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I just got my hands on a copy of the Lose Your Man Boobs System and I must say, it's pretty good. Here's what I discovered about this program. If you suffer from excessive fat in the chest area, also referred to as 'man boobs', Lose Your Man Boobs provides a wealth of information to help you. I must say the e-book isn't what I expected. Author Cliff Manchester promotes this as a product that teaches you how to get rid of your man boobs naturally. He indicates that pumping iron isn't the best solution, but proper exercises will work. Specifically, he stresses that he knows which exercises you need to apply which he promises to share with you. From this, I expected an e-book that was heavily focused on special exercises to reduce man boobs. As I read all the details about the conditions that can contribute to chest fat, I kept wondering when the physical stuff was going to start. Gradually, the information started to fall into place. He begins by explaining the condition of man boobs, also medically termed gynecomastia. Not all cases are severe enough to be considered a medical condition because being overweight or having area-specific fat is a condition that can often be corrected with proper diet. That's where Cliff excels, because he goes over all the things that can cause man boobs - from your diet and just being overweight to hormonal imbalance and body chemistry. He covers what causes hormone levels to go awry and what extreme levels can do to you. Then, he lets you know that you can fix whatever is causing your man boobs. His explanation of how the body works in relation to the foods you feed it is extremely significant and helpful, even if you aren't striving to get rid of man boobs. Cliff offers in-depth information about certain types of foods and how they can prepare your body so that it loses weight naturally. The discussions about the body are easy to understand and written for the lay person. He briefly explains body chemistry principles and their role in increasing or minimizing the oxygen your body gets. He teaches you why it's important to level out your hormones in order to reduce your man boobs. He then tells you how to do it. He says these changes can give you more energy, improve your momentum and make you feel healthy overall. All important to reducing man boobs quickly and safely.

From the quick biology lesson you learn how the body works in response to your food intake and emotional changes. Then he links this information with the development (and elimination) of man boobs. The key word in getting rid of man boobs is 'consistency' in doing the exercises and following the instructions as outlined. Next, he shares his personal tips for minimizing your body's ability to store fat. Then he brings it all together, from your diet and daily routine to your sleep patterns which are all important to bringing back your body's natural behavior. Doing so will cause the hormone and fat levels will fall naturally into place. The book Includes a food chart you can print out and stick to your fridge. It clearly identifies the best and worst foods to eat. At a glance, you know exactly what to eat and what to avoid. He discusses diet without obsessing over it, yet he emphasizes that your eating habits can also affect muscle retention and man boobs. The proper way to eat? Surprisingly, he suggests you eat more often. These are no nonsense, straight forward explanations of what you need to do to eliminate chest fat and man boobs. His advice makes sense, especially when you look at the traditional menus and compare them with today's fast-food frenzy. You learn about the 'secret' spice that has an amazing ability to melt away chest fat and the benefits of certain minerals in overall health and in reducing chest fat. This is intelligent and knowledgeable nutritional advice that is well worth knowing - in fact, I'd say it's essential to overall feeling great. He then goes into an explanation of gynecomastia and offers an explanation of the different forms of this condition and suggests appropriate treatments for each. He lays out the options, makes suggestions and offers the methods that he knows work. No pressure, no demands. The choice is yours. He simply offers the information for you to use if you choose. Cliff revealed to me that had man boobs most of his life, from his early teens. He faced the dilemma that nothing he tried would reduce them. He tried healthy eating and exercise to no avail. Then, he did his own research and discovered the solution that he describes in his book. According to Cliff, he's not heard of anyone who's man boobs returned once they had been eliminated using his methods. If they do, however, he says that reapplying the strategies provided in his Chest Coach System will get rid of them quickly. A few questions did come to light while I reviewed this Chest Coach product. One of a more serious nature is his recommendation of Gynexin supplement - the only one he

makes through the book. As with any ingested product, Gynexin might be perfectly safe for the majority of people, but there is always risk. It claims to be safe but my research revealed that the main ingredient in this supplement does come with a serious warning. According to, the main ingredient Guggulsterones can boost thyroid activity so anyone taking thyroid drugs or other prescribed medications should consult with their physician before taking Gynexin. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association and Science News, this ingredient comes from India's myrrh tree and can be potentially harmful. Philippe O. Szapary of the University of Pennsylvania and his colleagues reported, "...there were indications that guggulipids might actually raise blood concentrations of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the type that has been linked to heart disease." Although I praise Cliff for his exceptional detail about nutrition and all the things that contribute to chest fat, this Gynexin recommendation does need more study for anyone considering its use. The other issue that caught my attention is the lack of images demonstrating the exercises he describes. I was pleased to learn that he is currently in the process of putting together a series of images that he expects to have completed in a matter of a few weeks. My overall opinion of this product is that it provides you with all the information you need to get rid of your man boobs. He details all aspects of this condition and how the body responds to certain stimuli - from the nutrition it's fed to the exercises it gets. One important point he stresses is that the key to success is to work hard, especially at the beginning, so that you see quick results. Once you begin to see proof that these methods actually work, you will be more determined to continue until your chest fat is gone. On a scale of 1-5, I give this product a 4, only because the exercise images are not yet included, but they will be made available for all those who purchase his product and become a member of his site.

Learn more about the Lose Man Boobs System & Membership. Sylvia Dickens is an awardwinning journalist who has struggled and overcome depression, panic and anxiety. Stop Smoking, Anxiety Relief, Dog Training, Music Instruction (piano, guitar) and Travel ideas are some of the topics covered on her Ebook Web Site.

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==== ==== Learn the secret to lose man boobs. Get rid of man boobs fast. Act Now! Click the link below now to know more. ==== ====

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