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TWICE AS NICE We were so inspired by the women of the Lower Mainland that we couldn't have just one cover story! We have featured two incredible women on our covers and packed this magazine with double the fun! Simply read along and flip – it's two magazines in one!

COV E R S TOR IE S Michele Phillips | @whatdreamsmaybecome Danielle Wiebe | @vancitybusinessbabes

F EAT U R E S & CONTR IBU T O RS Sydney Socias | The Cross Decor & Design | @thecrossdesign Tessa Sam | @sweetbakeshop Jasmine Hoffman | @jasminehoffman Elsa Corsi | @jewelietteshop Stephanie Lewis | @slmissglam Erin Towns | @etowns Natasha Raey | @nraey | @she.talks Georgia Nicols Donni Rae Edmondson | @donnierae | @styleforthepriv Samantha Dempster | @thefamjewels Bella Wren | @bellawrendesign Megan Barker | @designyoursuccess Meray Froese | @myrewardfitness Jessica Birak | @mintandbirch Codi Lynn | @creativewifeandjoyfulworker Ally Pintucci | @allypintucci Kristina Cross | @theswanksocial Karin Bohn | @houseofbohn

GL A M S QUA D AX Art | @axartmu Blue Jasmine Beauty Group | @bluejasminebeautygroup Hair By Casii | @hairbycasii Jasmine Hoffman | @jasminehoffman

PHOT OS & V I DE O G RAP H Y Kim James Photography | @kimjamesphotography Nomo Simply Sweet Photography | @nomo.simplysweetphotography Erin Sousa | @sparklemedia Iulia Agnew Fotographie | @iulia.agnew Britney Gill | @brit_gill M & Him | @m.and.him Cole Bayford Media | @cbayford

MODEL Gabrielle Guerrier | @gguerrier Thank you to everyone who made this issue possible!

MEAN TO YOU? We asked some of the Lower Mainland's top creative influencers about their outlook for 2017. 2017 marks a fresh, brand new start. If I were to visualize it, starting 2017 would be like putting a pen to a fresh, pretty new notebook, and the first word that I would write on the very first page would be “grace.” 2017 is all about learning how to give myself grace as I continue to attempt to achieve the elusive work/life balance. It’s going to be about giving myself space and grace so that I can let go and find joy in the midst of chaos.

Jessica Birak Mint & Birch @mintandbirch

I am not a huge resolutions person but I am big into goal setting. With both a blog and graphic design business, the launch of 2017 means that it is time to sit down, evaluate my business plans and set new goals that are both reasonable and far fetched. I am excited about what 2017 will bring as a mother as each child grows one year older and as a business woman, as each venture gets that much more established. Cheers to 2017, let's set goals, do new things and tackle any fears.

Codi Lynn Creative Wife & Joyful Worker @creativewifeandjoyfulworker

Why do we see new years as a fresh start? Is it because the number starts back at 1? For me, it's because I've eaten so damn much at Christmas that I feel sick. A few years ago I wanted to scrap the idea of 'new years resolutions'. A new flip on the calendar page wasn't going to determine what I was and wasn't allowed to do. You either want to do something, or you don't. For me, I say the words "I can't" when I'm having a bad day (or month) as a cop out. I I I I

can't can't can't can't

get that job. meditate today. go to the gym. handle this right now.

If you want something, do it. Set a goal, wake up and work for it.. because saying "I can't" means you don't want it bad enough. Forget this new year, new me bullsh*t. It's always you, you're always changing, and you totally got this.

Ally Pintucci @allypintucci

I'm so excited for the 'launch' of 2017! This year is truly the start of new beginnings - not just for myself, but also for the ones closest to my heart. I'm not one to set resolutions, but I do see the value in setting goals for each new year. So far, a few of them have already materialized! I recently kick-started my full-time career and am working with a company and a team that I've always dreamed of working for. I'll also be concentrating on the re-launch of The Swank Social (, which will serve as a lifestyle blog immersing readers into the beauty of style, design and decor, as well as a behind-thescenes look at our home renovation project. All the while raising my spirited kids and maintaining my family lifestyle blog, SwankMama (www.swankmama. com). Life can certainly get crazy once in a while, but when you start to see the beauty behind it, it makes it worth the world.

Kristina Cross The Swank Social @theswanksocial

I am excited about 2017 because it feels like a new chapter for myself, and House of Bohn. I’ve spent the last 8 years building House of Bohn into an established interior design firm, and now I have not only the opportunity but also the excitement about venturing into new territory. My big focus for the new year will be expanding my team at an even greater level, and really focusing on developing the House of Bohn brand, my personal brand, and creating lifestyle content through our own media channels, especially on YouTube!

Karin Bohn House of Bohn @houseofbohn

@ilikeherstylevancouver | WINTER 2017






M A C K A G E , L E A H A L E X A N D R A , V E L V E T, D E S P E T I T S H A U T S , P Y R R H A , M A I S O N S C O T C H , N O E L A S M A R

BOUTIQUE BELLAS Between the Racks with Bella & Wren's Power Duo Meet the women behind the sophisticated and stylish Fort Langley brand: Bella & Wren! Sandra Wiebe and René Guerrier met four years ago while working for the same interior design company and instantly clicked. Maybe it was because of the similarities they shared in their lives. They are both wives, mothers, sisters to younger brothers, and were raised outside of BC’s Lower Mainland in families that instilled strong work ethic. Or maybe it was the epic discovery that they made the 'best shopping partners'. The latter is what sparked their ingenious idea to go into business together, and fashion was the perfect fit for their shared passion! Just over two years ago, they sat at Lelem Café in Fort Langley sipping on lattes and letting their creative juices flow. After a killer brainstorming session, there was one name in particular that stood out to both them – Bella & Wren. Bella is Sandra’s daughter’s name and Wren symbolizes René herself... it was the perfect choice! With many years of buying experience under their belts, Sandra and René decided that opening an online boutique was the ideal starting point, with little risk. They knew their path would eventually lead to opening a brick-and-mortar store, it was simply a matter of when and where. In September of 2014, their online boutique opened for business! It was no surprise that this taste of the fashion biz had these creative spirits wanting more, and they began to make plans to open a pop-up shop! True to their style, they let it be known to the Universe that they were in need of the perfect space. And, as with many other moments in their journey, sure enough

it just came to them! Both women (on separate occasions) had spent a day off enjoying Fort Langley and had stumbled across the same corner space in the heart of the Village! That was it – they were given the gift of the perfect space just in time for the holiday season. With tremendous support from their families and the belief that, “it takes a village,” they were able to open up their popup in December 2014. It felt like a ‘labour of love’. The community immediately fell in love with what Bella & Wren offered and felt they had, 'brought Vancouver to the Fraser Valley!' The community was ecstatic when Bella & Wren permanently opened their doors as a Fort Langley Shopping Destination in February 2015! Sandra and René's boutique dreams were now a reality, though they did not create it overnight. (The self-proclaimed 'thrifty planners' did admit they furnished it over night!) The journey was a blend of many years of experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly in a variety of industries and job titles. Their message to young aspiring boutique owners is, “work in the industry first. Build a support network, because you can’t do it alone. Find the passion that feeds your soul so that it never feels like work. And, remember it’s not always going to be lovely!” Teamwork makes the dreams work. Admittedly, an integral part of the business is their team! When you visit the store, you will see consistent faces that were hand picked by Sandra and René themselves. They are proud to say that they never look at a resume and are drawn to personality, a genuine spirit, and a sense of ownership. They want

Photo: Iulia Agnew Fotographie

their team to grow and are always looking to build on their strengths. There are no titles at Bella & Wren, as they say, “We never feel like owners. We are just part of the team.” “We feel like we are on the set of Gilmore Girls everyday, and love it,” says Sandra and René. "Our clients have become our friends & family and we value these relationships as the heart & soul of our business." The duo want their clients to feel inspired when they visit the store and leave happier than when they came in. They take pride in being able to style all generations on all budgets and encourage you to start somewhere. Bring in your favourite wardrobe piece and let them take it from there! Styling is their passion and with all that this lifestyle boutique offers – as their hashtag states – it is definitely '#worththedrive'.


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Creativity FUEL YOUR


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Having grown up in the Fraser Valley and lived in Vancouver, this Trinity Western Business and Marketing graduate has grown her business and created a name for herself that spans the Lower Mainland. Danielle truly embodies the ideals of our brand – to do all things with soul.

PHOTOSHOOT CREATIVE TEAM Photography: Kim James Photography @kimjamesphotography | Creative Directors: Jody Belanger & Kyla Getty


If you’re an entrepreneur in the Lower Mainland, there’s a pretty good chance you have heard of The Vancity Business Babes networking community and it’s founder Danielle Wiebe. Danielle’s kind heart is matched only by her ambition and desire to connect and build the local business community with her spirit of collaboration.



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After graduating from university, Danielle moved to Vancouver in search of finding her first, self-proclaimed, “Big Girl Job.” As history would show, this idea didn’t last too long before she dove head first into entrepreneurship.


WINTER 2017 |

The Vancity Business Babes was born with a modest, 15-person inaugural meetup which today has grown to highly anticipated, large-scale events garnering the attendance of some of the region’s top-tier bloggers and personalities. Today, the newlywed has decided to set roots in the quaint community of Fort Langley, although her brand makes an impression across Metro Vancouver through her networking biz, fundraising initiatives, and involvement with women’s events. We were so pleased to have Danielle sit down to share with us some of her personal inspiration, networking know-how, and what it means to be a Vancity Business Babe.

Q: What was the catalyst for VCBB? I have always felt that community is extremely important – especially when you have your own business or are doing something outside the box of a traditional job. I started going to networking events once I had started my own business and never felt like there was a community of people that I really fit with. I had an Idea of what I wanted this group to feel like and if I were to plan an event, what I would want it to include. I wanted to create events that were educational, fun and gave people an opportunity to connect in an authentic way. Q: What adversity have you faced in creating this business? One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that you can’t do everything and you can’t make everybody happy. You do the best you can. Letting go of the expectation that you need to be perfect relieves a lot of stress. Q: What is an innovation that you offer in networking? I think that the community we have built is positive, uplifting and non-competitive. I really value authenticity. I am very specific in who I choose to speak at my events and make sure that they share very similar values. My events are more about collaboration and relationship building rather than just going to get or give business. Q: What is your advice for a woman looking to start a business here? Connections are incredibly important. It will be very difficult to build a business on your own without the support of a community. Connect with other local business owners and start creating friendships. Look for ways you can give, help and be a part of the community.

Q: What are your 3 event highlights? The first event that we completely sold out (with 110 people in attendance) was a very exciting moment, as I had worked so hard to get to that point. Another highlight was when we hosted our last ‘Blogger Party’ in June. We had an awesome turnout and the feedback was amazing as our speakers were so transparent with the benefits and struggles of blogging as a business. Lastly, we held our first ‘Morning Mingle’ event in October. It brought out a new group of people who got up early in order to learn, connect and be inspired. Q: What is your #1 business tool as an entrepreneur in the Lower Mainland? Social Media is the biggest tool you can take advantage of in building your business. When you create those online connections you can start taking them offline and meeting these people in person. Start following and engaging with local businesses and start to build your brand. Q: Why is the Lower Mainland a great place to do business? There are so many entrepreneurial people in the Lower Mainland – small businesses owners, bloggers, and influencers who are genuine and humble. People are very willing to help and collaborate, I love that there is so much opportunity to get involved. Q: Congratulations on being a newly-wed! Tell us what you learned from planning your wedding? I learned not to stress about the small stuff. There will always be things that go wrong but just to let it go and enjoy the day. Also… hire a ‘day of’ coordinator to handle everything the day of your wedding. You want someone there that vendors can go to, to ask questions, so you can enjoy the day! Q: What are your tips for achieving balance? I am still learning but I would say to be totally present both when you are working and when you are with your family/friends. You need time to refresh your mind and sometimes I find my most creative business ideas come after a relaxing evening or weekend.

DANIELLE’S NETWORKING ESSENTIALS A conversation starter like: “Have@vancitybusinessbabes you ever been to one of these events before?” •

A bright, bold lipstick (also a great conversation starter!) •

A notepad or notebook.

Business card or virtual business card (aka Instagram!) •

Fully charged phone with room for photos. •

Gum – enough to share!

An open mind & a smile!

Q: Why are you excited about living in Fort Langley? I really love Fort Langley I fell in love with it when I started going to school in Langley. Everyone is so friendly and it is a really safe neighbourhood with lots of AMAZING local shops, restaurants, coffee shops and cute places to take photos! Q: What’s your beauty must-have? I am huge into skincare because it is something I have struggled with my whole life. I do a facial almost every single night and I do a masque twice a week! I am very brand loyal to the company I represent (Arbonne). I don’t use any other brands. I am in SO in love with everything they put on the market. Three beauty items I can’t live without are: primer, bright lipstick, and mascara. Q: Name three local women who you think are currently ‘rocking it.’ Honestly, it’s hard to choose just 3! Sunny Lenarduzzi, Monika Hibbs, & Nicolle Hodges.

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@ilikeherstylevancouver | WINTER 2017


COLLABORATION – NOT COMPETITION. With events hosted on both sides of the bridge, unique themes, vendor opportunities, workshops, panels, and treats – we have had a lot of fun at our events! These are just a few highlights from our past events during 2016.



JOIN US FOR: WHO WE ARE Vancity Business Babes is one of Greater Vancouver’s largest networks of young, professional women. We host monthly events and workshops for the purpose of education, connection, and inspiration.


• •

Monthly Events

Hosted in Vancouver & The Valley • •

Insightful Topics

Guided Networking Activities •

Expert Panels

Fun & Treats!

Collaboration – not competition – is our core founding principle. We believe in creating mutually beneficial opportunities to help one another succeed. When women lift each other up, amazing things happen.


Vancity Business Babes is there to foster community building, the sharing of ideas,

Stay on top of upcoming events and purchase your tickets online!

and the strengthening of bridges between people and businesses.


CONNECT ON SOCIAL @vancitybusinessbabes

Danielle Wiebe Founder, @vancitybusinessbabes



realistic health & fitness goals for the everyday woman.

4. Eat Enough Protein: Consume small portions of lean protein throughout the day. Protein is one of the building blocks for muscle, and keeps you full longer. It takes your body a few hours to digest protein, and therefore gives you energy and helps you consume fewer calories throughout the day.

It’s that time of year again when all your friends and family are purchasing gym memberships (that they’ll use for the first week), and setting unrealistic, extreme health goals that will leave them feeling like a total fail-

5. Cut Sugar During the Week: Sugar is like a drug, once you start it is very difficult to stop. From one chocolate lover to another, I suggest that you limit sugar to a treat once a week.

ure in a couple of weeks. You do not have to start your New Year this way! I want to help you look and feel your best with a list of my

6. Eat Lots of Vegetables: Vegetables are full of so many natural vitamins and minerals that benefit your digestion, skin, hair, and heart health.

top 10 nutrition and fitness tips.


7. Find a Workout Buddy: Find a friend with similar health and fitness goals as you. You can keep each other accountable, and challenge one another when you’re having a “lazy day”.


1. Always Eat a Healthy Breakfast: Your brain needs glucose for energy. Starving yourself will cause you to be “braindead”. Eating breakfast can reduce hunger for the remainder of the day, therefore reducing your total caloric intake.

8. Find a Personal Trainer or Health Coach: If you’ve had troubles reaching your fitness and health goals in the past, try reaching out for some professional help. They can customize a program to help you reach your specific goals, and keep you accountable so you don’t fall off the wagon.

2. Meal Prep: Cook your meals in advance and always have food on hand. This will help keep you accountable to staying on track, and will prevent you from binge eating when you are hungry.

9. Set Realistic Goals: Make sure to set S.M.A.R.T goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals.

3. Drink Lots of Water: Did you know that roughly 60% of your body is made of water? Drinking adequate amounts of water maintains the body’s fluid balance, which helps transport nutrients in your body, improve digestion, and regulate body temperature.

10. Find Ways to Enjoy Nutrition and Training Program: Think of this as a lifestyle change, not a diet. You’ll only stick to your program over time if you enjoy it! Eat healthy, whole foods that are tasty, and find exercises or a sport/class that you enjoy, and actually look forward to doing! Photos: M & HIM @m.and.him

see our article at

@ilikeherstylevancouver | WINTER 2017


OPEN NOW IN Abbotsford & Langley

Opening soon in South Surrey

matthew stowe

Director of Culinary Operations Chef Matthew Stowe joined the Joseph Richard Group in September of 2016. A graduate of New York’s famed Culinary Institute of America (CIA), Chef Matthew Stowe grew up in Surrey, British Columbia. On graduating from the CIA, Chef Stowe further developed his craft at New York’s legendary French restaurant, Lutece. Returning to BC in 2004, Stowe became Executive Chef of Sonora Resort where he played an integral role in the resort achieving the coveted Relais & Chateaux designation in 2009. That same year, he also wrote his award-winning cookbook, The Tastes of Sonora Resort, which highlighted his signature dishes at the world famous coastal resort. In 2010, Stowe joined Cactus Club Café as Product Development Chef, and won the 2013 season of Top Chef Canada. As Director of Culinary Operations, Chef Stowe is responsible for developing and maintaining the food and beverage vision for all Joseph Richard Group establishments. Stowe will also work with the entire JRG culinary team to ensure a standard of excellence for each establishment and their guests.

david jorge Corporate Chef

After years of self directed culinary studies, experimentation with techniques and ingredients, and honing his skills through events and gatherings, Jorge’s lifelong dedication to his passion for cooking secured his victory on MasterChef Canada Season 2, where he earned the title of his dreams: Chef. Following his MasterChef victory, Chef David Jorge joined Joseph Richard Group as Corporate Chef. He began developing the menu for the latest concept, S+L Kitchen & Bar, including his signature ‘Dream Seasoning’, his famous Master Chicken, and the Sablefish that started it all, while also adding many exciting dishes to the menus at JRG’s Public Houses. Chef David’s contributions reflect a love of comfort food and honest flavours. Chef Jorge will continue to work along side the JRG Culinary team to refine and enhance the food and beverage experience in all the Joseph Richard Group establishments.

GET STARTED ON YOUR DREAM IN 2017 This is for all of the ‘closet entrepreneurs’ of Vancouver. For those who dream of designing their own life and business but feel like they are stuck sitting on the sidelines while they watch ‘everyone else’ ride the wave of entrepreneurship. BY MEGAN BARKER |


I know the struggle and can tell you from experience, the pain that comes from suppressing your dreams is going to far outweigh the temporary fear of failure that comes with trying something new. My message for you today is to START NOW and consider that the only real failure is in not trying at all. We are incredibly lucky to live in a time and place where we have so many low-cost, low-risk opportunities we can use to get started in business… and for the most part they’re right at our finger tips.

3 EASY STEPS TO GET STARTED ON YOUR DREAM IN 2017: 1. Start Small (and start NOW). In a time where everything is expected to happen overnight, it’s easy to forget the power of baby steps and how they can add up to make a big difference over time. Finding your niche, researching your target market, getting on social media (it’s never too early to build your audience, even if you have nothing to sell yet), and studying those you admire, are all great ways to get the ball rolling. The sooner you start planting those seeds, the better! Taking the first step is often the hardest. But, the great thing about starting small, is that you can keep your current job while working on your side hustle with very little cost or risk. No matter how scared you are to begin, remember how much scarier it is to think about staying exactly where you are and continuing to watch others live out your dream. It’s time to trust your vision and begin building your foundation.

2. Make Your Plan Visible. Ideas and plans will always seem more complicated when they are being hoarded inside of your brain. When you get your goals on paper and are able to visualize the process, it will help you focus on the next, necessary steps to take. Finding your ‘WHY’ and creating your own personal definition of success is also a great way to light that inner fire, find clarity for your vision, and the courage to design your own path.

3. Invest In Yourself After you take care of your basics (food shelter etc.) find opportunities to expand your capacity and potential. Whether it’s taking some fun courses, joining a fitness class, learning about the food you eat, or working with a coach… investing your extra earnings in the fundamentals of yourself and your health will pay you back ten-fold and give you a huge boost of confidence and energy. Without you, your business doesn’t exist, so make sure to treat yourself as a precious asset that deserves to be well taken care of and invested in. This means sometimes saying ‘no’ in order to say ‘yes’ to the things that are important to you. Starting your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming or costly. Getting your plan on paper, finding your niche, investing in yourself and getting practice with social media are just a few of the ways to start building momentum. Now is a great time to join the growing movement of self-employment and I believe this trend is on its way to becoming the new norm. With endless technological advancements, social media and automation, “traditional” jobs are becoming less secure and people are becoming more willing to experiment with new ideas about work in general. I encourage you to come out of your ‘entrepreneurial closet’ this year, and give your dream a chance to come alive. I would be honoured to help you with your journey to success. If you are feeling ready to take action and learn more, book your free 30 minute Clarity Call and I’d be more than happy to assist you in getting started.

Styled for Vancity

"Brighten up your winter wear with soft pastels for a feminine touch."

Lower Mainland stylist and blogger, Samantha Dempster has teamed up with Bella & Wren to share her favourite tips and trends this season for the streets of Vancouver.

For information about Bella & Wren where these featured fashions are available, see their ad and story on pages 2b & 3b.

FASHION PHOTOSHOOT TEAM Photography: Iulia Agnew Fotographie @iulia.agnew | Hair and Makeup Glam Squad: AX Art @axartmu | Stylist: Samantha Dempster @thefamjewels 16b

Featured Fashion & Wardrobe: Bella & Wren @bellawrendesign | Model: Gabrielle Guerrier @gguerrier | Creative Directors: Jody Belanger & Kyla Getty

"Extend the wear out of your leather jacket by layering it with your winter coat. This unexpected combination creates a sharply defined style."

"Add depth to your all black look with a mix of textures and a pop of pattern."

SAMANTHA DEMPSTER Mother of two boys, Blogger and Certified Fashion Stylist based in North Vancouver, Samantha’s journey started after becoming a mom and learning to balance style with function. Samantha loves to work with women one on one, watching them transform and gain confidence. Her blog, The Family Jewels, began as a creative outlet to share style tips online, showing women that fashion doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. “I am so incredibly grateful to have turned my passion into a career, not only as a way to help others, but also to be able to set my own schedule and spend more time with my kids. It’s a busy life, but very rewarding, and I wouldn’t change a thing!"

"Layer your favourite necklaces in varying lengths to create a custom look."

CONNECT ONLINE @thefamjewels



Privilege Clothing founder, Donni Rae Edmondson talks style, shares insight, splurges and must-haves as a suburb-loving mom who has built a fashion empire.

Photos: Britney Gill @brit_gill

Jillian Harris X Privilege Follow Your Heart Chunky Knit Wweater


Donni shares her personal picks from the Privilege line. State Of Grace X Damsel Fly - Gift Set Best Collaboration EVER! WINTER 2017 |

AG Jeans Farrah High Waist Skinny In 1 Year Black

Piperwest Marble Minimalist in Blush/Rose Gold

FROM A SIMPLE BOUTIQUE CONCEPT, Donni Rae Edmondson launched Privilege in November 2007 at the age of 24 with the goal to bring men's and women’s fashion brands to the suburbs. The initial boutique launch enjoyed great success right out of the gates! With fashion-lovers flocking, the brand built a loyal base of clients as they put a heavy focus on customer service. Donni admits that the business soon faced adversity when the economy took a hit in 2008. As customers became budget conscious, she faced the challenge of competing with close-out sale pricing and large brands. As boutique competition declined, Donni seized the opportunity to open a second location and included a range of more affordable fashion options. Today, with three busy Privilege storefronts and an active ecommerce fashion website fueled by a loyal Instagram following, Privilege offers everything from low-priced basics to investment pieces. “Privilege is for the everyday girl. We are feminine and versatile. We embrace trends, but stand true to jeans and white t-shirts. Basics are important because they embody reality. I believe that fashion pieces have to translate into everyday wear if you want to succeed in this business. To make it simple, I would say that the collections at Privilege aren’t snobby. Privilege can be for the student, the mom, the daughter, the party girl, and even the man, as well ;)”



Effortless. Don’t try too hard. Have fun with fashion and don’t be afraid of basics. At the same time, wear your investment pieces. Don’t save them for that perfect occasion that never actually comes. Wear your Chloe boots to the grocery store. Wear your fur coat to the gym. Do whatever the H*LL you want! Women ask me all of the

My day-to-day 'uniform' would have to be: a white t-shirt, high-waist black skinnies, and leather biker jacket layered with a maxi cardigan underneath. I think I have worn this a million times and I have multiple versions! I also carry a backpack as my go-to day-to-day handbag. Whoa, that was easy!

time, “but where will I wear that?” Many women are afraid to waste their clothing on an insignificant situation, but I disagree.


STYLE RULES: “No Rules! I love

The Jillian Harris X Privilege Collections have been so personally rewarding and exciting. We are so excited about our fifth collection, which truly embodies the collaboration of Jillian Harris’ style and the Privilege girl. Another very exciting collaboration is a brand at Privilege we call, “The Collective”. The Collective is a brand which launches a unique capsule collection, each month, curated by a new influencer. There are so many amazing bloggers and influencers who have such inspirational style!

that “no rules” are the new “rules”. Sneakers with everything, white after labour day, anything goes. That's how it should be...”



I have two. (Insert cringe face & “make it rain” emoji) Gucci Princetown leather slippers, and YSL Classic medium Kate satchel, in light grey.

Imitation is art, but women need to dress for themselves. I see this way too often, women imitating instagram, trying to perfect a look seen on somebody with a completely different body type or in a different social situation. Stand true on what works for you, not anybody else.


@donnirae | @styleforthepriv


I am a fun-loving girl. I'm determined to enjoy my life, build a fun career, and nurture a balanced family. I am a suburban girl and I stand true to that. I LOVE the city, but I also love coming home to a quiet neighbourhood! Living close to all of my boutique locations is a huge asset to me. I feel that I have been the biggest advocate to Fort Langley since moving out this way, I just love the quaint accessibility of this little town.

BB Dakota Bramwell Eyelash Knit Cardigan I live in Maxi Cardigans, and this one is the best every season!

Kaleidoscope iPhone 6 Case in Rose Gold

Style For The Priv Suede Leggings These leggings are everything Kendall + Kylie Koenji Backpack

State Of Grace Basic Cropped Sweatshirt Because lets admit it, we are ALL basic:)




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Horoscope : YOUR 2017 FORECAST ARIES (March 21-April 19) Here you are waiting at Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters. This is an exciting year for you because you are approaching a time of culmination in your life. In the 90s, you defined your identity; by 2004, you defined your home base; and by 2010, you defined your raison d’être. Now you are aiming for a career peak in 2018. Are you ready? Not yet. The year 2017 is a dress rehearsal. It’s time to get your ducks in a row. Fortunately, you have the support of partners and good friends. In fact, partnerships are so blessed; this is the best year to marry since 2005. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) The year 1999 was a watershed year for Taurus. You know it; I know it. And 2000 was easy and sweet because life was yielding. By contrast, between 2003-05, nothing was certain with your job or your home – all up for grabs. Fast-forward to 2015 and we find you in the kind of home you want to be. (Especially free from the tension and disappointment with partners you had for several years prior.) Now you are free to determine your future. You are fortunate because you will have a multitude of opportunities in 2017 to improve your job or get a better job. It’s all up to you. Dream big! GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You were proud of your accomplishments in the mid-90s. And you were also proud in 2010. Once again, life was sweet in 2013, with Jupiter in your sign bringing you ease, peace of mind, comfort and contentment. (Would that life were always that easy.) In fact, life will be easy in 2017 because the theme of your year ahead will be play -- be it the theatre, the arts, stimulating sports or wining and dining with fascinating conversationalists. Not only will you love the swirl of a promising social calendar, you will enjoy a splendid vacation. (More than one!) Naturally, this bounteous pleasure is accompanied by opportunities for fun-filled relationships and new romance. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You hold on to what you value. You don’t let go easily. That’s why life was challenging at the beginning of the millennium with so many things slipping through your fingers – possessions, friendships, jobs and homes. (An unsettling time for a Cancer who likes to secure their nest.) And once again between 2008-10, you faced upsetting changes. Is there no justice? Yes there is. And this justice is yours in 2017 when you have the best opportunities since 2005 to improve your home or the value of your home. The year ahead is when you must build, buy, sell or rent something that delights you because you can do it. Believe it. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

Although it’s true that you had to winnow through your possessions and streamline your life between 2002-05, this was for a purpose. You know that now. This is because 2005 was the beginning of a new journey for you. Now you enter 2017, which offers two great celestial strengths: Both Saturn and Jupiter will support you this year by helping your life run more smoothly as well as helping you to accomplish as much as possible. Now is the time to lay the framework for your future success. What will amaze you is that life is so easy. You will achieve what you want with little effort. Count your blessings!

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

The beginning of the millennium was a time of graduation, job success or something that you achieved that was dear to your heart. Good times are to be appreciated. At this time in your life, what you most need to do is to establish a reliable home and refuge for yourself. Someplace safe, cozy and replenishing. Can you do this? Almost certainly. The reason you will achieve this objective is because in 2017 you can increase your earnings and become richer. This is most timely! You will also lay the groundwork for a success that will bring you acknowledgement about six years from now.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) You like to set goals for the future. Very wise. Around 2001, you worked to achieve something that blossomed by 2008. Once again in 2015, you began an even bigger journey in a fresh, new direction. This important journey will change your world. Fortunately, in 2017, you will have the support of others because this year will be one of the most popular, friendly, fun-filled years you have experienced in over a decade. People will help you, which means you must be open to their friendship. Likewise embrace groups and associations, which will also benefit you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) The year 2017 holds contradictions for your sign. There is no question that you have plans to downsize. You might move, change jobs, change residences or give up friends and partners. This is happening. But it is not loss. It’s a time of transition. And while this occurs, by apparent contrast, your reputation with your peers will enjoy its greatest breakthrough in years. You will be admired! Promotions and praise will be yours. Many of you will travel more for work and some will seek new fields of employment. You will bask in the approval of others, and know that you have earned it. Job well done!

(Sept. 23-Oct. 22) A wise teacher once said that the most important meditation we can do daily is appreciation. This will be an easy meditation for you in 2017 because you will have so much to be grateful for. The largest planet Jupiter, symbol of bounty, wealth and joy will be in your sign. The last time this occurred was in 2005. Now, once again, you will benefit from this journey of Jupiter in Libra, which will attract people and wealth to you. But more than that, you will be happier. Relationships with others will be easier. Your self-confidence will grow and your spirituality will deepen. Many reasons for gratitude!

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) As life unfolds, some years are memorable; some are challenging; and some contain those rare moments of adventure and learning. Since 2005, you have worked hard for the success you experienced recently in 2013-14. However, the year 2017 will be a mind-bending year when you will seek to expand your world in ways you never dreamed possible. You will have opportunities to travel, study and learn. This is a wonderful year for those who want to write or publish. Your views on life and your basic beliefs will change, perhaps from travel to foreign countries or relationships with people from other cultures. Ah, yes!

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Around 1999, partnerships and major relationships were an event in your life because they either began to fulfill your world or they began to dissolve. By 2005, you were strong, powerful and confident; and those relationships became clarified one way or the other. Even though you gave up so much before you set off on your new path around 2012; you made a name for yourself in 2014-15. People were impressed with what you had achieved. Recently, finances have been a challenge; but you are strong, determined and iron-willed. In October this year, bounteous Jupiter will enter your sign to stay for a year. Divine protection is yours!

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) You defined who you are in the nineties; and by 2008, you had the courage to pursue where you are today. You know what you are doing. You know what you want; and you know what you don’t want. Although you have responsibilities, you also have the respect and praise you deserve from others. The year 2017 will be productive, abundant and rich. Your reputation will shine. Your professional life will hold a cornucopia of opportunities. In addition, you will have the practical and financial support of others. For some, this will be an inheritance, for others, a windfall or an indirect benefit through a partner. You are blessed in 2017.


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2 COVERS With so many inspiring women in BC's Lower Mainland... how could we choose JUST ONE Cover Woman? Simple... we didn't! I Like Her Style Vancouver's first issue features double the fun with TWO exciting covers and a unique double-sided design. You are now entering the second portion of our magazine experience, showcasing one of BC's top influencers: Michele Phillips of the blog What Dreams May Become. It's a whole new chapter of featured women, beauty, and style for the home and beyond!

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TWICE AS NICE We were so inspired by the women of the Lower Mainland that we couldn't have just one cover story! We have featured two incredible women on our covers and packed this magazine with double the fun! Simply read along and flip – it's two magazines in one!

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Written by Jody Belanger

Kyla Getty – my partner in crime since 1985. Few people are able to say that their best friend has been by their side for their entire life, and I often ask myself how did I get so lucky? We have been a power duo since day one! Whenever we are together, our cheeks hurt from all the laughter and inside jokes we share – often while sipping on a glass of Rosé! Whether we're on the patios of Beverly Hills for a girls' get-away or at home on the couch in our PJ’s, there is never a dull moment. Beyond the bountiful fun memories, Kyla has always been there through the toughest of times. She is such a spirited and optimistic force in all lives that she has touched and for me she is that person I can count on to pick me up and hold my hand along this journey called life. Best friend is an understatement for us; we are sisters! Kyla Getty – my business partner and Chief Creative Director of ILHSV. From a very young age, Kyla's creativity has been beyond measure. A ‘Creative Genius’ I often say. The beginning of her design path started at 8 years old when she created our friendship logo – heart peace was our brand! She embarked on her career at a local advertising agency where she pioneered the branding of many significant projects. Her talent and boundless inspiration lead her to become the agency's Art Director. After becoming a Mother, Kyla decided it was time to jump into the entrepreneurial world – Gett Creative Inc. was born. Kyla’s drive to build her brand was awe-inspiring and it was no surprise that it transformed into something wonderful. Kyla published a Women’s Magazine while living in Fort McMurray, Alberta. 'McMurray Girl' became a community of supportive women in celebration of the magazine, shopping club, networking events, and charity galas. Her ability to translate a vision into reality is something you just can’t teach. Add the ‘Kyla Sparkle’ to anything and you know it’s going to be brilliant!


Chief Creative Director

Today, when Kyla isn’t working on ILHSV magazine and media movement, you can find her immersed in some of her many passions: decorating & creating the ideal entertainment space, embracing modern motherhood, following her favourite social media influencers, testing the hottest new cosmetics, or discovering branding inspiration! I cannot put into words how special this moment is and how blessed I feel for this next chapter of the journey that Kyla and I have embarked on. There is no other person I would rather be doing this with. Kyla will always be someone that holds a special place in my heart. ‘Heart Peace’ was our friendship logo, and how fitting as this gal puts my heart at peace everyday!

SHARING KYLA'S PASSIONS & EXPERTISE There's so much more that I'm excited to share with you at

Entertaining & Decor Styling Article Launching January 20 4a

WINTER 2017 |

Modern Motherhood Article Launching February 3

Social Media as Inspir-tainment Article Launching February 17

Cosmetics Connoisseur Article Launching March 3

Branding & Design Article Launching March 17


Written by Kyla Getty

Soulful. Stylish. Sister. These are three words that come to mind when I describe my life-long best friend and I Like Her Style Vancouver Co-Founder, Jody Belanger. This friendship fairytale began in a quiet, Lower Mainland culdesac where Jody and I lived across the street from one another: two young girls, with limitless creative playdates including entrepreneurial foreshadowing as junior boutique owners and directors of faux commercials. A budding stylist in-the-making, Jody's passion for fashion became evident during her elementary years, and was the early indication of her noteworthy career in the global fashion industry. Jody has always been an 'it girl'. In school, friendships, and her career – she has been one to support and inspire. Tall, beautiful, intelligent and fun – growing up she was at the top of her class, popular, a star athlete and friend to one and all. She is a shining star who excels in absolutely everything she does. Jody is fiercely passionate about the people that she loves and the projects and causes that she is invested in. She is able to garner the respect and admiration of those around her, a powerhouse woman who is able to lead and guide from within. It was her uncanny ability to motivate and create loyal teams that skyrocketed her to the top national tier at Guess?® Canada. It was no surprise that training from a corporate level became one of her areas of expertise, she is a natural born mentor that leaves people wanting more! Today, her talents do not go to waste, as she makes time to teach at Blanche Macdonald as a personal passion project. When you meet Jody, the first thing you will probably do is compliment her outfit. I say this because it happens at almost every single meeting we attend together! Her affinity for styling wows me. After over 16 years in the fashion industry, she is able to envision chic and creative combinations to suit any client. Beyond style alone, Jody possesses an inexplicably glamorous presence. People gravitate toward her and are captivated by that same pull when they experience her truly genuine warmth and authenticity. Our 31-year friendship has unfolded beginning with two little blonde daydreamers who became young, aspiring goal-getters, setting plans into motion over visionboarding nights. Last year, fate found us celebrating Jody's birthday over brunch and bubbly at Fort Langley's Little White House. It was there that a spark ignited. It was finally time to bring those dreams to life. I couldn't be more excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity to merge our passions into this unique business which allows us to celebrate our strengths, interests and precious friendship.

SHARING JODY'S PASSIONS & EXPERTISE There's so much more that I'm excited to share with you at


Chief Business Director

Fur Baby Love Article Launching January 13

Styling with Fashion Passion Article Launching January 27

Sips & Celebrations Article Launching February 10

Teaching & Mentoring Article Launching February 24

Creating your Inspiration Zone Article Launching March 10 @ilikeherstylevancouver | WINTER 2017



What dreams may become? For Michele Phillips, creator of a top BC - based family blog, her dreams are becoming the reality of her own design: a life in the countryside with her husband, 5 beautiful children, a wood burning fireplace and plenty of love and creativity to share with the women who follow her.

creator of

PHOTOSHOOT CREATIVE TEAM Photography: Kim James Photography @kimjamesphotography | Makeup: Jasmine Hoffman @jasminehoffman | Hairstyling: Casi Gill @hairbycasii | Creative Directors: Jody Belanger & Kyla Getty

Maybe it’s the way her photos capture perfection in the candid moments. Maybe it’s her ease and grace in caring for 5

“Oh man, I’m a dreamer! I have so many dreams and goals for this little life of mine.”

young children. Maybe it’s the way she fills every Instagram caption with soul warming words. It is for all of these reasons and more that blogger Michele Phillips caught our attention, and we don’t want to look away.

With beginnings as a professional photographer, Michele’s blog started out as an outlet to share photos and document ‘little bits’ of her kids’ lives. Over time, it has grown into a platform for Michele to share the deeper things that have rested on her heart. Before her journey truly began, a woman from Michele’s church once shared her strong intuition that she was going to do something in life that would positively influence others. This became clear with the post of daughter, Harlan’s birth story – which made the first significant impact. The post gained great exposure and began to spread like wildfire after receiving comments from some local, noteworthy women including Tamara Taggart. “It was the first time I was completely vulnerable and I had no idea that anyone other than my own friends would see it. It changed the way I shared things publicly. It made me realize you never know how sharing something you struggled with, can encourage others and make them not feel so alone. I’m an open book in real life, so sharing so openly feels so very ‘me’.” Since that post over three years ago, Michele’s life has changed and evolved. As her heart and family grew to welcome the birth of her 4th and 5th children (twins named Cove and Meadow) there has been no shortage of stories to share! Michele’s followers just can’t get enough of the ‘Philly 5!’ She now has almost 50,000 followers on her Instagram feed, alone.

CONNECT ON SOCIAL @whatdreamsmaybecome


Michele on balance & life at home with the kids. “I am a total home body and I have become one even more-so since the twins were born. I love puttering and decorating our home. Our house can be busy and noisy at times and we tend to be pretty relaxed. We love traditions, dance parties, movie nights and generally just being together! We always joke that our kids are our BFF’s, but it’s kinda true! It’s taken a long time to find balance. For now, whats working is to explain when I have to sit down and do some work during the day, and then investing whole-heartedly when I’m done. I leave my phone upstairs and I give the kids my undivided attention. I look into their eyes and I’m totally hands-on. Being mindful of my time and prioritizing, the kids will always win priority over work. It also helps that I’m a total night owl, so I do most of my work hours late into the evening. (No wonder I’m so tired!)”

“We love traditions, dance parties, movie nights and generally just being together! We always joke that our kids are our BFF’s, but it’s kinda true!”



TIPS for taking photos of children:

1. I think the biggest mistake is over practicing smiles and poses. Kids are naturals. The most beautiful photos I’ve taken are not those where the kids are saying “cheese”, but the special in-between moments that happen organically. 2. Go quickly. Do the posed photos first and bring bribes! 3. The iphone is fine for day-to-day moments. (It’s camera is pretty darn good these days!) But, it can’t do all things and isn’t great in low light. Monumental moments need big camera pics, for sure! 4. I personally love the apps: PicTapGo (for filters) and Snapseed (for smoothing out wrinkles and blurring). I fine-tune in Instagram but stay away from the IG filters.


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On building a blog brand. “Be confident, unique, and also make sure you purchase a professional looking blog. Hire someone to help you create the look you want if you are unable to do so yourself. Take good photos, buy a good camera. Be consistent, post about things you truly love. Be yourself – and my goodness try to have fun and not take it too serious! If you’re funny, let it show! There are so many talented, unique women around here, it’s amazing! We live in such a beautiful place it’s easy to want to share it with others.” 9a

Stylish Living Blogger and media style maven, Sydney Socias of has teamed up with The Cross Decor & Design to share her top items to breathe new life into your home this Winter.


With the arrival of a shiny new year comes the dreaded task of taking down the Christmas decorations from around the house, lending itself to a fresh blank canvas. And even though the festivities may be over, there’s still a whole lot of winter left before we turn the corner to Spring. To be sure your space feels fresh, cozy and bright through the remainder of the Winter season, I’m sharing a few ways to refresh your space without stretching your budget.


1. Add color: Adding accents like a lamp or blanket is a great way to add new color to a room without breaking the bank. I absolutely adore this throw by Kate Spade. The lush tassel detailing is so fun and a step away from your 'typical' throw blanket. 2. Update storage solutions: This household essential is a great way to decorate your space and it also serves as a storage solution for any room. Store blankets, books and even children’s toys away in baskets to keep your space looking fresh and feeling organized.


3. Fresh linens & pillows: Swapping out your throw pillows (or simply changing the pillow covers) can go a long way to breathe new life into your space. I opted for bright pops of pinks and blushes, which will be a great transition into spring.


4. Decorate with florals: Brighten up short, dark winter days with fresh florals. There are lots of (cost effective) retailers like Costco who wholesale floral arrangements that can be broken up into smaller arrangements and spread throughout your home. 5. Put your feet up: Add a touch of bohemian style to your space with a timeless & luxurious hand tufted pouf. These are great for your living room, office or baby’s nursery and can be easily tucked away under furniture to save space. 6. New year, new scents: The Cross has an unbelievable selection of candles! I love to rotate different scents throughout the year to reflect the season – I’m currently loving Voluspa’s ‘Suede Blanc’ & ‘Mokara’.

3 Photography Courtesy of: Nomo Simply Sweet Photography @nomo.simplysweetphotography Product & Set Considerations: The Cross Decor & Design @thecrossdesign

For more photos and inspiration, visit:


CONNECT ON SOCIAL | @thecrossdesign

@ilikeherstylevancouver | WINTER 2017



The Magic of Doing W hat You Love Growing up in British Columbia, Kim had always dreamed of a life full of travel opportunities to distant places. She wanted to see and photograph the World and worked in various, unfulfilling job positions to fund her wanderlust. She always thought that she would settle into her final career once she had achieved her travel goals. “I have always loved photography! I did for many years as a hobby and took photography courses at Langara. I wasn’t sure I could ever do it as a business, because that’s a whole other ball game! 5 years ago during the winter I was sitting in my hotel room in Toronto. It was freezing out so I decided to just stay in and watch tv. Two entrepreneurs were talking about how much they loved their careers. One said to the other “I’ve always believed in this statement: 'Do what you love and the money will come'. That sent my mind reeling and those were the words I needed to hear. When I got home I started to take action and brainstormed how I could make this whole ‘photography thing’ happen. A couple months later I quit my day Job and Kim James Photography was born.” It’s no surprise that Kim describes herself as an ambitious, loving, dreamer! However, the road to building a successful business is not always a clearly-charted course. Kim admits that starting off, she had little idea of how to run a business. In the beginning, she agreed to things she shouldn’t have and at times, she felt she had ‘failed hard’, questioning whether or not she was going to make it. Today she considers herself a stronger, smarter, and wiser business woman, having been shaped by her rookie mistakes. So what terrifies Kim? “When you realize it’s all up to you to generate the income in your business – it’s terrifying. There is no boss that will deposit your pay check automatically every 2 weeks. That fear is a great motivator though. In order to make it in this industry or any industry you have to hustle!”

Do what you love and the money will come. Are you willing to bet your career on it? For wedding photographer, Kim James Johnson, that statement alone was the catalyst to ‘marry’ her passion for photography with a pictureperfect career in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, and beyond.

CONNECT ON SOCIAL @kimjamesphotography Website:

Kim’s advice to aspiring photographers would be to find a way to stand out. And, of course – to invest in a good umbrella, raincoat and boots! Though prepared for the elements, Kim has also been known to throw caution to the wind! She recalls once going into the ocean in Vancouver fully clothed just to get a cool angle of her client, laughing, “That was a fun drive home!” Do what you love and the money will come. With a long resume of happy clients and an even longer Instagram feed of beautiful photography to show for herself, this one-liner of inspo that sparked Kim to quit her daydream and jump into a career she loves has been paramount. But the real magic of Kim’s career, has been that it not only thrives as a business, but also now demands that she travel the globe – fulfilling yet another one of her passions. Most recently, Kim has arrived home from a wedding-abroad that allowed her to work in Asia. “My goal is to continue capturing amazing people on their wedding day and add more wedding destinations to my calendar. I want to find clients I connect with on a personal level. Once in awhile my wedding clients become my friends and I leave the wedding feeling like family. I want those weddings all the time! They make my heart so happy.”

@ilikeherstylevancouver | WINTER 2017




Photo: Erin Sousa @sparklemedia


The Sweet Life Tessa Sam has built a sugary sweet empire with her inspired sweet treats, imagination, and swoon-worthy baking biz. What began as a beloved Yaletown bakery has quickly exploded on social media, and will soon come to life in her highly-anticipated book. We are so pleased to have Tessa share one of her Sweet Bake Shop recipes with us!


WINTER 2017 |





2½ cups (315 g) all-purpose flour


Preheat oven to 350° F (180° C), line 3 baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside.


½ teaspoon salt

In a medium bowl, whisk together the flours, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

¾ cup (170 g) unsalted butter, room temperature

Add the dry ingredients to the mixer bowl and mix on low speed until the dough comes together. Stop the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl again. Add the sprinkles and mix on low speed until incorporated.



1¼ cups + 2 tablespoons (160 g) cake flour, sifted 1 teaspoon baking powder

1¾ cups (350 g) granulated sugar 2 large eggs, room temperature 2 teaspoons vanilla extract ½ cup rainbow sprinkles


In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter and the sugar until light and fluffy, about 2 minutes. Add the eggs, one at a time, then add the vanilla and beat to combine. Stop the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl.

About Tessa...

My love of baking began at a very young age. At 2, I was helping my parents bake cookies and would sit in front of the oven, watching and waiting in anticipation. By age 10, my best friend and I were baking and selling our home-made desserts at a stand at the end of my driveway. I loved to bake – it was my happy place! A few years later, I finished high school and decided to take some time to figure out what I really wanted to do. The thought of getting paid to do what I loved was a foreign concept to me, so I ended up attending broadcasting school. I graduated and went to work as the morning co-host of a radio station, but found myself deeply unhappy and eventually, I said goodbye to the broadcasting world. I spent the

Scoop out the cookie dough by leveled ¼ cup scoops, roll into a ball and place on a prepared baking sheet. Flatten with the palm of your hand. Repeat with the remaining dough, placing no more than 6 cookies on each baking sheet.


Bake for 12-14 minutes, until cookies are just set around the edges, trying your best not to let the cookies brown.


Remove from oven and allow the cookies to cool on the baking sheet for about 10 minutes before moving to a wire rack to cool completely.


Cookies will keep in an airtight container for 2 days.

next two years waitressing and eventually picked up a job working in a small bakery, where I fell back in love with baking. I left both of my jobs and began blogging about dessert recipes in 2010, which transitioned into a home-run baking business, and eventually, the opening of my Yaletown bake shop in 2014. We were a busy little spot and quickly outgrew our little space in Yaletown. In 2015, book publisher Penguin Random House came knocking about a cookbook and I eventually closed my shop to write my first-ever baking book. These days, I take private orders, host baking workshops, hold pop-up shops and am also knee-deep in finishing my book (release date TBA).

CONNECT ON SOCIAL @sweetbakeshop





Q • Where did your business start out and what did you do to get it to where you are today? I started at the very bottom and I’m still not where I want to be. It's constant work to get the business where I see it's potential going. For now, I’ve gotten where I am by a lot of networking, blood, sweat and tears. Anyone who says its easy starting business on your own (and at a young age) is lying. It takes time, a lot of effort and passion.

Photo: Iulia Agnew Fotographie

Q • Where do you see this business in 5 years? The beauty industry is always thriving. Thankfully, it's one thing technology cannot take over. I hope to grow my salon and to open a location in South Surrey. Q • Tell us about one of the most exciting photoshoots and projects that you’ve been part of! Oh boy! I have had so many amazing opportunities over the last couple of years. One that definitely stuck out to me was when I worked with Booje Media, Shoes Dot Com & Kaitlyn Bristowe. They were all such an amazing team to work with and we had a great time.

Work hard and stay humble – the mantra of Casi Gill , founder of Ambition Salon in Langley. Q • How and why did you begin your career in the hair industry? I started hair school in 2015 at Aveda Institute Vancouver. I chose this career path as I want to help women feel beautiful inside & out. I love the time I get to spend with my clients and creating the relationships we have. Q • Describe your studio! Our studio is magical. It’s located in downtown Langley. We want you to walk in and feel welcome. Kristy Powers & I share the space together. We want to host networking events with like-minded women who want to have the same impact on the community.

Q • What are a few must-haves for great hair? I would say any Davines Shampoo & Conditioner for your hair type along with the Davines Dry Texturizer. I use it as a hairspray, texturizer and dry shampoo. It's the “everyone” product. Q • Who inspires you? I’m inspired by so many people and so many things! To list a couple would be Chrissy Rasmussen of Habit Salon in Arizona. She is so talented and I love that we share a similar style in how we do hair. The second person would be my Mum. She amazes me daily. She is the strongest woman I know. Make sure to check out her blog: Q • What’s the number one value that you take with you through your personal life that extends into your business? Being Humble. If we aren’t humble, thankful & grateful for everything we have been blessed with I think it can create some serious bad karma. Q • What is a passion project you are working on? I have a couple ideas on the go right now. Without giving away too many details, I have one that is going to be all about supporting women of different walks of life and finding what truly makes them happy and feel beautiful. Stay tuned!

JASMINE HOFFMAN Best reds with great friends.

PHOTOSHOOT TEAM Photography: Nomo Simply Sweet Photography @nomo.simplysweetphotography Makeup: Jasmine Hoffman @jasminehoffman Hair: From Blue Jasmine Beauty Group: Courtney Brands and Cara Christensen @bluejasminebeautygroup Creative Directors: Jody Belanger & Kyla Getty

Celebrating her 17th year in Vancouver's makeup industry, Jasmine Hoffman has rightfully become the authority on glamour! Before the enviable client list, social media fame, and glam pad-based business in Yaletown, the Vancouver Film School graduate grew up in Abbostford. Growing up, Jasmine dreamed of becoming an artist. Today, she absolutely loves the fact that her accomplished career in the art of makeup allows her to combine her creativity with being social. Jasmine has been recognized as one of British Columbia's top wedding makeup artists. She adores working with wedding parties – one of her favourite 'perks' of the job is when she gets to travel for destination weddings. She has been published in numerous high-end print and online editorial shoots and shares that she has had the opportunity to work with top tier celebs such as Jessica Alba, Selma Blair, Katy Perry, and Halle Berry. She has also worked with 'The Bachelorette' – Kaitlyn Bristowe, 'The Bachelorette Canada' – Jasmine Lorimer, and 'Canada's Style Icon' – Suzanne Rogers. @jasminehoffman

Beauty Jasmine's Favourite Reds

Elsa's Headpiece and Jasmine's Earrings: designed by Elsa Corsi of Jeweliette Jewellery. Lashes are SLMissGlam.

Three Vancouver women in the business of glamour, Jasmine poses with cherished friends Elsa Corsi of Jeweliette Jewellery and Stephanie Lewis of SLMissGlam. Elsa Corsi designs and creates stunning jewellery and custom accessory pieces right here in Vancouver. Jeweliette Jewellery, her family-owned storefront at 1090 Hornby Street has been a Vancouver gem since 1990. But, this creative visionary's career in design was sparked in 1999 when some handmade pieces she had put together for her outfit were discovered by one of Fred Segal's buyers during a trip to LA. Today her headpieces, hair clips and earrings are sought-after by brides and stylish soirée goers, alike. @jewelietteshop

Stephanie Lewis is the creator of SLMissGlam. Stephanie's business is fueled by her creativity, business sense, and the power of social media. A fellow professionally-trained makeup artist, Stephanie's love for sharing pretty vanity photos on Instagram, led her to create a unique brand of picture-perfect makeup brushes, in a range of charming pastel colours. SLMissGlam also offers a line of false lashes and scented candles. Stephanie shares a close look at her life behind the scenes, daily, through her explosive social media and You Tube accounts. @slmissglam

Some of Jasmine's favourite reds above are (LtoR): Too Faced Melted in Melted Berry, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso, Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lip Colour in Red Brick, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery, Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Poppy, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Sarafine, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Heathers. Get The Glow To set this look a-sparkle, Jasmine went to some of her favourite products, including: Becca Highlighter in Champagne Pop, Too Faced Bronzer in Sun Bunny, and Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten. Elsa's Lips Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 'Beso' – "A beautiful true red that matches almost any skintone." Jasmine's Lips are 'Outlaw' By Kat Von D – "A vibrant, blue-based red." Stephanie's Lips Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in 'Heathers' – "A cranberry red that is a really nice colour for brunettes." 19a

B E A U T Y E D I T O R S TA L K & T E S T:

RODAN & FIELDS We all have unique skin concerns, so we were delighted when Erin Towns of Rodan + Fields offered us the opportunity to test out some of their elite skincare product line!

Originally sold in high-end department stores, but now available exclusively online and through Independent Consultants like Erin, Rodan + Fields is the #2 premium skincare company, with the #1 anti aging line in the USA. The product line has been developed by the duo of doctors responsible for creating ‘pro Activ’. The line includes four regimes which address various skin conditions: REVERSE for sun damage, brown spots and dull skin, REDEFINE for anti-aging, UNBLEMISH for acne, SOOTHE for sensitive skin. We love that Rodan + Fields stands behind the efficacy of their products. Everything has been clinically tested by third parties. Customers may try the products for up to two months to see how they like them and return them if they don’t. (Even if the bottle is empty!) Kyla has been enjoying a trial of the ‘Acute Care’. These ‘miracle packets’ are applied to fill a wrinkle while you sleep. Having been troubled by two deep lines forming above her brows, Kyla was all too interested to try out this alternative to injectable fillers. Acute care contains peptides and hyaluronic acid which are both found naturally in the body, though we produce less as we age.

Our consultant, Erin, has been involved with the brand for a little over a year. “This business has allowed me to pay off all my debt, it pays my monthly mortgage and we are now saving for a bigger house. I work from anywhere there is wifi – literally from my smart phone! The flexibility offered allows me to have a lucrative side business without interfering with my career. This opportunity has provided a much needed financial cushion and has also re-connected me with many people I had lost touch with. It’s honestly made me a better person. I love helping people with their skin and to feel better about themselves.”

Kyla Tried

Be sure to visit our website to see our results video with Erin!



Photo: Kyla Getty

Having always struggled with dark undereyes, Jody has been testing out the REDEFINE multi function eye cream over the past 3-months. It’s one of the brand’s best selling products. The eye cream works on dark circles and aims to visibly reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness.

Jody Tried


Visit to watch our You Tube Video with Erin Towns of Rodan & Fields!


C R E AT I N G A N O P P O RT U N I T Y F O R W O M E N TO CO N N E C T A N D NETWORK IN A MEANINGFUL WAY. This was the desire that fueled the fire for SheTalks Founder, Natasha Raey, to build a core group of women and bring this concept to life. SheTalks was founded to give women a safe and open space to share their stories. Their time on stage is limited to 8 minutes so that speakers are forced to only tell the raw, authentic pieces of their story. No fluff allowed! The art of storytelling has taken on some real steam as of late and this excites Natasha and the SheTalks committee. The movement has given a voice to many issues and in doing so has touched close to home for many. The sense of community and support that results after a personal and powerful story is shared is remarkable to witness and motivates Natasha’s team to keep doing more.



“All of our stories are beautiful. Even the ugly parts. Especially the ugly parts. Just go up there and own your message. Know that there is likely a woman in the audience who is in a really bad place in her life right now. Hearing how you made it out the other side will be exactly what she needs to hear to know she is going to be okay.” – Natasha Raey


WINTER 2017 |

The raw energy and emotion that drives these events made it’s way to CNN International as they chose SheTalks YVR as one of the 'Top 10 Things To Do In The World For International Women’s Day.' SheTalks is excited to be partnering with I Like Her Style Vancouver as a media brand that aligns with their shared goal to empower and elevate women.

ON BUSINESS: “In order to be successful in business, there are a few things that I recommend to do before beginning: Research, research, research! Look at who else is in the playing field and define what makes you different. Do a business canvas – use flipcharts and sticky notes to capture every idea you have. Don’t forget that some of the best tech innovations have been rooted in the craziest science fiction ideas. Every idea is worth at least exploring. Network, network, network! And finally, never be afraid to toot your own horn.”

ON BALANCE: “Being a woman that wears many hats - Chief Relationship Officer for GradsLikeMe, Founder of the Hush Campaign, Chief Engagement Officer at Lift Cannabis Co, Clinical Planner fostering innovation in health and technology, and opening up a Health Centre in Toronto - let’s just say that balance and organization is key. I only do work that excites me, and work that I believe has a purpose. It helps me to stay motivated and present. I schedule every minute of my day, but also allow for days that have longer lunches and shopping trips. Pilates is my wellness saviour and thankfully I am really good at working on planes.”

UPCOMING EVENT SHETALKS HEALTH & FITNESS JANUARY 28, 2017, 10:30am-4pm Elements Casino 17755 60th Avenue, Surrey

Photos: Kim James Photography

“You are enough. You have your entire life ahead of you so spend every day spreading as much


love as you can. People will try to dim your

shine, but never let them. You were placed on this earth for a reason. And that was to spread light and love. Never forget your purpose.” – Natasha Raey CONNECT ON SOCIAL @nraey

ON WOMEN: “Women are resilient, caring, strong, and wonderful. So many of us do it all. But we need to be better at reading our bodies and our hearts, and not to feel guilty when we put ourselves first. It’s about self-awareness and taking care of ourselves so that we can love and contribute to the world in the best way possible. We need to create a world that demands equality for women, but we also need to create an appetite within ourselves as women to demand equality. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you think you’re worth.”

ON GETTING CREATIVE: “Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you and full of love. Don’t think you can get anywhere alone. We always need a tribe around us. Growing up I wanted to be a fashion designer and now I am part owner of a jewelry company. Sometimes investing in a business is the answer. I am obsessed with fashion - even on my ‘off’ days I just put on a dress, smile, and my day is better. Don’t hold back! Take Risks! The best advice I have ever received was, “Someone’s opinion of you is nothing more than that. Just an opinion.”


SheTalks endows an open platform for women which connects and inspires them. Through the stories they share, SheTalks helps them to challenge the notion silencing their voices. Women of all social standards, from innovative thinkers in science & medicine and dynamic leaders in business & entrepreneurship to inspiring voices in communication & media and driven challengers in sports.

SAVE THE DATE SHETALKS YVR March 4, 2017 Chandos Pattison Auditorium 10238 168 Street, Surrey

Connect on Instagram @she.talks

590 WEST GEORGIA, TELUS GARDEN | 604 602 0835

GLOWBAL RESTAURANT GROUP’S NEWEST FLAGSHIP LOCATION Glowbal is a Vancouver institution and the flagship of Glowbal Restaurant Group. Located in one of Vancouver’s most stunning architectural landmarks, TELUS Garden, this is where stripped down North American cuisine lives and breathes.

G L O W B A L G R O U P. C O M












I Like Her Style Vancouver • Issue 1  

Uncover our 2 Covers! With so many inspiring women in BC's Lower Mainland... how could we choose JUST ONE Cover Woman? Simple... we didn't!...

I Like Her Style Vancouver • Issue 1  

Uncover our 2 Covers! With so many inspiring women in BC's Lower Mainland... how could we choose JUST ONE Cover Woman? Simple... we didn't!...