-Lloyd, TUI-Hapag Beteiligungs GmbH (TUI AG) and Hamburgische Seefahrtsbeteiligung “Albert Ballin“ GmbH & Co KG (“Albert Ballin“ consortium), now hold a direct share in HapagLloyd AG. The merger has no impact on consolidated financial statements of Germany’s largest liner shipping company. The holding structure was set up during the takeover of the majority of Hapag-Lloyd by the Hamburg-based “Albert Ballin“ consortium in 2008/09. source :

“K” Line Zhenhua Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter KLZH-Shanghai), a joint venture between “K” Line and a Hong Kong company, holds opening ceremony for new warehouse which was constructed in Logistics Park of Shanghai Lingang New Town and starts operation on August 8, 2013. The Logistics Park is an economic development zone which has been ratified by State Control of the PRC. This area which expects continuous future development is located on Shanghai City side of the bridge connecting Shanghai City and Yanshang deep-water port, now ranked as one of the largest trading ports in the world. This new modern facility is a 2-story warehouse having 43,890 square meters of total floor space with first phase constructed on about 140,000 square meters land area. KLZH-Shanghai deals with a wide variety of cargo such as daily necessities, apparel, electronic parts and automobile parts and provides excellent service utilizing a most-advanced inventory system. It can be used for CFS warehouse for export cargo, devanning and interim storage warehouse for import cargo, also as distributive processing warehouse for domestic cargo with vanning and devanning operations between 1st floor and 2nd floor provided speedily by using rail crane. KLZH-Shanghai can examine lease of the warehouse space upon request. It is provided with sprinkler system as a disaster prevention measure and a monitoring system by CCTV and security personnel 24 hours daily as anti-crime measures. The “K” Line Group provides tailor-made warehouse services to meet a variety of customer needs especially targeted for export and import cargo in Shanghai port where an increase in future transaction volume is being expected. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


SEA TRANSPORT EMX will commence on Week 36 in order to maintain continuity for this Trade. The first call will be provided by ZIM Shekou which is scheduled to arrive on September 6 at Pusan.

OOCL operates East Med/Black Sea Express (EMX) Service OOCL is pleased to introduce the East Med / Black Sea Express (EMX) service from September 6, 2013. EMX has a comprehensive network with direct services connecting Asia, the East Mediterranean and Black Sea. We are dedicated to continuing our coverage in this Trade with a direct, reliable and competitive service. In response to the transportation needs of our customers, the EMX will offer competitive transit times and additional coverage for Pusan, Da Chan Bay, Port Kelang, and Novorossiysk.

EMX port rotation: Pusan – Ningbo – Shanghai – Da Chan Bay - Port Kelang – via Suez Canal - Haifa – Istanbul – Odessa – Novorossiysk Istanbul – Haifa – via Suez Canal - Nhava Sheva - Port Kelang – Da Chan Bay – Pusan Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Stock Exchange listed Orient Overseas (International) Ltd. Headquartered in Hong Kong, OOCL is one of the world’s largest integrated international container transportation and logistics companies, with more than 290 offices in 60 countries. Linking Asia, Europe, North America, the Mediterranean, the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East and Australia/New Zealand, the company offers transportation services to all major east/west trading economies of the world. OOCL is one of the leading international carriers serving China, providing a full range of logistics and transportation services throughout the country. source :

Galena Park and Pasadena terminals, Houston, USA, from September 1 2013. The new schedule includes a Maritime Safety and Security Fee of $2,500 per ship, per call, for all ships berthing at the terminals from this date.

ISS advises of new schedule of dock services & charges at Kinder Morgan Galena Park & Pasadena terminals

Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS), the world’s leading maritime services provider, is advising of a new schedule of dock services and charges at the Kinder Morgan

Primarily used by tanker operators and ship owners, Kinder Morgan has given notice to all agents and ship owner representatives using the Galena Park and Pasadena terminals that it has assumed all of the costs associated with the Maritime Security System (MARSEC) regulations to ensure secure facilities for a number of years, but costs have continued to increase and it will now assess the ship owner a portion of the expenses directly related to providing a safe and secure dockside through the Maritime Safety and Security Fee. source :

Maersk takes delivery of second 18,270-TEUer June 28. The third vessel in the series is the Mary Maersk to be delivered in mid-September. The three Triple E-class vessels were ordered in two phases in February and June 2011, and are the first ships to be built out of a planned class of 20 identical vessels. A report by Alphaliner said the Majestic Maersk made her maiden voyage on the Asia-Europe AE-10 service on August 12 at Busan in South Korea. She replaces the 13,092-TEU Elba Maersk and sets in motion a round of cascades as the Elba Maersk joins the AE-2 loop, replacing the 8,400-TEU Maersk Tukang, which is due to join Maersk’s Far East-US East Coast TP-7 service via Suez in September.

AP Moller-Maersk has taken delivery of the 18,270-TEU Triple E-class vessel, the Majestic Maersk, built by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) in South Korea.

It said the TP-7 will continue to absorb 8,000+ TEU ships, cascaded from the Far East-Europe trades, which will replace ships ranging in size from 5,400-6,500 TEU. source :

As the world’s largest container ship, measuring 399 metres in length, she follows sister ship, the Maersk McKinney Moller, which was delivered on

40 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


Arctic voyage to give IMO Secretary-General first-hand insight on polar issues

Mr. Sekimizu will be the guest of the Government of the Russia aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy as she voyages on the Northern Sea Route that links Europe and northern Russia. Mr. Sekimizu will commence his voyage from the port of Dikson, in the Kara Sea, before undertaking a 1,680 nm trip to Pevek, in the East Siberian Sea. During the voyage, the vessel will transit the Kara Sea, Taymyr peninsula, Shokalsky Strait, Severnaya Zemlya archipelagos, Laptev Sea, Sannikov Strait, Novosibirskie Islands and the East-Siberian Sea. He will be accompanied on the voyage by high level officials from the Russian Government and from the shipping industry, among them Mr. Victor Olerskiy, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vyacheslav Ruksha, Director General of the Federal State Enterprise Atomflot, and Mr. Yury Melenas, the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to IMO.

provisions and recommendations have been developed over the years. Mr. Sekimizu will use the voyage to observe and experience the difficulties inherent in Arctic navigation, such as poor weather conditions and the relative lack of good charts, communication systems and other navigational aids that pose challenges for mariners. The remoteness of the area makes rescue or clean-up operations difficult and costly; cold temperatures may reduce the effectiveness of numerous components of the ship, ranging from deck machinery and emergency equipment to sea suctions and, when ice is present, it can impose additional loads on the hull, propulsion system and appendages. IMO is currently developing a draft international code of safety for ships operating in polar waters (the Polar Code), which would cover the full range of design, construction, equipment, operational, training, search and rescue and environmental protection matters relevant to ships operating in the inhospitable waters surrounding the two poles. The voyage will provide an opportunity not only to assess how existing IMO guidelines on polar navigation are applied and observed, but also to evaluate the effectiveness of requirements under consideration in development of the Polar Code.

With his Russian hosts, Mr. Sekimizu will discuss broader issues related to Arctic navigation, such as the degree and nature of the responsibility borne by coastal States for the maintenance and support needed for such navigation; the implementation of the relevant provisions of the United The trip comes against a background of increasing interest within the global Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and other measures, such as the Polar Code, the potential for offshore exploration and the shipping community in utilizing the Northern Sea Route and other northprotection of the unique marine environment in the Arctic Ocean. ern passages, as Arctic sea ice recedes and the navigation season becomes longer. 2013 seems set to be a record year for maritime activity on the Northern Sea Route. There has been a tenfold increase in the number of vessels using During the voyage, Mr. Sekimizu will see, at first hand, the effects of the route during recent years. In 2012, 46 vessels sailed the whole route, climate change on the sea ice coverage, and assess how the facilities and compared to 34 in 2011 and only four in 2010. infrastructure needed for Arctic navigation are being developed along the Siberian coastline of the Russian Federation. For Mr. Sekimizu, this mission marks the continuation of a growing firsthand involvement in the complex issues surrounding increased maritime It will also provide an opportunity to discuss related matters such as the activity in polar waters. In December 2012, he visited Antarctica as a guest logistics and supplies required to support Arctic navigation, the need for of the Government of Chile, and earlier this year experienced ice navigation special qualifications for ships’ officers operating in the region and for the in northern waters aboard a Finnish icebreaker. He expressed his sincere approvision of adequate ice-breaking capability. preciation to the Government of the Russian Federation for its co-operation The safety of ships operating in the harsh, remote and vulnerable polar areas and support in organizing this latest visit. and the protection of the pristine environments around the two poles have always been a matter of concern for IMO and many relevant requirements, source :

SEANERGY MARITIME HOLDINGS CORP. GRANTED EXTENSION TO REGAIN COMPLIANCE WITH NASDAQ LISTING RULE 5550(b)(1) NASDAQ a publicly available filing that, among other things, evidences compliance with the minimum $2.5 million stockholders’ equity requirement. In the event the Company does not satisfy the terms of the extension, the Company expects to be notified that its securities will be subject to delisting. At that time, the Company may appeal NASDAQ’s determination to a Hearings Panel.

Athens Greece Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. (the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SHIP) announced today that it has received a notice from the Nasdaq Capital Market (“NASDAQ” or the “Capital Market”), dated August 7, 2013, granting the Company an extension of time until October 28, 2013 to regain compliance with the NASDAQ Listing Rule 5550(b)(1).

Under the terms of the extension, on or before October 28, 2013, the Company must furnish to the Securities and Exchange Commission and

The Company is working on implementing a plan that it will enable to regain compliance with the NASDAQ Listing Rule 5550(b)(1) by October 28, 2013. This notification has no effect on the listing status of the Company’s common stock at this time. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


SEA TRANSPORT fixed-rate time contracts and are scheduled for delivery in 2016. Seaspan says it expects to complete the definitive contracts shortly.

Seaspan Adds Five 14,000 TEU Newbuilds After Inking Charter Contracts New York-listed Seaspan Corporation (NYSE: SSW) has ordered an additional five fuel-efficient 14,000 TEU containerships after signing a total of ten long-term, fixed rate time charter contracts with Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. for the vessels. The first five ships are to be built at Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea and will be chartered to Yang Ming under 10-year, fixed-rate time charter contracts upon their delivery in 2015. In a statement Tuesday, Seaspan announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent with CSBC Corporation of Taiwan calling for the construction of an additional five 14,000 TEU ships for a purchase price of $550 million. The vessels will also be chartered to Yang Ming under similar long-term,

“We are pleased to partner with Yang Ming, one of the premiere liners in the industry, to place one of the largest recent newbuilding orders and to entrust our technical teams with building and managing their flagships as they modernize their fleet,” said Gerry Wang, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chairman, and Co-Founder of Seaspan. “This order demonstrates our ability to draw upon our financial strength and deep technical and operational expertise to place large scale orders that realize economies of scale for our customers and deliver accretive growth to our shareholders. With this order, our managed fleet including both Seaspan and GCI newbuilds on order, is closing in on 100 ships.” The ten new ships will be constructed using Seaspan’s so-called SAVER design, a fuel efficient hull design developed by MARIN and Marine Design and Research Institute of China (MARIC). Seaspan’s managed fleet currently consists of 99 containerships with a combined capacity of over 740,000 TEU, including 26 newbuild containerships on order and scheduled for delivery to Seaspan and third parties by the end of 2016. Seaspan’s current operating fleet of 71 vessels has an average age and remaining lease period (excluding the effect of charterers’ options to extend certain time charters) of approximately six years. source :

FSG launches con-ro for Oceanex Probably the last thing people would ever think of when it comes to the color pink is a barge Pink Floyd, Pink Panther , etc. , yes but a pink barge ? Wanting to raise cancer awareness within the barge industry Ceres Barge Line constructed a hot pink barge. The barge , BIG HOPE 1 , was launched at Jeffersonville, Indiana. Ceres chose Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center in Dallas , TX to be the recipient of any donations stemming from BIG HOPE 1. Albacor Shipping, a BNSF Logistics / Berkshire Hathaway company, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC for the USA, was not only a sponsor but the Albacor Banning, CA office transported a 526000 Lbs. / 35’ x 12’8 x 16’ transformer from New Orleans to Mt. Vernon with BIG HOPE 1 At Mt Vernon the transformer was trans-loaded to a 12 axle FD 36’ deck railcar and transported to its final destination in Lewis Center, Ohio. source :

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Tanks and bullets for Jumbo Jubilee Netherlands headquartered heavy lift shipping line Jumbo has transported three over-dimensional storage bullets and three heavy storage tanks from Ortona, Italy to Coatzacoalcos in Mexico. Jumbo mobilised its heavy lift vessel Jumbo Jubilee to transport the six cargoes and says that with the maximum possible draft of a vessel at Ortona being 5.65 m, it was a tight squeeze for the Jumbo Jubilee. The three storage bullets each weighed 570 tonnes and measured 85.3 m x 7.5 m x 9.4 m. The units needed to be stowed on deck and in order to accomplish this, Jumbo extended the vessel’s deck using tweendecks. The over-dimensional cargoes will be used in the Etileno XXI Project for the production of petrochemicals. source :

Albacor Shipping from the USA goes pink with heavy transformer The barge , BIG HOPE 1 , was launched at Jeffersonville, Indiana. Ceres chose Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center in Dallas , TX to be the recipient of any donations stemming from BIG HOPE 1.

Probably the last thing people would ever think of when it comes to the color pink is a barge Pink Floyd, Pink Panther , etc. , yes but a pink barge ? Wanting to raise cancer awareness within the barge industry Ceres Barge Line constructed a hot pink barge.

Albacor Shipping, a BNSF Logistics / Berkshire Hathaway company, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC for the USA, was not only a sponsor but the Albacor Banning, CA office transported a 526000 Lbs. / 35’ x 12’8 x 16’ transformer from New Orleans to Mt. Vernon with BIG HOPE 1 At Mt Vernon the transformer was trans-loaded to a 12 axle FD 36’ deck railcar and transported to its final destination in Lewis Center, Ohio. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Boskalis offfer combined refloat and dry dock solution through SMIT and Dockwise Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) announced that it was recently contracted to assist with the repair and maintenance of a semi-submersible drilling rig in the Mediterranean. Boskalis’ share of the project has been successfully completed.

docking purposes shows the versatility of the vessel. Initially positioned for the heavy marine transport of large integrated structures, the recently announced transportation of a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading unit (FPSO) and this successful dry docking demonstrate the broader potential of the vessel.

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading global services provider operating in the dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime serBoskalis subsidiary Dockwise was contracted to provide an innovative vices sectors. The company provides creative and innovative all-round form of dry docking as part of the repair project. Due to the size of the rig solutions to infrastructural challenges in the maritime, coastal and delta and the lack of a large enough dry dock in the region, the innovative regions of the world with the construction and maintenance of ports and solution to dry dock on the Dockwise Vanguard was offered. The Dockwaterways, land reclamation, coastal defense and riverbank protection. In wise Vanguard is uniquely positioned for this type of large scale dry dockaddition, Boskalis offers a wide variety of marine services and contracting ing as well as the transportation of very large and heavy structures. The for the offshore energy sector including subsea, heavy transport, lifting drilling rig was loaded onto the Dockwise Vanguard allowing inspection and installation (through Boskalis Offshore and Dockwise) and towage and repairs to be made in areas of the rig that are otherwise below the and salvage (through SMIT). waterline. Also assisting in the project was Boskalis subsidiary SMIT, providing underwater inspection and temporary repairs prior to loading the vessel onto the Dockwise Vanguard. Boskalis views this project as strategically important demonstrating the opportunities for combining maritime services and assets across the breadth of the company. Furthermore, the use of the Dockwise Vanguard for dry


It also has a strategic partnership in terminal services (Smit Lamnalco). With a versatile fleet of over 1,100 units Boskalis operates in around 75 countries across six continents. Including its share in partnerships, Boskalis has more than 11,000 employees. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

SEA TRANSPORT installation vessel and a cable laying vessel. In the cable laying mode, the vessel will be able to install up to 10,000 tonnes of cable and will thereto be equipped with a 5,500 tonnes capacity turntable above deck and a 4,500 tonnes capacity turntable below deck along with tensioners as required by the project, chute and auxiliary equipment. In the subsea rock installation mode, the vessel will be able to install up to 10,000 tonnes of rock in a single load by using the aft stone hopper with a capacity of 3,000 tonnes and the midship hopper with a capacity of 7,000 tonnes along with the two excavators and the fall pipe for accurate rock installation at up to 200m water depth.

Jan De Nul Group orders new multipurpose vessel

In the combination mode any combination of the above will be possible up to the carrying capacity of the vessel.

Last week, Jan De Nul Group ordered a new vessel at the The vessel will be delivered in 2015 and will be the 76th vessel in the fleet Uljanik Shipyard in Pula, Croatia. of Jan De Nul Group. The vessel with a deadweight of 10,500 tonnes and a total length of 138 m will be a multipurpose vessel. It will be source : a trenching and offshore support vessel, a subsea rock

Norwegian Trust in MAN Prime Movers its engines, provides superior performance in terms of fuel consumption and smoke emissions, especially at part load. Breakaway class The newest member of the Norwegian fleet, Norwegian Breakaway, entered service at the end of April 2013 and features a 2 × 14V + 2 × 12V48/60CR Tier II engine configuration with 62,400 kW of installed MAN power. With accommodation for 4,000 passengers and New York as home port, the cruise ship will sail to Bermuda for the summer and the Bahamas and Caribbean in the winter. Construction of Norwegian Breakaway’s sister ship –‘Norwegian Getaway’ – is well underway with delivery scheduled for January.

MAN Diesel & Turbo has won the order from Meyer Werft for new cruise vessels for Norwegian Cruise Line to supply its V48/60CR engines with diesel-electric propulsion systems. The ships will be built at Meyer Werft, the cruise liner specialist builder in Papenburg, northern Germany. Norwegian is a longstanding customer of MAN Diesel & Turbo with almost its entire fleet powered by the 48/60 and 58/64 engine types.

Sokrates Tolgos, Head of Sales Cruise & Ferry, MAN Diesel & Turbo, said: “With this new order, we are extremely pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with Norwegian and Meyer Werft, both of whom have always been innovative with high demands for quality standards and professionalism from their suppliers. Norwegian pioneered the concept of Freestyle Cruising offering guests the freedom and flexibility to enjoy their cruise vacation on their own terms. Furthermore, it was the first company to introduce MAN 48/60 common-rail technology into its operating fleet six years ago. Ever since, all its MAN powered newbuilds have been ordered with the fuel saving electronic CR injection system.”

The new ships – accorded the project name ‘Breakaway Plus’ – will be the largest in Norwegian’s fleet. At 163,000 gross tons and approximately 4,200 passenger berths, the vessels will be larger than the previous 146,000 gross Tolgos concluded by saying: “Our company’s firm approach of risk-conton Breakaway-class ships ordered at Meyer Werft in 2010, but will incortrolled introduction of new technologies into the market is bearing fruit. porate many of those vessels’ unique design elements and innovations. This is fully in line with the very high safety, reliability and environmental standards we encounter in the cruise business, where the parties involved The Breakaway Plus vessels will each be powered by five engines – 2 × strive not only to meet but even to exceed the level required by regulation 14V + 3 × 12V48/60CR Tier II types – capable of delivering 76,800 kW, wherever possible.” compared to the four driving the Breakaway-class ‘Norwegian Breakaway’ and ‘Norwegian Getaway’ vessels. The five engines will operate with MAN source : Diesel & Turbo’s well-proven, state-of-the-art, common-rail injection system that is suitable for both heavy fuel oil and distillate fuels. This technology, developed in-house by MAN Diesel & Turbo and fully optimised for | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


SEA TRANSPORT ITG Group orders two PSVs of the PX121 design from ULSTEIN This inverted bow leads to reduced speed loss in waves, and consequently less fuel oil consumption, and the absence of slamming is an attractive feature as the comfort for the crew is increased. Ulstein Design & Solutions provides a comprehensive design & equipment package that includes basic and detail design, all major equipment, site support/construction consultancy and commissioning. “We are happy to see the materialisation of this project and that the yard and the owner, who, after careful evaluation of different designs and design companies, in the end selected ULSTEIN as their partner when entering into the offshore market. We are very pleased with the confidence they show by awarding these contracts to us,” says deputy CEO Tore Ulstein in Ulstein Group. The ships have a length of 83.4 metres and a beam of 18 metres, and meet the requirements of DNV’s Clean Design notation. They have a load capacity of approximately 4,000 tonnes and a cargo deck of 840 square metres. Maximum speed is stipulated to 14.5 knots.

The ROC yard, China, will be constructing two platform supply ships of ULSTEIN’s PX121 designs for the ITG Group. The contract includes an option for two more vessels. The PX121 has become very popular among various ship-owners and investment companies, and ROC is a new yard entering the stage of constructing vessels carrying the X-BOW® hull line design from ULSTEIN.

This version of the medium-sized PX121 platform accommodates a total of 30 persons. The vessels will be prepared for an ROV mezzanine deck and a subsea crane for future installation. They will be built in accordance to IMO’s SPS Code (Special Purpose Ships) for carrying specialised personnel, and will have OILREC class notation for oil recovery in emergency situations. The vessels are planned for the European market and are suitable for worldwide operation. The vessels are planned for delivery in the first half of 2015. source :

Ingalls Shipbuilding Launches Fourth U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter this off in a very safe and efficient manner,” said Ingalls’ NSC Program Manager Jim French. “It’s a week-long process to first translate the ship across land into our floating drydock and then going through an extensive ship-wide check-out process to launch. The team’s performance was outstanding, and now we can focus on completing the ship and getting her to the Coast Guard next year.” These cutter ships are in the Legend-class, which is capable of meeting all security mission needs of the previous cutters. The Legend-class is the largest and most technologically advanced class of cutter in the Coast Guard, according a press release from Ingalls. Its duties include maritime homeland security, law enforcement, marine safety, environmental protection and national defense missions.

Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Ingalls Shipbuilding division launched its fourth U.S. Coast Guard National Security Cutter, Hamilton (WMSL 753), on Saturday. NSCs are the flagship of the Coast Guard’s cutter fleet and they will replace the 378-foot High-Endurance Cutters, which began service in the 1960s. Ingalls has delivered three NSCs so far. The NSCs are 418 feet long, have a top speed of 28 knots and can hold a crew of 110 on board at once.

“The NSC is a proven hull, and our Coast Guard customer is pleased with the performance of the first three ships currently operating in the fleet,” French said. The Hamilton will be christened Oct. 26 in Pascagoula by the ship’s sponsor, Linda Kapral Papp, wife of Adm. Robert J. Papp Jr., commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard. The keel laying for Ingalls’ fifth NSC, James (WMSL 754), took place May 17 and it is currently 32 percent complete. It is expected to be launched in the spring of next year. source :

“Launching a ship involves quite a bit of logistics, and our team pulled

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Bahri announces that it has signed a MOU to prepare a feasibility assessment to develop a world class maritime yard in the KSA

or terminated within 15 months from its effective date. Saudi Aramco and Sembcorp Marine Ltd have previously completed preliminary studies leading to this detailed assessment phase which Bahri is now participating as a new partner.

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia Bahri announces that on yesterday it entered into a Memorandum of Understanding MOU with SAUDI ARAMCO and Sembcorp Marine Ltd. A leading global marine and offshore engineering group based in Singapore Under this MOU the three parties will prepare a detailed feasibility assessment towards the development of a world class Maritime Yard in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The MOU is valid until an investment decision is made

The intended Maritime Yard will provide engineering manufacturing and repair services related to rigs platforms commercial vessels and offshore service vessels. Within Bahri this initiative will be managed by the Gas & Offshore Business Unit currently being established. This unit shall also explore other investment opportunities in the promising offshore services industry in pursuance of the company strategy to grow and diversify its business activities. The financial implications of this venture on Bahri will only be established upon completion of the feasibility assessment which will include all activities from construction operations and commercial planning to supply chain development required for the three equity partners to make a final investment decision. source :

Swedish icebreaker testing new monitoring system for Arctic maritime traffic Administration, who is project manager for MICE. MICE (MONALISA Ice), is the designation of the research and development project being conducted in cooperation between the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. MICE is aimed at capitalising on the more wide-ranging MONALISA project, which the Swedish Maritime Administration leads, and which permits the global monitoring of maritime traffic without the need for shorebased infrastructure, such as AIS base stations or radio communications. “We are capitalising on the Sea Traffic Management (STM) concept developed within the framework of the MONALISA project by adapting it for the Artic environment, notes Per Setterberg. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is also positive to the project.

Maritime traffic in the Arctic is rising dramatically, leading to a greater need for safety and environmental protection. Consequently, as part of the icebreaker Oden’s Artic expedition, the Swedish Maritime Administration is testing a new tracking system for maritime traffic. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is also positive to the project. The Arctic is one of the world’s most environmentally sensitive areas, while also being one of the most difficult to protect against accidents. Thus, the need to support the maritime industry is crucial in guaranteeing safety for navigation and the environment. The Swedish Maritime Administration is now testing a new system for monitoring maritime traffic that will improve the potential for sea rescue, icebreaker assistance and environmental protection. “Sweden has lengthy experience of winter navigation in the northern areas of the Baltic and Gulf of Bothnia. Our expertise is a valuable resource for safety and environmental protection now that new traffic patterns are emerging in the Arctic,” says Per Setterberg at the Swedish Maritime

“As the sea ice melts in the Arctic, shipping will increase significantly and, thus, it is crucial to ensure high traffic quality and interweave comprehensive consideration of this sensitive and highly seasonal environment. Reducing the risk of collisions with drift ice and marine mammals, and avoiding arbitrary navigation during a spill period that could prove catastrophic for certain neighbouring bird sites during the pre-summer period for instance, requires a monitoring system that provides continual and proactive decision-making support for navigators,” says Mattias Rust, Maritime Officer at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The solution is based on using vessels as base stations to communicate information regarding the surrounding traffic and the vessel’s own course, speed position and other relevant data. The information is interchanged with a shore-based coordination centre via a satellite link. The same satellite link is used for the interchange of navigation routes and other necessary communications between the vessel and the shore-based centre. “This is a solution to the need for enhanced maritime traffic monitoring, coordination and support in the Artic region,” says Per Setterberg. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


RAILWAYS TRANSPORT Russian Railways Logistics Delivers Oversized Cargo for Oil Refinery.

The cargo was loaded in two separate 12-axle sections of the coupled car and forwarded from the North-Caucasian to Moscow railway based on the scheme developed in cooperation with the special projects department of the Central Directorate of the Traffic Control, the branch of Russian Railways. The cargo was dispatched in the single train in order to reduce the load on the infrastructure capacity, especially in the busy passenger transportation season. Due to complexity of the transportation scheme the special tariff and fixing modes were applied. This unique transportation service was organized in cooperation with the representatives of the shipper, the owner of the rolling stock, the structural units of the carrier, the Central Directorate of the Traffic Control, the specialists of RZDL branch in Rostov-na-Donu.

RZDL organized delivery of excessively over-dimensional cargo of a total weight of 334 tonnes for Ryazan Oil Refinery. Processing equipment was transported from Atomenergomash plant in Volgodonsk in Rostov region to the factory in the city of Ryazan.

Oversized and heavy cargo delivery is one of the most perspective services offered by Russian Railways Logistics. The company diversifies its transportation modes, which may be used for over-dimensional cargo delivery. Thus in addition to rail freight RZDL makes it possible to ship by sea or road. The company plans to develop this service and to make it as comprehensive as possible for its customers. source :

BNSF Plans $125 Million Capital Program in Washington to Improve and Expand Rail Capacity Washington, which will include nearly 2,800 miles of track surfacing and undercutting work, the replacement of about 175 miles of rail and 110,000 railroad ties. “BNSF’s capital investments in Washington will help ensure our network is prepared for growing demand for freight rail,” said Matthew K. Rose, chairman and chief executive officer. “We are focused on investing to meet our customers’ expectations and on expanding capacity where growth is occurring. Given the importance of a low cost supply chain to the U.S. economy, our privately funded rail infrastructure is well positioned to help Washington compete in global markets.”

BNSF Railway Company (BNSF) plans to invest an estimated $125 million on maintenance and rail capacity improvement and expansion projects in Washington this year. BNSF’s 2013 capacity enhancement projects in Washington include construction of two receiving and departure tracks nearly 7,000 feet long at BNSF’s Delta yard in Everett, expanding BNSF’s automotive distribution facility at Orillia to support growth in new automobile traffic, as well as signal upgrades for federally mandated positive train control (PTC).

The planned capital investments in Washington are part of BNSF’s record 2013 capital commitment of $4.3 billion. The largest component of the capital plan is spending $2.3 billion on BNSF’s core network and related assets. BNSF also plans to spend approximately $1 billion on locomotive, freight car and other equipment acquisitions, many of which will serve Washington. The program also includes about $200 million for positive train control and $800 million for terminal, line and intermodal expansion and efficiency projects. Unlike other modes of transportation, U.S. freight railroads use their own private dollars, not tax dollars, to build and maintain their freight rail networks. Since the year 2000, BNSF has invested more than $42 billion to improve and expand its freight rail network. source :

BNSF will also continue a significant track maintenance program in

48 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

RAILWAYS TRANSPORT the exchange of goods throughout Europe since the end of 2011 and reduced the market demand for transport services, continued in the first half of 2013. The situation in Italy, the main recipient of the Hupac traffic, was particularly difficult. At year Hupac expects a stable traffic situation to persist. However, in the current recessionary environment the rising cost of railways are problematic, especially when the cost of road transport is tendentially sinking. “The rail system must do the utmost to ensure that productivity is increased further,” demands Hupac Director Bernhard Kunz “The processes between traction, terminals and market demand must be optimally linked. Since there is still room, we want to exploit with our partners.”

Stable traffic volume Chiasso, 5.8.2013 In the first half 2013, the Swiss intermodal operator Hupac recorded a stable traffic volume despite the weak economy and the strong competition pressure of the street. Transport development With a traffic volume of 327,366 road consignments in unaccompanied combined transport, Hupac held approximately the volume of the previous year’s period (-1.4%). The recessionary economy, which restricts

4-meter corridor via Switzerland: investment in modern rail infrastructure Central building block for rail freight on the corridor Rotterdam-Genoa is the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in 2016. But the flat track alone is not sufficient to strengthen the competitiveness of the rail. The project of the 4-meter corridor over which the Swiss Parliament will decide in the coming months, provides for the increase of the section profile and the extension of passing loops. Flat track, long passing loops, sufficient height profile: When these three infrastructural conditions are met, the operators of rail freight can produce cheaper. This sets the stage for the reduction in operating subsidies. Moreover, the market segment of the 4-meter trailers can be achieved, which creates additional modal shift effects. The extension of the 4-meter corridor to major terminals in the south via Luino and Chiasso is crucial. The pre-financing of the construction works in Italy is required to use the potential to add value as soon as possible. Kunz: “Without the adaptation of the routes to the terminals in Italy, benefits will fail to become effective on the entire transport corridor.” source :

Hong Kong’s longest metro line gets Siemens station management system Consistent control of functions such as emergency calls, fire detection or passenger information systems ensures passenger safety and keeps the trains operating smoothly. The CG STM station management system from Siemens enables all information and communication systems in the metro stations to be continuously monitored. The control system is directly linked to the control center, so that a prioritized list of alarms or status reports is displayed on the monitors. If an alarm sounds, the system issues preprogrammed instructions to provide maximum assistance to the operating staff.

Siemens is to supply the IT and communication technology for Hong Kong’s East-West Line. The company has received an order worth around 30 million euros from local metro operator MTR Corporation. The order includes the supply of the CG STM (Controlguide Station Management) station management

system. This controls and monitors functions such as emergency call points, traction power supply, tunnel ventilation and overhead line fire detection and passenger information systems and escalators. Full commissioning of the route is scheduled for 2018.

The East-West Line is being created by connecting the West Rail Line to the Ma On Shan Line by a new 17-kilometer Shatin to Central Link. Combining the two lines will create a continuous East-West link on which the trains run fully automatically. The route, which is some 58 kilometers in length and includes 27 stations, will be the longest of Hong Kong’s eight lines when it is commissioned in 2018. Hong Kong’s subway network is already one of the most extensive in Asia. To cope with Hong Kong’s ever growing future transportation needs, the government announced in 2009 that it planned to invest USD 2.9 billion to expand the rail network. Following on from this, Siemens last year won the order to equip the 47-kilometer North-South-Line from the Chinese border to Hong Kong Island with control and signaling technology. Commissioning of the route is scheduled for 2020. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Stacy and Witbeck awarded Detroit streetcar contract “Stacy and Witbeck is an established leader in the construction of streetcar systems located in urban cores,” said M-1 Rail Chief Operating Officer Paul Childs. “The company is uniquely qualified to manage all of the moving parts associated with a project of this scale. Stacy and Witbeck set the standard for how to construct the best modern streetcar lines in the United States and Detroit deserves to have nothing short of the best working on its streetcar project.” Stacy and Witbeck will begin pre-construction work, which includes assisting with the development of the Maintenance of Traffic strategy; reviewing design plans and providing input; working with M-1 Rail designer URS Corporation and owner’s representative HNTB Michigan, Inc., to identify cost efficiencies and value engineering measures to ensure that final construction costs remain within budget; ordering the necessary materials and hiring sub-contractors and local workforce personnel.

M-1 Rail has selected Stacy and Witbeck, Inc., to serve as construction manager/general contractor for the construction of the 3.3-mile Woodward Avenue streetcar in Detroit, Mich. M-1 Rail is slated to break ground by early fall between Larned Street and Adams Street in downtown Detroit.

Siemens extends Gurgaon metro line in India as turnkey system

Costs for construction of the streetcar circulator are estimated to be between $135 million and $145 million; this costs includes $35 million to $45 million for the state-and federally-funded Woodward Avenue reconstruction projects that will be completed in conjunction with the streetcar construction in Segment 2. source :

enable the metro trains to transport more than 30,000 passengers per hour. Safe and reliable operation will be achieved by using the Sicas ECC type electronic interlocking, the LZB 700 M automatic train control system with ATP (Automatic Train Protection) and ATO (Automatic Train Operations), as well as the Vicos OC 501 ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) system. To fully electrify the new line extension, Siemens will install a 750 V DC traction power supply along with a third-rail system for current collection. Power will be supplied to the extension and the rest of existing line from the 66 kV grid. A medium-voltage ring will supply four substations, six metro stations and the depot with 11 kV AC. Megacities like Delhi are marked by rapidly rising populations. New districts are emerging and growing into autonomous cities – such as Gurgaon, which already has a population of more than 500,000. In order to connect this area to the center of Delhi, Siemens was given the order in 2010 to build a metro line linking the residential and business district of Gurgaon with the capital’s metro system. Passenger service on the line is to commence at the end of May 2013, thereby substantially boosting the transport capacity of the urban rapid transit system.

Having built the metro line in the Gurgaon Cyber City business district with a connection to the Delhi Metro, Siemens is now constructing an approximately seven-kilometer extension to the south as a turnkey rail system. A correspond-

ing order with a volume worth about 70 million euros has been placed with Siemens by the local concessionary IL&FS Rail Limited (Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services). The scope of delivery includes the rolling stock, the entire electrification and the signaling system. In addition, Siemens is responsible for the complete system integration. The line extension is due to be commissioned as early as the end of 2015. For the new section of the Gurgaon line, Siemens is delivering seven aluminum-bodied metro trains. The trains are to run on standard-gauge track at a top speed of about 80 km/h. The modern signaling and train control system will make sure that the required service interval of 120 seconds is achieved during rush-hour traffic. This short headway will


The section now contracted to Siemens is to run further to the south and will extend the existing metro line by around seven kilometers and six stations. As of the end of 2015, twelve automatic Siemens trains will be operating on the completed 13-kilometer-long line and serving twelve stations. Siemens succeeded in entering the Indian mass transit sector in 2004, when the company completely equipped Line 3 of the Delhi Metro with signaling and rail communication systems. All extensions of Line 3 to an overall length of 60 track kilometers were also equipped with control and signaling systems by Siemens. These were followed up in October 2008 by the order to supply the signaling, electrification and baggage logistics for the 23-kilometer-long Delhi Airport Rail Link. For the first time in India the Siemens scope of supply and services for the new metro link to Gurgaon Cyber City included not only subsystems, but also responsibility for the key components and their integration as well as interfacing for the construction of a turnkey system. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

ROAD TRANSPORT units from the current Actros range to its long-standing distribution contract with JCB, a company with similar CO2 reduction targets. By the end of the year Brit European will be running a further 14 of these Actros 2444 LS units, which have low-roofed Long Distance sleeper cabs and smallwheeled mid-lift axles, and are being converted to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) as well as diesel by approved specialist Hardstaff. Brit European enjoys a 15-year relationship with JCB and recently won a 5+2year extension to its contract to deliver equipment from the manufacturer’s production facilities in Staffordshire, to its UK dealers and to ports. With predicted savings of 15 per cent, the two companies expect to pump 3,877 tonnes less CO2 into the atmosphere over five years as a result of their adoption of dual-fuel technology.

MERCEDES-BENZ CLAIMS THE LION’S SHARE OF BRIT EUROPEAN’S FLEET INVESTMENT Brit European is running its first fleets of fuel-efficient New Actros tractor units and carbon-busting dual-fuel trucks from Mercedes-Benz. The high-profile operator, which has headquarters in Crewe, is investing some £5 million this year on vehicles bearing the three-pointed star and on new trailers, with a similar outlay planned for 2014 and a further £3 million earmarked for 2015.

In addition to the tractor units which work in JCB’s familiar yellow colours, Hardstaff has converted a quartet of low-height 4x2 Actros 1844 LnR drawbar chassis on air suspension, to which Wheelbase Engineering has added mid-lift axles. Fitted with purpose-designed Hercules bodywork by Italian builder Rolfo, and pulling similarly-equipped trailers, these trucks are also used to distribute JCB equipment, as well as tractor units and Long-bodied Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans – Brit European has long been a supplier to MBUK’s vehicle logistics team.

This year’s new arrivals from Stoke-on-Trent dealer Enza include 10 low frame-height New Actros 1842 LSnR Volumer models with air suspension front and rear, and wind-cheating StreamSpace cabs, which are now operating from Zeebrugge for Brit European (Belgium) NV.

Brit European Managing Director Graham Lackey confirms: “MercedesBenz trucks are reliable and efficient, while we also receive first-class back-up from the Mercedes-Benz dealer network, and particularly Enza.

Plated for operation at 38 tonnes gcw, these vehicles are being used to distribute palletised goods, carpets and floor coverings throughout Europe. Over the next couple of years Brit European plans to stand down the remaining 50 non-Mercedes-Benz vehicles currently in service with its Belgian arm and potentially replace them with New Actros too.

“First impressions of the New Actros units based in Zeebrugge are entirely positive – it’s the best-looking truck on the road right now, driver feedback has been excellent and we’re very encouraged by the initial fuel returns which appear to be some six per cent of the existing fleet. These trucks do a mixture of long stem mileage and local ‘milk round’ operations, and the New Actros appears efficient in both cycles.

Brit European has also embarked on an ambitious carbon reduction programme and, together with consortium partners CNG Services and Microlise, has secured £1 million of funding from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board to help it achieve its goal of a cut in emissions of at least 25 per cent over the next five years.

“We’re excited too, about the introduction of our dual-fuel Actros. Innovation and creativity are in the DNA of our company and the same is true of Mercedes-Benz. We believe carbon and cost reductions can go hand in hand and with the full support and drive of JCB, we’ve now set about proving it.”

In line with this strategy the operator will be opening a gas refuelling fa- source : cility on the A50 corridor in Derbyshire, and has just assigned 18 dual-fuel | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


ROAD TRANSPORT TruckForce secures servicing contract for Heron Foods TruckForce, one of the UK’s only dedicated truck tyre suppliers and service providers, has successfully secured the servicing contract for the success-

us, the company worked with us to develop a tailored package to really help support our business. Its expertise in tyre management should help lower the cost of operating our vehicles by extending the tyre life and therefore reducing the unnecessary spend on tyres.” Bob Mason, TruckForce business manager said: “This package includes a complete tyre care programme to ensure Heron Foods get the optimum performance from their tyres. This latest contract win is testament to the high quality service our TruckForce network offers.”

ful family owned food retailer, Heron Foods. The deal will see TruckForce service all The TruckForce network provides a premium quality truck tyre service and breakdown assistance support network, across the UK. The equity owned of Heron Foods fleet vehicles and trailers.

hubs and independent service provider’s supply over 300 mobile service Heron Foods is a successful Yorkshire-based retailer based, offering custom- vans for complete coverage. TruckForce is the only network to successfully combine independent and equity owned sites, all approved and audited to ers frozen chilled and grocery products. The company which started some 34 years ago now operates from 235 stores throughout the North of England maintain the best service possible.” and the Midlands. source : Peter Marshall of Heron Foods, said: “TruckForce was a perfect match for

DAT Introduces Real-Time Rate Tools for Carriers with Highest Paying Route Options Portland, OR –DAT announced the availability of DAT RateView, enabling carriers to see market rates paid by shippers as well as current spot market rates on all lanes in the

DAT senior vice president of sales. The TriHaul feature in DAT RateView takes into account load availability and competing truck capacity at the origin, and suggested intermediate points. Rate calculators let carriers compare the linehaul and fuel surcharges to immediately understand the revenue potential of the TriHauls and backhauls under consideration.

United States and Canada. Equally important, RateView au-

Carriers can quickly compare the rates they are being paid against the market rates on lanes they are running as well as explore new lanes. DAT RateView also provides 13 month rate histories, information critical to seasonal trend analysis and for quick and easy RFP response. The simple-touse lane bulk-download feature can reduce the time necessary to respond to RFPs from hours to minutes.

“Not only does DAT RateView give carriers an instantaneous look at market rates for lanes of interest, Trihauls transform the image of backhauls. Instead of cheap freight, backhauls become important revenue generating opportunities that also bring trucks and drivers home,” said Don Thornton,

DAT RateView is based on $20 billion per year of actual freight transactions and adds a powerful complement to DAT load boards.

tomatically suggests backhauls as well as TriHauls based on highest paying lanes returning trucks to their point of origin. TriHauls take advantage of the most profitable triangle routes that can give carriers options for return trips that pay at a higher rate.

source :

Rackham Housefloors upgrades fleet with Bulmor Lancer trucks When the time came to renew the fleet the company carefully researched the market. Given the restrictions on aisle widths, storage space and the fragile nature of the product Rackham Housefloors wanted a truck that was kind to the product, the operator and the environment. Which, in meaningful specification terms, means – no breakages, no bumpy rides, low noise and no black smoke. After extensive trials the machine that fitted the demanding requirements of their application was the Bulmor Lancer LQ 50, offering a lifting height of 5000mm and platform width of 1200mm. Key factors in the management’s decision-making process in ordering six new sideloaders were the soft precise nature of the controls, ‘excellent’ load manouvreability, simple clean burn engines and economic cost of ownership. As technical director Roger Varley observed: “ They are built to work and in simple terms thats what they will do.”

Yorkshire-based Rackham Housefloors is a nationwide volume producer of pre-stressed concrete floor systems, using the Bulmor Lancer sideloaders as a primary production mover for its warehouse operations in Forest of Dean, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

In comparison to the model 556 sideloaders that they have replaced the LQ 50s are more manouverable (70 degree turning angle), much quieter and have extended 500 hour service intervals. A BEGE full suspension seat and roomy panoramic cab ensures that a comfortable operator is a productive operator. Rexroth transmissions and Perkins clean burn engines provide the backbone to a simple reliable power train. source :

52 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

ROAD TRANSPORT Van der Vlist is proud to provide the oversize transport services to help over 300 Bergerat Monnoyeur employees over the whole Polish territory, to serve customers in the public works, road, construction, utilities and landscaping. As part of this, a major Polish steel works recently ordered in four special wheel loaders, designed specifically for use in extremely high temperatures in their iron works. These CAT 988H machines can incredibly work in conditions up to 600 °C. The machines had to be shipped into Europe from the United States. Having been brought in to Antwerp, Van der Vlist were charged with delivering the 4 large vehicles together. Because of the height, and the extra time in producing the specialist wheels, the machines were transported without the wheels and tyres, which will be moved separately. Even with the wheels removed though they still measured 10.3m x 3.6m x 3.81m and weighed 44.1 Tonnes each. Therefore the movement required police escorts as they moved through Germany and into Poland, as well as the private escorts provided by Van der Vlist, which were there throughout the journey.

Special Wheel loaders to Poland Van der Vlist has been awarded with the order of transporting some exceptional machines for Bergerat Monnoyeur in Poland. As Poland’s official Caterpillar dealer since 1997, Bergerat Monnoyeur has moulded its network to mirror the country’s developing growth, in terms of sales, product support and equipment rental.

The 2 convoys of 2 trucks required different equipment from the Van der Vlist fleet, using 4 and 5 axle trucks, and 4 axle trailers as well as a 6 axle modular trailer, to accommodate the weight of the cargo. These convoys moved across Europe for 3 days before reaching their destination, near Katowice in the south of Poland. source :

50,000th FUSO Canter Truck Sold in Australia Dr. Albert Kirchmann, Head of Daimler Trucks Asia and MFTBC President & CEO: “The FUSO Canter has been writing a success story for MFTBC for eight generations. Our customers are giving us top scores worldwide in particular for optimal total cost of ownership. The Canter is safe and economical and supports our customers in their daily business.” The first generation of the FUSO Canter truck came on the market in March 1963. Fifty years and eight generations later, MFTBC is celebrating the truck as an all-time hit with sales of over 3,700,000 units worldwide since the market launch in the Japanese home market. Within a 40-year sales history in Australia, the FUSO Canter developed into a popular product. Since May 2011, the eighth generation of the light-duty truck is available on the Australian continent.

Daimler’s Japanese subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is celebrating a milestone in Australia with the sale of the 50,000th FUSO Canter light-duty truck. The Australian freight and logistics company StarTrack is rounding off its customer fleet with the newly purchased anniversary vehicle. The fleet includes over 3,000 vehicles – more than half of which are FUSO Canter and Fighter trucks. StarTrack ordered 185 new vehicles from FUSO already in January of this year. With branches in 48 locations, the company is one of the leading logistics providers in Australia.

Richard Eyre, General Manager FUSO Trucks and Buses Australia: “In the first half of 2013, we were able to grow our market share in the lightduty truck segment significantly to around 25 percent. The positive orders position attests to the trust of our long-standing customers in the FUSO product range. We are proud to hand over the anniversary truck to our longstanding partner StarTrack.” Stephen Cleary, StarTrack Chief Executive Officer (CEO): “StarTrack has relied on the comfort, reliability and fuel economy of FUSO trucks since the 1980s. The vehicles help us to drive our business forward successfully. We are very pleased to be adding the 50,000th Canter to our fleet.” In addition to conventionally operated vehicles, StarTrack also has several dozen eco-friendly FUSO Canter Eco Hybrid trucks in its fleet park. StarTrack became established as operator of the largest fleet of hybrid vehicles in Australia in 2011. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013




The Renault Premiums will transport tank containers loaded with bulk liquids, powders and gases on behalf of major international blue chip companies. They will operate from all the major UK ports to locations throughout the UK. Simon Page, Director, H&P Freightways, explains the company’s loyalty to Renault Trucks: “We took our first Renaults 20 years ago and have since replaced the other marques, such as Mercedes, and Iveco, to become an all Renault fleet. All of the trucks are Renault Premiums and we have always found it to be a good, reliable, vehicle.” “The other reason we moved to Renault is the excellent back-up service we receive from the Renault dealer, Thompson Commercials. Thompson’s fleet sales manager, Ellis Thorpe, was also instrumental in putting together an excellent sales package for us. Our fleet is constantly updated and we wouldn’t want any other make!”

Excellent reliability and dealer service has seen leading tank container hauliers,H&P Freightways, add a further 17 Renault Premiums to its growing 71-strong all Renault fleet. The Renault Premium 460.25 tractor units, with ADR

H&P Freightways was established in 1975. The company has depots in Stockton on Tees, Felixstowe, Purfleet, Hull and Widnes. All of the depots offer a 24 hour ‘Emergency Back Up’ service, with the Hull depot providing its own emergency response vehicle, equipped for any chemical spillages and accidents. As well as tank container haulage, H&P Freightways also offers warehousing from its 30,000 sq. ft. storage area, as well as distribution, repairs, lifting and cleaning services. source :

and discharge equipment, were supplied through Renault Trucks distributor, Thompson Commercials, Hull.

Strong International Truck of the Year showing secures Jeffreys Haulage order selves at the CV Show in April. We were very impressed with everything about the vehicle, particularly favouring the sleek new modern design and the addition of so many new technological features. “What our drivers liked most was the size of the new Hi-Way cab and the extra space it offers. Plus, in terms of fuel efficiency, one of the new vehicles we are running in is already achieving 10.2 miles per gallon, boosted significantly thanks to Iveco’s Driving Style Evaluation tool.” Operating seven days per week, most of the new vehicles are doubleshifted. They are expected to clock up 160,000 km per annum and will be kept in service for at least five years.

Jeffreys Haulage ordered its first four Stralis Hi-Way (AS440S46TX/P) twin-steer tractor units after seeing the International Truck of the Year 2013 on the Iveco stand at the CV Show. Two of the new vehicles are additions to the Derbyshire-based firm’s 33-strong fleet and two are replacements for older Iveco trucks, increasing the number of Ivecos on its fleet to 14. All four of the tractor units were delivered by local Iveco dealer Sherwood Truck & Van.

The vehicles, which all run in the company’s green and yellow livery, will operate primarily with curtainsider trailers at maximum weights of up to 44 tonnes. They have each been supplied on Iveco Elements repair and maintenance contracts. All of the new Iveco tractors are powered by EEV-rated FPT Industrial 10.3 litre Cursor 10 engines, which are capable of producing up to 460 hp between 1,550 and 2,100 rev/min, plus 2,100 Nm of torque between 1,050 and 1,550 rev/min. They also feature Iveco’s proven EuroTronic automated transmission as standard. Jeffreys Haulage is a privately-owned company with more than 35 years’ experience in distribution and warehousing. Based in Swadlincote, the company’s purpose-built 16-acre main site houses a 105,000 sq ft racked warehouse, with a dedicated 23,000 sq ft transport operation, workshop and administration block.

The new vehicles are being used to deliver consumable goods into regional distribution centres across the UK for customers including Nestlé and United Biscuits, as well as general haulage. source : Mick Warren, Co-owner of Jeffreys Haulage, says: “We had heard a lot of good reports about the new Stralis Hi-Way so we went to see it for our-

54 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

ROAD TRANSPORT that are being imported into China, a training centre and much more that will help support Scania’s continued growth in China. A separate detached workshop for hazardous goods vehicles is located adjacent to the large facility. “This investment shows that we believe in the Chinese market and that we are here to stay,” Ärlebo says. Scania China has grown at a lightning pace in recent years. The organisation is divided into two large offices in Beijing and Shanghai and now also includes the new Guangzhou facility.

“A milestone for Scania in China” Customer Zhao Bingxiang accepted his new tractor unit to applause from all 135 employees at Scania China. This unconventional hand-over coincided with Scania China’s annual staff meeting, which was held at the newly constructed dealership facility in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province in south-eastern China. The new facility is a milestone in Scania China’s history. It is also the first dealership in China that is wholly-owned by a Western manufacturer.

By holding Scania China’s annual staff meeting at the new Scania centre in Guangzhou, it was possible to ensure a much more structured programme than in previous years. Scania China’s employees got the chance to test-drive the trucks they work on every day and to learn about the new trucks now being launched in China. In one of the five sessions, employees received in-depth information regarding Scania’s now very extensive partnership with Zoomlion, the world’s largest concrete machinery manufacturer. Last year, Scania sold 1,300 truck chassis equipped with concrete pumps from the China-based company. This collaboration with Zoomlion is a cornerstone in Scania China’s operations and is now being pursued in all areas: sales and service, marketing, production but also research and development. Growing familiar with Scania’s culture “It’s wonderful to see the commitment shown by our employees at such a meeting. They organise and conduct all the sessions themselves, in order to spread more knowledge of our business throughout the entire organisation,” says Harborn.

“For Scania China, this represents a fantastic opportunity to get even closer to our customers while gaining deeper knowledge about how the Chinese transport market operates,” says Mats Harborn, Executive Director of the Scania China Strategic Office. Students at Scania’s Dragon School, which is affiliated with the Guangzhou Institute of Technology, also participated in a Services Staffan Ärlebo, Managing Director of Scania Sales & Service (Guangzhou), session and delivered a highly appreciated presentation of the service explains: “We will use this fantastic facility to develop and help our pritechnician school’s activities. The students are learning the profession vate dealerships all over China to work according to Scania standards.” but are also gradually growing familiar with Scania China’s corporate culture through training and practical experience at various dealerships. A home for Scania China The Dragon School is also a cornerstone of Scania China’s future service operations. But the new facility will also serve as a home for Scania China. It houses a Pre-Delivery Centre and storage space for the growing number of trucks source :

IMPRESSIVE FUEL RETURNS AND SERVICE SECURE MORE RENAULTS FOR SHEARD PACKAGING Sheard Packaging, one of the largest carton manufacturing and recycling companies in the UK, has invested in six new Renault Trucks for its 18-strong all Renault fleet, through Renault

Trucks distributor, JDS Truck and Van Leeds. Fuel economy, reliability and dealer service all played a part in Sheard’s decision to purchase the three Renault Premium 460.18 4x2 tractor units and two Renault Premium Lander 430.26 6x2 trucks. A further Renault Lander 430.26 6x2 is on order for delivery early next year. The Renault Premium tractor units, with Privilege cabs are already on the road, boosting Sheard Packaging’s carton delivery fleet. The latest additions, two Renault Premium Landers have been fitted with T20 Palfinger hookloader equipment, supplied by King Vehicle Engineering Ltd. They join Sheard Packaging’s waste paper division, operating a twice daily service to Scarborough and York, with roll on/roll off skips. John Leonard, Transport Supervisor, Sheard Packaging, says: “We moved our fleet from Mercedes to Renault in 2008 and have been delighted with both the product and service ever since. Fuel returns have been very good on all the Renaults - our carton delivery fleet is returning on average 9.77mpg – with some achieving above 10mpg. The Renault trucks have proved extremely reliable and, with the dealer and service centre being easily accessible, downtime is kept to a minimum.”

Established in 1860, Sheard Packaging is the largest independent single sheet plant in the UK with an annual turnover in excess of £30m. The company, which is family owned and run, specialises in packaging design and manufacture, shredding and recycling solutions. Situated on a 24,200 sq. metre site in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Sheard Packaging employs over 140 people, serving over 300 customers throughout the UK. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



VOLVO’S PERMANENT PRESENCE AT POLLOCK Well-known Scottish road haulage contractors, Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd have taken delivery of ten new Volvo FH tractor units. The recent arrivals mark a presence of almost forty years for Volvo Trucks within Pollock’s fleet, as the company bought its first FB86 six-wheeled rigid back in 1974. Supplied by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre North & Scotland, Edinburgh, the ten FH 6x2 tractor units are all fitted with Euro-5, 500hp engines, Globetrotter XL cabs and Volvo’s I-Shift automated transmission systems. Managing Director Scott Pollock ordered the trucks immediately after testing the new FH range in Sweden last year. Nine of the vehicles will be used on Pollock’s front line, long distance transport operations across the UK, whilst the tenth arrival will be double-shifted on a mix of tipper and retail distribution work.

For maximum safety when coupling to trailers, Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd specify Nexus sliding suzie bridges, which are fitted by PMH Coachbuilders Ltd. Four of the new Volvos will be based at Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd’s authorised operating centre in Blyth, Northumberland, whilst the remaining six will operate from the firm’s Bathgate headquarters in West Lothian. The new Volvo group join a fleet of around 186 vehicles and 340 trailers, which operate from a network of 12 sites across Scotland and England. Third generation co-directors, Scott and Fraser Pollock now steer the family business, whilst their father and company chairman, Ian Pollock still supervises the operation. The strong performance levels of Pollock’s first batch of FB86 rigids back in the 1970s soon saw F88s and subsequent F10 / F12 models arrive at the company’s then Musselburgh depot.

“We always had at least 30 FH tractor units in our fleet from the mid1990s onwards,” noted Scott Pollock adding, “the latest FH range offers an Each of the new FHs will accrue an annual mileage of around 160,000 kilometres per year and all the trucks are covered by a five-year Volvo repair unrivalled driving environment for our long distance staff and we’ve always found Volvos to be extremely reliable.” and maintenance programme. Famous for their meticulously applied tartan clad livery, Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd ordered the newcomers in factory turquoise cab finish. Local business David Philip (Coachworks) Ltd applied some extra paintwork to the front grilles, bumpers and wheels, before AstSigns Limited wrapped the cabs with Pollock’s red stripes, gold lettering and tartan scarves.


Back-up and communication levels from Volvo Truck and Bus Centre North & Scotland staff is also rated highly by Scott Pollock who concluded, “our company receives tremendous support from all the local Volvo team particularly Bobby Brown, Stewart Lynes and Garry Whitelock.” source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

ROAD TRANSPORT Toyota to showcase latest warehouse equipment at TCS&D Tony Wallis, sales and marketing director for Toyota explained: “Handling goods in chilled or cold storage warehouses can be more costly and companies often need greater support from their materials handling partner. At Toyota we have significant experience working with customers who operate in these environments and we provide advice not only on the more suitable trucks, but also support to help our customers work more productively.” At the exhibition Toyota will display its latest warehouse equipment including: a BT Reflex reach truck fitted with a cold store cabin, a BT Levio ride-on powered pallet truck, Toyota Traigo electric forklift and a selection of BT Lifter hand pallet trucks that are ideal for both warehousing and distribution applications. Wallis added: “While chilled conditions are less extreme than those for frozen produce, it is essential to have equipment that fully meets operational demands; this is why Toyota offers a complete range of equipment – all of which are designed to work effectively in chilled operations without any modification. This means that customers have the flexibility to develop a full range of handling solutions for chilled stores without any constraint in terms of truck capability.”

Material Handling UK is to showcase its latest range of warehouse and counterbalance forklift trucks on stand E15 at the Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution (TCS&D) exhibition on the 18th to the 19th September 2013. Toyota will be showcasing a range of warehouse equipment that is ideal for chilled and cold store environments plus providing advice on Toyota’s sales and aftersales support.

Visitors to TCS&D will also be able to see the unique 50:50 half prepared used forklift truck. This truck demonstrates the quality preparation that takes place at Toyota’s dedicated UK fleet management centre, where trucks from Toyota’s contract hire fleet are renovated for thier next life. The Toyota fleet management centre uses the same Toyota Production System (TPS) process as the new trucks, ensuring high levels of quality. source :

Linde boasts the cleanest diesel trucks of power and a particle filter fitted as standard, these vehicles do not only meet the statutory limits for harmful emissions — they are well below the limits. The value for emitted particulate matter (PT) is approximately 83% below the limit, hydrocarbons s (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are 26% below the limit and the figure for carbon monoxide (CO) —a gas that can have serious effects on the respiratory system—is as much as 99% below the limit. What’s more, by installing a special axial piston displacement pump for the lifting hydraulics, as well as an electric fan, the overall efficiency of the new “EVO models” has been significantly increased. In practice, the intentionally large design of the variable displacement pump ensures a reduction in engine speed of up to 1200 rpm when performing all lifting operations, resulting in fuel savings of 20% at an average compared with previous models, which were already fuel efficient.

entire life cycle. The exhaust emissions of the company’s combustion-engine

The combination of an innovative internal combustion engine, an economical hydrostatic drive system and greater energy efficiency ensures that, today, only a very small amount of harmful exhaust gases are released into the environment from the exhausts of Linde diesel trucks. Based on the fuel consumption figures from the VDI work cycle, the emissions produced by a Linde diesel truck in the specified load-bearing capacity range demonstrate a reduction of 98% in diesel particulates and carbon monoxide. At 10,000 operating hours, the quantity of harmful substances produced by a Linde H35 D EVO compared with the previous model is reduced by an impressive 285 kilograms in total or 39 percent accordingly. This reduction lessens both the impact on all people working around the truck and the effect on the environment to a considerable extent.

With its Linde H25 to H35 EVO diesel trucks, Linde MH is the only truck manufacturer to meet the stringent Stage IIIB of emissions directives 97/68/EC and 2004/26/ EC for mobile equipment, which have applied to the 37 to 55-kW power class since January 2013. Equipped with a modern common-rail diesel engine delivering 44 kW

“Without compromising the truck’s performance, we have succeeded in reducing the diesel particulate matter emitted by a 3.5 diesel truck during this period of operation from 30 kilograms to just 500 grams, and we have pushed carbon monoxide emissions down from 159.4 kilograms to a mere 3.3 kilograms. By achieving this, Linde MH has affirmed its position as a technology leader in the industry, as the company constantly succeeds in increasing the added value of its products through innovation,” explains Ralf Dingeldein, Vice President of New Trucks at Linde MH.

As part of its sustainability strategy, Linde Material Handling (MH) uses environmental performance evaluations to analyse and document the environmental impact of products over their trucks have now been evaluated as part of this process, and the result is sensational: In the largest sales segment—trucks with a load capacity of between 2.5 and 3.5 tonnes—Linde diesel trucks are the cleanest! Linde diesel trucks also produce some of the lowest emissions in the other load-bearing capacity classes of up to 2.5 tonnes and from 4 to 8 tonnes.

source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Jungheinrich to Exhibit at “inter airport Europe 2013” Jungheinrich is exhibiting for the third time at the “ inter airport Europe”show. At this leading trade fair for the airport industry – running from October 8th to 11th in Munich, Germany – the Hamburg-based enterprise will present a series of products geared to supporting airport operations.

with a heavy-duty steering axle designed especially for outdoor operations as well as extra large tyres. The range of trucks on display at the Jungheinrich stand is rounded out by the special build ETE 475 stacker, designed especially for airport container-related jobs, as well as an electric tow tractor, type EPS 110, developed for transporting people and small parts over longer distances.

The centrepiece of the Jungheinrich appearance at inter airport Europe 2013 will consist of the company’s range of tow tractors, including the EZS 570 model – a particularly versatile and cost-efficient vehicle. This tow tractor can pull trailers with a composite weight of up to 7,000 kilograms and is most frequently employed at airports.

Jungheinrich ranks among the world’s leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. The company is an intralogistics service and solution provider with manufacturing operations, which offers its customers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and advice. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.

Another vehicle to be featured at the event is the EFG S30s – a high-performance yet highly energy-efficient electric counterbalance truck, outfitted

source :

Damac Transporters grows Renault Fleet with 10 more Premiums Company expansion has led nationwide bulk powder distributors, Damac Transporters, to add a further 10 Renault trucks to its 38-strong all Renault fleet. The Renault Premium 460.25 6x2 tractor units, with Privilege cabs and Optidriver gearbox, were supplied through Renault Trucks distributor, Thompson Commercials Hull.

The trucks have discharge equipment and air compressors, supplied and fitted by WG Tankers Ltd. They will transport and distribute mainly cementitious powder products nationwide, for clients in the construction industry. Cathy Plaskitt, Managing Director, Damac Transporters, says: “This latest order follows the purchase of 21 new Renault Premiums in 2012 as we continue to expand our fleet. The Renaults are competitively priced vehicles which have proven very reliable so far. They offer lower emissions and better fuel economy than many comparable units - we have definitely seen a significant improvement in our overall fleet fuel efficiency.” She continues: “We have had a 100% Renault fleet since 2004 and have built up a good working relationship with the local dealer, Thompson Commercials. A major advantage is that they undertake all of our fleet maintenance at our depot, which minimises disruption and allows us to keep our fleet working as efficiently as possible.” Based in East Yorkshire, Damac Transporters is part of the Damac Group.


Established in 1976 the company specialises in bulk powder and cementitious products, from loading and shipping, to handling and transport. The company has an established fleet of specialised vehicles designed for the movement of dry bulk powders. The fleet contains dedicated road barrel tipping tanks, ISO modular pressurised tanks and tipping skeletal of all sizes. The company operates for blue chip clients in the food, cement and water treatment industries. Damac Transporters also acts as a UK agent for European companies specialising in the movement of dry bulk powders. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

ROAD TRANSPORT racking bays. If you need to reduce storage space in order to increase the amount stored, or reduce the space you store it in, Bendi says there is not a more cost-effective way to handle pallets on pallet racking... and especially in cold stores. With the cost of storing pallets in a cold store being up to three times higher than in a conventional ambient warehouse, any small reduction in the space required can dramatically reduce costs. Bendi says its new Arctic, with its innovative full cold store cab, can show up to 50% aisle reductions, offering huge benefits to cold store costs. Either the size of the cold store can be reduced by 30%, or the number of pallets in the store increased to occupy the additional space. A smaller cold store equates to a cheaper build cost and reduced running costs, and thanks to the innovative design of the Bendi, the floor specification is far less expensive than that of a reach truck or VNA machine. Furthermore, the Bendiit does not require guidance systems which can sometimes be unreliable in cold stores. Bendi says the Arctic cab is a cost-effective solution that provides the operator with a safe, comfortable working environment and increases productivity through a reduction in the work breaks required for operators in forklifts without cabs. The new cab is a departure from normal cab design, in that it is a complete standalone unit, sealed off from cold from all sides, connected to the chassis by rubber cab suspension and the fly-by-wire controls. A 2kW dual-stage heater provides the initial heat, but the cab is highly insulated to retain heat and maintain operator comfort. The all-round vision is second-to-none through heated laminated toughened glass.

Bendi offers cold comfort The new Bendi Arctic Cold Store Articulated Forklift - which will take centre stage at the forthcoming TCS&D show in Peterborough - brings space-saving benefits to cold stores whilst also offering a comfortable working environment to its operator. As a pioneer of the articulated forklift, Bendi has built its business delivering groundbreaking, innovative, space saving fork lift trucks since 1964, and with a focus that has always been to design and produce warehouse and materials handling products that are both cost effective and at the very leading edge of our industry.

Heavy-duty door hinges and a secure door locking system provide a seal against the cold that will stand the test of time. Bendi describes access in and out of the cab as effortless, with the optional new Bendi Control Pod that floats to the driver’s lap and then tucks away nicely to provide enough room for bulky cold store clothing to be removed and stored behind the driver’s seat if required. Designed and manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide, Bendi has ramped up production at its Redditch factory to accommodate for the Arctic and other new products, and to allow for increasing volume in existing lines both in the UK and in export sales. Other recent additions to the Bendi range include: the Bendi Order Picker, the world’s first articulated order picking truck which, amongst other benefits, allows self replenishment; the Mini Bendi pedestrian truck that is much smaller and lighter, yet still offers superior levels of safety and functionality; and the Bendi Longloader, which can easily and safely accommodate long and awkward loads as well as standard pallets.

Bendi says each of its products has been created by listening to the marketplace. As a result, Bendi now has a range of trucks to suit almost source : any site, layout or budget, working in the narrowest aisles and the highest | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


ROAD TRANSPORT Commercial vehicle safety step supplier under new ownership

Commercial vehicle safety step supplier Handistep is under new ownership but it’s business as usual for the Hampshire firm and its customers. Harry Bradshaw and Martyn Reeves are the new joint owners of the company, which has been a leader in the rear step sector since it was launched in 2001. Ringwood-based Handistep enjoys a strong reputation as a supplier of innovative rear safety step systems to light commercial vehicle operators. Its range includes steps for panel vans and box-bodied vehicles, which are now high on the list of vehicle specification priorities for many major fleets. The change in ownership has secured the future of Handistep and its staff, as well as guaranteeing ongoing service to new and existing customers. Continuity is assured by Harry Bradshaw’s involvement – he has been a director of the company since day one and also runs Ringwood-based engineering firm Walker Scott, which manufactures Handistep’s products along with electrical wiring harnesses. Martyn Reeves, meanwhile, is a director of leading commercial vehicle dry freight bodybuilder Bevan Group, based in Halesowen, West Midlands, and brings a wealth of industry experience and contacts to the new venture. They are joined by Ken Brewis, who has taken on the role of sales & technical director. source :

New strategic partnership between eNow Inc. and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America turns sunlight into power for commercial vehicles In a move that expands the availability of solar technology to fleet owners and owner operators, eNow has announced a new strategic partnership with Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. (MFTA).

As part of the agreement, MFTA will offer eNow’s basic solar powered battery charging system to their network of more than 200 dealers in the US and Canada as a vehicle option on new class 3-5 FUSO Canter FE/FG Series trucks. Jeff Flath, CEO of eNow, says, “This new partnership further expands the availability of our sun-powered technology to the commercial transportation industry. It’s a move that makes great economic sense and helps efforts to reduce targeted emissions. We look forward to working with Mitsubishi Fuso in this exciting venture.” According to Todd Bloom, MFTA’s President & CEO, “Mitsubishi Fuso Truck has a long history of making environmentally sound vehicles. Our new partnership with eNow is another step in assuring our customers have access to vehicles that consistently offer lower cost-of-ownership, while maintaining as small an environmental footprint as is practical. And in this case, environmentally sound technology also solves specific operating issues for some of the auxiliary equipment our customers install on their trucks.” The eNow solar-based auxiliary power systems are specifically designed for the transportation industry, including medium and heavy-duty trucks, commercial buses, school buses and military vehicles. The system generates power using the company’s proprietary solar system, which stores the power in an on-board battery system and distributes it to various truck/trailer functions when needed. The system can be used to keep main engine batteries charged while reducing load on the alternator, or to power auxiliary systems such as lift gates, lighting or


refrigeration. For truck owners, this represents a significant new tool to meet regulatory requirements to reduce idling and emissions. It is also a practical solution for the notorious problem of liftgate power running out before the end of the day. eNow’s solar charging systems range from 30 watts, used for keeping batteries charged, to 6,400 watts, used for refrigeration applications. System payback ranges from one to three years depending on the application. The strategic partnership with MFTA marks the second marketing expansion agreement by eNow. Last month, eNow announced a partnership with Bergstrom to use the solar-powered system to power Bergstrom HVAC systems for Class 8 in-cab, no-idle applications. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has also recently approved the use of eNow’s solar-powered auxiliary power system on heavy-duty diesel fueled vehicles. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

VDL introduces a new Futura model during Busworld 2013


Profitable all-rounder The VDL Futura FMD2 is a coach with many possibilities. The vehicle can be used for both touring and intercity transport. The floor height of 1,250 mm provides easy entry and egress, while the optionally available wide centre door can be equipped with a cassette lift to enable disabled passengers to safely enter and exit. The driver enjoys the same dashboard as found in the Futura FHD2, which is designed to offer the optimal combination of ergonomics, safety, organization and efficiency. The operator will experience that the Futura FMD2 offers Profit of Ownership: the low net weight, reduced fuel consumption, high passenger capacity, generous luggage space and low running costs make the Futura FMD2 a highly profitable investment.

During Busworld 2013, VDL Bus & Coach will introduce the Futura FMD2, a new model within the Futura family. The Futura FMD2 is a multipurpose vehicle that takes maximum advantage of the modular construction technique employed by VDL and all the related benefits. The new Futura FMD2 will be on display at the VDL Bus & Coach stand (hall 4, stand 404) during Busworld 2013 (18-23 October 2013, Kortrijk, Belgium).

Available models The Futura FMD2 is available in two different lengths: the FMD2-122 with a length of 12.2 metres, and the FMD2-129 with a length of 12.9 metres. Engine options for the efficient driveline include the new generation of DAF Euro 6 engines, the MX-11/240 (240 kW – 326 hp) and MX-11/270 (271 kW – 369 hp). These engines can be combined with a ZF EcoShift 6-speed manual gearbox, a ZF AS Tronic 12-speed semi -automatic gearbox or the ZF EcoLife 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox. The Futura FMD2 will be available from mid-2014. source :

From Stuttgart to the four corners of Europe The three letters “SSB” stand for one of the most modern local public transport operators in Germany, and with almost 500 buses and trains the Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) guarantees a high degree of mobility in the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. Through its tour operator subsidiary SSB Reisen GmbH, the company is also able to transport its passengers far beyond the boundaries of the city in the very latest touring coaches. Now the company has extended its fleet with the addition of an S 516 HD coach from the Setra ComfortClass 500. For managing director Alexander Steinkrug, this is a worthwhile investment in both ecological as well as economical terms: “For me, changing our fleet over to forward-looking technologies by opting for this comfortable Euro VI-compliant touring coach is a logical development, which not only helps to ensure predictable operating costs but also fully meets our needs in terms of environmental compatibility.”

On its travels throughout Europe, the three-axle S 516 HD is able to accommodate 48 passengers on comfortable Setra Voyage plus touring seats which are equipped with headrests finished in leather as well as footrests. Thanks to an audio/video system and the Coach Multimedia System (CMS) with DVD player and USB socket, travellers can enjoy a comprehensive range of information and entertainment options featuring sound quality at the highest level. ComfortClass 500 boasts state-of-the-art safety systems The new Setra ComfortClass 500 coaches are fitted with the most state-ofthe-art driver assistance systems currently available in the sector. These include Adaptive Cruise Control and Adaptive Brake Assist 2 (ABA2), as well as the exclusive Visibility package, which among other features comprises bi-xenon headlamps for dipped and main beams, a high-pressure

headlamp cleaning system and ambient illumination for reversing manoeuvres. SSB Reisen – 250 trips to 100 destinations each year The business divisions of SSB Reisen GmbH are wholly owned subsidiaries of Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG, the local public transport operator of Stuttgart, the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. The tour operator was founded in 1972 and markets its 250 trips and excursions to more than 100 destinations each year via its four own travel agencies in Stuttgart and more than 200 additional branch offices in the Middle-Neckar region. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


ROAD TRANSPORT Cycling), benchmarking performance against baseline SORT tests carried out earlier on the same vehicle before the Waste Heat Recovery system was fitted. The TERS project has sought to utilise market-leading technology to research, design and integrate pioneering thermal managing concepts into hybrid diesel-electric buses. The initial project aim was to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions by 10 per cent through the use of waste heat recovery systems while, further improving fuel consumption. Heat lost in the exhaust of a modern diesel engine can represent up to 40 percent of the available chemical energy content of the fuel used by the vehicle. The TERS project therefore has focused on capturing this heat energy that would normally be wasted and converting it into useful power. The challenges are huge but the potential for fuel economy improvement is also significant.

Wrightbus to showcase thermal energy recovery work at low carbon vehicle event Wrightbus, along with its technology partners, will be highlighting the research work they have been undertaking on Thermal Energy Recovery Systems (TERS) at the forthcoming Low Carbon Vehicle event at Millbrook in September. The TERS project – which is a UK consortium led by Wrightbus and including Queen’s University Belfast, Revolve Technologies and Ricardo – has been carrying out research in a complex project, which aims to further reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions in hybrid diesel-electric buses.

As well as progressing important research work, the project has also created four new jobs at Queen’s University Belfast – three postgraduate and one post-doctoral position. All four graduates have been mentored throughout the development by University staff. In addition, six existing Wrightbus employees have also been heavily involved in the complex scheme, along with engineers and technical specialists from Revolve Technologies and Ricardo. Partial funding for this important work has come from the Technology Strategy Board, which is in turn sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). “This project has been on-going since 2011, with a good deal of work undertaken to date to develop and refine the system that we have on board today” said Wrightbus Project Manager Alister Hanna.

“Initial testing has delivered some very encouraging results already, both in terms of fuel economy and CO2 emissions. The SORT cycle tests at Millbrook in September are the next phase in the project – when we have the results in, we will be looking at the potential for introducing some of the technologies that we and our partners have developed in the project into future production vehicles and potential off road applications.”

The Wrightbus Gemini 2 Double Deck bus on display at the forthcoming LCV event at Millbrook on 4th – 5th September is in effect a mobile laboratory, fitted with a Waste Heat Recovery system which captures and converts energy in the form of waste Visitors to the LCV show will have the opportunity to get on board the heat from the engine exhaust and coolant.

The vehicle, which has kindly be provided to the consortium by FirstGroup PLC for the duration of the project, will stay on at Millbrook after the exhibition to complete SORT 1-3 cycles (Standardised On-Road Testing

vehicle and see a live demonstration of the test system in operation, as well as to meet representatives from all four partners in the project. source :

Canter with crane and skip loader for recycling operations A 7.5-tonner with a crane and skip loader, and a payload of 3650 kg – this is the package offered by the new Fuso Canter 7C18 of Reinhard

Recycling AG in Bigenthal (Emmental), Switzerland. The compact vehicle with a 3400 mm wheelbase is equipped with a hook-up and skip by Cosma, as well as a recycling crane with multi-blade grab by the same manufacturer. Positioned in the lower weight segment, the Canter configured in this way is the perfect addition to the skip loader range produced by the recycling specialist from Emmental. The Canter 7C18 is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder in-line engine developing 129 kW (175 hp) and a torque of 430 Nm. Employing 17 personnel, Reinhard Recycling AG provides a wide range of services extending from waste disposal, municipal recycling, iron and metal trading, transport and crane work to landfill and excavation work. The technical refinements in the Canter series include the Canter Eco Hybrid, which is now also in series production in Europe, and the Duonic dual clutch transmission, which allows driving without manual gearshifts. The classic strengths of the Canter are by now legendary and in addition to a high payload include great manoeuvrability and economy. 50 years of the Fuso Canter The first-generation Fuso Canter truck entered the market in March 1963. Some 50 years and eight generations later, Daimler is celebrating the truck


as a worldwide bestseller with more than 3,700,000 units sold since its launch in the home market of Japan. The light Fuso Canter truck is the flagship model of the Daimler subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), and is popular with customers in more than 150 countries worldwide. Since 1980 the Fuso Canter has been produced in Tramagal (Portugal) for the European market. It is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

AIR TRANSPORT American Airlines And US Airways To Fight Justice Department Action AMR Corporation (OTCQB: AAMRQ), the parent company of American Airlines, Inc., and US Airways Group, Inc. (NYSE: LCC) announced that they intend to mount a vigorous and strong defense to the U.S. Department of Justice’s (“DOJ”) effort to block their proposed merger.

“We believe that the DOJ is wrong in its assessment of our merger. Integrating the complementary networks of American and US Airways to benefit passengers is the motivation for bringing these airlines together. Blocking this procompetitive merger will deny customers access to a broader airline network that gives them more choices. “Further, this merger provides the best outcome for AMR’s restructuring. The widespread support from the employees and financial stakeholders of both airlines underscores the fact that this is the best path forward for both airlines and the customers and communities we serve. “We will mount a vigorous defense and pursue all legal options in order to achieve this merger and deliver the benefits of the new American to our customers and communities as soon as possible.” Benefits of the New American Promotes Competitiveness With more than 6,700 daily flights to 336 destinations in 56 countries around the world, the new American Airlines will strengthen communities nationwide through better service and travel to more destinations both do-

mestically and internationally. Importantly, the combined airline expects to maintain current hubs of both airlines and expand service from those hubs, resulting in more choices for customers. The result for consumers is that the new American will be a highly competitive alternative to other domestic and global carriers. Greater Long-Term Opportunities for Employees Employees of the combined airline will benefit from being part of a company with a more competitive and strong financial foundation, which will create greater opportunities over the long term. The merger will also provide the path to improved compensation and benefits for employees. More Choices, Increased Service, and an Enhanced Travel Experience for Customers Customers will benefit from new flying options, more choices, increased service and an enhanced travel experience. We expect our complementary flight networks to increase efficiency and provide more options for customers. Greater connectivity with oneworld® alliance partners will give customers more options for travel and benefits both domestically and internationally. The merger provides the best outcome for American’s restructuring with creditors and equity holders receiving nearly unprecedented recoveries and having approved the Plan of Reorganization overwhelmingly. As previously announced, the boards of directors of both AMR and US Airways approved a plan to combine to create the new American Airlines, a premier global carrier. source :

SITA signs 10-year agreement with Biman Bangladesh Airlines will offer flexible, on-demand IT services and industry software through the ATI Cloud. The ATI Cloud will deliver a comprehensive suite of standard and ATI applications, specifically adapted to the airline’s needs, to any location and any device. It will also create efficiencies across data, servers and applications, contributing to operational cost savings.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the national flag carrier of Bangladesh, has signed a 10-year agreement with SITA to transform and manage its infrastructure as it prepares to double its passenger numbers. Under the multi-million dollar agreement, SITA will upgrade Biman’s global network and operational

messaging and harness the power of the Air Transport Industry (ATI) Cloud to transform its workspace, helping the airline achieve substantial savings. Kevin John Steele, Managing Director and CEO, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, said: “Over the next two years, we plan to double both our fleet and our passenger numbers, while also improving customer service and significantly reducing our operational costs. SITA will help us upgrade our systems architecture, which will enable us to launch new user-friendly products, as well as innovative tools for our staff. In addition, SITA will proactively manage our network infrastructure in line with our specific business objectives, so we can focus on our growing business, while remaining up-to-date with the latest technology.” SITA will also provision infrastructure at the airline’s global locations and deploy a new PABX with enhanced functionality at Biman’s offices in Dhaka, which will be integrated into the airline’s call center. In addition, SITA

As part of the 10-year deal, Biman will introduce SITA’s CrewTablet, which will enable its crew members to use tablets integrated with its business applications to enhance inflight services to customers. CrewTablet allows crew members to quickly and easily access passenger and operational data, making them more responsive and improving onboard operations. In addition, with use of digital forms and reports, CrewTablet helps reduce operational costs, creating fuel savings by decreasing the weight of traditional paper reports and manuals carried onboard. The new agreement is designed to support Biman’s aggressive transformation plans and organic growth strategy, while enabling the airline to better manage IT costs in line with its business requirements. For example, all network charges will be based on the total number of passengers boarded. Ilya Gutlin, SITA President Asia-Pacific, said: “SITA is focusing on helping the airline meet its overall business objectives through the effective use of technology. We’ll help the airline innovate and continually improve its IT and communications to support its ambitious growth plans, while also driving cost savings and improving service levels to meet both current and future business needs.” source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Air Tahiti Nui modernizes IT with CHAMP’s Cargospot Air Tahiti Nui, the French Polynesia’s flag carrier, continually strives to optimize operations and enhance

its service quality. The leisure airline has thus decided to implement a cargo management system over their entire network. The aim is to fully automate all commercial and accounting processes that are cornerstones of its commercial strategy. In addition, it wants to further improve the payload management, performance efficiency, and commercial agility.

and new functions are added in accordance with industry and legislative requirements. Thus Air Tahiti Nui benefits from the joint expertise of the CHAMP Cargosystems community. “We opted for CHAMP Cargosystems as the company has a great track record for operation and delivery. We also wanted a single source provider for our new cargo systems to ensure a high interoperability of the different solutions. CHAMP as a dedicated IT provider to the air cargo industry understood our needs immediately and was prepared to go the extra mile to customize the solutions to our requirements”, said Franck Laumonier, Director of Cargo, Air Tahiti Nui.

“The new IT tools enable Air Tahiti Nui to provide a better service to its customers, to speed up billing and thus improve cash flows to name just three benefits. By merging digital and physical transactions to form a The carrier opted for an integrated solution and chose CHAMP’s Cargospot newgeneration application suite consisting of Cargospot Airline and seamless whole the air carrier is able to capitalize fully on technological Cargospot Revenue. Cargospot Airline automates the entire commercial and innovations that make it possible to conduct business electronically, operations process and Cargospot Revenue is a substantial revenue account- instantly, and more efficiently without sacrificing the important element of ing solution, fully integrated with the other module. It provides high quality human interaction”, added Oliver Neerfeld, Head of Commercial Operations Asia Pacific at CHAMP Cargosystems. “We are very proud that we revenue information at high speed. have been able to win Air Tahiti Nui as a customer for Cargospot. We see Cargospot applications have been rolled out to over 200 airlines, GSA, and ourselves as a long-term strategic partner and look forward to deepen our GHA worldwide so far. They address the needs of all kinds of cargo opera- relationship with this carrier in the years to come.” tions – large or small, combination or pure freighter, LCC or full service. source : Whilst the solutions are well proven they are being updated continuously

Transtech Welcomes NSW B-Triple Network Expansion iFace include Mass Manager for NHVAS, Sentinel Fatigue Management Pre-Trip Checklist and SpeedAssist. The growing IAP network across Australia ensures Transtech’s industryleading solutions are essential for greater access to the road network, IAP and NHVAS compliance. Facts

Modular B-Triple combinations will be able to access the 225 kilometre stretch of the Newell highway between Narrabri and Goondiwindi from late August.

Modular B-Triples provide a safer and more efficient way of carrying road freight. Modular B-Triples are safer than the current permitted combinations on this route, due to their manoeuvrability and handling performance and ability to better track the road.

Last week, New South Wales Minister of Roads and Ports Duncan Gay A semi-trailer operating under Higher Mass Limits (HML) will require apoutlined the plans that will allow transport operators to benefit from the abil- proximately 37 trips to transport 1,000 tonnes of freight, whereas modular ity to carry up to 90.5t under Higher Mass Limits (HML). B-Triples require 17 trips for the same tonnage. “This is a great window of opportunity for operators in the Newell highway area, including those travelling to the Port of Brisbane. This new capacity to carry more freight will help operators with increased levels of efficiency in operations and see new heights of productivity gains,” says Transtech CEO Andrew Rossington. Transtech provides transport operators with a variety of simple tools to manage IAP and NHVAS compliance via the iFace, a 7” in-cab touchscreen tablet computer. Compliance applications available for purchase for the


The Newell highway addition to the IAP network will assist in linking supply chains such as grain, cotton, livestock and farm and mining equipment with the Port of Brisbane and other parts of western, central and southern Queensland. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

AIR TRANSPORT A behind the scenes look at being an air cargo charter broker The load-master completely rejected the cargo. As postponement of charter was not an option, Lomakin immediately made arrangements for an alternative contractor to amend the packaging on the spot, personally negotiating the compromise on the repacking of every unit. “Given the tight deadline, I was walking a fine line in managing the packer’s ability and the load-master’s requirements throughout the night,” says Lomakin. To the client’s relief, the charter departed with just a four-hour delay. Another unforgettable charter was when a Boeing B747 freighter was grounded due to the captain’s broken seat buckle; “trying to explain the reason for delay to an upset client was unforgettable too”, Lomakin says. A curious mind would probably wonder what might be the strangest request a seasoned cargo charter broker like Lomakin has ever received. “Once I was asked to land an Antonov AN-124 freighter ‘somewhere’ to use the aircraft as an extravagant sales-hall for a luxury goods fair.” Obviously that was not feasible.

As a niche but essential part of the air cargo industry, the role of a cargo charter broker is diverse and fast-moving. The expectation on air cargo charter brokers is to deliver instant solutions – and to excel in this occupation an individual needs to be flexible and quick-thinking. More than matching cargo and customer’s requirements to the right cargo aircraft, a charter broker has a myriad of considerations to cover before offering the best solutions, and the real challenges only begin upon securing a fixture. After selecting the most suitable aircraft to fit both the cargo and customer’s budget, the broker needs to secure all necessary permits in time and thoroughly check that all documentations and arrangements are in place – a missed deadline or an overlooked detail can result in a broker’s worst nightmare. Beyond contingency planning and troubleshooting, a good air cargo charter broker will always be asking themselves how they can operate this charter faster and more cost-efficient than the competitors. Anton Lomakin (pictured below), Chapman Freeborn’s senior charter manager based in Singapore, started his career in the air cargo charter industry back in 1999 at Volga Dnepr Airlines. He has now been at the world’s leading aircraft charter company for over eight years, and summarises his role as an air cargo charter broker with a popular saying: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Lomakin believes you have to be equipped with three essential qualities to be an air cargo charter broker: flexibility, efficiency and knowledge. Once during an operation to move a piece of urgent outsize cargo from Johor Bahru to Pointe Noir, Lomakin’s technical expertise was utilised by the client to design and manufacture a specialised transport sledge so an outsize piece could be loaded into a particular freighter – saving time and more than US $500,000 for the client on alternative cargo charter options. Lomakin’s engineering background has served him very well at Chapman Freeborn, especially when he needs to propose innovative ideas to handling agents on how to manage exceptionally outsize air cargo.

The air charter industry thrives on unexpected events where cargo needs to be transported to a location as quickly as possible and sea, rail or road freight just will not cut it. However, even in the most urgent of times, brokers are not spared from unfortunate situations such as weather, delays or technical malfunctions – this is why a broker must always be prepared with a Plan B, not to mention keeping a cool head in the midst of a storm. When asked how he responds to a charter crisis, Lomakin replies unequivocally: “It is very important to relieve as much stress of your client as possible by providing information and advice, and options or alternatives to resolve the problem.” “However, it is essential to have a clear idea of the operation processes so you can prioritise and keep deadlines for all events so that any consequent delays can be avoided,” he adds. As time is of the essence in this field of business, speed in response time can determine whether you lose or win a business – this is why air charter companies must be available 24/7/365. Around the clock accessibility is vital for international operations and it also projects a second-to-none level of reliability for customers who may have cargo to move at the eleventh hour. “As Chapman Freeborn has offices in over 30 countries, sometimes you just have to work through the night to help your colleague in another time-zone to resolve a charter crisis or close a fixture,” says Lomakin. Chapman Freeborn is very proud of its dedicated employees and has every right to be so – good teamwork has allowed the company to reap benefits from its unparalleled global presence. If you have a charter broker as a friend, do not be dismayed when they are always on their phones or busy typing away on their mobile devices – being committed to a job 24/7/365 will certainly affect anyone’s lifestyle. “Even in everyday life I am used to planning everything with a Plan B in mind,” Lomakin says. Blissfully married with two beautiful children, Lomakin emphasises the need to have an understanding family. “It is a big deal to me that no one is frustrated or annoyed when hubby / daddy suddenly disappears in the middle of a celebration with his phone,” he adds. There was once a female broker from Chapman Freeborn Singapore who was so passionate about her work that she had a difficulty resting her Blackberry, or herself for the matter; after weighing her priorities in life, she decided to retire with her very-happy-husband’s full support. There are occupations where people can do mundanely for a living, but as far as being a charter broker is concerned, it is either a love or hate relationship.

“It is important to think outside-the-box with a can-do attitude,” says Lomakin. source : He shares that sometimes his work requires his personal involvement with various authorities; at other times he acts as an essential medium between handling agents and Russian load crews, bridging language and communication barriers. Recounting one of the most memorable charter operations when he went an extra mile for the client, Lomakin shares, “recently this year, we had an incident when a client’s contractor mishandled cargo. The cargo, weighing nearly 10-tons and over 12-metre long joints, was delivered to the airport five hours before flight departure unsuitably packed for the flight.” | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Cargolux now serving Vienna Cargolux will introduce a weekly 747 freighter service to Vienna today.The new stopover in Austria’s capital is an extension of the existing Saturday flight from Hanoi and Hong Kong. With

Cargolux flight CV6716, Vienna International Airport will see the first ever landing of a Boeing 747-8 freighter.

Vienna Airport, a traditional east-west cargo transfer point, has reported a production of 60,036 tonnes of cargo for the first quarter of 2013. The airport’s revenues grew by about 5% in the same period. For Cargolux, Vienna is also an important gateway to Eastern European destinations; for many years, Cargolux customers have enjoyed fast and reliable road feeder services, connecting the major industrial centers in Eastern Europe with Vienna and the airline’s hub in Luxembourg. The airport offers round-the-clock operations without curfew and 24-hour cargo handling facilities.

Both Hanoi and Hong Kong are home to major production centers for the electronics industry and Cargolux expects this commodity to feature heavily Additionally, with its air freight service to Vienna, Cargolux is also able to on the Vienna route. Hanoi especially shows a growth in tonnage, which curb its trucking activities from Austria to Luxembourg with all attached prompted Cargolux to introduce a third weekly frequency to the Vietnamese environmental benefits. city in March. source :

Airbus shows its latest products at MAKS airshow in Russia multi-purpose transport aircraft C295 of the Spanish Air Force. Airbus will also have the Grand Final of its one-year “Airbus Academy” project being run in cooperation with two schools in Zhukovsky. The winners of the competition will be announced at the show and awarded with the main prize; a trip to Airbus’ Headquarters in Toulouse. Media are invited to Airbus’ press conference on Thursday August 29th at 10:00 at the Congress hall (Zhukovsky conference-room). Alerts for upcoming events and announcements will be posted at the EADS stand and in the air show’s press centre.

Airbus is showcasing its technology leadership with the largest passenger aircraft in service, the A380 at MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky, Moscow region from August 27th to September 1st.

Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and fuelefficient family of airliners, ranging in capacity from 100 to more than 500 seats. Airbus has sold over 13,200 aircraft to more than 500 customers worldwide and has achieved more than 8,000 deliveries since the first Airbus aircraft entered service. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, Airbus is an EADS company. source :

At the show’s exhibition Airbus will be located on EADS stand N°A1 in Hall F3, where visitors will be able to see a model of the A320neo, the A350 XWB as well as the C295. In parallel, the A380 (MSN4) will perform daily flying displays and will be present all day in the static park alongside the

66 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

AIR TRANSPORT Boeing and ILFC Deliver First 787 Dreamliner to Aeromexico ILFC Chief Executive Officer Henri Courpron. “ILFC obviously shares Aeromexico’s views that the 787 will deliver significant operational benefits and customer value.” Aeromexico’s 787 Dreamliners will be configured with 32 Clase Premier lie-flat seats and 211 seats in economy class.

Boeing [NYSE: BA], International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) and Aeromexico celebrated the first delivery of a 787 Dreamliner for use by the Mexico City-based carrier. The airplane, delivered from Boeing’s Everett, Wash., delivery center on Thursday, took off for Mexico City today. “The arrival of Aeromexico’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner represents a milestone for the Mexican aviation history.” Andres Conesa, chief executive officer of Aeromexico said, “Our customers will surely benefit from the world-class service that distinguishes Aeromexico, which we now bring on board the most modern aircraft ever built.” The airplane is the first of nine 787-8 airplanes that Aeromexico will operate, including five on lease from ILFC. The airline will operate a total of 19 Dreamliners, including 10 787-9 models ordered last year. “This 787 Dreamliner delivery to Aeromexico is another milestone in our four decade-long, strategic relationship with the airline and ILFC”, said

“This is a great day for Mexico, Aeromexico, and for Boeing,” said Van Rex Gallard, vice president Sales, Latin America, Africa and Caribbean for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “The Dreamliner will provide Aeromexico with unrivaled operational advantages, large improvements in fuel efficiency and much lower costs. In addition, it is an airplane that provides significantly better environmental performance. For Aeromexico’s passengers, the Dreamliner delivers a new standard in comfort and elegance – a new flying experience.” Aeromexico is the second customer to take delivery of an airplane leased through ILFC. “This delivery is the 702nd airplane we have delivered to ILFC for its customers,” said Bill Collins, vice president, Sales, Leasing and Asset Management, for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “It is a testimony to the partnership between Boeing and ILFC in supplying the best airplanes to airlines around the world.” The 787 Dreamliner is composed of durable composites and features numerous system, engine and aerodynamic advancements providing airlines with unmatched fuel efficiency using 20 percent less fuel than today’s similarly sized airplanes. Passengers also enjoy improvements on the 787 such as an interior environment that is more comfortable and offers numerous passenger-pleasing elements including bigger windows. source :

than the current seven. Through the IAG Cargo network, customers in Ecuador can connect to 350 destinations worldwide. On the outward legs, the new flights will depart Madrid on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 12:35, arriving in Quito at 18:05. The return legs, meanwhile, will see flights depart Quito at 21:20, arriving at Madrid at 14:05 the following day. These direct flights will provide an important trade link for businesses in, amongst others, the perishable goods sector, with Holland and Spain in particular, being important export markets for Ecuadorian goods such as fresh flowers. Customers will be able to book capacity on the new service via IAG Cargo’s online booking portal,

IAG Cargo announces important new direct cargo route into LATAM IAG Cargo announces that it will offer cargo services on a new Iberia route connecting Quito in Ecuador with its Madrid hub, commencing 26th October 2013. The route will be serviced by Iberia’s largest aircraft the Airbus A340-600. This has been made possible due to the opening of a new facility in Quito capable of facilitating this large aircraft. These flights are in addition to the existing Madrid-QuitoGuayaquil-Madrid flights, which will now operate four times a week, rather

Rodrigo Casal, Regional Commercial Manager for LATAM at IAG Cargo, commented: “One of the key differentiators for IAG Cargo is its reach into the Latin American market. In fact, we offer more flights from Europe to Latin America than any other airline. Today’s announcement highlights our commitment to providing businesses with rapid freight solutions on this crucial route. As demand for perishables from LATAM remains resilient in Europe, we are well positioned to support customers with the capacity options they require.” source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


AIR TRANSPORT Estonian Air to offer automatic check-in for its customers tions are not available: Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Transfer passengers who commence their journey on other airlines’ operated flights and connect on the same day onto Estonian Air operated flight may check-in free of charge at the check-in desk in the transfer hall, transfer service centre or at the gate. For automated check-in passengers need mobile phones enabling internet access to present readable bar code of their boarding pass. In case the boarding pass cannot be presented via mobile phone, it can, irrespective of ticket type, be printed out free of charge at the check-in kiosk or picked up from the baggage drop-off or check-in counter. During automated check-in the seat will be allocated automatically. Should a passenger wish to change the given seat, it can be done via Estonian Air web site by using the link to boarding pass.

In order to make checking in even more convenient Estonian Air has introduced a new automatic check-in system for its passengers, first among Baltic carriers. “Within last years the self-service check-in has becoming a norm and increasingly available across a variety of channels including online, at airport kiosks and via mobile devices giving a luxury of choosing where to sit and to print or scan the boarding pass. Taking the concept of self-service check-in one step further we have made checking in for our customers even more easier,” says Vilma Oras, the Ground Handling Manager. For automated check-in passengers have to enter their mobile phone number during booking process. Passengers will receive check-in confirmation and link to boarding pass on their mobile phone at 7 p.m. in the previous evening if their flight departs the next day between 2 a.m. and 11 a.m., or about 4 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure if their flight departs after 11 a.m. Automated check-in is available on Estonian Air direct flights departing from Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Vilnius, Oslo, Paris, Trondheim, Stockholm and Nice. Automated check-in is not possible at the airports where self-service solu-

Passengers who have ordered automated check-in but received neither link to the boarding pass nor a notification message about 4 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure are kindly asked to use web check-in or check-in kiosks at the airport. Automated check-in can be used with both registered and hand baggage. Passengers with hand baggage only can proceed straight to the security check at the airport; registered baggage must be taken to the baggage drop-off counter on the day of departure. From August 2013, holders of Light and Eco tickets will be charged 10 euros for checking in at the check-in counter. Light and Eco ticket holders can check in free of charge online and at the check-in kiosks at the airport or order automatic check-in. Check-in fee does not apply to passengers holding Flex or Business ticket, SAS Eurobonus Silver/Gold/Platinum card holders irrespective of travel class. Web check-in is available 22 hours before scheduled departure for flights departing from Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Vilnius, Oslo, Paris, Trondheim, Stockholm and Nice. Check-in fee is not applicable at the airports where self-service solutions are not available: Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg. source :

Alitalia is in talks with Etihad Airways over a deal that could lead to the Abu Dhabi-based carrier taking a stake in its loss-making Italian peer, according to a report in the Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper. Citing unnamed sources, the paper said that there had been several meetings in recent weeks between managers at both companies, including recently-appointed Alitalia chief executive Gabriele del Torchio. Del Torchio, who is known as a turnaround specialist, was recruited earlier this year to lead the struggling Italian airline back to profitability. Neither Alitalia nor Etihad could immediately be reached for comment. Alitalia, 25 per cent of which is owned by Air France-KLM, was rescued from bankruptcy in 2008 when it was bought by a consortium of bank Intesa Sanpaolo, road operator Atlantia and conglomerate IMMSI. Alitalia and Etihad were mentioned in the context of a possible tie-up earlier this year, but Etihad said at the time there were no talks between the two beyond those on code‑sharing. source :

68 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


Boeing Rolls Out First 787-9 Dreamliner Boeing [NYSE: BA] has completed the first 787-9 Dreamliner. The second member of the super-efficient 787 family rolled out of the Everett, Wash., factory today to the flight line, where teams are preparing it to fly later this summer. At 20 feet (6 m) longer than the 787-8, the 787-9 will extend the 787 family in both capacity and range, carrying 40 more passengers an additional 300 nautical miles (555 km). The 787-9 leverages the visionary design of the 787-8 such as its exceptional environmental performance — 20 percent less fuel use and 20 percent fewer emissions than similarly sized airplanes — and passenger-pleasing features. With the second and third airplanes in final assembly, Boeing and the 787-9 are on track. First delivery to launch customer Air New Zealand is set for mid-2014. source :

Saudi Airlines Cargo expands network to serve 23 new destinations via its Nairobi hub The broad destination mix now offered by Saudia Cargo via the Nairobi gateway presents our customers with seamless connectivity for their logistical import demands into Africa,” commented Peter Scholten, Vice President Commercial at Saudia Cargo. “This marks yet another important milestone in our growth strategy and further entrenches our presence in the Africa region, following our earlier launch of the West African hub in Lagos,” he added. Nairobi is a major export station for Saudia Cargo, being a leading carrier in this market with a total export capacity of over 400 tons per week.

Saudi Airlines Cargo has announced the re-launch of its Nairobi hub and expansion of its network coverage in sub-Saharan Africa.

Apart from Nairobi, Saudia Cargo also serves six other freighter destinations in Africa, namely: Addis Ababa, Johannesburg, Kano, Khartoum, Lagos and N’Djamena. Supplementary belly capacity is also offered from major routes such as Addis Ababa, Johannesburg, Kano, Khartoum and Nairobi as well as Alexandria, Algiers, Cairo, and Casablanca.

Saudi Airlines Cargo operates a fleet of 15 freighters and sells the belly capacity on 145 passenger aircraft for Saudi Arabia’s flag carrier Saudia, With five weekly scheduled freighter flights into Nairobi and enhanced spanning a rapidly expanding global network of 225 destinations. In adinterline partnerships, Saudia Cargo is now able to provide wider access to dition to its scheduled freighter services, the cargo airline also provides cost23 additional destinations in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa as well as effective and practical worldwide charter flight solutions from a growing the Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean Islands. These comprise Antananarivo, fleet of dedicated charter aircraft. Bujumbura, Brazzaville, Dar es Salaam, Djibouti, Douala, Entebbe, Harare, Juba, Kigali, Kinshasa, Libreville, Lilongwe, Luanda, Lusaka, Maputo, source : Mogadishu, Mombasa, Moroni, Mwanza, Pemba, Yaoundé and Zanzibar. Saudia Cargo is also in a prime position to facilitate ad hoc charter flight solutions for large consignments via the NBO hub to various regional destination points. | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


AIR TRANSPORT Swissport acquires ground handling activities of Finland’s Inter Handling Swissport established its operations in Finland on 1st December 2011, providing baggage and apron services for Finnair at its Helsinki Airport hub. The addition of Inter Handling’s ground services operations is in line with Swissport’s strategy to strengthen its Finnish footprint and attract further customers through offering the full range of ground handling services and network deals. Juan Jose Andres Alvez, Swissport’s Executive Vice President of Ground Handling for Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, commented: “Inter Handling has a good reputation among customers, experienced management, and strong operational performance, making it a valuable addition to Swissport’s network. The acquisition will enable us to further improve efficiencies in our operations, add passenger handling services to our Finnish portfolio and add further stations to our network, allowing us to offer airline customers a full service portfolio in Finland and providing additional services for Inter Handling’s existing customers.

Swissport International, the world’s leading provider of ground services to the aviation sector, has acquired Finnish ground handling company Inter Handling and sister company Inter Handling Turku, to accelerate the group’s expansion in this important and promising market.

We are very pleased to welcome Inter Handling’s ground handling operations into the Swissport Group, and we will work closely with customers, stakeholders, employees and their representatives to ensure a seamless transfer of the businesses and operations.” With combined annual revenues of around €7.5 million, the two acquired companies handled more than 19,000 flights in 2011.

Inter Handling offers ground handling services at various airports in Finland, including its biggest operation in Helsinki Vantaa, providing a perfect source : addition to Swissport’s recently established Finnish operation and allowing the company to rapidly and efficiently build its network and service portfolio in Finland.

Xiamen Airlines Finalizes Order for Six 787 Dreamliners Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Xiamen Airlines have finalized an order for six 787-8s. Originally announced by Xiamen Airlines in May 2011, the order is valued at $1.3 billion at list prices. “Adding 787s to our all-Boeing fleet is a strategic decision to facilitate our international expansion plans,” said Che Shanglun, president and CEO of Xiamen Airlines. “The range and efficiency of the 787 makes it an ideal fit in our new, non-stop international routes.” As China’s only all-Boeing fleet carrier, Xiamen Airlines has earned a profit for 27 consecutive years, one of the most consistently successful financial performances in the industry. “Xiamen Airlines has been a dedicated operator of Boeing airplanes since it was established. We are honored to have earned the trust and confidence that such a longstanding partnership requires,” said Ihssane Mounir, vice president of Sales for Northeast Asia, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “I believe the 787s will further strengthen Xiamen Airlines’ network, providing their customers more travel options.”

Xiamen Airlines currently operates a fleet of 97 airplanes, including 17 737-700s, 74 737-800s and six 757-200s. The flight network is comprised of 218 domestic routes and 26 international and regional routes. The airline will take delivery of its 100th Boeing airplane in November 2013. Founded in 1984, Xiamen Airlines is headquartered in the coastal city of Xiamen in the province of Fujian. The area boasts a thriving and diverse industrial economy as well as a growing tourism market.

The airline’s expanding international network currently focuses on southeast and northeast Asia. With the introduction of the 787 Dreamliners beginning source : in 2014, the airline plans to launch new long-haul routes from Fujian to Europe, North America and Australia.

70 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

U.S. Oil to build GAIN® Clean Fueling station in Columbus, Ohio U.S. Oil has partnered with FST Logistics to build a GAIN® Clean Fuel station at the intersection of Atlas Street and Renner Road in Columbus, Ohio. The new station will provide Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to FST’s CNG truck fleet and will be available for use by other companies and individual drivers. This will be U.S. Oil’s twelfth GAIN® Clean Fuel station, adding to their vision of creating a CNG network of stations across the nation. U.S. Oil plans to add 50 new CNG stations within the next three years. “The partnership with FST Logistics is very exciting, as we are able to develop a new fueling location for its fleet operations, saving both fuel and labor costs,” said Bill Renz, General Manager of GAIN® Clean Fuel. “This location at the intersection of I-70 and I-270 in Columbus is ideal for CNG


fleet growth and fits perfectly into our long-range strategic plan.” The station will be built to support FST Logistics as the company continues to develop its CNG fleet. Dave Kent, President of FST Logistics, cites energy costs and the environment as the key factors in the decision to team up with GAIN®. “We’re extremely excited about the potential of our partnership,” he said. “It will allow us to remain competitive over the long term, especially when factoring in fuel costs for our fleet. Another important benefit is CNG reduces emissions and helps contribute to a healthier environment.” FST Logistics currently has 15 vehicles in its fleet capable of CNG conversions, with new orders for 20 tractors and 8 other vehicles in the next twelve months. The company seeks to convert all of its fleet as more CNG stations are developed throughout the country. “The team at GAIN® Clean Fuel are the experts in the CNG field,” Kent said, “We will lean on them for support as we work to reduce the cost of fuel which is the second-largest expense we have as a company.” FST is a full service logistics company based in Columbus, OH with core customer in Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The company has a delivery network that covers the lower 48 state and is committed to improving the environment, launching recent initiatives to reduce waste, improve energy and fuel consumption and other community based activities. source :

Pertamina says east Indonesia oil spill contained Indonesian state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina said Friday that it had contained an oil spill from a tanker leak in the eastern province of North Maluku. An oil tanker carrying 7,000 kiloliters (1.8 million gallons) of gasoline and diesel fuel crashed into a jetty while unloading at an oil terminal in Ternate, the province’s capital, late Tuesday, breaking one of the ship’s 12 storage compartments. Ali Mundakir, a Pertamina spokesman, said Friday that the accident caused some fuel to leak from the compartment into the water, but that not all of it spilled. The exact amount that leaked remains unclear. The company has worked since Wednesday to contain the spill and help minimize damage to the environment, Mundakir said. He said the company was now preparing to evacuate the tanker, MT Patriot Andalan, which was chartered by Pertamina to transport the fuel from Wayame in neighboring Maluku province to Ternate. “Pertamina has set up a team to anticipate its impact on the environment,” said local Pertamina official Bagus Handoko. “The oil spill has not yet reached the shore, but can damage the coral reefs if not handled well.” source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


TECHNOLOGY “In this harsh financial enviroment and with budgets very tight, Blackstar Handling sees this as a huge opportunity to offer excellent quality products at very competitive prices, as well as the opportunity to expand our business and offer new and existing customers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. This will include support and service by fully trained engineers based at our centrally located factory.” Blackstar Handling’s first installation of Messersi equipment has been for The Box Shop, which is Scotland’s largest independent manufacturer of cardboard boxes and supplier of packaging solutions. Blackstar Handling supplied a material handling system for its factory in East Kilbride last year. Hence when The Box Shop required a second system for its new factory which is adjacent to the existing plant, it approached Blackstar Handling to design and install a cost-effective finished goods system.

Blackstar teams up with Messersi for The Box Shop Blackstar Materials Handling Systems’ new collaboration with Messersi Packaging has got off to a flying start, having secured the first UK order and installation for a Messersi strapping and stretch wrapping system. Based in Italy, Messersi is renowned worldwide as a supplier of quality stretch wrapping and strapping products. Blackstar Handling, which currently provides bespoke materials handling systems, will be an official distributor and installer of Messersi Packaging equipment, including consumables, in the UK and Eire. Messersi is well represented across mainland Europe and the Far East, and so was looking for representation in the UK. It felt that Blackstar Handling’s comprehensive product range and blue chip customer base would complement its range of strapping and wrapping products. Ian Pegler, managing director of Blackstar Handling Systems, said: “Over many years, Blackstar has gained a wealth of experience supplying full material handling systems, and intergrating our pallet handling equipment with all the major suppliers of stretch wrappers and strappers very succesfully. So when we were invited to work with Messersi Packaging to supply complete material handling systems, the opportunity could not be missed.

David Protheroe, director of The Box Shop, commented: “The new pallet line is a great success and production is running smoothly. The build quality is excellent and Blackstar and Messersi have been able to accommodate several last-minute changes to the system. The engineers worked quickly and effectively to get the system ready for our case-maker switch-on date, and we are delighted with the results.” The pallet handling equipment supplied by Blackstar Handling includes turn units, conveyors, modular belt conveyors, a pallet centraliser, a gravity decline conveyor, pallet squaring boards, and fork truck barriers. The conveyors transport the completed work from the case-makers through the Messersi P90 twin-lance Compression Strapper, and RA300 Radial Arm Stretch Wrapper, out and ready for dispatch. The full system was enclosed by Blackstar’s fencing and safety light guard system. Blackstar’s design engineers worked closely with Messersi’s Italian-based design engineers and its on-site installation engineers to ensure the full system was completed on time and ready for commissioning by the middle of April 2013, to coincide with the start-up of the new case-makers. Both Blackstar Handling engineers and The Box Shop operators were fully trained by Messersi in the operation of the new strapping and wrapping system. source :

dnata Opens New Perishable Cargo Facility in Singapore dnata has opened a new state-of-the-art perishable cargo handling centre at its airfreight facility at Changi Airport, Singapore. The facility was formally opened with an event hosted by dnata President Gary Chapman and other senior members of the management team from Dubai, together with management and staff based in Singapore. Celebrating the launch, the event was attended by representatives from the Singapore aviation community, including dnata’s airline customers, cargo agents and Changi Airport. Representing an investment of over S$4 million, the new centre is capable of processing 75,000 tons of perishables annually. It enables dnata’s cargo team to offer an uncompromised chilled and frozen storage and cool chain product to its airline customers at Changi Airport, catering to product categories including fresh fruit, meat and pharmaceuticals. The new chilled cargo facility has been designed and built with flexibility and unique product handling requirements in mind, taking advantage of the latest cold storage technologies and designs. The cold storage areas in the centre are modular, to enable teams to manage changing handling demands with dedicated climate control capability.

A web-based monitoring system is also in place to facilitate real-time management of all areas. The new facility also enables dnata to provide its customers at Changi with a one-stop audit trail of all consignments whilst being processed through the facility.

This new facility is part of an unprecedented S$30 million investment programme by dnata over a two-year period in Singapore to ensure it can offer the highest level of customer service in the market. source :

72 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


Intermec Printers Now Certified Through SAP® Printer Vendor Program Intermec, Inc. (NYSE: IN) today announced that its Direct Protocol printers are now certified through the SAP® Printer Vendor program, with Intermec device types for SAP® Smart Forms and mySAP™ Business Suite.

From industrial and commercial class printers, to rugged mobile printers for the distribution center, and desktop printers for shipping and back office applications, Intermec now offers broad integrated printing support for SAP®. “Intermec has long supported printing bar code labels from SAP®, from SAP® R/3 and Auto ID Infrastructure to third party solutions,” said Chuck Dourlet, Intermec Vice President of Printers & Media. “Now, Intermec’s certified device types for SAP® make integration easier and extend the basic capabilities to include full support for printing from modern SAP® applications with certified device types and drivers for Intermec industrial, desktop and rugged mobile printers.” The following Intermec Direct Protocol printers are compliant with the SAP® Printer Vendor Program: - PM43 and PM43c - PC23d, PC43d and PC43t - PF2i and PF4i - PM4i

- PX4i and PX6i - PD41 and PD42 - PB22, PB32 and PB50 source :

New UltraBot IE Order Fulfillment System Offers High Efficiency for Logistics Order Fulfillment Applications

clude order picking and fulfillment, order consolidation, returns and reverse logistics, buffering, sorting, staging, kitting, and work-in-progress. A single UltraBot IE ASRS can handle up to eight transactions per minute, 480 per hour. A three-carousel system can handle up to 1,440 transactions per hour. Systems with additional UltraBot IE robots and tiered carousels can boost throughput even higher. The UltraBot IE ASRS is built using standard, off-the-shelf components offering a lower cost of acquisition, quick installation, reliable operation and reduced maintenance downtime. It can reduce labor requirements by up to 2/3 while offering 99.9%+ accuracy levels. Its space saving design can recover up to 85%+ of the floor space required by rack and shelving systems. The system provides a lower acquisition cost and a faster ROI than multi-shuttle, crane and aisle and typical robot systems.

The new UltraBot IETM robotic automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) from Integrated Systems Design (ISD) efficiently delivers totes, boxes and cases to one or more high-speed order picking workstations in support of a wide range of order handling applications in logistics operations. UltraBot IE systems will hit 1440 transactions per hour or more. The UltraBot IE inserter/extractor moves up and down the front of two or three tiered horizontal carousels automatically retrieving order items as it goes. It delivers them to a conveyor and unloads them for routing to batch picking or dynamic batching workstations where orders can be buffered until the operator requires that pick. Completed orders are automatically taken from the workstation and routed to the next workstation or zone for further processing.

The modular flexibility of the UltraBot IE ASRS allows it to accommodate many types and sizes of cartons and totes up to 36” in applications that in-

Integrated Systems Design - ISD is a leading manufacturer, systems consultant, designer and integrator for warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, life sciences, institutions and retail organizations in North America. ISD systems are renowned for their tremendous value, reliability and ease of maintenance. Systems are designed using technologies from the leading material handling manufacturers of the world. Solutions designed by ISD focus on providing space savings, increased productivity, reduced labor, higher accuracy and system flexibility to change as an operation’s activities change in the future. Utilizing proven technology and off the shelf components helps provide cost effective solutions requiring minimum maintenance and yielding fast Return on Investments (ROI). ISD expertise ranges from handling and picking pieces (eaches), cases, pallets, build lines, and special or custom handling solutions. Products and services include: automatic storage and retrieval (ASRS), conveyor, robotics, batch stations, automatic inserters and printers, pick to light, A-frames, horizontal and vertical carousels, vertical lift modules (VLMs), controls, software (including inventory management, WCS, WMS, MES and ERP), application and facility consulting and design, AutoCAD, system simulation, moves, installation and service. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Wärtsilä delivers dual-fuel engines to Danish environmentally sound ferry The ferry will be powered by four Wärtsilä 20DF dual-fuel engines running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and will have extremely low emission levels. The dual-fuel engine technology pioneered by Wärtsilä allows a seamless switch to conventional marine fuels if necessary, thus providing the operator with a high level of redundancy. The new ferry project is considered as being a state-of-the-art endeavour by setting an environmental benchmark for inland ferries, and is being closely followed by other municipalities and governmental bodies in Denmark and abroad. Samsø Kommune actively promotes environmental sustainability through its ‘Green Island’ image featuring renewable energy, low pollution and recycling activities. The vessel is scheduled to be operational in autumn 2014.

Wärtsilä, the marine industry’s leading solutions and services provider, is to supply the main propulsion generating sets for a new, environmentally sound, double ended ferry. The ship, which is the first gas fuelled ferry for a domestic

route in Denmark, will operate between Jutland and the island of Samsø and will carry passengers, cars and trucks. The vessel, designed by the Danish OSK-ShipTech A/S, will be built for the Danish municipality Samsø Kommune by Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. in Gdansk, Poland. Wärtsilä signed the contract in June.

The new ferry will be one of the smallest ships to be powered by Wärtsilä 20DF engines. It is also the first Danish ferry to be operated on LNG fuel, and the design of the 100m long double-ended ship is tailored to its operating profile and route. Bunkering of the LNG is planned to take place in the Hou harbour in Jutland. “The overriding priorities for the owners were to achieve the highest possible level of operational reliability to support the local business but with focus on environmental sustainability, which, among others, means to ensure excellent overall efficiency in energy consumption. By selecting Wärtsilä technology these aims will be met, and we are delighted to be a partner in this trend setting project,” says Mr Aaron Bresnahan, Vice President Sales, Wärtsilä Ship Power. source :

Identec Solutions and WAM Technologies form strategic global alliance to develop reefer container monitoring technology IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG announced that it has entered into a multi-year global strategic alliance with WAM Technologies LLC, a new technology division of Mark-It Services.

Having pioneered the development of low-power, long-range active RFID technology, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is now a global provider of real-time wireless identification, locating and monitoring solutions to the marine and industrial sectors. Mark-It Services is a global supplier of protection services for refrigerated cargo, refrigerated containers and related assets throughout the intermodal cold chain. The new business alliance will merge IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ market expertise with WAM Technologies’ patented refrigerated container interface technology, integrating it with IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ reefer-mountable RFID tags. For the past five years, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS and WAM have been partnering to deliver successful reefer monitoring solutions to major container terminals and port authorities around the world. This new agreement will greatly expand the capabilities of the system and allow IDENTEC SOLUTIONS to customize the WAM software and functionality to meet the solutions. Among the prime advantages of this alliance for both Mark-It requirements of its port and terminal customers. and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is the opportunity to focus on developing new feature-rich solutions that will make reefer issues in container terminals a “We are very excited to have a formal strategic alliance with IDENTEC thing of the past.” SOLUTIONS, which has been a trusted working partner for over five years. The innovative synergies between the two companies bring together com“Our focus at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Ports & Terminals is to help clients plementary skills, knowledge and resources in new ways. Mark-It Services improve operational efficiency, safety and security through adoption of and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS are a perfect fit to develop an all-inclusive advanced process automation and asset management technologies,” said reefer monitoring solution that ports and terminal operators have been wait- Michael Dempsey, GM Ports & Terminals at IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. “We ing for quite a while,” commented Mark Heck, CEO at Mark-It Services. are very pleased to partner with WAM Technologies to deliver new solutions that specifically address the complex demands of reefer container manageParvez Mansuri, CIO of WAM Technologies added: “Integrating IDENTEC ment in ports and terminals.” SOLUTIONS’ extensive sales force, global footprint and technical expertise in RFID with Mark-It Services’ specialization in all aspects of the cold asset source : supply chain make us the preferred choice for remote reefer monitoring

74 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013

Transmon’s new forklift system offers combined benefits


If a fleet operator employs the triple combination iTEch Control system, it can help to enhance safety owing to the speed limiting capability, which detects that the forklift truck is moving and applies the throttle restriction to limit its speed. When the truck slows down, the limit is removed to maintain full power for lift hydraulics. The iTEch Zone Control System can be wired into a Transmon iTEch Speed 1 or iTEch Speed 6 System (incorporated into the iTEch Control System package) to implement speed reduction. It restricts travel speeds in designated zones, while maintaining productivity with higher travel speeds in lower risk areas. Each gate, or exit, has a hardwired, fixed proximity transmitter with an adjustable radius field to suit the site and the trucks in use, and each truck is fitted with a programmable receiver. As the truck enters the zoned area, the system automatically switches to controlled operation, depending on the version installed. When the truck leaves the zoned area, the unit automatically switches to normal operation and the system defaults to ‘safe’.

Manufacturer and installer of modular fork lift truck systems, Transmon has launched its new iTEch Control System that the company says combines the benefits offered Three versions of the iTEch Zone Control System are available to by tyre, gear and speed systems for materials handling suit the specific application requirements. The system can also be operations ‘in just one module’. wired into an in-built truck limiter (if fitted) or VMC (vehicle manThe new product can be also used in conjunction with the iTEch Zone Control System to deliver a greater level of safety, says Transmon.

agement system) or EMC (engine management system). If automated speed reduction is not required, audio and visual warning devices can be triggered to create additional awareness, alerting pedestrians to take caution as a truck is in close proximity.

Incorporating iTEch Speed, iTEch Gear and iTEch Tyre systems, the Other benefits of the system include a reduction in prolonged operaiTEch Control System range is a selection of combination packages. tor abuse and protection from damage, resulting in higher truck resale value. The sophisticated gear system monitors road speed, The three systems are all available as standalone, single modules automatically changing between high and low gear ratios, removing with individual functionality; as dual combinations with single func- full control from the driver and eliminating damage caused by inaptionality; or as one triple combination, with single functionality. propriate gear selection. “Sold separately, forklift add-on systems such as iTEch Tyre, iTEch Gear or iTEch Speed, are designed to improve materials handling operations offering various benefits, but by combining three products into a multi-functional module, we have made the system even easier for customers to manage,” explained Paul Sercombe of Transmon Engineering.

Cost benefits of the iTEch Control System, include a prolonged tyre life by up to 400% depending upon variables such as floor type, tyre type, truck operation and operator driving stylehelping to reduce the requirement for new tyres from 2-3 sets per truck per annum to just one set per truck per annum. source :

“The iTEch Control Module range provides customers with an even more cost-effective solution and can offer triple the benefits in just one system.” | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Navman Wireless launches asset tracking solutions for construction and mining sectors

Navman Wireless, leading provider of GPS fleet management technology, has announced the launch of the Qtanium 350 and the Qtanium 100, both aimed at giving organisations better visibility of their assets. With full integration into the Navman Wireless software set, these products are ideal for organisations operating in the construction or mining sectors and those seeking a tracking system to reliably monitor their off-road assets, from the largest earthmover to the smallest bobcat. Making sure your assets are being fully utilised is an important KPI in the

construction and mining industries and the Qtanium 350 lets organisations know how their most valuable assets are being used through detailed asset reporting and dynamic dashboards. When combined with Navman Wireless’ OnlineAVL2* software an organisation can monitor and manage all vehicles, plant and equipment assets on a single screen. “Understanding how your equipment is being used so you can be sure it’s working optimally at all times is crucial in the construction and mining industries,” said Navman Wireless Managing Director Ian Daniel. “We’ve done a lot of ground work and developed new reports specifically targeted at off road assets within OnlineAVL2 which will really help these businesses obtain that knowledge.”

A Work Versus Idle report that identifies real ‘working times’ by showing the amount of time a vehicle or asset is running-idle and running-working A Trip Report by Asset showing trips, from ignition on to ignition off, that each machine makes in a given time period A Jobsite Utilisation report that tracks equipment usage broken down within each geofenced jobsite, facilitating job costing A ConEx (Sensor) Use report showing users how long the sensor was engaged and distance travelled while engaged A Maintenance by Exception report will help users identify which maintenance types for each asset fall within a selected status (normal, due soon, overdue). Like the Navman Wireless vehicle tracking unit (Qube 4), the Qtanium 350 is available with optional satellite communications capability via the Iridium Satellite Network, should your assets be located in areas outside usual mobile coverage. This is extremely important in mining. “This new solution allows for the collection and analysis of real-time and historical data to provide organisations with all the fleet on road and off road asset intelligence they need to make a huge impact on their bottom line,” said Daniel. “The Qtanium 350 has been specifically designed with the construction and mining industries in mind. Its IP67 rating means it can be submerged in water and it’s also shock tested and can endure harsh vibrations and extreme environments. The unit is tamperproof and affixed with industrial strength magnets. There is no other solution like it in the market.” The Qtanium 100 is perfect for companies that need to know where their smaller assets are, without having to pay unreasonable costs. The device gives timed updates on an asset’s location, ideal for making sure they are in the correct place. With the Qtanium 350, businesses will get up to five months continuous battery life, while the Qtanium 100 has up to a seven-year battery life and is client changeable.

Some of the key asset reports include:

*OnlineAVL2 was named in Construction Equipment’s Top 100 Products of 2012.

An Equipment Utilisation report that shows usage (ignition on time) broken out by day along with the current engine hours and last update

source :

Ansaldo STS wins new order worth

USD 680

million in Riyadh

The contract is worth approximately USD 680 million for Ansaldo STS, and there is also an option for a further sum of around USD 249 million for the next 10 years of maintenance. The implementation phase is expected for five years.

Ansaldo STS will be responsible for the technological part of the contract on the longest line (over 40km) of the new metro system in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Governor of the Region of Riyadh, Chairman of the Ministerial Committee for the Riyadh Public Transport Project and Chairman of the High Commission for the Development of Riyadh, in the presence of the Ministers of the Commission and the highest authorities in the country, has awarded Ansaldo STS (STS.MI), a Finmeccanica company, operating as part of the ArRiyadh New Mobility (ANM) consortium, a contract to build the longest line of the new metropolitan system in Riyadh (Line 3, or the Red Line), which runs for 40.7km from Madina Al Munawara to Amir Saad bin Abdul Rahman Al Awal Road. The winning consortium, organized by Ansaldo STS, is formed by SaliniImpregilo, Larsen & Toubro and Nesma for the civil works, Ansaldo STS for the technological part and Bombardier for the supply of vehicles.


The consortium has been awarded works for a total investment of approximately USD 6 billion, including the construction of two large stations landmark “Qasr Al Hokom” and “Western Station”, currently under the final design phase, designed by two internationally renowned architectural firms, for which the total value of the contract to Ansaldo STS will be further increased. In relation to its part of the contract, Ansaldo STS will be responsible for the entire technological integration of the signalling systems, ATC (Automation Train Control) and CBTC (Communication Based Train Control), the power system including the third rail, the Operational Control Centre, the telecommunications systems and the fitting out of the depots. Sergio De Luca, Chief Executive Officer of Ansaldo STS, commented: “The contract awarded is one of the most important in our history, and demonstrates the technological excellence achieved by the Company over the years. This new contract consolidates our presence in the Middle East market, and particularly in Saudi Arabia, where we have already built, in a very short time, the country’s first automated metro system, to serve the world’s largest university campus.” source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



“Commercial vehicles are subject to higher loads so operators need and demand a quality, durable tyre that performs well across a wide range of road and temperature conditions,” said David Basha. “The Portran KC53 is ideal for a range of applications including courier work, on tradesmens vehicles and delivery operations because it’s designed to handle heavy loads as well as constant stopping and starting in urban conditions.” The key to the KC53′s suitability is its symmetrical, rigid tread block pattern giving it 10 per cent more durability than its predecessor through a more even wear rate with a lower rolling resistance compound.

Leading tyre manufacturer Kumho has launched a new heavy-duty tyre specifically designed to cope with the rigours of work in the tough light commercial van sector. The Portran KC53 is the latest addition to Kumho’s light commercial tyre line up replacing the 857 Steel Radial and is aimed at vehicles between 1.8 and 3.5 tonnes including the Mercedes Sprinter, Toyota Hi Ace, Hyundai iLoad, Volkswagen Transporter, Iveco Daily and Ford Transit.

Sloped edges on the centre tread blocks as well as symmetrical sipes through the blocks aid water channelling to three, wide longitudinal grooves and towards the shoulder of the tyre improving its wet weather handling by five per cent compared with the 857 it replaces. It also delivers a reduction in the risk of hydroplaning both in a straight line and while cornering. The solid centre block and reinforced belt has been incorporated into the design to better cope with heavy payloads. Kumho has also reinforced the bead of the tyre with a ply strip on the outer edge and a flipper on the inner edge to aid in weight distribution and reduce stress spots around the tyre.

According to David Basha, Kumho’s national marketing and training man- The KC53 is available in 12 sizes ranging between 14 and 16 inches. ager the new Portan KC35 has been designed to cope with the difficulties of constant stop/start urban operation. source :

Goodyear survey finds fleets choose tyres on performance A survey recently commissioned by Goodyear in several European countries revealed that, currently, fleets prefer to make their tyre choice based on tyre performance rather than tyre application. most important performance area for operators is rolling resistance, which directly influences fuel efficiency. Of the fleets interviewed, 77 per cent classified this as “very important” or “extremely important”. Mileage (76 per cent) and wet grip (75 per cent) classified second and third. Transport has evolved over the last years and there is now a much greater mix of the types of haulage that transport companies are engaged in. In addition to this, operational costs are increasing. The survey showed that 91 per cent of the fleets interviewed predict a further increase in fuel prices and 84 per cent of them expect an increase in other costs as well. That is why they are focusing more than ever on reducing their operational costs, including concentrating on selecting the best tyres for their business model. It is no coincidence, therefore, that 70 per cent of the fleets interviewed claim they already purchase fuel-efficient tyres or that they will start doing so in the near future (21%). This is why Goodyear has developed the new Mileage and new Fuel Efficient truck tyre lines, called, respectively, KMAX and FUELMAX, which will be launched in September 2013. These, as their names imply, put the focus on the customers’ main priorities without compromising other areas. High levels of performance in the areas of durability, wet grip and traction are some of the additional benefits that the new tyres offer.

engineers and European fleets. Meeting customers’ current and future needs is a top priority for the company. Further interesting information from the survey will be published in conjunction with the launch of the new tyres in September.

The two new lines are the result of intense cooperation between Goodyear’s source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Unlimited Express (Myanmar) Move Construction Diggers The PCN Head Office is very pleased to announce representation in Myanmar with Unlimited Express Co Ltd. The company were established in 1986 and employ 40 staff located in Yangon. Project Supervisor at Unlimited Express, Ms. Saw Ohnmar states; “In order to be fully competitive in the international market, heavy emphasis is placed on solving intricate logistical problems in the most economical and efficient way. Unlimited Express (UEC) strives to fulfil these requirements by utilising the most sophisticated methods of cargo handling and shipping available and with a constant updating of existing services. At UEC, we are able to customise our services to meet the specific needs of each project and you can count on our fast response and flexibility to ensure any project will run smoothly.” Unlimited Express have excellent experience in handling heavy lift transportation and clearance to and from project areas all over Myanmar. source :

Entec acquires Liebherr lift Manaus, Brazil based crane and heavy machinery rental firm Entec Longhi & Cia has taken delivery of a new Terex AC 500-2 all-terrain crane (ATC). The 500-tonne capacity crane will be deployed on current and future projects with Brazilian energy company Petrobas. The crane was transported on a ship from Antwerp, Belgium directly to Manaus. Upon arrival at the Brazilian gateway, Entec used its Terex AC 350/6 and AC200-1 ATC in tandem to discharge the 96-tonne new arrival. Reinaldo Longhi, commercial director of Entec, said: “We are very happy with our Terex all terrain cranes, so when we wanted to expand our fleet both in number and capacity, the decision came naturally. Our new Terex AC 500-2 will allow Entec to maintain its leadership in the Amazon region.” source :

78 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


C.H. Robinson Appoints Ivo Aris as Director of European Global Forwarding

HANSA HEAVY LIFT appoints Roger Iliffe as Continuing to accelerate growth in Europe, Interim CEO

HANSA HEAVY LIFT board member Roger Iliffe has been appointed by Oaktree Capital, 100% shareholder of the shipping

company, as interim CEO, and replaces Tomas Dyrbye whilst the company searches for a replacement. Oaktree’s plan is to continue significant investment into the project heavy lift market and further expand HANSA HEAVY LIFT through fleet growth and further consolidation. The focus will be on the oil and gas sector, EPCs, and other demanding engineering sectors. “We would like to take this opportunity of thanking Tomas for his contribution, and wishing him well for the future,” said Iliffe, who was acting CEO for HANSA HEAVY LIFT when the company launched in 2011. source :

C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., one of the world’s largest logistics companies, has appointed Ivo Aris to Director of Global Forwarding for C.H. Robinson Europe.

Aris’ primary focus will be to lead the continental growth and advancement of the global forwarding division, including setting the Europe global forwarding strategy and overall execution. A 20-year industry veteran, Aris has held responsibilities in sales, operations, and management at Road Air, which was acquired by the Rhenus Group in 2007. Aris became the Country Manager for air and ocean freight for The Netherlands, was member of the Global Air & Ocean management team and had significant responsibility over several of the portfolio companies of the Rhenus Group. In addition, Aris is Chairman of the Dutch Airfreight Forwarders’ Association. “We feel that Ivo has the right management experience, business acumen, and communication skills to lead us forward and grow our European global forwarding operations,” said Stephane Rambaud, Senior Vice President Global Forwarding. “The overall strength of our global forwarding capabilities worldwide continues to provide high service and value to our customers.” C.H. Robinson established an initial presence in Europe 20 years ago through partial ownership of Transeco, a motor carrier in France. In that time, the company has built a network of 51 offices and has over 1,000 employees throughout Europe to become one of the leading freight forwarders in the region. Since July 2012, C.H. Robinson has named Bryan Foe president of its European operations, acquired Apreo Logistics S.A. and opened offices in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Istanbul, Turkey. source :

Port of Tacoma hires Dustin Stoker to direct operations

In his new position, Stoker is responsible for overall port operations, including waterway management, road and rail functions, and breakbulk and terminal operations.

Dustin Stoker has joined the Port of Tacoma to lead the Port’s new operations center. Stoker brings more than 14 years Stoker holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concenof experience in both domestic and international terminal tration in management from the University of Washington. management. Before joining the Port, Stoker served most recently as He lives in the Lake Tapps/Lakeland Hills area. director of Deltaport Operations at the Port Metro Vancouver, B.C. with Terminal Systems, Inc. He also has served as the chief operations officer at Abu Dhabi Terminals, and in management positions at Port of Salalah/APM source : Terminals and APM Terminals in the Netherlands. | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Amware Logistics Announces New General Over the past couple of months Mr. Hood has been working as a Project Manager assisting Mike Torma and Deborah Mullins with a large project between the Morrow and Fulton locations, which with his assistance the team executed with perfection. Mr. Hood will be responsible for the Fulton operation effective September 1, 2013 and will continue to work closely with Mr. Torma. Mr. Torma will remain based out of the Fulton facility and will continue to support the Morrow operations. His responsibilities will now include the oversight of the new facility recently opened in Cranbury, New Jersey, which Amware opened in July to support the growth of an existing partner in Atlanta and Canada.

Amware Logistics, a national third-party logistics provider, is pleased to announce that Chuck Hood will be joining the team Amware Logistics continues to grow and is very pleased to have the talent as the new General Manager of the Fulton operation. Amware Logistics Services, a national third-party logistics provider, is pleased to announce that Chuck Hood will be joining the team as the new General Manager of the Fulton operation. Mr. Hood has over 42 years of experience in the logistics industry and has worked with Executive Vice President Hugh Tait in the past. He will be responsible for the daily operations of the facility located on Fulton Industrial Blvd.

and experience that Chuck Hood brings to the team as well as the new opportunities that Cranbury will bring with Mike Torma’s guidance and support. source :

New Director Joins Suttons Asia Pacific Team Logistics and supply chain specialist Suttons Group, has appointed a new Director for its north Asia operation. Anthony Latham, who will be based in Shanghai, joins the company from UTi China where he was Country Director of Client Services. Prior to this, Anthony spent three years as Country Head of Sales at Deutsche Post DHL Express, in the Philippines and brings to Suttons considerable knowledge and expertise, as the company continues to broaden the range of products and services it provides to its customers. Suttons CEO John Sutton commented: “Anthony has a proven track record in the industry and has valuable expertise in global supply chain, express logistics and freight forwarding. “After spending the last ten years in Asia Pacific holding senior commercial management positions in Singapore, the Philippines and China, his comprehensive knowledge of the market further strengthens Suttons’ offering in Asia. This is a region which represents an exciting and rapidly expanding market for the company, and the skills and experience that Anthony brings to the team will help us to continue to grow our operations.” Suttons is based in Cheshire, UK and operates globally with key business centres in Antwerp, Ludwigshafen, Houston, Kuantan, Le Havre, New Jersey, Shanghai, Singapore, Khobar and Tokyo. source :

80 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


The Future of Heavy Lift Vessels – What’s next?

defines it? 5 years ago you would have had a different answer to the one you’d get today.” His speech will discuss how companies are maximizing the commercial opportunities with regard to the blue water space taking into account the threats to the health of the industry: “Oversupply and price erosion will be one of the catalysts of change in the industry where high quality HLV owners will ultimately disconnect from the mass supply offerings, operating fewer ships of higher technical capacity and quality.” He said.

Justin Archard, managing director of SAL Heavy Lift sees a vast extension of heavy lift vessel capabilities in the last 10 years as heavy lift shipping is currently reinventing itself “What used to be considered heavy is now no longer considered heavy simply because of the capacity and knowledge that exists.” Speaking ahead of his presentation to the Power Logistics 2013 conference to be held at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, October 30-31, Archer questions the term heavy lift in itself “What in fact is a heavy lift and what

GPLN member duo complete sensitive shipment Heavy Logistics from Belgium has recently completed a DDU shipment of a sensitive CNC machinery from Europe to Shanghai inclusive of job-site installation inside factory. The CNC-machine was approximately 50 tons and measured 840cm x 296cm x 362cm.

Archer will discuss possibilities for the future with a global perspective at PowerLogistics Asia 2013 “Asia, Europe and the Middle East will probably continue in their volume based dominance, but the challenges for the upper end and specialist part of the heavy lift business will be in emerging countries where infrastructure both on and offshore will offer exciting opportunities.” He added that the market is vastly oversupplied with vessels capable of meeting all the needs of current projects. It will remain so for some time to come. source :

ITIC Puts Ship Agents on Alert Over Immigration Crew Scams ITIC has warned its members about a recent spate of crew scams which threaten to involve unwary ship agents in significant financial loss and exposure to fines and penalties by immigration authorities.

ITIC has issued a number of warnings in the past about ship agents being used by unscrupulous migrant smugglers to move illegal immigrants around Heavy Logistics, partnered with another GPLN member, Intermax Logistics the world. The basic pattern is for owners and managers to ask the agent to attend a vessel’s call at a port, and to provide assistance with regard to crew in Shanghai on this job who took care of customs clearance, temporary changes. Although the approach is bogus, the agent provides cover for the storage & installation onto foundation. arrival of the migrants in the country where the ship docks. As this machinery is very sensitive to external forces, every measure was The migrants will subsequently disappear and the agent will be left with being taken to arrange a smooth delivery. unpaid hotel bills, as well as the prospect of being asked to pay fines imposed by immigration authorities. In addition, agents may be liable for source : detention and repatriation costs if the migrants are apprehended. In a circular to members, ITIC notes that it has recently seen a re-emergence of these immigration crew scams. It reminds all agents to be particularly vigilant when approached by owners or crew managers unknown to them who are requesting a crew change. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Jensen Maritime Continues Hiring Boom with Addition of Eight New Employees

In Seattle, reporting to Sperling, are Henry and Hays. While Henry joins the team with more than 20 years of outside experience in vessel operations, project management and marine engineering, Hays makes the transition from Crowley to Jensen. Hays has 27 years of experienced leadership in finance and accounting and will play a key role in defining Jensen’s financial strategy while also tracking project performance.

Jensen Maritime, Crowley Maritime Corp.’s Seattle-based naval architecture and marine engineering company, continues its hiring boom with the recent addition of eight new naval architecture, marine engineering and administrative professionals in the company’s Seattle, New Orleans, and Jacksonville offices. The new hires bring additional expertise in the fields of naval architecture, marine and electrical engineering, marine construction and accounting, while enhancing Jensen’s newest service offerings – production and electrical engineering and construction management, all of which were added to the company’s portfolio in 2012. “Jensen’s tremendous growth continues as a result of the careful joint planning of Jensen and our parent company, Crowley, which has grown consistently and strategically for more than 120 years,” said Johan Sperling, vice president, Jensen Maritime. “These talented new employees will contribute in their own unique ways, allowing us to operate as a full-service firm that provides superior services to virtually any customer. We welcome these hires and look forward to what they will bring to the team.” Jensen’s new team members include Brig Henry, marine engineer; Jean Hays, manager, accounting; Jonathan Smith, director, new construction; Thomas Gurnik, senior naval architect; George Hafferty, electrical engineer; Paul Robles and Jeffery Martel, naval architects; and Lisa Vogt, administrator.

Smith has also transitioned from Crowley to Jensen, bringing 35 years of extensive experience in vessel maintenance, dry docking, module loadout and vessel construction. He remains domiciled in Jacksonville and now reports to Ray Martus, vice president, vessel management. Gurnik, Hafferty and Robles all join the company’s News Orleans office reporting to Sergio Fifi, general manager. Gurnik brings 30 years of comprehensive vessel design and construction experience to Jensen while Hafferty joins Jensen with extensive experience as an electronic systems analyst and integrator with technical training in marine and electrical engineering for both U.S. Naval and commercial vessels. Robles joins Jensen with skills in structural finite element analysis and hydrodynamics and received his master’s degree in naval architecture and marine engineering. Martel joins Jensen’s Seattle office as a naval architect, reporting to Sean Testa, manager, engineering design. In his new role, he will assist the stability team as it performs inclines and calculates stability on all types of workboats. Finally, Vogt joins Jensen’s Seattle office as an administrator, reporting to Dan Babcock, manager, business development. She is responsible for monitoring Jensen’s project management procedures while also supporting the business development and project management teams. Since August 2012, Jensen has hired more than 25 engineers, architects and other specialists to assist with customer projects in all three company locations, Seattle (headquarters), New Orleans and Jacksonville. source :

Curtis introduces energy efficient multi-voltage beacon LED light developments have made great progress in the last couple of years, so much so that industrial vehicle operators no longer need to be scared of the dark – and the health & safety laws. Efficiency of light output, low energy consumption, excellent reliability and great resistance to shock and vibration mean they are longer lasting and require less maintenance than existing xenon alternatives. Curtis Instruments has recently introduced a low cost, multi-voltage beacon that offers customers what the company claims is ‘an inexpensive and powerful safety light’ that, unlike conventional xenon technology requires little or no upkeep during its long lifetime. Comparatively, key points for reference include: Xenons are more expensive to operate; LEDs have a solid state construction which strongly resists shock and vibration; an added advantage for industrial or construction trucks; By comparison, LEDs are incredibly bright which means they can be used indoors and outdoors, xenon really are an ‘indoors-only’ option as they are not that bright; LEDs last longer and use less energy. Other products in the Curtis beacon range include the standard variety of xe-

non beacons that are IP54 rated, have low flash rates and are ideally suited for indoor use. The existing LED is a 6 burst, 65 flash per minute beacon, IP65 rated, for indoors and outdoors. The new Curtis LED beacon has the same as basic features, but also has extra benefits (including a constant “on” option, which links to speed controllers to provide fault warning flashes if required, so potentially good for OEMs), and is backed by a two year warranty, therefore offers better value for money. source :

82 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


Focus on special cartonboard and Russia Pankaboard is a leading producer of special cartonboards and folding boxboards (FBB) for a wide range of applications, primarily packages for luxury beverages, food, health care, and pharmaceuticals. The mill’s proximity combined with flexible customer service lead to cost-efficient logistics for Russian customers and demonstrate a strategic focus on cross-border trade. Pankaboard specialises in virgin fibre cartonboards that are tailored to meet specific end-use segments. The mill offers a wide range of coated and uncoated cartonboards, including folding boxboards up to 550 gsm (1.0 mm) for luxury beverage packaging as well as for food, pharma and health care packaging. Wide product range for different applications

Emphasis on cost efficient solutions for Russian customers With Pankaboard’s proximity to the Russian border only 25 km away, there are advantages in terms of cost efficient logistics and sustainable transports. In fact, St. Petersburg is as close to the mill as Helsinki. “Customers appreciate our flexible service and delivery options (FCA), which lets them pick up products directly from the mill,” says Mr Nordman. “We see and treat Russia as our home market, and we feel mentally connected to the Russian people.” Thanks to this cross-border cooperation and these strategically important customers, Pankaboard has increased its focus on Russia. Since 2012 Pankaboard has been working with sales representative BOCO in Russia, with offices in Moscow and St Petersburg (contact details below). Sustainability and product safety

The folding boxboard, PankaBrite (275 - 550 gsm), is well suited to luxury beverage packages because of its thickness. “Due to its thickness we can offer PankaBrite as a very cost efficient and ecological alternative to laminated material constructions,” says Vice President Christer Nordman. “The smooth surface gives excellent printing results.” The folding boxboard can also be delivered with a coated backside, PankaWhite, which for example is used for boxing popular Armenian brandies.

All cartonboards produced by Pankaboard are made of virgin fibres. Pankaboard is accredited by PEFC and FSC, and the raw material comes from local, well-managed forests. “Our product range has a low carbon footprint thanks to the use of local forests, efficient material utilization (ground wood pulp) and steam generated by our integrated biofuel boiler,” explains mill manager Petri Saastamoinen.

This unique product range also includes a wide selection of uncoated speciality boards such as the uncoated folding boxboard PankaStar, which is an “Product safety is a high priority, which means superior microbiological and attractive choice for highlighting the ecological image of a product. chemical purity,” he continues. “Naturally, the entire Pankaboard product range is certified for direct contact with food.” Using the Condebelt technology for uncoated board results in exceptional smoothness and printability. The mill also produces several other cartonboard grades for various special applications, such as material for laminated source : displays and picture frames, and for the food service industry. | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


GLOBAL FedEx Companies Receive Top 2013 Quest for Quality Awards

Toyota Named Green Supply Chain Partner By Inbound Logistics For Fifth Consecutive Year

Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) announced it has been named to Inbound Logistics’ list of 2013 Green Supply Chain Partners. The company was chosen in part for its environmentally friendly solutions, green manufacturing process and continued dedication to supply chain sustainability. This is the fifth year TMHU has been named to the list - every year since the award’s inception. “The Green Supply chain list honors companies that have made sustainability a priority, and continue to push the needle in terms of innovation and execution,” explained Felecia Stratton, editor for Inbound Logistics. “Toyota, for a fifth consecutive year, was recognized for creating an organizational culture where sustainability permeates all aspects of its manufacturing processes, extending to its suppliers as well.”

Six subsidiary companies of FedEx Corp. (NYSE:FDX) have been highly ranked by Logistics Management magazine readers in the 30th Annual Quest for Quality Awards. Four of the six FedEx companies were recognized as the best in five categories. The awards provide the transportation industry with a measure of customer satisfaction and performance excellence among both carriers and third -party logistics (3PL) service providers. More than 6,175 readers of Logistics Management magazine ranked carriers on the basis of five key criteria: on-time performance, value, information technology, customer service, and equipment & operations. The 3PL providers are rated on different criteria: carrier selection & negotiation, order fulfillment, transportation & distribution, inventory management, and logistics information systems.

“Toyota operates under a global earth charter that promotes environmental responsibility throughout our entire company,” Jeff Rufener, president of TMHU said. “At every stage of the production cycle - from raw materials and parts procurement to manufacturing and recycling - Toyota minimizes the environmental impact of every product.” The Green 75 feature is designed to provide decision support for Inbound Logistics’ readers who seek to do business with sustainable providers. To be eligible for the ranking, companies must provide logistics services with an emphasis on eco-friendly solutions. source :

“This recognition reflects the hard work, commitment and dedication of more than 300,000 FedEx team members around the world,” said Frederick W. Smith, chairman, president and chief executive officer, FedEx Corp. “Every day they live the Purple Promise—to make every FedEx experience outstanding.” The awards will be presented to representatives of winning companies at a gala celebration on Oct. 23 in Denver. source :

84 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


CSafe Global Announces New European Company & Addition to Business Development Management Team

To support the growing European and Middle Eastern Business, CSafe Global is pleased to announce a new European Business - CSafe Global Cooperatief UA, located in Schiphol, Netherlands. To support the new business based in the Netherlands, Edwin Visser joins the team of CSafe Global Sales Directors in Europe. He brings over 20 years of sales, operations, and implementation experience in the freight and logistics industry. Edwin will be based in The Netherlands, responsible for Eastern Europe including Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Poland. With this new European location, and the addition of Edwin to the business development team, CSafe Global enhances the customer service offering to work more strategically with Life Science cold chain customers. Nadine Siqueland, VP of Sales for CSafe Global, comments: “Edwin is a great addition to our growing global sales organization. He comes to CSafe Global with an acute understanding of the cold chain market and its current challenges. As a tenured sales leader with extensive career experience in pharmaceutical airfreight transportation at companies including KLM and Kuehne + Nagel, Edwin’s business building expertise will be invaluable as we meet the needs of an exponentially expanding CSafe Global’s EU/ Middle East business.” source :

Palletways launches new Platinum Club initiative British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes helped Palletways to launch a new initiative to reward its members for continuously enhancing their customer service performance at its annual summer conference. Palletways Platinum Club is a scheme designed to reward only the best network members for excellence in performance, commitment and compliance. Only 12 of Palletways 106 UK members have been selected to join the Platinum Club and their selection shows their continuous commitment to providing the highest levels of service to their customers. The inaugural Platinum Club members are: Authur Oakley Transport Ltd; Gilbraith Transport Ltd; Hastings Freight Ltd; Jack Richards & Son; Kenyon Road Haulage; Palletways 51; Palletways Birmingham; Reason Transport Ltd; Sovereign Transport Services Ltd; Speed Welshpool; The Pink Link Ltd; and Transland International. Palletways UK Managing Director, Martyn Young, said: “I’d like to thank all the Platinum Club members for their excellent work over the past year and their commitment to our network. Providing customers with a fast, reliable and efficient service is our top priority, and these awards highlight the dedication of our members to meeting the very highest standards”. Palletways is Europe’s largest and fastest growing express palletised freight network. It consists of 300 members across Europe of which 106 are in the UK. The company’s distribution networks are made up of independent transport companies who share each other’s resources to deliver small consignments of palletised freight to market faster and more cost effectively than ever before. source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



Improve Throughput and Productivity with Power Pick Global Hot Pick Module Customer satisfaction is a top priority for many organizations. Providing the right parts to the right person at the right time is key. The Hot Pick Module from Power Pick Global increases customer response time while improving employee productivity and system throughput. The Hot Pick Module allows operators to suspend a batch picking operation in progress so individual items or orders can be picked from the storage and retrieval system. Once the individual operation is complete, the batch picking operation can be resumed where it left off, with no interruption in continuity. The Hot Pick Module uses the same intuitive operator interface as standard Power Pick Global order processing functions, for fast and simple integration.

Airbus Corporate Foundation and Red Cross Red Crescent send medical aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan An Airbus flight on behalf of the Red Cross Red Crescent landed in Amman, Jordan, transporting 25 tonnes (143 cubic metres) of medical equipment and supplies as well as medical and logistics personnel. This Airbus A340-600 test aircraft was loaded in Helsinki by the Finnish Red Cross, with help from Finnair Cargo for palletizing and loading. This mission was arranged between the Airbus Corporate Foundation and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). IFRC Under Secretary General for Programme Services, Walter Cotte said: “The humanitarian needs to support the flight of thousands of people who are fleeing Syria increase every day. In Jordan, the Red Cross Red Crescent is providing vital health care to thousands of refugees. Airbus’ delivery of life-saving equipment, supplies and skilled people is invaluable, enabling us to provide for the health care needs of this vulnerable population.”

Andrea Debbané, Executive Director of the Airbus Foundation, said: “The Use of the Hot Pick Module improves overall customer satisfaction in imAirbus Foundation has been working regularly for several years with the mediate response to customer’s calls, walk-ups, orders, and emergency situIFRC, coordinating humanitarian missions such as this one today in Jordan. ations. Whether they need one part or 10 parts, a hot pick order can interrupt We also wish to thank all our partners involved in this project, the IFRC, the the batch picking process to complete the hot transaction. Finnish Red Cross, Finnair Cargo and Nordisk Aviation.”In recent years, Airbus has built up a global network of airlines and relief organisations to Power Pick Global software is designed to manage virtually all manual support international humanitarian causes. Delivery flights of new to be and automated storage and retrieval systems including vertical storage delivered aircraft have been used on numerous occasions to transport goods devices, horizontal carousel, shelving and racks and pick light systems. to destinations in need all over the world. The software can also manage multiple work zones in a large warehouse or distribution center. These supplies will enable the delivery of medical services in a new Syrian refugee camp currently being set up in Azraq, 100 kilometres east of Kardex Remstar, LLC, a company of the Kardex Group is a leading provider Amman, which will accommodate up to 130,000 people. of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, offices and institutions. The goods sent by the Finnish Red Cross are a part of a joint Red Cross Red Crescent initiative and includes beds, tents, surgical equipment and source : medicine. Ten people from the Red Cross (nurses, doctors, and technicians) are also part of the support. source :

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CLASSIFIED General Maritime Services Cargo International Logistics Inc. Offices and agents in most US and Canadian ports and major cities. USA New York Cargo International Logistics Inc. 45 Gardenville Parkway W West Seneca, NY 14224-1321 USA Phone: 1-716-686-9588 Fax: 1-586-314-0201 Phone: 1-914-613-3610 Phone: 1-716-240-2107 Phone: 1-905-524-2112 Fax: 1-905-524-0099 Toll Free - Tel: 1-888-253-3458 Fax: 1-888-253-9155 E-mail: USA New York City and JFK 143-30 38th Ave., Suite 1H Flushing, New York City NY 11354-5742 USA Phone: 1-718-321-1504 Fax: 1-718-321-8215 Toll Free Phone: 1-866-351-6742 Toll Free Fax: 1-866-351-6743 Toll Free: 1-888-622-5285 E-mail: USA Chicago 332 S Michigan Ave Ste 1032 #M633 Chicago IL 60604-4434 E-mail: Toll Free - Tel: 1-888-253-3458 Fax: 1-888-253-9155 Chicago Local Phone Number: 1-312-450-7056 USA Los Angeles Cargo International Logistics Inc. Toll Free - Tel: 1-888-253-3458 Fax: 1-888-253-9155 USA San Francisco Cargo International Logistics Inc. Toll Free - Tel: 1-888-253-3458 Fax: 1-888-253-9155 USA Atlanta Cargo International Logistics Inc. Toll Free - Tel: 1-888-253-3458 Fax: 1-888-253-9155 USA Houston Cargo International Logistics Inc. Toll Free - Tel: 1-888-253-3458 Fax: 1-888-253-9155 USA Miami Cargo International Logistics Inc. Toll Free - Tel: 1-888-253-3458 Fax: 1-888-253-9155 USA Seattle Cargo International Logistics Inc. Toll Free - Tel: 1-888-253-3458 Fax: 1-888-253-9155 Canada Cargo International Logistics Suite 906, 20 Hughson Street South, Hamilton, ON L8N2A1 Canada Phone: 1-905-524-2112 Fax: 1-905-524-0099 Phone Toll Free: 1-888-253-3458 Fax Toll Free: 1-888-253-9155 E-mail: E-mail: Toronto Area: Cargo International Logistics Inc. Phone Toll Free: 1-888-253-3458 Fax Toll Free: 1-888-253-9155 E-mail: Montreal Area: Cargo International Logistics Inc. Phone Toll Free: 1-888-253-3458 Fax Toll Free: 1-888-253-9155 E-mail: Vancouver Area: Cargo International Logistics Inc. Phone Toll Free: 1-888-253-3458 Fax Toll Free: 1-888-253-9155 E-mail: Halifax Area: Cargo International Logistics Inc. Phone Toll Free: 1-888-253-3458 Fax Toll Free: 1-888-253-9155 E-mail: ------------------Los Angeles, CA Office Phone: 1-213-258-1643 Chicago, IL Office Phone: 1-312-450-7056 Cheyenne, WY Office Phone: 1-307-222-4845 New York City Office Phone: 1-718-321-1504 Fax: 1-718-321-8215 Westchester County, NY Phone: 1-914-613-3610 Buffalo Office Phone: 1-716-810-2765 Hamilton, Canada Office Phone: 1-905-524-2112 Fax: 1-905-524-0099 London, UK Office Phone & Fax: 44 - (0) 7006-062-559

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Tel : 0082-2-730-4981 Fax : 0082-2- 730-4986 BUSAN ( 2 floors corporate assets): Noblian Ⅱ., 13Th F1. Rm. No.1314,26-1 4-Ga Jungang-Dong, Chung-Gu Busan, Korea, 600-014. Tel : 0082-51-466-2461 Fax : 0082-51-466-4940 Air/Sea Freight forwarding & NVOCC, FMC, KIFFA of FIATA;
LCL Consolidation and deconsolidation specialist in Korea; DDU, DDP, D/O, Custom Clearance, Packing, Exhibition in Korea;
Warehouse/Distribution/Project/Oversize/ Trucking in Korea; General Cargo Agent of MU in Korea & competitive air rate from Korea; Contract Rate from main ports of Korea to South/Latin America; Military Cargo, DG Cargo, Chemical, Tank, SOC, Special Containers in Korea. Services cover Seoul/Inchon/ Busan/Pyeongtaek/Kwangyang/Ulsan/Pohang/Chejudao/ Mokpo/Masan/Dangjin/Taegu/Donghae/Daisen/Daejon

RBS LOGISTICS GEORGIA Address: 118 Paliashvili str. 1-st Entrance, 1-st Floor; Flat No5; Tbilisi GE0162 Georgia Contact Person: Roman Bebia Telephone:+995 32 2387235 +995 32 2222003 Mobile: 995 599 157235 Fax: +995 32 2477772 Website:

Globus Transitos Pvt Ltd 107, A Wing 1st Floor Kukreja Centre, Sector 11,Plot No.13, Navi Mumbai : 400614 CBD Belapur Tel : + 91 22 41239303 Fax : + 91 22 41239303 (M) : +91 9320512334 E-mail: Web : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013



The 8th China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Fair Jointly held by Ministry of Transport of China and Shenzhen Municipal People’s

Government, China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Transportation Fair (CILF for short) is the largest and most influential trade show on logistics and transport in China, as well as in Asia. Since its debut in 2006, CILF has been successfully held for 7 successive years. The show draws in more than 80000 trade visitors, hailing from over 30 different countries all across the globe. The latest innovations and updates from this sector are closely deliberated upon during the event and a wide array of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Port and Shipping, Air Cargo, Intelligent Transportation, Material Handling, Dangerous Goods Transport & Warehousing are put on exhibit here, together with a host of other associated products. The show offers extensive business networking opportunities to all corporate participants and informative conference sessions and interactive procurement meetings are also held here. Forums & Activities during CILF2012: Trans-Pacific Maritime Conference (TPM Asia) World Ports Strategy Forum Logistics Solutions-Made in Germany Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management CEO Summit Procurement Meeting among Buyers in China and Overseas CILF Networking Days One 2 One Meetings “Walk into Qianhai” Investment Promotion Seminar New Products Promotion Fact & Figures No. of Exhibitors : Over 1200 No. of Visitors : Over 80000 Public Timing : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Business Timing : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Entry Fees : Free entry upon pre-registration online or submitting application form.

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On September 11, PortTech Los Angeles will host its fourth annual PortTechEXPO, a technology conference and competition

bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and the business community to explore and help fund the latest innovative advancements in environment, energy, transportation and security technology solutions for the maritime industry and beyond.

is a great opportunity for connecting businesses and helping bring new and innovative technologies to market.” PortTechEXPO anticipates as many as 100 technology exhibitors and displays, and expects hundreds of individual, government and corporate leaders to participate in the conference this year. Event highlights include an entrepreneur pitch competition, live presentations of sustainable products and services, and dozens of sponsor displays and booths.

“This year’s PortTechEXPO is shaping up to be the biggest and most dynamic yet, with more planned demonstrations and interactive displays than ever before,” said PortTechLA Executive Director Stan Tomsic. “This event source :

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Continental Transport Consultant Co.,ltd- Head Office as agent for REGIONAL EXPRESS LINE 606b Room,04FL Indochina Building Tower 04 Nguyen Dinh Chieu,Ward DaKao,District 01, Hcm City.,Vietnam Tel : 84.8 39911981 (12 lines ) Fax : 84.8 39910547 Mobile: 84.8 918 900800 Email: MSN ID : Yahoo ID: CTCTRANS83 Website:



Jl. Ikan Mujahir no. 60 perak barat

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5th Annual Cool Logistics Global Conference The 5th edition of Cool Logistics Global - the only conference dedicated to global perishables trade - moves to Rotterdam for the first time in 2013. Worldwide, few other ports have a better claim than Rotterdam to be a magnet for handling, distributing and channeling perishable trades. Cool Logistics Global comes to the port at a significant point in its history, in the midst of the Maasvlakte 2 construction – one of the biggest container port developments in the world – and following the recent announcement of the Cool Port project, aiming to consolidate the traditionally diverse conventional and container reefer transport disciplines into a single perishables hub. Global perishables trade continues to grow, yet five years on since the start of the global financial and economic crisis - and the first Cool Logistics Global in Hamburg - some of the fundamental tensions within international cold supply chains remain obstinately difficult to resolve. Uncovering these hidden dynamics and how to create a new regime of transparency in terms of cost and service offers will be at the heart of the debate at Cool Logistics Global 2013. As the world continues to grapple with the lingering effects of reckless lending and cheap money, the ‘global economic hangover’ has not bypassed perishable supply chains. True, reefer trades have remained a ‘safe haven’ for the logistics and transport industries in volume growth terms. But reefer container rates have failed to keep pace with the ‘new world order’ initiated by the liner shipping industry to curb deepening financial distress, prompting the 30% GRI first announced by Maersk at last year’s Cool Logistics Global. As predicted at our Antwerp 2012 conference, other carriers were soon to follow Maersk’s example, albeit with mixed results in the months since. With container carriers now accounting for over 90% of world maritime reefer transport capacity, according to Drewry Shipping Consultants, perishable shippers are caught in the slipstream of new measures designed to return the liner shipping industry to financial health, including rate increases, blanked sailings, service rationalisation and, critically, the shift to larger ships. Shippers want a stable maritime transport industry, however are deeply apprehensive that current initiatives will erode their reliability, profitability and flexibility in delivering time-sensitive goods to market. Equipment supply remains a key area of concern, along with service


unpredictability and lack of dedicated customer care. These are a few of the key issues on the table for our annual debate on maritime reefer trades. Building on last year’s first ever dedicated airfreight session, this year will also include an extended debate on moving perishables by air, looking at food, flowers and other key commodities such as pharmaceuticals, medical and other ‘live’ shipments. As an increasing number of commodities make the transition from air to sea due to technological development, airlines and integrators will be keen to hang on to the higher value end of the market. However, on certain trade routes airfreight will continue to rely on traditional perishables to ‘balance the books’. Driven in many cases by passenger traffic dynamics, airlines and even dedicated air cargo carriers face similar utilisation issues as the shipping lines, which again often leads to customer dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, evolving food security regimes, lack of standardisation, equipment shortage and huge differences between airport infrastructure across the world add to the current challenges. What can airfreight do to retain its role? Once again, the conference will delve into landside logistics for the first and last mile of international perishables distribution either by sea or air – possibly the most complex piece of the cold supply chain puzzle. Many shippers believe that their products disappear into a ‘black hole’ after being discharged in ports. What can port and terminal operators do to provide the perishables industry with greater transparency and security? What is the future strategic and operational role of ports in the perishables supply chain? What is being done especially in emerging markets to improve access to landside infrastructure, better transport services and the professional skills needed to reduce unacceptably high levels of wastage? Where is the greatest proportion of waste being generated and how is the ‘cost of waste’ being distributed along the supply chain from production to retail? Plus, what progress is being made on modal shift to rail, inland waterway and short sea? And within all this, how can inbound and outbound inland equipment flows be more effectively managed and matched? source : | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


Sea Transport Port of Tanjung Priok - Jakarta -2012

Sea Transport Port of Tanjung Priok - Jakarta -2012 | vol. # 10 | X | AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2013


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