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Bred at Stanton’s 600-cow operation in Ontario, Sidney's ability to sire daughters that milk and work hard in any sized operation, anywhere in the world is bred into him! Ask your Semex representative how to put Sidney to work for you today! Each of these Sidney daughters produced over 23,000 pounds of milk in their first lactations while classifying GP-83 or better.














Lheros x Rudolph x the Saturdays

TPI Milk Fat Protein Net Merit PTAT PL

+1870 +1623 +64 +58 +472 +2.21 +2.2

IB-MACE/8-08 85% Prod. Rel 72% Type Rel Photos by Patty Jones

2866 Agriculture Dr, Madison, WI 53718 | Tel: 800-303-BULL | Fax: 608-223-9492 | | Page 2

Fall 2008

Illinois Holstein Herald

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2008 Senior Holstein Convention............................................... 22

President ...............................................................................Jim Schumacher 8 Co. Rd. 50 N, Teutopolis, Ill. 62467; 217/857-6374

2008 Senior Holstein Convention Registration........................... 23

Vice President....................................................................... Dale Drendel

4-H Judging Teams Selected....................................................... 21

Secretary/Treasurer................................................................. Lori Lyons

Board of Director Meeting Notes................................................ 30

15N057 Walker Rd., Hampshire, Ill. 60140; 847/683-2590 6447 Fitzgerald Rd., Rockford, Ill. 61102; 815/962-0001

Executive Members

Jerry Smith........................................................................ Davis Joann Hartman............................................................ Waterloo Brian Olbrich................................................................. Harvard Kevin Wendling............................................................ Altamont

815/865-5683 618/939-7075 815/943-0798 618/483-5532

Illinois Holstein Herald Editor

Call to the Annual Meeting......................................................... 31 Committee Meeting Schedule..................................................... 29 District Show Results.................................................................. 26 Futurity News............................................................................. 30 IJHA Embryo Shuffle.................................................................. 31 IJHA T-Shirt Fundraiser............................................................. 30

Julie L. Drendel

Illinois Championship Show Dedication..................................... 14

165 Penny Lane, Sycamore, Ill. 60178 815/766-0045 ·

Illinois Championship Futurity..................................................... 7

Website Reporter

Illinois Championship Junior Show............................................ 13

968 Shady Grove Ave. Greenville, Ill. 62246 618/664-0789 ·

Illinois Holstein Dutchess Contest.............................................. 16

Karen Schaufelberger

Illinois Championship Open Show............................................. 18 Illinois Junior Showmanship Contest.......................................... 15

Directors - Term Expires 2008 Boone-Winnebago....................................... Brent Pollard, Rockford Clinton........................................................Don Lueking, Centralia Effingham................................................ Howard Dust, Shumway Heart of Illinois......................................Tricia Kilburn-Zehr, Graymont Jo-Carroll...................................................... John Erbsen, Lanark *McHenry-Lake.......................................... Brian Olbrich, Harvard *McHenry-Lake.................................... Brian Wesemann, Huntley Mississippi Valley.............................................. Bill Deters, Quincy Southern............................................... Joann Hartman, Waterloo *Stephenson............................................. Verlo DeWall, Shannon Stephenson............................................. Kent Smith, Orangeville

Illinois State Fair Junior Show..................................................... 20 815/962-2664 618/495-2238 217/868-5257 815/743-5722 815/275-4990 815/943-0798 847/669-6649 217/224-3192 618/939-7075 815/864-2561 815/789-4059

Superior Young Dairy Producer Award Program......................... 21

REGULARS Adverstiser’s Index......................................................................... 5 Calendar....................................................................................... 5

Directors - Term Expires 2009 Gateway....................................... Bruce Clanton, Mulberry Grove Boone-Winnebago............................. Stephanie Stout, Sharon, WI Clinton.................................................. Jason Brammeier, Carlyle *Effingham............................................ Kevin Wendling, Altamont Gateway ............................................. David Freeman, Greenville *Jo-Carroll............................................. Dennis Steffes, Elizabeth *Lincolnland................... ........................ Lee Oltmanns, Nokomis Mississippi-Valley................................. Beth Weas Cash, Paloma *Southern........................................ Norbert Hasheider, Okawville *Stephenson.................................................... Jerry Smith, Davis

Illinois State Fair Open Show...................................................... 19

District News.............................................................................. 28 618/425-3523 608/732-2757 618/226-3231 618/483-5532 618/780-3240 815/598-3161 217/563-2697 217/455-3440 618/243-6312 815/865-5683

Dutchess Domain......................................................................... 6 From the Field............................................................................... 6 In Memoriam.............................................................................. 18 Junior Journeys......................................................................23-25

Directors - Term Expires 2010 Heart of Illinois.............................................. Gary Zehr, Graymont 815/743-5722 Lincolnland.......................................... Marc Hilgendorf, Nokomis 815/383-4776 Tri-County.......................................................... Ray Hess, Genoa 815/784-6006 Tri-County.................................................... Joe Engel, Hampshire 847/683-3482 * Ineligible for re-election ** Completing an unexpired term

Holstein Association USA Regional Representative

Larry Kleiner 850 Old Hwy. 127, Greenville, Ill. 62246 · · 618/664-0001

Other Representatives

Mike Hutjens University of Illinois Extension · · 217/333-2928

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Volume 70, Number 3

Fall 2008

Illinois Holstein Herald (ISSN 1520-4472) (USPS #016762) is published four times a year, March, June, October and December at 205 West Fourth St., Minster, Ohio 45865-0101 by the Illinois Holstein Association. Subscriptions for members are included as part of the annual membership dues; $20 per year for non-members. Periodical postage paid at 62 East 4th St., Minster, Ohio 45865-0101 and additional offices. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the Illinois Holstein Herald, 165 Penny Lane, Sycamore, IL 60178.

Fall 2008



Accelerated Genetics

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Ludwig Farms

Page 34

Ainger Farms

Page 31

Lyonden Farm

Page 34

BDG Genetics

Page 31

Mackinson Dairy Farm

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Page 31

Macomber Farm

Page 32

BLM Fall Dairy

Page 31

Massbach Holsteins

Page 33


Page 34

Meier Meadows

Blukel Holsteins

Page 31


Bontz-Vic Holsteins Bri-Mel Acres

MW 25 Page 31, MW 25

Car-Mer Farm, LLP Cearfield Farm

Page 6, 31 Page 31, MW 74

Char-La-Do Dairy Farm

MW 46

Page 33 Page 33, MW 90-91

Mitchell’s Holsteins

Page 34

Nav’s Cows

MW 64

Net-A-Way Farms Dairy

Page 33

O-Bee Holsteins

Page 34

Oertel Farms, Inc.

Clint-Clair Farms

Page 31, MW 55

Coxbrook Farms

Page 31

Platz Dairy Farm

Page 33, MW 99

Oltmanns, Lee

Page 5 Page 33

Dair-E-Land Holsteins, Inc.

Page 31

Pleasantland Farm

DoDel Holsteins

Page 31

Po-Cop Holsteins

Edler Farm

Page 32

R-Homestead Farm

Page 34, MW 86

The Edwards Family

Page 32

R-Vision Holsteins

Page 33, MW 46

Ellingson’s White Hill Farm

Page 32

Ravendale Farm

Page 33

Elm Farms, Inc.

Page 34

Roblee Farms

Page 33

Erbacres Holsteins

Page 32

Rock-I Farms

Page 34

Evergreen Lawn Farm

Page 32


Page 33

Flat-Net Dairy

Page 32

Rolling Lawns Farms

Page 33

Fruendly Acres

Page 32

Rollin-Huels Dairy Farm

Francis Halpin Farms

Page 32


Gaf-Fine Farms, Inc.

Page 34, MW 71

Glendell H. Farms, Ltd.

Page 32

Glenkeen Holsteins

MW 52

Golden Oaks Farm

Page 32, MW 83

Halldale Farms Holbric Holsteins

Page 32 Page 34, MW 20

Page 33, MW 12 Page 33

Page 33 Page 34, MW 17

Schaufine Farms

Page 33

Schaulane Holsteins

Page 33

Select Sires

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Shan-Hart Holsteins

Page 33

Shanks Farm

Page 33

Holstein International

Page 14

Shannondoah Holsteins

Page 33

Hunter Haven Farms, Inc.

Page 32

Show-N-Style Cattle

Page 33

Illini Golden Opportunity Sale MW 28-31

Smith, Ed

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Interglobe Genetics

Page 17

Stevenson Holstein Club

Irwindale Holsteins

Page 34

Stone Ridge

Page 20

Sum-Daze Holsteins

JLD Designs J-Maker Dairy Farm

Page 32, MW 40

Sunshine Genetics

K-J Holsteins

Page 32, MW 66

Team Holsteins

K-Lane Farms

Page 3, 34


Page 32

Kaskaskia College

MW 65

Page 33

Page 33, MW 100 Page 33 Page 11 Page 33, MW 35

Trans-World Genetics

Page 35

Tuck’s O’er the Hill Farm

Page 34

Twendell Holsteins

Page 33


Page 34


Page 34

Kochnook Farm

Page 32

Von-View Dairy Farm

Page 34

Koll-Kreek Holsteins

Page 32


Page 34

Laeschway Dairy

Page 34, MW 86

Wildvale Registered Holsteins

Page 34

Lenkaitis Holsteins

Page 32, MW 11

Will-Can-Do Holsteins

Page 34

Lindale Holsteins

Page 32, MW 34

Winter Dairy Farm

Page 34

Luck-E Holsteins

Page 32, MW 79

Zehrview Holsteins

Page 34

Lucky-King Holsteins

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Oct. 3—International Holstein Show (heifers), Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wis.; Brian Carscadden, Guelph, Ontario, judge Oct. 4—International Holstein Show (cows), Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wis.; Brian Carscadden, Guelph, Ontario, judge Oct. 24—Board of Directors Meeting, 5:00 p.m., Lindale and Team Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill. Oct. 25—Illini Golden Opportunity Sale, 10:30 a.m., hosted by Lindale and Team Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill. Nov. 3—Grand National Junior Holstein Show, Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Ky.; Chris Lahmers, judge Nov. 5—Mid-East Fall National Holstein Show, Kentucky Exposition Center, Lousiville, Ky. Nov. 13-14—Royal Agriculture Winter Fair Holstein Show, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Mark Rueth, Oxford, Wis., judge Nov. 22—IJHA Annual Meeting, 10:00 a.m., Bloomington, Ill. Dec. 2-4—Illinois Holstein Convention, Four Points Sheraton, Fairview Heights, Ill.; hosted by the Gateway Holstein Club

FROM THE EDITOR As I complete the sixth issue as editor of the Illinois Holstein Herald, I have taken a moment to look back at the last 18 months. When Molly Florent and I took over the positions as editors, we challenged ourselves to make the Herald “bigger and better.” I feel I am getting closer to that goal—but, there is always room for improvement. As a member of the Illinois Holstein Association for the past 23 years, I still look to the Herald as the source for our association’s news. The Herald is a tool and resource for Holstein enthusiasts and breeders from across the state to market their herd’s genetics. There has been a steady increase in the number of advertisers over the past year-and-a-half; let’s keep that going! This issue is 100-pages front to back. Take ample time to go through the magazine. Thank you to those breeders who have continued to support the magazine and thank you to new advertisers in the Midwest Section. With the fall show schedule in full swing, good luck to all exhibitors. I look forward to seeing many of you at World Dairy Expo and Louisville. I would also like to encourage everyone to attend the Illini Golden Opportunity Sale on October 25, 2008, in Hampshire. Check out page 28-31 of the Midwest section for some exciting consignments and hotel information. The Senior Holstein Convention is the first week of December— plan to attend! The Clinton County Club has planned an excellent convention. Information and registration form is on pages 23-24 of the Herald. I wish a safe and bountiful harvest to everyone.

Julie L. Drendel Illinois Holstein Herald

Page 5

From the Field...

Observations from the Field I have thought about making a list like this and finally sat down and did it.

I. We have so much information available today that it is almost impossible to sort through it. Always remember the basics, cow comfort, herd health, and nutrition. All three must be provided at high levels in order for a dairy to succeed. Two out of three won’t work. The most exciting thing I do is visit a dairy that is providing adequate levels of all three and giving well bred Holsteins the chance to fully express their genetic potential. II. The #1 problem I see is poor foot health. The most disappointing thing I do is stop at a dairy that has invested thousands of dollars per cow but failed to spend the few

Dutchess Domain

dollars required to keep their cows feet healthy. There is nothing that will control foot warts on every farm, but there is something that will work on every farm. III. Crossbreeding? There are a number of dairies that have become dissatisfied with the Holstein breed because there is something about their facilities or management that has limited their herd’s reproductive performance or productive life. Then someone convinces them that crossbreeding will make things better. When you run into one of these people, thank them from the bottom of your heart. Anyone who is willing to breed milk out of their cows, is a true friend of the dairy that can manage the modern Holstein. IV. Breeding Registered Holsteins with “market appeal”. If you want to breed cattle that will appeal to the buyers of Holstein seed stock, categorize your matings as “index matings” or “type matings”. There are very few bulls that fill both categories. Timing is everything in the index business. Don’t try to breed yourself into an index family. You

either have one or you don’t. If you want to get into the index business buy your way in. When selecting bulls for a “type pedigree” use high reliability bulls when possible. The reality is most of the 90% reliable bulls will disappoint you and you will end up with something that has limited market appeal. You can have a family that has many generations of VG and Ex cows but if you don’t have the right sires in the first couple generations they may not very marketable. V. When selecting a clean up bull, look for a bull that has proven high conception. Most people turn to young sires and have no idea if the bull’s conception is good or bad. In many cases you can buy a high conception bulls in quantity and not pay that much more than a young sire. VI. Remember, breeding marketable cattle is a study in statistics. Always try to put the odds in your favor. Betting against the odds will most likely cost you money. It seems to me that people use too many “hot pedigreed” young sires. The odds of them being marketable after they receive their proof are simply not very good. Genomics will help but they are not available yet.

Larry Kleiner

Hello and greetings from southern Illinois. If many of you do not know me, I am Melinda Kollmann, and I am your 2008 Illinois Holstein Dutchess. I live in New Baden and am a part of the Clinton County Junior Holstein Club. My parents are Steve and Marilyn Kollmann and they own Koll-Kreek Dairy. I am currently a senior at the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale majoring in Animal Science. I am also the President of the Illinois Junior Holstein Club and participate in many activities throughout my years in the junior organization. I hope that everyone had a great summer on the farm and also showing their animals at the fairs. I know I enjoyed my summer visiting all the fairs, it sure went by fast. Congratulations to all the class winners as well as the champion animals. Lastly, I wish luck to those that are exhibiting animals at the World Dairy Expo and also to all the members that will be participating in the dairy judging contests.

Melinda Kollmann

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Fall 2008

Illinois Championship Futurity July 17, 2008 • Interstate Center, Bloomington, Ill. Paul Trapp, Taylor, Wis., judge

Two-Year-Old Futurity 1. Erbacres Goldwyn Peace (S: Braedale Goldwyn, D: Erbacres Durham Pepsi-ET), Connor Erbsen, Lanark, Ill., 1st bred & owned, 1st junior 2. Erbacres Durham Collie, Kevin Erbsen, Lanark, Ill. 3. B-J-Grove Mailing Mermaid, Lucas Clanton, Mulberry Grove, Ill. 4. Holbric Dundee Speciality, Katelyn Kenney, Capron, Ill. 5. Irwindale Gibson Melinda, Todd Irwin, Beason, Ill. 6. Erbacres Dundee Lady Luck, Carla Erbsen, Lanark, Ill. 7. Erbacres Dundee Ceria-ET, Kevin Erbsen 8. GMB SStorm Luckie-ET, A. Netemeyer & B. Bowman, Carlyle, Ill. 9. Lindale Kite Diana, Lindale Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill. 10. Clearfield Rubens Marty-ET, Jerry & Sharon Smith, Davis, Ill. 11. Huel-Haven Roy Brianna, Josh Huelsman, Trenton, Ill. 12. B-J-Grove Canyon Sloan-TW, Lucas Clanton 13. Two-Fine Zenith Dolly, Amy Schaufelberger, Greenville, Ill. 14. R-Homestead Morty Twilite, David Ruppert, Nokomis, Ill. 15. Tim Tam-Acres Roy Joyful, Chelsie Stewart, Pocahontas, Ill. 16. R-Homestead Outside Carisma, David Ruppert 17. R-Homestead Dundee Tilly-TW, David Ruppert

Tri-County Dutchess Sarah Sheehan with 5-year-old Futurity winner Erbacres Encore Leigh led by Paula Bovre with Payton Erbsen.

Five-Year-Old Futurity 1. Erbacres Encore Leigh (S: Marcrest Encore, D: Erbacres Storm Lucy), Carla Erbsen, Lanark, Ill., 1st bred & owned 2. Irwindale Lee Monica, Maurice Irwin, Beason, Ill. 3. Irwindale Durham Minnie, Maurice Irwin

McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller with 2-year-old Futurity winner Erbacres Goldwyn Peace and Connor Erbsen.

Illinois Holstein Herald

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Illinois Championship Show July 18, 2008 • Interstate Center, Bloomington, Ill. Paul Trapp, Taylor, Wis., judge

  Grand Champion • Bred & Owned Grand Champion • Champion Udder Luck-E Advent Kalotta-ET • Owned by Matt L. Engel

Reserve Grand Champion Gundys Alise-ET • Owned by Rob Gunderson

Intermediate Champion Regancrest Babydoll-ET • Owned by Carson Kasbergen

Reserve Intermediate Champion Hagen Dundee Misty • Owned by Carson Kasbergen

Bred & Owned Junior and Reserve Junior Champions Junior and Reserve Junior Champions Left to right: Molly Florent with Reserve Bred & Owned Junior Champion Left to right: Judge Paul Trapp, Austin Rademacher, Julie Hemp with Maheufils Gundys Beauty-ET, Lucas Clanton with Bred & Owed Junior Champion B-JGoldwyn Melinda-ET, Junior Champion; Tri-County Dutchess Sarah Sheehan; Grove Lehero Monkey, and McHenry-Lake Dutchess Grace Shanks. George Kasbergen with Brooke and Grant leading Reserve Junior Champion Kamlake Frangel Mirage-ET; and McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller. Page 8 Fall 2008

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Spring Heifer Calf L to R: Lisa Alban with Luck-E Mitch Jumpin, Reserve All-Illinois Spring heifer calf; Melinda Kollmann with B-J-Grove Dale Rosalee, AllIllinois Spring heifer calf; McHenry-Lake Dutchess Grace Shanks. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Spring heifer calf (6 shown) B-J-Grove Dale Rosalee, Yvonne Clanton, Mulberry Grove, Ill., 1st bred & owned Luck-E Mitch Jumpin, Matt L. Engel, Hampshire, Ill. MS SS Kal Mel, J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer, Manteno, Ill. MS Goldwyn Gretchen, Caitlin Meyer, Manteno, Ill. Savage-Leigh Zenth Linsy-ET, Stephanie Aves, Poplar Grove, Ill. Huel-Haven Advent Daffy-TW, Jessy Schomaker, Trenton, Ill.

Winter Heifer Calf L to R: Illinois Dutchess Melinda Kollmann; Jason Swanson with Savage-Leigh Fortuna Ella, Reserve All-Illinois Winter heifer calf; Julie Hemp and Brooke Kasbergen with Kamlake Frangel Mirage, All-Illinois Winter heifer calf.

Fall Heifer Calf L to R: McHenry-Lake Dutchess Grace Shanks; Lucas Clanton with B-J-Grove Lehero Monkey, Reserve All-Illinois Fall heifer calf; Julie Hemp and Austin Rademacher with Maheufils Goldwyn Melinda-ET, All-Illinois Fall heifer calf.

Fall heifer calf (15 shown) Maheufils Goldwyn Melinda-ET (S: Braedale Goldwyn, D: Maheufils Terrason Champ Leah), Austin Rademacher, Penfield, Ill., jr. champ. 2. B-J-Grove Lehero Monkey, Lucas Clanton, Mulberry Grove, Ill., 1st bred & owned 3. Erbacres SS Crayon-Red, Kevin Erbsen 4. Clearfield Proof Amber, Jerry & Sharon Smith, Davis, Ill. 5. Bluff-Ridge Roy Barretta-ET, Sarah Butler, Arrowsmith, Ill. 6. MS Kathys Dundee Kananie-ET, J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer 7. Brite-Side Adv Empress-Red-ET, Oertel Farms Inc., Brighton, Ill. 8. R-Homestead Ram Ruebarb-Red, David Ruppert, Nokomis, Ill. 9. Bluff-Ridge Zenith Jordy, Sarah Butler 10. MS Silkwood MK Jazlyn, Ben Sauder, Tremont, Ill. 11. Schluter Toystory Lanna-ET, Olivia Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. 12. Zehrview Terrason Pandy, Amanda Hartman 13. TriHomestead Advnt Tiana-ET, David Ruppert 14. R-Homestead Dundee Tylyn, Rachel Koehn, Peotone, Ill. 15. Dolls Roy 743, Aaron Mitchell, Winnebago

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Brooke Kasbergen Miss Advent Joanie, Carson, Grant & Brooke Kasbergen Ouriver Goldwyn Libby, Caitlin Meyer Kingsway E Flying Kite-Red, Stephanie Aves Rock-I Maple Lheros Missy, Rock-I Farms, Orangeville, Ill. Erbacres Damion Emily-ET, Connor Erbsen, Lanark, Ill. B-J-Grove Mailing Allicia, Yvonne Clanton Erbacres Lheros Sprite, Kevin Erbsen Schaufine Roy Roxy, Amy Schaufelberger Char-La-Don Blitz Matilda, Allison Telgmann K-Lane Damion Andrea, Rick Koehn, Peotone, Ill. Samanthas Aspen Secret, Brett & Brennan Woker, Greenville, Ill.


Spring Yearling Heifer L to R: Molly Florent and Joe Vitale with Vital-I Advantage Laura, Reserve All-Illinois Spring yearling; Stephanie Aves with Savage-Leigh Alexee-ET, All-Illinois Spring yearling. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Spring yearling heifer (9 shown) Savage-Leigh Alexee-ET, Stephanie Aves Vital-I Advantage Laura, Joe Vitale, 1st bred & owned Mohrfield Gibson Eddie, David Ruppert Flat-Net Blitz Cristina, Anna Netemeyer, Carlyle, Ill. Macland Dundee L Butlong-ET, Caitlin Meyer Wendy-Oaks Daz SS Dreamz-ET, Morgan Wendling, Altamont, Ill. Rock-I Lola Bambam Leanne, Rock-I Farms Mil-R-Mor Damion Cherrias, Brianna Sheehan, Huntley, Ill. Greenlea Ad Lib-Red-ET, Megan Opperman, Lanark, Ill.

9. Winter heifer calf (11 shown) 1. Kamlake Frangel Mirage-ET (S: Braedale Goldwyn, D: Crackholm O S Miracle), Carson, Grant & Brooke Kasbergen, Mansfield, Ill., res. jr. champ. 2. Savage-Leigh Fortune Ella, Jason Swanson, Garden Prairie, Ill. 3. Luck-E Durham Dellia-ET, Matt L. Engel, 1st bred & owned 4. MS Kathys Toystory Korie, J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer Summer Yearling Heifer 5. Luck-E Durham Deere-ET, Joe Vitale, Dixon L to R: McHenry-Lake Dutchess Grace Shanks; 6. MS Apple Pie-Red-ET, Apple Red LLC., Ron Mikulice with MS Show-N-Style Black BettyEdgerton, Wis. ET, Reserve All-Illinois Summer yearling; Gary Winter Yearling Heifer 7. Erbacres Aspen Mistique, Kevin Erbsen, Ludwig with Buckmeado Damion Madam-ET, All- L to R: Doug Nifong with Price-View SStorm Lanark, Ill. Illinois Summer yearling. Aileen-ET, All-Illinois Winter yearling; Julie Hemp 8. Irwindale Durham Mindy, Sarah Irwin, with Tower-Ridge Primetime Paris, Reserve AllSummer yearling heifer (14 shown) Beason, Ill. Illinois Winter yearling. 1. Buckmeado Damion Madam-ET, Ludwig 9. MS Katys Rampage Kaye-ET, J., B., K., M. Farms, Oakwood, Ill. Price & C., B. Meyer Winter yearling heifer (6 shown) 10. Duncan Aspen Prima, Rick Koehn & Caitlin 2. MS Show-N-Style Black Betty-ET, Calf 1. Price-View SStorm Aileen-ET, J., B., K., M. Vantage, Ron & Tom Mikulice, Orangeville, Meyer, Peotone, Ill. Price & C., B. Meyer Ill., 1st bred & owned 11. Zehrview Stanley Bern, Amanda Hartman, 2. Tower-Ridge Primetime Paris, Austin 3. Frozenes Aspen Val, Carson, Grant & Waterloo, Ill. (continued to page 10) Illinois Holstein Herald Page 9

Illinois Championship Show (continued from page 9)

Rademacher 3. MS Katys Kaitlin-ET, J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer 4. MS Clearfield Dun Mele-ET, Jerry & Sharon Smith 5. K-Lane Champion Skye, Rick Koehn, 1st bred & owned 6. Five West SS Posey, Ellie Lenkaitis, Winnebago, Ill.

Kasbergen, 2nd best udder Erbacres Goldwyn Peace, Connor Erbsen, 1st bred & owned 4. Luck-E Advent Lingeri-Red, Matt L. Engel 5. Luck-E CC Crown, Matt L. Engel 6. B-J-Grove Mailing Mermaid, Lucas Clanton 7. Golden-Oaks Marsh Sable, Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, Ill. 8. B-J-Grove Canyon Sloan-TW, Lucas Clanton 9. R-Homestead Outside Carisma, David Ruppert 10. K-Lane Garrison Paris, Rick Koehn 3.

Junior Three-Year-Old Cow L to R: George and Grant Kasbergen with Jackie Florent and Regancrest Babydoll-ET, All-Illinois Jr. 3; Jessica Telgmann with Schluter Roy Leann, Reserve All-Illinois Jr. 3. 1.

2. Fall Yearling Heifer L to R: Illinois Dutchess Melinda Kollmann; Carson Kasbergen with Joleanna Rainkite, Reserve All-Illinois Fall yearling; Rob Gunderson with Gundys Beauty-ET, All-Illinois Fall yearling.

Fall yearling heifer (10 shown) 1. Gundys Beauty-ET, Rob Gunderson, Shannon, Ill., 1st bred & owned 2. Joleanna Rainkite, Carson Kasbergen, Mansfield, Ill. 3. Shannondoah Advnt Ranee-Red, Verlo DeWall, Shannon, Ill. 4. Rock-I Lorri Dundee Lambada, Rock-I Farms 5. Mohrfield Supra Precious, Tyler Carter, Greenville, Ill. 6. Rock-I Sky Roy Satellite, Tony Netemeyer & Anthony Whitehead, Carlyle, Ill. 7. B-J-Grove Terrason BB, Lucas Clanton 8. Luck-E Drake Atisha, Rick Koehn 9. Hedge-Row Blitz Bliss, Matthew Lyons, Rockford, Ill. 10. B-J-Grove Blitz Rosetta, Yvonne Clanton 1. 2. 3. 4.

Junior best 3 females B-J-Grove Holsteins Rock-I Farms Luck-E Holsteins Erbacres Holsteins

Junior Two-Year-Old Cow L to R: Illinois Dutchess Melinda Kollmann; Jackie Florent with Above-Par Dundee Penny-ET, AllIllinois Jr. 2; Carson Kasbergen with PA-Stonemill Brilliantly Dun, Reserve All-Illinois Jr. 2. 1. 2.

Junior 2-yr.-old cow (10 shown) Above-Par Dundee Penny-ET, Carson Kasbergen, 1st best udder Pa-Stonemill Brilliantly Dun, Carson

Page 10

Senior Two-Year-Old Cow L to R: McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller; Doug Nifong with Luck-E Dundee Jenna, Reserve All-Illinois Sr. 2; George and Carson Kasbergen with Hagen Dundee Misty, All-Illinois Sr. 2. Senior 2-yr.-old cow (18 shown) 1. Hagen Dundee Misty (S: Regancrest Dundee-ET, D: Hagen Counselor Mizz-ET), Carson Kasbergen, res. int. champ., 1st best udder 2. Luck-E Dundee Jenna, Blake Meyer, Manteno, Ill., 2nd best udder 3. Erbacres Durham Collie, Kevin Erbsen, 1st bred & owned 4. Scenic-Edge Joyful-Red-ET, Stephanie Aves 5. Rock-I Angie Champion Addie, Rock-I Farms 6. Irwindale Gibson Melinda, Todd Irwin, Beason, Ill. 7. Luck-E Advent Trixy-Red, Matt L. Engel 8. Bo-Irish Goldwyn Kissago-ET, Golden Oaks Farm 9. K-Lane Givency Kalie, Bruce Clanton, Mulberry Grove, Ill. 10. Bluff-Ridge Roy Brooke, Sarah Butler 11. AHM Lady Pepperdine-ET, Animal Health Mgmt. & Ron Mikulice, Monroe, Wis. 12. MS Matomba Dunde Explode-ET, Caitlin Meyer 13. Erbacres Dundee Lady Luck, Carla Erbsen, Lanark, Ill. 14. Clearfield Dundee Delila-ET, Jerry & Sharon Smith 15. Erbacres Dundee Ceira-ET, Kevin Erbsen 16. Mil-R-Mor P Wheaties, Brianna Sheehan 17. Huel-Haven Roy Brianna, Josh Huelsman, Trenton, Ill. 18. Tim Tam-Acres Roy Joyful, Chelsie Stewart, Pocahontas, Ill.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Junior 3-yr.-old cow (7 shown) Regancrest Babydoll-ET (S: Regancrest Dundee-ET, D: Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET), Carson Kasbergen, int. champ., 1st best udder Schluter Roy Leann, Jessica Telgmann, 2nd best udder Bluff-Ridge Skyfame Joan, Sarah Butler, 1st bred & owned Golden-Oaks Dundee 3937, Lindale Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill. Erbacres Astro Celica, Kevin Erbsen Budjon-Dannys Gib Avalon, Jerry & Sharon Smith Doll-Leigh Jordan Lories-ET, Boyd Schaufelberger, Greenville, Ill.

Senior Three-Year-Old Cow L to R: Lucas Clanton with B-J-Grove Champion Hoover, All-Illinois Sr. 3; Joe Engel with Luck-E Talent Blizzard-ET, Reserve All-Illinois Sr. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Senior 3-yr.-old cow (7 shown) B-J-Grove Champion Hoover, Patrick Devore, Mulberry Grove, Ill., 1st best udder Luck-E Talent Blizzard-ET, Matt L. Engel, 2nd best udder, 1st bred & owned Budjon-JK Drhm Elaborate, Rob Gunderson Erbacres Hi Metro Dee-ET, John Erbsen, Lanark, Ill. Quality-Ridge Spirte Anita, Carson Kasbergen Show-N-Style Bobbie-ET, Show-N-Style Cattle Co., Orangeville, Ill. Erbacres Kite Francesca, Kevin Erbsen

Thank you to our major show sponsors: Lanark Ag & Vita Plus MSC Westfalia-Surge

Fall 2008

Four-Year-Old Cow L to R: Keith Engel with Luck-E Advent KalottaET, All-Illinois 4-yr.-old; Molly Florent with Gundys Alise-ET, Reserve All-Illinois 4-yr.-old. 4-yr.-old cow (10 shown) Luck-E Advent Kalotta-ET (S: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET, D: Luck-E Rubens KaylieET), Matt L. Engel, sr. and gr. champ., best udder overall, 1st bred & owned 2. Gundys Alise-ET (S: Silky Gibson-ET, D: MS Gundys Amlaird Ada-ET), Rob Gunderson, res. sr. and res. gr. champ., 2nd best udder 3. Luck-E Bizar Talent-ET, Carson Kasbergen 4. Budjon-JK Derry Epiphany, Rob Gunderson 5. Wesemann Forbidden Marilyn, Team Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill. 6. Golfing Talent Amaze, Matt L. Engel 7. Bluff-Ridge Durham Allison, Sarah Butler 8. Luck-E Kreation Cameo, Allison Telgmann 9. B-J-Grove Rubens Chardnell, Yvonne Clanton 10. MS Priceview Dolly, Rick Koehn 1.

Aged Cow L to R: Illinois Dutchess Melinda Kollmann; Jason Meier with Juny-Hill JK Star Silk-ET, Reserve All-Illinois Aged cow; Jeff Drendel with Kagwick Durham Ivy-TW, All-Illinois Aged cow. 1. 2. 3.

1. 2. 3.

Best 3 females Luck-E Holsteins B-J-Grove Holsteins Erbacres Holsteins

1. 2. 3.

Produce of dam Luck-E Holsteins B-J-Grove Holsteins Sarah Sheehan

1. 2. 3. 4.

Exhibitor’s herd Luck-E Holsteins Stone Ridge Dairy Rob Gunderson B-J-Grove Holsteins

Aged cow (3 shown) Kagwick Durham Ivy-TW, Team Holsteins, 1st best udder Juny-Hill JK Star Silk-ET, Rob Gunderson & Jason Meier, Ridott, Ill., 2nd best udder Free-State Encore Fancy Gay, Sarah Sheehan, Huntley, Ill.

Premier Exhibitor Judge Paul Trapp presents the Premier Exhibitor banner of the 2008 Illinois Championship Show to the crew of Stone Ridge Dairy: Grant, Garrett, Brooke, Carson and Reese with George and Kara Kasbergen and Jackie Florent, manager of Stone Ridge Dairy 125,000# Cow L to R: Paula Bovre with Erbacres Constance-ET, Reserve All-Illinois 125,000# cow; Lisa Alban with Bosdale Mattie Lee Mary, All-Illinois 125,000# cow and McHenry-Lake Dutchess Grace Shanks. 1. 2.

Five-Year-Old Cow L to R: Illinois Dutchess Melinda Kollmann; Joe Hoffman with Lindale Brent Evette, Reserve All-Illinois 5-yr.-old; Matt Templeton with Luck-E Approval Tammy, All-Illinois 5-yr.-old.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

5-yr.-old cow (6 shown) Luck-E Approval Tammy, Matt L. Engel, 1st best udder, 1st bred & owned Lindale Brent Evette, Lindale Holsteins, 2nd best udder Erbacres Encore Leigh, Carla Erbsen Mohrfield Leduc Anita, Brian & Mark Olbrich, Harvard, Ill. Sharphaven Camden Cisaly, Golden Oaks Farm Clint-Clair Outside Nickel, Ryan Kuper, Trenton, Ill.


125,000# cow (3 shown) Bosdale Mattie Lee Mary, Matt L. Engel, 1st best udder Erbacres Constance-ET, Kevin Erbsen, 1st bred & owned Bluemist Nobel Cara, Golden Oaks Farm, 2nd best udder

Premier Breeder Luck-E Holsteins was named Premier Breeder of the 2008 Illinois Championship Show. Judge Trapp presents the banner to Joe Engel and Lisa Alban, representing Luck-E Holsteins.

Dry Aged Cow L to R: McHenry-Lake Dutchess Grace Shanks; Paula Bovre with Erbacres RM Cilia, All-Illinois Dry aged cow.

Good luck to everyone exhibiting at fall shows! Illinois Holstein Herald

Page 11

POTTER d Crop! 014HO03597

n 2 l a n o i t a s n e S

Above: Vista-LC Potter 2905, Frank Robinson photo. At Right (clockwise top right): Den-K Potter Porsha GP-80; HakkerPaulo Potter Anie VG-86; Sewards-Folly Potter Tia VG-86; ©2008 Accelerated Genetics.

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800.451.9275 • Page 12

Fall 2008


Illinois Championship Junior Show RES. GRAND CHAMPION


July 17, 2008 • Interstate Center, Bloomington, Ill. Mike Jones, Marshall, Ind., judge

Luck-E Bizar Talent-ET

Schluter Roy Leann

MS Matomba Dunde Explode-ET



Clint-Clair Outside Nickel

Spring heifer calf (3 shown) 1. MS SS Kal Mel, J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer, Manteno, Ill. 2. Savage-Leigh Zenth Linsy-ET, Stephanie Aves, Poplar Grove, Ill. 3. MS Goldwyn Gretchen, Caitlin Meyer, Manteno, Ill. Winter heifer calf (8 shown) 1. Kamlake Frangel Mirage-ET, C., G., & B. Kasbergen, Mansfield, Ill. 2. MS Kathys Toystory Korie, J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer 3. MS Katys Rampage Kaye-ET, J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer 4. Cross-Wake Perform Snickers, Josh Wakeley, Rockford, Ill. 5. Duncan Aspen Prima, Rick Koehn & Caitlin Meyer, Peotone, Ill. 6. Irwindale Durham Mindy, Sarah Irwin,

Illinois Holstein Herald

Beason, Ill. 7. Schaufine Blitz Darby, Amy Schaufelberger, Greenville, Ill. 8. Zehrview Stanley Bern, Amanda Hartman, Waterloo, Ill. Fall heifer calf (13 shown) 1. Maheufils Goldwyn Melinda-ET, Austin Rademacher, Penfield, Ill. 2. Moroville Advent Ally-Red, Lane Heinzmann, Carlyle, Ill. 3. Zehrview Terrason Pandy, Amanda Hartman 4. MS Kathys Dundee Kananie-ET, J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer 5. St-yle-SA Itz Joytime-Red-ET, Stephanie Aves 6. MS Silkwood MK Jazlyn, Ben Sauder, Tremont, Ill. 7. Schluter Toystory Lanna-ET, Olivia Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. 8. Bluff-Ridge Roy Berretta-ET, Sarah Butler, Arrowsmith, Ill. 9. Bluff-Ridge Zenith Jordy, Sarah Butler 10. Gildale Lheros Jazelle, Emily Orozco, Mansfield, Ill. 11. R-Homestead Dundee Tylyn, Rachel Koehn, Junior Champion L to R: McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller, Stephanie Aves with Res. Jr. Champion SavageLeigh Alexee-ET, Blake Meyer with Jr. Champion Price-View SStorm Aileen-ET and Melinda Kollmann, Illinois Holstein Dutchess.

Peotone, Ill. 12. Gildale-JD Lheros Ladonna, Adrian Orozco, Mansfield, Ill. 13. Dolls Roy 743, Aaron Mitchell, Winnebago, Ill. Summer yearling heifer (11 shown) 1. Frozenes Aspen Val, C., G., & B. Kasbergen 2. Ouriver Goldwyn Libby, Caitlin Meyer 3. Miss Advent Joanie, C., G., & B. Kasbergen 4. Schaufine Roy Roxy, Amy Schaufelberger, bred & owned jr. champ. 5. Kingsway E Flying Kite-Red, Stephanie Aves 6. Erbacres Damion Emily-ET, Connor Erbsen, Lanark, Ill. 7. Char-La-Don Blitz Matilda, Allison Telgmann 8. Wendy-Oaks Miles Indigo, Macy Wendling, Altamont, Ill. 9. Samanthas Aspen Secret, Brett & Brennan Woker, Greenville, Ill. 10. Lyonden Mac Sydney, Emily Lyons, Rockford 11. K-Lane Damion Andrea, Rick Koehn, Peotone, Ill. Spring yearling heifer (7 shown) 1. Savage-Leigh Alexee-ET (S: Regancrest Dundee-ET, D: Ehrhardt Champion LexusET), Stephanie Aves, res. jr. champ. 2. Flat-Net Blitz Cristina, Anna Netemeyer, Carlyle, Ill., res. bred & owed jr. champ. 3. Wendy-Oaks Daz SS Dreamz-ET, Morgan Wendling, Altamont, Ill.

(continued to page 15)

Page 13

Illinois Championship Show Dedication

The Illinois Holstein Association was pleased to announce the 2008 Illinois Championship Show was dedicated to Clyde and Marilyn Winter of Winter Dairy Farm, Altamont, Ill. Clyde Winter took over the family farm in 1982 from his father, Lawrence, who began farming in 1938 when his father, William, died. Today, the farm consists of 300 acres and 160 cows, 80 that are milking. Their milking parlor, a double-4 herringbone, was built in 1982. In 1987, the farm received top state honors in two-times a day milking with a record of 22,700 pounds of milk per cow herd average. Other honors include Quality Milk Awards and numerous top dairy producers awards. The family has been involved in 4-H, Holstein Association, FFA, dairy judging, and dairy showmanship. The Winter family has been exhibiting at the Illinois Championship Show for many years. Highlights include: Mutual-View Calypso Marcel, the 1995 Junior All-Illinois 4-year-old and Reserve Grand Champion of the Junior Show. In 1996, Marcel was also the Junior All-Illinois 5-year-old and Reserve Senior Champion of the Junior Show. She also won the Effingham District Show three years in a row. Winter Dairy Farm has had numerous Grand Champions in the district show along with Junior Champions.

Illinois Holstein Association President Jim Schumaker presents Marilyn and Clyde Winter of Altamont with a plaque recognizing them for the dedication of the 2008 Illinois Championship Holstein Show.

Clyde and Marilyn have been married 29 years. Their children include Christine and Jim who live in Chicago, Ill., with children, Jeremy and Mason; Amy and Dennis who live in St.

Peter, Ill., with children Addyson and Riley; Rodney is on the farm in Altamont, Ill.; Andrea teaches in Bloomington, Ill.; and, Alison, an accountant, lives in Louisville, Ky.

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Fall 2008

Illinois Championship Jr. Show (continued from page 13)

4. Macland Dundee L Butlong-ET, Caitlin Meyer 5. Greenlea Ad Lib-Red-ET, Megan Opperman, Lanark, Ill. 6. Mil-R-Mor Damion Cherrias, Brianna Sheehan, Huntley, Ill. 7. T-Triple-T Durham Lisa, C., G., & B. Kasbergen Winter yearling heifer (6 shown) 1. Price-View SStorm Aileen-ET (S: Pursuit September Storm-ET, D: Elmvue Gibson Abbie), J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer, jr. champ. 2. MS Katys Kaitlin-ET, J., B., K., M. Price & C., B. Meyer 3. Tower-Ridge Primetime Paris, Austin Rademacher 4. Five West SS Posey, Ellie Lenkaitis, Winnebago, Ill. 5. Bur-Wall Toystory Priceless, Allison Telgmann 6. K-Lane Champion Skye, Rick Koehn Fall yearling heifer (6 shown) 1. Joleanna Rainkite, Carson Kasbergen, Mansfield, Ill. 2. Mohrfield Supra Precious, Tyler Carter, Greenville, Ill. 3. Hedge-Row Blitz Bliss, Matthew Lyons, Rockford, Ill.

4. Luck-E Drake Atisha, Rick Koehn 5. Frozenes Dundee Holly-ET, Jessica Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. 6. Bluff-Ridge Roy Annabel, Sarah Butler

Junior 3-yr.-old cow (1 shown) 1. Schluter Roy Leann (S: Roylane JordanET, D: MS Regancrest Luann-ET), Jessica Telgmann, int. champ.

Junior 2-yr.-old cow (3 shown) 1. Savage-Leigh Empire Levi-ET, Stephanie Aves 2. Erbacres Goldwyn Peace, Connor Erbsen 3. K-Lane Garrison Paris, Rick Koehn

Senior 3-yr.-old cow (1 shown) 1. Schaufine Durham Believe, Rachel Koehn

Senior 2-yr.-old cow (11 shown) 1. MS Matomba Dunde Explode-ET (S: Regancrest Dundee-ET, D: Budjon-JK Nobel Elly Mae-ET), Caitlin Meyer, res. int. champ. 2. Scenic-Edge Joyful-Red-ET, Stephanie Aves 3. Tim Tam-Acres Roy Joyful, Chelsie Stewart, Pocahontas, Ill. 4. GBM SStorm Luckie-ET, A. Netemeyer & B. Bowman, Carlyle, Ill. 5. Irwindale Gibson Melinda, Todd Irwin, Beason, Ill. 6. Mil-R-Mor P Wheaties, Brianna Sheehan, bred & owned grand champ. 7. Huel-Haven Roy Brianna, Josh Huelsman, Trenton, Ill., res. bred & owned gr. champ. 8. Two-Fine Zenith Dolly, Amy Schaufelberger 9. Bluff-Ridge Roy Brooke, Sarah Butler 10. Bressners Redman Maddy-Red, Nicole Bressner, Fairbury, Ill. 11. Hedge-Row Blitz Barb, Riley Koehn, Peotone, Ill.

4-yr.-old cow (5 shown) 1. Luck-E Bizar Talent-ET (S: Ladino Park Talent-Imp-ET, D: Luck-E Blackice BlizzardET), Carson Kasbergen, res. sr. and res. gr. champ. 2. Cross-Wake Mich Kiley, Jennifer Wakeley, Rockford, Ill. 3. MS Priceview Dolly, Rick Koehn 4. Luck-E Kreation Cameo, Allison Telgmann 5. Bluff-Ridge Durham Allison, Sarah Butler 5-yr.-old cow (2 shown) 1. Clint-Clair Outside Nickel (S: Comestar Outside-ET, D: Clint-Clair Storm Nessa), Ryan Kuper, Trenton, Ill., sr. and gr. champ. 2. CMCJ Tabithas Taby, Wade Secor, Marengo Aged cow (2 shown) 1. Free-State Encore Fancy Gay, Sarah Sheehan, Huntley, Ill. 2. Waview Dello Deuce, Ashley Seeman, Fairbury, Ill. Dry aged cow (1 shown) 1. Turtle-Rock Minnie-Red-ET, Nicole Bressner

Illinois Junior Showmanship Contest Mike Jones, Marshall, Ind., judge • Lora Hilgendorf, Nokomis, Ill., judge

Junior Boys Showmanship Left to right: Illinois Holstein Dutchess Melinda Kollmann, 3rd place Adrian Orozco, 2nd place Connor Erbsen, 1st place Carson Kasbergen and McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller.

Junior Girls Showmanship Left to right: Illinois Holstein Dutchess Melinda Kollmann, 1st place Rachel Koehn, 2nd place Amanda Hartman, 3rd place Macy Wendling and McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller.

Illinois Holstein Herald

Intermediate Boys Showmanship Left to right: Illinois Holstein Dutchess Melinda Kollmann, 3rd place Matthew Lyons, 2nd place Todd Irwin, 1st place Tyler Carter and McHenryLake Dutchess Colleen Ziller.

Senior Boys Showmanship Left to right: Judge Lora Hilgendorf, 1st place Rick Koehn of Peotone and McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller.

Senior Girls Showmanship Intermediate Girls Showmanship Left to right: McHenry Lake Dutchess Grace L to R: McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller, Shanks, McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller, Illinois Holstein Dutchess Melinda Kollmann, 3rd place Ashley Seeman, 2nd place Sarah Butler, 3rd place Jessica Telgmann, 2nd place Sarah st 1st place Allison Telgmann and Illinois Holstein Sheehan, 1 place Jennifer Wakeley and Dutchess Melinda Kollmann. McHenry-Lake Dutchess Grace Shanks. Page 15

Illinois Holstein Dutchess Contest July 16, 2008 • Interstate Center, Bloomington, Ill.

The 2008 Illinois Holstein Dutchess Contest was held July 16, 2008, at the Interstate Center in Bloomington, Ill., in conjunction with the Illinois Championship Show. This year’s contestants once again raised the bar as each was extremely qualified for the title of Holstein Dutchess. Judging this year’s contest were Jim Fraley, Tammy Wakeley and Verlo DeWall. The following morning, the contestants were escorted into the show ring before the Junior Holstein Show began. Melinda Kollmann was announced as the 2008 Illinois Holstein Dutchess. The girls spent the remainder of the Championship show distributing ribbons and awards to the exhibitors. Congratulations to all the contestants!

Melinda Kollmann

Clinton County

Melinda Kollmann is the 21-year-old daughter of Steve and Marilyn Kollmann of New Baden, Ill. Melinda is a senior majoring in Animal Science at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Melinda is a member of the Clinton County Holstein Club and the Illinois Junior Holstein Association (IJHA). Melinda currently serves as president of the IJHA as well as president of the Clinton County Junior Club. Melinda has been an active junior Holstein member attending Spring Thing, the Junior Annual Meeting and the National Holstein Convention. Melinda attended high school at Wesclin High School and Kaskaskia College in Centralia. Melinda was very active in 4-H and FFA. During her time at Kaskaskia, Melinda was a member of the Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Team at World Dairy Expo. The Kaskaskia team won the contest and Melinda placed seventh individually. She then had the privilege of competing at the dairy judging contest in Scotland. Currently she plays a big role in the Collegiate FFA Chapter at SIUC helping at many CDE contests. Melinda gives credit to her first calf, Koll-Kreek Highlight Pearl, for spurring her interest and involvement with Holstein cattle. Pearl received first place at the county fair when Melinda was just eight years old. This Holstein heifer encouraged her to become involved in the Illinois Junior Holstein Association and has allowed her to travel and meet people that she wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Melinda has responsibilities on the farm that range from milking cows to keeping breeding records. However, to her the best part of all is just being on the farm spending time with the animals.

Grace Shanks


Grace Shanks is the 17-year-old daughter of David and Sue Shanks of Garden Prairie, Ill. Grace is a member of the McHenry-Lake Holstein

Page 16

2008 Illinois Holstein Dutchess Contestants Left to right: McHenry-Lake Dutchess Grace Shanks, Illinois Holstein Dutchess Melinda Kollmann, McHenry-Lake Dutchess Colleen Ziller and Tri-County Dutchess Sarah Sheehan.

Club and the Illinois Junior Holstein Association. Grace is a senior at Harvard High School and attends community college at the same time. Grace has been active in IJHA participating in Spring Thing, and she has represented the state at the National Holstein Convention as a member of the state’s quiz bowl team traveling to Maine, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Grace enjoys exhibiting her Holsteins and has competed at many local, county and state shows including Harvard Milk Days, Kane County, Lake County and McHenry County fairs and the Illinois State Fair. Grace is involved in many activities through school, church and the community. In school Grace participates in FFA, National Honor Society, American Field Service, school musicals, Elizabethan Madrigals, choir and band. At church, she enjoys attending youth group and serves as a leader for Kid’s Club. Grace also belongs to Interact, Milky Way 4-H Club and Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Grace currently owns 16 Registered Holsteins and several Brown Swiss.

Sarah Sheehan


Sarah Sheehan is the 15-year-old daughter of John and Crystal Sheehan of Huntley, Ill. Sarah is a member of the Tri-County Holstein Club and the IJHA. Sarah is a sophomore at Huntley High School. Sarah currently serves as the treasurer of the IJHA and the secretary and reporter of the Tri-County Junior Holstein Club. Sarah is a member of the Railbird Judging Contest and Banner Committee for IJHA. Sarah placed second at the 2008 IJHA Spring Thing Public Speaking Contest and was a member of the 4th place Dairy Quiz Bowl team at

Fall 2008

the National Holstein Convention in the Wisconsin Dells in June. Sarah is a member of the Mil-R-Mor summer show string that will attend five shows and fairs this summer. Sarah exhibited at the Northwest Illinois District Holstein Show in Freeport, Ill., where she was named 2nd place Intermediate Showmanship winner and received Reserve Senior Champion of the Illinois Championship Junior Show. In high school, Sarah has participated in track and field where she specializes in the 200-meter dash and pole vault. She is a member of the Huntley High School Marching Band and the concert band. Earlier this summer, she participated in a marching band performance at Walt Disney World. Sarah is a seven-year member of 4-H and is just finishing her first year as a 4-H ambassador. Sarah currently owns five Registered Holsteins and is a lifelong consumer of dairy products, especially ice cream and cheese.

Colleen Ziller


Colleen Ziller is the 17-year-old daughter of Dan and Carol Ziller of Huntley, Ill. Colleen is a senior at Marengo Community High School.

Illinois Holstein Herald

Colleen is a member of the McHenryLake Holstein Club and the IJHA. Colleen has been active in junior Holstein activities and has participated in dairy bowl and dairy jeopardy at Spring Thing. She has traveled with the Illinois junior delegation to the National Holstein Convention three times; most recently as a member of the Senior Dairy Bowl team at the convention in the Wisconsin Dells in June. She has also attended the junior convention and the state picnic. Colleen has been active in 4-H serving as club president, twice as vice president, secretary and treasurer. She has participated in dairy judging on the state level three times and will complete in 4-H dairy quiz bowl and dairy judging at the National 4-H Competition this fall at the North American Exposition in Louisville. In high school, Colleen is very involved in FFA where she served as Vice President; she is a four-year member of the toy show committee. She is chairman of her FFA chapter’s POA. Colleen has attended two National FFA Conventions and has served as a delegate to the state FFA Convention. With other FFA members, Colleen has spoken with grade school children about farm safety. Colleen currently owns 12 Registered Holstein cattle that she exhibits at the 4-H Fair and at county fairs as a member of the Countryside Crazy 4-H Club.

Page 17

IN MEMORIAM Michael J. “Mike” Mitchell

Winnebago – Michael J. “Mike” Mitchell, 53, of Winnebago, died Monday afternoon, July 21, 2008, along with his son, Kyle, resulting from a tragic farming accident. Born October 11, 1954, in Rockford, he was the son of John Douglas “Doug” and Judy (Brown) Mitchell. He graduated as class salutatorian, from Winnebago High School in 1972 and Highland Community College with high honors in 1974. Mike married Janice Kendell on August 18, 1984, in Christ Methodist Church, Rockford, Ill. He was the fifth generation to farm in Winnebago and was a life-long dairy farmer. In his youth, Mike was a National Honor Society member, manager of the Winnebago High School basketball team and a member of the Westfield Wildcats 4-H Club. An active member of First Presbyterian Church, he was its first youth elder, an elder and trustee. Mike served as secretary-treasurer of Midwest Dairyman’s Company, vice president of Illinois Milk Producers Association, president of Boone-Winnebago Holstein Club. He was a member and past board member of the Farm Bureau and a graduate of Agricultural Leaders of Tomorrow. He loved farming with his boys and downhill skiing. Mike is lovingly survived by his wife, Jan Mitchell; children, John and Aaron Mitchell; mother, Judy Mitchell; all of Winnebago; sisters, Marcee (Terry) Keilback of Winnebago and Mindy (Jim) Gould of Rockford; brother, Matt (Thessa) Mitchell of Winnebago; several nieces and nephews; special cousin and farming partner, Tim Mitchell of Winnebago; motherin-law, Patricia Kendell of Rockford and three brothers-in-law. Mike was predeceased by his father, Doug Mitchell and father-in-law, Richard Kendell. Courtesy of Genandt Funeral Home

Kyle D. Mitchell

Winnebago – Kyle D. Mitchell, 20, of Winnebago, died Monday afternoon, July 21, 2008, with his dad, Mike, in his arms, resulting from a tragic farming accident. Born January 7, 1988, in Rockford, he was the son of Michael and Janice (Kendell) Mitchell. He graduated as class valedictorian from Winnebago High School in 2006 and was going to be a junior at the Page 18

University of Illinois, in Urbana-Champaign, majoring in agricultural engineering. Growing up on the family dairy farm instilled the values of farm life in Kyle: hard work, discipline and responsibility. He applied these traits to all his interests, including soccer, music and socializing. Kyle was a member of the Illinois Junior Holstein Association and Seward Determination 4-H Club, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Rock Valley College Student Leaders, and Phi Theta Kappa. As a member of the First Presbyterian Church, he served as youth elder. As captain of the Winnebago High School soccer team, he was a member of the Academic All-State Soccer Team. Kyle was a member of the Winnebago High School Band and the Mitchell Family Band. Kyle is lovingly survived by his mom, Jan Mitchell; brothers, John and Aaron Mitchell, all of Winnebago; fiancée, Kimberly Pershing of Machesney Park; grandmothers, Judy Mitchell of Winnebago and Patricia Kendell of Rockford; and several aunts, uncles and cousins. Kyle was predeceased by his grandfathers, Doug Mitchell and Richard Kendell. Courtesy of Genandt Funeral Home

Douglas Eugene Moser

Fairbury -- Douglas Eugene Moser, 39, went home to be with the Lord at 8:30 p.m. Saturday (July 26, 2008) at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, Peoria. He was injured in a farming accident on July 18, 2008. Doug was born Aug. 17, 1968, in Fairbury, the son of Lloyd and Myrna Riggenbach Moser. He married Julia Fehr on July 18, 1993. She survives, along with their six children, Walter, Sadie, Arthur, Wendell, Lilly and Loren, at home in Fairbury. Also surviving him are his father, Lloyd; and his second mother, Martha (Fritz) Moser, Morton; four sisters, Marsha (Nathan) Fehr, Janis (Randall) Fehr and Sally (Les) Fehr, all of Fairbury; and Bonnie (Jerry) Wagenbach Jr., Oakville, Iowa; two brothers, Kevin (Kara) Moser, Fairbury, and and Jeff (Sara) Moser, Forrest; 35 nieces and nephews; and many others who knew and loved him. He was preceded in death by his mother, Myrna; a brother, Scott Moser; an infant sister, Barbara Moser; a nephew, Tanner Fehr;and grandparents, Walter and Perseda Moser and Elmer and Sadie Riggenbach. Doug was a member of the Apostolic Christian Church of Fairbury and served as a Sunday school teacher there. He was also active in Apostolic Christian World Relief. Doug was a dairy farmer and part-owner and operator of Indian Creek Farms, Fairbury, Ill. He formerly worked for FS Fuels and Bahler Trucking as a semi-truck driver. Doug’s purpose in life was to glorify God. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” - Psalm 116:15

Shirley A. Twenhafel

Shirley A. Twenhafel, age 59 of Centralia, entered into rest on Wednesday, August 13, 2008, at her residence in Centralia. Mrs. Twenhafel was born on April 17, 1949, in Centralia, a daughter of Wilbert and Helen (Tybrendt) Knolhoff. She married Ralph Twenhafel on July 6, 1968, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoffman and he survives in Centralia. Also surviving is a d a u g h t e r — Ta m m y Oertel and husband Jason of Brighton, Illinois; 2 grandchildren—Tyson and Shelby Oertel; her mother—Helen Knolhoff of Carlyle, 4 brothers—Wayne Knolhoff and wife Joyce of Fenton, Missouri, Glenn Knolhoff and wife Carla of Centralia, Gary Knolhoff of Carlyle and Stewart Knolhoff and wife Brenda of Carlyle; a sister-in-law—Ruth Maschhoff and husband Don of Hoyleton and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her father, Wilbert Knolhoff and her mother-and fatherin-law—Reinhold and Lorna Twenhafel. Mrs. Twenhafel was a home maker and farm wife. She was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoffman, where she was active in the Ladies Aid, L.W.M.L., the choir, the hand bell choir and the Altar Guild. She also served as the financial secretary, church council secretary and was on the finance committee at the church. Mrs. Twenhafel was the past reporter for the Clinton County Holstein Club and also served on the board of the Hoffman Rural Water District. Her hobbies included cake decorating and scrapbooking. Courtesy of Zieren-Day Funeral Home

Courtesy of Duffy-Pils Memorial Home

Fall 2008

Midwest Holsteins FALL 2008

Illinois • Iowa • Minnesota South Dakota • Wisconsin

You win big at the University of Minnesota because we offer a unique blend of Big Ten excitement with the down-home comfort of our small St. Paul campus.

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The Gopher Dairy Club is one of the largest and most active, and it’s your ticket to ADSA activities, Senior Trip to California, the campus-wide fun of Minnesota Royal, and scholarships for incoming new members - all of which are funded by our student-managed Gopher Dairy Bar at the Minnesota State Fair. And, U of MN students are well known in dairy cattle judging, National Dairy Challenge, as well as National Dairy Shrine, which “Gophers” have consistently been awarded the most scholarships over the past five years. Academically speaking, our dairy faculty has declared teaching its top priority, so students are always first.

We welcome you to check us out for a golden opportunity!

Call (612) 624-3491

Unlimited Potential


to the Legends of the Fall Sale

Selling - Olmar Shottle Babe, a December calf with a unique and sought after pedigree. She is arguably one of the most exciting animals to be consigned to public auction from Olmar Farms. Her Dam:

Olmar Lynch Baby Bumble *TV VG-86 EX-MS 2-00 2x 234d 18,251 4.2 758 3.1 563 inc.

Baby Bumble is a beautiful young Lynch daughter that has caught attention of bull studs and embryo buyers. She is currently contracted for two bulls to AI. Her Shottle daughter is made right and is the only female from this exciting young cow. Baby Bumble has three young milking sisters scored VG-88, VG-86 and GP-83 (fresh one month).


Olmar Durham Baby Bunny *CV 2E-92

4-06 2x 365d 35,677 3.3 1186 2.9 1004 Baby Bunny is proving herself as a great brood cow as well, a cow that does it all in the herd, high production, beautiful type and breeds back easily. She transmits her tremendous strength and width of rump consistently. The next two dams are scored 3E-92 (still in the herd in her 7th lact.) and 3E-91.

Maternal sisters to Baby Bunny:

Olmar Roy Sweetie EX-91

4-11 2x 339d 27,159 3.5 938 2.8 748 Sweetie already has two VG daughters and is working on her best record.

Olmar Morty Bonnie EX-92 (2nd Lact.) 3-07 2x 364d 33,240 3.4 1141 2.8 932 Bonnie has been a favorite of our show string. She stands 65 inches tall and knows how to work. Phase 4 Johnes Free Herd 110.1 BAA TB Accredited herd 34EX 40VG 10GP 38 year PBR DHI avg: 28,942M 1052F 822P

Floyd Marti 507-794-6639 Brian & Jill Nelson 507-794-2697 Roger Marti 507-794-6166 US Hwy 14, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 3

Illinois Holstein Association

Minnesota Holstein Association


PRESIDENT .......................... JIM SCHUMACHER 8 Co. Rd. 50 North, Teutopolis, IL 62467; Ph. (217) 857-6374 VICE PRESIDENT ....................... DALE DRENDEL 15N057 Walker Rd., Hampshire, IL 60140; Ph. (847) 683-2590 SECRETARY/TREASURER ................. LORI LYONS 6447 Fitzgerald Rd., Rockford 61102; Ph. (815) 962-0001 EXECUTIVE MEMBERS Jerry Smith...................................................................................Davis (815) 865-5683 Joann Hartman...................................................................Waterloo (618) 939-7075 Brian Olbrich.........................................................................Harvard (815) 943-0798 Kevin Wendling...................................................................Altamont (618) 483-5532 DIRECTORS Boone-Winnebago...................................Brent Pollard, Rockford 815/962-2664 Boone-Winnebago...........................Stephanie Stout, Sharon, WI 608/732-2757 Clinton........................................................Don Lueking, Centralia 618/495-2238 Clinton.....................................................Jason Brammeier, Carlyle 618/226-3231 Effingham................................................Kevin Wendling, Altamont 618/483-5532 Effingham...................................................Howard Dust, Shumway 217/868-5257 Gateway......................................Bruce Clanton, Mulberry Grove 618/425-3523 Gateway.................................................David Freeman, Greenville 618/780-3240 Heart of Illinois............................Tricia Kilburn-Zehr, Graymont 815/743-5722 Heart of Illinois............................................Gary Zehr, Graymont 815/743-5722 Jo-Carroll..........................................................John Erbsen, Lanark 815/275-4990 Jo-Carroll..................................................Dennis Steffes, Elizabeth 815/598-3161 Lincolnland...............................................Lee Oltmanns, Nokomis 217/563-2697 Lincolnland...........................................Marc Hilgendorf, Nokomis 815/383-4776 McHenry-Lake...........................................Brian Olbrich, Harvard 815/943-0798 McHenry-Lake......................................Brian Wesemann, Huntley 847/669-6649 Mississippi Valley................................................Bill Deters, Quincy 217/224-3192 Mississippi-Valley.....................................Beth Weas Cash, Paloma 217/455-3440 Southern...................................................Joann Hartman, Waterloo 18/939-7075 Southern........................................Norbert Hasheider, Okawville 618/243-6312 Stephenson...........................................................Jerry Smith, Davis 815/865-5683 Stephenson.................................................Verlo DeWall, Shannon 815/864-2561 Stephenson................................................Kent Smith, Orangeville 815/789-4059 Tri-County..............................................................Ray Hess, Genoa 815/784-6006 Tri-County.......................................................Joe Engel, Hampshire 847/683-3482 Co-Editors Julie Drendel...............................................(614) 805-7932 Website Reporter Karen Schaufelberger...................(618) 664-0789

411 28th Avenue South, Waite Park, MN 56387 (320) 259-0637 • Fax (320) 259-0009 Email

Spencer Hackett, President 17011 Aspen Road, Rice, MN 56367 • (320) 393-3056 Gale Hoese, Vice President 12058 County Road 2, Glencoe, MN 55336 • (320) 864-5238


David Alberts, (507) 356-8625 • 54059 265th Avenue, Pine Island, MN 55963 Rod Cloose, (218) 467-3382 • 19809 Blackstar Lane NW, Solway, MN 56678 Pam Hendel, (507) 724-5689 • 14306 Gap Drive, Caledonia, MN 55921 Lane Johnson, (320) 264-0813 • 1775 60th Street SE, Kerkhoven, MN 56252 Devoine Kruse, (507) 495-3136 • 22220 Portland Prairie Rd, Caledonia, MN 55921 Jill Nelson, (507) 794-2697 • 25540 US Hwy 14, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085 Jim Paulson, (507) 251-4694 • 580 Brown Street SW, Hutchinson, MN 55350 Marvin Pearson, (218) 666-5424 • 1302 Samuelson Road, Angora, MN 55703 Sarah Schmidt, (507) 673-2245 • 927 181st Street, Hardwick, MN 56134 Mark Schmitt, (320) 393-2999 • 16699 25th Avenue NW, Rice, MN 56367 Bernard Schmitz, (320) 593-0893 • 651 Cottonwood Ave, Litchfield, MN 55355 Mike Sheehan, (507) 289-1482 • 4729 County Road 16 SE, Rochester, MN 55904 Russ Thyen, (320) 857-9444 • 18928 MN Hwy 4, Grove City, MN 56243

NATIONAL DIRECTORS Leroy Eggink, (712) 758-3643 • 1856 Silver Ave, Sibley, IA 51249 Boyd Schaufelberger, (618) 664-2576 • 1254 IL Rt 127, Greenville, IL 62246 Larry Tande, (507) 451-2584 • 7305 Cedar Avenue N, Medford, MN 55049 HOLSTEIN ASS’N-USA REGIONAL REP

Steve Peterson, (218) 631-1564 • 62039 County Road 50, Wadena, MN 56482


Jennifer Dingbaum, Executive Secretary Heidi Scapanski, Administrative Assistant Gil Silvers, Graphic Artist

Iowa Holstein Association

South Dakota Holstein Association

MN Index.indd 1

Officers Dave chapman, President • 712-837-4410 3881 350th St, Ruthven, IA 51358 • Mark Kerndt, Vice-President • 563-568-0026 1318 W Main St, Waukon, IA 52172 • Paula smith, secretary • 641-522-5493 3422 140th St, Brooklyn, IA 52211 Linda Pagel, Treasurer • 563-578-3480 21215 170th St, Sumner, IA 50674 • DisTricT DirecTOrs Mark Knudtson • 563-568-3790 • 313 Hwy 9, Waukon, IA 52172 Brian Harbaugh • 563-423-7160 • 16710 Gunder Rd, Postville, IA 52162 David Lyons • 563-532-9539 • 31005 Jelly Rd, West Union, IA 52175 Jay Hansen • 319-939-2179 • 8617 Lincoln Rd, Hudson, IA 50643 Arlyn snuttjer • 712-475-3586 • 3377 220th St, Doon, IA 51235 carl Mensen • 563-853-2402 • 21958 Ungs Rd, Guttenberg, IA 52052 Tom simon • 563-744-3134 • 10644 Cemetery Rd, Farley, IA 52046 DirecTOrs-AT-LArge Matt Hamlett • 563-933-4323 • 3669 B Ave, Arlington, IA 50606 randy Hanson • 563-382-8571 • 1689 182nd St, Decorah, IA 52101 Trent Henkes • 563-783-2479 • 18467 165th St, Luana, IA 52156 Dave Knipper • 319-447-9255 • 465 West 34th Court, Marion, IA 52302 Larry Madren • 641-744-2409 • 13589 255th St, Redfield, IA 50233 Bob rahe • 563-921-3745 • 15378 Rte 136, Dyersville, IA 52040 Jerry renes • 712-722-1126 • 2690 360th St, Rock Valley, IA 51247 NATiONAL DirecTOr Leroy eggink • 712-758-3643 • 1856 Silver Ave, Sibley, IA 51249


w w w. m n h o l s t e i n . c o m


OFFICERS President: Dennis Buse • 605-366-8052 43906 264th Street, Bridgewater, SD 57319 Vice-President: William Mueller • 605-862-6104 14652 486th Avenue, Big Stone City, SD 57216 Secretary: Chris Thue • 605-428-0192 204 E. 5th Street, Dell Rapids, SD 57022 Directors: Brad DeBoer • 605-949-0382 14010 473rd Avenue., Corona, SD 57227

Brad Nussbaum • 605-594-2149 25321 488th Ave., Garretson, SD 57030

Rodney Waltner • 605-925-7620 44159 279th Street, Marion, SD 57043

Troy Zoellner • 605-380-8193 1104 N. 4th Street, Groton, SD 57445

9/15/2008 2:07:5


2008 Convention Thank You (WI)................96, 97 Any-Day Holsteins (WI).......................................39 Apple-Acres (MN).................................................69 Ashview Holsteins (SD)..........................................60 Bevendale Farm (MN)..........................................76 Blue-Horizon (MN)..............................................26 Bontz-Vic Holsteins (IL)........................................25 Bri-Mel Acres (IL)..................................................25 Buttermaid Dairy (MN)........................................51 Carn-Quest (WI)…………..........................…….95 Carver County Holstein Association (MN)….…9 Cava-Lanes (WI)………..................................…44 Central Plains Holstein Sale (SD)……….....……6 Char-La-Don Dairy Farm..…......................……46 Chris-Da Holsteins (WI)…...................….…….72 Clearfield Farm…………….................................74 Clint-Clair Holsteins (IL)...…………….………55 Creek Holsteins (IA)………..………….……….49 DeBoer Holsteins (SD)………………….….…..45 D-Force Dairy (WI)....………………….………36 Do-N-Joy Holsteins (MN)….....……….………14 Echowood (WI)...........................……....……….84 Elginvue Farms (MN)……….................……….21 Elmbrink Holsteins (MN)…………...........……37 Farnear Holsteins (IA)……….....................……60 First-Glance Holsteins (WI)………..................…32 Floralawn Holsteins (MN)………..................…89 Flower-Brook Holsteins (MN)….............….50, 51 Gaf-Fine Holsteins (IL)………......................…..71 Gateway Acres (WI)………......................…....…67 Gildale (WI)…………………….....….............…24

Glenkeen Holsteins (IL)..........………….…….…52 Goers Family Dairy /Berensvale Farm (WI)........68 Golden Oaks (IL)……………….........….………83 Great-Heritage Holsteins (IA)………...………….7 Hardwood Holsteins (WI)……………....……….8 Heinze Farm (WI)............................…………….43 Hendel Farms (MN)…..........................…………78 Henkeseen Holsteins (IA)…........................……98 Hilrose Holsteins (WI)….................……………57 Hockerman Bros. (WI).........................…………43 Hoese Holsteins (MN)……….................………18 Holbric Holsteins (IL)……….........................….20 Honeycrest Farms (WI)………….......................53 Horstyle (PA)……………................……………12 Idle-Neer Holsteins (IA)…..............................….33 Illini Golden Opportunity Sale (IL).…..........28-31 J-Maker Dairy (IL)…….......................…………40 Kaskaskia College (IL)…..........................………65 Kerncrest Holsteins (MN)...........................…….82 K-J Holsteins (IL)…...............................................66 Kontur-Maal (WI)……….....................................32 Korian Holsteins (IA)……….......................……38 Laeschway Dairy (IL)…....................................…86 Lands-Brook Holsteins (IA)….........................…87 Lenkaitis Holsteins (IL)…..........................……..11 Lindale (IL)…................................................…….34 Luck-E Holsteins (IL)……....................................79 Madren Holsteins (IA)……...................………..16 Manannah-Valley (MN)…...........................……73 McCountry Farm (WI)…...............................…..95 Melarry Farms (MN)…..........................……22, 82 Mil-R-Mor (IL)……...................................….90, 91 MN Fall Harvest Sale (MN)…………...........58, 59 MN Milk Producers Association (MN)…..……48 Moondale (IA)...................................................….75 Mystic Valley (WI)…...................................……..85 Nav’s Cows (IL)…….................................……….64 Oertel Farms, Inc. (IL)….….....................………99 Olmar Farms (MN)……................................……..3 Opsal’s Ridge (WI)….............................................94

Wisconsin Holstein Association

902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 • Fax (608) 356-6312 1-800-223-4269 To Advertise: P.O. Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone (608) 723-4933 • Fax (608) 723-4973 e-mail: WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION STAFF: Christianne Williams, Director of Operations Laura Wackershauser, Editor/Advertising Manager Sharon Maffei, Administrative Assistant Ashley Yager, Public Relations Associate

WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION BOARD MEMBERS: Corey Geiger, President - Mukwanago, 920-563-5551 Mark Gilbertson, Vice President - Hollandale, 608-967-2351 Jim Rickert, Secretary - Eldorado, 920-872-2982 Kelli Cull, Executive Committee - Lomira, 920-488-4129 Bob Traynor, Executive Committee - Spring Valley, 715-778-5807 William Case - Marshfield, 715-486-9097 Bob Gates - Poy Sippi, 920-987-5380 Lynn Harbaugh - Pine River, 920-987-5965 Brian Herr - Newton, 920-693-8186 Doug Hodorff - Eden, 920-477-2481 Annie Hulle - Sheldon, 715-452-5765 Brian Krull - Lake Mills, 920-648-3720

Our Favorite Holsteins (WI)……............……….93 Pine-Valley Farm (WI)…............................……..61 Pleasantland Registered Holsteins (IL)…..……..12 Ragnar Holsteins (WI)……...........................…..27 Ralma Holstein Farm (MN)……..................……10 Regancrest (IA)…………………………....……80 Regel Dairy (IA)…….....................................……49 R-Homestead (IL)………...............…………….86 Rosedale (WI)………………….....................…..47 Rotesown (IL).........................…………………..17 Royal-Ridge Holstein Farm (MN)…...............…22 Royola Holsteins (WI)....................……………..70 Roz-Acres Dispersal (WI)................……………53 R-Sher Holsteins (WI)….…............................…..78 R-Vision Holsteins (IL)……...............………….46 RWDCA……………...............................……….73 Schillview Holsteins (MN)……….......................41 Scottmore Holsteins (IA)………….................…16 Second-Look (WI)………………...........………13 Simple Dreams Genetics (IA)……….....………54 Sjostrom Farms (MN)……………..............……63 Sonnek Farms (MN)……………...........……….76 South Dakota State University (SD)…......……..15 Springbrook Holsteins (IN)....…………...……..56 Starlight Acres (MN)……….................................42 Stone Ridge Dairy (IL)……......................……..100 Stone-Front Farms (WI)……….........………….88 Stranshome (MN)…….................…………..78, 92 Team Holsteins (IL)………….…….................…35 Tony Litwiller (PA)............................……………64 Trebdale Ac res Dispersal (WI)............………….77 University of Minnesota (MN)…..........…………2 UW-Madison (WI)………..............................23, 68 UW-Platteville Dairy Club Sale (WI)……………19 Welsh-Edge Holsteins (WI)……...............……..62 White-Light Holsteins (OH)…..................……..56 WilstarC (WI)……….......................................……81 o v e r p h o to © 2008 WMMB, In c. Wisconsin Holstein Association (WI)….......……91 Xcaret Holsteins (MN)….............................……63

Cover photo © 2008 WMMB, Inc.

Attention Minnesota Holstein Breeders We are currently seeking Minnesota Holstein Breeders interested in hosting a farm tour during National Holstein Convention 2010. This can be great exposure for your farm and for the dairy industry of Minnesota as we highlight our high-quality Holsteins. If interested please contract the Minnesota Holstein office at (320) 259-0637 or the Tours/ Host Day convention chair, Loren Olson, at (320) 587-5864


Robert Nigh S6274 Cty. Rd. N, Viroqua, WI 54665 • 608-675-3442 MIDWESTHOLSTEINS, HOLSTEINS,Fall Fall2008 2008- -55 MIDWEST

Central Plains Fall Sale SDSU Animal Science Arena, Brookings, SD Saturday, October 25, 2008 – 11:30 a.m.

Al-Shar SS Eva-ET VG88 @ 2 yrs. 2–01 2x 365 25,660 5.0 1291 3.0 765 From the Elegance Family comes an Outside mat. sister to Eva. She is fresh as a 2-year-old and has the potential to be a special one! Her dam VG85 w/over 25,000 milk and a full sister to Linjet Eileen-A-A, 5-year-old 2004. Next dam Elegance! Al-Shar Holsteins, S.D.

Bonnie-Elms Julie EX95 2E 4-06 2x 34,000 3.3 1112 3.0 1004 Selling from Julie’s fancy Durham 2-year-old is a 3/08 Pronto calf. Durham Jem is ME’d over 25,000m and has a smashing good udder. The Pronto calf has the cut. Your opportunity to buy from a National show winning family! Dubo Holsteins & Jim & Mark Ripp, S.D.

Lady-Brads Durham Banner-ET EX92 4–11 2x 365 40,060 3.3 1318 3.0 1205

Four sons in AI. Banner’s gr grdau. sells. She is sired by Armstead, born 3/08. Her dam is a GP83 VG-MS Goldwyn 2-year-old on her way to being VG w/2-01 146 14,929 4.0 599 3.0 448. Next dam VG87 w/31,280 3.4 1067 3.2 991, then Banner and continues back to Ban-View Mars Annette EX92 3E DOM. 10 gens VG & EX back this early Armstead w/a PIP+ 1826. WOW! DeBoer Holsteins, S.D.

Great-Heritage Wendy Ex92 2E 5-10 2x 319 32,170 1197 2.9 933 The family that keeps on giving. .Selling is Wendy’s fresh, mat. sister by Mr. Sam. She’ll be fancy and give tons of milk; you can take that to the bank. Great Heritage Holsteins, IA

Brands-Haven Titanic Timmie VG88 EX-MS CTPI +2008 2-01 2x 365 37,664 3.8 1461 3.1 1155 Timmie has embryos & sons sold worldwide. Selling from Timmie’s full sister is a fresh FBI or Marion. Their grdam is Durham Thimble EX91 2E DOM w/43,510 3.8 1672 3.1 1362; the next 2 dams are 2E 93 GMD & DOM and 5E 93 DOM. Pedigree to burn! Brands-Haven Holsteins, MN

Desthaven A J Maggie EX92 3E 5-11 2x 365 32,590 4.5 1477 2.9 958 Selling from Maggie is fancy cut summer yrlg Astre dau. She was bred 9/8 to Dundee and has pedigree for days. Maggie’s mat. sis is EX93 w/42,000m and their dam, Miss Schruppdale Misty, is EX92 2E DOM w/over 30,000m & 1200f. The next dam also EX & over 30,000m. Type, prod. & great sires fill out this ped. Steve & Deb Heuer, MN

This will be a Fall Sale you won’t want to miss. There will be many fancy young cows, springers and heifers selling as well as a few embryo packages from very deep cow families. Mark your calendar for October 25 and we will see you there! Sale Sponsored by South Dakota Holstein Breeders’ Association

Ridle-Side TinaLee-Red-ET EX91 4-01 2x 365 42,790 3.9 1695 Tina is 2x All-American R&W. Selling from Tina Lee is her fancy 12/07 Gr. Dau. by Damion. Her dam is an *RC Talent already GP as 2-year-old, making a very nice record, and going to be VG. This calf has that All-American cut. SDSU Dairy, S.D.

For Catalogs & Information on Other Consignments, Contact a Sale Manager

Sale Managers: Alan Dykshorn – 712-441-0686 Dennis Buse – 605-366-8052 Chris Thue – 605-360-3385

Al-Shar Linjet Boo-Boo EX90 2-03 2x 365 21,892 5.0 1102 Boo-Boo’s full sister born 9/06 and due 11/08 SELLS. She has her sister’s beauty and her mat. sis, Al-Shar Beetle Bug, was 1st Sr. 2-year-old -and Res. Int. Champ Mid-West Fall Nat. Their dam is EX91 2E w/31,630 3.7 1172 3.0 934 and the gr dam is EX92 w/30,980 4.0 1244. Sipka Holsteins, S.D.

Res. Int. ion, a Ch mp wa o I 2008 in Holste Show

r ! a t S g n i s i AR

2nd Plac e, Junior 3-Yr-Old

T VG-87 -E is n a J it ir p S n o Nels 8 376 Inc ,486 3.6 429 2.

3-00 139d 13 3 5 frozen 3.4 739 3.1 68 3 pregnancies & 10 ,7 ’s 21 #1 8 : ly Ju 11 in 1nison ed to Jerland De Successfully flush Bred to Fortune Spirit Sire: Hanover-Hill ef hi yc Dam: VG-88 Sk 2.8 842 75 7-9 30,460 4.2 12 ck Gr’dam: EX Starbu t bred heifer 3.2 833 08 12 6 rchased as a shor pu as 4-6 26,374 4. w e Sh . ut ith Jim Vierho kota. Janis is owned w n Sale in South Da tio en nv Co l na tio at the Na

Multiple EX Full Sisters

Leroy, Kolette, Sara & Jacob Eggink 1856 Silver Ave. • Sibley, IA 51249 712-758-3643 or 712-758-3120 barn Visitors Welcome! Midwest Holsteins, Fall 2008 - 7

More than Just the 50th!


EX-90 EEVVE at 3 years

2-01 2x 318 24,090 3.5 850 3.2 760 Dam: Durham Maranda EX-91 33,870 3.4 1154 3.3 1101 2nd Dam: Mark Mandy EX-94 3E GMD 33,840 4.1 1378 3.1 1038 Lifetime: 212,590 4.0%F 3.1%P Next Dams: VG, EX-3E, GP-83, EX-2E GMD DOM, VG GMD DOM - all homebred

Marabel’s EX Stormatic sister is a visitor favorite! 2004 marked the expansion of our milking facilities from 50 to 80 stalls. We have been fortunate to have had 50 new Excellent cows scored here since that time. Forty-seven are homebred. They have been capable producers with all but a handful having already completed a 1000F record and two-thirds having completed a 30,000 milk record. Of great importance, all but one of this group completes from 3-10 generations EX or VG. Nearly 80% are multiple generation EX cows. Marabel is more than just another Excellent. She is a favorite here from a family that has been making this kind for over 35 years.

Chuck Jinkins 10422 Hwy. 80, Livingston, WI 53554 608-943-9914 Office: 608-943-8735 Fax: 608-943-8502 Cell: 608-732-1317


“Generations Of Performance” 8 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008




District 5 Holstein Show Host

Association • Kids • Cows • Activities

1st Year Carver County Dairy Ambassadors

4-H Dairy Show

Open Class Show

20th Anniversary of Junior Holstein Show

FFA Dairy Show Dairy Princesses

• 56th Annual Dairy Day Dinner • Hosting MHA State Show - 2011 • Club now includes Wright, Hennepin & Carver Counties Board of Directors: Dale Schmidt Jan Albrecht Bill Hoen

Daniel Stender Tony Kohls Jared Tessmer Keith Laumann Paul Heuer MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 9


Christmas G-89 Cookie is a V ter Oman daugh as from Christm Fudge

Crystal a VG-89 Crystal is 2-year old rm er Sto Septemb om fr daughter dge F s u Christma

s ha rs l ta e ys ght and d r C au ac an d M le n by hott dw y cies S Gol an n eg r p



Christmas -yr Fudge is a 2 old VG-88 Durham daughter of Juror Faith

udge has Christmas F two two VG-89, ee d thr VG-88 an ear old VG-87 2-y ross s ac daughter try the coun


Faith is as Nominated l Cow 2008 Globa of the Year

first Cookie’s a is daughter 6 2-0 VG-89 @ Goldwyn

Look for Fudge and Cookie Genetics at the Expo Sales the Thanks to o wh breeders ir own have the ding Faith Buil Blocks



Mark & Natalie Schmitt 16699 25th Avenue NW Rice, MN 56367 (320) 393-2999 Fax – 7186

Al & Brenda Schmitt 4302 210th Avenue Royalton, MN 56373 (320) 393-2223



2nd-Look Durham Juba 3433-ET now 2E-95 All-Wisconsin 125,000 lb. Cow 2008 Congratulations to the Ke-Jo/Wilstar team for developing Juba into one of Durham’s finest and the highest scoring cow we’ve bred to date. Thank you Kevin Jorgensen for the faith you showed in Juba, Jolt’s younger maternal sister, by purchasing her in the 2000 Second Look Sale. Jolt’s extensive family at Second Look includes two other EX maternal sisters: Marty Joyous 3341 and Aaron LeapforJoy 3344.

Ra-Mar-Land Gold Lace VG-86 Sincere thanks to the Selner family for making this exciting young cow available to us via the Wisconsin Nationals Sale. Lace is a milky Goldwyn from a high performing, outcross pedigree: Her mom is VG-86 and +70P, her 2nd dam by Ohio is EX with EX-MS, 3rd dam VG-87 EX-MS DOM. Lace’s maternal brother is 7HO8058 Lion King *RC, +1743 TPI. We are flushing Lace in preparation for her entry to the top CTPI list in January.

Keep us in mind if you are looking for cattle. We expect to have a few cows for sale each month throughout the fall.


Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff

N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019 Farm phone (920) 477-6800 • Farm fax (920) 477-2520 E-mail: MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 13

s k n a Thfor a Great Day

… A special thanks to all the consignors, buyers and sale staff!

y Do-N-Joale S Select eller High S

BVK Sept Storm Domino-ET - $27,000

Buyer: Butz-Hill Holsteins, Iowa Consignor: Jeff and Tony Kohls, Jared Tessmer and Brian Walters

Domino is a junior two-year old September Storm daughter of Ms Kingstead Cheif Adeen-ET 2E-94 DOM. Adeen’s lifetime accomplishments are highlighted by being a member of the 2x All-American Produce of Dam duo with her full sister, Shoremar S Alicia 3E-97.

y Do-N-Joale S Select igh 2nd H r Selle

Blondin Jasper Black Beauty

Buyer: Tony Kohls Consignor: David Hoese and Joel Phoenix

e r u t A Very Promising Fu

Black Beauty is a super silky black March 2008 calf and is the maternal sister of Blondin Lyster Beauty, Intermediate Champion of the Royal Winter Fair in 2007. Their dam is Pierstein Leadoff Berthe 2E-91 CAN 3*.

photos: Megan Herberg

Savage-Leigh Dundee Lou-ET

2-03 2x 58d 5562 4.2 231 2.7 150 inc. • 3rd Jr 2-Yr Old and BU, 2008 Midwest Nat’l Fall Holstein Show • 1st Jr 2-Yr Old and Intermediate Champ, 2008 District V Holstein Show • Watch for Lou at Madison, tied with Savage-Leigh Transfers by Pronto and Dolman, bred to Jasper Full Sister: Savage-Leigh Dundee Lucy VG-88 • 1st Jr 2-Yr Old, Eastern Spring Nat’l 2008 • HM Intermediate Champ, 2008 Maryland State Fair Dam: Savage-Leigh Louise-ET EX-94 2E 3-11 2x 365d 44,340 3.8 1677 2.8 1231 Life: 1619d 176,120 4.0 7027 2.9 5138 • Nominated All-American 2006 2nd Dam: Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda EX-92 2E GMD DOM 2-10 2x 365d 40,240 5.8 2349 3.4 1358 • Nom All-American Jr 3-Yr Old 1999 • Nom Global Cow of the Year 2006

Jeff Kohls • Anthony J. Kohls

42242 300th Street • Arlington, MN 55307 612-226-4180 Tony’s Cell • 14 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

Dairy Production and Manufacturing programs with a passion for and commitment to excellence. • B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Dairy Science • Nationally and internationally recognized faculty • $60,000 in scholarships annually • Opportunities for work-study, internships, undergraduate research • 100% job placement for graduates • starting salaries over $40,000 For more information contact: Vikram V. Mistry Professor and Head, Dairy Science Department,

telephone: 605-688-5731 e-mail:

South Dakota State University

College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences

inter Yearling

W 2008 All-Iowa

Family Trad ition! REGANCREST-BH TAZI-ET

Looking forward to carrying on the family tradition! TAZI is due in April 2009 to ROY.

Sire: MARKWELL KITE-ET *RC Dam: MD-MAPLE-LAWN D TAZMANIA-ET *CV VG-89 Junior All-Iowa Winter Calf, 2002 Next Dam: WINDSOR MANOR ENCORE TAZ EX-94-2E 2X All-American & 2X Hon. Mention All-American Tazi’s Full Sister: REGANCREST-BH TAZAY-ET Junior All-American Winter Calf, 2007 Tazi’s Maternal Sisters: LADY BUTZ-HILL TALYTHA-ET VG-89 EX-MS@2Y 1st Sr. 2-Yr-Old & Reserve Intermediate Champion, 2006 Midwest Spring National REGANCREST-BUTZ ROY TAZARA-ET VG-86 EX-MS Owned by Ron Finch and Madren Holsteins

Thanks to our show help and farm help throughout the year: Susan Madren, Jared and Michael Stewart, Mike Heinz, Joel Heinz, Pat Nissenbaum, Denise Rudabeck, Doug Schoof, Lee Schoof, Hadwen Kleiss and Mark Butz.

Madren Holsteins

Larry & Jane Madren 13589 - 255th St. • Redfield, IA 50233 Home: 641-744-2409 • Cell: 515-490-4298 • email:

H i lary s i h T Has Class!!! Scottmore Goldwyn Hilary VG-85

• Junior All-Iowa Junior 2-Yr-Old, Best Udder, Reserve All-Iowa Junior 2-Yr-Old • 1st District 1 Junior Show, 2nd District 1 Open Show and Best Udder • Hilary descends from a VG-88 Outside dam & an EX-90 Gibson gr’dam who are both still in the barn. • A recent flush to Shottle resulted in 7 embryos. • Hilary is owned by Mary Scott.

Scottmore H o l s t e i n s milk strong • live long 16 - Midwest Holsteins, Fall 2008

Mike and Kathleen Scott Family 12402 R Avenue Westgate, IA 50681 563-637-2386


Capturing Top Honors... 2008 Minnesota State Show Grand Champion APPLEVUE CHAMPION PHEBE VG-87-2YR-CAN

2-02 2x 339d 23,007 3.9 888 3.1 705 Backed by six generations of VG or EX dams 2008 Minnesota State Holstein Show • 1st Senior 3-Yr Old and Best Udder • Intermediate Champion • Grand Champion • Best Udder of Show

Good Luck to Price, Osborne and Carpio …Phebe’s new owners

2008 Minnesota State Show Reserve Grand Champion BAYLESS HI METRO ALTUS VG-89

3-03 2x 365d 23,210 4.1 949 3.4 796 2008 Minnesota State Holstein Show • 1st Four Year Old • Senior Champion • Reserve Grand Champion

David, Cindy, Jeremy and Maemie Hoese 7614 Dairy Avenue, Glencoe, MN 55336 • (320) 864-3848 • David Cell (320) 779-0034 • Jeremy Cell (320) 420-0643


The 26th Annual

UW-Platteville Pioneer Dairy Club Classic Saturday, October 18 • 11:00 a.m. • Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster, WI Open House, Friday, October 17 - 6-9 p.m • Continental Breakfast Sale Day at 10:30 a.m.

Zenith Heifers Sell

Fresh Modest Sells

Fresh Rudy from Finley’s Family

Springing Dundee from the Lulu’s






EX-91 2E GMD DOM CTPI +1634



2-03 2x 365 40,670 4.1 1673 3.0 1202 Twin Zenith heifers born in June ’08 sell from Annabell’s VG Outside maternal sister. Next dams EX-93, EX-94, EX-92, EX-91, EX-90. Greg & Kim Moret

7-02 2x 365 40,450 3.9 1572 3.1 1234 Lifetime: 1320 121,550 4881F 3838P Fresh Modest sells from Tranquil. Next dam EX-93 2E GMD DOM Formation with 38,680 1712F 1201P. Next dams EX-93 3E GMD DOM, EX-91 GMD DOM, EX-91 GMD DOM, VG-88, EX, EX-93. Jeff & Kate Hendrickson

3-11 2x 365 41,790 3.6 1520 2.8 1181 Lifetime: 1047 109,480 4083F 3055P Fresh Rudy sells. Dam is VG-86 VG-MS Wizard with 33,960 1014F 925P. Next dam is Faith, maternal sister to Opsal Finley, then EX-90 GMD DOM, EX-92 2E GMD DOM, VG-88 GMD DOM, EX-94 GMD DOM, VG-87. Troy Opsal

7-02 2x 365 33,240 4.1 1371 3.1 1046 Lifetime: 2341 159,820 6646F 5152P Dundee sells due at sale time from Lyndee. Next dam VG-85 with 28,180 1296F 950P, then VG-87 VG-MS with 30,210 1305F 967P. 4th dam EX-93 GMD DOM, then EX-96 GMD DOM Triple Threat Lulu, HM AA ’78. Todd Hoesly

*RC Mako Granddaughter Sells

*RC Distrigene from 13 EX/VG dams

July Pronto Sells

Maternal Sister’s Advent Sells





EX-94 EX-MS 3E

EX-92 EX-MS 2E


All-Wisconsin Fall Calf 2008

8-11 3x 365 38,820 4.5 1743 2.8 1094 Lifetime: 1808 171,510 7041F 5076P December 2007 Frozenes Talent Mako-Red calf sells. Dam by Rama-Way Talenti-Red, then June EX-94. Next dam EX-95 4E DOM with 169,040 6678F 4217P lifetime, then VG-88 VG-MS. Wayne Wells

6-02 3x 365 32,710 4.7 1522 2.9 936 Rozine’s *RC Distrigene 2Y granddaughter sells fresh in July with 2-00 31d 1976 4.2%F 2.6%P. Dam EX-91 EX-MS Durham with 29,250 990F 820P. 3rd dam EX-91 2E, then EX-91 DOM, EX-91 2E GMD, VG-85, EX and 6 more VG or EX dams. Indianhead Holsteins

2-00 2x 277 17,100 3.4 573 3.0 520 inc. Tyra’s July Pronto calf sells. Granddam VG-85 Moe with 24,110 871F 719P, then EX-90 2E Convincer with 30,210 1260F 933P, then Luke Tatum EX-93 3E GMD DOM. Next 2 dams EX-90. James Mast

April 2008 *RC Advent calf sells from Amanda’s VG-86 maternal sister by Stormatic. Next dam VG-87 VG-MS Emerson then GP-84 Mason, EX-92 3E with 194,520 7661F 5752P lifetime, EX-91 3E, EX-93, VG-85. Richard & Deborah McCarthy

Fresh *RC Tourname Sells

*RC Advent from 6 Gen. VG or EX



EX-90 EX-MS 2E


5-00 2x 365 39,100 3.9 1520 2.9 1138 Lifetime: 2215 225,750 8761F 6853P Candy’s fresh *RC granddaughter by JeffreyWay Tourname sells. Dam is VG-85 Red Rubens with 33,930 1339F 1136P. 3rd-6th dams: VG-89, EX-90, VG-88, VG-85. Trent Hendrickson

4-10 2x 365 24,799 4.2 1030 2.9 720 Advent yearling sells from VG-86 2Y Rubens from Amora. Next dam EX-93 EX-MS 2E with 113,110 5168F 3621P lifetime, then EX-90 2E, EX-90 2E. Tyler Dornink

For catalogs, contact: Kayla Moret, Chair Trent Hendrickson, Selections Chair Craig Pagenkopf, Donations Jillian Weier, Public Relations

608-306-0675 608-295-0895 608-723-4017 608-341-9531

AUCTIONEER: John Hager, Waukon, IA PEDIGREES: Brian Behnke, Albany, WI

More Consignments: • March ’08 Buckeye from VG-88 VG-MS Durham with 29,130 888F 823P. Granddam by Integrity with 25,500 881F 714P. LANCE SLOTTEN • Fresh RED VG-85 2nd calf 3 year old sells milking 92 lbs./day. GP-84 Sovereign dam w/24,920 1020F 841P. Next dams VG-87 VG-MS, VG-88, EX-91, VG-85, VG-86, VG-85. ROGER & CHERYL ARN • RED Rampage 2 Year Old sells. Dam GP-83 Sabre then VG-87 Ranger w/30,510 1333F 991P. Next dams: VG-86, EX-92 3E GMD DOM w/210,490 lifetime, VG-86. LYLE OPSAL • Bred heifer by Mr Sam from VG-88 VG-MS Bestow w/144,170 lifetime. Next dams VG-85 w/111,540 lifetime; EX-93 3E GMD, EX-91 EX-MS, EX-90 2E DOM. Full sister to consignment is GP-83 at 2 years. FARRON GRUENENFELDER • Fresh GP-82 Shoremar James 2nd calf with 2-02 2x 365 22,420 4.0 894 3.3 730. Dam by Black Ice with 21,680 4.5 969 3.0 658. Next dam EX-91 3E Skybuck with 123,930 5216F 3788P lifetime. MARK & ANGELA BROWN • GP Hi Metro sells fresh with 2-04 365 22,455 3.2 723 2.9 642. Dam is EX-91 Charles with over 200,000 lifetime. GREG & KIM MORET • Boliver Bred heifer due in December to Dramatic. Dam VG-85 3Y Morty with 24,600 903F 803P then GP-83 Emerson with 25,800 1062F 797P. BRIAN & JULIE DUFFIN • Baxter embryos from EX-90 EX-MS 3Y Champion with 24,260 860F 702P. Granddam GP-83 Blacktone with 23,410 869F 736P. JILLIAN WEIER • Shottle embryos from Goldwyn from EX-93 granddam with over 200,000 lifetime. Maternal sisters to Goldwyn are EX-92, EX-91. KAYLA MORET • Advent embryos from VG-88 VG-MS Linjet. Granddam EX-91 2E Redmarker with 30,880 1400F 852P. OURWAY HOLSTEINS • Titan sexed FEMALE embryos from EX-94 4E GMD Skychief w/302,780 10,214F lifetime. Next dams: VG-85, EX-90, EX-92 national fat leader, EX-92, EX-90. Full sister to embryos is VG-87. INDIANHEAD HOLSTEINS MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 19


Elginvue Farms


F ull e m o Ci C r e!

The barn is open and cattle are again at Elginvue Farms. Our goal is to breed the best animals for shows and production.


We ’v

Time-Tested Elgins

Experience + Knowledge = Perfection

We at Elginvue are not new at the business, but would like to show you how to make old ideas look like NEW BEGINNINGS. Since 1991, Elginvue has been vacant, but Great Cattle have been in our family. Watch in the near future for Bloodlines even Karl and Friends would enjoy!

Kenn Mueller

41775 State Hwy 18 Arlington, Minnesota, 56307 Barn: (507) 964-5706 Cell: (612) 987-7459 Cody Haefs, Herdsman Contact us for Bulls, Holstein and Jersey MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 21

king for o o L s a Iw

i g n D n E R i h t e Som

Ja-Va-Za Rampge Olly-Red-ET

Junior Champion, 2008 Southern Minnesota Youth Dairy Show (shown by: Val Mohr) Due in March to Redliner

Dam: Schrock-Bros Advent Oreo-ET EX-90 @ 4-03 2nd Dam: MD-Maple-Meadows Honeycomb 2E-94 3rd Dam: MD-Maple-Meadows Hersey-ET EX-90 4th Dam: MD-Maple-Meadows Hillary 4E-94

Ben & Genny Fischer, and Todd • Sleepy Eye, Minnesota (507) 794-6169 BAA: (36 cows) 108.2

u Thank yeondorf to Todd Wdon Ferry and Brahnelping us for e Olly! acquir

Our Young Lady in Red Ac

ing summer show seaso t a v i t ap


• 1st Summer Yearling, 2008 MN State Fair Red & White Show • Reserve Junior Champ, 2008 MN State Fair Red & White Show • Reserve Junior Champ (Junior and Open), 2008 MN State Red & White Show • 1st Summer Yearling, 2008 District VIII Black & White Show • 2008 Junior All-Minnesota Summer Yearling (Black & White Show)


Dam: Jim-Jamdl Marmax D-Red-ET VG-86 CTPI +1727 +2120M +33F +61P +2.01T 8/08 2-01 2x 365d 39,210 3.2 1260 3.1 1196 2nd Dam: Jim-Jamdl Rubens-RC Deb-Red VG-88 VG-MS 1-11 2x 324d 26,040 3.2 836 3.1 815


Melvin & Darlene Hackett 17010 Aspen Road NE Rice, MN 56367

Spencer & Stacey Hackett Chris and Brook Rice MN 56367 (320) 393-3056

RHA: (127 cows) 25,113 946 805 BAA: 107.9 • RBR: 4 Years

Glenn-Ann Goldwyn Shea

VG-86 VG-MS at 2-06 CTPI +1905

PTA +2.9PL +3.73T +3.43UDC +2.39FLC 2-03 2x 145 10,886 4.0 439 3.1 335 inc.

Dam: Glenn-Ann Durham Sheraton EX-90 EX-MS 3-05 2x 331 28,420 4.2 1200 3.1 873 Granddam: Glenn-Ann Rudlph Sherrie-ET GP-83 VG-MS 4-02 2x 365 33,500 4.4 1465 3.3 1113 Lifetime: 1737 129,400 5651F 4281P 3rd Dam: Glenn-Ann Mark Sabrina EX-91 DOM 5-07 2x 365 28,530 3.9 1118 3.5 1001 Next Dams: VG-86, EX-91 3E DOM, EX-91 3E GMD DOM, VG-86, VG-85

Shea caught our eye at the 2008 National Convention Sale, and we saw the potential in this young, fresh cow. We brought her home, provided a little TLC, and now she is content at Gildale. She looked great at the WI State Show, standing 3rd in the Senior 2-year-old class, made the recent Locater list, and is Madison bound! Thanks again to Glenn-Ann for making Shea available to us!

Gildale-KJ Exhibit Classy VG-85

2-05 2x 343 16,473 3.2 531 3.2 534 Dam: Dodge-View Integrity Crissy EX-93 EX-MS 2E 5-08 2x 365 33,250 3.5 1173 3.1 1015 Granddam: Dodge-View Stardust Casey VG-87 4-03 2x 365 27,000 3.5 948 3.1 832 3rd Dam: Dodge-View Cleitus Classy EX-90 2E 6-05 2x 365 26,950 4.5 1217 3.3 895 Lifetime: 2138 129,350 5717F 4289P 4th Dam: Dodge-View Dixie Cassy-TW VG-86 5-09 2x 305 21,250 3.7 788 3.3 708 5th Dam: Dodge-View Elevation Charm VG-89 DOM Lifetime: 4644 311,290 3.6 11,338F 3.1 6118P

Good luck to Classy as she goes to Gater Country! We look forward to the classifier's visit just before Expo, and as she departs for Circle C Farms, Okeechobee, FL. Classy still has some promising offspring at Gildale, and we anticipate her strong influence continuing in them.


Purebred Dalmatian puppies born 9-6-08 are seeking good homes. Stop in during your trip to World Dairy Expo and spot your pick of the litter as each of their unique markings develop! 24 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

Gildale Holsteins Mark & Erik Gilbertson 605 First Ave. • Hollandale, WI (608) 967-2351 BAA: 109.6%



Thursday, October 2 Arlington, Wisconsin



She’s Dragonfly’s 9/07 Bolton and sells in Planet Holstein ready to flush! This Family has numerous high-ranking CTPI cows and has exported embryos worldwide. A true-transmitting family!

2-03 3x 198d 20,270 4.6 924 3.3 672 inc. Shottle Dragonfly ranks #27 in the breed for CTPI. Her dam is Finley Firefly VG-87 with 32,760M 1349F 1072P, then EX-92 GMD DOM Durham Fireball with 33,800M 1364F 1139P and Juror Faith EX-91 GMD DOM with 47,860M 2165F 1497P.

HIGH PROFILE SALE Thursday, October 2 Arlington, Wisconsin



This 1/08 Baxter sells at Agriprize. Her two dams have the potential to be back-to-back 50,000 producers!

Harve & Dave Schoon 17284 150th Street, Verndale, MN 56481 (218) 445-5339 Fax (218) 445-5954


2-02 3x 365d 34,428 3.7 1300 3.2 1103 Fresh again and peaked at 185 lbs, Fran is on track to make 50,000 this lactation! Her dams are Magna Frill VG GMD with 50,878M 2140F 1645P (MN Fat Leader) and Juror Faith EX-91 GMD DOM.

Home of Suann EX-92 National Milk and Protein Record Holder 66,080M and 2051P

Ragnar Linjet Callie EX-93 3E GMD DOM

Callie photo © Cybil Fisher

4-04 2x 365 38,250 3.9 1477 3.2 1240 243,410 3.8 9290 3.1 7510 lifetime 5 daughters, 100% VG or EX - 3 EX by 3 different sires Dam: EX-90 Calypso 147,000 LT

Ragnar Stormatic Camilla EX-90

Ragnar Cousteau Casey EX-90 2E

Ragnar Durham Callia VG-87

3-04 2x 365 44,432 3.9 1736 3.1 1379 CTPI +1709 PTA +2.98T +2.44UDC +2.38FLC +3.8PL 8/08

5-05 2x 365 38,397 3.9 1499 3.2 1224 200,000 3.7F 3.3P lifetime to date

2-11 2x 365 26,066 3.5 904 3.4 881

already over 100,000 LT in two extended lactations - 3 Drake daughters, pregnant to Talent, Pronto & Shottle - 3 Bolton daughters born 8/08 - Shottle & Bolton pregnancies - Bred to Goldwyn

- 2 year old daughters by Durham & Allen - 2 September Storms pregnant to Shottle - Fortune daughter bred to Talent - Goldwyn, Talent & Stormatic pregnancies - Due 3/09 to Damion

- Roy daughter due 3/09 - Due 11/08 to Debonair-Red


allie’s family continues to grow within our herd with 5 different daughters and several granddaughters adding offspring. They continue to transmit the family’s extreme strength and width which provides a great basis for balanced type and production.

Mark & Angie Ulness Family 4718 Cty. J, Valders, WI 54245 Phone/Fax: (920) 775-4794 E-mail: 8/08 RHA: 78 cows 2x 26,769 3.9 1052 3.2 860 BAA: 109.3% 15 PBR Awards


ur family also continues to grow as our youngest, Whitney, approaches a year old. Clarissa, 4, and Garrett, 3, are now starting to show her some of the many fun times while growing up on the farm. MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 27


Windsor-Manor Z-Delight-ET EX-91 EX-92 MS +1873 CTPI

Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET VG-86

Golden-Oaks DD Cara VG-86

2-3 2x 365 33,290 3.8 1278 3.0 93

Selling her January ‘08 Polled Mr. Burns daughter. Grandam is Scientific Beauty Rae-ET, EX-90, then Scientific Jubilant Rae-ET, EX 90. Roxy is the 7th dam. Golden Oaks Farms, Ill. Selling a 2nd choice Lawn Boy from Perk Rae’s Shottle daughter. Lenkaitis Holsteins, Ill.

She sells! Dam is Bluemist Nobel Cara, 2E-94. Cara sells PG to Minister due in January. Team Holsteins, Ill. Cara’s December ‘07 ET Roy heifer sells! Austin Rademacher, Ill. Cara’s October ‘07 full sister sells! Golden Oaks Farms, Ill.

Gold-N-Oaks S Showdoll-ET VG-87 EX MS +2278 CTPI

Opsal Durham Sammi-ET VG-86

Sunny-Valley Durham Electra EX-95 GMD DOM

Her March ‘08 Baxter calf sells! Z-Delight’s dam is Windsor-Manor Rud Zip, EX-94 3E GMD DOM and former #1 PL cow in nation. Regancrest Farm & Butz-Hill Holstein, Iowa

2-02 2x 288 26,397 5.1 1340 3.0 788 RIP

Selling a first choice Lylehaven Lightning, +1793 TPI. 2 due April ‘09, 2 due May ‘09 and 2 transferred September ‘08. Grandam is EX Juror Ford then a VG-88 Duster. John Swenson,Wis.

Markwell Durham Daisy EX-92

6-07 2x 365 40,490 4.0 1628 3.1 1262

Her April ‘08 Laurin sells. Daisy was 3rd Sr. 2-yr.-old at 2002 WDE. Grandam is 4E-92 GMD DOM then Markwell Bstar E Raven, 3E-95 GMD DOM, Queen of the Breed II Finalist. ALH Genetics, Holland

1-11 3x 365 31,030 3.7 1161 3.2 983

2-4 2x 365 24,750 4.3 1066 3.2 786

She sells! Fresh in September with her 2nd calf, her dam is an EX-92 Rudolph with 38,000M and 2026F. Next dam is EX-93 with 34,000M. A March ‘08 Airraid also sells from Sammi’s full sister. Troy Opsal, Wis.

MS Matomba Dunde Explode-ET VG-85 VG MS

She sells! Explode is the ‘08 Jr. All-Illinois Sr. 2-yr.-old and was Res. Int. Champ. at Ill. State Show. Dam is VG then Krull Broker Elegance, EX-96. Caitlin Meyer, Ill.

Proj. ME 27,589­—945—829 at 2-2

3-3 2x 365 42,210 2.9 1206 2.8 1200

Her SeptePrember Storm 2-yr.-old granddaughter sells fresh at saletime. Dam is an EX Freelance. Electra was the 2004 All-American Jr. 3-yr.-old. Premier Genetics & Mark Solien, Iowa

Vandyk-K Gold Pucker

This Goldwyn March calf sells! Dam is Vandyk-K Morty Polish EX-92, 1st Produce of Dam at the 2008 Western National. 4th dam is Vandyk-K Broker Pansy, EX-90 DOM, the dam of Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise, EX-96. Vandyk-K Holsteins, Wash.

< Bardholm Trust Lee EX-93

4-2 2x 365 40,590 5.3 2165 3.5 1418

Selling her VG-86 Outside 3 yr.-old, 2 VG Dundee 3-yr.olds, and her fresh Cousteau. Also a Goldwyn from a VG Dundee. Joe Engel & Joel Kietzman, Ill.

Fustead Durham Brassy EX-90 > 2-8 2x 365 25,020 3.4 845 3.1 776

Her fancy January ‘08 Pronto calf sells. Next four dams are all Excellent. Brad Fust, Wis.


Markwell Durham Felice EX-92 2-0 2x 365 29,680 3.6 1061 3.2 939

Her Septemer ‘07 Mac heifer sells. Grandam is an EX Outside then VG-89 Rudolph, then a VG-87 Thor then Bstar E Raven. Larson’s Acres, Wis.

End-Road Stormatic Mabel VG-89 EX MS +1642 CTPI

3-5 2x 365 39,250 3.4 1352 3.0 1194

Her May ‘08 Boliver daugther sells. Grandam is VG-87. End-Road Farms, Mich.

Dunn-Brook S S Charlyn-ET

She sells bred to Debanair in March! Dam is a VG-88 Red-Marker with 30,000M. Next 4 dams are all VG or EX. Squires Farm, Inc. & Travis Ullum, Wis.

White-Light Damion Lemon-ET PTAT +1663

She sells! Dam is EX with 42,000M. Next 9 dams are VG or EX. Dam has multiple sons in A.I. White-Light Holsteins, Ohio

MS Westcrest KK Dunde Elite

This fresh Junior 2-yr.-old sells! Dam is a 2E-91 Stardust with 27,000M. Grandam is an EX-91 Julius then 5 more EX dams. Westcrest, Kriegel & Drendel, Wis.

Lindale Hi Metro Fortune VG-85 2-3 2x 365 26,580 4.0 1070 3.4 903

She sells! Fresh in June, her dam is an 2E-92 Eland with 34,000M. Next dam is a EX-91 DOM with over 100,000 lifetime. Dale & Linda Drendel, Ill.

< Hoosier-Broker J J EX-94 Lifetime: 121,300m 5399f 4285p

Selling a September Mailing heifer out of a VG-88 Roy. 3rd dam is a VG-86 Charles. Broker J J is a sister to her 4th dam. Lucas Clanton, Ill.

Carrousel Astron Mariana VG-88 > 2-1 2x 364 24,670 3.2 796 3.0 745

Pregnant to Advent, she sells! Dam is Lolan Lee Mariann, 2E-94 and 2001 All-American Jr. 2-yr.-old. Team Holsteins & Mike Deaver, Ill.


Luck-E-JK Linjet Twizzle EX-92

3-11 2x 348 34,340 4.2 1450 3.3 1131

Her Dundee daughter sells! Also selling a PG Advent and Drake from Twizzle’s EX full sister. Joe Engel & Joel Kietzman, Ill.

Vandky-K Pansys Dandee

This fancy Stormatic October calf sells. Dam is Vandyk-K Broker Pansy, EX-90 DOM, the dam of Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise, EX-96. Next dam is an EX-94 Mark. Vandyk-K Holsteins, Wash.

MS Louisiana-Red-ET 2E-90

5-5 3x 305 38,950 4.0 1563 3.2 1257

Her America July ‘08 granddaughter sells. Dam is a VG Roy with 32,740M. Tony Litwiller, Pa.

Kellercrest Shottle Lonie-ET VG-85 +1993 PTPI

Goldfawn Romona Diana EX-94 3E GMD

MS Silvamoon Champ Libby VG-88

Offering a choice of flush either by Planet, TPI +2111 or Active TPI +1899. Her Bret son is at Select Sires. Grandam is VG-88 Rudolph with 32,000M. Next dam is Excellent with 34,000M. Kellercrest Holsteins, Wis.

5-7 2x 365 42,930 3.6 1547 2.9 1232 Her first choice Advent sells from 3 born in September and 8 to be born in December. Diana was Jr. All-American 5-yr.-old and Aged cow. Jerry Smith, Ill.

2-3 365 28,765 4.2 1235 3.1 914 Selling a first choice Pronto from 8 pregnancies due in December from Libby, who was nominated All-American Winter yearling in 2006. Grandam is a VG-89 Durham. Deaver & Drendel, Ill.

J&S Mars Gold Gadget-ET GP-84 VG-MS +2036 CTPI

Miss H V Outside Gala EX-93 2E +1611 CTPI

Miss Stormy Bravolita VG-87 +1771 CTPI

First choice either by Shottle or Michael from Gadget. She’s milk 120 lbs. daily! Grandam is VG-86 with 38,000M and next 4 dams are all VG or EX with up to 43,000M. Springbrook Farms, Ind.

3-7 3x 365 45,720 3.6 1643 2.8 1290 Offering a choice of 5 Pine-Shelter Laramee Mor calves due in April & May ‘09. Gala has 5 sons at Select. Next dam is VG-89 with 35,000M. Straussdale Holstein, Wis.

1-10 2x 365 33,930 4.0 1364 3.3 1104 A first choice by Shottle due in November sells! Next 11 dams are all Very Good or Excellent with 6 closest dams all DOM. Brian and Mark Olbrich, Ill.

Hotel Accomodations: Super 8 Motel, Hampshire (15 minutes north of farm)


America’s Best Value Inns & Suites, Sycamore (20 minutes southwest of farm) 1-815-899-6500 * Mention the Illinois State Sale to receive the sale special *

Irwindale Leduc Molly EX-93

4-9 2x 305 28,920 3.5 1026 3.1 889 Selling her first choice of 7 Goldwyns born in September. Molly was 2008 Grand Champion, Mid-East Spring National Holstein Show. Team Holsteins, Ill.

Wilstar Mar Allstar-Red-ET EX-90

5-5 2x 182d 21,726 4.5 970 3.0 645 RIP Selling 5 Shottle and 5 Debanair embryos from Allstar. Grandam is 2E-91 GMD with over 36,000M. Next dam is 3E-94 GMD DOM. Wilstar Holsteins, Wis.

Cattle Preview Friday night, 6 p.m. Dinner sponsored by Select Sires

Directions to Sale:

From the north: Take I-90 through Rockford. Take the Hampshire/Marengo US 20 exit south. Turn right and follow to Rte. 47. Turn west on Rte. 47 towards Hampshire. Farm is located 2 miles west of Hampshire south on Walker Rd., then 1/2 mile on east side of road. From south: Take I-39 north to Rte. 72. Go 23 miles to Walker Rd., turn south. Farm is first on the east side 1/2 mile.


Kontur-Maal Titanic Sloane VG-87 VG-MS at 2-11 CTPI +1749 PTA +1782M +66F +46P PTA +444 NM +2.13T 8/08 2-05 178d 13,123 3.9 511 2.8 373 inc. Dam: Stripes Dante Soshie-ET VG-88 VG-MS 3-02 2x 365 35,840 3.9 1397 3.0 1069 2nd dam: Stripes Mtoto Sophie-ET VG-87 VG-MS DOM 3-07 2x 365 30,810 3.7 1140 3.1 940 3rd dam: Sher-Est Rudolph Stripes-TW EX-91 EX-MS 2E GMD DOM 3-09 2x 365 36,560 3.8 1400 3.3 1203 4th Dam: Sher-Est HT Sara-ET EX-90 EX-MS GMD DOM 4-3 365 39,230 4.4 1713 3.2 1253 5th Dam: Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday EX-90 EX-MS 4-4 365 41,420 4.6 1914 3.2 1340 Next 3 dams: EX-91 GMD DOM, EX-91 2E DOM, EX-90

Sloane is easily the best 2 year old ever in our herd. In addition, she has the pedigree to match. She has been contracted to A.I. and has two pregnancies by Onward. She was flushed again in late September. We welcome your inquiries!

Ralph & Nicole Hendrickson S6509 Cty. Rd. J, Viroqua, WI 54665 (608) 675-3606 e-mail:

Summer Scores, Summer Shows!

Holmacres Limitless Rudy EX-93

Donafton PT Sprite EX-91 EX-MS

4-09 142 18,380 3.6 669 3.2 569 inc.

3-04 312 33,208 4.6 1517 3.2 1057

- Recently flushed to Talent - Congratulations to Dr. Dean & Pam Franz for breeding Rudy!

- 1st 4 Year Old & Reserve Senior Champion, District 2 - Due for next summer to Laramee Mor - Sprite is owned with Dan Hovden

Other Summer highlights:

• Ban-View Marshall Annie EX-94, became our first 50,000 lb. cow! Her record at 352 days was 50,432 with 1837F and 1413P. • We were also very proud to win the Premier Exhibitor banner at our first WI District 2 Show. Thanks to Phil Heydmann, Billie Jo Larsen and Erv Pitzner for your help that day! • FirstGlance Ptime Choirboy was Grand Champion bull at WI State Show

Tom Schaefer & Amy Halderson

RHA: 30,009 3.6 1096 3.1 935 32 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

W15957 State Rd. 54, Melrose, WI 54642 Cell: 608-886-0747 Home: 608-488-2260

If Leggo building was an Olympic event, I would be podium bound and having a blast doing it!!

Inquiries are welcome!!

Idle-Neer Holsteins

Steve SyWassink 15373 Hwy. 92 â&#x20AC;˘ Letts, IA 52754 319-759-2171


2-02 365d 22,166 4.3 964 3.4 761 CTPI +1651 +43F +36P +2.78T +2.43UDC Leggo has been an exciting addition to my herd and is continuing to develop daily. What a cow to be involved with! She has Sidney pregnancies due in December and is bred to Rosedale Advantage-Red. Thanks to Jason LeGassick for the opportunity of the first pick heifer by Baxter out of Leggoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s full sister, Lucky. An amazing branch of the Converse Judy family that is getting hot!!

Midwest Holsteins, Fall 2008 - 33



Building on Excellence Crestbrooke Milan Cassie EX-94 EEEEE at 5-00

3-00 2x 365 35,130 3.5 1227 3.2 1110 Dam: Crestbrooke Leadman Charity VG-88 EX-MS 4-06 2x 305 29,150 3.3 962 2.9 852 Granddam: Crestbrooke GE TMBS Cathy VG-86 3-06 2x 365 27,030 3.5 957 2.7 739 • Daughter by Rubens • Granddaughters by Gibson, Talent & Debonair-Red coming • Great-granddaughters by Redstar, Ammo-Red coming • Great-great-granddaughter by Duplex • Great-great-granddaugthers by Damion, Jericho-Red & Duplex coming

Teri-Jo Jubilant Joy-Red EX-94 EEEEE 3E

6-02 2x 365 30,228 3.2 970 2.6 794 Lifetime: 1784d 141,940 3.0 4308 2.8 3928

3x All-American Red & White 1st Aged Cow & Best Udder, Grand Intl. 2004 1st Aged Cow, Grand Intl. 2002 Res. Senior & HM Grand Champion, Grand Intl. 2002 1st 5 Year Old, Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion, Grand Intl. 2001 1st 4 Year Old, Senior & HM Grand Champion, Grand Intl. 2000 • Purchased Sept Storm Joey at R-Sher sale last fall • She is scored EX-90 EX-91MS & due in September • Thanks to the Dingbaum family for allowing me to purchase Joey’s Talent privately I have several GBM Blackstar Jean family members & am looking forward to Janet’s Durham calves hitting the ground in March. The Durhams will be maternal sisters to SStorm Luckie (right).

GBM Linjet Janet EX-90 at 3Y

These calves are owned in partnership with Greg Moret & Family. Thanks for the opportunity.

GBM SStorm Luckie

VG-88 VG-87MS at 2-07

2-03 2x 365 32,690 4.3 1406 Her Dam: GBM Val Blackstar Jean EX-94 3E Lifetime over 200,000

owned by Anna Netemeyer & Brady Borman, IL

D-Force Dairy Adams

CHRIS & KRYSTAL DAHLKE Ripon, WI • 920-748-1254 36 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008


Green Marquette Lake

Columbia Sauk

Like Mother Like Daughter

ELMBRINK JOSEYS DESTINY EX-91 EX-MS CTPI +1703 +1017M +48F +30P +2.53T 4/08

4-09 2x 142d 13,869 5.0 680 3.0 378 inc. 3-05 2x 305d 31,270 5.1 1582 2.9 917 1-11 3x 365d 25,810 4.2 1092 2.9 759 Sire: Comestar Stormatic-ET Dam: Miss Elmbrink Luke Josey-ET VG-89 GMD DOM 8-08 2x 365d 33,430 4.6 1537 3.1 1037 • 1st Five Year Old, 2008 District V Holstein Show • 6th Five Year Old, 2008 MN State Holstein Show • 2nd Produce of Dam, 2008 MN State Holstein Show • 3rd Daughter/Dam, 2008 MN State Holstein Show Next 5 dams: EX-91 GMD DOM, EX-91 3E GMD DOM, EX-95 3E GMD, VG-88, VG-85 GMD

ELMBRINK DESTINYS DELITE-ET PTPI +1630M +527M +13F +24P +2.84T 4/08

2-06 2x 147d 10,248 4.5 459 3.4 323 inc. Regancrest Elton Durham-ET Dan and Lori Brinkman Sire: Dam: Elmbrink Joseys Destiny EX-91 EX-MS Nolan, Kathy, Lilly & Amanda • 1st Senior 2-Yr Old, 2008 District V Holstein Show 18980 102nd St. • Res Intermediate Champ, 2008 District V Holstein Show Young America, MN 55397 (952) 467-3157 • 2008 Res Junior All-Minnesota Senior 2-Yr Old e-mail: • 6th Senior 2-Yr Old, 2008 MN State Holstein Show RHA 25,380M 960F 810P • 1st Sr 2-Yr Old and Grand Champ, BAA: 109.8 PGH and PBR Herd 2008 Carver Co 4-H Show MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 37

The Next Generation. . . Korian Durham Betsy EX-92-2E

1st Jr. 3-Yr-Old & Best Udder, 2005 Midwest Spring Show 11th Jr. 2-Yr-Old, 2004 International Holstein Show 3-10 365 33,981 3.0 1031 3.0 1019 Fresh again and looking good!


HKW Roy Brittany-Et VG-85 VG-MS@2Y

2-01 107 7,522 3.5 265 3.0 229 Inc Purchased as a 4 month old calf in the '06 National Convention Sale by Cody Chapman, Hawkeye Holseins Front:

HKW Roy Beloved-Et VG-87 Ex-MS@2Y

2-03 170 14,409 3.2 467 2.8 408 Inc Owned in partnership with Dan Moon, Moondale Holsteins

2008 All-Iowa Produce of Dam

Not only is Betsy an exceptional individual in her own right, but by the looks of her first two daughters fresh, she also looks to be an exceptional brood cow as well. A huge thank you to Hawkeye Holsteins and Moondale Farms for your interest in Betsy!

Korian Holsteins Brian, Koral & Pierce Harbaugh

16710 Gunder Rd. Postville, IA, 52162 38 - Midwest Holsteins, Fall 2008

Phone: 563 423-7160 email:


Any-Day Durham Pansey EX-91 2E EEEEE DOM at 4 yrs. 4-03 2x 365 38,930 3.5 1363 3.1 1190 CTPI +1927 PTA +634M +48F +40P PTA +3.61T +2.99UDC +1.97FLC +2.9PL 9/8/08 test - 128 lbs. 3.5% 3.0%

Jo-Clar Jess Patsy


 Offspring by September Storm, Outside, Goldwyn, Shottle & Advent  Will be flushing in October to Shottle  Will also be scoring in October... weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking forward to an exciting day!


Any-Day Advent Eliza-ET *RC Sired by Advent born June 9, 2007 Dam:

Budjon-JK Stormatic Emblem VG-85 at 2Y 9/8/08 test - 120 lbs.

 Is one of the very promising daughters from Emblem  Debonair embryos available from Eliza  Will be flushing Emblem in October & she too will be re-scored in October

Any-Day Holsteins Annie Hulle & Family 7478 CTH H, Sheldon, WI 54766 Any-Day Holsteins (715) 452-5765 Ph. & Fax e-mail: Visitors Always Welcome!

For more family members, visit our website: MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 39



. . . the Rising Star of Schillview now has an Index

Goldy has pregnancies by Planet, Jeeves & Armstead

Schillview Shottle Goldy-ET VG-85 VG-MS @ 2-05 CTPI +2157 +2403M +100F +73P +664NM +3.40T 8/08 2-01 2x 235d 21,478 3.9 837 3.1 676

Dam: Schillview Gart Giesanna-ET EX-90 EX-MS @ 5-06 4-01 2x 36,900 3.5 1303 2.9 1077 2nd Dam: Mikary Manfred Giesala-ET VG-88 GMD DOM 4-11 2x 365d 38,970 3.5 1381 3.1 1210 Life: 2203d 201,790 3.5 7161 3.2 6375 Next 8 dams: N.C., VG-85 GMD DOM, VG-88 GMD DOM, EX-90 GMD DOM, EX-94 2E GMD, EX-90 GMD, EX-90 4E and VG-86

Mike & Karen Schiller (320) 573-2820 Mike’s Cell (320) 290-7769 Fax – 3820 44324 220th Avenue, Freeport, MN 56331


Our Gold Medal Champions are RED TJ-Pollema Advent Sheena - Red VG-87 @ 2-05

• 1st Senior 2-Year Old & BU, MN State Show 2008 • Junior All-Minnesota 2006, 2007 and 2008 • All-Minnesota 2007 and 2008 Sire: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET Dam: TJ-Pollema Elegant Sheeba 2nd Dam: TJ-Pollema Mathie Sheila GP-82@ 2Y 2-00 2x 365d 21,010 4.1 865 3.1 659 Sheena has a February Redliner daughter and embryos and pregnancies by Debonair. Sheena was sold to Jeff Bulter, Butlerview Holsteins. Good Luck with her at World Dairy Expo.

Havencrest Rampage Lust – Red VG-85 @ 2-01

• All-Minnesota Red & White 2006, 2007 and 2008 • Reserve All-Minnesota B&W Junior 2-Year Old 2008 • Reserve Junior All-Minnesota B&W Junior 2-Year Old 2008 • Lust and Luv, 1st Produce of Dam MN State Fair 2008 Sire: Rosedale-L Rampage – Red-ET Dam: Crestbrooke CD Lolah-Red-ET EX-90 2-03 2x 365d 28,610 3.8 1097 3.0 872 • 1st Senior 2-Year Old, Minnesota State Fair 2006 • Nominated All-American 2004 and 2005 2nd Dam: Crestbrooke KL Lydia-Red EX-90 4-04 2x 365d 43,570 3.4 1484 3.0 1322 Next 5 Dams: VG-89, EX-91-2E, EX-94-3E, EX and EX Lust and her full sister, Luv, were first produce at the MN State Red and White Show. Lust has a younger sister by Advent, and a smashing young Advent ET. Lust has been flushed this lactation to Debonair.

Watch for our MN Fall Sale Consignment:

Jellie: Selling a VG-85 RED Distrigene that completes 8 generations VG or EX from the Ja-Bob Mark Heavenly Joy family. Due in 12/08 to Kingdom. Jellybean: Also selling is a fancy Durham two-year old out of VG-88 All-MN Gibson, potential 6th generation VG or EX. Jellybean and her Karla’s Talent baby calf sell.

Se-Ayr-A Ayrshires & Scha-Way Holsteins Tracy Schaefer Karla Smieja Quentin Scott Jacob Schaefer Email:

“Where the cows are stars, and the people make them shine”



15241 50th Avenue Little Falls, MN 56345 (320) 632-4605

Hwy 10

Full Sister to Lust •1st Jr and Open Fall Calf, MN State R&W Show •HM Junior Champion, MN State R&W Show •1st Jr and Open Fall Calf, MN State Fair R&W Show •HM Junior Champion, MN State Fair R&W Show

Hwy 71

Scha-Way-SF Rmpg Luv-Red-ET

RHA: 26,188M 997F 802P • BAA: 111.5% - October 2007 Home to 14 cows EX-91 and above!



Green Marquette Lake

Columbia Sauk

Our Favorite Families

West-Springs Aspen 1244 EX-91 EX-MS

West-Springs Bret 1423 VG-86 VG-MS

5-00 3x 277 28,231 4.3 1244 2.8 790 inc. ~ Fresh since December, still milking 87 lbs./day

3-01 3x 357 37,742 1299 1129 ~ Fresh in May, milking 123 lbs./day

• Sire: EK-Oseeana Aspen • Terrason calf • Outside yearling due in March to Fortune • Pregnancies by Fortune & Shottle • Will be flushed to Sanchez or Lightning

• Sire: Peckenstein Form Bret • Outside due in January to Laurin • Baxter calf • Being flushed to Malicieux for contract to Genex

We enjoy working with these individuals - inquiries welcome.

Hockerman Brothers, Inc.

Good luck to the District 5 exhibitors at Madison.

W7038 Cty. M, Westfield, WI 53964 608-296-2318 office • 608-369-0127 Greg’s cell

RHA: 395 cows 3x 28,543 3.6 1019 2.9 834 Adams


Green Marquette Lake

Columbia Sauk



EX-91 EX-91MS at 3-08

3-05 305 proj. 23,630 861F 660P Grand Champion & winner of the Manitowoc Culvers Futurity 1st Senior 3 Year Old & Reserve Intermediate Champion, District 10 Show Dam: Cava-Lanes Encore Stardance VG-87 2nd Dam: Star-Haven Broker Star EX-90 *Many family members on the farm


Miss Cava-Lanes Gold Debra-ET VG-86 VG-87MS at 2-06 ~ fresh 86 days with high test of 117 lbs./day

By Goldwyn, Debra is one of the exciting young 2 year olds in the barn. She traces back to Snow-N Denises Dellia, is contracted to Baxter & will be flushed to Active. Shannon, pictured with judge Brian Behnke, Manitowoc County royalty, Todd Cavanaugh & sister Brenda on the halter

Todd & Theresa Cavanaugh & Family 18314 W. Hillcrest Rd. Reedsville, WI 54230 608-434-4143 RHA: 35 cows 23,669 3.81 902 2.97 702 BAA: 109.1% 44 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

Congratulations to Brenda on her engagement to Erik Gilbertson we are excited for you both!

Going to Central Plains Fall Sale DeBoer Armstead Drama Born March 19, 2008 Dam: Beyercrest Gold Duchess-ET VG83 2-01 146 14,929 4.0 599 3.0 448 — Last Test 113 lbs.

Gr. Dam: Lady-Brads Metro Doreen-ET VG87

Third Dam: Lady-Brads Durham Banner-ET EX92

2-02 3X 365 26,870 3.2 856 3.2 849 3-10 3X 338 31,280 3.4 1067 3.2 991

3-03 365 37,090 3.1 1135 3.1 1145 4-11 365 40,060 3.3 1318 3.o 1205

Also Selling… 5 Shottle Embryos from the #1 TPI Bull and the Regina Family Frozenes JK Regina-ET VG85 2-02 268 23,410 4.4 1024 3.2 753 3-00 231 20,343 4.4 904 3.3 678 Inc.

Frozenes Durham Bella EX93 EXMS 2E DOM 3-02 365 40,240 4.0 1613 2.9 1147 5-02 305 36,820 4.3 1597 2.9 1076

Full Sister to JK Regina-ET

Frozenes JK Rachel-ET VG88 2-02 365 32,261 4.5 1459 2.9 950


photos  Cybil Fisher




4-01 365 33,010 3.9 1296 3.5 1142

EX-96 2E

7-04 365 52,104 4.9 2576 3.2 1653

Nominated All-American R&W Junior 2 Year Old 2003 1st 5 Year Old, Best B&O and Grand Champion, Midwest Spring R&W Show 2006 HHM All-American R&W 5 Year Old 2006 • Glen Drummond Mario sister to Redrose • Reba’s Redman daughter - Rosedale Respect-Red VG-89 EX-MS 1st lactation - watch for her at Expo!!

A red calf from Reba...

Senior & Grand Champion, WDE 2007 Holstein International's Red Holstein World Champion 2007 All-American R&W 125,000 lb. Cow 2007 Grand & Supreme Champion, WDE 2005 Reserve All-Americn R&W 4 Year Old 2004 Reserve Senior Champion, WDE 2004 1st Junior 2 Year Old, WDE 2002 • Redrose has pregnancies by Jasper, Advent, Goldwyn, Laurin, Aspen & Shottle

A rare offering from Redrose...

Selling October 25 at the City Slickers’ Fall for Colors Sale

Selling October 25 at the Legends of Fall Sale




3066 Cty. G, Oxford, WI 53952 (608) 584-5853 Ph/Fax



Green Marquette Lake

Columbia Sauk


Two Favoriltees & a Litt Splash of Red Creek Oman Tabitha VG-86 VG-MS CTPI +2058

MD-Maple-Dell Gold Ailey-ET GP-84 VG-87-MS CTPI +1939

2-02 2X 172 12,269 4.1 501 2.9 356 Dams: Nobel Aruba EX-94-2E, Storm VG-88, then Adeen EX-94-2E & Ada EX-94-2E • 1 Durham and 1 Roy Heifer • 2 Shottle bulls at Select and a contracted Pronto to Select Owned with Greg and Joel Pagel


Just Fresh

Da-So-Burn Zenith Dixie-ET Dam: Dottie Jo VG-88 Gr’dam: Winchester Dash EX-91

2-02 2X 261 24582 4.4 1084 3.0 734 Dam: Outside Tide VG-86 Gr’dam: Convincer Feast VG-89 3rd Dam: Juror Faith EX-91 • A Boliver bull at Select, Planet pregnancies, and Gibor transfers

Havencrest Kleopatra-Red-ET VG-85 VG-88-MS CTPI +1644

2-05 2X 161 14900 4.4 649 2.9 428 9th Generation VG or EX Dam: Rubens Karla EX-91-2E, Gr’dam EX-92-3E, then EX-92-2E, EX-94-3E, EX-94 2E, EX-90-3E, VG-87, EX-90 • RC Shottle, 2 Red Advents Heifers • 2 Pregnancies by Baxter and/or Raid-Red • 4 Red Advent and 1 Red Rampage and RC Shottle bulls available

Creek Holsteins William Langreck Family 28195 Oak Road West Union, IA 52175 563-778-2321


Selling at the Legends of the Fall Sale!

Regel Goldwyn Nicki VG-87

2-02 2X 193d 16,219 4.1 668 3.1 497 Inc Still milking 87# CTPI +2039 Diff from HM: +7433M +334F +240P Nicki’s Baxter son sent to ABS • First flush resulted in 8 embryos by Armstead with three sons going into AI from that flush with more contracts to fill. • Interest in embryos for the export market. • A VG-85 Shottle maternal sister with +2060 and sons going into AI Dam: VG-87 Outside CTPI +1769 with high components & should go EX next classification Next Dams: VG-87 Durham then Mark Marion

Bulls for Sale

Regel Dairy Greg & Joel Pagel • 21215 170th Street • Sumner, IA 50674 • 563.578.3480 Midwest Holsteins, Fall 2008 - 49


west Fall National d i show results M

esota State Fair n n i M Senior Champion & Reserve

Junior Champion Female

Grand Champion – Red and White

Elmyra Greg Gunhilda-Red EX-91 • 1st Jr Yearling: Flower-Brook Godiva-Red-ET (Redmarker x EX Request – Heavenly Joy Family) • 2nd Sr Yearling: Flower-Brook Devil Erma-Red (Red Devil x VG Rubens x EX Boy George)

Stuewes Dundee Gabrina

Stuewes Lazer Fabulous VG-88

• 1st Produce with Giddy and Glamour Dam of 3 above: Milan Gabrielle 2E-93

• 1st Sr 2 Yr Old

-Brook Reg Holstein r e w Flo Andy, Jodene and Ava Stuewe s Hamburg, MN C-651-353-2275 H-952-467-3879



CTPI +1706 +1066M +49F +34P +2.16T 8/08

2-02 3x 365d 27,740 4.5 1257 3.3 915

Dam: Star-Bar Manfred Miracle-ET EX-90 2E GMD DOM CTPI +1701 +1608M +64F +50P +2.9PL 8/08 5-09 2x 365d 47,120 3.9 1851 3.1 1444 Life: 1941d 162,880 3.8 6254 3.2 5197 2nd Dam: Indianhead Mandel Mandy-ET EX-91 GMD DOM 2-02 3x 365d 39,930 3.9 1554 2.9 1177 Next 3 Dams: 2E-90 GMD DOM, VG-88 DOM, 3E-90 GMD DOM

Thanks to all who helped out while I was out of commission. A special thanks to Andrew Herdigen for all your extra efforts!


Jim, Deb, Becky & Ben Paulson

580 Brown St. SW,

Hutchinson, MN 55350

507-251-4694 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 51

20 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 Ashlyn © Patty Jones; Angel © Agri-Graphics

Another “Everything But Famous” Sire in the lineup... 29HO11685 HONEYCREST PEPPER

graduates to the ABS lineup as the #75 bull on the Top 100 TPI list. He’s a Pippen son of Honeycrest Patron Tanya VG-87 GMD DOM. He’s +1412M +50F +45P +1.9PL 2.96 SCS +406NM$ +1.86T +1721 TPI

Roz-Acres Complete Dispersal Dennis Rozmarynoski, owner Denmark, WI

400 Holsteins Sell (300 Registered) October 17, 2008 ~ 9:30 a.m. RHA: 233 cows 2x 26,454 3.6 947 3.0 786 August ’08 test: 84.2 lbs. 130 SCC # Top A.I. cow family with 30 bulls sold to A.I. # 45 cows currently over 100 lbs. # Classified, official test and good management # 200 beautiful heifers, including daughters of Shottle (PTPIs over 2000), Goldywn, Fortune, Talent & O-Man # Cows sell by Freelance, O-Man, Boliver, Outside, Potter, Morty & Forbidden

He is the 5th son of Tanya to graduate to active AI, which has her batting .500 of sons with proofs. She’s also listed as the #7 bull dam in the U.S. on the list of cows with 10 or more sons with proofs when ranked by the sons’ Net Merit (September Holstein International). Add to that her 2 EX, 40,000 lb. daughters and 10 more VG, 30000 lb. daughters and we’d say she’s quite a brood cow. And add to that, that Nifty (#16 TPI list) and Windbreaker are from the same family and you can see why we’re optimistic about the future. STOP IN WHEN IN WISCONSIN AND SEE IF YOU AGREE. WATCH FOR OUR CONSIGNMENTS TO THE TOP 10 SALE AT ELKHORN, WI ON DECEMBER 13.

# 2 EX Durhams sell with 36,000 & 40,000 # All free-stall raised. Young cows parlor milked & older cows milked in stall barn.

Big Sale...


Congrats to our State Association staff, my fellow board members and fellow breeders on a GREAT National Convention!!!

N6842 Cty BB Spring Valley, WI 54767

neycrest Ho The Traynors

Farms, Inc


262-736-4141 715.778.5807 Bob 715.778.5860 Barn 715.778.4960 Fax

920-366-7153 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 53

Eva’s Winning Family

Al-Shar SS Eva-ET *RC VG-88 VG-88-MS@2-10 2-01 2X 365 25,660 5.0 1291 3.0 765 Fresh in June with Spirte heifer 1st Senior 3-Yr-Old & Intermediate Champion, 2008 SD State Show 1st Senior 3-Yr-Old & Reserve Intermediate Champion, 2008 Central Plains Show

Al-Shar SDG Evonna-Red-ET

1st Intermediate Calf & Junior Champion, 2008 MN State Fair Eva’s 12/30/07 Advent-Red daughter

Al-Shar SDG Ad Easter-ET *RC 1st Fall Calf & Reserve Junior Champion, 2008 SD State Show Eva’s 9/20/07 sister by Advent-Red Al-Shar SDG Exotic-ET 2nd Fall Calf, 2008 Central Plains & SD State Show By Dundee, another sister to Eva Eva, Elegance, Easter & Exotic’s dam is Budjon-JK Linjet Erica-ET VG Gr’dam: Krull Broker Elegance 3E-96 Erica’s family is owned with Al-Shar Holsteins, Groton, SD.

Al-Shar SDG Elegance-ET 2nd Fall Yearling & Reserve Junior Champion, 2008 Iowa State Show Eva’s maternal sister by Dundee-ET Due March 2009 to Roy

Other Summer Winners Were:

Nelson Spirit Janis-ET VG-87 2nd Junior 3-Yr-Old & Reserve Intermediate Champion, 2008 Iowa State Show By Hanoverhill Spirit with 5 EX full sisters Dam: VG-88 Skychief 2nd Dam: EX Starbuck Owned with Great-Heritage Holsteins, Sibley, Iowa

Wallmac Roy Zaneta Colleen EX-90 91-MS 1st Junior 3-Yr-Old & Grand Champion, 2008 SD State Show 1st Junior 3-Yr-Old, 2008 KS Spring Show By Roy from a VG-87 Encore 2nd Dam: VG-86 Counselor Owned with the Dave Ripp Family, Dimock, SD

Thanks to all the buyers, consignors, sale staff and fitting crew that made the "Elite Opportunity Spring Sale" a great success. We may have to do it again someday.

Simple Dreams Genetics, Inc. James & Cheryl Vierhout 510 Railroad St. Box 563 Hull, IA 51239 Phone/Fax: 712-439-2932 • Cell: 712-470-1202




Hilrose Rubens Patsy

EX-90 CTPI+1674 2-03 365 39,790 3.8 1494 3.1 1220 Reserve All-American Fall Yearling 2005

Patsy is fresh, milking 136 lbs. and scored Excellent 11 days after calving. She calved July 1st with a Zenith heifer. Patsy also has 3 Lou fall calves, a winter calf and a VG-86 2 year old, both by Durham. Her dam is the EX-92 Lee Princess (below). Next dams are a VG Progress w/over 49,000, VG-88 Mandel w/over 33,000, VG-88 Blackstar w/over 31,000 and a VG-87 Beautician w/248,321 lifetime.

Hilrose Linjet Penelope EX-90 2-01 365 30,180 4.4 1324 3.1 951 3-03 352 34,020 4.3 1450 3.1 1055 4-04 112 15,618 4.4 568 3.1 418 inc. milking 140 lbs. Peneople is a sister to Princess. She was just bred to Lylehaven Lightning, and has a spring yearling by Fortune and a spring calf by Aspen.

P.O. Box 54, Sherwood, WI 54169 (920) 989-1167 home (920) 989-3276 barn VISITORS AND INQUIRIES ALWAYS WELCOME

Hilrose Lee Princess EX-92 2E CTPI +1749 2-02 365 37,770 3.9 1227 2.9 1105 3-06 365 50,006 4.1 2038 3.0 1512 (2nd in WI for milk) Nom. Junior All-American Junior 3 Year Old 2004 Princess was fresh August 1st and had 128 lbs. her first test. She has daughters by Rubens (1 *RC) Sept. Storm, Lou, Mac and Goldwyn.

HILROSE HOLSTEINS Joe, Chris, Jeff, Andy & Ashley Brantmeier

RHA: 30,128 3.9F 3.0P 110% BAA 16 Year PBR Award Herd 2008 Herd of Excellence MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 57


Saturday, November 22, 2008 • 11:00 a.m. • Hutchinson

Glen-D-Haven Oman Biffy-ET VG-85 VG-MS @ 2-09 CTPI +2057+1822M +61F +84P +2.24T 8/08 2-07 2x 365d 34,320 3.4 1165 3.6 1233 Boliver x VG Oman Biffy! As good as it gets for genetic gain! The dam has 20 sons in AI with world class protein and health traits! From one of the premier Oman daughters in the country and this flashy, deep ribbed Boliver calf built in at PTPI+1972M will bring world markets to your door! ~Hendel Farms (715) 445-2921

Sonnek Shottle Arcadia VG-87 VG-MS @ 2-07 CTPI +2142 +1903M +80F +60P +4.12T 8/08 2-02 2x 232d 18,463 3.8 694 3.0 546 inc. Extreme opportunity for a high class index individual! Selling is a 3/08 Bolton built in at PTPI+2055M from Shottle Arcadia, the #84 CTPI Cow of the Breed and #27 PTAT Cow of the Breed on the August run. Next dam EX90 Morty x EX-90 DOM Rudolph x EX-90 DOM Supersire x VG Elton. ~Sonnek Farms (320) 983-6645

Beyercrest Fiona-ET VG-85 VG-MS @ 2-05 CTPI +1973 +1533M +92F +49P +2.89T 8/08 2-02 2x 144d 16,116 4.5 723 2.9 472 inc. A valuable heifer here in this modern made High Type + Health Pedigree! An April 08 Ramos x VG Goldwyn x VG Mtoto with sons around the world! Built in at PTPI+2006M, this Ramos will definitely put you in the drivers seat for contracts down the road! ~Melarry Farms (320) 393-3056

Lida-Acres Cousteau April EX-91 EX-MS 3-03 2x 349d 30,949 3.9 1213 3.0 935 From April, reserve grand champion of the 2007 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show comes a super stylish 9/07 Damion! Next dam is EX-91 2E Juror with record over 30,000 milk and 1100 fat, then EX-90 Demand with over 174,000 lifetime. Show type, high scores and great production all in one package! One of her first offerings... don’t miss out! ~Lida-Acres (218) 863-2525

Circle-Drive Jed Jackie EX-91 EX-MS 2E 5-08 2x 365d 24,360 4.2 1022 3.1 761 From four Excellent dams comes a super young Astronomical already GP-84 @ 2Y and due shortly after the sale to Damion. Sure to get more points her dam is an EX-92 3E Raider with over 205,000 lifetime. Next dam is the EX-91 Jed above. 3rd dam is EX-91 3E Valiant followed by an EX-94 3E Prestar that was Res All-American as a 2-Yr Old. ~Circle Drive Holsteins (320) 587-9140

Straussdale Ramos Olivia-ET GP-84 VG-MS @ 2-10 CTPI +1899 +846M +36F +29P +6.7PL 8/08 2-05 2x 204d 18,693 63.7 683 3.2 597 inc. From Olivia , one of the highest PL cows in the breed comes a first choice Armstead of two heifers due March 2009. Dam is an EX-93 2E Outside with records over 45,700M 1640F and 1290P. Next dam VG-89 Lucius. Already two full brothers in AI with more contracts in place. ~Farnear (563) 744-3473

Sale Staff:

Dan Brinkman.....................612-710-2524 Scott Courtney.....................563-387-0035 Scott Culbertson..................614-264-5980 Alan Dykshorn.....................712-441-0686 Randy Kath..........................320-761-2985

Tom Morris...........................320-267-8795 Lowell Peterson....................320-587-5361 Steve Peterson......................218-849-2238 Reid Stransky.......................507-456-4156 Paul Trapp............................608-332-0079 Conrad Kvamme..................612-240-8002

Catalogs available at: Sale sponsored and managed by:

MINNESOTA HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION 411 28th Ave S, Waite Park, MN 320-259-0637 • Fax 320-259-0009 Email

online catalog avail a bl e at w w w. m nhol s te in . com

l l Harvest Sale a F Featuring a Red & White Showcase of 25 Select RED Individuals

Stelbro Laura Rubens VG-85-3YR-CAN 5-01 3x 305d 31,014 3.8 1182 3.2 988 From this deep RED Canadian pedigree comes a fancy RED Advent summer yearling for 2009! Her recently fresh 60” dam is off and milking well. Next dam Laura Rubens above, followed by 8 more generations of VG or EX dams with lots of milk and high components. ~Zahbulls Holsteins (507) 534-3245

Evergreen-Inn Greta-Red-ET VG-87-HA EX-90-RWDCA 2-02 2x 365d 20,691 4.1 848 3.1 632 Greta sells fresh! She is sired by Pinehurst Centrum and exudes tremendous style and balance. Greta was also Res All-Minnesota Red & White Dry Cow in 2008. Add this already EX-RWDCA cow to your herd! ~Bernie Schmitz (320) 593-0893

Rhineland Rubens Delila VG-85 EX-MS 5th Fall Calf, Grand Intn’l R&W Show 2004 3-06 2x 365d 26,688 3.8 1003 3.1 824 Super fancy and straight-lined 3/07 RED Rampage sells on the showcase! Dam VG-85 VG-MS @ 3-03 Advent and a maternal sister to the Rubens above. Next dam VG-88 Red-Marker with records to 28,290M 993F and 809P. ~Chelsea Holsteins (320) 864-5238

Corstar Jordan Jory-Red VG-87 VG-MS 3-02 2x 365d 24,850 4.2 1053 3.2 795 Selling is a young fresh Louis maternal sister to Jory VG-87 above. Dam is VG-86 VG-MS Jewel with records to 22,220M and 1013F. Don’t miss this young RED Louis with a promising future ~Cory Salzl (320) 980-2737

Briar Factor Satin-Red-ET EX-90 EX-MS 2E 3-00 2x 365d 27,510 3.5 696 2.8 778 Stylish 3/07 RED Bacculum from a young GP-82 Jordan, next dam is the EX-90 Factor above and full sister to Briar Factor Sabre-Red-ET. Third dam is VG-89 DOM Leader, then VG-88. ~Lenkaitis (630) 377-0454

Hartford Paradox 336-ET *RC VG-85 VG-MS @ 2-07 CTPI +1627 +1623M +56F +33P +2.17T 8-08 2-04 2x 365d 30,190 3.8 1152 2.9 880 Three fantastic offerings from Paradox 336-ET! First is a 4/07 *RC Bolton built in at PTPI +1801. Contract Potential! Next is a 7/07 RED Lichtblick x VG Jordan x Paradox 336-ET. The third unique individual is a 2/08 RED Baxter maternal sister to the Lichtblick above. Huge numbers on this exciting heifer built in at PTPI +1691. ~Ed Peck (608) 444-8863

Ja-Bob Mark Heavenly Joy EX-92 2E DOM Da-Don Durham Amy *RC EX-92 EX-MS 2E 7-03 2x 365d 33,093 3.5 1155 3.0 991 5-02 2x 365d 28,830 3.3 949 3.1 883 Big, fancy Redman sells fresh. Her dam VG-87 and could A fantastic uddered RED VG-85 Distrigene due sale time move into the EX bracket. The next dam the EX-92 *RC to Kingdom-Red. Already an 8th gen VG or EX from the Heavenly Joy family. ~Scott & Hackett (320) 632-4605 Durham above! ~Da-Don Farm (320) 392-5264

All animals have a negative test for BVD, Johnes and TB. All Minnesota consignments are required to have a whole herd test within the last 12 month Therefore, all animals on thes. sale site will be allowed to pass across state lines.

online catalog avail a bl e at w w w. m nhol s te in . com

Heading to Central Plains Fall Sale ...

ng A March ’08 Red Advent i l l e S AlsoHer Dam— Pine-Shelter Irisa Jordan GP84 2-10 3X 305 21,920 3.6 785 3.0 654

Gr. Dam—

Pine-Shelter Irena Lee VG85

Records to 27,580 and 139,130 Lifetime Third Dam—

Pine-Shelter Ireta Jazz-Red GP83 Records Over 30,000

MS Regancrest Diana-ET EX90 DOM

2-10 365 26,220 3.7 963 3.1 810 3-10 365 32,010 3.9 1234 3.1 932

Selling is Diana’s Allen Daughter Simple-Dreams Diana 173-ET VG85 Fresh in May ’08 Last Test 74# w/3.3F 2.9P


Sipka Durham Topango EX91 Dyks Advent Lacey VG86 @ 2-11 Her Maternal Sister Dyks Kite Linda EX92

Ashview Holsteins Beresford, S.D. • 605-957-5376 Jeff, Jane, Tom & Katie Norling Ted, Molly & Gracie Norling

B Y U D G A L dam: Farnear durHam LuXor LIZ-et 2e-92 5-00 2X 365d 42,290 3.5 1481 2.8 1188 2008 Iowa Junior Show Grand Champion 1st Aged Cow, Iowa State Fair 2nd dam: Farnear CHeS Lark LuXor-et 2e-93 gmd dom 4-04 2X 365d 35,350 3.7 1314 2.9 1019 Life: 134,480 3.7 5015 2.9 3858 3rd dam: Farnear WISt JaCkI Lark-et 2e-93 gmd Life: 154,910 4.2 6441 3.1 4812 next dams: eX-91 and eX-93

Farnear Storm Ladybug eX-91 eX-mS

4-00 159 18,003 3.4 606 2.8 513 Inc PTA +2.69T +2.47UDC +2.24FLC Daughter by Talent and Transfers by Shottle 6th Generation Homebred Excellent Sire: Stormatic 60 - Midwest Holsteins, Fall 2008

tom & rick Simon Family 10488 Cemetery rd • Farley, Ia 52046 • barn: 563-744-3473 • tom Simon: 563-599-9183 bill rauen 563-607-0694 • tim rauen 563-590-7871

Foundation Families

Meyervilla S Storm Trixy-ET

*RC VG-85 VG-MS 2-04 2x 365 21,740 3.9 841 3.0 644

• 4 Red Advent daughters - 3 at Pine Valley & 1 owned by Shane Nodolf • Redliner bull born 1/08 & will be flushd extensively Dam: Early-Autumn Tutone VG-86 2nd Dam: Heatherstone Trip-Red-ET EX-94 2E 3rd Dam: C Danes Horizon Lilane-Red EX-93 2E

Pine-Valley Dundee Sinorice

Crest-View-Acres Sweet VG-86 EX-MS

2-02 2x 365 31,071 3.8 1171 3.2 982 CTPI +1901

1st Senior 2 Year Old, Iowa County Fair Dam: Pine-Valley Windsor Secret VG-88 2nd Dam: Pine-Valley Astre Sweetie VG-85 then 7 more generations VG or EX

Pine-Valley Farm 5295 E. Pleasant View Rd. Mineral Point, WI 53565 (608) 987-2245 e-mail:

Sired by Boliver We purchased Sweet’s 3/07 Billion at the National Convention Sale. Crest-View-Acres Bil Sheona, PTPI +1825 +1683M +54F +49P +2.16T +2.9PL, is backed by Stripes Mtot Sophie VG-87 DOM, Rudolph Stripes EX-91 GMD DOM, HT Sara EX-90 GMD DOM, and the great Saturday EX-90 GMD DOM.



Welsh-Edge Durham Chocolate EX-90 ~ Durham x 83 2Y Jolt x VG-86 Rambo x Ginger

Welsh-Edge Leadman Ginger EX-90 4E It was a sad day this August when Ginger died at 17, with 316,400 lbs. in her lifetime. However, her legacy continues in her 29 descendants in the milking herd today. Of those, she has one daughter at 92, two at 91 and two at 86 in the herd today, four of which are over 100,000.

Welsh-Edge Merchant Gypsy VG-88 ~ Merchant x VG-86 Durham x Ginger ~ 10th WHA Futurity 2008

Welsh-Edge Heidi VG-88 ~ owned by Weber Family, Elroy, WI ~ Reserve Junior All-WI Senior 3 Yr Old 2007

Welsh-Edge Gingerheart EX-92 2E 92MS 6-00 2x 365 26,517 3.4 910 3.1 821 Lifetime to date: 102,150 CTPI +1669 ~ Durham x Ginger ~ Gingerheart is due anyday to 4 Aces ~ daughters by Stormatic, Norman,Tribute, Roy & Astronomical

Welsh-Edge Holsteins “Breeding & Feeding for Longevity”

Ralph & Sheila Petersheim & Family

Viroqua, WI 54665 (608) 675-3893 e-mail: 62 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

Welsh-Edge Hannah EX-90 EX-MS ~ Heidi’s full sister, Astronomical x Gingerheart

BAA: 108.3%

Thank you Minnesota Holstein members!

Your support at National Convention was unbelievable. Also thank you to Jerry and Jan Albrecht for their continued support of Minnesota Juniors and the DJM program.

– Lucas Sjostrom

Sjostrom Farms Lowell & Adrianne

Steve, Deb, Lucas, Megan & Jacob 50527 350th Street Lafayette, MN 56054 507-228-8768

Lucas Sjostrom, 2008 DJM Finalist

MINNESOTAComplete STATE FAIR Satisfaction In the Kind we Sell…

CHELSEA DRAKE CASSIDY – Congratulations Alisha Vanderwal • 1st Summer Yearling, 2008 MN State Fair 4-H Show XCARET CHARLES AVERY-ET – Congratulations Doug Petzel • Grand Champion, 2008 Sibley County Fair 4-H Show CHELSEA DUNDEE ALEAH – Congratulations Cally Strobel • Junior Champion, 2008 Midwest Junior Fall Holstein Show

In the Kind we Show…

photo courtesy of Holstein World

1st Junior Best Three Females, Xcaret Holsteins

Tim and Sue Hoese Kate Heeren 12928 Dairy Avenue Glencoe, MN 55336 (320) 864-6761

Mark and Marilee Vacek

615 Abby Lane Glencoe, MN 55336 (320) 864-3313 Herdsman: Pat Heeren

Visitors Always Welcome!

CRESCENTMEAD KITE BELLA-ET • 3rd Spring Calf, 2008 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show XCARET ASTRO MELANIE-ET • 3rd Fall Calf, 2008 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show XCARET DUNDEE MYSTIQUE • 2nd Summer Yearling, 2008 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show DELLKA MARLIN IRIS • 1st Spring Yearling, 2008 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show XCARET DUNDEE KORAL • 1st Fall Yearling, 2008 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show • Reserve Junior Champion, 2008 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show XCARET DUNDEE AUNA • 2nd Junior 2-Yr Old, 2008 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show ELMYRA HERO CRYSTAL • 1st Junior 3-Yr Old, 2008 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show CEDARVILLA KOKO R • 4th 125,000 lb Cow, 2008 Midwest National Fall Holstein Show MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 63




Our Girls Know How to Work...

Gateway-Acres Charlett EX-94 EEEEE 2E

Gateway-Acres Carolee-ET VG-88 VG-MS 3Y

Gateway-Acres Nobel Cher-ET EX-91 EX-MS

Wilstar Durham Lynn-ET EX-90

5-00 2x 365 31,880 3.3 1041 3.0 949 • Daughters by Ja-Bob Jordan-Red, Kite, Linjet & Affirmed Sired by Dante, from 6 generations EX cows followed by 4 VG dams in the Vigo-A Leadman Crystal family

1-11 2x 319 23,039 3.0 683 2.8 653 • Fresh in December 2007 • Talent yearling due this fall Sired by Outside, she’s from MA Chris EX-90 2E DOM & the same family as Charlett & Cher

3-03 365 28,780 3.0 858 3.0 858 • Daughters by Canyon & Talent Sired by Markwell Nobel, she’s a daughter of Leadman Crystal & a 5th generation EX

2-02 365 26,318 3.4 905 3.2 833 • Daughters by Linjet & Affirmed Fresh in August ’08, Lynn is a 7th generation VG/EX

Ebe-Tide Roxmoney Alta EX-93 3E

Ocean-View Blitz Lausan

• Daughter by Durham VG-85 at 2-10, 2-00 350 23,965 842F 752P inc. • Daughter by Zenith GP-83 at 2-04, calved in April, 2007 Treasure Quest calf owned with Doug & Linda Hodorff • Other daughters by Dundee, Stormatic & Ace

2-00 365 30,200 1007F 818P

7-03 365 43,682 3.4 1476 2.8 1242

RHA: 88 cows 22,566M 836F 689P July ’08 BAA: 108.7% 16 EX 37 VG 27 GP

VG-86 VG-87MS at 3-09 • Daughter by Advent

7th generation VG or EX

Gateway Acres Bob & Sherry Gates N3931 State Rd. 49, Poy Sippi, WI 54967 Phone & Fax: (920) 987-5380 • Bob cell (920) 229-6385

Visitors Always Welcome • Herdsman: Cory Biely, (920) 901-0090 cell MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 67

The University of



Congratulations to Mark & Angie Ulness on their National Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder Award Name: Angie J. Ulness Hometown: Sturgeon Bay, WI High School: Southern Door High School Class Size: 106 Farm: Cycle Farm Holsteins Major: Dairy Science, Business option

ALUMNI PROFILES Name: Mark A. Ulness Hometown: Valders, WI High School: Valders High School Class Size: 100 Farm: Ragnar Holsteins Major: Dairy Science, Production option Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? I decided to attend UW-Madison to have the opportunity to be a part of the proud tradition and prestige of being a member of the UW-Dairy Judging Team. UW-Madison offered a great education by a faculty that consists of many of the dairy industry’s top researchers and developers of management practices and technology. What was your most memorable college experience? There are many memorable college experiences for me including traveling to Pasadena to witness the Badgers win the 1999 Rose Bowl, but the three trips to the Royal Winder Fair in Toronto, Ontario and the farm tours that we arranged at some of Canada’s finest farms, are probably the most memorable and enjoyable college experiences. What has been your favorite course? My favorite course was Dairy Science 414 Ruminant Nutrition taught by Dr. Ric Grummer. We read research papers published in the Journal of Dairy Science covering different current issue topics in the field of dairy nutrition. We discussed each paper in a round table discussion format, and debated the advantages and disadvantages of the findings. How did your experience at UW prepare you for your career in the dairy industry? The people that I met and the contacts that I made were the best preparation for my career in the dairy industry. With none of them being greater than meeting the love of my life and eventual wife, Angie Brey. Going into dairy farming, I knew that I needed a life-long partner and supporter, and I found a good-looking one at that!

UW-Madison Department of Dairy Science

Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? Every October we went as a family to watch the Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo. It was during those trips, combined with an excitement for dairy judging, that lured me to Madison. UW-Madison had it all for me! Big Ten atmosphere, a world-renown Dairy Science program, an organization and women’s living unit I found in the Assoc. for Women in Agriculture, and most importantly Dr. David Dickson & the Dairy Judging Team. What was your most memorable college experience? My most memorable college experience would be working at World Dairy Expo. The Badger Dairy Club offered a wide variety of opportunities to help out there. I enjoyed spending time with members decorating the show-ring, washing milk cans in the parlor, serving grilled cheese sandwiches and working nightline amongst the best cattle and breeders in the world. It was during those times that friendships and bonds were formed, especially my freshman year. What was your favorite course? My favorite course would have to be Dairy Science 466, an advanced dairy cattle breeding course taught by Dr. George Shook and it consisted of only about 6 of us. It included grad students and undergrads that had an interest in genetics. We read and discussed research papers and had a lot of practical skills taught in the class as well. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard to decide, I enjoyed Dy Sci 433, Dy Sci 101, Dy Sci 205, Dy Sci 535 to name a few more. How did your experience at UW prepare you for your career in the dairy industry? I would have to agree with Mark! The long-lasting friendships and contacts that I made at Madison are the ones we value so much today. We both have a solid base of great friends and of course we also found each other.

1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706 Ph. 608-263-3308 Fax 608-263-9412 Contact: Ted Halbach

Apply now for Fall 2009!

Good friends, Good neighbors, Good cows, Good times!

Dairy farming and the Registered Holstein industry is not an easy life. But, with the right friends and attitude, anything can be looked at in a better situation. Whether it’s talking cows on a Saturday night or showing at the county fair, it’s bound to be a good time.

Berensvale Excitement... • Nordic-Ridge Rubens Whisper*RC, EX-90, made her way from the WI Nationals to Berensvale. Her impressive maternal line is bound to have a lasting effect on the Berensvale herd. • Our debut in the show-ring at the Shawano County fair went well. From 9 entries, 6 brought home 3rd place or higher, including winning the 2 year old class and also getting the nod for Best Udder in the 2 year old class. • Almost a year in our new location, just 15 miles west of Shawano, the cows have settled in and your visit is welcome anytime.

Da-Lynn-Jema Happenings... • A busy summer was in store for the Goers family, including our new 3,000 gallon bulk tank, milkhouse/office remodeling, and a new baby in the family! Matt also got the chance to show at Shawano County Fair for Berensvale and what an experience! Thanks guys! • Our herd continues to grow, and we have 21 heifers due from now until April. Heifers sired by Dundee, Kite, Lartist, Aspen and other high type sires will soon join the herd. • Like to talk cows? Matt does! When the cold winds blow, stop in the warm barn and find out what’s new at the Goers Farm!

Berensvale Farm Ryan & Glenn Berens

PO Box 53, Tilleda, WI (715) 787-3838 8 EX • 15 VG • 5 GP 68 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

GOERS FAMILY DAIRY Home of Da-Lynn-Jema Registered Holsteins The Goers Family Herdsman: Matthew Goers, cell (715) 584-0367 • e-mail: W10248 Winkle Rd., Shawano, WI 54166 8/08 RHA: 117 cows 24,603M 904F 762P


4E 4E 3E 2E





4-10 2x 349d 30,404 4.1 1232 3.0 926 Lifetime to date: 232,380M Dam: EX-95 5E GMD DOM Granddam: EX-93 3E GMD DOM Lifetime: 300,684M Lifetime: 267,177M (owned with Robert Durow)

WEST-LAKE MANDEL MONA EX-92 EEEEE 4E (94-MS) 4-08 2x 342d 10,072 4.7 1406 3.1 921 Dam: EX-91 4E Granddam: GP-84

Apple-Acres Lee Dominque EX-90 EEEEV 3E 6-07 2x 365d 27,600 4.8 1313 3.1 843 Dam: VG-85 Granddam: VG-88

Nu-Wing Wimple EX-90 EEEVE 2E

3-04 2x 351d 22,430 3.8 857 2.9 661 Dam: EX-90 2E Granddam: EX-93 3E (owned with Florence Volkert)

Classified Engleking after classifying Mona 4E commented, “I believe this is the first time I have scored two 4E cows in a herd on the same day.”

APPLE ACRES FARM Jim and Harriet Brown 12727 110th Street South, Hastings, MN 55033 Ph/Fax 651-437-5879


Royola Shottle Danni-ET VG-85 VG-87MS CTPI +2176 2-01 2x 305 proj. 28,589 1058F 799P • Danni has a 3/08 Baxter daughter • Will be flushed to Michael

Royola Shottle Dorrie-ET VG-87 VG-87MS EX-FL CTPI +2079 2-01 2x 305 proj. 21,805 829F 620P • Dorrie has a 4/08 Mac daughter • Embryos available by Goldwyn

Their Dam:

Sewards-Folly T Deanna-ET VG-87 VG-MS 2-00 2x 365 33,440 4.2 1417 3.1 1052 • Daughters by Shottle, Jetstream, Titanic & Tres • Multiple sons to A.I. • Fresh again on July 20, milking 138 lbs. • Embryos available by Jetstream • Her 7/08 Pronto son is available Sired by Throne, Deanna is looking good and working hard. She will be rescored soon. 2nd dam: Gateway-Acres Daphne-ET EX-90 2E GMD DOM 2-11 3x 365 46,040 3.7 1721 2.7 1235 3rd dam: EX-90 DOM Expo visitors are welcome - stop in to see our Shottles & Deanna. We’re also excited about Rabur Gold Panzer-ET (Goldwyn x Outside Pandora), who’s fresh & looks terrific! 70 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

Tom & Sharie Anderson • Justin Hintz E4898 Cty. OO, Ogdensburg, WI 54962 Phone: (715) 754-5869 Fax: (715) 754-2946 RHA 68 Cows 2x 25,927



The Lovely Ladies of Manannah-Valley

Evergreen-Inn Greta-Red-ET VG-87-HA EX-90-RWDCA

2-02 2x 365d 20,691 4.1 848 3.1 632 • Five Advents due this fall • Greta sells Nov. 22, 2008 on the MN Fall Harvest Sale

Pretty-View Cramer Rose-Red

Manannah-Valley Iris VG-86


7-05 2x 365d 27,112 3.4 916 2.8 748 Lifetime to date: approaching 200,000M • Die-Hard embryos available • Tremendous Brood Cow with 8 heifers


10-2 2x 365d 22,297 3.7 825 3.1 691 • Embryos by Greenlea Rub Rob-Red-ET • Many embryos and calves sold around the US and two VG daughters in Canada • Oldest cow on the farm - pictured at 11-11


John and Julie Schmitz, Jolene, Joel Eden Valley, MN (320) 453-6623 farm (320) 420-2432 John

Bernie and Aggie Schmitz (320) 593-0893 Bernie

Join in on the Excitement!

RED & WHITES Red, White & You New promotional breed brochure featuring information on RWDCA programs & services Leading Ladies NEW 2009 EDITION Full-color publication with top Red/RC Cows in the U.S. Full pedigrees, offspring/embryos and owner contact info.

Red Sire Showcase A very popular fullcolor, pocket-sized reference booklet with 149 Red and RC sires from around the world






NEW Leading Ladies 2009 Red Sire Showcase 2008 Red, White & You FREE Sample of Red Bloodlines


e 11


• Cro • B ssbreed ing Jur • Cal ist & Mic Roundt able ifornia mac Crossb reed ing Rep





The Re

A Non-Pr


d Blo

e No.



Prins Dai Prins Dairy, ry #117 • Line Oakdale • Ayr back Jun , CA • "Elmshire Ble ior Profile er's Dre nding am"




/Aug ust 2008

• Roundta ble Issue

Red Bloodlines Official Breed Publication of the RWDCA published 8 times per year. Full-color and fully loaded with Red news including latest sire summaries, show and sale reports, cow family stories, intl features and much more

RED & WHITE DAIRY CATTLE ASSOCIATION 3805 S. Valley Rd. Crystal Spring, PA 15536 Phone: 814-735-4221 Fax: 814-735-3473 or



Midwest Holsteins, Fall 2008 - 75

Moondale Penny ex-95 9-10 365 27,710 4.5 1257 3.2 894 2nd 125,000-Lb Cow, Midwest Fall National Show Now over 195,000M lifetime

3 miles south past Kwik Star, then 1 mile west Visitors Always Welcome 29 EX 12 VG BAA 112.7% Lact. Avg. 25,150 1000 750

Steff VG-86 ~ 1st Junior 2-Yr-Old, Midwest Fall National Show ~ A Dundee out of Steffanie Sheldy EX-91 ~ 2nd Senior 3-Yr-Old, Midwest Fall National Show ~ 5th Generation Excellent Durham Eadie VG-89 ~ 1st Senior 2-Yr-Old, Iowa State Show; 3rd, Midwest Fall National Show ~ A granddaugther of Elegance Chism Patrice EX-93 ~ 1st 5-Yr-Old, Iowa State Show; 6th, Midwest Fall National Show ~ 7th Generation Excellent Carlie VG-87 ~ 1st Junior 3-Yr-Old & Intermediate Champion, Iowa State Show ~ 4 EX Dams

Dan & Nancy Moon 19475 155th St. Monona, IA 52159 Phone & Fax: 563-539-4562

Moondale Moondale Moondale Moondale Moondale

More Show Results:

Lynn, Steffanie and Penny were the 1st Place Best 3 Females at the Midwest Fall National Show & at the Iowa State Show.

Moondale Steffanie EX-94 4-11 365 30,830 4.8 1490 3.1 968 2nd Aged Cow, Iowa State Show 2nd Aged Cow, Midwest Fall National Show

Moondale Lynn EX-94

4-11 365 34,290 5.2 1784 3.2 1106 1st Aged Cow, Iowa State Show 1st 125,000-Lb Cow, Midwest Fall National Show

Here are some of the cows that helped us achieve this. . .

Pleased and honored to be Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor at the Midwest Fall National & Iowa State Show!

Another Banner Year!!


BEVENDALE ASPEN PARTY GIRL *RC EX 91 EX-MS @ 3-11 3-02 2x 350d 26,375 4.5 1182 3.2 854 4-02 2x 138d 13,319 4.5 600 2.7 365 inc.

Party Girl’s 2008 Show Ring Success

• 1st Four-Year Old, 2008 District V Holstein Show • Grand Champ, Best Udder and Top Bred & Owned, 2008 District V Holstein Show • 4th (1st B&O) Four-Year Old, 2008 Midwest Fall National Holstein Show • 5th Four-Year Old, 2008 MN State Holstein Show

Watch for our consignments to the Minnesota Fall Harvest Sale, November 22, 2008, in Hutchinson

BAA 111.2% on homebred herd with 20 Excellent, 19 Very Good and 5 Good Plus cows!

Dale, Mavis & Joshua Schmidt 1351 70th St, Green Isle, MN 55338 Phone: 320-238-2177 E-mail:

l is Party Gir flushed g bein currently n and Advent y to Goldw Talent son and her is red!) (yes, he arch, born in M eat. looks gr

Visitors Always Welcome!

Sonnek Shottle Arcadia VG-87 VG-MS 2-07 CTPI +2142 +1903M +80F +60P +613NM +4.12T 8/08 #27 PTAT Cow of the Breed and #84 CTPI 8/08 2-02 2x 232d 18,463 3.8 694 3.0 546 • 4th Sr 2-Year Old, 2008 Minnesota State Show Dam: Sonnek Morty Yes-ET EX-90 2nd Dam: Sonnek Rudolph Thrill EX-90 3rd Dam: Sonnek Supersire Rose EX-90 Arcadia is due in March to Atlas! She has daughters by Damion, Bolton and Lou on the ground with sons in AI and contracted for more!

Selling on the Minnesota Fall Harvest Sale…

Arcadia’s March 2008 Bolton Heifer!

Built in at PTPI +2055M +1927M +79F +57P +3.64T


15439 150th Avenue Foreston, MN 56330 (320) 983-6645

Trebdale Acres Holstein Complete Dispersal Thursday, October 23 • 11:00 a.m. Owners: George & Dianne Trzebiatiowski, Almond, Wisconsin SALE AT FARM UNDER COVER: 7496 Co. Rd. EE, Almond, WI. (From north and west) I-39 south to Hwy. 54, Hwy. 54 east toward Waupaca to Co. EE, south on EE to farm. (From south) I-39 north to Bancroft/ W exit, east on W to BB, north on BB to N, east on N to EE going south, farm ¼ mi. on EE. (From East) 54 west of Waupaca to A, south on A to N (1 mile), west on N to EE, south ¼ mile on EE to farm.

Sale Features: 3 Generations Sell

This Dundee & Her VG Dam Sell

Trebdale Dolly Damion Dove

Trebdale Alex Dundee Bella VG-86 VG-MS

This Damion yearling sells along with her VG-88 Outside dam with 32,120 4.4 1408 3.1 987 who is fresh again. The EX-91 2E Copper 3rd dam also sells with 27,730 4.6 1275 3.0 832. Next 2 dams EX. Sully Fobes Bootmaker Dot, EX-97 All-Am. 3Y ’76 is the 7th dam... 26 members of the Bootmaker Dot family sell.

SELLING 61 MILKING COWS: Sired by Roy, Lheros, Best, Outside, Machoman, Dundee, Forbidden, BW Marshall, Stormatic, Dutch Boy, Sept. Storm, Convincer, Throne SELLING 25 BRED & SPRINGING HEIFERS: Sired by Outside, Durham, Dunee, Damion, Mailing, Throne, Drake, Zenith, Roy, Blitz, Stormatic, Talent SELLING 19 YEARLINGS: Sired by Drake, Mac, Freelance,Forbidden, Throne, Blitz, Damion, Aspen, Lou, Buckeye, Ace. SELLING 14 CALVES: Audacity, Final Cut, Roy, Fortune, Talent, Zenith, Baxter, Blitz & Outside.

Also Selling: 2-04 2x 146 11,275 3.9 437 2.8 314 (inc.) Milking 78 lbs./day, Bella sells along with her VG-87 • GP Dutch Boy with 28,867 3.9 1117 Roy dam milking 76 lbs./day. Roy has 29,780 3.9 3.1 888 fresh in July 1165 3.0 882. • GP Roy milking 92 lbs./day & her Throne yearling FROM BOOTMAKER DOT FAMILY: • VG-86 Forbidden with 3-11 2x 304 • GP-84 Best milking 96 lbs./day, fresh in July from GP Convincer. Next dams: 87 & 91. 31203 4.0 1238 3.4 1050. GP Prescott • GP Convincer from VG Integrity and EX-91 2nd dam. dam & VG-88 2nd dam • VG Outside with 25,933 3.4 890 3.1 810, fresh again, & her Best due to Buckeye. Next dams: VG Integrity & EX-91 • Fresh Durham from 2 VG dams • GP Best milking 90 lbs./day along with her Baxter. Next dams: EX, 87, 91. • VG Mathie with 32,460 3.7 1206 2.7 • 3 GP Sept. Storm full sisters. Next 2 dams: 87 & 91. 888 and 175,060 lifetime to date • GP-82 Tribute milking 70 lbs./day from 2 EX dams. • VG-86 Ribbon with 26,450 3.6 961 3.0 VG Dundee Sells Young VG Timer Sells 793 milking 68 lbs./day and her Zenith • VG-87 Outside with 28,510 4.0 1143 3.0 851 milking 104 lbs./day along with her Final Cut. VG-87 Mattie G dam with 29,900 4.0 1187 also sells. VG-87 next dams with 214,850 lifetime. • VG-85 Roy and her Mac calf with 22,674 4.1 938 3.4 769 from VG-87 Forbidden with 32,770 3.0 1160 3.2 1034. • VG Outside milking 90 lbs./day, due to Baxter • VG-86 Machoman with 23,142 3.4 783 2.8 649 from VG Roy with 27,000. Trebdale Stacy Dundee Star Trebdale Soot Timer Stix Also Durham bred to Baxter & Drake VG-85 VG-MS VG-85 VG-MS sister from VG Roy. 2-03 2x 113 7,524 3.7 282 2.8 213 (inc.) 1-11 2x 170 13,162 3.6 468 2.9 381 (inc.) Milking 72 lbs./day, fresh in March. GP Emerson dam Sells milking 62 lbs./day from EX-90 Emerson dam • VG Best milking 88 lbs./day, fresh in May with 2-03 2x 305 23,620 3.8 888 with 27,340 3.6 997 3.0 825. with 35,090 3.0 1055 3.0 1046 and 112,980 lifetime. 3.1 730 HERD INFORMATION: • VG-86 Throne with 31,310 4.2 1300 • Closed heard since 1994 • 100% homebred. 3.2 1015 milking 88 lbs./day due to • Johne’s Tested Herd, A classification, 100% negative in 2000 • SCC Average: 200,000 Blitz • Holstein Assoc. Lacatation Average, 3/08 ME milk: 26,541 3.8%F ME Fat 1003 3.0% Pro ME Pro 798 • VG-88 BW Marshall with 29,300 3.6 • Progressive Breeder Registry Award - 10 years (including 2007) 1043 3.1 901 bred to Denison, along • Progressive Genetics Award - 12 years (including 2007) with her Machoman & Zenith daughter • 40 year Holstein Association Member • GP-82 VG-MS Blitz milking 80 lbs./ Sale Managed by Milkyhill Cattle Sales day from 2 VG dams Ed Mielke • Fenwood, WI 54426 • 715-352-2748 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 77


Extreme Balance

After a Tremendous Day at Minnesot a St ate Fair

Billie Sells

Oct. 1, 2008

Jen-D Manhat Billie EX-92 93-MS 3-00 2x 305d 19,244 3.9 757 3.3 651

• 1st 4-Yr Old, 2008 Midwest Fall Nat’l Holstein Show • Senior Champ, 2008 Midwest Fall Nat’l Holstein Show • Grand Champ, 2008 Midwest Fall Nat’l Holstein Show

photo courtesy of Holstein World

photo courtesy of Holstein World

Roger and Sheri Dingbaum | Jeni Dingbaum 23562 Progressive Ridge Road, Eastman, WI (608) 734-3894 | (320) 250-2412 Jeni cell

Reid & Daria Stransky Family | Joe & Ev Stransky 3209 Austin Road, Owatonna, MN Phone (507) 444-0071 • Fax (507) 446-0410 Reid cell (507) 456-4156 •

Futuristic Fall Consignments Genomics are Here and These Two Cows Make High Offspring


CTPI +2147M +2214M +86F +56P +3.46T 8/08 +689NM +3.5PL 2.78SCS +1.0DPR 2-01 2x 178d 17,220 3.8 652 2.9 500 inc. Dam: Hendel Durham Mitzi 1390 EX-90 GMD DOM • CTPI +1829 2-10 3x 365d 42,810 3.6 1522 3.2 1380

Two Opportunities from Miami… Selling on the LEGENDS OF THE FALL SALE A December 2007 Boliver with two full brothers already in A.I. and sells with $5,000 in A.I. contracts


1st Choice of three Mac females born May 2008 High International Interest on this mating with a full brother to Semex

Glen-D-Haven Oman Biffy VG-85 VG-MS @ 2-09

CTPI +2057M +1822M +61F +84P +2.24T 8/08 +644NM +2.9PL 3.04SCS 2-07 2x 365d 34,320 3.4 1165 3.8 1233 Dam: Glen-D-Haven Aaron Bambi-ET VG-88 GMD DOM • CTPI +1913 3-08 2x 365d 36,590 4.4 1593 3.5 1298

Two Opportunities from Biffy… Selling on the Planet Holstein Sale 1st Choice of three Mac females born May 2008 High International Interest on this mating with a full brother to Semex.


A March 2008 Boliver sells on the Minnesota Fall Harvest Sale. Two full brothers to A.I.and the dam has 20 sons in A.I. PTPI +1972M +1615M +59F +66P +3.8PL +2.26T 8/08

14306 Gap Drive, Caledonia, MN 55921 • 507-724-5689 • fax 507-724-5780 • (507) 458-7680 Matt cell


1st Sr 3

1st Sr 2

Regancrest Barbara-ET VG-88 88-MS

Coonridge Durham Sleeker EX-91 92-MS 1st Senior 3 Yr Old & Intermediate Champion, IA State Fair Durham x Outside x Jolt Owned with Dan Hovden

1st Sr 2

KY-Blue Durham Kristen EX-90 EX-MS

1st Senior 2 Yr Old & Res. Intermediate Champion, IA State Fair Shottle x Durham Barbie EX-92 x Juror Brina EX-92

1st Jr 3

Ravenbrook Dundee Anna-ET VG-87 VG-MS 1st Junior 3 Yr Old & Int. Champion, District 1 Show 1st Junior 3 Yr Old, IA State Fair Dundee x Storm EX x Mark VG-88

All-WI Senior 2 Yr Old 2008, Res. All-American Yearling in Milk 2007 Durham x Juror EX-91 x Broker EX-90 Owned with Mark Butz

5 Yr Old

Twin-Val Durham Amanda EX-94 94-MS

1st 4 Yr

Mistvale Durham Pretzel EX-92 93-MS

1st 4 Yr Old & Grand Champion, IA State Fair 1st 4 Yr Old, Senior & Grand Champion, Midwest 1st 4 Yr Old & Grand Champion, IA Championship Show Fall National Show 2007 Durham x Lee VG x Emory Durham x Encore VG-87 x United Nick * WATCH FOR MORE PERFORMANCE FROM THESE SHOW GIRLS THIS FALL! Owned with John Roloff

1095 Hwy. 9, Waukon, IA 52172 563-568-2055 phone â&#x20AC;˘ 563-568-4331 fax www. 80 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008


Huge Index with the Reliability Bonus Don’t Miss these Fabulous Fiona Offerings To the Plant Holstein sale… 1st Choice EARLY Lightning sells from this high contracted Goldwyn. There are numerous sons in AI from this extraordinary family of true brood cows. Don’t miss this deep pedigree opportunity from Fiona!

To the Minnesota Fall Harvest Sale… Selling is a 4/09 Ramos from the fantastic young Fiona. Built in at PTPI +2006M +1021M +64F +39P +5.5PL with a great sire stack Ramos x Goldwyn x Mtoto.

Beyercrest Fiona-et VG-85 VG-MS 2Y

Melvin & Darlene Hackett 17010 Aspen Road NE Rice, MN 56367

CTPI +1973 +1533M +92F +49P +604NM

2-03 2x 144d 16,116 4.5 723 2.9 472 inc. Sire: Braedale Goldwyn TPI +1991M Dam: Beyercrest Janine-ET VG-87 VG-MS DOM CTPI +1747M +1302M +74F +37P +532NM 4-10 3x 365d 41,020 4.6 1867 3.3 1361 2nd Dam: Beyercrest Jimtown Jilia-ET VG-89 GMD DOM 2-02 2x 365d 33,900 3.8 1283 3.2 1070 Next 5 Dams: VG-85 GMD DOM, VG-86 GMD DOM, VG-85 GMD DOM, GP-80 DOM, GP -83 DOM

Spencer & Stacey Hackett Chris and Brook Rice MN 56367 (320) 393-3056 RHA: (127 cows) 25,113 946 805 BAA: 107.9 • RBR: 4 Years

Kerncrest Holsteins…

Looking Toward the Future Congratulations Andrew… Grand Champion Steele County 4-H Show 2008

photo: Andrew with Mercede

Ms Kerncrest CH Mercede-ET VG-86 VG-MS @ 2-03

1-10 2x 294d 21,350 4.1 873 3.1 662 Sire: Calbrett-I H H Champion-ET Dam: Fantasee-Bound Durham Micky EX-90 EX-MS 4-10 2x 365d 31,680 4.0 1262 3.0 966 Daughters: Kerncrest Aspen Micky 4th Spring Calf, 2008 District II Holstein Show Kerncrest Damion Mariah 4th Spring Yearling, 2008 District II Holstein Show

Kerncrest RM RubyJo-Red N.C.


Elizabeth, Andrew, Matt 11952 County Road 3 Ellendale, Minnesota 56026 (507) 684-2210 82 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

Sire: Indianhead Red-Marker-ET Dam: Kerncrest Rubens RJ VG-87 VG-MS 3-10 2x 311d 31,350 3.9 1217 3.3 1029 2nd Dam: Holmacres Encore River VG-87 VG-MS 5-08 2x 305d 29,800 3.6 1081 3.0 890 RubyJo is a junior two-year old fresh in June with twin Advent heifer calves.

Congratulations Elizabeth… 2008 Princess Kay of the Milky Finalist photo: Elizabeth with the Advent twin heifers from Kerncrest RM RubyJo-Red


A Building is only as Strong as the Foundation it is Built on...

Echowood Party-ET PTPI +2027

Sired by Shottle and fresh in May, Party is milking 124 lbs. and looking G-R-E-A-T! She will see the classifier in October. Her son by Baxter is headed to ABS and March Pronto bulls and embryos are available. There are A.I. contracts and she is being flushed. Her full brother is at Select Sires.

Echowood Wizard Pledge-ET

Echowood SS Promise-ET VG-85 2-02 2x 362 34,489 4.2 1449 3.1 1062 inc.

Promise, by September Storm, has a red Advent son at Accelerated. She has full brothers at ABS and Alta (*RC) and has Advent calves due in September ’08.

2-04 2x 173 20,908 3.3 694 2.6 541 inc.

Fresh in March and still milking 148 lbs., Pledge is no ordinary wizard. She too will see the classifier in October. She has been flushed to Armstead and has a bull by Palmcrest Blitz Blade.

Echowood BWM Pizazz VG-89 Party, Promise & Pledge photo © Lea McCullough

4-10 2x 365 50,550 3.8 1944 2.8 1391

This strong foundation was not built by accident, but by years of rock solid breeding. Her dam (VG-87) by Comestar Lee, 3-06 2x 365 43,710 4.1 1786 3.0 1303, and granddam (VG-88), 4-05 2x 365 49,710 4.0 1974 3.0 1474. Party, Promise & Pledge are Pizazz’s first daughters and we are looking forward to more coming in the future. STRENGTH - POWER - WILL TO MILK and they do it easily! Once again, even in the tough times we thank God for the opportunity to have worked with these kinds of cows.

9/08 RHA 83 cows 30,794 3.5 1073 3.0 909 BAA 106%


DENNIS & CINDY BEGERT N6314 County G, Neillsville, WI 54456


715-743-4321 echowood

- Visitors Welcome -

Jenny-Lou Shottle 1890 VG-86 2-01 3x 152 16,057 3.6 579 2.8 455 inc. Currently 7,000 lbs. over herdmates

~ fresh 3/28/08 with a Zenith bull headed to Select Sires ~ Also has a 12/07 Jet Stream heifer ~ Pregnancies by Lightning ~ Next flush is to Planet ~ Her dam is the VG-88 full sister to Toystory & Lou ~ VG-86 full sister at Wilstar ~ Sisters by Zenith & September Storm will be freshening this fall

RHA: 415 cows 27,361 3.84 1050 3.01 824 BAA: 104.9% on 309 cows

Her Granddam:

Jenny-Lou Patron Toyane VG-89 GMD DOM 4-05 3x 365 45,826 3.8 1749 3.1 1419 • 5 VG daughters by 5 different sires • Calves by Shottle, Zenith & Advent • Damion & Durham heifers at Trans Ova

Mystic Valley Dairy LLC Louis & Mitch Breunig 8667 Cty. Hwy. V, Sauk City, WI 53583 608.643.6818 Mitch • e-mail:

Visitors welcome Stop in on your way to World Dairy Expo! MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 85


Midwest Holsteins, Fall 2008 - 87

Larry Landsgard Maurice & Margie Landsgard

18239 Gunder Rd. • St. Olaf, IA 52072 Phone & Fax: 563-783-2489 • email:

Mark & Marie Landsgard Zach, Jess, Jordan & Monica

Holsteins BAA 109.0% 11 EX 22 VG 8 G+

7-02 365 30,830 4.1 1251 3.0 926 Pictured at 10 years

jackie-red-et ex-90-2e by Rubens 4-03 365 33,066 3.8 1252 3.0 1001 Owned by Brian & Koral Harbaugh Jane-red-et vg-88 by Jaromir 6-03 365 27,240 4.1 1118 2.9 778 Jean-red-et vg-85 by Jaromir 3-04 365 29,680 3.7 1106 3.3 965 diana-red-et vg-86 by Distrigene 2-03 365 20,339 4.1 834 2.9 588 diane-red-et vg-88 by Distrigene 2-02 330 21,256 3.8 801 2.8 598 Owned by Ken & Ashley Kishman

Lands-Brook Christie EX-94-3E

Lands-Brook Farms

chrystal ex-90 90-MS by a Durham Son 2-08 365 22,357 3.5 796 3.2 709 christa-exp-et ex-90 ex-MS by Othello 4-08 317 15,836 4.4 699 3.0 480 Junior All-American Junior 3-Yr-Old, 2005 Chrissy-et VG-87 88-MS@2Y by an Othello son 2-06 365 16,162 3.7 606 3.9 463 christabel VG-87 88-MS@2Y by Megadeth 1st Junior 2-Yr-Old & HM Intermediate Champion, 2008 Iowa State Fair

Milking Shorthorns Average 89.8 pts. 4 EX 2 VG

Bulls for Sale

christina-exp-et ex-92 94-MS by Othello 3-01 294 14,070 3.4 480 3.0 421 All-American & Unanimous Junior All-American 4-Yr-Old, 2007 Cissy-et VG-86 87-MS@2Y by Megadeth Unanimous All-American & Junior All-American Fall Yearling, 2007 courtney VG-88 90-MS@2Y by Kourt 97# 1st Test Owned by David & Dr. Anne Kulp

12/27/92 - 7/14/08 5-04 365 31,220 3.9 1212 3.1 963 The Sara family is owned with Bob & Janice Breitsprecher.

Lands-Brook Inspir Sara-Red VG-88

rosalie-red-et ex-91-2e by Rubens 5-10 365 29,720 3.9 1169 3.0 904 ramona-red-et vg-86 by Rubens 5-04 365 24,110 4.1 985 3.2 763 Owned by Staudinger & Polikowsky Jill-et vg-87 by Rubens 4-04 365 26,930 3.6 977 3.0 814 Owned by Glenn Ubbelohde Roxanne-et vg-85 by Rubens 2-06 365 25,200 3.8 955 3.1 774 Owned by Anthony Kohls Sara-jo-red-et GP-82 by Jaromir 7-00 365 31,320 3.8 1182 3.0 932

Proven Brood Cows & Their Daughters

Stone-Front Iron Pasta EX-95 EEEEE EX-96MS 3-06 2x 365 33,460 4.4 1488 2.9 975 4-09 2x 319 37,519 4.3 1613 3.5 1300 inc.

All-Wisconsin 5 Year Old & HM Grand Champion, Wisconsin Championship Show 2008 1st 5 Year Old, Midwest Spring National Show 2008 Sire: Boss Iron

Dam: Stone-Front Jed Polly EX-91 3E 203,937 lft. to date

Pastaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s daughter:

Stone-Front Talent Pesto VG-86 VG-86MS at 2-03 46d 3,216 4.4 140 3.1 101 inc. ~ Heifer calf by Mac

Thank you to all who visited us at the WHA Picnic and to those that helped to get ready for the day. Feel free to stop in on your way to World Dairy Expo! 88 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

Andy, Lyn & Christina Buttles (608) 723-4712 5027 Hwy. 81E, Lancaster, WI 53813

Our Fabulous Futurity Duo Astro… 1st Place Golden Gopher Futurity XXXII

Floralawn Dundee Astro GP-84 2-01 2x 208d 17,926 3.2 566 2.8 505 inc. Sire: Regancrest Dundee-ET Dam: Floralawn Champion Aspen VG-85

Daffi… 3rd Place Golden Gopher Futurity XXXII

Floralawn Durham Daffi GP-83 2-00 2x 161d 10,861 3.4 365 2.8 302 inc. Sire: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET Dam: Floralawn Astre Darma VG-89 Due: February 1, 2009 to Robthom Integrity-ET

Thanks to our fantastic show crew… Jared Tessmer, Brian Walters and Adam Walters for their excellent work and care at the show

Floralawn Holsteins

“Where the folks are nice and the cows are too.” BAA 108.2, PBR 10 Years RHA 25,095M 966F 749P 73 Cows

15714 County Road 7 Hutchinson, MN 55350 Phone: 320-587-4439 E-mail:

Breeding Bulls For Sale

Scott and Jackie Rickeman Family

Come visit us and the many other outstanding herds in McLeod County. MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 89


Ladies of WI:Layout 1


2:51 PM

Page 1

Own the “Ladies of Wisconsin” This painting, created by artist Larry Schultz of Milton, WI for the 2008 National Holstein Convention, features 14 of Wisconsin’s most influential cows. You can own this piece of Wisconsin Holstein history. Prints are available from the Wisconsin Holstein Association by calling 1-800-223-4269 or emailing Signed & numbered prints are available for $100 & Regular prints are $50 PROCEEDS WILL BENEFIT THE HOLSTEIN FOUNDATION & THE WISCONSIN JUNIOR HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION Top row: Plain View Inga, Whirlhill Q Rag Apple Ariel, Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday-ET, Townson Elevation Lindy. Middle row: Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise, Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence, Crescentmead Rotate Amanda, St Croixco Lad Nina, Jan-Com Fond Matt Matilda. Bottom row: Stookey Elm Park Blackrose-ET, D-R-A August, Krull Broker Elegance, Gene-Acres Felicia May Fury, Gray View B D Crissy MIDWEST MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, HOLSTEINS, Fall Fall 2008 2008 -- 91 55

The Ladies of St ranshome


Making Everyday Exciting and Rewarding

Quality-Ridge Ruben Sandy *RC EX-93 93-MS @ 5-11

3-02 2x 365d 26,470 3.5 934 3.3 875

• 1st 5-Yr Old and BU, 2008 Midwest Fall Nat’l Holstein Show • Res Senior Champ, 2008 Midwest Fall Nat’l Holstein Show • 1st Sr 3-Yr Old & BU, 2006 Midwest Fall Nat’l Holstein Show • Reserve Int Champ, 2006 Midwest Fall Nat’l Holstein Show • Reserve All-Iowa Sr 2-Yr Old 2005 • Member of All-American Best 3 Females 2006

Advent ure

Backed by 7 out of 8 generations of VG or EX dams Daughters by Talent and will be flushed after Madison!


4-00 2x 365d 27,262 4.8 1307 3.6 985

• HM All-Minnesota 5-Yr Old 2008 • 3rd 5-Yr Old, 2008 Midwest Fall National Holstein Show • 1st 4-Yr Old and Grand Champ, 2007 Peterborough Co. • 2nd Sr 2-Yr Old, 2005 ON County Will be flushed after Madison!


Harmill Blitz MOna VG-88 87-MS @ 2-11

2-05 2x 171d 14546 3.3 485 2.9 422 inc.

• 2nd Sr 2-Yr Old, 2008 Midwest Fall National Holstein Show • HM All-Minnesota Sr 2-Yr Old 2008 • 1st Sr 2-Yr Old & Res Int Champ, 2008 District II Show Backed by 5 generations of VG or EX dams

Stop by and visit us at Madison to see these three lovely ladies and more! 92 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

Reid & Daria Stransky Family | Joe & Ev Stransky 3209 Austin Road, Owatonna, MN Phone (507) 444-0071 • Fax (507) 446-0410 Reid’s cell (507) 456-4156 •

Sully Shottle Otomique-ET VG-87 EX-MS at 2-07 CTPI +2236 PTA +2571M +85F +65P PTA +742NM +3.7PL +3.33T 2-01 315 33,928 3.4 1152 2.9 969 Last test 122 lbs. Dam: Sully Wizard Olympia-ET VG-87 VG-MS CTPI +1961 1-11 2x 365 29,970 3.5 1060 3.0 904 Granddam: Ms Sully Addison Omelia-ET VG-88 EX-MS 4-11 2x 365 30,750 3.1 1250 3.2 1316 3rd Dam: Vision-Gen Omega-ET VG-86 VG-MS GMD DOM 2-01 2x 365 38,570 4.1 1588 3.5 1347 4th Dam: Mar-River Bellwood Orange-ET VG-87 GMD DOM 2-05 3x 365 40,920 3.6 1472 3.2 1313 Next 3 dams VG-86 GMD DOM, VG-89 GMD DOM, VG-86 GMD DOM, VG-85

Scientific Gold Dish Rae-ET PTPI +1910 PTA +657M +67F +35P PTA +1.9PL +2.89SCS +3.90T • 22 pregnancies by Shottle, Laurin & Mr Burns • We are selling a pick of 5 ultrasounded Shottle heifers due 3/2009 in the World Classic, October 3 Dam: Scientific Debutante Rae-ET EX-92 EX-MS DOM 2-02 2x 365 32,930 4.4 1440 3.2 1070 Granddam: Scientific Jubilant Rae-ET EX-90 DOM 5-11 3x 365 38,880 4.1 1608 3.4 1329 3rd Dam: C Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96 GMD DOM 6-11 2x 365 40,221 4.1 1660 3.5 1408 4th Dam: Hanoverhill TT Roxette EX-94 2E GMD 10-0 3x 365 35,040 4.3 1519 3.2 1129 5th Dam: Mil-R-Mor Roxette EX-90 GMD DOM 6th Dam: C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97 4E GMD

We are excited watching these two individuals develop on our farm and think the sky’s the limit with them. Otomique has already genomic tested bulls very high. Stop by and see these two and the rest of the herd.

TODD & MARY STANEK E15265 Hillview Dr., Fall Creek, WI 54742 (715) 877-3116 • (715) 456-8718 cell (715) 877-2433 fax • e-mail: MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 93

Sadie’s Golden Opportunities Sadie x Durham

OPSAL DURHAM SAMMI-ET *CV VG-86 VVV+V 2-04 365 24,749 4.3 1006 3.2 786 8/08 CTPI +1734 +34F +25P +2.85T

Sammi is due on September 19 with a heifer by Laurin and sells on October 25 at the Illini Golden Opportunity Sale. A full sister is pictured below and another, Durham Samantho-ET *CV is VG-85 with 2-00 365 31,631 4.2 1318 3.1 976. Other sisters include Finley Sage EX-92 at 3 years, CTPI +1904, and O-Man Sonia VG-87, CTPI +2156 and NM$809 Sadie x Durham x Airraid


2-03 365 31,031 4.0 1228 3.2 980 8/08 CTPI +1755 +45F +36P +2.80T Her daughter, Opsal Airraid Sausalita-ET *TV (born 6/3/08), also sells at the Illini Golden Opportunity Sale. Full brother at Accelerated Genetics. Sorority was fresh again in July, is milking over 100 lbs. and will be rescored in September. She has bull contracts with Select Sires and Alta Genetics.

l’s a s p O e Ridg



LYLE & DEANNA OPSAL TROY OPSAL Emily - Megan - Felicia - Josh - Joey 3017 North Rd., Blue Mounds, WI 53517 (608) 437-5415 or (608) 437-6008

District 3 Show 6-14-08 8 years old

Willows-Edge Lee Giana-ET EX-93 2E EX-95MS 5-04 2x 365 35,365 4.1 1442 3.2 1129

~1st 125,000 lb. Cow & BU, District 3 ’08 ~1st Aged Cow & BU, District 3 ’06 ~5th Aged Cow, WI Championship Show ’06 ~Grand & BU, Jo Daviess & Carroll County IL Open Shows

Descendant of Gina EX-97 4E GMD DOM, 3x All-American (2, 3 & 4 Year Old) We have young daughters by Durham & Advent-Red from Giana iana was an amazing individual - everything we always wanted. She had the total package: type, production, test, pedigree and exceptional longevity. At 8 years old, Giana had not aged a bit. Her phenomenal udder and flawless type made her a joy to have in the barn just to look at and admire everyday. Giana looked fantastic at our District Show in June before cancer quickly took her. Since losing Giana on July 31, we have shed many tears. A part of us was buried with her. Giana left an enormous hole in our barn and our hearts. It is very hard to go to the barn and not have her be there. We miss you Giana!


BAA 109.9%

Randy, Elaine, Ashley & Justin Carns 4461 Hwy. P, Shullsburg, WI 53586 (608) 965-3788 email:

Embryos available from EX-92 Roxy, EX-93 Raven & an *RC Elegance heifer.

Built To Last

McCountry Dundee Amanda All-Wisconsin Fall Calf 1st Fall Calf, District 3 Holstein Show 2008 1st Fall Calf, Wisconsin Junior State Fair 2008 Dam: Ernlo Emerson Angel VG-87 Next 6 dams average 90 points

We would like to thank all our Holstein friends for their overwhelming support throughout the summer and extend a special thanks to everyone at Me-Do Meadows for all your help in Amanda’s success! It’s been an amazing summer for Amanda and we are looking forward to the development of this promising family. We are offering a 4/08 Advent from Anitta in the Pioneer Dairy Club Classic, October 18 in Lancaster - don’t miss your chance to get a piece of this fantastic family. Her Sister: McCountry Stormatic Anitta VG-86 VG-MS at 2Y

Rick, Debbie & Gary McCarthy 50802 Rider Lane, Wauzeka, WI Phone: 608-875-6971 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008 - 95

Thank You to Our National Convention Sponsors HOPE DIAMOND

Accelerated Genetics DIAMOND Allflex Case IH Holstein World International Protein Sires Land O’ Lakes Purina Feed & Land O’ Lakes Animal Milk Products Merial IGENITY NAU Country Insurance Co. Select Sires, East Central/Select Sires & NorthStar Cooperative Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board RUBY


ABS Global CRI/Genex & Ag Source GEA WestfaliaSurge Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Monsanto Dairy Business NASCO

AgStar Financial Services Andis Animart CHS Dairy Farmers of America Family Dairies Semex Swiss Valley Farms

CONVENTION SUPPORTER Alltech Badger Dairy Club Blain Supply, Inc. Brickl Bros., Inc. Bonnie Mohr, Inc. Calf-Vantage Feeds Citizen State Bank of Loyal Conklin Co. Inc. Elanco Animal Health Fox Valley Cattle Exchange FS - Watertown Gateway Acres, Bob & Sherry Gates Jenlis Incorporated, BetterMilk Dairy Products Kallas Honey Farm Kingsmill II Malin Embryo Transfer, Co. Menard, Inc. Micorn Bio-system Misty Meadows

Modern Pole Building MVE Chart, Biomedical Old Wisconsin Parrs Inc. Pfizer Animal Health Priority One Rickert Brothers, LLC, Jim & Greg Rickert Family River Valley Vet Clinic Rural Insurance Rural Route 1 Popcorn Sauk County Holstein Breeders Secure Cover Speigelberg Implement Starwood Rafters Trans Ova Genetics Udder Comfort Vita Plus Wil-Kil World Wide Sires, Ltd.

DAIRY BAR SUPPORTER AMPI Baker Cheese Blair AMPI Carr Valley Cheese Chalet Cheese Cooperative Foremost Farms USA Holland’s Family Cheese Honeycrest Farms, Inc., Robert & Kathy Traynor Hook’s Cheese Company, Inc. Jim’s Cheese Pantry Laack Bros. Cheese Company, Inc Midwest Dairyman/Shullsburg Creamery Morning Sun Cheese Park Cheese Pine River Pre-Pack Saputo Sargento Silver-Lewis Cheese Factory Cooperative Trega Foods Widmer’s Cheese Cellars, Inc Wisconsin Cheese Mart Wisconsin Farmer’s Union Specialty Cheese Co. Wright Family

A BIG thank you to all of these convention sponsors who helped make the 2008 National Holstein Convention possible. Without your generous support we could not have hosted such a spectacular event in Wisconsin Dells, June 23-26. 96 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2008

The Dairy State in 2008 Comments From 2008 National Holstein Convention Attendees Hosted by the Wisconsin Holstein Association

Thank You...

Please know that all of you that helped make this awesome 2008 National Holstein Convention happen are deeply appreciated for your time and dedication. There is no way to make sure we get every name in a listing of those that helped... whether you painted a mask, helped at the dairy bar, chaired a committee, decorated for the banquet or just were a good host and gave someone a helping hand, please know that this convention could never have been nearly as spectacular without all our volunteers helping hands. We have received a number of emails and cards from many states and people from throughout our dairy industry and we wanted to share them so everyone will know how wonderful the convention was for those in attendance. We would like to thank each of you for your efforts in hosting the National Holstein Convention. All of your planning and dedication certainly paid off – a wonderful time was had by all, adults and youth… our hats off to each of you. Tom and Linda Thorbahn, National Director Thank you for your hospitality in hosting the 2008 Holstein Convention. We all had a good time! Kansas Juniors Thanks again from the bottom of my heart for all your tremendous work on our National Convention. We couldn’t be more pleased with how things went. Your entire group of volunteers is to be commended! Jodi Hoynoski Holstein Foundation Programs Manager

Congratulations on a great convention!! I heard so many positive comments from people in attendance... it will be hard for future hosts to top the convention you and your team put together! Christina Congratulations on running such a super convention. Rave reviews were heard everywhere. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! The Wendorfs The outside trips were great, we went on the Upper Dells tour, and the lunch just blew everyone away – we all thought it would be like a box lunch, but were we surprised – a sit down dinner! And was it good! The Judds What an outstanding national convention! World Dairy Expo staff

Chris, everyone at the WHA office and all involved with planning a great National Convention, I just felt compelled to drop you a note of congratulations on an awesome convention! Everyone who was involved in the planning deserves a great round of applause. Todd and I have been to 3 national conventions, and none of them measure up to the show that Wisconsin put on! I know I’m partial to our great state, but in this case, everything down to the last detail, was top-notch! We had a few visitors stop by the farm and all of them were wowed by the extravaganza. If there was any behind the scenes scrambling or glitches, they were well concealed! Please pass this on to anyone who needs to see it, and thank you all for the hours and hours and hours of work! Trish What an event! You, your staff and all the myriad volunteers put on an awesome convention from start to finish. We’ve heard nothing but positive comments from everyone. It’s so good to have such an uplifting event for the industry. And after a few more days of regrouping, maybe we can all take a breath and relax! Sandy I’ve heard wonderful things about the National Convention – kudos to you on a job well done! Hope the Convention went off well and that you all are finally recovered from it. I heard from a couple of the attendees that they really enjoyed it, so be proud of all your efforts. The word out there is GOOD.

Congratulations to you and everyone else for what could only be called the BEST CONVENTION in Holstein USA’s history!! David Winkels, Excalibur Sires, LLC Thanks to you and all your staff for being the glue that held us all together. We are still amazed that we were a part of it all and thank you for your trust that you placed in us. Kelly Additional Comments from Holstein USA’s Post-Convention Survey...

“The annual banquet and entertainment was most enjoyable. True WI style!” “The convention sale and meal was sensational!” “It was the best of the best.” “Kalahari was a great place for the kids!” “The poolside reception was especially enjoyable.” “Excellent convention and facilities” “Fantastic, unforgettable!” “Farm tours were exceptional… truly highlighted Wisconsin as America’s Dairyland.” “Great dance band for family night!”

Thank You!!!



It Was an All-Iowa Summer! Junior All-Iowa & All-Iowa Winter Calf

rainyridge dundee daine-et Sire: Dundee Dam: Rainyridge Sammy Dawn EX-92-2E EX-94-MS

Junior All-Iowa Senior 2-Yr-Old

Junior All-Iowa & All-Iowa Sr. 3-Yr-Old

BUDJON-JK ASTRO EXHALE-ET VG-87 2-2 365 23,544 4.2 978 3.3 786 Sire: Astronomical Dam: Krull Broker Elegance EX-96

All-Iowa 125,000 Cow & Reserve Junior All-Iowa Aged Cow

henkeseen modest sophie vg-87@2-08 Sire: Regancrest Modest Dam: Stoney EX-90 2nd Dam: Handi EX-92-2E EX-MS 3rd Dam: Hillary EX-94-3E EX-MS 4th Dam: Marci EX-94-3E EX-MS

henkeseen Dur harley-et ex-92-2e ex-ms 4-11 365 37,825 3.7 1416 3.2 1218 Sire: Durham Dam: Hillary EX-94-3E EX-MS 2nd Dam: Marci EX-94-3E EX-MS

Additional All-iowa Winners

All-Iowa Junior Best 3 Females Henkeseen Ripple-Red ~ All-Iowa & Junior All-Iowa Dry 3 & 4-Yr-Old Cow Henkeseen Lic Ruffle-Red ~ Junior All-Iowa Fall Yearling Henkeseen L Lipstick-Red ~ Junior All-Iowa Winter Yearling Henkeseen R Bubbles-Red ~ Reserve All-Iowa Spring Calf Bulls For Sale - Red & Whites, too! 1/08 BAA 111.2 28 EX 28 VG 7 GP Progressive Genetics Herd Award - 17 Years Trent Henkes Family Phone & Fax: 563-783-2479 98 - Midwest Holsteins, Fall 2008

PBR Herd - 16 Years 18467 165th St, Luana, IA 52156



Illinois State Fair Open Show August 15, 2008 â&#x20AC;˘ Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, Ill. Dean Dohle, Pleasant Hope, Mo., judge

Supreme and Grand Champion Holstein Left to right are Supreme Champion judges Don DeMent, Kelli Cull and Dean Dohle, then Ted DeMent, Kevin Kriegel, Joe Hoffmann with Supreme Champion, Kagwick Durham Ivy-TW, Jeff Drendel, Steve McDonald, and Sue Ann Claudon, Dairy Cattle Superintendent. Spring heifer calf 1. B-J-Grove Dale Rosalee (S: B-J-Grove Roy Dale, D: B-J-Grove Leduc Rubie), Lucas Clanton, Mulberry Grove, Ill., res. jr. champ., Land of Lincoln jr. champ. 2. Moroville Advent Wilma, Callie Zoelzer, Moro, Ill. 3. Huel-Haven Advent Daffy-ET, Jessy Schomaker, Germantown, Ill. Winter heifer calf 1. Savage-Leigh Fortune Ella, Jason Swanson, Garden Prairie, Ill. 2. Holbric Roy Artist, Debra Olbrich, Harvard 3. Huel-Haven Outside Natally, Jessy Schomaker Fall heifer calf 1. Maheufils Goldwyn Melinda-ET (S: Braedale Goldwyn-ET, D: Maheufils Terrason Champ Leah), Austin Rademacher, Penfield, Ill., jr. champ. 2. B-J-Grove Lehero Monkey, Lucas Clanton 3. Rock-I Holly Ozzy Halo, Rock-I Farms, Orangeville, Ill. Summer yearling heifer 1. MS Show-N-Style Blk Betty-ET, Calf-Vantage Feeds and Ron Mikulice, Orangeville, Ill. 2. Kingsway E Flying Kite-Red, Stephanie Aves, Poplar Grove, Ill. 3. Rock-I Maple Lheros Missy, Rock-I Farms Spring yearling heifer 1. Savage-Leigh Alexee-ET, Stephanie Aves 2. Elm-Nor-Way Kody Fantastic, Katie Hasheider, Okawville, Ill. 3. MacLand Dundee Button-ET, Erdman Dairy, Chenoa, Ill. Winter yearling heifer 1. Moroville SS Lexus-ET (S: Pursuit September Storm-ET, D: Moroville Durham Lorna), Callie Zoelzer, res. Land of Licoln jr. champ. 2. Tower-Ridge Primetime Paris, Austin Rademacher 3. R-Homestead Explode Tancil, David Ruppert, Nokomis, Ill. Fall yearling heifer 1. Rock-I Lorri Dundee Lambada, Rock-I Farms

Illinois Holstein Herald


Intermediate Champions Left to right is judge Dean Dohle, Lucas Clanton with Reserve Land of Lincoln Intermediate Champion, Jeff Drendel with Reserve Intermediate and Land of Lincoln Intermediate Champion, Jessica Telgmann with Intermediate Champion and Illinois Holstein Dutchess Melinda Kollmann.

Rock-I Sky Roy Satellite, Tony Netemeyer, Carlyle, Ill. 3. Zehrview Mat Bubby, Lynn Zehr, Graymont Junior best three females 1. Rock-I Farms 2. B-J-Grove Holsteins, Mulberry Grove, Ill. 3. David Ruppert Junior 2-year-old cow 1. B-J-Grove Mailing Mermaid, Lucas Clanton 2. B-J-Grove Canyon Sloan-TW, Lucas Clanton 3. Zehrview Simba Glamourous, Lynn Zehr Senior 2-year-old cow 1. Scenic-Edge Joyful-Red-ET, Stephanie Aves 2. K-Lane Givency Kalie, Lucas Clanton 3. Holbrich Dundee Specialty, Katelyn Kenney, Capron, Ill. Junior 3-year-old cow 1. Schluter Roy Leann (S: Roylane JordanET, D: MS Regancrest Luann-ET), Jessica Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill., int. champ. 2. Golden-Oaks Dundee 3937, Lindale Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill. 3. Blukel Merchant Allie, Kevin and Eugene Kunkel, Granville, Ill. Senior 3-year-old cow 1. Gardner Durham Kierdra (S: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET, D: Gardner Emory Kierra), Lindale Holsteins, res. int. champ., Land of Lincoln int. champ. 2. B-J-Grove Champion Hoover (S: Calbrett-I H H Champion, D: B-J-Grove B-J-Grove Merrick Rae), Patrick Devore, Mulberry Grove, Ill., res. Land of Lincoln int. champ. 4-year-old cow 1. Wesemann Forbidden Marilyn (S: SandyValley Forbidden-ET, D: Wesemann Durham Merry), Team Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill., res. sr. and res. gr. champ., res. Land of Lincoln gr. champ. 2. Bluff-Ridge Durham Allison, Sarah Butler, Arrowsmith, Ill. 3. Flat-Net Goodluck Candie, Tony Netemeyer 5-year-old cow 1. Mohrfield Leduc Anita, Mark and Brian Olbrich, Harvard, Ill.

2. Holbric Genuine Reliable, Morgan Olbrich 3. Lindale Brent Evette, Lindale Holsteins Aged cow 1. Kagwick Durham Ivy-TW (S: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET, D: Kagwick Jolt Horny), Team Holsteins, sr. and gr. champ., Land of Lincoln grand champ. 2. Lindale Eland Frisky, Lindale Holsteins 3. Winter Lea Durham Ruby, Matthew Jansen, Damiansville, Ill. 125,000# cow 1. Zehrview Simba Buela, Russel Zehr, Graymont, Ill. Dry cow 1. Gardner Durham Keyandra, Lindale Holsteins 2. B-J-Grove Allegro Corlene, Lucas Clanton 3. Elm-Nor-Way Aspen Rhino, Katie Hasheider Produce of Dam 1. Lindale Holsteins 2. Michael Drendel, Hampshire, Ill. 3. B-J-Grove Holsteins Best three females 1. Lindale Holsteins 2. B-J-Grove Holsteins 3. Zehrview Holsteins, Graymont, Ill. Dairy herd 1. Lindale Holsteins 2. B-J-Grove Holsteins 3. Blukel Holsteins, Granville, Ill.

Lucas Clanton accepted the Premier Breeder banner while Jeff Drendel accepted the Premier Exhibitor banner of the Illinois State Fair Holstein Show. Page 19

Illinois State Fair Junior Show August 13, 2008 • Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield, Ill. Chad Ryan, Fon du Lac, Wis., judge

Grand Champion Holstein Judge Chad Ryan and Illinois Holstein Dutchess Melinda Kollman congratulate Jessica Telgmann with Schluter Roy Leann, Grand Champion Holstein and Stephanie Aves with Scenic-Edge Joyful-ET, Reserve Grand Champion.

Junior Champion Holstein Stephanie Aves exhibited both the Junior and Reserve Junior Champion heifers of the Junior Show. Stephanie, left, is holding Junior Champion Savage-Leigh Alexee-ET while Callie Zoelzer is holding Kingsway E Flying Kite-Red.

Grand and Senior Champion­­—Schluter Roy Leann, Jessica Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. Reserve Grand and Reserve Senior Champion—Scenic-Edge JoyfulRed-ET, Stephanie Aves, Poplar Grove, Ill. Junior Champion—Savage-Leigh Alexee-ET, Stephanie Aves Reserve Junior Champion—Kingsway E Red Flying Kite, Stephanie Aves Land of Lincoln Grand Champion—Bluff-Ridge Roy Barretta-ET, Sarah Butler, Arrowsmith, Ill. Land of Lincoln Reserve Grand Champion—Drendel-PM Karat Lacy, Michael Drendel, Hampshire, Ill. Land of Lincoln Junior Champion—St-yle-Sa Jys Jingle-Red-ET, Stephanie Aves Land of Lincoln Reserve Junior Champion­—Schaufine Roy Roxy, Amy Schaufelberger, Greenville, Ill.

Fall yearling heifer 1. Mohrfield Supra Precious, Tyler Carter, Greenville, Ill. 2. Luck-E Drake Atisha, Rick Koehn 3. Bluff-Ridge Roy Annabel, Sarah Butler 2-year-old 1. Scenic-Edge Joyful-Red-ET (S: Pursuit September Storm-ET, D: HowardHome RMK Jenna), Stephanie Aves, res. sr. and res. gr. champ. 2. Tim Tam-Acres Roy Joyful, Chelsie Stewart, Pocahontas, Ill. 3. Huel-Haven Roy Brianna, Josh Huelsman, Trenton, Ill. 3-year-old 1. Schluter Roy Leann (S: Roylane Jordan-ET, D: MS Regancrest LuannET), Jessica Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill., sr. and gr. champ. 2. Regancrest-BH Twister-ET, Michael Drendel 3. Drendel-PM Karat Lacy (S: Roylane Karat-ET, D: Parbro Progress Louise), Michael Drendel, res. Land of Lincoln gr. champion 4-year-old 1. Bluff-Ridge Durham Allison (S: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET, D: BluffRidge Linjet Anna), Sarah Butler, Land of Lincoln gr. champ. 2. Luck-E Kreation Cameo, Allison Telgmann 3. MS Price-View Dolly, Rick Koehn Aged cow 1. Drendel-PM Blitz Lucky, Michael Drendel 2. Luck-E Gibson Jumper, Rick Koehn

Spring heifer calf 1. Moroville Advent Wilma, Callie Zoelzer, Moro, Ill. 2. Zehrview Lheros Char, Amanda Hartman, Waterloo, Ill. 3. Pruemer Affirmed Lanie, Kaleb Pruemer, Shelbyville, Ill. Winter heifer calf 1. St-yle-Sa Jys Jingle-Red-ET (S: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET, D: ScenicEdge Joyful-Red-ET), Stephanie Aves, Poplar Grove, Ill., Land of Lincoln jr. champ. 2. Schaufine Blitz Darby, Amy Schaufelberger, Greenville, Ill. 3. Bluff-Ridge Dundee Button, Sarah Butler, Arrowsmith, Ill. Fall heifer calf 1. St-yle-Sa Itz Joytime-Red-ET, Stephanie Aves 2. MS Silkweed MZ Jazlyn, Ben Sauder, Tremont, Ill. 3. Zehrview Terrason Pandy, Amanda Hartman Summer yearling heifer 1. Kingsway E Flying Kite-Red (S: Markwell Kite, D: Ballbeeny JewelRed-ET), Stephanie Aves, res. jr. champ. 2. Schaufine Roy Roxy (S: Roylane Jordan-ET, D: Schaufine Durham Rosie), Amy Schaufelberger, res. Land of Lincoln jr. champ. 3. Char-La-Don Blitz Matilda, Allison Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. Spring yearling heifer 1. Savage-Leigh Alexee-ET (S: Regancrest Dundee-ET, D: Ehrhardt Champion Lexus-ET), Stephanie Aves, jr. champ. 2. Wendy-Oaks Daz SS Dreamz-ET, Morgan Wendling, Altamont, Ill. 3. Drendel-PM Tornado, Michael Drendel, Hampshire, Ill. Winter yearling heifer 1. Moroville SS Lexus-ET, Callie Zoelzer, Moro, Ill. 2. Wendy-Oaks Dexmatic Arial, Macy Wendling, Altamont, Ill. 3. K-Lane Champion Skye, Rick Koehn, Peotone, Ill. Page 20

Land of Lincoln Junior Champion Holstein Stephanie Aves, left, exhibited the Land of Lincoln Junior Champion St-yleSa Jys Jingle-Red-ET and Amy Schaufelberger exhibited the Reserve Land of Lincoln Junior Champion, Schaufine Roy Roxy.

Fall 2008

Superior Young Dairy Producer Award Program The 2008 Illinois State Fair Superior Young Dairy Producer Award (SYDPA) program was held August 13, 14 and 16, in conjunction with the Illinois State Fair Junior Dairy Show. Fifteen 4-H and/or FFA dairy project members from across Illinois took part in the event. This fourphase competition, emphasizing the youth’s knowledge of the dairy industry, awarded each of the top five overall participants with a $1,000 scholarship. The 2008 scholarship recipients are: • Matt Drendel, Hampshire, Ill. (Kane County) • Nick Harre, Nashville, Ill. (Washington County) • Kaleb Pruemer, Shelbyville, Ill. (Shelby County) • Philip Shanks, Garden Prairie, Ill. (McHenry County) • Meghan Stoll, Mt. Pulaski, Ill. (Logan County). The $5,000 in scholarships was sponsored by Archer Daniels Midland, Decatur, Ill., and Illinois State Fair. The Land of Lincoln Purebred Livestock Breeders Association sponsored the individual plaques. The first phase was a 50-question dairy management test. Questions were asked on dairy nutrition, health, reproduction, milk marketing, and other dairy related information. The top three contestants for this phase were: • Matt Drendel, Hampshire (Kane County) • Nick Harre, Nashville (Washington County) • Philip Shanks, Garden Prairie (McHenry County) The second phase was a four station skill-a-thon on various aspects of the dairy industry. Contestants had to identify feedstuffs, evaluate pedigrees, understand dairy cattle reproduction, and identify dairy equipment. The top three contestants in the skill-a-thon were: • Nick Harre, Nashville (Washington County) • Kaleb Pruemer, Shelbyville (Shelby County) • Philip Shanks, Garden Prairie (McHenry County) The third phase of the contest was showmanship. During this phase contestants were evaluated on their ability to show their animal in front of the judge. The Purebred Dairy Cattle Association showmanship scorecard was used as the basis for determining points earned. The top three winners for this phase were: • Tyler Carter, Greenville (Bond Co.) • Michele Fluty, Bloomington (McLean Co.) • Meghan Stoll, Mt. Pulaski (Logan Co.)

Junior dairy exhibitors participated in the 2008 Superior Young Dairy Producer Award program held during the Illinois State Fair. The “top 5” award winners received a $1000.00 scholarship sponsored by Archer Daniels Midland, Decatur, Ill., and Illinois State Fair. Pictured left to right are: Philip Shanks, Garden Prairie; Matt Drendel, Hampshire; Meghan Stoll, Mt. Pulaski; Nick Harre, Nashville; and Kaleb Pruemer, Shelbyville. Plaques were sponsored by Land of Lincoln Purebred Livestock Association.

The fourth phase of the Superior Young Dairy Producer Contest was a judging contest. The judging phase consisted of animal selection by placing four classes of dairy cows and two classes of heifers. The top three contestants for this phase were: • Michele Fluty, Bloomington (McLean Co.) • Paige Garner, Mulberry Grove (Bond Co.) • Kaleb Pruemer, Shelbyville (Shelby Co.) This year marked the 13th consecutive year for the Superior Young Dairy Producer Award Program which has provided participating youth the opportunity to compete for $65,000 in college scholarships since its inception. The program is developed and coordinated by Dave Fischer, University of Illinois Extension Dairy Educator. The purpose of the contest is to create an educational activity that promotes youth development, career development, and personal growth through increased knowledge of the dairy industry.

Illinois 4-H Judging Teams Selected

The 2008 Illinois 4-H Invitational Dairy Cattle Judging Contest was held August 16th at the Illinois State Fair. 4-H members, 14 years and older who received an “A” rating at the State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest in June, were invited back to participate in the Illinois 4-H Invitational Dairy Judging Contest. Results from this contest, the ability to present oral reasons, and the judging results from the June contest were used to determine the four individuals who will represent Illinois 4-H in the 2008 National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis., on September 29th. Team members selected to represent Illinois at the 2008 National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis., include: Stephanie Aves, Poplar Grove, Ill.; Kristi Frederking, Nashville, Ill; Nick Harre, Nashville, Ill.; and Amy Schaufelberger, Greenville, Ill. First alternate: Grace Shanks, Garden Prairie, Ill, and second alternate: Aaron Mitchell, Winnebago, Ill. Team members selected to represent Illinois at the 2008 National 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl and NAILE Dairy Judging contest in Louisville, Ky, this Illinois Holstein Herald

November are: Angie Boesche, DeKalb, Ill.; Haley Lyons, Rockford, Ill.; Elizabeth Myelle, Scales Mound, Ill.; and Colleen Ziller, Huntley, Ill. The top 10 contestants at the Illinois State Fair 4-H Invitational Dairy Judging Contest receiving a “top 10” certificate were as follows: Name 1. Amy Schaufelberger 2. Grace Shanks 3. Stephanie Aves 4. Nick Harre 5. Haley Lyons 6. Matt Jansen 7. Aaron Mitchell 8. Mark Hornbostel 9. Levi Martin 10. Dan Arriola

Town Greenville Garden Prairie Poplar Grove Nashville Rockford Daminsville Winnebago Campbell Hill Union Union

County Bond McHenry Boone Washington Winnebago Clinton Winnebago Randolph McHenry McHenry

The Illinois 4-H Dairy Teams are sponsored by Illinois Milk Producers’ Association and Illinois 4-H Foundation and are coached by Dave Fischer, University of Illinois Extension Dairy Educator.

Page 21

Illinois Holstein Convention December 2-4, 2008 Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Fairview Heights, Ill. Hosted by the Gateway Holstein Club

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 10:30 11:00 5:00 7:00 8:00


Registration Committee Meetings Dinner (on your own) Hospitality Room Executive Board Meeting

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 7:00-8:00 Breakfast at Four Points Sheraton, ($5.00) 8:30 Men’s program - Monsanto Research Facility Tour (including lunch) - Brewery Tour 9:00 Women’s program - Healthy Dairy Recipes - Jewelry Making - Ag in the Classroom Activities 11:30 Lunch at The Oatman House (transportation provided) 12:30 Shopping at St. Clair Square 4:30-6:30 Hospitality Room N 7:00 Convention Banquet and Awards - Larry DeLawder, entertainment Exit 15 speaker, “Straight From Mayberry” Rte. 159 Thursday, December 4, 2008 7:30 9:00 Page 22

Breakfast at Four Points Sheraton ($5.00) Annual Meeting Executive Board Meeting to follow Adjourn


7.3 miles Four Points Sheraton

Bank Stoplight Exit 12

I-64 S

Fall 2008

Illinois Holstein Convention Registration December 2-4, 2008 • Fairview Heights, Ill. Registration Forms due November 1, 2008, to Sandy Schaufelberger 1254 IL Rte. 127, Greenville, IL 62246 618-664-2576

First Name_______________________ Last Name___________________________________ Spouse/Guest Name____________________________________________________________ Company/Farm Name_______________________________________# Attending___________ Address______________________________________________________________________ City________________________________State______________Zip_____________________ Telephone_________________________E-mail______________________________________ Tuesday, December 2, Lunch (on your own) Wednesday, December 3, Breakfast ($5.00/person) #attending___ Compliments Monsanto Research Facility # attending___ Wednesday, December 3, Women’s Luncheon Compliments of Dr. Stan and Nanci Wood Huels # attending___ Wednesday, December 3, Banquet ($30.00/person) # attending___ Please choose: Chicken breast_______or Pork loin_______ Thursday, December 4, Breakfast ($5.00/person) # attending___ 7:30-Early Bird Session: The Impact of Genomics, Charlie Will, Select Sires * Please make checks payable to the Gateway Holstein Club


$_______ $_______

Total $_________

Four Points Sheraton Hotel 618-622-9500 319 Fountains Parkway Fairview Heights, IL 62208 $82.00-Special Convention Rate (until November 1st, No Exceptions)

New for this year - an ELITE Embryo Sale/Silent Auction will be held consisting of 15 lots. Here’s your opportunity to buy into some very exciting genetics this winter! The Juniors will also hold their Annual Silent Auction. Each club is asked to donate two items. Illinois Holstein Herald

Page 23

Junior Journeys Illinois Junior Holstein Association Officers President: Melinda Kollman 403 Althea Ln. New Baden, IL 62265 (618) 520 8011 cell


Vice President: Emily Lyons 6447 Fitzgerald Rd. Rockford, IL 61102 (815) 988-7126 cell Secretary: Kelly Sheehan 6111 Ridgeview Dr. Huntley, IL 60142 (847) 370-3892 cell Treasurer: Sarah Sheehan 6111 Ridgeview Dr. Huntley, IL 60142 (847) 514-2987 Reporter: Miranda Kollmann 403 Althea Ln. New Baden, IL 62265 (618) 973-4344

Attention Juniors The Junior Annual Meeting will be held November 22, 10:00 a.m., at the Ramada Limited in Bloomington. (The same hotel as for the State Show) Following the meeting, there will be a tour of Ropp Jersey Cheese. Any questions, contact Emily Lyons 815.988.7126 Page 24

Fall 2008

Convention The Udder Moos Clinton County

Now that the summer excitement of fairs and shows and bonfires are over, and we are all settled back into groove of things, June 23rd seems so far away. That was, however, the start of one of the largest Holstein Conventions in history. The Illinois Holstein Juniors had a lot to look forward to. We watched our teammates compete in dairy jeopardy, public speaking, and Kelly Sheehan, DJM semi-finalist, was interviewed. At the end of that first day we found a chance to check out the water park. We had a great time there with all the slides and wave pool—a few even tried out surfing! After dinner we presented our banners and there was a mixer where we had the opportunity to do the limbo! For the Wisconsin host day, we had the option of either touring several farms or touring one farm and then going to Mt. Olympus Theme Park. Those of us who went to Mt. Olympus had lots of fun; some were even brave enough to ride the rollercoaster with a giant drop that went under the parking lot! That evening was the Wisconsin Nationals Sale. The sale was hosted by Heatherstone Enterprises in Baraboo, Wis. This year’s sale was one of the most largest ever attended, with more than 2,000 in attendance. And the the cattle sold that night definitely deserved that much attention! For those juniors not interested in the sale, “Movie Night” was hosted at the hotel. A handful of us left the sale early to catch “You don’t mess with the Zohan” and those that didn’t have to study went to see “The Incredible Hulk.” And all that studying did paid off for the Junior dairy bowl team who took fourth place overall. The Senior team put forth a good effort and also did well. We had the chance as well that night to experience “riding the ducks.” That was a neat experience and we also learned a little along the gorgeous route we took on the Wisconsin river. That night the juniors had loads of fun at the dance and some of us enjoyed a few competitive games of cards afterwards. The last day was the awards banquest where the winners from throughout the week were announced. Needless to say, some of grew a little restless having to sit still for so long, but we all had fun just the same. It was a great trip; we had a great time, made new friends, and even learned a little while we were at it. Good luck to all who have the chance to compete in California next summer!

Sarah Sheehan


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Hello to everyone from here in Clinton County! Sure was great seeing many of you on the show circuit! But unfortunately, summer’s over and the school bell’s ringing. Congratulations to Koll-Kreek Holsteins, the Kollmann Family, on receiving the Herdsmanship Award of the DuQuoin State Fair Dairy Show. Congratulations to Melinda Kollmann on being named the 2008-2009 Illinois Holstein Dutchess! Congratulations to Ryan Kuper for Grand and Senior Champion honors of the Illinois Junior Championship Holstein Show with his 5-yr.-old cow, Clint-Clair Outside Nickel. Congratulations to Anna Netemeyer for Reserve Bred & Owned Junior Champion honors with her spring yearling, Flat-Net Blitz Christina. Congratulations to Josh Huelsmann for Reserve Bred & Owned Senior and Grand Champion honors with his Senior 2-yr.-old, Huel-Haven Roy Brianna. The Clinton County Junior Holstein Show was held on Monday, July 14th, at the Carlyle Fairgrounds. Congratulations to Ryan Kuper on his Grand and Senior Champion 5-yr.old, Clint-Clair Outside Nickel! Kortney Price’s Jr. 3-yr.-old Net-A-Way Storm Custard Red-ET won Reserve Grand Champion and Intermediate Champion. Thanks to the Kaskaskia College Dairy Club for donating the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Awards! Congratulations to all the Clinton County showmanship winners! Dakota Grayling won the Junior Boy Showman Award, while Randy Netemeyer won Alternate. Melissa Thole won the Junior Girl Showman Award, while Amy Thole won Alternate. Chris Kollmann won the Senior Boy Showman Award, while Kurt Thole won Alternate. Melinda Kollmann won the Senior Girl Showman Award, while Miranda Kollmann won Alternate. The Clinton County Junior Holstein Club sponsored a dairy judging contest while at the Clinton County Shows. Congratulations to Chris Kollmann for placing first! Matt Jansen and Jason Thole tied for second place and Dylan Moyer received third place. Dakota Grayling, Reporter (

Illinois Holstein Herald

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Illinois District Show Results Clinton

• July 13-14, 2008, Carlyle Fairgrounds, Carlyle, Ill. • 109 head shown (open); 63 head shown (junior) • Eddie Kirchdoefer, Cape Giradeau, Mo., open show judge • Brian Marcoot, Greenville, Ill., junior show judge • Intermediate and Grand Champion, Open; Reserve Grand and Intermediate Champion, Junior—Net-A-Way Storm Custard-Red (S: Pursuit September Storm-ET, D: Golden-Oaks Cupid-Red-ET), 1st Junior 3-yr.-old, Kortney Price, Germantown, Ill. • Senior and Reserve Grand Champion, Open—Lucky-King S Storm Emer-Red (S: Pursuit September Storm-ET, D: Lucky-King Charles Emory), 1st 4-yr.-old, Lueking Dairy Farm, Centralia, Ill. • Senior and Grand Champion, Junior—ClintClair Outside Nickel (S: Comestar Outside-ET, D: Clint-Clair Storm Nessa), 1st 4-yr.-old, Ryan Kuper, Trenton, Ill. • Reserve Senior Champion, Open—Net-AWay Roy Karma (S: Roylane Jordan-ET, D: Net-A-Way Sierra Kassidy), 2nd 4-yr.-old, Eric and Cindy Netemeyer, Germantown, Ill. • Reserve Senior Champion, Junior—Thol-EWay Ranger Rosie-Red (S: Horizon RangerRed-ET, D: Thol-E-Way Nox 56), 1st Aged cow, Kurt Thole, Carlyle, Ill. • Reserve Intermediate Champion, Open and Junior—DoDel Champion Pat (S: Calbrett-I H H Champion-ET, D: DoDel Prescott Pat), 1st Senior 3-yr.-old, Adrienne Brammeier, Carlyle, Ill. • Junior Champion, Open—Net-A-Way Goldwyn Karol-ET (S: Braedale Goldwyn, D: Net-A-Way Roy Karma), 1st Summer yearling heifer, Eric and Cindy Netemeyer • Junior Champion, Junior—Golden-Oaks Talent Dot-Red (S: Ladino Park Talent-Imp-ET, D: Derrwyn Bacc 4063-Red), 1st Winter heifer calf, Addison Walker, Germantown, Ill. • Reserve Junior Champion, Open and Junior—DoDel Roy Beeker (S: Roylane Jordan-ET, D: DoDel September Storm Beek), 1st Fall heifer calf, Adrienne Brammeier • Premier Breeder and Exhibitor—Net-A-Way Farms, Germantown, Ill. • Junior Girls Showmanship—Melissa Thole,

Carlyle, Ill. • Junior Boys Showmanship—Dakota Grayling, Carlyle, Ill. • Senior Girls Showmanship—Melinda Kollmann, New Baden, Ill. • Senior Boys Showmanship—Chris Kollmann, New Baden, Ill.

Effingham • July 5, 2008, Jasper County Fairgrounds, Newton, Ill. • 58 head shown • Aaron Heinzmann, Carlyle, Ill., judge • Intermediate and Grand Champion, Open— Winter-Lea Morty Koolaid-ET (S: Stouder Morty-ET, D: Winter-Lea Starboy Koko), 1st Junior 3-yr.-old, Alison Winter, Altamont, Ill. • Reserve Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion, Open; Intermediate and Grand Champion, Junior—Gueldener Dundee Brandee-TW (S: Regancrest Dundee-ET, D: Gueldener Outside Bratty), 1st Senior 2-yr.-old, Charlies and DJ Brummer, Wheeler, Ill. • Senior Champion, Open—J-Maker Canyon Aleen (S: Canyon-Breeze Storm Atom-ET, D: J-Maker DC Alina), 1st Aged cow, Jim Schumacher, Teutopolis, Ill. • Reserve Senior Champion, Open—Schaufine Metro Bobbi-ET (S: Sikkema-Star-W Hi MetroET, D: Sibic-Henway BStar Betsy-ET), 2nd Aged cow, Steve Brummer, Wheeler, Ill. • Reserve Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion, Junior—Winter-Lea Morty Grace (S: Stouder Morty-ET, D: Winter-Lea Lheros Gypsy), 1st Junior 2-yr.-old, Jeremy Cielak, Chicago, Ill. • Junior Champion, Open and Junior— Wendy-Oaks Daz SS Dreamz-ET (S: Pursuit September Storm-ET, D: MsMiracle Astro Dazzle-ET), 1st Spring yearling heifer, Morgan Wendling, Altamont, Ill. • Reserve Junior Champion, Open and Junior—Wendy-Oaks Miles Indigo (S: Mr Irwindale SBuck Miles-ET, D: Wendy-Oaks Gabe Iris), 1st Summer yearling heifer, Macy Wendling, Altamont, Ill. • Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor— Winter Dairy, Altamont, Ill. • Junior Girls Showmanship—Macy Wendling, Altamont, Ill. • Junior Boys Showmanship—Jeremy Cielak, Chicago, Ill. • Senior Girls Showmanship—Katie Probst, Wheeler, Ill. • Senior Boys Showmanship—Joey Schumacher, Teutopolis, Ill.

Gateway • June 28, 2008, Bond County Fairgrounds, Greenville, Ill. • 55 head shown • Ted DeMent, Kenney, Ill., judge Clint-Clair Outside Nickel Grand Champion, Clinton Junior Show Page 26

• Senior and Grand Champion, Open—BriteSide Ito Priss (S: Barbee-M Juror Ito-ET, D: Fruendly-Acres Prissy), 1st Aged cow, Oertel

Wendy-Oaks Daz SS Dreamz-ET Junior Champion, Effingham Open and Junior Farms Inc., Brighton, Ill. • Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion, Open—Dool-Leigh Jordan LorieET (S: Roylane Jordan-ET, D: Dool-Leigh Durham Larane-ET), 1st Junior 3-yr.-old, Boyd Schaufelberger, Greenville, Ill. • Grand Champion, Junior—Schaulane Titanic Jingle (S: Hartline Titanic-ET, D: Wendy-Oaks Astronomical Joy), 1st Senior 3-yr.-old, Joshua Laesch, Greenville, Ill. • Reserve Grand Champion, Junior—Moroville Champion Lynn (S: Calbrett-I H H ChampionET, D: Moroville Durham Lynette), 1st Junior 3-yr.-old, Callie Zoelzer, Moro, Ill. • Reserve Senior Champion, Open—Cof-O Durham Countess (S: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET, D: Bristol Storm Contessa-ET), 1st 4-yr.-old, Darren Gueldener, Moro, Ill. • Reserve Intermediate Champion, Open— Bluff-Ridge Majestic Birdie (S: Hillcroft Majestic, D: Bluff-Ridge Encore B-Eight), 1st Senior 3-yr.old, David Freeman, Greenville, Ill. • Junior Champion, Open and Junior— Mohrfield Supra Precious (S: Blondin SupraETS, D: Speedside Jed Pia-ET), 1st Winter yearling heifer, Tyler Carter, Greenville, Ill. • Reserve Junior Champion, Open—BriteSide Advempres-Red-ET (S: KHW Kite AdventRed-ET, D: Brite-Side Gibson Evita-ET) 1st Fall heifer calf, Oertel Farms, Inc. • Reserve Junior Champion, Junior— Samanthas Aspen Secret (S: EK-Oseeana Aspen-ET, D: B&L Dundee Samantha),1st Summer yearling heifer, Brennan and Brett Woker, Greenville, Ill. • Premier Breeder and Exhibitor—Oertel Farms, Inc., Brighton, Ill.

Heart of Illinois • June 27, 2008, Eureka, Ill. • 62 head shown • Kevin Wendling, Altamont, Ill., judge • Senior and Grand Champion, Open and Junior—Lordale Outside Rachel (S: Comestar Outside-ET, D: Lordale Durham Ranae), 1st 4-yr.-old, Larae Zimmerman, Eureka, Ill. • Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion, Open and Junior—Bluff-Ridge Durham Allison (S: Regancrest Elton DurhamET, D: Bluff-Ridge Linjet Anna), 2nd 4-yr.-old, Sarah Butler, Arrowsmith, Ill. • Intermediate Champion, Open—Bressners

Fall 2008

Redman Maddy-Red (S: Valleyriver Ruben Redman-Red-ET, D: Turtle-Rock Minnie-Red), 1st Senior 2-yr.-old, Nicole Bressner, Fairbury, Ill. • Reserve Intermediate Champion, Open— Bluff-Ridge Roy Brooke (S: Roylane JordanET, D: Bluff-Ridge Durham Bambi), 2nd Senior 2-yr.-old, Sarah Butler • Junior Champion, Open and Junior— Maheufils Goldwyn Melinda-ET (S: Braedale Goldwyn-ET, D: Maheufils Terrason Champ Leah), 1st Fall heifer calf, Austin Rademacher, Penfield, Ill. • Reserve Junior Champion, Open and Junior—Tower-Ridge Primetime Paris (S: Windy-Knoll-View Primetime, D: Quality-Ridge Lee Marqui), 1st Winter yearling heifer, Austin Rademacher • Junior Girls Showmanship—Caitlin Meyer, Manteno, Ill. • Junior Boys Showmanship—Carson Kasbergen, Mansfield, Ill. • Intermediate Girls Showmanship—Sarah Butler, Arrowsmith, Ill. • Intermediate Boys Showmanship—Todd Irwin, Beason, Ill. • Senior Girls Showmanship—Ashley Seeman, Fairbury, Ill.

Lincolnland • July 9, 2008, Christian County Fairgrounds, Taylorville, Ill. • 45 head shown • Jason Oertel, Brighton, Ill., judge

calf, Kaleb Pruemer, Shelbyville, Ill. • Junior Showmanship—Olivia Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. • Intermediate Showmanship—Jessica Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. • Senior Showmanship—Kaleb Pruemer, Shelbyville, Ill.

Schluter Roy Leann Open and Junior Grand Champion, Lincolnland

Jennifer Wakeley, Rockford, Ill. • Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion, Junior—Regancrest-BH TwisterET (S: Roylane Jordan-ET, D: MD-Maple-Lawn D Tazmania-ET), 1st Senior 3-yr.-old, Michael Drendel, Hampshire, Ill. • Junior Champion, Open and Junior— Savage-Leigh Alexee-ET (S: Regancrest Dundee-ET, D: Ehrhardt Champion LexusET), 1st Spring yearling heifer, Stephanie Aves, Poplar Grove, Ill. • Reserve Junior Champion, Open—SavageLeigh Fortune Ella (S: To-Mar D Fortune-ET, D: Savage-Leigh Dundee Ella), 1st Fall heifer calf, Jason Swanson, Garden Prairie, Ill. • Reserve Junior Champion, Junior— Kingsway E Flying Kite-Red (S: Markwell KiteET, D: Ballbeeny Jewel-Red-ET), 1st Summer yearling heifer, Stephanie Aves • Premier Breeder—John and Tammy Wakeley and family, Rockford, Ill. • Premier Exhibitor—K-Lane Farms, Peotone

Mississippi-Valley • July 24, 2008, Adams County Fairgrounds, Mendon, Ill. • 45 head shown • Lucas Clanton, Mulberry Grove, Ill., judge • Senior and Grand Champion, Open and Junior—Senteka Bunker Desiree (S: Beachlawn BStar Bunker-ET, D: Senteka Odey Desire), 1st 125,000# cow, Nicole Neisen • Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion, Open and Junior—Sky-ViewAcres C Courtney (S: Mara-thon BW MarshallET, D: Sky-View-Acres K Coco-TW), 1st Junior 3-yr.-old, Andrew Mowen • Junior Champion, Open and Junior—Zimbre Advent Mandy (S: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET, D: Carrousel Durham Mary), 1st Fall heifer calf, Corey Thorman • Reserve Junior Champion, Open and Junior—Schluter Lou Lizze (S: Jenny-Lou Marshall P149-ET, D: Regancrest Emmie-ET), 1st Winter heifer calf, Jessica Heath and Tailor Neuhaus

Lindale Brent Evette Open Grand Champion, Northeast Illinois

• Intermediate and Grand Champion, Open; Grand Champion, Junior—Schluter Roy Leann (S: Roylane Jordan-ET, D: MS Northwest Illinois Regancrest Luann-ET), 1st Senior 3-yr.-old, • July 1, 2008, Freeport, Ill. Jessica Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. • 103 head shown • Bred & Owned Grand Champion and Senior • Steve McDonald, Princeton, Ill., judge and Reserve Grand Champion, Open—RHomestead Outside Luele (S: Comestar • Senior and Grand Champion, Open— Outside-ET, D: R-Homestead Linjer Lulinda), Gundys Alise-ET (S: Silky Gibson-ET, D: MS 1st Aged cow, David Ruppert, Nokomis, Ill. Gundys Amlaird Ada-ET), 1st 4-yr.-old, Rob • Reserve Grand Champion, Junior—Luck-E Gunderson, Shannon, Ill. Kreation Cameo (S: Luck-E Klassy Kreation• Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand ET, D: Springhope Outside Cameo), 1st 4-yr.Champion, Open—Budjon-JK Derry Epiphany old, Allison Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. (S: Regancrest Emory Derry-ET, D: Krull Broker • Reserve Senior Champion, Open—R• Junior Boys Showmanship—Corey Thorman Elegance), 2nd 4-yr.-old, Rob Gunderson Homestead Champion Lisel (S: Calbrett-I H • Senior Girls Showmanship—Niki Neisen Grand Champion, Junior—Mil-R-Mor P • H Champion-ET, D: R-Homestead Warden • Senior Boys Showmanship—Andrew Mowen Wheaties (S: Mil-R-Mor Perky, D: Roughway Lianna), 1st 4-yr.-old, David Ruppert Breakfast Champion), 1st Senior 2-yr.-old, • Reserve Intermediate Champion, Open— Brianna Sheehan, Huntley, Ill. Northeast Illinois Lynnvue Morty Judy (S: Stouder Morty-ET, • Reserve Grand Champion, Junior—FreeD: Lynnvue Jenny), 2nd Senior 3-yr.-old, Brad State Encore Fancy Gay (S: Marcrest Encore, • July 12, 2008, Boone County Fairgrounds, Bauman, Nokomis, Ill. D: Wilonna C Fancy Gay), 1st Aged cow, Sarah Belvidere, Ill. • Junior Champion, Open—Mohrfield Gibson Sheehan, Huntley, Ill. Eddie (S: Silky Gibson-ET, D: Mohrfield Lee • Brian Rohloff, Whitewater, Wis. • Intermediate Champion, Open—Budjon-JK Emmy), 1st Spring yearling heifer, David Drhm Elaborate (S: Regancrest Elton Durham• Senior and Grand Champion, Open— Ruppert ET, D: Budjon-JK Electrafy), 1st Senior 3-yr.Lindale Brent Evette (S: Lindale Encore Brent, • Reserve Junior Champion, Open—Rst old, Rob Gunderson D: Lindale Mike Emie), 1 5-yr.-old, Lindale Homestead Ram Ruebarb-Red (S: Rosedale-L Holsteins, Hampshire, Ill. • Reserve Intermediate Champion, Open— Rampage-Red-ET, D: R-Homestead RueShow-N-Style Bobbie-ET (S: Regancrest • Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Red), 1st Fall heifer calf, David Ruppert Elton Durham-ET, D: Provale Raider Brooke), Champion, Open—Bosdale Mattie Lee • Junior Champion, Junior—Char-La-Don Blitz 2nd Senior 3-yr.-old, Show-N-Style Cattle Co., Mary (S: Comestar Lee-ET, D: Bosdale A Jet Matilda (S: Fustead Emory Blitz-ET, D: AW st st Orangeville, Ill. Marie),1 125,000# cow, Luck-E Holsteins, Char-La-Don Allen Kami), 1 Summer yearling Hampshire, Ill. • Junior Champion, Open—Shannondoah heifer, Olivia Telgmann, Strasburg, Ill. • Senior and Grand Champion, Junior— Advnt Ranee-Red (S: KHW Kite Advent-ET, D: • Reserve Junior Champion, Junior—Pruemer Cross-Wake Mich Kiley (S: Michael Storm Mohrfield Rosey Lee), 1st Fall yearling heifer, Dex Norma (S: Mr Regancrest Dex-ET, D: Avalanche, D: Jon-Mar-Jan Katie), 1st 4-yr.-old, Verlo DeWall, Shannon, Ill. Pruemer Normin Nonsense), 1st Winter heifer Illinois Holstein Herald Page 27

• Reserve Junior Champion, Open—Gundys Beauty-ET (S: Regancrest Dundee-ET, D: Logganlane Charles Bertha), 2nd Fall yearling heifer, Rob Gunderson • Junior Champion, Junior—Erbacres Durham Emily-ET (S: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET, D: Regancrest Encore Dalhia-ET), 1st Summer yearling heifer, Connor Erbsen, Lanark, Ill. • Reserve Junior Champion, Junior— Rotesown Goldwyn Asteroid (S: Braedale Goldwyn-ET, D: Rotesown Outside Astoria), 1st Spring yearling heifer, Crystal Rote, Orangeville, Ill. • Premier Breeder—Show-N-Style Cattle Co., c/o Ron Mikulice, Orangeville, Ill. • Premier Exhibitor—Rob Gunderson • Junior Girls Showmanship—Crystal Rote, Orangeville, Ill. • Junior Boys Showmanship—Brad Hoppman, Galena, Ill.

• Intermediate Girls Showmanship—Darcy Steffes, Elizabeth, Ill. • Intermediate Boys Showmanship—Kurt Timmerman, Galena, Ill. • Senior Girls Showmanship—Rachel Klinger

Gundys Alise-ET Open Grand Champion, Northwest Illinois

Illinois District News Clinton County Greetings from Southern Illinois! As the summer months have come to an end and the kids have gone back to school, we are approaching a very busy time of the year. Crops in Southern Illinois, although late, appear to have good potential. Congratulations to all the winners of the Clinton County Holstein Show held on Sunday, July 13th at the Carlyle Fairgrounds. 109 animals were exhibited before Judge Eddie Kirchdoefer, of Cape Girardeau, Mo. Taking top honors of Premier Breeder and Exhibitor was Net-A-Way Farms, Eric and Cindy Netemeyer of Albers. Thanks to Bob Fruend for donating the Premier Breeder and Exhibitor plaques. Claiming Grand Champion honors and Best Udder was Kortney Price’s Junior 3-yr.-old, Net-A-Way Storm Custard-Red. 4-yr.-old Lucky King Emma-Red took reserve honors, as well as Senior Champion honors. 4-yr-.old Net-A-Way Roy Karma took reserve senior honors. Intermediate honors went to Kortney Price’s Junior 3-yr.-old, Net-A-Way Storm Custard-Red, with Senior 3-yr.-old DoDel Champion Pat taking reserve. Summer yearling Net-A-Way Goldwyn Karol-ET took Junior Champion honors while fall heifer calf, DoDel Roy Beeker, took reserve. On Wednesday, July 16th, the Clinton County Holstein Club sponsored the Clinton County Fair Cow Milking Contest. Eight teams of four competed for the Master Udderbuster honors. WCXO 96.7 FM radio station in Carlyle took top honors. Big thanks to Steve Kasten of the Clinton County Extension Service for helping plan our event. Happy retirment, Steve! Thanks to Marla Behrends of the Midwest Page 28

Dairy Association for donating prizes. Thanks to Prairie Farms Dairy for giving out ice cream bars and to Don Henrichs of Farm Credit Services for giving out watermelon slices that evening. Congratulations to Mark and Jenny (Huelsmann) Litteken on the birth of their baby boy, Caiden John, born May 22nd, weighing 7 lbs. 6 oz. and measuring 21 inches long. Congratulations to Robert and Debbie (Huels) Fuhler on the birth of their baby girl, Madeline Grace, born May 29th, weighing 9 lbs. 5 oz. Congratulations to Randy and Joanie (Huels) Thole on the birth of their baby girl, Karli, born June 1st, weighing 6 lbs. 11 oz. and measuring 20 inches long. Congratulations to Jon and Kerri (Lueking) Beal on the birth of their baby boy, Evan Mikael, born July 31st, weighing 9 lbs. and measuring 22 inches long. Congratulations to Mike and Jessy (Huelsmann) Schomaker on the birth of their baby boy, Emmet Michael, born August 22nd, weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz. and measuring 21.5 inches long. Our deepest sympathies to the Aggie Huels and Shirley Twenhafel families. Big, big thanks to the DoDel Holstein families (Delbert and Doris Brammeier, Jason and Dena Brammeier) for hosting the 2008 Illinois Holstein Picnic. Thank you to all the sponsors and everyone who helped to make this event a success. Respectfully submitted, Tracy Harpstrite-Grayling ( Dena Brammeier ( Co-Reporters, Clinton County Holstein Club

Gateway Summer has come to a close and fall is

Southern • July 10, 2008, Nashville, Ill. • Aaron Heinzmann, Carlyle, Ill., judge • Senior and Grand Champion, Open and Junior—Wilra Shottle 628 (S: Picston ShottleET, D: Wilra Machoman 512), 1st Senior 2-yr.old, Nick Harre, Nashville, Ill. • Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion, Open—Elm Farms, Okawville, Ill. • Junior Champion, Open and Junior and Reserve Grand Champion, Junior—Zehrview Terrason Pandy (S: Innwood Terrason, D: Zehrview James Panda), 1st Fall calf, Amanda Hartman, Waterloo, Ill. • Reserve Junior Champion, Junior—Wilra Drake 713 (S:Far-O-La Debbie-Jo Drake-ET), 1st Winter yearling heifer, Nick Harre

underway. The silage is chopped and harvest is beginning. Here’s a recap of happenings since the spring. Shad and Liz Kleiner welcomed a daughter, Ella Katherine, on June 5, 2008, weighing 8 lbs. 7 oz, and measuring 21 ½ inches long. Lucas and Michelle Clanton became proud parents of a baby boy, Kasey Edward, on September 5, 2008, weighing 8 lbs. 13 oz, and measuring 21 inches long. Ella Kleiner Congratulations to Callie Zoelzer who graduated from Edwardsville High School in May; she is attending Southeast Missouri University majoring in accounting. Our district show was held June 28th in Greenville. Ted Dement judged 55 animals and named Brite-Side Ito Priss (Oertel Farms, Inc.) and Dool-Leigh Jordan Lorie-ET (Boyd Schaufelberger) as Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion respectively. Congratulations to Oertel Farms, Inc., for being named Premier Breeder and Exhibitor of the Gateway District Show. The results were extremely close. See the class winners in the district show results section. July was an extremely busy time with classification, state show, county fairs, and field work. B-J Grove reported four 2-year-olds scoring VG and a new excellent. Brite-Side Ito Priss (Oertel Farms, Inc.) scored 94 points as a 6-yr.-old. Carlene Keilbach had one cow receive 2E honors. Oertel Farms, Inc. also received PBR honors. Congratulations to all the breeders. Amy Schaufelberger was selected by

Fall 2008

Mid-West Dairy Association as one of two scholarship recipients. Amy is attending the University of Illinois this fall. Josh Laesch is doing well following surgeries for hernia repairs. Josh’s sister, Rebecca, helped at the local fairs by showing Josh’s animals for him. We are glad to hear Josh is back playing baseball and feeling much better. Our condolences to Tammy Oertel on the passing of her mother, Shirley Twenhafel, on August 13th. Shirley’s obituary appears elsewhere in the Herald. Several local members exhibited at the Illinois State Fair in both the junior and the open shows. In the junior show, Amy Schaufelberger had second places in the summer yearling and winter heifer calf classes and won the showmanship contest for the Holstein breed. Tyler Carter won first place with his fall yearling, and Chelsie Stewart was awarded second place with her Senior 2-yr.-old. During the open show, B-J Grove Holsteins received the honor of Premier Breeder, along with the Reserve Junior Champion, first place spring heifer calf and Junior 2-yr.-old, and second place fall heifer calf, Junior and Senior 2-yr.-old, Senior 3-yr.-old, dry cow, senior best 3 females, dairy herd, and produce of dam. Moroville Holsteins exhibited the first place winter yearling and second place spring heifer calf. Congratulations to all the exhibitors A couple of members exhibited animals of other breeds and did very well. Byron and Jennifer Jenne exhibited the Junior Champion Jersey and did well with their Brown Swiss animals. Brett Woker showed the Reserve Intermediate Champion Jersey. Two of our pee-wee members competed in the “Bossy” contest on August 16th. Sara and Emma Jenne received third and fourth places respectively. Congratulations to these two members who did a great job of leading their animals with help from their dad, Byron Jenne, and aunt, Jennifer Jenne. Over Labor Day weekend, B-J Grove Holsteins exhibited the Junior Champion and

Grand Champion of the DuQuoin State Fair. Congrats! Reminder! The Gateway Holstein Club is hosting the state convention December 2th-4th, in Fairview Heights. We hope to see everyone attend the various events. More information is provided elsewhere in the Herald. Michelle Clanton & Tammie Siebert

Mississippi Valley Hard to believe it is time for another edition of news from the Mississippi Valley Holstein Club. Jim and Jackie Schluter hosted our annual picnic the end of June. There were about 30 people in attendance. The Western Illinois Dairy Banquet was held June 25th and Marissa Edwards was crowned the Western Illinois Dairy Princess. Her parents, Rick and Mary Edwards, received the Heritage Award. The award is presented to a person or couple who promotes the dairy industry. The Edwards are associated with Hi-Blue Dairy Farm in rural Payson. Leigh Thorman graduated from Western Illinois University with a degree in Ag Business; she is a credit analyst for John Deere Credit in Madison, Wis. Andrew Mowen graduated from John Community College and is continuing his studies at Western Illinois. Lucas Clanton judged our district show on July 24th at the Adams Co. Fairgrounds. We had 10 exhibitors showing 46 head. See a report elsewhere in this issue. Herds represented included Senteka-Niki Neisen, Thorman-Cory and Jordan, Schluter-Jessica Heath and Tailor Neuhaus, Marissa Edwards, Deters Dairy, Kuhn’s Dairy, Sky-View-Acres-Dennis Sorrill, and Andrew Mowen. Thorman and Mowen also exhibited animals at the Illinois State Fair. Thanks to those who allowed me to use their animals for District Herds. Our shake stand was a popular stop at the fairgrounds. We have the best nutritious bargain on the fairgrounds. We sold 16 oz shakes for

$2, root beer floats, single serve bottled milk and sandwiches. Good luck to all who are showing at national shows this fall and have a safe and bountiful harvest. God Bless until next time, Beth Weas Cash

Tri-County Tri-County congratulates these couples: Dennis & Beth Engel, Hampshire, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with family and friends in September; the family of Bill & Kathy Lenschow, Sycamore, hosted an open house, also in September, in honor of their parents’ 50th anniversary; and George and Marcella Drendel, Hampshire, will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in November with family and friends. A friend of Tri-County, Randy Wesemann, hosted a 60th wedding anniversary gathering for his parents, Herman & Jeanette Wesemann, Hampshire. More congratulations go to Al Lenkaitis, Jr., who graduated from the Illinois Agriculture Leadership program this past summer. We also send our best wishes to Joe Mills, recent herdsman for Lenkaitis Holsteins, who has moved to Alabama to work in the IT department of a large company. Hopefully, he will keep in touch with his Illinois Holstein family. Summer show winners included: Lindale Holsteins—Grand champion at the Northern Illinois Holstein Show and Premier Exhibitor at the Illinois State Fair; Team Holsteins— Supreme Champion (open and Land of Lincoln) at the Illinois State Fair; Mark Drendel family­—Grand Champion at the Kane County Fair (Supreme in 4-H), Grand Champion at the FFA Show and at the Sandwich Fair (both junior and open shows). Lindale Holsteins looks forward to hosting the Illinois Opportunity Sale in October. We hope to see many of you come out to support our state association and bid on some great cattle! Linda Drendel (

DECEMBER 2, 2008, COMMITTEE MEETING SCHEDULE            

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Illinois Holstein Association Board of Directors Meeting June 8, 2008 · Graymont, Ill.

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Minutes of the December 7, 2007 Board of Directors Meeting were approved. Treasurer’s report through May 2008 was approved. Compiled financial report for fiscal year 2007 was approved. Larry Kleiner reported that Holstein USA’s registrations were up and transfers were down. Watch for more information on Genomic Testing from Tom Lawlor regarding traits associated with Productive Life. Gene McCoy spoke on behalf of Extension and talked about three upcoming events: The Four State Nutrition Conference, the Dairy Judging Contest and the Illinois Dairy Judging Golf Outing. He also spoke about IL State Fair rule 43 which states that no injections will be allowed without approval of the fair. The Illinois Holstein Picnic will be hosted by the Brammeier’s of DoDel Holsteins in Carlyle, IL at noon September 14, 2008. Molly Florent has left the position of co-editor of the Herald. We may see her efforts through guest editorials or freelance work. Editor Julie Drendel shared information on the ad revenue and printing costs of the last five issues of the Herald. A motion to mail 2008-2009 membership cards in February 2009 was approved. A discussion on whether or not to increase dues for next year was tabled until the October meeting. Chairman Jeff Drendel has already secured some great consignment for the 2008 Illini Golden Opportunity Sale. The Chairman will decide on the payment structure of the guest selectors or individuals carrying bids. A motion to have the Junior and Senior show committees/exhibitors was approved. Discussion on format or scheduling changes (combining the Junior and Open shows, moving the Futurity to the Open show date, etc.) were tabled until October. A motion to reimburse the IHA president for travel expenses up to the travel allowance given to convention delegates was approved. The Illinois Holstein Convention will be held December 2 through 4 at the Four Points Sheridan in Fairview Heights. Registration information will be available in October. Ron Schaufelberger discussed the items scheduled to come before the delegates and asked the IHA to support Boyd Schaufelber in his bid for an at large set on Holstein USA’s board of directors.

Illinois Holstein Futurity Changes New Chairperson: Wendy Erbsen 13258 Center Dr. Lanark, IL 61046 Phone: 815-493-2331 ** Nominations are due November 1 **

Illinois Junior Holstein Associaiton T-Shirt Fundraiser Price: $15.00 per shirt

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CALL TO THE ANNUAL MEETING You are hereby notified by the Board of Directors that the Annual Meeting of the Illinois Holstein Friesian Association, Inc. will be on Thursday, December 4, 2008 at the Four Points Sheridan, Fairview Heights, Ill. The purpose of this meeting is to elect directors and to transact any other business which may come before the organization. The business meeting will begin promptly at 9:00 A.M. Consult the Convention Schedule for additional details.

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