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The word Sony is not new in our lives, at least I must admit that I have seen and heard a lot about Sony in different ways since I was born. It's a popular electronic goods brand that has occupied the market's largest part and products. From radio to computing, you can have every electronic essential good with Sony written on it. For many decades Sony has captured the market of television by having the best picture tube. Talking about the computers, Sony has contributed in the market by launching the Sony VAIO series notebooks. These notebooks are very famous in the market and working absolutely perfect. Sony has got the impressive impact of selling these notebooks by making them more inspiring to users. Sony VAIO VPCS1390X is not for the people who are more concerned about the looks of the notebook; however it has got an impressive style that still attracts the people having some knowhow of computers. The lid is not so gleaming yet the silver VAIO writing is reflecting the imaginative work done magnificently by Sony VAIO. Opening the lid, the keyboard is designed perfectly considering the comfort of the fingers and you can easily work on it for long hours. It has 16.4 inches wide screen which gives you the best results for watching movies and playing games. After having a detailed and focused look on the specification, you look back at Sony VAIO VPCS1390X and feel the aggressiveness. Sony VAIO VPCS1390X comes with the turbo boost technology by Intel. This technology helps your notebook to work as energy efficient when you are not working on it. Similarly, it automatically increases the speed when system requires performance. It comes with Intel Core Quad i7- processor with the above discussed Turbo Boost up to 2.93GHz. You have a second choice of 1.86GHZ boosts up to 3.20GHZ. The main memory is also very impressive from 4GB that goes up to 8GB. The storage begins with 320GB up to 750GB. The graphic card comes as NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU 512MB VRAM which is fine but not the best one. Another good option Sony is allowing for this machine is to change the display screen for $100 to 16.4 inches VAIO Full HD Premium Display which is indeed a good offer. Its price starts from $2110 which is not cheap at all. We know that it is Sony VAIO and it has very impressive design and it is "Sony" but again it's not something we won't have from any other brand at this high price.

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