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Issue : 2 On the authorıty of Abu - Yusr (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) saying” “he who allows enough time to the poor man (debtor) to repay his debt or relieves him on debt, will be protected by Allah’s shade on the Day of Judgement.” (Muslim)

Advance Through Knowledge APRIL 2009 02 Thu

Last Day for All Students

03 Fri

Last Day for Term1 Parent/Teacher Interviews Interim Report Distribution 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

20 Mon

First Day for Term 2

Alhamdulillah, we are successfully completing Term One at Ilim College. We have been very busy in this term. Teachers and students have worked very hard and implemented an excellent curriculum program at the College.

23 Thu

Immunization Year 7

25 Sat

Anzac Day - Public Holiday

27 Mon

Photo Day Secondary

I thank Vice Principals, teachers and administrative staff for their outstanding efforts to provide the best education for our students at Ilim College. Many thanks to parents who helped and contributed in so many ways such as using the car park as instructed by the college staff. We are planning to complete the new parents’ car parking areas by the mid of April 2009. Congratulations to the whole Ilim College community for the generosity you have shown in supporting the Victorian Bushfire Victims. I would like to thank Ilim College Islamic Enrichment Committee and Mr Mohammad Oshake and Mrs Julie Anne Bennett who organised and sold yellow ribbons for Victorian Bushfire Victims, we have altogether collected $8,000. I thank again the whole Ilim College parents, students and teachers for the generosity you have shown to this extremely deserving fire appeal. A group of students and I have gone to Red Cross and submitted an $8,000 cheque to Mr Andrew Hilton, Executive Manager from Red Cross.

29 Wed

Photo Day Primary

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Dear parents, students and staff, Assalamu Alaikum

On Friday, 20th March 2009, Primary and Secondary students organised Harmony Day activities at the College. Thank you to all who participated and prepared this important day at the College.

MAY 2009 12 Tue

NAPLAN Language

13 Wed

NAPLAN Reading

14 Thu

NAPLAN Numeracy

25 Mon

Curriculum Day No School for All Students

28 Thu

Immunization Year 10

27 Wed

ICAS Computer Competition

JUNE 2009 1- 4

Exam Week Years 9-10

05 Fri

Report Writing Day

08 Mon

Queen’s B’Day - Public Holiday No School for All Students

An important reminder to all parents that the Term One Interim Reports are ready to be distributed on Friday, 3rd of April 2009 from 9.30am to 5.30pm. I ask all parents to attend this important day and get feedback about your child’s progress.

09 Tue

VCE Exams

10 Wed

ICAS Science Competition

11 Thu

GAT Exam

The college office will be open throughout the holiday break between 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. If parents have any enquiries, they should feel free to contact us at the college.

15 - 16

Year 10 Work Experience

16 Tue

ICAS Spelling, Writing Comp.

18 Thu

Last Day for All Students

19 Fri

Last Day for Term2 Parent/Teacher Interview Interim Report Distribution 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

A special thank to Mrs Nese Gul for organising the wonderful “Jump Rope for Heart” and Fire Education Programs for primary students.

A very important note, all students will receive compulsory holiday homework which is required to be completed before the beginning of Term Two. Please support your child to complete their holiday homework. Ilim College is offering tutoring for Year 12 VCE students during the term break. All Year 12 students must contact Mr Fadi Koubar for more information. Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday. May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon you all.

JULY 2009 Mon 13

Term 3 Starts


Mr. Yusuf Kirca Principal

26 MARCH 09

: Mr. Yusuf Kirca 30 Inverloch Crescent • Dallas • Victoria • 3047 Principal VP (Primary) : Ms. Aynur Simsirel Phn: (03) 9302 3770 • Fax: (03) 9302 3771 VP (Secondary) : Mr. Selim Kayikci Web : Email :

Edited by : Ms. Esra Simsek (School Registrar/Office Mang) Sighted by : Mr. Dogan Akin (Senior Primary Coordinator)

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Urgent Attention! Medication Authorization Forms

LATENESS Punctuality is essential at Ilim College. Parents should fill out an authorization Students who are repeatedly late will be form which is available at the office for given after school detention or lunch time students on medication. detention. Students must provide a note if STUDENTS WITH ASTHMA they are late as a result of appointment or illness. If VCE students are late for a subject, it will be considered as an unapproved absence for that particular period. ABSENCE NOTES

Dear Teacher, .............

It is important that all students bring a note from parents explaining their absence or present a medical certificate. PARTICIPATION IN SCHOOL EXCURSIONS It is College policy that students will only be permitted to participate in school excursions if correct uniform is being worn and all expenses relating to the excursion have been paid in advance. For excursions outside the College area, parents will be provided with a special notice/consent form for each excursion. Verbal consent is not allowed. Parents must fill in the consent form, sign it and return it to the classroom/homeroom teacher. CHANGE Of DETAILS When you change your address, telephone number, custody issues or any other details, please inform the college office as soon as possible. Not providing correct details of your residential address and contact number will result in termination of your child/(ren)’s enrolment. MOBILE PHONES, iPODS, JEWELLERY

The above items are not to be brought to school under any circumstances. All these items will be confiscated if students disregard this rule and attempt to use phones. If parents need to contact students during the day, this must be done through the college phone 93023770.

Primary Department News SCHOOL HATS & SUNVISORS

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer Students with Asthma should carry their in the world. It is estimated that more than pump with them at all times. However, the 75% of all skin cancer could be prevented school has spare pumps in the sick bay. in childhood and adolescence. STUDENTS WITH ALLERGY

In terms 1 & 4, all primary students are required to wear a college hat. Male students must wear hats and female students must wear sunvisors during Students with Epipen should pass their recess, lunch and sport. Primary students Epipen to our school nurse Ms. Nese. will not be permitted to go outside at recess and lunch without hats. Please ensure you have purchased these from the uniform shop and your child has them DROPPING OFF YOUR CHILDREN: daily during this terms 1 & 4. Please ensure you have left your child’s class by 8:45am. Parents are asked not to Students are also encouraged to drink occupy the teachers time with personal water rather than soft drinks during the issues of their child in the mornings as hotter days. classes begin at 8:50am. HAIR STYLE FOR SCHOOL PARENTS, Students hair must be of natural colour. PLEASE DO NOT Hair cuts for boys should be of equal length ENTER THE SCHOOL CORRIDORS & kept short. No tails are allowed for boys. BEFORE 3:25PM Use of gel or other types of hair products TO PICK YOUR CHILDREN UP is also not allowed. Students who do not A great deal of noise and disruption is obey the college rules will be sent home caused at the end of the day with a build immediately. up of parents that enter the school early. We kindly ask parents to wait outside or SCHOOL BAGS in their cars if they arrive before 3:25pm.  A reminder that all primary and secondary Thank you for your co-operation. students can buy the official school back pack. The school bag is compulsory for CHILDREN MUST NOT BE DROPPED OFF primary students and lower secondary EARLIER THAN 8:15AM AND MUST BE students. PICKED UP NO LATER THAN 4:00PM.  There is no supervision available before COLLEGE DIARIES and after these times unless children are All primary from grade 4 to grade 6 are placed in after school care. For the safety of required to purchase an Ilim college diary your child(ren) please ensure you adhere for 2009. to the times. SCHOOL UNIFORM Every Ilim College student must wear SWIMMING PROGRAM the full school uniform. Sports uniform Swimming Program will be conducted for is compulsory for students from grade participating grade 5/6 boys/girls on 23rd prep to year 10 during sports day. Parents & 30th March, 4th & 18th May and 1st & please note; consistent care of hygiene 15th June. and appearance of uniform. It makes a Mr. Dogan Akin difference to your child. Senior Primary Coordinator

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LOST PROPERTY Lost property is stored in the Uniform shop. Parents are welcome to look for lost property in the uniform shop. Please make sure your child (s) possessions are labeled with the name and current class as it is impossible to distribute unnamed lost property . Unnamed lost property will be kept for two weeks and then given to the school Uniform Shop as second hand or they are thrown away. It is unhygienic to keep them any longer.

EXTENDED ABSENCE Should your child be absent from the College for any reason for 5 consecutive days or more, the office should be informed and an “Extended Leave of Absence Form” must be filled out. Otherwise, student’s enrolment may be terminated. Parents should inform the homeroom teachers with notes or certificates of any absences less than 5 days.

If a student is absent half the term or more, considering that they have filled and CHECKING YOUR CHILD’S CLOTHING lodged an “Extended Leave of Absence Sometimes items of clothing go missing form” before the actual absence starts, half because they are taken home accidentally of their school fees will be reimbursed. by other children. Parents and carers should check their child’s clothing to make Please note that parent’s are responsible sure they have not picked up someone to finalize their account and return else’s property by mistake. If your child their library books and any other school brings home an item that is not theirs, belongings before they leave. make sure it is returned to the child’s teacher or to the Uniform Shop as soon as Any absence without notification to school possible. in writing will result in payment in full. UNIFORM /BOOK SHOP NOTICE Summer uniform of white polo’s and yellow polo’s are on special for half price until the end of second term. Any queries or orders for smaller or larger sizes please contact Mrs.Songul Onan ( Uniform Shop Manager) Girls & Boys Blazers size 14 are out of stock, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Uniform /Book Shop Manager Ms. Songul Onan

2010 Enrolments are now OPEN

Last day for 2010 Primary applications : 10-August-2009 Primary Entrance Exam : 13 - August 2009 Prep Interviews : 25 & 26 - August 2009 Last day for 2010 Secondary Applications : 30 - October 2009

As the first term of 2009 draws to a close on 02 April (last school day of Term One), it is timely that we announce that as of this week the school library will be closed for lending. Overdue slips will be coming home this week. Please return all your library books/items by March 27, 2009. If your child(ren) has lost his/her book(s), you are expected to pay the cost of the book(s); otherwise, you will not be able to collect your child’s report until this matter has been resolved. We would also ask you to finalise any issues within a few days.

Also, it is compulsory for primary students to bring a School crested library bag for their library sessions. Student’s name and surname needs to be clearly marked on the library bag. If you haven’t bought it by SCHOOL BUS now, you can purchase the school library All bus bookings are for a full year, however bag from our school uniform shop located bus fees are charged each term. at E block. These library bags help protect books and identify the borrowers. All bus bookings and cancellations are to be made through the office, not by word Many thanks for your assistance in this of mouth and are to be made two weeks matter. in advance. Library Manager If you wish to cancel the bus during the Ms. Halide Okmen term, you will still be billed for the full term regardless of the amount of service provided. Enrolment Registrar/Office Manager Ms. Esra Simsek

Secondary Entrance Exam


: Potential students can sit for their entrance exam on the day of application.


SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN Last day : 23 - October - 2009 A non-refundable $20 Scholarship Application Fee is applicable to all students who are applying for scholarship.

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POLICE OFFICERS VISIT: Thursday 26th February 2009 Grade Prep A, B C,& D were involved with the ‘KEEPING SAFE‘ session, designed to inform students about ‘Strangers’ and what should be done to be ‘Safe’. Senior Constable Sahin came out and discussed some of his duties as a police officer.

Kerem, Tariq, Omer & Eyyub

All attentive eyes

Afiqah , Nafeesa,Sara, Razan & Sarah

JUMP ROPE FOR HEART ‘JUMP OFF’: Friday 13th March 2009 *All collected donations must be returned to school so students can receive their prizes.

All Primary students took part in the Jump Rope for heart. The day was very successful because everyone had a go. Well done students, that was a great effort.

R.A.C.V. – Road Safety: Thursday 19th March 2009

All the prep students learnt the safety rules of the road as a pedestrian and a passenger of a vehicle..

FIRE EDUCATION: Monday 23rd March 2009

Above: Our Prepies learning to be ready. Right:It was all the Prep students’ first FIRE EDUCATION session with Fireman Roger and Fireman Sam page 4


Ilim College Students happy to be part of the Harmony Day Activities.

Students assisting in the preperations.

Primary Students performing “We are Australian” in the Harmony Day Assembly..

On Friday the 20th of March, Ilim College celebrated Harmony Day. The key message of Harmony Day is Everyone Belongs. It’s about community participation, inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. The school gate was covered with orange balloons and our students looked fantastic in their vibrant orange clothes. The Student Representative Council sold fairy floss to raise money for The Royal Childrens Hospital. We have nearly raised $2000 for this worthy cause. We would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time and effort and donated money. Jazak Allahu Khayran! Ms. Murvet Altikulac Grd.5 Level Monitor Fairy Floss was sold to raise funds for the Royal Childrens Hospital page 5

GRADE 6 EXCURSION - ROYAL BOTANICAL GARDENS It was a beautiful crisp morning on the 10th of March when the Grade 6’s went to the Royal Botanical gardens with their teachers. We were met by our tour guides who explained what pollination, photosynthesis, diversity and adaptations were with respect to plants. We were able to see Australian natives, desert, tropical and carnivorous plants and how well they had adapted to the environment. The students were intrigued when aphids were fed to the Venus fly traps. An opportunity to pot a flax plant had the students busying themselves with potting mix. They were also able to look at specimens of flowers, leaves and aphids under the microscope. Alhamdulillah it was an excellent learning experience.

Experimenting under the sun.

GRADE 5 EXCURSION - SCIENCE WORKS On the 26th of February, the Grade 5’s together with their teachers went to Science Works and visited the Planetarium and the Lightning room. Alhamdulillah, the students did Ilim College proud by being on their best behavior. Here are some of their comments about their trip….. I found out that …… “There are over 4 billion stars and I know that Allah has created them all. (Semanur Konur) Pickled onions glow yellow when electricity is passed through it. (Alaiba, Isxaq) The Southern Cross is a constellation of stars. Captain Cook used the stars as a navigational tool when he was out at sea. (Meryem Altun, Baturhan Kaynak, Halide Soykuvet, Jaafar Katbi, Subeer, Humaira) Latitudes and longitudes are imaginary lines across the globe.( Betul Kuyruk) The Sun is the closest star to our planet (Raoh Ayad, Rawan Katesh, Mahmud Karhani.) We have to be safe with electricity .( Abdullah Ayad, Laila, Burak, Busra, Yasemin Huseyin) In a thunderstorm we have to stay indoors.(Aimon, Betul Cicek, Mallak, Yasemin Rajab, Yoonis) Standing under a tree during a thunderstorm can be dangerous. (Eda Inanir) Electricity travels through metals called conductors. (Asma Yussuf,Muhammed Osman, Zynab, Sarah Tiba) The planetarium is very comfortable(Erva Buday) Positive and Negative charges attract one another (Abdul Fatah Nebi) Static electricity can make balloons stick to your hair. (Yusuf Yolcin) Electricity is a form of energy (Khalid Abdulle) Lightning can be simulated safely (Meryem Colan) Our bodies can complete an electrical circuit. (Sophie )”

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Bombers flew into Ilim College


Sunday, 5-April-2009 @ 3:00 am

More than 30 eager and excited Ilim College Grade 6’s joined Essendon players for an AFL Auskick clinic on our newly completed ‘state of the art’ outdoor synthetic ground. The clinic provided the children with a great opportunity to learn important footy skills from the likes of Scott Lucas, Mark McVeigh, Brent Prismall, Brent Stanton, Alwyn Davey, Jason Winderlich and Tayte Pears. The clinic provided a rare opportunity for our students to meet the players they aspire to and improve their skills with the help of Bomber’s finest.

Please, remember to set your time 1 hour back

Following the clinic the players happily posed for photos and signed autographs to give the juniors a fun filled day they won’t soon forget.

HUME Award To Merjem Colan

Victoria Premier’s Reading Challenge 2009

Our school is participating in the Premier Reading Challenge this year. This reading challenge is for Prep to Grade 6. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to read books from the list given for the challenge. The Premier Reading Challenge will run from now till end of August. Students who meet the Challenge will be given a certificate. Students who wants to participate in this reading challenge may get a consent form from their teachers. They would need to fill up and return the consent form to the teachers. Students are then given a reading log where they record the books that they have Merjem Colan of 5C was one of the forty-eight students read. The school will enter the titles of books on the who were rewarded for their passion for learning on the 4th internet for the students. The details of the Challenge are of March, 2009. Merjem was presented with a certificate available at at the Connecting Hume PC award presentation evening. Merjem will be presented her PC at assembly this week. Congratulations Merjem! Ms. Murvet Altikulac Grd. 5 Level Monitor

Ms Noorani Ishak Literacy Coordinator

page 7

Secondary School 7 -10 News STUDENT MONITOR

Students in year 7 & 8 will be receiving a Consent letter soon to participate in the student monitor program. Two students will be asked to assist the SMS coordinators and teachers for a day or two a year. The program aims to give those students an insight on how the school operates and to develop a sense of belonging amongst the students. We encourage parents to sign the consent form and to return them promptly to the homeroom teachers. SWIMMING PROGRAM The swimming program for year 7 & 8 will start on Monday 23rd of March and conclude on Monday 15 June 09. UNIFORM The students must arrive to school in full school uniform. They must remain in full school uniform throughout the day. DIARY The school diary is becoming a compulsory item that students must carry with them to all classes. Parents must view this diary to ensure that their children are using it correctly as an organisational tool. SCHOOL BAG Students in year 7 & 8 must purchase the official school bag from the uniform shop. Parents are required to assist the school in this task. SCHOOL YARD CLEANING ROSTER All students from year 7 to 10 will be required to participate in the school yard cleaning program which will take place daily during period 6. The duty is not a punishment and should be seen as a positive contribution by everyone to maintain a beautiful and clean environment for all to enjoy. Mr. Fadi Koubar VCE Coordinator

NAPLAN The NAPLAN test for year 7 & 9 will take place in the 3rd week of term 2. Parents who do not wish to have their children sitting the test must notify the school. Appropriate forms must be filled in and signed by parents.


Six of our Year 10 students took part in an online international neuroscience competition run by the Australian Neurosciences. The Brain Bee Challenge is a test of knowledge about important facts concerning intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, Year 7 SMS Coord.: Mr Hassan Mansour ageing, sleep, Alzheimer’s disease and Year 8 SMS Coord.: Ms Yasmine Mojaled stroke. We wish them success. Year 9 SMS Coord.: Mr Fatih Ciftci Dr. Amina Rawal Year 10 SMS Coord.: Ms Zehra Kaya Science Coordinator Mr. Fadi Koubar VCE Coordinator

Premier’s Reading Challenge Year 7 students are involved in the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge. This challenge is aimed at encouraging students to read, in the hope that they develop the skills to appreciate literature. Students must read 15 novels in total. For the full list of the novels, please visit Sonia Koubar English Coordinator

EMA 2009


EMA cheques will arrive at the

Normal Trading Hours:


start of Second Term.

Please collect your cheques from the Genereal Office between 8:00am - 5:00pm. Parents who have applied for automatic banking will have their payments in their bank accounts.

8:30am - 10:00am & 2:30pm - 4:30pm until further notice.

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Ilim College Debating Team The following students have been nominated by the school to represent Ilim College in the DAV Interschool Competitions.

Year 9 – D Grade Hafsa Aden (9A)

Halenur Kurmus (9A)

Nuzha Wazeer (9C)

Kaossarr Moubarak (9A)

Beyza Turker (9A)

Usama Omran (9B)

Ayyoub Ali (10B)

Mohammed Hares (10B)

Zaid Iftikhar (10B)

Yusuf Ozen (10B)

Ahmed Eshlan (10B)

Juman Himeidan (10A)

Afifah Joffri (10A)

Summeyya Yavuz (10C)

Sharifa Tartoussi (10A)

Murat Guven (9B)

Year 10 – C Grade

Ayse Siper (10A)

Round 1 was held on Wednesday, 11 March at Mercy College. Ilim College was narrowly defeated. The students worked very hard to prepare for the debate and are eagerly looking forward to Round 2 on April 1. Sonia Koubar English Coordinator


VCE NEWS ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS The college provides a lot of support to students enrolled in year 11 & 12 in terms of free after school tutorials and Saturday tutorials to students. In return, we expect our students to show due commitment and hard work. The College has notified all VCE students and parents that their children must achieve at a level of 60% or above for them to continue their enrolment at the college. The college will be contacting some parents and students soon to discuss the academic progress of their children so far. Common Room – Private Study Room: The college has provided two Private Study rooms for the male and female Year 12 students. Students will use this room for studying purposes as our library can be a busy place sometimes. We anticipate that the students will use these rooms to their advantage. AFTER SCHOOL TUTORING: Parents are required to pick up their students from the after school tutoring program on time. There are a few students that remain at school after hours even though they have no tutoring. Those students will be required to go home on time unless they have tutoring. Fadi Koubar VCE Coordinator

Congratulations to the following students for being appointed as Captain/Vice Captain in the secondary school: H/Group


Vice Captain


Hiba Abdikadir

Manolya LLanli


Abdullah Coskum

Weism Salma


Hiba Moubarak

Seyma Turker


Abdulaziz Mume

Jihad Kabbara


Ayse Dogan

Gamze Arpali


Sadik Sevinc

Enes Emre Buyukyazici


Usama Iftihar

Sumeyya Gulten


Kaossarr Moubarak

Beyza Turker


Farhat Kalkan

Mohmoud Ayad


Nuzha Wazeer

Muhammed Karakus


Sadia Ibrahim

Habibe Karaman


Zaid Iftikhar

Ayyoub Ali


Soumeyya Yavus

Nermin Buyukyazici


Enise Kunduraci

Kubra Acisu


Suaad Warsame

Enes Meric


Kenan Gul

Farhia Nur

Suheda Akdag

Layal Salma


We anticipate that the contribution and the support these students will provide to their classmates, teachers and the college will be greatly appreciated. These Students will also be part of the Students Representative Council (SRC). Fadi Koubar VCE Coordinator

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Year 12 Excursion to La Trobe University On Wednesday 18th of March, the Year 12 chemistry class attended a SAC at La Trobe University related to analytical chemistry. Students had the opportunity to use and learn about new equipment. Ms. Ebru and Ms. Amina accompanied students. Dr. Amina Rawal Science Coordinator

Congratulations to Ahmad Al-Awady I would like to congratulate Ahmad Al-Wady (Year 9B) and his parents for his excellent behaviour and high performance in Science tests. I have noticed Ahmad Al-wady always paying attention to my instructions, doing his homework and classroom activities on time, and , above all, not wasting his time on worthless matters. The result of his desired behaviour was high marks in Science. I advise all students at Ilim College to follow Ahmed footsteps-to follow the teacher’s instructions and avoid time waste on silly matters. This will guarantee school and professional success in the future . Dr. Akram Kabbara Science teacher

Student Welfare/Counselling Department Dear Parents, Like previous years, Ilim College offers student counselling to all students from Prep to Year 12. The main focus of the Student Welfare and Counselling Department is to promote positive mental health within the whole school community. Some of the services offered include: > Individual student counselling > Organising and facilitating group workshop and activities in areas such as self-esteem, confidence, bullying, anger management, etc. > Parent and teacher guidance/support and consultation > Psycho-educational Assessment > Information support on mental health and wellbeing

One important service offered by the Student Welfare and Counselling Department is to disseminate information on relevant community services. Therefore I would like to inform parents with young children about a FREE Arabic Parenting Course by Orana Family Services. The topics which will be covered include: > Being a Responsive Parent > Encouraging Positive Attachment > Promoting Children’s Language and Development > Helping Children Concentrate and Learn > Helping Children Appreciate rules > Managing Tantrums, Misbehaviour and Problems

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL 9308 8761 Another wonderful learning opportunity for all parents is an upcoming workshop on Family Relationships in the Islamic Shari’a law by Sheikh Jehad Ismail Religious Director of Nabi Akram Islamic Centre, Granville-NSW. When: 2.00-4.00pm Wednesday 8th April Where: Hume Global Learning Centre. Contact Number: 9351 3705 For further information please feel free to contact me at the school on 9302 3770 Thank-you School Counsellor Gulcin Buyukyazici

Venue: Coolaroo South Primary School Bushfield Crescent, Coolaroo Dates: Wednesday 29th April, 6th & 13th, 20th & 27th May and 3rd June 2009 Time: 9:30 am to 11:30 am page 10

TURKISH NEWSLETTER Müdür’ün Mesajı Sayın veliler, öğrenciler ve okul personeli,

NİSAN 2009 02 Perşembe

Tüm öğrenciler için son gün

03 Cuma

1. Dönemin Sonu Öğretmen.Veli görüşmesi Karne Dağıtım Günü (sabah 9:30 ile akşam 6:00 arası)

20 Pazartesi

2. Dönemin Başlangıcı

23 Perşembe

Aşı Vurulma Günü Year 7

25 Cumartesi

Anzak Günü - Resmi Tatil

27 Pazartesi

Fotoğraf Günü (Orta Okul/Lise)

29 Çarşamba

Fotoğraf Günü (İlkokul)

Esselamu Aleyküm, Elhamdülillah İlim Koleji’nde Birinci dönemi başarıyla tamamlıyoruz. Bu dönem hepimiz için çok yogun geçti. Öğretmen ve öğrencilerimiz çok sıkı çalışarak mükemmmel bir öğretim programını tamamladılar. İlim Koleji’nde öğrencilerimize en iyi eğitimi verebilmek için çalışan müdür yardımcılarımıza, öğretmenlerimize ve idari personele göstermiş oldukları olağanüstü çabalarından dolayı teşekkür ederim. Ayrıca park alanını kolej çalışanları tarafından verilen talimatlara uyarak kullanan velilerimize her yönden yapmış oldukları yardım ve katkılarından dolayı çok teşekkür ederim. Yeni veli araba parkı alanı çalışmalarının 2009 Nisan ayı ortalarında tamamlanması planlanılmaktadır.

MAYIS 2009 12 Salı


Viktorya Orman Yangınzedelerine yapmış oldukları cömert yardım ve bağışlarından dolayı İlim Koleji öğrenci ve personelini tebrik ediyorum. Viktorya Orman Yangınzedeleri için Sarı Kurdele Satış Kampanyası düzenleyerek 8000 dolar toplanılmasını sağlayan Muhammad Oshake bey ve Julie Anne Bennett hanıma ve İslami Çalışmalar Komitesine teşekkür etmek isterim. İlim Koleji velilerimizin ve öğrencilerimizin yangınzedelere göstermiş oldukları cömertlik için tekrar teşekkür ederim.Toplanan 8000 dolarlık bağış çeki Kızılhaç İcra Müdürü Andrew Hilton beye bir grup öğrencimizle birlikte takdim edilmiştir.

13 Çarşamba


14 Perşembe

NAPLAN Matematik

25 Pazartesi

Müfredat Günü Öğrencilere Okul Kapalı

28 Perşembe

Aşı Vurulma Günü Year 10

27 Çarşamba

ICAS Bilgisayar Yarışması

01- 04

9-10. Sınıfların Sınav Haftası

20 Mart 2009 Cuma günü, ilkokul ve ortaokul öğrencilerimiz tarafından harmoni günü aktiviteleri düzenledi. Kolejimizde bu önemli günün düzenlenmesine yardım ve katkıda bulunan herkese çok teşekkür ederim. Neşe Gül hanıma ilkokul öğrencileri için düzenlenmiş olduğu Jump for Heart ve Yangın Eğitim programı için özel teşekkür etmek isterim.

05 Cuma

Karne Yazım Günü Öğrencilere Okul Kapalı

08 Pazartesi

Kraliçe’nin Doğum Günü - Resmi Tatil Öğrencilere Okul Kapalı

09 Salı

VCE Sınavları

10 Çarşamba

ICAS Fen Bilimleri Sınavları

11 Perşembe

GAT Sınavı

15 - 16

10. Sınıfların Stajları

16 Salı

ICAS İmla ve Yazım Yarışması

18 Perşembe

Tüm Öğrenciler İçin son Gün

19 Cuma

2. Dönemin Sonu Öğretmen.Veli görüşmesi Karne Dağıtım Günü (sabah 9:30 ile akşam 6:00 arası)

Birinci dönem karnelerinin 3 Nisan 2009 tarihinde saat 9.30 ile 17.30 arasında dağıtılacağını bütün velilerimize hatırlatmak isterim. Çocuğunuzun gelişimi hakkında bilgi edinebilmeniz için çok önemli olan bugüne katılmanızı önemle rica ederim. Kolejimizin ofisi tatil boyunca saat 9.00 ile 16.00 arasında açık olacaktır. Velilerimiz ihtiyaç duydukları taktirde bu saatler arasında bize ulaşabilirler. Bütün öğrencilerimizin 2. dönemin başlangıcına kadar tamamlanmak üzere zorunlu ev ödevi alacağını sizlere önemle bildirmek isterim. Lütfen çocuğunuzun ev ödevini yapması için destek olunuz. Tatil süresince İlim Koleji 12. Sınıf öğrencilerine özel dersler verilecektir. Bütün 12. Sınıf öğrencilerimiz daha fazla bilgi için Fadi Koubar beyle irtibat kurmalıdır.


TEMMUZ 2009 12 Pazartesi

3. Dönemin Başlangıcı

Mutlu ve sağlıklı tatiller dileğiyle. Allah’ın rahmeti ve bereketi üzerinize olsun. Wassalam

Yusuf Kirca Principal

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