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Apple launched the new iPhone 3GS on 8 June 2009 as a follow up to its popular iPhone 3G. The iPhone series had sold around 21 million units to date (June 2009) and the new version of the product, due to go on sale in the US, Canada and parts of Europe on 19 June, introduces many new features to the iPhone product line. We will take a more detailed look at the most significant of these new features. The first new addition is significantly increased processing power. Apple claim in its marketing literature that the new iPhone 3GS will function up to two times faster than the previous iPhone 3G. The new unit also features much improved efficiency which allows the user to enjoy a few hours more talk time and several hours longer internet browsing time than previously available. The next key improvement is that of a much improved camera. One of the most disappointing parts of the original iPhone was its low 2 mega pixel resolution camera. The camera in the new iPhone 3GS now boasts a 3 mega pixel resolution coupled with auto focus for the first time. In addition to better photos, the new 3GS now allows the user to shoot VGA (640×480 resolution) quality video. Whilst this is not the best quality available today, it is a good new feature for the device. The third new feature on the iPhone 3GS is voice control. This new functionality allows the user to control the iPhone software using voice commands. You are now able to call phone book contacts or even launch the web browser and view web pages without having to manually input any physical commands. The forth improvement is the addition of more memory. Whilst the earlier iPhones feature either 8GB or 16GB of memory, the 3GS will be offered in either 16GB or 32GB versions, potentially doubling the size of the memory available. The final key enhancement is the addition of a compass feature. This graphical representation of a traditional compass allows the user to see the direction they are facing. This feature will most likely be integrated with the GPS system from the earlier generations of iPhone to increase its usefulness when on foot. This article covers the major new features introduced on the iPhone 3GS. The previous generation iPhone 3G will continue to be offered to consumers but at a reduced price. The level of price reduction will depend upon the region it is being sold in.

Mac Thomas is a technology and mobile communications writer, specializing in the Apple iPhone,

including the new iPhone 3GS, due for release on 19 June 2009. You can get a free iPhone 3GS by visiting our partners at We hope you will enjoy the improved features of the new handset and put them to good use.

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New Features of the iPhone 3GS  

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