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Dear chair  applicants,     3rd   International   Forum   of   EYP   Albania   will   provide  you  with  numerous  opportunities  for   adding   brand   new   factors   to   your   understanding   of   chairing.   Throughout   eight   intense  and  energy  consuming  days  in  Tirana,   we   will   investigate   group   dynamics   and   individual   processes   happening   in   an   “emotionally  hyped”  environment,  such  as  an   EYP  session.  We  will  be  inventing  new  games   and   work   on   confident,   conscious   and   improvised   team   leading.   We   will   be   mixing   different   methods   originated   from   EYP   chairing,   coaching,   acting   and   role   play   games.   We   will   take   a   closer   look   at   various   committee   work   methods,   decompose   their   elements   and   learn   how   to   adjust   them   to   individual  preferences  of  the  chair  and  needs   of   the   committee.   Finally,   we   will   explore   different  GA  chairing  methods.     Despite   obvious   focus   on   EYP   chairing,   we   will   aim   not   to   restrict   our   work   to   the   “session   scenario”.   We   will   adopt   a   broader   perspective,   allowing   us   to   understand   how   to   facilitate   any   group,   not   only   an   EYP   committee.  Ideally,  by  the  end  of  the  session,   you   will   be   able   to   facilitate   a   successful   teambuilding  and  working  process  within  any   group,   on   the   spot,   without   any   preparation.   Useful  skill  indeed.     Being   the   president   of   the   3rd   International   Forum   of   EYP   Albania,   I   am   looking   for   ten   passionate,   observing   and   academically   competent   individuals,   with   their   own   vision   of   chairing,   willing   to   devote   loads   of   energy  

to broaden   their   facilitating   horizons.   Experience  is  not  the  key  factor  as  opposed  to   strong   motivation,   creativity   and   striving   for   personal  development.     If   you   want   to   break   down   structures,   pick   various,   unusual   and   exciting   elements   and   consciously   amalgamate   them   into   your   own   way  of  chairing,  this  is  the  session  for  you.     If   you   want   to   expand   what   you   know   and   surprise  your  delegates  with  something  fresh,   this  is  the  session  for  you.     If  you  can’t  wait  to  learn  and  play,  apply  now.       Yours,     Michał  Korzonek   (President  of  the  3rd  International     Forum  of  EYP  Albania:  Tirana  2013)  

Message from the president