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AFS-1 FOAMING MACHINE Setup & Operation Manual

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Warning: This filling system is designed to fill one type of chemical container consistently to a set level. It is not designed to fill multiple types of containers or the same container to different levels.

Installation & Setup Instructions

1. Read all the instructions before installing the foam unit. 2. Remove all the parts from the shipping container. 3. Select the desired area to mount the control box. The control box should be mounted on a vertical wall no more than 6 feet off the floor and no further than 20 feet away from the chemical. It is recommended to mount the container rack above the chemical tank to prevent siphoning effect. 4. Mount the control box using four of the screws provided. NOTE: When drilling holes for the plastic anchors provid- ed with the screws, use a 5/16” drill bit. 5. Mount the container rack on the wall close to the control box. Ensure the container rack is mounted in a level position. 6. After the control box and the container rack assembly are mounted, run 1/4” tubing from the rack to the control box. The lines and ports are labeled for ease in instaling. 7. Attach a compressed air line from your air compressor to the AF-14. NOTE: The air compressor needs to be able to maintain at least 2 CFM @ 60 PSI. 8. Ensure the regulators are set to the proper settings. Starting from the right to the left, the first regulator should be set at 5060 PSI, the second should be at 10 PSI, and the third needs to be set at 1-2 PSI. 9. Level Adjustment: A. Decide which chemical container that will always be used with whis system. B. Place the container on the rack with the neck/cap next to the chemical hose. C. Choose the appropriate level for the container. D. Gauge that level height next to the Level Sensing Tube that is attached to the chemical discharge hose. E. Cut the Level Sensing Tube 2” below the full height, allowing for some level of error. NOTE: The end of the Level Sensing Tube must be submerged below 2” of chemical before it turns off the system. F. To cut the Level Sensing Tube, the tube must be peeled away from the chemical dis- charge hose. Ensure no to peel the tube further that is necessary. G. Test the system by filling the container with water. Adjust the Level Sensing Tube height as needed. NOTE: The system will consistently fill the same container to preset level. 10. Insert the chemical suction line into the chemical tank and ensure it is properly connected to the pump. 11. Perform a test with the chemical to ensure that the Level Sensing Tube is calibrated correctly and that the chemical does not affect the setting.

Operation Instructions Ensure proper safety glasses and gloves are worn before operating the AFS-1. 1. Place designated container onto the rack. Guide the fill tube into the container opening while lifting the container onto the rack. Hold the top of the tube to guide the fill tube into the container opening. 2. Ensure that container is properly located on the rack. 3. Turn the “Power” switch to the “ON” position and the system will be ready to be activated. 4. Press the green “Start” button to fill the container to the designated level. 5. To stop the system, press the red “Stop” button. 6. Once the AFS-1 fills the container to the specified level the system will automatically shut-off. 7. Once again, hold the top of the fill tube while genty removing the container from the rack. 8. Due to the residue of chemical left on the fill tube, avoid touching the fill tube. 9. When the system is not in use, turn the black “Power” button to the “Off” postion to relieve a remaining pressure from the system. NOTICE If the container is removed while the system is filling, the syste, will shut off. The container will need to be replaced onto the rack and the “Start” button will need to be pushed for the system to start again. The system will not turn on unless a container is properly in place on the rack. If a container is full and the “Start” button is pushed the unit will not activate. It is recommended to run 2 gallons of freshwater through the unit once a week.




Sporadic Wet Foam

Improper mixture of cleaning solution.

Make sure the chemical is a foaming chemical. Make sure the chemical is mixed at a high enough concentration to produce foam.

Constant Wet Foam

Wet Foam/Dry Foam valve may not be open far enough. Air check valve may be plugged.

Turn Wet Foam/Dry Foam valve counter-clockwise to add more air into the foam mixture. Replace the check valve.

Sporadic Dry Foam

Wet Foam/Dry Foam valve may be open too far. Pump may be cycling improperly. The strainer may be plugged.

Turn Wet Foam/Dry Foam valve clockwise until the pump begins to run consistently. Replace the pump. Clean the strainer.

Compressed air supply may not be adequate to run the unit. Unit Foams at Reduced Internal air regulator may be turned down too low. Pressure S.S. mesh in the tee may be plugged. Only Air Discharges from the Foam Wand

Wet Foam/Dry Foam valve may be open too far, not giving air to the pump. Pump may not be cycling.

A larger air compressor or air line needs to be used to supply enough air to the unit. Adjust the air regulator to 40 - 60 psi. Remove, clean & replace the S.S. mesh. Turn Wet Foam/Dry Foam valve clockwise until the pump begins to run consistently. Replace the pump.


• Always follow all safety and warning instructions on the chemical label and MSDS sheet for the chemical being used through the FOAM-iT unit. • Always wear safety goggles, protective gloves, and all other necessary protective clothing specified by the chemical’s MSDS sheet while operating or servicing any FOAM-iT units. • Always make sure the unit is depressurized before servicing the unit. Never point the discharge wand toward anyone. • Avoid spraying in areas where water or chemical can cause damage. • After each use, turn off the air supply to the FOAM-iT unit and relieve all remaining pressure in the unit by opening the discharge ball valve. • Thoroughly flush the unit with water whenever switching from one chemical to another. For further technical assistance, email us or call 1-800-567-5420.

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AFS-1 Manual (Digital Release)  
AFS-1 Manual (Digital Release)  

AFS-1 Manual (Digital Release)