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Is the Sony VAIO VGN-CS11Z/R better than the earlier models? Let's see what exciting features are included in this new generation. The VAIO laptop is mainly designed to correct all the drawbacks and add some advanced features compared to earlier models. The same thing was done with Sony's new CR series model. Different styles appear with attractive color variations, such as ruby red. VAIO Design Features The new VAIO has a smooth and slightly curved body that is eye pleasing and modern looking. It's great for those searching for a long lasting and eye-catching laptop. VAIOs are supple, sleek, and made from the best lightweight materials available. They're also tough and durable, which is very important for busy people on the go. This version of the VAIO is also designed with the user in mind. Buttons on the keyboard are placed in useful locations and with the end user's comfort and convenience as priorities. The keys on the keyboard are large, square shaped, and comfortably spaced for maximum typing flow and practicality. The VAIO laptop has a small and user-friendly touch pad, with directional mouse buttons that are not obtrusive. VAIO Weight And Battery Life One of the new VAIO laptop's best features is its light weight. Made from modern plastics and metals, Sony managed to keep the weight to a reasonable 2.5 kilograms. The VAIO is designed for both internal and external use and has a four-and-a-half hour battery life, which is a good amount of time for a laptop. VAIO Screen The Sony VAIO screen is available in 14.1 viewable inches. One knock against this VAIO is that it has a narrow viewing angle, so you must sit in front of screen for clear visibility. Angled viewing distorts and blanks out the images pretty easily. The laptop's monitor screen also becomes noticeably duller when used in battery mode vs. connected to an electrical source. VAIO Blue-Ray Drive The VAIO's Blue-Ray drive is a high-definition viewer which can be installed. It presents a crystal clear viewing experience, with a choice to produce HD content. The VAIO screen resolution is perfect for viewing HD content. Due to the absence of HDMI ports, however, you will not be able to

view HD content on any external viewing source. Special Features of VAIO The VAIO offer great modern technology, including the NVidia GeForce 9300 GS graphics card (pre-installed). This provides you with excellent graphics capabilities for multimedia and playing modern computer games that require the most current video display technology. Other special features to be impressed by include: three USB ports, an outstanding Wi-Fi switch, Mini-Fire wire Connection, various SD and MS card slots and an Express Card Slot. VAIO Pros and Cons To be sure, this new Sony VAIO is not perfect. For example, the aforementioned screen clarity flaw in the case of using battery power rather than electricity. However, the keyboard and other design features, along with the noted technological advances, make the VAIO worthy of your consideration if you're in the market for a new laptop.

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==== ==== Who Else wants to get attractive discounts on Laptops. We have collected the best deals and offers. Check this out now. Click Now!! ==== ====

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