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In this project, I will design a floating Villa (on a lake) in a forest with a little camping area to the side. It will be a holiday home for a minimum of two families. The villa will be built with a wood material and will be partly placed on a lake. More over, the villa should make a minimum effect on the area as the building would have some impact on the living surroundings, therefore, it should be built in a way that it can be removed. In addition, the purpose of the villa is to create a calm and relaxing mood to the families/people that come to visit. This could include sight seeing of animals that are not to be seen in a place with a big population. As for example, the atmosphere that the building would create if it was placed in a busy city, would be as noisy and busy. Another thing that this villa could include is that it could be powered by the sun so that it saves energy and so it is better for the environment and to not cause an damage.

Specification - building should be able to float on water - Should be spacious enough so that people can walk around it - Use different material for the model - Make sure it can fit at least two families - Gather research from different architects. (find an architect who designs for a specific purpose or someone who does similar work to what you are designing). - Do different drawings based on research gathered. - Create examples of buildings (models) that could look interesting. - Create a series of elevation and plan drawings. - Minimal impact on surroundings / on nature - Movable space, interior and exterior.

Possible location for the building The location that I will be choosing would be something more open as one of the main purposes of my building would be a holiday home for families so that they could take some time out of their busy, daily routines in order to spend some quality time together and to relax. The two locations I have shown are some of many examples of where my portable building could be placed, without causing harm or damage to the environment. However, I will be choosing a few locations in which my building will be able to fit as it will be a multi purpose structure so that it could be moved around and placed in different scenery. This is because I want my design/ building to have a minimal impact on the nature and its surroundings.

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Floating market hall in Dubai.

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