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K I M , I L H WA N SELECTED WORKS 2014 - 2017 + 1 3 1 2 6 1 8 9 9 8 6

01 Timber Tower Mass Timber Structure High Rise Building

06 Kinetic Sun Flower Light Tracking Device for Collecting Light

02 Naive Intention Library and Residential Facility in Patagonia

07 State of Aging Declined Community Church Renovation

03 Hybrid Fulton Market Meat Packing Factory Renovation

08 Marble Wonder Inventory of Chicago TwoFlat as a Marble Sculpture

04 Laguna Pavilion Design - Build Pavilion in Chile

09 Nomadic Desk White Oak Foldable Desk and Stool

05 Narrative Haus Community Center for Mixed Culture Neighborhood

10 Community Public Health Care Center SAAI


Timber Tower Mass Timber Structure High Rise Building Performative construction of each element had been destabilized by the radical changes in society and technology but the tectonic question remains. How then do these materialities meaning and effect? Hence Semper construed the primitive hut not as an origin of unchanging architectural principles but as a set of questions. They are questions because Semper clearly understood that the performative construction of each element had been destabilized by the radical changes in society and technology. For instance, the stone can be sliced into the plates of cladding, steel can be as fluid as fabric and glass can become transparent pillars. But the tectonic question remains. How then do these materialities can have meaning and effect? There are numerous ecological, socio-economical meanings of using wood as a construction material. However, it is important to understand and use fundamental traits of timber in order to explore new possibilities of the material. Mass Timber structure is using manipulated wood based materials such as CLT(Cross Laminated Timber) or Glulam but the materiality of those products are similar to the natural wood. What kind of new typology of structure and spatial system that can be created by timber? Studio Project _ Year 4 Instructor _ Andy Tinucci

Fall 2015

Possibility of Highrise Timber Tower in Chicago Numerous skyscrapers are competing in Chicago north loop area. the location of the site is boundary line of expanding the high-density area. Therefore, high density residential and cultural facilities are newly demanded.






The form of the building shaped to counter act to the context


arc x0-d1 = arc x1-d1



Vertical CLT load bearing wall



CLT beam honding slab and vertical walls / envelope CLT slab connecting vertical wall and exterior beam





Caisson pile

Form Reacts to the Context High-rise building in metropolitan context always interacts and compete with other buildings for natural resources such as light, view and air flow. Accordingly, the form of the building shaped to use interstitial spaces between the tower and surrounding buildings.

L V Mass Timber structures use manipulated wood based materials such as CLT(Cross Laminated Timber) or Glulam, but the materiality of those products are similar to natural wood. It is stronger when its stacked horizontally rather than vertically. Cross stacked horizontal and vertical beams bring light in from the high level on one side and create wide views toward the city scape.

Vertical load bearing CLT wall CLT beam / Envelope

Cross-Stacking System for the Light and View Cross stacked system gives not only structural benefit but unique spatial qualities. Cross stacked horizontal and vertical timber beams create openings toward city view at the bottom part of the stack. Also, it offers clearstory for the natural light at the higher part of the stack.

Duplex Type 1 _ Family House Large living room has a wide opened view toward the south and clearstory on the east. Private rooms are located with directing perpendicular to the living room to keep privacy and light from the opening to the east. Therefore, a family house can obtain two different light condition and view in a single opened space.

Duplex Type 2 _ Studio It is important to utilize small space for studio living unit. High ceiling height living room and dining room make narrow space looks wider. Opened view toward the south brings skyline of the Chicago inside of the studio. Private space is located on top of the kitchen. Private space is opened to a living room and small balcony to the east.

+ 20’-6”

+ 18’



1. Gallery 2. Conference Space

Second Floor Plan _ Art Gallery Clearstory is bringing Indirect natural light into the gallery space. It is possible to see large CLT beam is crossing the long-span space.

ENT for Residence

+ 2’-10”



4 ENT for Caffe


+_ 0.00


ENT for Gallery

N 0


1. Reception 2. Residence Lobby 3. Art Shop 4. Caffe 5. Residence lobby 2

Ground Floor Plan _ Art Shop and Caffe Tunnel-shape linear space induces people to go inside of the shop and cafe. Opened ground floor has a visual connection from the entrance to exit to the backyard.


+ 296’




1. Family House 2. Lobby 3. Communal Space 4. Studio Unit

Sixteenth Floor Plan Duplex family house residences provide two different light conditions and views. Studio units get a vertical layout to enlarge the scale of the space.


+ 82’





1. Family House 2. Studio Unit 3. Art and Craft Studio 4. Gallery Space 0

Fifth Floor Plan _ Art Studio and Residence Art studio and residence is connected so that artists and craftsmen can have their private studios and workshop classrooms. Circulation is connected from the gallery at a second floor to make art studios semi-public space.


1 2 3 4


1. 3/4� wood floor 2. Coper pipe_radiation system 3. Membrane 4. 3 ply 8� CLT 5. Hanged wood ceiling

Corner of the Cross-Stacked Exposed Beam Cross stacked giant exposed beam creates openings and walls. People can see the detail of the cross stacking system and resonate worth of traditional log cabin. Moreover, it is possible for residents to experience the spatial effect of the stacked timber system and materiality.

Art Studio Clearstory and skylight are bringing natural light in, which is indispensable to exhibit art. Moreover, lights from the east and the south stays in an art studio for a long time.

Studio Type Residence The scale of the space depends on various aspects such as light, proportion, and visual connection. Horizontal view and skylight from the clearstory expand the sense of the scale of the narrow studio unit.

1 2 3



1. 3/4” wood finish 2. Spacing 3. 8.5” insulation 4. 5 ply 1’-8” CLT 5. Brackets 6. 1-3/16” N.T panel

Techtonic for light Light is one of the most important elements for an art gallery. Clearstory and skylight at the east and the west side, which are created by cross stacked timber beam, bring smooth natural light deep inside of the art gallery. The wood exterior wall keeps the identity of the space and white interior wall creates spaces for an art exhibition.

Timber Tower


NaĂŻve Intention Library and Residential Facility in Patagonia there is still a need for basic fantasies, myths and desires. Being a cultural invention, any work of architecture is both a physical and a mental construction. It is not the artificial condition what fascinates our limited human understanding, and by extension the indulgencies of the architectonic wonders, but the very human capacity to return, over and over, to a critically demarcated and receding nature. Despite The complex and dramatic change of the society and technologies, the way human interacts with the world as a physical entity has not changed much. Architectural strategies that relate people and physical form of information are needed for civilization nowadays and for the future also. The studio had developed large horizontal buildings for the temporary custody and delight of a vast repository of vegetal memory. Under the assumption that following a total takeover of digital data, important human knowledge carefully printed on precious volumes will be turned into a collection of rare items (almost with the status of a work of art). This massive accumulation of weighty but fragile paper will no longer be stored in dense metropolitan epicenters, where media techs and civic hubs are the political fountains of open-source. The otherwise central social and urban role of the library will be displaced to a marginal place. A priceless collection will be the heroic destination of a long journey to the end of the world. The building will be a confined monolith, a concrete shed, containing a predominant massive and grandiose interior, a reverberating magnitude not only with the vast natural surrounding landscape but with the voluntary seclusion of its eccentric inhabitants. Studio Project _ Year 5 Instructor _ Mauricio Pezo & Sofia Von Ellrichshausen

Fall 2016

Reinvention of Fragments Photographs of pre-modern libraries, building prior to the 20th century, are used as base materials to eject fragments. The selected cases will be carefully reinvented as a column by altering the proportion of its parts such as base, shaft, capital, decoration.

Inventory; Sculptural Columns Research on the sculptural possibilities of one of the basic structural element of a building: the column. The study was be based on an open selection of distant and totally decontextualized cases.

Library at the End of the World Collections are preserved inside of the long proportioned library at the end of the world like an ark. Visitors have to have long journeys to get to the library to encounter books. The mental attitude of visitors in this library are different from daily users in community libraries.

Landscape of Books There are thousands of ways to reach one book and people read the book differently depends on how they met it. The landscape of books generates unexpected encounter with books.

Ground floor plan

Third floor plan

Fifth floor plan

The Library of an Arc This Library is the place where people dwell and study. Life in the library cannot detach with reading but residences are watching nature outside of the library not toward book to keep the balance.

Element as a Whole From the stair steps to the bookshelf to the floor height to the building height, small elements logically merged into larger scale unit. It is also possible to see every order of elements for the perspective.

Encounter with Knowledge as a Physical Elements Narrow openings are connecting library space another side of the building. It is a threshold in between water and oil. Openings are thin layered threshold but it brings extensive transition.

Section AA

Section CC

Stepped Platform of the Library and Residences Despite pyramid shaped exterior, this building has large opened library space with the form of a valley. Residences and study rooms are located in intermediate space in-between two different form of platform.

Layered and Stepped platform Platforms are supported by top-rounded column so that it looks lighter than it is; almost floating and free from the gravity. Also, the row of columns creating layered depth on the facade.

Building inside of the Envelope A row of columns creates a layered envelope of the building which provides shade, half exterior space and visual depth of the building. It operates as the connection between interior space and nature.

NaĂŻve Intention


Hybrid Fulton Market Meat Packing Factory Renovation The big idea of the 20th century was the democratization of consumption; Ford, McDonald’s, CocaCola and IBM. However, the big idea of the 21st century is the democratization of manufacturing; such as a 3D printer, laser cutter, and micro brew. The activity of craft is coming back to life. What and how to preserve the historic building is one of the most important issues of the Fulton Market factory restoration project. The existing building is harmonized with the context not only the building as a piece of matter but also of the program and the way it’s operating. Trucks come and go from the early morning and the whole street becomes empty after six pm, in the evening. The building and the neighborhood have potential to be used more efficiently and attract people. To reach two contradicting goals, develop the Fulton Market area and avoid gentrification at the same time, it is needed for the building to preserve manufacturing program but blend with an act of consuming. Hybrid of producing and consuming can make it possible to preserve not just the building but contents of the neighborhood as the historic factory zone and attract people to increase a value of the area. Studio Project _ Year 3 Instructor _ Carlo Parente

Fall 2014

Memory Machine How do people remember certain places? How do people get used to inhabiting certain spaces? People do not just occupy a place in a physical way but also in a psychological way. Everyone has places where they feel comfortable and familiar. People decide which place is familiar or not based on their personal memories. Infra-ordinary elements and events are changing every day as one or more layers of memory are added to one’s consciousness. The memory has a  sense of synchrony and diachrony at the same time. People reconstruct incidents and impressions of the places using multiple layers of their memories about different places and times. I think this is the mechanism for how people remember events or daily life. So how people recognize the place is not by fixed or accurate but reorganized by memory. Memory machine records how people recognize and remember the layers of Fulton market by overlapping time, people, vehicles, weather, light, material, and occupancy. 






Everyday Factory and Pantry Market The big idea of the 20th century was the democratization of consumption but the big idea of the 21st century is the democratization of manufacturing. The activity of the craft is coming back to people’s everyday life. Moreover, Fulton market is historical manufacturing area. To preserve and share a unique, lively and creative environment in this community, it is important to retain manufacturing but operate along the 21st century.

20th Century Factory Repetitive Mass Production

Modern mass production requires the standardization - Erich Fromm -

People in all over the world can own their means of production - Alastair Parvin -

21st Century Factory Individual Small quantity batch production

Working Station


3D Printer Kitchen Pathway Bar Dining Display


Pantry Shelf Market Stall

28” Depth working table See through display shelf Market stall

Lecture platform See through display shelf

See through 3D printer machine Cooking station

Lecture platform Bar table

See through display shelf

System of Hybrid; Manufacture and Consumption After the industrial revolution dawned in England, the activity of manufacturing had been receded from people’s daily life. It is almost impossible for City consumer to observe the process of manufacturing or produce food, articles for daily use, and art by themselves. They only can get ready made products from mass consuming facilities like shopping malls or department stores. However, in the 21 century, manufacturing is coming back to people’s everyday life thanks to 3D printing technology, CNC machine, and the Internet. Manufacturing facilities can fit inside of the city because production facilities become smaller and cheaper.



3D Printing Studio

Self Bar and Caffe


Choose coffe

Build Virtual Model

Prepare to Drip

Print Product

Dripping Coffe

Finishing Producer



3D printer


Take out

Bar Table




Look Around


Put Product in Basket

Choose Material

Display Case

Display / DIY Factory

Choose Product

Build Virtual Model


Cut and Mill

Check out Display

Finishing Consumer



Work Station


Public Incubator Kitchen Reserve for the Cooking Class Get Recipe

Buy Ingredients from the Pantry Market Take Cooking Class Cook

Serve and Share Cook

Cooking Station


Lecture Platform

Take out

Types and Attributes of the Hybrid Wall The system is not a combination of simple elements. It is the harmonious relationship of the value creating elements. Walls between manufacturing space and consuming places are designed to connect and interact two programs and activities. Manufacture process is hidden behind the walls of factories and kitchens in the modern city. Disconnected interaction between consumer and manufacturer generates excessive consumption and irresponsible product production. The purpose of the hybrid wall is to expose producer to the consumer and vice versa.





1. Caffe Shop 2. Pantry Market 3. Woodshop 4. 3d Print Shop

Second Floor Plan

1 6



5 1. Self Bar/Caffe 2. Lobby cafe 3. DIY Studio 4. Plaza Market 5. 3d Print Studio 6. Public Kitchen




First Floor Plan

First and Second Floor Plan Independent manufacturer studios are connected by pantry market at the second floor. Tangled and weaved new building fits inside of the preserved facade of the old building.

Scatter and Connection

make new path

Scattered manufacturing studios are tangled with the marketplace in order to create multiple connections between two different programs.

market street (2500 sf)

3D printer studio (1200 sf) DIY shop (4000 sf)

Intermediate space

Intermediate spaces between the historic facade and new part of the building create tension through the contrast of materiality and distance.

public kitchen (5900 sf)


Contrast and Harmony

How can architect preserve physical and metaphysical elements of the building? The historic facade is preserved to maintain context and atmosphere of the neighborhood. Also, the New part of the building preserves the program of the existing building; manufacturing.

Tangled Mass Inside of the Existing Order Overlapped masses of two different programs; manufacture and shopping are fitted inside of the envelope of existing building harmoniously.


[ fig 4 ]

[ fig 3 ] [ fig 5 ] [ fig 1 ]





[ fig 7 ]

[ fig 6 ]

[ fig 2 ]


Activities of Everyday Factory



fig. 1 _ public Kitchen fig. 2 _ furniture factory fig. 3 _ pantry market_ingredient fig. 4 _ restaurant fig. 5 _ auditorium for education fig. 6 _ exhibition/market fig. 7 _ light core for pantry market

Section Detail _ Evolution of Historic Brick Wall Preserved historic buildings also have to perform as positive as a new building in a modern context. Cantilevered preserved masonry wall is supported by hollow section steel beam to open up the corner of the building but maintain a historic facade. Single layered masonry wall, which was built in 1919 stays for exterior envelope and insulation layer, a new brick layer is added to the interior in order to cultivate material palette and improve energy performance.

Light core to bring light inside of the building

Light Core

Translucent glowing channel glass market place Pantry Market

Furniture studio Self caffe 3D printing studio Public Kitchen, Dinning and Lecture platform

Manufacture Structure

Preserved historic masonry facade

Tear down first floor corner masonry wall Brick Envelope Masonry core_previous elevator core Glulam timber beam Hollow section steel beam frame H-Section steel beam structure Steel Beam Structure

1. double glazing window 2. hidden bar 3. channel glass 4. cleaned brick 5. old brick 6. polished concrete 7. hollow core slab 8. H-section beam 9. hanged pannel 10. 3mm black metal plate 11. insulation 12. hollow section beam




Laguna Pavilion Design - Build Pavilion in Chile Buildings remain as space, form, and material but fundamental elements of design seem to be treated less important today. Not few architects insist that architecture is about image, idea, or politics but image, concept and even life of people in architecture cannot exist without construction. However complex architecture may be, however, many concerns architects may cope with, architects work is evaluated by its constructed result. Finding for architecture a specific base of its own has to be preceded before connecting architecture to the more advanced art or technologies. The act of constructing, especially primitive construction methods, shows a fundamental state of architecture itself. For instance, the plumb line shows the resistance of the structure against gravity and water level shows the balance of the building reacts to the topography of the land. Architecture is not a result of strong desire but a natural phenomenal consequence. Beautiful detail does not mean keen detail but an essential detail that does not resist against natural forces but follows it. As Aldo Rossi mentioned, the idea could be materialized through construction and detail is nothing but meaning construction. Studio Project _ Year 5 Instructor _ Frank Flury

Summer 2016

Polycarbonate Oculus

Corrugated metal roofing Aluminum L-bracket Roofing Paper

Charred wood siding Building Paper Playwood

Framing Views and Activity Toward the Lake Series of stepped pyramid shape A-frame generates direction toward a lake. The pavilion that can be used as a boat house, community gathering place is keeping a relationship with the lake at all times.

Make the Structure Stand Prefabricated structure frames were assembled on top of the platform and raised above the foundation. The sequence of the work was carefully curated for safety and efficiency.

Series of Structural Frames with Brace Walls Structural A-frame is connected with stud walls. The connections between structural frames are reinforcing the stability of the whole structure.

Visual Connection from Inside to the Lake Opened interior plan has an axis which makes people turn their eyes upon the lake. Pocket benches on a side of the pavilion are directing perpendicular to an axis so that people can choose where to gaze.

Multi Purpose Use of Framed Space The inclined interior wood frame does not only functions as a structure but also acts as an architectural element that gives the potential of the three-dimensional use of the space.

Charred Pine Wood Envelope Being with people is different from being in front of the God. People need less ordered and non-hierarchize place for the new church as elder center and opened community space.

Welcoming Gesture of the Pavilion Visitors encounter corner of the pavilion with wide opened entrance of the building. The pavilion is welcoming visitors, who passed narrow and long tracking path, with opened arms.

The Monument Blends into Nature The monumental shape of the pavilion gives extraordinary spatial experience. On the other hand, the pavilion blend into the nature around it because of it’s opened structure.

Laguna Pavilion


Narrative Haus Community Center for Mixed Culture Neighborhood Process oriented architecture creates an illusion that program gives reasons and appropriateness of architectural form and atmosphere. What does the theoretical and practical relation between an architectural identity of the space and the use of the space? Recently, community centers do not only act as a place for gathering and public events but for daily education, craft and social. Therefore, community centers needed small unit spaces with special contents rather than empty and opened. Narrative Haus in Hyde Park located a new type of community center that is specialized in storytelling activities such as independent publishing, reading, recording, and play. Hyde Park community is segregated into two different neighborhoods with disparate culture. One is student and professor community around University of Chicago. The other one is low-income community across the Washington park. The challenge of the community center between the two is to keep independent contents for each community but blend and create a synergy effect from hybridization. Two different types of unit spaces, one is published contents related and the other one is recording contents based. They are articulated by compounding volumetric solid forms and void spaces. A form of space is created from an independent process which is not directly related to programs and use of the space. The architectural identity of the space creates the loose connection between unit spaces. Studio Project _ Year 3 Instructor _ Andy Tinucci

Fall 2015

Community Center for Two Different Neighbors Story Haus places in the middle of the border between two different neighborhood with different economic status and culture. The challenge of the building is to blend two communities harmonious.

Spatial Continuity with Independency of Unit Spaces Visual and acoustic connectivity can be manipulated by scale and form of the space. Also, multidirectional circulation which created moments with lost and unexpected encounter with new people and space.

Positive Volume

Negative Volume

Low Cave

Linar Skylight

Overlapped Curve

Positive Volume

Negative Volume

Igloo dome

Inverted Vault

High Pitched Ceiling

Positive Volume

Negative Volume

Compound of Spaces Void spaces and solid objects can be compound to create a new type of space; sculptural space. A mix of components that have different functions and traits generate new characteristic that cannot expect before it’s combined.

48’ 6”

42’ 6”

32’ 7”

17’ 5”

+ 0.00

- 5’ 7”


Identity of Space, Identity of Use Program and form of space do not invariably have an explicit relation. Architectural idea and atmosphere of the space inspire and affects the use of the place.



Articulated Form of Narrative Unit spaces are designed through the process of compound and subtraction of void and solid forms. Nevertheless, those are connected and buffer spaces are representing a use of building as one narrative.




















Ground Floor Plan Two different programs, publishing related and recording related, are scattered and share interstitial spaces between unit spaces.



1. Lounge library 2. Independent publishing 3. Caffe 4. Reading and Meeting room 5. Performance theatre 6. Record studio 7. Office

Continuous Atmosphere of the Place Despite individual programs are segregated into unit spaces, architectural languages that are used for each unit are affecting each other. It creates a continuous atmosphere of the whole building, courtyard, and edge of the building that connects sidewalk and the building.

Narrative Haus


Kinetic Sun Flower Light Tracking Device for Collecting Light The idea of an interactive architecture is simply fascinating. Architects can construct buildings without bricks but with responsive devices. Nonetheless, it is not technology for the technology itself but for basic needs of human and nature. Providing fundamental natural resources, that human need but hard to find in urban context, to people in an efficient way can be the ultimate objective of kinetic architecture. It’s increasingly difficult to anticipate light conditions of places in destabilized metropolitan context, such as New York City and Chicago, by the radical change in density. Tall towers are constantly constructing and light conditions of surroundings are affected not only by its height and volume but it’s clad materials. Research on the present situation of direct sunlight does not represent actual light conditions of the place. Therefore, collecting the light through light tracking can be the solution for bringing light into the building or underground space. For instance, New York City is proceeding Low-Line project which is constructing underground public park by renovating old subway tunnels. One of the biggest challenges of the project is bringing lights to the underground in the middle of the most populated area of the city. The light tracking device can track light with a photodetector and collect every kind of lights above the ground through optical fiber cables. Design Communication Project _ Year 4 Instructor _ Thomas Kearns

Fall 2015

Legend 1. 12V Power 2. Classify value 0-120 3. Screw to fix wire 4. Servo moor 5. Elastic wire 6. Photodetector 7. Multi-direction joint 8. ÎŚ 3mm metal pipe 9. White painted mdf plate 10. Wire path 11. Metal ring joint 12. Light tunnel 13. Wire winder 14. Arduino UNO

Kinetic Mechanism of Light Tracker Determinate direction of the light tracker by controlling wire winding servo motor; [ Photodetector I / a constant + Photodetector II / a constant + ... Photodetector IV / a constant] / 2 πr1

01 Closed Aperture

02 Opened Aperture

Aperture System to Control the Amount of Light Independent manufacturer studios are connected by pantry market at the second floor. Tangled and weaved new building fit inside of the preserved facade of the old building.

01 Closed Aperture

02 Opened Aperture

Tension Structure for Movable Device There are numbers of advantages to using tension structure for the kinetic device. It is possible to make structure lighter. Moreover, it is flexible to make parts movable with controlling the balance of tensed wire.

Kinetic Sun Flower


State of Aging Declined Community Church Renovation As your youth is not a reward for your effort, neither is my oldness a punishment from my fault. Senescent is not a catastrophe. It is a hope. _ Theodore Roethke Not only humans but everything in this world share one common experience; birth and death. The city is not an object or living creature but it also has the life cycle as do the people who live in it. Nevertheless, humans build cities and construct cathedrals with pursuing permanent glory and wealth. They have been adding more and more things into a city and lose sight of the fact that Nothing is immortal. Then the question remains; how can something die with dignity and peace? Suwon Church is located in the middle of decaying area of a city. The minister of the church wanted to revitalize church by bringing more young generations to the church despite the fact that only elder population is left in the neighborhood. As an architect, it is possible to suggest another way of renovation. Alternative of revitalization can be a good aging. Elders have different needs and expectations to the church. The church can contribute to the community by taking care of elders and senescent with people and the city. Personal Project

Winter 2014

Change of Population Change of the population affects the picture of the neighborhood. Suwon Church which had built in 1951, during the Korean war, have been acting as a center of the young generation in a community but now the church is considering changing its facilities into elders center. The role of the church is changing in this neighborhood.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

9 10 1. t=22 oak oor panel 2. t=15 ondol panel 3. Ă˜=30 X-L pipe 4. t=3 thermionic conduction panel 5. t=60 plumbing block 6. t=3 steel frame 7. t=100 oak hard wood 8. t=12 oak panel 9. t=3 metal plate fastened with pins 10. peg with steel pin

Proposal for Elder Citizens’ Comfort Koreans, especially elders, are more familiar with sitting on a heated floor rather than a furniture. To give comfortable sitting a place and larger possibilities of gathering and activities, landscape form with pixelated flat heating floor can be proposed for church with a new function.

Empty out Divisions The church operated one kindergarten and two after school for kids and adolescents. It needed numbers of divided rooms inside of the building. However, after numbers of believers decreased and age of people was getting older, rooms are needed to be opened so that people can gather at the same place.

Landscape with Heated Floor The landscape of pixelated seatings deconstructs order and hierarchy of the front and the back. The new order of space is about networking, gathering, and grouping.

Opened but Separated Opened land form shaped floor makes possible for people to gather in a diverse size of group from one to one meeting to performance and mass.

Decentralized and Democratized Community place Being with people is different from being in front of the God. People need less ordered and non-hierarchize place for the new church as elder center and opened community space.

Good Senescent What is the role of the church in the middle of the decaying city? Church itself cannot revive with aging neighbors. Find a good way to age and die together is more important for the church as public goods.

State of Aging


Marble Wonder Inventory of Chicago Two-flat as a Marble Sculpture Some architecture has the capacity to embody their identity and meanings in some context, even it is commonplace and the artlessness of the non-pedigree architecture. Self-referenced typology of an architecture that had created on certain time and context, such as two-flat in Chicago, does have potential to be a piece of sculpture with its unique identity. Architecture as an art often has virtual and imaginary components that are not liable. A building can be a sculpture and a sculpture can be an architecture is attributed to the point somewhere between actuality and abstract, function and aesthetic, monolithic and composition, past and present. In other words, an architectural piece can be an interstitial existence between a sculpture and a structure. This differs from architecture that tries to ‘be’ something. The quality of a building remains as architecture and sculpture both. This interstitial statement gives an architect new ideas and prospects on architecture. In two-flat marble wonder work, two-flat, which is one of the most common typologies of residence in Chicago, communicates with the world as the marble sculpture. Ornaments and various depth of components are used to maintain a monolithic volume by hiding joints between different marble pieces. On the other hand, two-flat as sculpture also has interior space surrounded by marble. It is not easy to tell marble wonder two-flat as architecture nor sculpture. Dual code of an exterior surface and an interior space creates unexpected effects of forms of matter. Inventory Workshop Project _ Year 3 Instructor _ Mauricio Pezo & Sofia Von Ellrichshausen

Fall 2015

Marble Sculpture as an Architecture The sculpture is carved from outside to inside but the process of constructing architecture is the other way. Architecture has empty spaces in it but inside of a sculpture is filled with material. Marble wonder is the sculpture with architectural space.

Marble Wonder


Nomadic Desk White Oak Foldable Desk and Stool Flexible and portable furniture usually have an image of efficient and polished but cheap and light. They’re usually made out of plastic or aluminum. However, people in modern cities who have nomadic lifestyle also want practical and flexible but with respect for the natural material. A common phrase Nomadic Lifestyle shows a flexible state of life of urbanites. Working and living environment changes frequently and dramatically. It is possible to say that one of the side effects of this phenomenon is every single change of surrounding environment can cause mental and physical discomfort and maladjustment. As Louis Kahn designed private office room for researchers in Salk Institute for biological studies with traditional and natural elements such as oak window panel and desk, people seek the unchanging value of atmosphere in space. Foldable working and reading table is not thoroughly portable but it transforms easily to fit in any sort of places. It can be folded flat to move or store. People can feel new place more familiar through flexible oak workstation that they can carry everywhere they move. Furniture Design and Craft _ Year 4 Instructor _ Frank Flury

Fall 2015

Foldable Spin Details The spin joint of the foldable desk makes the desk possible to be folded to be portable. Oak dowels and A-frame connections keep same design language with the rotatable joint.

A-Frame Desk with Hanger Rotatable connection of the frame is not only structural element but also the hanger for light, towel, and jacket. The rounded finish on legs gives the flexibility to place the desk on the floor with various height.

Nomadic Desk


Community Public Health Care Center SAAI The mission of public health care center is not to cure people but prevent diseases inform people and educate people. Therefore, communication and openness of the building are more important than any other medical institution. How can openness of a public medical building be achieved? Public health care centers have been acting as a social medical institution, which is specialized in the health care for the elderly and disease prevention. Therefore, public health care centers are not only conducting medical treatment but taking charge of the education of sanitation, noticing an epidemics, and child care. Mock-dong public health care center is community activity oriented medical institution with mini gym, lecture room, and public kiosk library. As the small community public health care center is more focusing on disease prevention and education, The building is planned to be more opened to the neighborhood. Scattered masses on the first floor provides higher accessibility and translucent polycarbonate mass on top of scattered mass gives dematerialized lightness. Internship _ SAAI Project Manager _ Seongpil Won

Fall 2015


3 4





1. Reception 2. Mini gym 3. Kiosk library 4. Pocket park

Decentralized and Democratized Community place How can openness of a public medical building be achieved? Public health care center has two categories of programs. One is a community activity, and the other one is medical examination and treatment. Community activity programs are placed on the ground floor so that people can access easily and medical programs are located on the second, third and fourth floors in order to keep security. Translucent polycarbonate facade gives openness and connectivity between exterior and interior of the building. The building is located on the corner of the narrow street and the site has dramatic level changes the corner. Therefore, the building can get multiple access from a different level. It gives public space on a first floor is opened but protected at the same time. From the second floor to the fourth floor has secured education space and medical examination room with beds. Education room and medical examination rooms are directly accessible from the vertical circulation without any corridor space.



1 3 4 2 5

1. Waiting hall 2. Education room 3. Nutrition research office 4. Open kitchen 5. Terrace


1. Medical examination room 2. Office 3. Terrace

Dematerialized Envelope and Openness of the Building Translucent envelope reveals activity from inside and exchange light; from inside to outside, from exterior to interior. It also makes the building act as a glowing street light at the corner of the street.

Public Health Care Center

K I M , I L H WA N + 1 . 3 1 2 . 6 1 8 .9 9 8 6


Illinois Institute of Technology Bachelor of Architecture 2014 - 2017

Ajou University

Bachelor of Architecture 2008 - 2014

SOFTWARE AutoCAD, Revit Rhinoceros, V Ray, Grasshopper 3ds Max Arduino, Unity Q GIS



Seoul, Korea Internship 2013.06 - 2013.11 Projects : Community Public Health Care Center, Gong-ju House, Collective Shop Reference : Lee Jinoh

Woodhouse Tinucci Architecture

Chicago, IL Internship 2015.06 - 2016.05 Projects : Congress Theater, KSL, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy Keller Center Reference : Andy Tinucci

Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago, IL Teaching Assistant 2016.08 - 2016.12 Arch 100, Introduction to Architecture Director : Colleen M. Humer, Cathleen S. Nagle

Freedom on Methodology After architects liberated from doctrines, young architects do not obsess over manifesto anymore. What architecture can become is more crucial than what it should be. Everything can be blended into architects subjective methodology as like Borges had been using an encyclopedia for the source of his novel. The diversity of methodology on design can create better architecture, not one ideal dogma.

Form and Matter Ideas of architecture can transcend every kind of constraint, such as history, context, and physical forces. Architecture has to encounter harsh reality at a point. It has to prove itself rigorously if the architecture operates in the world it stands. Regardless of the process, idea, and ambition of the building, it becomes naked and reveals itself with its form and matter.

Attitude on Architecture It is a problem that architectural professions tend to overestimate the power of architecture. The overworked notion that architecture can or must save the world makes them social scientist or philosopher, not architect. It does not mean to underestimate the potential of architecture which is about our daily life. Nonetheless, architecture can be great when realized it’s possibilities and limits.

Kim il hwan portfolio 2017  
Kim il hwan portfolio 2017  

Kim, Il Hwan_2017 portfolio