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In James 2:14 – 17, the Bible says to us; “What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don't show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone? Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing, and you say, “Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well”—but then you don't give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do? So you see, faith by itself isn't enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless. Now someone may argue, “Some people have faith; others have good deeds.” But I say, “How can you show me your faith if you don't have good deeds? I will show you my faith by my good deeds.” (NLT)

Hi friends!

And that is really what “buy the banana” comes down to – showing your faith BY your good deeds. We can train ourselves to be obedient in small matters. We can help those around us and show love in our little spheres of influence. When we do things like these we show that God is at work in our hearts and we start to fulfill His purposes for us by actually doing something for The first matter of business, I suppose is to explain what BUY THE the kingdom of God. Our actions may not be as bold as building an ark, routing BANANA means. This is covered in Double Take, but let an army or saving a nation, but they are still important and God needs you to do me elaborate a bit here. There are two primary elements “Just because them! to the concept. The first of these is that God can use banana the ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Our feature article this month, People of Great Faith, will take you that you are being I know that my God can be relied upon and that He always has a plan. Where I am weak, He will strengthen me. If I take a leap of faith for Him, He will protect me back to Sunday School and show you that God has asked to buy is not and guide me. That is what we all need to remember, so that if the been doing this from the beginning of time. If, once the size of an ark, time comes that God requires great things of you, you will you've read it, you think to yourself that these tales may be a bit dated, then turn to page12 for our review on does not mean you be ready to take up that mantle and go change the world. Loftus for Jesus and you will see that God is still very I hope you are all eager to get stuck into our new issue of Illumin8 because let me tell you, there is a lot to get stuck into!

should leave it

much in action. And if you are still not convinced, then on the shelf. ” So buy the banana! think back to where you were on the 19th of July when The next time God South Africa celebrated Mandela's 90th birthday. If this challenges you to do something, man is not a living example of someone who knows what it means to buy don't think, just do! Think of the little the banana then I don't know who is! tasks as training for the big ones. Think of Noah. He was just an The second element of “buy the banana” is about our faith showing ordinary guy living in a sinful world just like you and through our actions. When I first thought about this it confused me as the me and look what an impact he made! Just because the Bible is so very clear that we are saved by Jesus alone, and not by our own banana that you are being asked to buy is not good deeds. In fact the Bible goes so far as to say that even our very best the size of an ark, does not mean deeds are not, in fact, good enough for God. So why then, do our actions you should leave it on the shelf. matter? But think about it this way instead… Yes we have been saved by God's grace, but how will other people know this, unless our actions show it? Our actions, and the way we conduct our lives must be proof of the fact that Jesus has saved us and is living in our hearts. Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008

Wishing you an energy filled month! Lucy


While the phrase “Buy the Banana� may be new to you, what it represents is a well known concept. From those people of great faith who we read about in the Old Testament to Angus Buchan planting his potatoes in the 21st century, people have been buying the banana for centuries. They are people who have done what God has asked them to do, no matter how ridiculous the request sounded, no matter how embarrassing failure would be, and who were blessed greatly for their obedience. Most of us will live our lives in our comfort zones, trying to live Christian lives as best we can and being relatively content to do so. But what will you do if God asks you to do something HUGE for Him? Something that goes against all reason? Something that could bring you ridicule and mockery? Something that will force you to rely only on faith for answers? Something such as building an ark? Or rescuing a nation of slaves? Or taking on a giant in battle? Or spending the night in a lions den? We have all heard the biblical stories of ordinary people who have done such great things so many times that the events of their lives don't seem to strange anymore. But try to think about these stories as if for the first time. Try to read the first facts about them and imagine not knowing the ending. Imagine being Moses, with thousands of Israelites following you into the desert. Imagine holding out a bit of wood over the Red Sea and having the confidence that the waters will part, despite the fact that waters have never parted for you, or anyone else you know, before. Imagine the snide comments from the crowd behind you, your own doubt eating at your resolve, but holding out your arm anyway. Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008

When we know how these stories end, we tend to take for granted how they happened. We know that the Red Sea parted and that the Israelites walked across on dry land, so the fact that Moses held out his staff doesn't' seem such a great leap of faith. We know the flood happened to Noah, so the years of ark building he endured don't seem such a trial. We know that Abraham did not in fact have to kill Isaac so the fact that he was willing to do so is sort of lost on us. The thought of Goliath does not send us into spasms of fear because we already know the stone is flying for his head. Over time the lions Daniel slept with have become harmless drawings in a children's Bible. The point is that the unimaginable fear these people overcame to do what God was asking them to do is not something we think about because we know the happy ending. But these stories are amazing! They tell us about the power of God, which to be quite frank, I don't think a lot of us give Him credit for. These events were phenomenal. In Hollywood's wildest imaginings, you simply cannot come up with twists like these!


Having only really thought about many of these well known stories for the first time in the last few days I have found a new respect and admiration for these Christian heroes. But is has also got me wondering if I would have the courage to do something similar if God asked it of me. Would I be able to go where no man (or woman) has gone before? The truth is that I don't know. I don't think any of us do. The kind of faith we are talking about here is the kind that we don't know we possess until it is called upon. Now I can hear you saying, “Well that's all very well for Noah and Moses, Abraham and Sarah. God will never use me like He used them. I mean after all, what are these people to me besides stories in the Bible? They aren't real to me.” I say they should be. They were ordinary men and women. They lived in a world full of sin and they were sinners, each and every one. Yes the time they lived in was vastly different to today, but as people they weren't so unlike us. The difference is that they had faith that had mileage on it. To these people, God was as real as the chair you are sitting on. Despite that fact, it wasn't easy for them to obey God when He called them to great things. We are told that Sarah started laughing when God told her that she would give birth to a son at 90 something years old. Moses asked God to send someone else to rescue the Israelites. I can guarantee that David went out onto that battlefield shaking in his sandals. But the point is that they obeyed. It may have taken them a while to get to the point of obedience and I'm sure they struggled with the tasks they were being given, but in the end they did what they were asked to do. And this is really where the magic comes in. The God we serve can do anything. He can take you, ordinary you, and do extraordinary things. I had the privilege of hearing Angus Buchan speak at “Loftus for Jesus” this month and one of the points he made was this: There is only one question you need to answer to yourself. Do you believe that anything is too hard for God? When you are asked to do something that makes absolutely no sense what so ever, this is the question you need to answer. Are you going to say, “Yes, there are things that are to hard for God. This is too hard for God. Forget it!” Or are you going to say, “NO! God I know you are going to do it, and I know you are going to use me!” Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008

There is potential for greatness in all of us. One of the greatest examples of this is Nelson Mandela, who said in a speech written by Marianne Williamson, “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us. It is not just in some; it is in everyone. And, as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” The power that raised Jesus from the dead, that parted the Red Sea, that raised a nation more numerous than the stars in the sky from two geriatrics; that power lives in you. With God behind you, you can do absolutely anything. There are no obstacles. Nothing is impossible. Think about these words and let them saturate your soul. Believe them so deeply that they surpass the logic and rational thought that holds this potential back. Let this Spirit put down roots into your very core so that you are so infused with it and it becomes indistinguishable from who you are.This world needs greatness and there is absolutely no reason why God cannot call you to perform miracles through His power. All that is required from you is a faith that can move mountains and a heart that is willing to obey. God is the power. He is the miracle worker. He just needs people to work through. He needs bananas. Be that banana!

Marianne Williamson


Our overseas correspondent

Hayley’s Comment - Hayley Brett

When I was younger I never needed much convincing to 'buy the banana'. Spontaneous, impulsive, spur-of-the-moment…a watch and diary were unnecessary and loathed accessories! However, as I grew older, I felt the need to start planning and scheduling – admirable and necessary qualities yes, especially if you want to pay the rent, but with them came the inevitable worrying, second-guessing, procrastinating… and next thing you know it, your watch and diary rule your life. This all changed though when last year, in a new country with new challenges, I was forced to look at myself and question whether the proverbial path I was on, was the one I wanted to be travelling. Suddenly

I realised that I had become someone who was scared to take too many risks and happier just trudging through my allocated 24 hours…sound familiar? And then, as He does, God gave me the answer and told me to relax, remain focused on Him, and I will figure out where I'm meant to be and what I'm meant to be doing…and in the meantime to take full advantage of my youth and energy and get out there and buy the banana! And so, as I write this I'm taking a break from packing my entire life into a backpack before going travelling – one of the many boxes that I want to tick off. Ok ok, so I was about to start packing when I decided to write instead. If you saw the amount of shoes I own, you'd understand the procrastination! So yes, my flights are booked, my passport is ready to be stamped, my bags are (almost) packed and I'm ready to go but while it may seem like I'm the one making the decisions, being spontaneous and taking control…I need to remember that God is the plan. I'll only ever know my purpose, and live my plan if I follow, make time for, acknowledge and involve Him…and prepare myself for glorious living. I want to leave you with a verse from Ephesians: It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ...He had His eye on us, had designs on us for Glorious living, part of the overall purpose He is working out in everything and everyone (Eph. 1:11). Remember this and have no fear when it comes to following him! Lots of love, Hayls Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008


by Veronika Gloek Veronika is a twenty something from Pretoria, who, after participating in YWAM in Jeffrey's Bay last year, decided on stay on as a leader at the base for 2009. Dear Friends I've had such an exciting weekend and would love to share with you from my treasure chest – God has been so good and so real and all is well with my soul! This weekend, one of the local churches here in Jeffrey's Bay – Victory Christian Church - held a Woman's' Conference. Over 500 women from as far as Cape Town attended the Conference. The Conference started on Friday evening, with another three sessions on Saturday, culminating in a celebration during the Sunday morning service. On Friday morning I woke up horribly sick and spent the day in bed. I was very much convicted that the reason for my sickness was, I believe, more spiritual in nature than anything else, and I had the chance to make a few adjustments and choices; something which I later found out aligned with what the women were learning about that evening at the conference. In the same way that we can walk through a security gate at the airport, knowing of, or perhaps, at times, even being unaware of items which we carry on our person which disqualify us from passing through the gates, so we carry things on our spiritual person, which disqualify us from entering through the Gates of Breakthrough. Each of us is faced with the choice of whether we want to release the 'disqualifying' item which we carry, whether we want to argue with the security person at the gate, or whether we will relinquish our pocket knives and walk into what God has for us. Firstly we must enter the gate of salvation; believing that Christ died for our sins, but then, afterwards, we have the opportunity to pass through another series of gates - those from Life, into Abundant Life.

Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008


On the Saturday morning I woke up, still feeling a bit groggy, but decided never-the-less to go to the Conference, even if only for one session. But when I ventured outside of my room, I discovered that neither of our base vehicles were there. I tried to contact one of the girls who had had the kombi last, but my effort was in vain. After the futile exercise of trying to locate a vehicle, I resolved to reschedule my plans and get back into bed, which I subsequently did. But God clearly had His finger on me, and wanted me at the Conference that morning, and about 15 minutes before the Conference was due to start, I was prompted to make one last attempt to locate a vehicle – this time with success. There were a number of treasures that God conveyed to me during the Conference, and while I cannot pinpoint a specific, fundamental truth that was imparted to me, I know that God was preparing the ground of my heart for a work on Sunday morning. Isaiah 45:2, the theme verse of the Conference, says, 'I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in the secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.' God had, not only my number, but also my name that weekend… I arrived at the service on Sunday, ready to enjoy the worship, receive from the Word and go home. If I had known what the service would develop into; I probably wouldn't have gone to church in the first place! My God is a wise God! The worship started and after two or three songs, the pastor communicated the order of the service; he said that we were going to have worship, a baptism, and the Word. He continued to say that he felt there were some people in the congregation (a full house of about 700 people) who would also be baptised and opened up the opportunity to be baptised in water to the congregation.

“I know my God to be a loving God, One who dances with me and delights in me. I know, through experience, that His intentions towards me are always pure and beautiful and when He challenges me to do something out of my comfort zone, it's only because He wants to reveal more of Himself to me. “

At this point something started rising up in my spirit and I felt God saying, “The pastor's talking about you, today's your day to be baptised.” I rebuked the thought and continued listening, but I listened passively because I didn't really want to open my spirit up too much in case 'that' though came wandering back again. After a few minutes of passive listening, my knowledge of who I know God to be kicked in… I know my God to be a loving God, One who dances with me and delights in me. I know, through experience, that His intentions towards me are always pure and beautiful and when He challenges me to do something out of my comfort zone, it's only because He wants to reveal more of Himself to me. Sometimes I'm scared and I relinquish the challenge, only to feel the precious Presence of God leave me fore a while. I guess I sometimes have to experience the momentary loss of His Presence, in order for me to cumulate the resolve within me to be obedient next time – no matter what He asks! Recently, I've been asking God many questions Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008

8 7

about how to handle money and about my future, and about choices which I must make, and His constant revelation has been for me to simply walk in obedience. There are no formulas; no check lists that I can complete to achieve His purposes for me, only 'simple' obedience. I write 'simple' in inverted commas, because obedience is simple on the one hand: it just means doing what I'm told to do, but on the other hand, it is a battle because I have the opponent of my own will and reason to contend with. God has many a times shown me that I am not responsible for the consequence of my obedience – if it truly is a prompting from God, He will deal with the consequences, and my responsibility is only to step out in faithful obedience. Later in the service, the pastor gave the opportunity for those wishing to be baptised to meet in the coffee shop. At this point, my heart was pounding and the conviction that I needed to take this step of faith was very heavy on my heart. I was standing on the threshold, tasting both the sweet satisfaction and contentment that is birthed from obedience, but tasting too, the bitter residue of regret that trails disobedience. Determined to push for more of God I boldly stepped out from my seat and made my way to the coffee shop. At the coffee shop, one of the pastor's ran through the elementary steps of baptism – taking off our old life and putting on the new, spirit life of Christ. Afterwards, I spoke to the pastor and confided that I wasn't making a first-time decision, and explained that I'd been living in Christ for a number of years. He patiently relayed some principles from Scripture, none of which really satisfied the question flaming on my heart. So there, in the coffee shop, I was left alone with God, and my burning question. Although there were a number of other people who had also answered the call to baptism, they had all already changed into the clothes which the church provided, and were back in the church. I stood alone in the coffee shop with God and asked Him to be my Teacher and to be the One who answered the question on my heart: was it right for me to be baptised when I'd been living deeply connected to Him for a substantial period of time?

“There are no formulas; no check lists that I can complete to achieve His purposes for me, only 'simple' obedience. “

Again, God gently reminded me of the principle which He is teaching me, 'It's all about obedience. It's that simple,' He said. 'I called you to be baptised this morning; you can either allow your need for rational answers to rob you of what I want to give you, you can allow the fear of man and what they'll think of you to drive My Presence away from you, or alternatively, you can listen to the voice which you know to be Mine, trust Me, step out in obedience and see what I have in store for you.' I resolved not to miss this opportunity to be obedient and by His grace, I chose the latter. Each time we step out in faith, God honours that step, and the knowledge of His faithfulness deposits something in our spirit which cumulatively equips us with more boldness to take further steps of faith in the future. I see more of God every day, and His Goodness, which I know is so undeserved, it limitless. I pray that God will reinforce my spirit man (my spirit woman!) with boldness and faith to walk in obedience with Him. I know it's always worth it. My prayer for you is that God will arrest your heart with a passion for Him and the things that please Him. I pray that He will give you the courage to walk in fearless obedience to Him. I'd love it if you prayed the same for me. Be blessed. Love Veronika Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008

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LOOKING VERSUS by Colin Rip FEELING I have been looking for answers about God and faith for some time now. My method has been to question everything, and I mean everything! From the reason we are on the planet, to whether anything really exists at all. Every question that I have attempted to answer has just brought more questions and with every question I moved further away from any answer. The reason for questioning everything is that I wanted to be able to justify any decision I came too with an explanation. It is as if I am already defending a decision I have not yet taken. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have attempted to make a commitment before, only to once again start with the questioning. I have often asked people who appear to have faith and say they have spoken to God, how it is that they can ever have any doubt after having such a revelation. The only conclusion that I could come too, is that those people had not actually had those experiences and that they did not really have faith. However I have realized that I did not have all the facts before me.

I had once again mixed up which of our five senses people use to hear God. I thought you would use your ears to hear God but I now understand that you need to feel God in order to listen to him. The reason I say this is because of my own experience recently. Without realizing it, by not questioning everything and just trying to be open to new ideas the strangest thing has happened. I have started to feel the answers. Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008


Of course the fact that I have people around who offer me unconditional support regardless of what I believe in has also has allowed me to have the opportunity to continue on my own journey without feeling pressured or guilty. My girlfriend is the best example of this. She goes to church almost every Sunday, alone. She wakes up and reads the bible while I sleep. In short she continues alone without ever attempting to take away my freedom of choice. I have realized the need for me to reciprocate that support and at the same time enjoy the benefits which she receives. A good friend of mine, who is always willing to engage me in debate, regardless of the topic, always says that the

difference between us as the human race and the rest of nature is that inherent feeling of right and wrong. We all know that feeling; it has been with us for as long as we can remember. However as we get older that feeling becomes weaker. It is replaced with logic and an ability to justify almost any deed.There is nothing we can do that cannot be justified. Take something which on the face of it, everyone would agree is wrong, Murder. However, not only do we justify murder but we have done it in many different ways, from the death penalty to war to provocation. The point I wish to make is that we all justify wrongs in our lives as rights at some point.What this leads to is a moral void. It is the moral void within myself that I have recently been dealing with. I have become tired of justifying everything. It is within my own void that I have felt God calling me. It has not come in the form of a booming voice from the clouds but in the form of my friends around me and in the exposure to someone like Angus Buchan. In his speech at Loftus, Angus challenged everyone to get off the fence. He did so not in order to get people to join his church or give money or buy his latest DVD but to have people make a decision about right and wrong. I have made the decision to let God make me feel what is right and wrong. The only thing which I am not going to feel anymore is afraid.

Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008


Lucy Goodwin & Leanne Barnard

Double take

Buy the banana

The Meaning…

As a whole, “Buy the Banana” means that no matter what God challenges you to do, you need to throw logic and thought aside and just follow your heart. No matter how arbitrary or nonsensical the task may seem, you need to trust that God has a plan and just go for it!


Take one

The word “buy” in “buy the banana” implies that we need to take action. Take a leap of faith and like Peter in Matthew 14, step out of the boat! In the words of James, “My friends, what good is it for one of you to say that you have faith if your actions do not prove it? Can that faith save you?” (2:14) While we have been saved by grace alone, we need to act out our faith as well. But “buying” also implies an exchange. When we buy the banana we are giving our pride, our control and ourselves in exchange for something else. We trade these things for God's plan and purposes and we receive something that is sweet and that will nourish us in return – a true relationship with Him.


Take two

Why a banana? The question should really be, why not a banana? A banana is just an ordinary object that can be used for so many things. For example, with a banana you can: ? eat it ? feed someone else ? get your daily vitamins ? get an energy boost ? make a banana split ? add flavour to a milkshake ? take the burn out of a curry ? use it to make compost ? slip on it ? hit someone on the head ? lure a monkey, or ? play piggy-in-the-middle

God has many more uses for you than you might think you have and He can use anything for good if you are willing to take action for Him.

Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008


Sometimes God's promptings seem to make no sense, and may seem as pointless as a banana first appears, but we need to follow them anyway!



Loftus By Lucy Goodwin

for Jesus

I first heard about “Loftus for Jesus” at church one Sunday night. The just of the announcement was that Angus Buchan, the man who we all know from the movie or book “Faith Like Potatoes”, would be talking at Loftus. The church has bought a certain number of tickets, but these were already sold out, so tough luck if you were a bit slow off the mark. Or in my case, not yet out of the starting blocks. Actually, not aware there was a race to be run is probably a better description! I was buying tickets on Computicket a few weeks later for a different show, but I saw an ad for “Loftus for Jesus” on the website. I clicked on the link but the event was sold out. I later heard that there were enough people on waiting lists to fill Loftus twice. Clearly this was going to be a big event, but not only was I not going, I didn't really know what it was about either. The date for this gathering was Saturday the 19th of July. On Monday the 14th my boyfriend phoned me to tell me that friends of ours had two extra tickets and would we like to go? I jumped at the chance, but I have to confess that my motivation was more of an everybody-else-is-doing-this-and-I'm-not-going-to-be-a-goodChristian-if-I-don't-to sort of thing. The big day arrived. The event was due to start at one o clock in the afternoon. South Africa was playing Australia in the Tri Nations at 12 and my boyfriend was very keen to watch this match, so we told our friends that we would meet them at the stadium just before one. We were dropped two blocks from Loftus at 12:50 and made our way through the throng. We walked into the stadium as the clock struck one and I was stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw. Loftus was packed to the rafters.There were people absolutely everywhere and more were streaming in around me. Quite clearly Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008


I was privileged to be at this event and I was ashamed of the blasé attitude I has exhibited up to this point. Our friends, who thankfully had been much better prepared than us, had been camping out since eleven o'clock and had secured a space right at the front near the stage. The Soweto String Quartet was playing on the stage as I took my seat, so overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that I was having difficulty keeping my eyes dry. Angus Buchan came onto the stage to open in prayer. He had tears in his eyes and I wondered what was going through his mind. There is a scene in “Faith Like Potatoes” where he holds a prayer meeting at Kings Park Stadium in Durban. One of the stands has a few hundred people on it, but they look a bit lost in the vastness of the ground. What must it be like to stand up in front of the biggest crowd that Loftus has ever held, and see how far God has brought you? A two hour praise and worship session got the ball rolling. I hummed along with the Afrikaans hymns and sang twice as loudly during the English ones to make up for it! Even now it sends chills down my spine to think of those thousands of voices singing together in praise to God. I tell you, it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard! 74 000 people were in that stadium and all of those voices, mostly off key and tone deaf, but all making a joyful noise unto the Lord, combined into something phenomenal. The presence of the Holy Spirit was almost physically tangible and there is no way that anyone in that stadium did not feel it, even if they didn't understand what it was. What really struck me though was that there was a controlled calm about the whole atmosphere. There was energy and excitement, but it was channeled and focused. There was a lot of emotion and mine was not the only cheek damp with tears, but there weren't people losing control to that emotion. There was a feeling of expectance. It was as if each and every heart was being watered and prepared for the words that were about to be spoken to us. Angus began his talk at three o'clock. His message was one of hope for South Africa, but was also a challenge to all believers to take action! He began by reading Ephesians 3:14 21, but he really focused on the last two verses: “Now unto Him, who is able to do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY, above all that you can ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever! Amen.“ Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008

“I tell you, it was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. 74 000 people were in that stadium and all of those voices, mostly off key and tone deaf, but all making a joyful noise unto the Lord, combined into something phenomenal”

The message was that the destiny of South Africa is in the hands of the believers. Revival is coming to South Africa and it is coming through the family. As citizens of this country we need to stand in faith. We need to believe what the Word of God says. We need to get serious for God. We need to become a holy people. There is no excuse for immorality. The time to forgive is now. Forgive and forget as God forgave each of us. The Bible tells us we need to put the old man to death and become new in Christ. The old man is the one who is full of criticism for SA. It is persistent negativity about this country. As Angus put it,“Some of us are so negative the devil doesn't have to do any work!” There is a spirit of pride in this country that needs to stop. Unbelief is the only thing that holds God back. Fear comes from the pit of hell, and it has South Africans in its deathly grip.The only thing that can overcome fear is faith! For an hour and fifteen minutes words such as these fell upon the hearts of the thousands in that stadium. Here was a strong and clear voice telling us that this is where we need to be. This is where it's happening! If God is telling you to immigrate then leave, but don't leave to escape your problems because your troubles will simply follow you! Angus told us about the miracles he has seen and experienced. In this time when we are so desensitized to wonder, there is this man telling us about miracles of the type most of us have relegated to the days of the Old Testament. But the power of God that performed those miracles all those thousands of years ago was amoung us at Loftus on that Saturday. More than that, that power lives in each and every believer as well. I have been confronted many times recently with the unbelief Christians have with regard to miracles. We simply don't seem to think God is capable of doing the impossible. If we did, why are we not praying for healing for the sick more? Why are we not taking the promises of the Bible and using them to change the world? What reason is there for this lack of action except for unbelief? Someone made the


“I have been confronted many times recently with the unbelief Christians have with regard to miracles. We simply don't seem to think God is capable of doing the impossible. If we did, why are we not praying for healing for the sick more? Why are we not taking the promises of the Bible and using them to change the world?”

comment to me the other day about a problem they were experiencing and said that it would take a miracle to be resolved. And I replied,“But we are Christians. We believe in miracles don't we?” Do you? Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in the power of prayer? Do you believe that God can take this country, with all its crime, poverty, social injustice and corruption and turn it around? Do you believe that anything is too hard for God? We need to start believing. Do not let rational thought and logic hinder you anymore! Nothing short of a miracle can turn this country around, but we serve a God of miracles! The responsibility is in our hands to start praying. When people pray, God moves! Start really living for Christ. As I walked out of that stadium on Saturday I was struck by how unrecognizable Loftus was. There were no drunken fans. There was no swearing in the streets. There was so anger or animosity. All around me there were peaceful smiles, soft words and gently laughter. It was quite a somber atmosphere because the message we had just heard was a serious one and we all realized that we have a responsibility to nurture those words we heard and help them grow. But there was a quite sense of purpose present as well. There was a feeling of unity. We all feel helpless because we think there are not enough of us to make a difference. We all complain about South Africa, but none of us are actually willing to do anything. On Saturday the 19th of July there were 74 000 people who realized that there are enough like minded people to make a difference.With the power of God behind that number, there is reason for hope. The Angus Buchan Festival continues with the following events: ? Together as One at Kings Park Stadium in Durban. 9August 2008.Tickets available at Computicket. ? Laubscherpark (Kroonpark Amphitheater), Kroonstad. 16 August 2008. Entrance is free and the event starts at 12 pm. Angus will be speaking at 2 pm. Contact Roelof van Wyk at (056-212-4275) or visit for more information ? Angus Buchan Cape Town Event at Sarah Park, Newlands. 12 and 13 September 2008. Tickets available at Computicket. ? Kimberly. 27 September 2008. Contact Riaan Janse van Vuuren at for more information ? ABSA stadium, East London. 4 October 2008. Contact Gavin Rawstron at for more information ? Angus Buchan P.E. Crusade at the Xerox NMMU Stadium in Port Elizabeth.25 October 2008. Tickets available at Computicket. ? Ellis Park Johannesburg. 8th November 2008. Details for this event have not been finalized yet. Contact for more information. Further information regarding any of these events can be found at the following website:

Illumin8 - Edition 3 - August 2008



We all know that bananas are great sources of energy, but here are a few less well known facts about this fruit‌

Illumin8 - Edition 1 - June 2008

The banana is a distant cousin to ginger, turmeric, d and cardamom, an lly ca ni ta is bo . classified as a berry

Bananas are on e of the few fruits that ripen best off the plant. Even in tropica l growing areas, bananas for domestic consum ption are cut green and st ored in moist shady plac es to ripen slowly.

Banana skin s can be used to polish shoes. Just rub the inside of th skin onto yo e ur shoes and d ry with a soft cl oth.

The inside o fa banana skin ca be used to re n d swelling and uce irritation cau se by insect bit d es.

are nonBananas and are seasonal fresh all available d. year-roun

The banana plant is not a tree but is the largest plant on earth without a woody stem. This means that the banana plant is actually the world's largest herb and is classified in the same family as lilies, orchids and palms.

Ba ext nana sti reme sap is be cky a ly n u pra sed d ca ad ctica as a n he siv l e.

yellow The sweet utant am banana is d h develope strain whic l red and a from origin bananas g in k o green co called n e ft o t mos plantains.

The fru it sterile, itself is unable produc to e from th a plant e dark se miniscule eds it contain s.

Available: Accessed: 8 July 2008 Available: Accessed: 7 July 2008 Available: Accessed: 8 July 2008 Available: Accessed: 6 July 2008


Imagine living in a time when the public opinion was that machine flight was impossible and still believing that you can invent a machine that will allow people to fly. Imagine believing this with such conviction that you base everything, including your financial security, on this thought and spend your life pursuing it. Imagine succeeding, after years of experimentation, to invent the first airplane. Imagine being Wilbur and Orville Wright. The Wright brothers, as they are better known, were in fact two of seven children born to Milton and Sarah Wright. Wilbur was the older brother, born on the 16th of April 1867. Orville made his entrance into the world on the 19th of August 1871.

Neither of the brothers finished high school. Wilbur sustained an ice hockey injury around the time his mother became terminally ill and these factors lead to a long period of depression, which prevented him completing his formal education. Orville dropped out of school to start a printing business after inventing a printing press with Wilbur's help. Wilbur later joined Orville in running this venture. The brothers edited and published the West Side News, using their printing company to do so until 1892, when they opened the Wright Cycle Exchange. At that time, the US was going through a period of bicycle mania and the brothers cashed in on this by selling and repairing bicycles. They began manufacturing their own bicycles in 1896 and used the profits from this to fund their growing interest in flying. In 1899 the Wright brothers began t h e i r a e r o n a u t i c a l experimentation in earnest. They began with gliders in order to master control before attempting motor driven flight. Their first

breakthrough came when they discovered wing-warping which allowed movement of the glider by banking or leaning in the air, much the same way a cyclist leans to one side in order to turn. Until this point, inventors around the world were trying to master control of a flying machine the same way a ship is controlled – with the use of a rudder. The Wright brothers were not the only ones experimenting with flying machines. The world was divided into those who believed human flight was possible, and those who persistently believed that the “flying problem” would not be solved for decades, if ever. Many inventors had government grants, which was not a luxury the Wrights had. Taking the advice of Henry Toulmin, a patent attorney, the brothers increased the level of secrecy around their progress. The market for the first flying machine was incredibly competitive and the brothers wanted to ensure that their designs were not stolen. By 1904 and 1905 the brothers were making real progress. However the only photographs of their test flights were taken by the brothers themselves and this lack of printable evidence led to scepticism on the part of the public that the Wrights were indeed building a feasible airplane. One article about the

Wrights, published in 1906 by a Parisian newspaper read, “Flyers or liars?” On the 20th of September 1904, Wilbur made the first manned, heavier-thanair powered machine flight. He flew a

distance of 1 244m in a time of one and a half minutes. In November that year Orville made their two best flights, both lasting over 5 minutes and covering a distance of three miles. Having flown successfully, the brothers now began a long and arduous battle to get their design patented. After October 1905, they refused to fly again until they had firm contract for the purchase of their aircraft. They wrote to the U.S. government, then to Britain, France and Germany with an offer to sell a flying machine, but were

Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. • Lord Kelvin, President of the Royal Society


The present generation will not [fly], and no practical engineer would devote himself to the problem now. • Worby Beaumont, engineer, when asked if man will fly in the next century, 12 January 1900.

refused because they insisted on a signed contract before giving a demonstration. They were unwilling even to show their photographs of the airborne Flyer. The American military, having recently spent $50,000 on the Langley Aerodrome—a product of the nation's foremost scientist—only to see it plunge twice into the Potomac River "like a handful of mortar," was particularly unreceptive to the claims of two unknown bicycle makers from Ohio. Thus, doubted or scorned, the Wright brothers continued their work in semi-obscurity, while other aviation pioneers like Brazilian Alberto SantosDumont and American Glenn Curtiss entered the limelight.

Both the US Army and a French syndicate showed interest in their machine and in 1908, the Wrights demonstrated their airplane for the first time for the public. On the 8th of August Wilbur made the first public demonstration which shot the brothers to world wide fame overnight. A month later Orville demonstrated the machine for the US Army and made the first hour long flight, lasting 62 minutes and 15 seconds. Wilbur was diagnosed with typhoid fever in 1912 and died on the 30th of May that year. Orville passed away after suffering from a heart attack in 1948. Neither of the brothers ever married.

While the world was saying…. It is entirely impossible for man to rise into the air and float there. For this you would need wings of tremendous dimensions and they would have to be moved at three feet per second. Only a fool would expect such a thing to be realized. -Joseph de Lalande, member of the French Academy, 'Journal de Paris,' 18 May 1782.

It has been demonstrated by the fruitlessness of a thousand attempts that it is not possible for a machine, moving under its own power, to generate enough force to raise itself, or sustain itself. M. de --Marles, 'Les Cents merveilles des sciences et des arts,' 1847.

It is apparent to me that the possibilities of the aeroplane, which two or three years ago was thought to hold the solution to the [flying machine] problem, have been exhausted, and that we must turn elsewhere. - Thomas Edison, quoted in the 'New York World,' 17 November 1895.

… The Wrights were saying… For some years I have been afflicted with the belief that flight is possible to man. The disease has increased in severity and I feel it will soon cost me an increased amount of money, if not my life. -Wilbur Wright, beginning of his first letter to Octave Chanute, 13 May 1900. With a short dash down the runway, the machine lifted into the air and was flying. It was only a flight of twelve seconds, and it was uncertain, wavy, creeping sort of flight at best; but it was a real flight at last and not a glide. -Orville Wright, first flight of a heavier-than-air aircraft

I confess that in 1901, I said to my brother Orville that man would not fly for fifty years. . . . Ever since, I have distrusted myself and avoided all predictions. - Wilbur Wright, in a speech to the Aero Club of France, 5 November 1908. All quotes taken from Accessed: 21 July 2008

The Wright Brothers. Available Accessed: 23 July 2008


e k i l d n u o s s i h t s e do

? h c r chu arrat

by Suzanne B

Student Pastor of St Wilfrid's Anglican Church

The usuals, as well as many new faces, are all standing outside the church in eager anticipation. This church has been doing some strange things in the services over the last few weeks, with every service taking on a different and creative form. The church doors are closed – which is quite strange for the 7 o'clock service, although something must be happening because there are candles running up either side of the path leading up to the door. We wait with excitement. At 7 o'clock the church doors open and two smartly dressed men step out. They act like ushers and invite us to follow the path of candles. As we enter the back of the church, we notice it is completely dark except for the candles that are running up either side of the aisle and the ones that light up the cross at the front. The path seems to lead right out the front of the church, so it doesn't look like we are staying in the church this evening. There's a constant murmur as the people pass through the church wondering what they are going

The path of candles continues into the hall, at the back of the church, where a delicious aroma greets the crowd – the mixture between freshly brewed coffee and chocolate chip cookies baked that afternoon. As we come through the doors, we see tables set up to give a café feel, the church leaders dressed as waiters and a live band playing music in the corner… to find outside the door.


Does this sound like church to you? This particular evening continued with the groups drinking coffee, eating biscuits and talking about the topics given on the “menu” on the table, which ranged from “Jesus – liar, lunatic or LORD” to answering “Why GOD allows suffering in the world” and “Who is GOD to you?” The goal was not to give a sound theological answer for everyone to take home, but rather to inspire discussion and debate around topics that are often areas of uncertainty and doubt in young peoples' minds. In the structure of general services today, there is often not space for these doubts and issues to be addressed in an open manner. How can we as churches meet people where they are in a way that is inviting rather than restrictive? It was this question that inspired a movement called BEYOND BELIEF at St Wilfrid's, an Anglican Church in Pretoria, within the student and young adult services. We decided as a leadership team to do away with our preconceived notions of what a service should look like and leave the slate blank for us to discern where GOD was leading us each week. Our motivations were that we wanted to express our worship for GOD in new ways and to give Him all the glory for the service; we wanted to empower the congregation so that they may be able to share freely; and we wanted new people, who may not be regular church goers, to feel welcome and relate to the services. The planning meetings were basically prayer meetings, where we would ask GOD to speak to us and to block out our voices as well as anything that is not of Him. We would then wait for GOD to give each of us a message or picture for the week. This was an incredible faith-building exercise because we as leaders needed to relinquish our control and allow GOD to speak in ways that often did not seem to make the most sense, did not seem feasible and invariably were not within our time frame. But we decided to trust Proverbs 3:5-6 and wait for GOD to speak because He knows best. And GOD is so faithful!!! Every week, without fail, GOD would give us creative ideas and every aspect would be confirmed by the group. One week we had different prayer stations where we could move around the church doing something practical and symbolic of what we were praying for. We prayed for our country; for people to come to know GOD; for our leaders; for repentance; for forgiveness; to say thank you. Another week we had a movie night where we set up a data projector on a huge screen and showed a talk by Louie Giglio. As each person came into the church they got a paper bag of popcorn and could sit on couches or bean bags in the church. You should have heard the crunching! Another week we had a praise jam with different ways of worshiping GOD through art, poetry, dance, flags, bubbles, and balloons, among others. These are just a few examples of what the services included. I don't believe GOD is asking every church to do exactly the same services as mentioned above, but I do wonder if GOD is not challenging the contemporary church to let go of the structures we have put in place and be more open to His leading?

“In the structure of general services today, there is often not space for these doubts and issues to be addressed in an open manner. How can we as churches meet people where they are in a way that is inviting rather than restrictive?”

My challenge would be for churches to let go of the methods we have put in place that make the running of services more efficient and easy, and discern what GOD is leading your church to do. Be faithful and obedient in “doing church” as He leads, then sit back and watch GOD move. The experience at St Wilfrid's was that when we allowed more flexibility in our services and devoted more time to discernment and prayer for the services, GOD moved powerfully in the lives of young people These services were truly beyond belief. GOD showed us tangibly that He can do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine (Eph3:20).


August 2008

Monday - Thank him Tuesday - Family Wednesday - The Nations Thursday - This month reflect on your faith Friday - A friend Saturday - Local is lekker Sunday - People who don’t know God’s love

Attached!! Find a detailed calendar attached, print it out and keep it close as a reminder of what to pray for.


* See terms & conditions


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t d n A



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Illumin8 - Edition 1 - June 2008

Issue 3: The Buy the Banana Issue  

“Buy the banana” comes down to – showing your faith BY your good deeds. We can train ourselves to be obedient in small matters. We can help...