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This article discusses the basic concepts of natural penis enlargement regarding procedures and treatments. In addition, this post is also intended to help inexperienced men acquire the knowledge they need to select an enhancement treatment and learn how / if it works. Penis Enlargement - What is it? The phrase "penis enlargement" is self-explanatory, however the general concept of penis enlargement is to increase the dimensions of the penis by expanding length, girth, and improving erection hardness. This type of treatment is a form of self-improvement, just like visiting the gym to exercise muscles. Why Do Men Choose Penis Enlargement? Often, men choose to pursue a penis enlargement treatment for very specific reasons. These are some of the reasons: To have a bigger penis, improve orgasm intensity, enhance libido, virility, or remedy impotence (erectile dysfunction), increase ejaculate volume, control male ejaculation, orgasm more often, reduce the recovery time between orgasms, straighten a curved penis (peyronie's disease), improve sexual stamina and endurance... get the picture? How Effective Are Natural Penis Enlargement Treatments? You can gain up to 4 inches with the right treatment. However, in order to gain multiple inches, you must be very persistent and patient. An enlargement regimen can take up to 12 months for some of the most coveted gains. Please note that results are based by individual. Your health, genetics and current penile proportions have an effect on how much you can gain, although most men can gain a considerable amount. What is Considered A Normal Penis Size? The average flaccid length is 3.5 inches. The average erect length is very close to 6 inches. As for erect girth, 5 inches is the average. From this basis, you can determine whether your above average or below average. Why Are There So Many Scams?

Its all to common that companies advertise fraudulent products and misleading information by marketing their services through spam and ad promotions. A large portion of these claims promise to enlarge the penis multiple inches, although one clear fact is never directly answered pertaining to one very important distinction: Are the results temporary or permanent? This question alone will help determine the kind of treatment that is right for you... if the company clearly states it. Also, another major aspect that prevents practitioners from successfully enlarging their penis is operator error. Some guys fail miserably at penis enlargement and tend to think it wasn't their fault. This assumption leads some individuals to proclaim the product they used is a scam because it didn't work for them. It doesn't take much error to ruin a penis enlargement treatment. If you miss one day and we mean ONE DAY, your chances of success will reduce significantly. Three qualities you must possess are determination, commitment, and self-motivation. Penis enlargement isn't to be taken lightly if you want serious improvement. What Treatments Can Help Enlarge the Penis? Enlargement procedures include - using a penis extender, consuming supplements, exercising, applying a patch, electing surgery or utilizing a special pump - each of these methods capable of enlarging the penis to an extent. A few of these treatments are able to portray ideal results, while others are just a waste of time. If you were to classify any of these enlargement techniques, most would be considered a typical penis enlargement treatment. This is because insufficient research has been performed on penile enlargement, which means that claims made today are biased or unreliable. Some research has been conducted on the effectiveness or safeness of certain treatments to validate claims made by companies who produce male enhancement products or programs. Most of this data is based off of independent clinical trials and educational research. When investigating a product you find appealing, always look for data that is able to verify it's legitimacy. If you cannot find this information, this may be an indication of a scam! Why Should Penile Enlargement Be Safe AND Effective? Because it makes sense. No one wants one or the other, they would prefer both. This distinction is what classifies "natural" penis enlargement from a typical, over-exposed penis enlargement treatment. On the other hand, natural also means innate. For example, a penis extender is an unusual device, with all of its interesting components and peculiar design. The device is anything but natural, although its intended use is to stretch the penis, which is a natural force. Instead of stretching the penis by hand (exercising), you can let a device do all the work. So What Treatments Are Considered to be a Form of "Natural Penis Enlargement"? There are only three procedures that are natural, effective and safe. Exercises are completely natural since they require nothing but your own two hands. A medically certified traction device (penis extender) attaches to the penis and applies traction (a stretching force) that primarily lengthens the penis. Supplements that are comprised of 100% natural ingredients are also very

safe and extremely effective if used as described. Here is a quick summary... Natural Penis Enlargement (Recommended):

Penis Extenders Penis Exercises Penis Pills

Penis Enlargement (Potentially harmful):

Cosmetic Surgery Almost all Penis Pumps Hanging Weighted Objects

Natural penis enlargement is an invaluable treatment option for men with a small penis. If you would like want to learn more about penis augmentation, visit our natural penis enlargement site for reviews and information about penis extenders, exercises and supplements.

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==== ==== An easy and effective way to increase your size and please your partner in a great way. She will love you so much more... Don't believe it till you see it... Click here to get a feel of it now. Your partner deserves your best ==== ====

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