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Erewash Valley could be the new Atkinson, the Labour candi‘Silicon Valley’ C atherine date for MP in Erewash has called

Local Nature Notes High Summer, and the peak growth period is very much upon us. The verdant flush of Spring is now passing and the species of plants and animals that thrive in the higher temperatures and benefit from the longest days now come to the fore. In the plant kingdom, as we wander in the countryside or in our local nature reserves, we tend to notice the brighter, colourful flowers and marvel at their beauty. Orchids are usually associated more with tropical climates and some of their blooms are truly amazing, but we do have our own, native orchids here in Britain, albeit most of them are not quite so spectacular in our temperate latitudes. We have a small number of species in our area, including the impressive Bee Orchid that grows in just a few places, but our commonest orchid is the Common Spotted Orchid and it grows locally in modest numbers; it prefers open, damp ground but it will also turn up on ‘waste land’ and even roadside verges occasionally support this impressive plant. The orchid takes its name from the dark spots that usually adorn its long, fleshy leaves, and in June the plant throws up spikes of pale pink or sometimes more mauve flowers on rigid stems. In a few places in more marshy ground

the flower spikes can grow to some 20cm or more and look impressive, especially if there are several in a small colony. It is worth taking a close look at the individual flowers: they have evolved into a special structure with sepals like miniature angel wings, a small hood formed by the petals, a lower lip and a rearfacing spur with a front opening. All this fascinating and complex natural design is dedicated to a special partnership with certain insects, usually bees, in order for the plant to be successfully pollinated when it is visited for nectar. Take that closer look – they really are just as beautiful as their tropical cousins!


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for a fair share of Government investment people in our area getting the lowest govin economic development for the area.

ernment spending on economic developSpeaking on the Sunday Politics programme she said: “I made the point that the ment and transport in the country. “With a fair share of investment in Erewash Tory Government has betrayed us, with we could see projects like the regeneration of the Stanton site get off the ground. By supporting our tech businesses and attracting new ones, the Erewash Valley could even become the new Silicon Valley of the East Midlands. “It’s all about giving local people the opportunity of high paid jobs for the future. But without a change of Government we won’t get the fair share of investment that’s needed.” Photo left from BBC TV coverage of the discussion :Catherine Atkinson (right), Pauline Latham MP (left).

June 2018

CINEMA PICK Two films this month, both worthy of being at the top of my favourite films of the year list. Firstly, the epic AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Any fears I had that the film would be too big with too many characters were, thankfully, put to rest. The action is non-stop, the interaction between the different superheroes is brilliant and there's a great balance of drama and humour. The highlight of the film is Thanos, the big bad guy. His character and backstory is so well built that you find yourself almost cheering him on.... if it wasn't for the fact that he wants to literally wipe out half of the universe. This is a definite must-see film. My other cinema pick is the outstanding A QUIET PLACE. This sets a new level for horror films. The world has been brought to ruination by monsters that hunt by sound. If you make a loud sound then you instantly attract the monsters and your life is short-lived. The use of sound, and more importantly the lack of sound, in this film is the best I've ever come across. You find yourself holding your breath from the very first few minutes and it's relentless. You will be afraid and you will be quiet. STREAMING PICK LOST IN SPACE is a Netflix remake of an old TV series about a family of colonists that leave Earth after some sort of worldwide disaster has struck. Unfortunately, the space station they are on is attacked and they find themselves crash landing on an unknown planet. The series tells their story as they strive to survive and try and get back to the space station.

Jim Steele

West Hallam Animal Charities German Shepherd Dog Rescue – Open Day At King’s Corner, Stanley DE21 4RG On Saturday June 9th 2018 (10-30 am to 3-00pm) The Open Day of the GSDR arranged on May 12th unfortunately had to be cancelled, due to a number of problems, not least of which was the waterlogged field used for carparking. The event has been rearranged for Saturday 9th 2018. As always there are huge amounts of clothes, books, furniture, musical instruments, dog related goods and general bric-a-brac for sale, there should be something for everyone. Refreshments will also be available.

I really enjoyed this. The production quality is top notch as is the acting. The robot has had a big makeover from the original series and there are a few more twists that they have made this time around. The iconic "Danger Will Robinson" is still there though. The series is only 10 episodes long so it won't take long to watch and it's definitely worth your while to do so. ONES TO WATCH June sees a return of the Jurassic World franchise with JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM. This time around it looks like it's the dinosaurs turn to be rescued and there may be more of a horror element to it than in the previous film. Also, look out for the JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION game that is also due out at the same time on Xbox, Playstation and PC. This is a park management game with dinosaurs, naturally. My streaming pick for June is something a bit different. GLOW Season 2 is based on a truelife story about a group of women, who all have their own quirks, who come together in order to start their own TV wrestling show. The first season was very good and was a refreshing change to the usual drama that often dominates Netflix. Watch the first season now to prepare yourself. You can read more of my reviews on my website at and you can get in touch with me on twitter @ilsonfan. Please let me know what you think and what films/tv you have been enjoying. Wayne Morledge

Look out for the Friends’ display in Ilkeston public library during the month of June. One of the glass cabinets will contain a range of merchandise and some information about the history (natural and otherwise) of the nature reserve. Older readers might remember the days when it was used for opencast mining. Even before that it was the site of the West Hallam sewage works. The community is fortunate that the Bor-

ough Council stepped in to carry out the restoration which has made it possible to gain Local Nature Reserve status, and to win the Green Flag award year after year. The Friends meet quarterly and hold occasional workdays. New members are always welcome. Find the Friends on Facebook or visit Jeff Wynch

lovely vets and I have, more recently, started suffering from random seizures, as if I don’t have enough health problems to contend with. Remarkably, I cope quite well with some of the chronic Little Lewie, the Chihuahua Dog here again - let me continue my Doggy Tails pain symptoms and post seizure fatigue. with you. I previously mentioned a med- A friend of Ona’s recommended a teaspoon of honey to help soothe my ical condition that I have which limits nerves, so, I look forward to this sweet the amount of exercise that I can take. Despite being a tiny dog with little legs treat on some of my ‘off colour’ days, to match, my determination to make full but, I must say, there are plenty of very use of all the comfy cushions and blan- good quality days in between these poorly episodes which amount to a wonkets dotted around the house soon had derful and full life for me. With the me climbing, clambering, hopping and summer upon us, I am getting out and jumping from footstool to sofa, from about a little more often and recently we sofa to chair and back again. Ona (our all went for a photography session (that human carer) kindly arranged resting is we, the canine ‘we’, all five of us! I places consisting of stepping levels to did pity the photographer!) The photo accommodate Chihuahua dog size and that is featured this month is my most abilities but oh no, I often ignore these favourite solo pose. strategically placed stepping routes so that I can access ground floor level This quote from Lord Byron ought to be much more quickly, especially so when my motto, in light of the health probthe back door is open and next door’s lems I suffer. ‘Courage without Ferocidog is ‘calling’ to us in that noisy bark- ty, and all the virtues of Man without his ing fashion which only dogs understand Vices’ (chuckles). the logic of. It was during one of these acrobatic manoeuvres that I slipped a disc, that’s not to say that I slipped on a disc, more like, I felt a sudden movement happen in my back which warned me that life may never be the same for me again! Nowadays, I am a little more cautious and (mostly), avoid the gymnastics, rely on a regular dosage of medication from our

Doggy tails

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