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The iPhone has been a consumer hit and a commercial success - what with a fashionable design and impressive gadgetry -- enough to arouse the envy of every one in one's near vicinity. High prices and a required two-year wireless commitment with AT&T, brushed aside. So now the honeymoon is over, enthusiasts are mumbling over the clearly apparent lack of detail and other iPhone complaints, while they rushed the iPhone to the market. Some iPhone gurus even came up with as many as 10 iPhone complaints, known to some but surprising to others. My experience is that most iPhone users are extremely happy with a totally sleek phone, (although there is still a lot of people that don't know how to use it )- beautiful to look at for the most part, but now users certainly expect improvements relating to functions, connectivity, battery time, chatting/texting and replacement programs. The top 5 iPhone complaints amongst users are: * Dropped calls, poor reception * No responsibility taken on the part of AT&T or Apple * Poor battery life - battery is not removable * Some features are draining battery life very quickly * With software released September 2007 (2.1), Apple aimed at reducing dropped calls and improving battery life. When Apple's iPhone was released, more than a million units were sold during the first weekend. But alas, message boards and discussion forums were filled to the brim with users' angry display of their utmost displeasure. AT&T's 3G network, when it's in a 3G location, is supposed to switch automatically to a lower edge network. This should happen when the 3G signal gets low. The effect here is that there's a drag or delay in switching, and can cause calls to be dropped, or skinny. As of May 2008, At&t has finally decided that those of us willing to spend the extra coin on a high-end smartphone, deserve some insurance protection options. The big downer here as we expected, but cross our fingers on, is that the iPhone will NOT be included in this premium handset insurance feature. As usual there is a 30 day period to enroll in the Wireless Insurance Program after purchasing a new device whether it is an upgrade or a new contract. There are also consistent iPhone complains about the lack of the iChat program that is mostly used by some users on their Macs. Fring already offers ways to chat on AIM, MSN and Yahoo.

Users have actually been asking for this since the beginning. While Apple is hinting that iChat is coming to the iPhone, sometime in the determinate future, beejive has delivered a fully-functioning IM client specifically tailored for the iPhone. New Technical iPhone Upgrades March 20, 2009. Yahoo Tech had this to say in the past week about new iPhone features: "The second and perhaps greater concern is the changes Apple announced earlier this week for its iPhone operating system. Many of the features Apple is adding to version 3.0 are features that gained oohs and aahs when the Pre's webOS was deomonstrated at CES. Each day that the Pre is not on shelves is another day closer to the media and consumer frenzy that will undoubted accompany Apple's roll out of iPhone OS 3.0." "It's certainly no coincidence, for instance, that among the features that Apple spotlighted at its town meeting were copy and paste, the ability to unlock (jailbreak), connect to external hardware, push notification, and in-app purchases -- all widely touted elements of the Pre's webOs." "The fact that the Apple freight train is about to bear down on the Pre doesn't mean Palm's device won't be a success. But the pending changes to the iPhone OS make it harder for the Pre to distinguish itself in an increasingly competitive smartphone market. There is no little irony in the fact that the company that was once synonymous with PDA is struggling to maintain a finger hold on the market it helped create." The problems with flash support, video recording, cut and paste functions, are issues that frustrate many users. People are perturbed that they cannot tilt the keyboard sideways, to use the landscape view. This is for easier typing when emailing or texting (resolved by Big Keyboard Email). Disappointment was also expressed because users cannot forward a text - should be a fairly simple function? By now Apple must be already aware of these complaints and will likely resolve them -- eventually -- with future software updates or newer models of the handset. The Top 7 iPhone Complaints Are: 1. Dropped Calls/Reception 2. Battery Life- No removable battery 3. Inconsistent internet speeds 4. Disappointment with the Apple replacement program 5. No iChat program 6. Not good for business users- No ability to cut and paste or edit MS Office documents 7. No ability to tilt phone during emails or use the keyboard sideways.

Still there are many people who basically bought the iPhone as a persona accessory (come on, admit it ;-D), but sadly find it difficult to use [].

Iphones have become a fashion icon for many people. Knowing how to use it has also become vitally important. To discover how you can use simple methods to unleash your iphone, you may want to visit [] My name is Marie and I own an iPhone. But not knowing how to decently operate my iPhone, got me into a lot of trouble.

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