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Foreword The Degree Show Catalogue showcases the diverse work of thirty one final year Illustration students, working in a variety of styles and subject areas‌ ranging from traditional print making to mixed media, textiles to the digital image. The students at Portsmouth University seek to challenge the boundaries of what defines Illustration.We hope that you find their imagery stimulating. The BA (Hons) Illustration Course at the University of Portsmouth offers students an opportunity to question, reflect and analyse their own work and its commentary in the context of the work of other designers, filmmakers, painters, sculptors, writers etc. We provide an educational experience allowing students to understand their role as a cultural producer in a broad, social, political and historical context. As illustrators, we have a unique voice which can challenge and change convention. At Portsmouth we do all we can to nurture and develop this potential, through access to a wide range of teaching, learning and studio resources as well as personal encouragement to develop your motivation and flexibility. The course gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of ways in which to pursue illustration, through both traditional and contemporary methods. Students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of media from print to animation, textiles to object and model making, to freely re-define illustration and express their individual voice which will develop knowledge of new image-making technology, which will enhance all students’ future employment prospects.

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University of Portsmouth Illustration Michelle Barrett Paul Bateman Gary Booley Christina Burgess Susan Carre Debbie Clarke - Lens Rachel Clatworthy Andy Cobb Sarah Cooper Candice Cumming Samantha Davey Stuart Fenwick Victoria Fielding Julie Fowler Claire Geary Chris Gosden James Johnson Rachael Jordan Laura Meredith Chris Millard Gamel Oki Anna Patock Kerry Silver Pete Snell Laura tyson Holly Valverde Catherine Vaughan Simon White Lucy Willder Jennie Wood Zoe Wool

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Michelle Barrett Understanding how things work and happen makes my clock tick. Emotions are my current fascination. I have created artwork from textiles explaining by imagery how an emotion happens. I am following the emotion theories of James-Lange and Cannon-Bard. I also worked with another student to design the degree website page for 2008. I used Fireworks and Dreamweaver in order to do this. I like to use Photoshop, line drawing and photography in my artwork. My style is very neat and I use curved lines in my drawings. I can adapt my style to the subject I am studying.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Paul Bateman I like drawing, and for most of this course my tutors have been trying desperately to get me to try other avenues. I came upon an article in the Daily Telegraph stating that set design was a dying art in Britain. Gerald Scarfe, the famous cartoonist, expanded from drawing satire to create sets for theatre, ballet and opera, as well as for Pink Floyd concerts. So, following in his footsteps I have created a scaleddown theatre with sets. As my theoretical research mainly revolves around Englishness and stereotypes what could be more English than that marvellous television programme, The Avengers, and therefore have created a set design for that show, as if it were to appear on stage.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Gary Booley My project is based on having and achieving the ideal. It is a response to people not being content with how they look body wise so I hand made different sized body parts which can be ‘velcro’d’ onto a body suit depending on what someone’s ideal would want to be! I was really interested in using hand sewn techniques and I have developed my own techniques over the past few years of doing my degree. My main influences have come from artists such as ‘The Icelandic Love Corporation’ and ‘Fromkeetra’. I am also hugely inspired by Terry Richardson.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Christina Burgess The human body is a fascinating subject that led me to concentrate on skin. Our outer covering is the largest organ in the body that acts as a luggage system transporting us around. The ridges on the skin act as surface indicators and patterns of identity. Our individual markings on the skin initiated my fascination for this project. The project enabled me to experiment with printmaking, typography, photography and glass as visual interpretations of my research into skin and ageing. I enjoyed creating unusual objects with mixed media and manipulating them digitally. I love to work with typography and scale to create an impact on the viewer. This project has provided me with more enthusiasm towards the body, creating illustrations with a variety of styles and visually expressing the combination of science and art. This is an area I would love to continue to work towards in the future.

Email: Tel: 07833 546099 University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Susan Carre I tend to visualise ideas and concepts in 3D & so this is the way that I usually work. I really enjoy using fabric and stitch work to illustrate my idea and often transfer this media into a 3D format which can then be photographed. I also used pastels and often incorporate Photoshop into my 2D and 3D work. My third year project is based around the issues connected with the cruel conditions that animals are kept in, within the cosmetics testing and factory farming industries. My degree show consists of a range of soft toys and products that represent the animals within these industries & the way in which they are kept.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Debbie Clarke Lens I am 22 years old and am currently living in Southsea in Portsmouth. I am inspired by the world around me, the people, television and magazines. I love colour and pattern and love finding patterns from everyday life to incorporate into my work. I love fashion and clothing and am greatly inspired by fashion illustration and fashion photography. I love to draw people and clothing and so my work is usually based around these themes. I love to produce illustrations based around fashion and beauty but recently my university project took me in a different direction. I became very interested in instructional illustration and began producing imagery of a woman doing different chores around the house which turned into an instructional ‘how to guide’. I also produced a ‘how to guide’ for fashion. It is based around the theme of how to dress for your figure and is aimed at women. These guides evolved into a range. Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Rachel Clatworthy I like to think of myself as a citizen designer, consciously trying to inform and educate through visual artwork. This present exhibition focuses on the horrors of television and the semiotic messages received via the media, having a negative effect on children and individuals who watch too much TV. At the moment I prefer to use a mix medium of digital, screen prints and wood engraving. I am beginning to experiment with colour in the wood engravings and really enjoy using this traditional method while integrating modern graphics. The Screen prints have 5 to 7 layers of colour. For more information on Rachel’s artwork and other Exhibitions please visit

Email: rachelclatworthy@googlemail.



University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Andy Cobb My name is Andy Cobb, I am a designer and illustrator from Portsmouth. My work incorporates the use of various media and techniques, with a focus on the redesign of the household items, from cutlery to furniture. My intentions are to challenge the conventional uses of objects, recycling disused and broken items and construct new, functional pieces.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Sarah Cooper My name is Sarah Cooper, aged 21 and I’ve just finished my degree in Illustration. I’m an outgoing individual who enjoys socialising and being involved in group activities. I’ve always been interested in art, and my main interest lies with the human body and anatomy. My main influences are Niklaus Heeb and also the work of Toulouse de Lautrec. My work is mainly 2d elements, often developed to make 3d images. I enjoy making realistic images of the human body, using pen and pencil, black and white images, or using Illustrator and Photoshop to give a more graphic feel to it. In terms of subject matter, I feel psychology or science best suits my style.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Candice Cumming I work around social issues and have focused on anxiety. I produce satirical observations of anxiety shown through animations, artist books and zines. I am excited by the print quality of hand cut stamps combining this into my work. I am enthused by animation as it allows my work to move.

Email: web: Tel: 07725596250

University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Samantha Davey I have always been fascinated by the dream world, the relationship between humans and animals and the female body/reproductive system. It became my intention to discover the connections between woman and swan, learn more about the swan both as a creature and as a symbol, and identify parallels between a selection of swan-related myths and contemporary feminist issues such as oppression, forced domesticity and sexual abuse. The work I produced was a personal and conceptual response to the subject and aimed to unite the ‘Swan Maiden’ myth, the Greek myth of ‘Leda and the Swan’ and the recent ‘Fritzel’ news story by identifying shared themes and issues-enabling me to place these in a modern day context. My usual methods of working are using hand drawn illustrations using fine liner ink pen in conjunction with collage and using a muted colour palette. However I began to explore manifesting my ideas in a 3-dimensional format towards the end of the FMP, using materials such as clay, plasticine, tissue paper and plaster of Paris. I also really enjoy combining print and stitching, using delicate fabrics/materials and this is the form my final piece has taken. Email: vision__incision@hotmail. com University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Stuart Fenwick My images are a mixture of hand drawn elements and photographs, used to add an extra dimension. These are then edited with programs like Photoshop and Painter. My inspiration comes from areas including history, mythology and philosophy. A comic book enthusiast, my visual style reflects this genre. I believe comics have great potential and are often viewed negatively by many people. Someday I would love to work in the comic industry and be able to change people’s perceptions of the genre.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Victoria Fielding Drawing and being creative has always been my passion from a very early age. Over the years my style of work has evolved dramatically, by large, I have been extremely pleased with the results. I like to use a variety of material, textures and type to create imagery and three-dimensional work and I am constantly on the look out for new ideas, inspirations and ways of improving my work. I have really pushed myself over the last three years, and I have become confident with my mark making and my three dimensional work has exceeded itself. I used to be shy about my work, however especially more recently I have had an enormous amount of positive feedback, which has encouraged me to keep up the good work. Overall I feel that my work has flourished, and I have become a confident illustrator.

Email: vicky_fielding20@hotmail. com University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Julie Fowler During my time at the university, I have developed skills in wood engraving, typography and digital imaging. These traditional and modern techniques were brought together in my finished article; a children’s book called ‘foul fables..’ The stories are entirely original and would be enjoyable for adults and children alike. My ideas stemmed from reading a lot of fables and folk tales from many different cultures. Illustrators who have inspired me along the way include Walter Crane, Dave McKean and Thomas Bewick.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Claire Geary My practise involves working with a variety of mixed media and techniques, I then scan these raw images and manipulate them using computer packages such as Adobe Photoshop. I love to play around with scale and space and feel this is a vital element to my work. Memory is essential to all our lives. Without a memory of the past, we cannot operate in the present or think about the future. This project is a personal response to research discovered on the biological aspects of how a memory is formed and visually expressing this microscopic world to the audience.

Email: Tel: 07738234437 University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Chris Gosden For my self directed project, I have chosen to create primitive art from a non-human perspective as a commentary on the amount and variety of waste that is generated by human kind. To create the pieces, I have used only found objects and materials that would routinely be discarded. I have recently joined a collective called Inksquatch in which I hope to pursue a career in illustration. I enjoy using different media from hand drawn to digital to create images. I intend to experiment more in graphic and web design to build on the experiences I have gained during the course.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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James Johnson I like to work in many media’s ranging from; woodblock printing right through to digitally manipulated photography. The picture to the right is a representation of my final project based around the affliction Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D). AsI come to the end of this project, I have developed an O.C.D of my own, this has come in the form of an obsession with the colour orange.

Email: jamesjohnson550@hotmail. University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Rachael Jordan Armed with a sewing machine, various threads and fabrics and a pencil, I create my illustrations motivated by combining traditional hand craft techniques with contemporary images and concepts. I really enjoy the physicality of the needle and thread, but also drawing and using found elements to add to my work. I also like to use photographical elements as well, using Photoshop to touch up my work and create different layers and effects to make interesting textured collages. My final major project titled ‘Science of Sleep’ is a study into scientific facts and information on sleep and dreaming – something a lot of people tend to know little about, but which is a fundamental part of being human. I have enjoyed creating images based on in depth scientific research into this area and find the subject fascinating. Through this I have created an artist book containing images and text based on science, but with quite a surreal side to them, reflecting the bizarre nature of the unconscious mind. Some of the pages have been made in fabric, which I hope makes the book exciting to touch and read through as well as being thought provoking. Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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After graduation I hope to collaborate with other local artists to produce work as a collective as I believe it is integral to the future appreciation of art that we inspire, engage and involve our local communities. I am particularly interested in the role that art can play in cultural regeneration in local communities and I am keen to work with local organisations and charities to explore this further. In the meantime I aim to gain more experience as an illustrator/ model maker/ animator so that I can realise my creative ideas in stop motion. My degree work explores the subject of unclaimed bodies- people who have no known relatives or next of kin and end up dying alone with no-one to arrange their funeral. I have been very moved by the issues surrounding this, particularly the subject of parish funerals and those people who die in their homes and dont get found for days or weeks. My visuals have focused on the effect that isolation and loneliness has on the elderly in particular, as well as the social guilt that many of us feel about neglected people in our own communities. Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Chris Millard My major project is about raising awareness of how clothing is made. By researching the different stages of the production process, my work aims to raise awareness of the social and environmental issues currently surrounding high street fashion. I use collage and mixed media to create my images, the majority of which are hand drawn using ink, watercolours and marker pens.

Email: potato_angry_eyes@hotmail. com University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Gamel Oki I like to think of myself as creative type nestled somewhere in the middle between being an illustrator and a graphic designer. During my time at the University of Portsmouth I’ve had the chance to explore and develop a range of creative styles, techniques and subjects from character design, to graffiti to logo design! I’m broad minded and open to trying any brief or to create my own. I take influence from all that surrounds me, cityscapes, fashion trends, urban art, even architecture and machinery. I then return my interpretations through my creations. My work here is a Poster designed on Photoshop to market a fictional brand aimed at Free Runners. The real focus of the work is the idea of movement and the use of several elements in order to help create a sense of movement and energy. This is not an entirely new field of work for me as I have worked with both advertising and posters before but this project I approached it in a very unique and fashion utilizing fresh ideas and concepts. Email: Tel: 07763604477 University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Anna Patock When creating my work I use a lot of found ephemera. I enjoying making 3D pieces and then producing 2D photographic imagery from them. Recently I have created a few artists’ book, one being selected and placed in to an exhibition. Both of these images are based on the theme of Wedding Anniversaries, the 6th Iron and 7th Copper. I have used materials relating to the particular anniversary and connecting them with wire. I love the abstract look of them and the fact that on first glance you can’t actually tell what they are meant to be.

Email: Tel: 07748402140 University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Kerry Silver During my three years at the University of Portsmouth I have become interested in all kinds of art and media as well as illustration, including digital design, 3d design,photography, animation, and architecture. My other interests include culture and travel. My inspiration predominantly stems from animation, including animators such as the Bolex Brothers, Jan Svankmajer and Chris Sickles. For my final self directed project I chose the subject of OCD, entitled ‘A Small World of Big Problems’, which tackled the issues surrounding individuals’ behaviours who are suffering from the disorder. The behaviours included excessive cleaning, hoarding, checking and counting, I exhibited these disorders through a series of 3D models. I constructed the models from a combination of plastic, wood and metal and photographed them with a digital SLR camera.

Email: Tel: 07932187155 University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Pete Snell I have always been able to paint and draw, but for me this year was about adding computer software literacy to my list of skills. So this year my inspirations were the design companies that I hope will one day pay me for these skills. Consequently my final major project, an art zine called MU&B, was created in Illustrator and InDesign, and the key theme to the zine was good design. MU&B stands for Man Universe and Beyond and the zine features ten pioneering theories on these subjects.

Email: Tel: 07786 456687 University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Laura Tyson My passion in life is drawing. I love to draw. I have been experimental with different media but I have always gone back to drawing. Inspiration is often from museums and exhibitions where I can sketch as I look, which is frequently where a majority of my illustrations come from.

Email: Tel: 07903670538 University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Holly Valverde Always passionate about design my ideas can stem from anywhere, influences can be the smallest piece of textiles or an unusual literary text. Intrigued by interior design and fashion I plan to launch a business based on my major project work, I am an entrant in the Business Enterprise Challenge and I will be exhibiting at the New Designers Show in London this July. Amazon Interiors A collection of home furnishings that connects the exterior elements of the Amazon and restores them inside the home. I wanted to focus on the two elements together but look closely at the creatures of the Amazon that aren’t so beautiful in a bid to make them more appealing. Scale is a large feature in my work; the beetles can be dramatically oversized or barely noticeable hidden through layers of textiles and pattern. I loved the idea of having wallpaper that looked traditional and floral but at closer inspection beetles are crawling up the paper, intertwined in the foliage and camouflaged in the colours of the background. Exotic jungle vines and an army of ants appear on delicate fabrics appliquĂŠd to cushions and screen printed on tiles. Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Catherine Vaughan My work is a jocular discussion arguing that inanimate objects are conscious and have thoughts. It is based on contemporary science including quantum mechanics and astrophysics along with philosophical discussions from Athenian law to Wittgenstein. Resistentialism, the theory that ‘things are against us’, is a major element in my project.Your pocket snagging a door handle is just its way of saying ‘notice me’.You should think about saying thank you to your computer once in a while and it might not crash so often. I am now a post graduate and am working within a collective design group, Inksquatch. I have designed an interactive children’s leaflet for Swanwick Lakes Wildlife Reserve which is due to be press released for the summer holidays. This has led to more work creating a site map for a festival in Southsea at the end of the summer. I also hope to continue my martial arts training and keep up to date with the current affairs of astrophysics. Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Simon White What can you say about yourself? I’ll have a go; five foot nine, skinny build, brown hair. I’m interested in things that are interesting and things that are funny and in having a laugh, yet I am very hard working. I’m very passionate about art and music, an eclectic taste in both. I like the countryside as well as the city, from the Isle of Wight soon to be moving to London, interested in travelling and discovering/ learning new things and meeting new people. An accomplished Hula hoopist, soon to turn professional. This year I have produced a series of artist’s book designed as a celebration of theatre, combing my passion for graphic design, typography, artist’s books and screen-printing. Theatre, not only a beloved building type rich in history, but also one that presents some fantastic abstract architectural forms, has led me to explore collage in a highly graphic style. Drawing on a wide range of influences ranging from Russian Constructivism to contemporary graphic design, I have exercised an obsession with screenprinting as a medium of making books.

Email: Tel: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Lucy Willder My major project focuses on goldfinches, concentrating on birdsong and flight patterns. Although my work normally demonstrates a paint based approach many of my final pieces are in a three dimensional manner, focusing on colour and surface texture. An animation has also been produced. The animation is a representation of how the human sense, hearing, can be stimulated. Much of my work reflects my continual fascination for wildlife. Archibold Thorburn, Joseph Cornell and John Dilnot have been important influences throughout this year. Although many artists have been influential, the majority of my ideas come from materials themselves, whether specific paint mediums or natural materials.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Jennie Wood I am an illustrator particularly interested in the natural world, anatomy, portraiture and medicine. I tend to work in a mixture of 2d pen, watercolour and acrylic paintings, teamed alongside collages and soft plush objects. I am obsessed with thoroughly researching new subjects. My favourite things are somewhat eclectic, from Shakespeare to Dr Who, and Beards to Parrots.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Zoe Wool My particular style of working usually involves pen and ink, alongside with printed elements. I enjoy the creation of simple line drawings, and building on them to give a hand-finished look. The use of type often plays a major role within my work, as it is such a strong element to work with. I like to think my work is something anybody can appreciate with regards to visuals. My pieces don’t always have a ‘message’ behind them, often I just create things because I like the way they look. Many times I have pursued a visual just because i find it amusing, and I think others would too. I think this is one of the great freedoms I have as an illustrator.

Email: University of Portsmouth Illustration ‘08

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Illustration Degree Show 2008 Catalogue  

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