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t h e B O DY & S O U L I S S U E




FROM THE EDITOR E G O V S . SOU L Ego seeks to serve it itself. Soul seeks to serve others. Ego seeks recognition. Soul seeks authenticity. Ego sees life as competition. Soul sees life as a gift. Ego seeks to preserve self. Soul seeks to preserve others. Ego seeks to be filled. Soul is eternal wholeness. Ego is cause to pain. Soul is cause to healing. Ego looks outward. Soul looks inward. Ego seeks wisdom. Soul is wisdom. Ego feels lack. Soul feels abundance. Ego is drawn to lust. Soul is drawn to love. Ego enjoys the prize. Soul enjoys the journey. Ego is me. Soul is we. Ego is mortal. Soul is eternal.

Jody Belanger Co-Founder Chief Business Director @jody_belanger

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@ilikeherstylevancouver | SUM M E R 2018

Tame Your Ego to Set Your Soul on Fire! “EAT what nourishes your body. DO what nourishes your soul. THINK what nourishes your mind.” – welcome to the Body & Soul Summer Issue! I invite you to stop, take a deep breath, and just sink into this moment where you have the opportunity to be present and mindful of what you are about to read amongst these pages from local women to inspire a Summer to remember! The topic of Body & Soul has become one of great passion for me on my journey as I have discovered that if your soul is out of alignment, your body will struggle to settle into a healthy place. I have committed to making myself a top priority and quiet my ego from trying to convince me that I don’t deserve it or that there are others more deserving. The simple practice of breathing has helped me to calm my mind and get through situations that would have typically caused a lot of stress and anxiety in the past. Being mindful allows me to acknowledge my ego and the negative influence that it can have. I choose to move forward, connected to my soul rather than my ego. That’s right, it’s a choice! Boundaries – even tough love, some may say, are important to ensure that I focus on the things that bring me joy and happiness. To love ourselves for what we are rather than hating ourselves for what we are not is a concept that has lightened up my days and made my journey that much more fulfilling. You are uniquely YOU, and damn girl… that’s something to love & celebrate! So what are those things that bring you joy? Do you have places, people, things, that bring you to your ‘happy place’? Discover what those are and keep the flame ignited this Summer! Embracing my joys has been a game changer. They are simple, yet so essential to my overall vibe. MY FUR BABY – Asia puts my soul at ease the second I see her. She has the power of the 3 C’s: she calms me, she comforts me, and she cracks me up! NATURE’S CALLING - The water, the trees, the clouds, the sounds – all of it brings a peace over me like nothing else and empowers me to move my body as I feed my soul. LOVES OF MY LIFE - Being surrounded by those I love is much needed to fill my ‘love tank’. This past year, I have committed to collecting moments rather than things! This often means unplugging from social media and business to fully connect with them in the present.

Dogs are a reminder of an admirable ego-free life, living in their souls and radiating positive energy unconditionally. They seek to serve, they see each moment as a gift, and they love with their entire being.

WORDS OF WISDOM - Quotes and words of inspiration are a must in my daily routine. I look to them in elements of my home décor, online, in books, or shared by friends. COLOR ME HAPPY - I like to say that ‘I live in color’. When it comes to my creative space, I best express myself in vibrant color. Colour-coded lists, notebooks, highlighters and gel pens are all in my colourful tool-kit! SCENTS OF SOUL - Lastly, my sense of smell sends me into a positive oasis and is crucial in my space, whether that’s in the form of candles or essential oils. “Eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.” This is a Tibetan proverb that shares the secret to long life and living well. This Summer, I have decided to make this my mantra and all of these 'joys' I have shared will accompany me on the path. When our soul is in alignment and we are living in our truth, the body will follow suit! Our Covergirl Jamie Dunlop Khau, creator of Styling The Inside Blog, is the perfect ambassador of this way of life. In this issue, she sheds light on her personal Body & Soul journey. We couldn't be prouder of the lineup of inspirational souls who have partnered with us to bring this issue to life. We couldn't resist showcasing our beautiful BC backyard as the backdrop for many of our features. It provides us with the ideal playground to fuel the Body & Soul this Summer! 7

A look at the AnniverSoirĂŠe

In celebration of I Like Her Style Vancouver's 1st Anniversary, we were delighted to welcome over 100 of our closest friends, family, contributors and supporters to Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery on April 21, 2018. It was an evening of many festivities, hosted by Jake and Taylor Aller of Relationship Project, with music by Sons Of Stanley and show-stopping dance performances by Samba Fusion. The setting was made beautiful by NichĂŠ Event Stylists along with Frankie & Co.'s whimsical balloon stage display and calligraphy signs by Chalkboard Art By Emily. Our guest list, which included covergirls from the magazine's first year, enjoyed a tasty menu provided by White Table Catering Co. and indulged in decadent treats by Candy's Sweet Tables. Guests also shopped our Sparkle Marketplace booths, painted a collaborative art piece with Karlie Rosin, snapped shots in the Swanybooth photobooth and sipped on amazing Krause Berry Farms Wine. Perhaps the most exciting of all, we were able to raise $770 for our charitable partner, Variety The Children's Charity.


THANK YOU TO KRAUSE BERRY FARMS & ESTATE WINERY FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY AND TO ALL OF OUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, SPONSORS & SUPPORTERS! THANK YOU TO OUR EVENT SPONSORS Decor: Niche Event Stylists, Chalkboard Art By Emily, Frankie & Co | Photography: Brooklyn D Photography Venue: Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery | Entertainment: Samba Fusion, Sons of Stanley | Emcees: Relationship Project Treats: Candy's Sweet Tables | Catering: White Table Catering Co. | Photobooth: Swanybooth | Interactive Art: Karlie Rosin


Cocktail Lady Š Karlie Rosin


Artist and friend to I Like Her Style Vancouver, Karlie Rosin has painted this beautiful Summer print for our readers to clip out – suitable for an 8" x 10" frame. Please post to instagram and tag @ilikeherstylevancouver and @karlierosin to show us how you framed and styled your Summer print!







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e h t g n i styl inside PHOTOSHOOT CREATIVE TEAM

Photography: Brooklyn D Photography @brooklyndphotography | Makeup: AX Art Makeup @axartmakeup | Creative Directors: Jody Belanger & Kyla Getty Styling: Jody Belanger | Wardrobe: Below The Belt @belowthebeltstores & STREET @streetstores_ | Location: Rocky Point Park


Need a dose of truth, vulnerability & inspiration? Connect with Jamie Dunlop Khau of Styling the Inside, whose blog and social media presence gives you all of that and more. This is a ‘drug’ you want to overdose on! This Mom of 3 daughters – Jada, Nyomi, and Charley – and wife to her hilarious and selfless husband Charles, is on a journey of styling her life from within and shares her personal experiences on her blog.

I believe vulnerability, making personal connections (especially offline), always going back to my “why”, and having gratitude truly been the key to the growth of Styling The Inside.

Her blog touches on the full spectrum of lifestyle – parenting, health & wellness, style, travel and more. The one constant in every one of Jamie’s posts is the raw and authentic approach to all her writing. This is a woman who is not afraid to go deep… real deep! Her stories naturally encourage introspection and personal development and leave you on a high! We enjoy daily doses of Jamie on her Instagram account where she opens up on her stories, inviting everyone into her daily life. We appreciate her humour and quirkiness… or as she calls it, her ‘dorky side'. On the flip side, we admire her genuine approach to living a meaningful life and being a positive example to her daughters. She doesn’t shy away from sharing the struggles and wears no masks – it’s real talk 100% of the time. Over this last year, we have watched Jamie put a focus on her personal health and well-being and to say we have been cheering her on is an understatement – we are among her biggest fans! It has truly been such an inspiration to see her commit to being active everyday and finding a way to make it happen. Some days that’s a beautiful hike in the mountains or a run along the water, and other days it’s in her basement for the 30 minutes she has available that day. Her journey to reclaiming health & fitness in her life has been so healing for her and the icing on the cake to the happiness she has built from the inside, and it shows as her energy lights up a room! No excuses! She matters, she is a priority, and when living in her truth, everything else falls into place! Now that’s Body & Soul! Jamie is the epitome of our mantra here at I Like Her Style Vancouver – Style with Soul to Empower!

THE BLOG www.stylingtheinside.com


CONNECT ON SOCIAL @styling_the_inside_

Styling The Inside

Styling The Inside is a purpose-driven lifestyle blog dedicated to promoting positive well-being. I began the blog in 2014. I can’t believe it’s almost been five years! When I was growing up I struggled deeply with feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and depression. Sadly, when I was a child I was in a lot of emotional pain, and the only way I knew how to articulate this trauma was to take it out on other children. When I became an adolescent my mental well-being continued on a downward spiral. I was a lost and confused at-risk youth. When I had my first daughter, I went back to school and studied early childhood education. What I noticed was that I became immensely passionate about the emotional development of children which in turn helped me begin to understand my own childhood trauma. The content I began with on my blog consisted of some of these personal stories of trauma, guilt, shame, and the life lessons that came out of these experiences. Through this process of sharing my personal struggles, I realized how therapeutic it was. I created a place people could go to on a deeper level. I found there were so many fashion blogs out there, and I’ve always loved style, but I am FAR more passionate about how childhood trauma effects us as adults, personal development, introspection, and storytelling. “Creating a life that feels good on the inside.” Styling The Inside is a conscious place where I share my real-life stories, my truth, my experiences, events/causes I love to promote, and more. In essence, it’s a place where you can get the inside scoop on how to style your life from within.

I’ve been categorized and pigeon-holed at times, and of course it has been frustrating and has hurt, especially as a teenager. But I haven’t let it define who I know I am. Hard work and perseverance will always pay off.

If you had to describe yourself in one sentence what would you say? This one is a hard one! Hmm, I would say… An empathetic, positive dork that loves to embarrass her children with a terrible British accent. If you could tell the child version of yourself one piece of advice what would it be? YOU ARE LOVED. It’s Monday morning and the beginning of a new week, what’s the first thing you do to kick off the day? Workout. I always have to begin my week with a workout. What is your favourite type of fitness activity to do? Favourite place to workout? Jillian Micheals at home workout in my basement or a run/hike outside.

My life and my experiences. My journey of styling my life within. Each and every piece of writing always comes from something I’m going through, or have gone through. I’m a storyteller.


What type of music do you listen to get you pumped for a workout? Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts. I love combining learning and exercising. I’m obsessed with The Oprah Super Soul Sunday Podcast. If I’m listening to music to get pumped during a run, it’s always an epic EDM playlist. If you had an extra 3 hours in each day what would you spend it doing? Reading. I LOVE reading, but I feel like I never have enough time to devour all the books I want to read.


I’m a social butterfly.

1. Wine or Beer? Wine 2. Beach or Mountains? Ah so hard! Beach.

I’m slightly OCD and working hard at not letting a “mess” bother me.

3. Sight or Sound? Sight

It’s really hard for me to say no to a slice of pizza and peanut butter cups.

4. Moments or Things? Moments

I love to inspire, motivate and make people feel damn good.

5. 10 Minutes Late or 20 Minutes Early? 10 minutes late

I love to connect people.

I twirl my hair. I find the best outfits under pressure. I love to pretend I can speak with a British accent to my kids, they find it super annoying and I love it!

6. Photos or Video? Video 7. Suburbs or City? City 8. Social Media or TV? Social Media

I’m slightly addicted to social media (I blame my blog for that).

9. Be Invisible or Fly? Invisible

You probably won’t find recipes on my blog (I’m not a huge cook, I like to blend everything in my Vitamix).

10. Love or Money? Love

We have a body, but we are not just our body. Yes, this is our physical aspect but we also have a mind, a soul, and a spirit. Each of these things makes up our true essence.

Thank you for Below The Belt & Street for helping us Style Jamie! Here are some of our favourite picks for your Body & Soul style this Summer!

Creating Styling The Inside has been such a rewarding journey and in all honesty, the most rewarding part has been the tremendous amount of personal growth I’ve experienced since I began. Each and every time that I share a vulnerable piece of my story, a part of myself heals. When people thank me for my writing, in turn, I thank them! I’m so grateful to my readers for following along on this journey of styling my life within, and my heart feels that much fuller knowing my personal experience has helped someone else. Each post has so much meaning, but one of my very first blog posts written set the tone for my blog and was one of the most memorable, it is titled ‘Looking Past Appearance’. I shared my personal struggles with my insecurities about hating my ears, and how my daughter hated her chin. The message and life lesson in the story is that we are so much more than our looks, and that it’s important to focus on character based qualities. I often encounter women who have so much to share, but feel nervous at the thought of being vulnerable and the fear prevents them from taking the plunge and opening up. My advice is this: Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength! Vulnerability leads us to more connection; it eliminates feelings of shame, unworthiness, and “not enough”. It’s healing. You don’t have to start a blog and tell every piece of your story, but you can begin with little things like telling someone the truth about how you feel, or reaching out if you’re feeling alone. Whatever is making you feel ashamed in some capacity, can be healed through vulnerability. It isn’t always comfortable, but it is absolutely necessary in order to live authentically and whole-heartedly. I learned so much of this from Brene Brown. If you haven’t read her book, ‘Daring Greatly’, and you’re struggling with vulnerability, it’s a must-read!

BALANCE ISN'T AS EASY AS RIDING A BICYCLE. The unavoidable question that I think every woman dreads, “How do you strive to achieve balance in your life and bring your best self to all your relationships?” I’ve been parenting for fifteen years and I’m going to have to tell you that balance isn’t as easy as riding a bicycle. In all honesty, when I had this expectation that everything “should” be balanced, I was always left feeling defeated because it just wasn’t possible. I will say, I do strive to show up as my best self in all aspects of my life, but some days I do fall short. When I ask for help, and remember that I can’t be perfect at everything, I feel less defeated and balance no longer feels as wobbly as a toddler taking off it’s training wheels for the first time.

A big piece that I have been working on that positively impacts the feeling of balance, is taking time for myself. Gone are the days where I feel guilty for ‘me-time’, in fact allowing myself that time leads me to be a better version of myself for others. Taking back my health and fitness has transcended into all areas of my life. I’m happier, stronger, more confident, and less anxious. In fact, when I began exercising again I couldn’t even do a push-up. And I’m happy to say I’ve now progressed to fifteen. I love feeling myself become stronger everyday! Body & Soul to me is not just about our physical aspect, but it is part of the overall well-being and true essence – body, mind, soul, and spirit – invest in it all!

@ilikeherstylevancouver | SUM M E R 2018

HELLO LOVELY! I'm Kyla Getty, Co-Founder and Creative Director of I Like Her Style Vancouver. I'm also a wife and mama to two fabulous daughters. I have spent almost two decades building my career in Graphic Design, branding and publishing. This Summer, I'm excited to announce the launch of the new Kyla Getty Lifestyle You Tube Channel along with my website: kylagetty.com At my new online headquarters, I am sharing my heart, expertise, and thoughtfully styled ideas for life. I like to call myself a 'lifestylist' and I believe that the title 'Creative Director' should be applied to styling all aspects of life! Come along the journey, and share the inspiration!

what is a lifestylist? Design your look, Curate your collection of belongings, Style your surroundings, and Sculpt your family and relationships with love. Being a 'lifestylist' is about embracing our brilliant ability to intentionally and artfully create our experience.

Kyla Getty Co-Founder Creative Director @kylagetty

Design & Branding Inquiries: kyla@gettcreative.com

PHOTOSHOOT CREATIVE TEAM Photography: Brooklyn D Photography @brooklyndphotography | Hair & Makeup: AX Art Makeup @axartmakeup | Flowers: Niche Boutique Florals @nicheboutiqueflorals

PAMPER THE SOUL With this being our Body & Soul Issue, this Summer, my thoughts are on identifying ways that we can spoil our very own souls silly! Recently, I have found a renewed love for the outdoors, spending time at the lake with my family completely disconnected and living in the present. Carving out creative time and walking my 'lifestylist' path helps me feel intentional and soul-satisfied in the things that I create and accomplish. Lastly, connecting with my 'lady loves' – sculpting those friendships and building connection and friendship with the women in my life has become a very important 'must'.

Friendship Challenge

Schedule these activities into your calendar! 1. Book a brunch date with a friend each month. 2. Schedule a girls' weekly walk (kids optional!) 3. Spend 5 minutes a day touching base via text (mix it up and reach out to friends, old & new!) 4. Book a group picnic with friends at the park.

Q: you co-founded this magazine with your best friend. What are your friendship tips?

Jody and I co-founded this magazine together with a life-long friendship and too many inside jokes and memories to count. We get asked from time to time if we fight, and we can safely say that we don't. (Though we often have varying opinions!) Over the years, we have learned to navigate each other's personalities and communicate effectively. Friendships take tender love and care... and an investment of time. It's helpful to recognize your friendship style and

5. Pick up a $5-$10 gift to surprise & share a product you've been enjoying with a friend. 6. Snail-mail a cute card to 1 friend each month.

also to understand that some friends have an important place in your life, though it may be only for a small time. When individuals grow into new phases, the friendship may not serve each of you as it once did... and it's ok to move on with gratitude for what it was. Others – like Jody and I – stand the test of time. All thriving friendships require an investment of energy and this is a call to action to mark your calendar this Summer, girlfriend!

Book Club

I'm so excited to read 'BIG MAGIC' by Elizabeth Gilbert this Summer. I invite you to pick up a copy and read along! Make sure to follow me on instagram @kylagetty and subscribe to Kyla Getty Lifestyle on YouTube to join the convo! @kylagetty www.kylagetty.com Kyla Getty Lifestyle


Blogger & Influencer: CodiLynn




I’m looking around a room full of women thinking about how each one is so beautiful. Most of us don’t know each other, and are starting our first conversations to get to know one another better. On this day there was one thing that each of us had in common, we are doing something that we haven’t done before. We are modeling for local swimsuit company, Union Swimwear.

Throughout the day, I also recognized that I wasn’t the only one feeling a little bit insecure. Most of us were nervous and timid to get out there, but all of us did it anyways. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and shows a lot about your character. We can believe the little lies we tell ourselves, building up insecurities and self-doubt or we can kick them to the side and show ourselves some love.



@ilikeherstylevancouver | SUM M E R 2018


ways to show yourself more love.

Giving yourself love and attention is often put on hold with a busy day-to-day schedule and never ending list of to-do’s. That needs to stop. Recognize today that taking time to love yourself first can actually allow you to give more to others that you love. 1. Add Yourself to Your Schedule Have you recently told yourself, “I just don’t have time” when it comes to self care? Change that by making time. Ultimately, we have time for the things that we choose to have time for. Making yourself a priority and carving out that time will likely allow you to perform better in other areas. 2. Speak Kindly to Yourself The words you say to yourself are powerful and play a huge role in the way you feel throughout the day. Speak encouraging words that empower and motivate you. Start the day by complimenting yourself when you look in the mirror and continue to speak those words to yourself. 3. Fuel Your Body with Healthy Foods What you put into your body plays a big role in how you feel about it. Choosing foods that energize you and make you feel good on the inside allow you to live happier and healthier. 4. Don’t look for the Approval of Others The way you think others view you should not influence your self love. When you walk through life with self love and acceptance, you can recognize easily that you are enough and views from other people do not have an impact. Let your own positive voice speak truth into who you are. 5. Do Something New Never stop learning. Continue to experiment and try new things, you are constantly changing and growing and life always has new opportunities. Allow yourself to learn something new, experience adventure, develop more confidence and empower yourself by recognizing your strengths and abilities.

Self love is a continuous journey. Speaking truth into your life allows you to make decisions that are better for your well being and the people around you. Consciously practice acts of self love and you will fuel your body with the greatest gift.

Photos: Julie Jagt @juliejagt Bathing Suits: @union.swimwear Models (left to right in group image): Jessica Kennedy @strongsoulstribe Cassandra @stumblinggrace Codi Lynn @creativewifeandjoyfulworker Carla Thiessen @featherandmane Taylor Aller @therelationshipproject Katrina Dreyer @kdreyerco Chiantelle Nicole @chiantelle Floral Crowns: @everredfreshdesigns Hair: @baweddinghair Makeup: @goddessbeautyservices




Samba for the Soul:

SAMBA FUSION “Samba Fusion shares the same goals as I Like Her Style Vancouverˮ, said by the Samba Gals themselves, “We empower women through dance and expression and showcase our work through our performances, while connecting with other like-minded individuals along the way.”

Samba Fusion can be described in 3 words – Diversity, Power, and Talent! Founded in 2009 by Andrea Montero and Carine Carole, (who are still members of Samba Fusion today) with the goal to showcase Brazilian dance, style, and culture in Vancouver through their passion for dance! With new goals of performing internationally and continuing to build their brand in Greater Vancouver, these ladies are making a statement one performance at a time! Dance has changed their lives. “We are a group of artists who consider dance as a form of exercise, as well as self-expression. It has given us a reason to move our bodies in a way that is connected to art! Dance is therapeutic and increases self-confidence – the costumes, the feeling we get from dancing, and the excitement we see on the faces of others during our performances help us to feel more confident in ourselves. Dance is more than just a hobby or job, it is an outlet, it is something to work towards, a motivator, a release.”

Photo: Chris Randle

So many women shy away from dancing because they simply think they can’t dance, but according to Samba Fusion, 'that’s a Western thing!' In other parts of the world, Dance is a large part of everyday life – people move with the beat of the music any chance they can get! Samba Fusion’s message to us all is, “Feel comfortable in your own skin, dancing is your birthright! Everyone can dance. No one is here to judge you except yourself.” Amen Sista! They recommend the track, ‘Trofeu Do Ano’ by Jerry Smith to get you moving this Summer! When Samba Fusion hits the stage they make an impact! Their costumes are out of this world, with so much attention to detail, bright colours, bling, feathers… they’ve got style! Samba Fusion shared, “We all create our own costumes and put a lot of care into crafting our appearance. Not everyone can wear the same thing, so we’ve come to recognize what colors and styles look good on us and bring that diversity of beauty to our performances. We are not Barbie Dolls and never pretend to be. We all have something unique to share on stage.” Check out some of their stunning costumes @sambafusiondesigner. The women of Samba Fusion fulfill their Body & Soul through dance, sharing their love of dance with others, creating extravagant costumes to suit their personal style, practicing self-love, and making sure all women on the team have a voice. They have inspired us and we are ready to shake our tail feathers without hesitation this Summer! Vamos Dancar (Let’s Dance)! Check out their Instagram page @sambafusion and for bookings and inquiries please contact sambadancevancouver@gmail.com

@ilikeherstylevancouver | SUM M E R 2018


The club that

EMPOWERS REAL WOMEN TO LIVE LIKE A COVERGIRL This is THE it Club for any woman living in BC’s Lower Mainland who wants to keep her finger on the pulse! With the exclusive I Like Her Style Society Membership card, women have the opportunity to become a VIP

in our community. This is a

society that any woman can empower herself to be part of. Our annual members will be granted

VIP Website & Special Event Access, meet friendly, fabulous women, and enjoy I Like Her Style

Exclusive Member Benefits and Discounts at local shops, boutiques and on services, too!

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$124.95 yearly membership Women’s Events & Workshops Exclusive Member Benefits Local Shopping Savings Card

J O I N U S T O D AY AT Magazine Founders Kyla Getty & Jody Belanger



Karlene Karst Rd. is an author, public speaker, media contributor and online lifestyle influencer who has a passion for sharing her knowledge about health and nutrition to benefit others. She is a tall, radiant beauty and exudes well-being, so it may surprise you that her journey began with illness. In her early twenties, Karlene was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which presented as a combination of lupus-like and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. She was exhausted, in pain and filled with anxiety. Even though she was already studying nutrition, she shares that she really had no idea how to eat well until she was introduced to natural health supplements along with information on how diet and lifestyle can improve autoimmune disease. This was her 'ah ha' moment – she decided to take her health into her own hands and she has never looked back. “Every day I work at my health. It’s been a long and arduous journey, but worth every single bit of spinach and chia seeds!" She laughs. "I have experience firsthand, what an incredible turn around in healing, my body experienced as a result of incorporating healthy fats from fish and plant oils. My love for healthy omega oils has continued to grow and lead me to research, study, write, formulate and develop Sea-licious, a brand of Omega Oil supplements.ˮ

Describe the many hats that you wear and what are you most proud of. As much as I often complain about everything I do on the daily, I’m actually extremely blessed to have such a full life. I’m a daughter, wife, sister, aunt, friend, mom, boss, colleague, mentor. My kids, Luca (age 10), Matteo (age 7), and Capri (age 3), are my greatest accomplishments in life. They have taught me more than I could ever describe, and I’ve poured my heart and soul into them. I work very hard at my family life as we all know being a mom is the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world.


You travel a lot, what’s in Karlene’s Carry-On Bag? Water, thieves spray (essential oils that act as anti-bacterial), my vitamin bag (I take at least 10 different vitamins each day), magazines (some fashion, home and lifestyle), laptop, iphone + charger, money, and lipstick (I always wear lipstick, lol).


You are the founder of Sealicious, what inspired you to make this product and how has it changed your life? Yes, Sea-licious is like my 4th baby. I’m so proud of this brand and what it stands for. Omega-3s were how I got into the natural health field and the nutrient that really changed my health. But not all fish oils are created equal; my goal was to make Sea-licious the BEST and highest quality omega-3 product that everyone in the family would love to take. What is one thing that people would be shocked to know about you? I drink a glass of wine everyday at 5 pm.

What advice do you have for the woman who wants to improve her health, but feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start? Start small and make the change you want so easy that you really can’t say no to it each day. I recommend health changes start with the morning. Establishing a healthy routine before you need to begin your day. Maybe that means getting out of bed earlier to enjoy your alone time for meditation, prayer, exercise or whatever else makes you happy. I feel if you are happy in the morning it sets the stage for a happy day. Women also need to become knowledgeable about their health. They need to find a trusted source of healthy inspiration, and learn, read and do. It does take work and commitment to be healthy, but there is nothing more important than the gift of health.

What's your definition of strength? Strength is both mental and physical and I’ve found my strength through learning to adapt. As Darwin said “its not the strongest or the smartest who survive, its those who can adapt”. I have a lot of responsibility and I have become strong both emotionally and physically through constantly growing, learning and adapting.

Would you consider yourself balanced? Balanced is one of the toughest places to exist in my life, especially because I have a responsibility to so many other people (children, spouse and staff). I know when I feel happiest and most calm, so I strive for that feeling however with the nature of my work there are times during the year when I need to give more of me to my work, and my kids get less mom-time, but thankfully the pendulum swings back to when I can devote more time to my family life. I would love to find more alone-time (outside of 5 am) and also more time with my husband…but with 3 young kids and a business, its honestly tough to do.

If you had an extra 3 hours in each day what would you spend it doing? Oh please, can I have 3 more hours each day? I would sit down more and just be in the moment either with my kids, by myself, or chatting with my husband. Every day I’m in a big hurry, and more time would be such a gift. If you were to leave a legacy in this world, what do you want to be remembered for? Ok, this question made me tear up. I want to be remembered for my giving heart and endless love for my babies. There is nothing in my life that means more to me than my 3 kids. My 3-year old daughter Capri said to me one day “I love your heart mom”. Enough said.

PHOTOSHOOT CREATIVE TEAM Photography: Brooklyn D Photography @brooklyndphotography | Hair & Makeup: AX Art @axartmakeup | Creative Director: Jody Belanger @jody_belanger


La ngl ey,B


Pre-Sale Condos + Townhomes


Real estate Goals? We've got you.


778-980-6003 A D M I N @ T H E G E T T Y G R O U P. C O M


A team comprised of Kyle Getty Personal Real Estate Corporation, Tracey Biro @Realtor, and Amy Lucrezi Licensed Assistant. *Kyle Getty-PREC is the recipient of the Diamond Award for 2017.

*Not intended to induce a breach of an existing agency relationship.

Summer Fresh A S E N S AT I O N A L S U M M E R E N T E R TA I N I N G M E N U B Y W H I T E TA B L E C AT E R I N G C O .

Summer is a fabulous time to entertain and enjoy a meal alfresco with friends and family. For our Body & Soul Issue, we wanted to showcase some creative, colourful and fresh menu items to help you think outside of the BBQ! Our partners and friends Mark and Carly of White Table Catering Co. were not only up to the challenge – but they blew us away with this sensational Summer menu! As the founders of the quickly growing White Table Catering Co., this creative couple blends Carly’s flair for style and vision for special events with Mark’s business acumen and passion for the culinary world as a Red Seal Chef. White Table Catering Co. prides themselves in showcasing fresh, seasonal food customized to fit perfectly for each client and event they work with – always with special finishing touches and details that leave a lasting impression. WTC's menus blur the line between food and art. Together with their professional team, they offer full event services including rental coordination, detailed floor plans, elegant bar service and the sweetest staff ever, no detail is missed. Their extra care and attention ensures every detail they provide from the linens and flatware to the food being passed and drinks being served is all perfectly catered to your taste and event.


SERVES 5 Salmon:

20 oz Salmon Fillet 2 Tbsp Olive Oil Salt and Pepper Salad Garnish: 1 oz Arugula 1/2 oz Radiccio 1/4 Fennel Bulb 1/2 oz Chives 2 oz Macadamia Nuts 2-3 Citrus Fruits (example: grapefruit, orange, blood orange) Dressing: 3 Tbsp Infused Local Honey 1 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice (or juice from segmented citrus) Directions: Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Segment citrus fruits and set aside. Using a mandolin, carefully shave thin slices of fennel and set aside. Slice Chives and Radicchio. Add dressing items together in a separate bowl and whisk. Divide your fish fillet into five even portions. Place your non-stick, oven compatible, fry pan on high heat. Once hot, add oil and then sear the salmon skin side up until golden brown. Flip the salmon and place into the oven for approximately 4-6 minutes. Pressing the salmon gently on top, the salmon should start to flake and reveal a medium pink inside. Remove the salmon from the oven and allow the fish to finish cooking through in the pan while it rests for 1 minute. With the dressing, lightly dress the Radicchio, Arugula and Fennel, setting the remainder aside. Plate the salmon onto a platter and coat the salmon with then the remainder of the dressing. Garnish the salmon with the salad, citrus and macadamia nuts.

h s e fr



SERVES 4-6 Ingredients:


2 Cups Green Peas

Boil water seasoned with salt. Cut asparagus into 2 inch pieces, discarding approximately 1 inch off of the root end to avoid the chewy part of the stalk. Place in boiling water for 30 seconds. Strain and cool immediately in ice water. Slice radishes carefully on a mandolin. Mince onion and place together with the radishes, peas and asparagus in a bowl. Toss with the dressing and garnish with almonds and lemon zest.

1 Bunch Asparagus 1 Japanese Watermelon Radish 3 Radishes 1 Purplette Onion Dressing: 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice 2 Tbsp Olive Oil Salt and Pepper Garnish:

Tip: Placing your lightly boiled vegetables immediately into ice water brings out a vibrant colour.

White Table Catering Co. would love to bring their creative culinary services to your event! We are available to work with you at any venue in the Lower Mainland, or enjoy their services as the exclusive caterers for the Fraser Valley’s newest venue space Airside Event Spaces. Website & blog: www.whitetablecatering.com @whitetablecatering

½ Lemon Zest 2 oz Toasted Sliced Almonds



SERVES 6-8 Ingredients:

1 oz Baby Spinach 1 oz Radicchio 1 oz Frisee 1 oz Butter Leaf Lettuce 2 oz Arugula 3 oz Goat Cheese Edible Flowers 4 Apricots 2 oz Cherries 2 Nectarines 3 oz St. Germaine Dressing: 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 Teaspoon Honey 1 Teaspoon red wine vinegar 2 Teaspoon lemon juice Directions: Cut apricots and nectarines and macerate with St. Germaine. Set aside in a separate bowl for 30 minutes in the fridge. Cut lettuce, wash and dry. In a separate bowl, whisk together salad dressing ingredients. Toss lettuce with dressing and garnish with goat cheese, cherries, edible flowers and macerated stone fruit. Tip: Instead of serving a large salad, serve it to your guests on mini cake stands or small cups for an appetizer or small plated course!



2 Cups Soda Water (we use elderflower soda) 2 Cups White Wine 4 Kiwis 8 oz St. Germaine 1 Sliced Lime Ice Directions: Peel and cut Kiwis. Muddle one kiwi in each glass along with ice and 2 oz of St. Germaine. Mix in 1/2 cup of soda water and 1/2 cup white wine. Stir and garnish with sliced lime.

r e m m su SIPS



4 Large Ripe Sweet Mangos


1 Cup Water

Peel and cut mangos, placing aside 4 mango cubes. Place cut mangos, water and honey in blender and blend until smooth. Place into a shallow pan and freeze for 4 hours. Scrape frozen mango puree with a metal spoon into cups. Garnish with mint and skewered mango cubes.

2 Tbsp Local Honey 4 Skewers 4 Sprigs of Mint

PHOTOSHOOT CREATIVE TEAM Photography: Brooklyn D Photography | Recipes, Food Preparation & Styling: White Table Catering Co. | Creative Director: Jody Belanger @ilikeherstylevancouver | SUM M E R 2018


Inspired Fitness International Plant-Based Super Athlete Total Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness Advocate





Photography: Brooklyn D Photography @brooklyndphotography | Hair & Makeup: AX Art @axartmakeup | Creative Director: Jody Belanger @jody_belanger



The Perfect Step Up: 1. Create a 90-degree angle with the knees, and hips. 2. Place a majority of weight on the mid-foot to heel of your support leg. 3. Have an active hinge at the hip to engage the glutes and hamstrings.

This summer, give your body and mind a new perspective on what it’s like to workout outside of the regular four walls of a gym. Research shows that the benefits of sweating outdoors is associated with greater feelings of revitalization, and increased energy. Fortunately here in British Columbia we can explore some of the world's best trails right in our own backyard!

My journey of trail running began after years of working out in a gym when the arrival of Chance, my Bernese Mountain Dog, became an addition to my family. Now, Chance and I both get our workouts in by hitting the trails with a constant change of scenery, sidestepping of rocks and roots, navigating twists and turns, all while making for an exciting workout that puts my strength and balance to the test. The key factor of trail running is that it takes on a different form of training than road running. Trails are exhilarating, yet also demanding on certain areas of the body. Essentially you are preparing for the path less traveled. Strong ankles, a strong core, and strong hips can all be built to help navigate rocks and bound off of them while you dance around obstacles, and conserve energy for the next turn that awaits. While preparing for my first 50KM Ultra Marathon Trail race in Spring 2018, these three movements became favourites because I could perform them anywhere, at anytime, with no equipment needed!

Alternating Lunges: This compound body weight exercise targets the quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Alternate each leg for a total of 30 reps. Keep your knee an inch above ground, being sure not to hit it on the way down, in order to stay engaged throughout the movement (and avoid injury).

A quote I often remind myself of while running through nature's tall trees is that the forest is ‘for-rest’. Take in the moment, go at your own pace, have fun, breathe deeper, challenge yourself. You’ll be shocked at the benefits this journey provides. Post run, be sure to stretch, hydrate, and refuel properly. Adventure awaits!

CONNECT ON SOCIAL @mgmfit_mandy

Bench Mountain Climbers: Work that core! Bring each alternating knee into chest as close as possible, all while staying in a plank position. Each of these three movements are recommended for a total of 30 alternating reps with 3-5 rounds depending on skill level.


Irene Strong


2018 – IS THIS THE SUMMER YOU BUY A HOME OF YOUR OWN? Living life fully, body and soul, requires room to explore and a place to call our own. For most of us, owning a home is a priority, but Vancouver’s market hasn’t made it easy. That may be changing. August is traditionally one of the slowest months for B.C. real estate sales, good news for Vancouverites discouraged by the multiple, over-asking, no-conditions offers of recent years. In addition, a report by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver just revealed that condo flipping has dropped by 36 percent over the past 12 months, meaning that at least a third of short-term investors are now out of the market.

Photo: Suzanne Rushton Photography

In other words, if you’re dreaming of a property with your name on the title, it’s time to put a plan in place. Unlike other investments, a home of your own can bring you joy even when markets soften. What matters is that you’re comfortable owning it until the current cycle has played itself out and prices are again trending upward, or that you can move up the real estate ladder in the meantime. It all comes down to affordability and the right mortgage products. That said, it is possible to make expensive mistakes. How do you avoid them?

A successful plan includes expert advice and a sound cash-flow and credit strategy. It’s time to start interviewing now if you haven’t already. A great mortgage broker will help you align your cash flow and credit with your goals, so that – when your real estate agent has helped you find the right home – you qualify for the best mortgage for your situation. For more on each of these keys to your new home, see my I Like Her Style online guides, coming July 24, August 21 and September 25. In the meantime, be one of the first 25 I Like Her Style readers to email me at irene@irenestrong.com with the subject line ILHSVbody&soul to get a free copy of my new comprehensive mortgage YOUR PIECE OF THE EARTH guide, Own Your Piece of the Earth – or find it now on Amazon.ca.



Everything you Need to Know About Mortga ges in Canada’s Major Housin g Markets


Irene Strong Mortgage Professional (778) 847-8466 | @irene_strong facebook.com/strongmortgages/ irene@irenestrong.com irenestrong.com



RELATIONSHIP PROJECT Photo: Amber Leigh Photography



“I know every girl says this about her guy but I truly have the best partner in the world! He is the greatness human I have ever been blessed to know. My problem is that I have a very low sex drive. I'm attracted to him, I love him and I want to make him happy but I just don't have that desire. I know sometimes with women it can be a chemical imbalance but it's not that. I'm just wondering if you have any advice on that? what should I do? Thank you so much!” – Sexy/less Friend



Some reasons for low libido/disinterest: • Being tired. It's a LEGIT, researched-based, reason! • Feeling obligated or pressured. • Pain in the pelvic floor, vagina, or anywhere in the body. • Lack of supportive intimacy such as meaningful conversations, non-sexual touching and contact, any other support in day to day life. • Routines getting in the way of sex, or sexual routines being unsatisfying. • Sexual abuse, trauma, or past experiences. • Hormonal imbalances and variances that may be caused by menstrual cycles, Hormonal birth control, or other reasons.

Things to try: Thank you for sending this question our way, you are not alone in this one, girl. We’ve thought on some advice and suggestions for you. But before I get into those, I must ask, is wanting a higher sex drive for him or for you? You mentioned, "I want to make him happy”, is this something you can give more thought to? You're right. This can be caused by a hormonal/chemical imbalance as well as other reasons which we will outline below. But before we get into that, we want to say: all sex drives vary and this is normal, though it's not commonly talked about or shown often in the media. Stats on partner sex frequency range from 3x/week to 2x/month to even less. Even the experts can't tell you! So if you assume, like we did, that everyone has sex so much more often, or that you should be having more, it's not necssarily true.

Questions to ask yourself and your partner: • Am I feeling pressured to have sex more often? Where is that pressure coming from? (Myself, partner, media, the mystical universe?) • How has my body changed over time? Have I always had a lower libido or has this changed with age/physicality? ('Cause it totally does and it's completely normal!) • What are my expectations around sex? Is it a passionate, spontaneous, only in bed, when I am rested thing? Is it a restaurant washroom quickie thing? Is it a lazy Sunday morning with all the time in the world thing? Are orgasms a must for both of us? All of that? None of that? Then ask: Is my day-to-day life conducive to those expectations or does something need adjusting – either the lifestyle or the expectations? • What is 'sex' to me/him/us? Is it kissing, intercourse, oral sex, touching? Having sex and being intimate can be many things. Think about what is satisfying, promotes intimacy, and feels good. Then, talk about incorporating that into your lives and adjusting those expectations of having 'sex'. • Have you had these conversations with your partner? Does he know how you feel, what you're insecure about, what makes you happy, and what makes him happy? If you haven’t yet, we would highly suggest having many conversations with him.

• Have the conversations often. • Plant the seeds. Spend a full week revving the engine. Send flirty texts, engage in intimate touching, tickle wars, checking each other out, complementing appearances, watching arousing movies (not necessarily porn!), self-stimulation, dancing together, all increasing excitement for the end of the week when you've carved out time for 'sexy time'. More on that below! • Schedule, make space, and show up for sexy time. • Introduce new places and things like toys, outfits, techniques, positions, blindfolds, touching, etc. to make sex a fun and experimental! Laugh in bed! • Get back into your body and out of your head. Exercise, dance sensuously alone or with your partner, get a massage, do body scans or meditations, write things down to clear mental space... whatever that looks like for you!

Things to keep in mind: • Quality over Quantity. • Conversations around sex need to happen all the time, from now until forever, because libido is an ever-changing thing! • Sexual drive, as we age, increases as we are being sexual, and not beforehand! (Say what?) Yep. Totally true. Try engaging in intimate activities and then see how you feel after 10 or 15 minutes. Are you more aroused? The same? Less? • Happy people have sex... sex does not mean 'happy people'. Take a look at other areas of your life that may be affecting your overall contentment and satisfaction with your life, relationship, and self. Can anything else be adjusted or needs some attention?

Whew. That's our full-ass answer! We hope you've found that at least a little bit helpful with some new information and paths to walk down. Know that you are not alone. These conversations, things to try, and reminders are things that we do regularly! We have very different libidos and in the 12 years we've known each other, they have changed over and over again. It's normal and we work with this challenge too! Good luck and good sex, friends, we're rooting for you!

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IN 2018, YES! VANCOUVER IS CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF... Giving back to our community

Empowering women back into the workforce

Making powerful connections

Join us and you’ll be part of a long-lasting, philanthropic community of women that always keeps it real, takes the stigma out of networking and celebrates YOU for chasing your career goals. 100% of proceeds raised from our memberships and events directly benefits Dress for Success Vancouver, a community helping women achieve economic independence by providing a network of support and the tools to help women thrive in life.


 yesvancouver  yesvancouver

BUSINESS BABES COLLECTIVE is a global platform of businesswomen from around the world based on collaboration and community. We help women by providing online and offline resources and a community to help them grow their businesses. We host events and workshops for the purpose of inspiration, education and connection. We love supporting creative women and getting involved with organizations that make an impact. Business Babes Collective currently host events, workshops, and mini-retreats in the following cities: Vancouver, Victoria, San Diego, Seattle and Toronto. Join our Facebook Group: Facebook.com/groups/vancitybusinessbabes Connect with us on Instagram: @businessbabesco @vancitybusinessbabes Check out our upcoming events: www.businessbabescollective.com

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52 SUMMER 2018 | ilikeherstylevancouver.com


VALUE, PURPOSE AND SUCCESS Entrepreneurship is an incredible journey. We can experience amazing times of success where things are exciting, fun and we feel so much passion for our work. We also go through times where things maybe don’t go as planned. Circumstances arise that are out of our control that we could have never been predicted. One of the most dangerous things we can do as a business owner is to find our value in how ‘Successful’ we are in our business. We can start asking ourselves questions like: Do I matter? What is my purpose? Is my life really making an impact? As we wrestle with these questions, it can cause a lot of anxiety, we can feel stressed, overwhelmed and we might start to compare ourselves to others, who we feel have it all figured out. The measures of ‘Success’ that society tells us we should strive for will never actually fulfill us, it will never feel like enough. If we chase success, fame, money, power, we will always be left feeling empty. We don’t have to prove our worthiness to the world. The truth is, we can find our purpose, our meaning, and worthiness in something much greater than our work. Sometimes, its hard to remember this, which is why we need a positive community around us to remind us who we are, that we are truly valuable no matter what we accomplish. You are welcome in our community no matter what stage of your business you are in, or even if you are just wanting to learn more about business, we’d LOVE to meet and connect with you!


Danielle Wiebe

@danilivinglife Founder | Business Babes Collective

CONNECT LAUGH NETWORK LEARN COLLAB Monthly Events Hosted in Vancouver and The Fraser Valley •

Insightful Topics

Guided Networking Activities

Expert Panels, Fun & Treats!

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: Joining Vancity Business Babes has connected me to so many amazing women entrepreneurs in Vancouver! I also recently did the Action Takers Club workshop series. Danielle did such an incredible job leading the group. Her positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious! Not only was the content of the workshops so helpful for my business having the opportunity to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs was invaluable. I've taken so much away from it. Thank you Danielle! - Claire Alter

I went to my first Business Babes event last week and the topic was Business and Purpose. Danielle put together a beautifully curated event with the most inspiring speaker panel. What an incredible platform that she has created to support the women in our community and what they are doing out in the world. Can’t wait to attend my next event! - Anna Davidson

Loved my first Vancity Business Babes event! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. It was great to meet like-minded individuals who are all eager to make their mark in the world and the quality of speakers were top notch. Love this little community. Thanks Again! - Kelsey Gostelow Meet the Business Babes Collective Team! (From Left to Right) Nancy Deol @nancydeol Marketing Manager, Danielle Wiebe @danilivinglife Founder, and Sydnee Ricci @sydneericci Events Manager. Photo by @alyssadawson

Virgin Radio's Morning Show Host Nira Arora Shares Her Current Must-Haves


hot list



SUMMER Food is Medicine – Turmeric Tonic Turmeric is one of nature’s wonder ingredients. It does a body beyond good and it should definitely be in your diet. Daily Turmeric Tonic is the ULTIMATE anti-inflammatory super powder! Daily Turmeric Tonic combines the healing powers of organic turmeric, organic adaptogenic herbs, and organic superfoods into one perfectly-crafted and delicious chai spiced blend. Just add one scoop of Daily Turmeric Tonic to hot water or milk to make the perfect Golden Milk Turmeric Latte. Or, you can also add it to any recipe for a super-boost! Eat better & go further! It's Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Dairy-free, Paleo and Keto. www.furtherfood.com

Photo: Brooklyn D Photography

The Urban Garden Redesigned – LifeSpace Gardens

It’s about that time – Summer! This is when you need to take a few deep breaths and prioritize yourself! Look for some of that summer healing. I know you already know this, but it goes by so fast and you’ll regret not taking a moment to give to yourself. Here are a few items that can help you make some YOU time this summer, whether it’s to feel better from the inside or out. Inspired by Nature Redavid Orchid Oil Dual Therapy Treatment

Release - Relief - Repeat: The Rad Roller

Towel dry, add a few drops to your hair, blow and go! One of my favorite features of this product is that it’s made right here in Vancouver. We love supporting local! Science that works – styling that stuns, that's ReDavid.

I’m obsessed and CANNOT get enough of the RAD Roller! I’ve had back issues for a few years, (having three children may be a part of the issue) and this roller is great at hitting the right spots. Your body needs to release all the tension that you carry and the design of the RAD Rollers are so perfect – I could lie on it all day long – if my kids would let me, Ha! But on a serious note, my back is always looking for a reason to break into a spasm and these rollers are a pretty fool-proof way to find the right pressure release. Since the body’s movements begin at the spine and move their way outwards, the RAD Roller's design is perfect in creating a functional point release all along your spine without putting pressure on the spine itself. I try to make some time after the kids go to bed. I throw on Netflix and try to release some of that tension. By the way, it's for more than just your back. You can use this roller on you calves, hip joints, IT bands, arms, glutes, feet... you get the picture! I grabbed mine at Innovative Fitness – www.innovativefitness.com



Let me introduce you to your new best friend… or I should I say your hair’s new best friend? ReDavid Orchid Oil Dual Therapy Treatment! If you have curls, frizz, or damage you’ll be amazed by how quickly your hair becomes softer, healthier, and more manageable. I've tried tons of hair products but once I tried Redavid – it's been all I need. ReDavid Orchid Oil Dual Therapy Ultra Nourishing Repair is like a good hair day in a bottle. It tackles frizz, restores moisture, and adds incredible shine.


Take charge of what you put in your body – from the VERY beginning. LifeSpace is an amazing Vancouver company that allows you to succeed at growing truly organic produce, even as part of a very busy lifestyle. Because of the changing climate and the importance of conserving water, LifeSpace has developed a system that wastes as little water as possible. They are self-watering gardens that have been crafted with style – to look good all season long. Made with custom-milled western cedar, Food Safe materials, and an innovative sub-irrigation design that ensures that your LifeSpace Garden will stand the test of time, you and your family can grow truly organic vegetables and herbs efficiently, no matter how small the space. I love their mission statement: “We dream of a future where there can be a garden on every balcony, in every yard, on all communal rooftops and throughout our shared spaces - A day when communities will once again come together around growing and sharing food.” This is also a fabulous way to get your kids started with gardening and wanting to learn more about eco-friendliness. Added bonus – you'll have them spend more time in the fresh air! www.lifespacegardens.com

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