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Midwest Holsteins SUMMER 2016

Illinois • Iowa • Michigan • Minnesota • Wisconsin

Priceless Gem Craigcrest Rubies Gold Rhianna

Grand Champion at Michigan Spring Show

2nd Place at Ohio Spring Show • 5th Place at Wisconsin Spring Show Has a Doorman heifer and bull born 12/1/15 • Some pregnancies by the bull Byway Currently being Flushed • Embryos Available for Purchase

HARDYS HOLSTEINS Gregg, Shelley and Parker Hardy | PO Box 158 | Tipton, MI 49827 | Ph 517.431.2415 | Fx 517.431.2249 | Gregg’s Cell 517.403.5247 | shardy@tc3net.com

2 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

Iowa Holstein Association www.iowaholsteins.org

OFFICERS Tom Simon, President 18960:7706467 43977!'%-. % -.853791&&!#"452#'! /#! Trent Henkes, Vice-President 18960:;6057:< 4;79:498''.*".854891' "&2"' /"' Paula Smith, Secretary/Editor 19740855087<6 6755473''.%## -".855441 "&!'2"("&/"' Shellie Volker, Treasurer164<059<0364; 53585463''.*!"%.839:71& +2-! /#! DISTRICT DIRECTORS (%"1896096:057:4149:3:433''.-"%.83988 Doug Lyons1896074<035:81464 '%-.&' .85466  ('1896086<07<8<146587 #%-+1#"#".8548< Dan Bolin 1 64<05:;075;;163:3:4;3''. %&+ .8394< Dave Chapman1:4507;30774316;;4683''.*'+".8468; Carl Mensen18960;8605735154<8;"&. *)"%.85385 Bob Rahe18960<5406:781486:;'469. -%&+ .85373  ))  Kevin Fossum189608680::;61459: *!.'%+ .854:3

! $18960;:9065;31<7;5%!". $,#%'.85378

 # 18960:7706944156<53"&'#". $,#%'.85378 Mark Knudtson18960:7706944156<53"&'#". $,#%'.85378 Jess Rediske18960:6808876164:4"+%. #%.85434 &%!164<07;307:331547:6533'+.#"( #.85643 Walt Wessel18960<530;49515;87:733''. % -.85373    Mark Kerndt 1896089;033591464;"'.*#".854:5 4 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

Midwest Holsteins Summer 2016




  

  

  

 

  

 

  

    

   

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

 

  

   

 

   

  

 

  

  

  

 

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

cover photo by Kathie McCullough, Juda, Wis.

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Apple AnticsKHW Hero Antics-ET


2-02 2x 247d 20,250 3.8 774 3.0 606 inc.

Due back 9/1/16 to Beemer! She has a Sept. ‘15 heifer by Armani! Sire: Siemers Toys Hero Dam: KHW Shottle Aftershow-ET EX-93 5-07305d 35,190 4.1 1459 3.1 1089 Lifetime: 132,430 4.4 5794 3.3 4314 Maternal Sister to APPLE-RED! EX-96-3E DOM Grand Champion Grand Int’l R&W ‘11 All-American R&W 125,000M ‘13 All-American R&W Aged Cow ‘11

Thank you to Platz Dairy Farm and Justin Irwin for purchasing the heifers we sold on the Clinton County Classic Sale & PDCA Calf Sale! Visit Brite-Side Holsteins on Facebook to learn more about the cow families we are working with!

6 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016




GREEN-MEADOW LADD ASTRE*RC VG-88 2-0 | 362D | 27,120M | 886F | 839P

2016 Great Lakes Spring Show Honorable Mention Grand Champion Reserve Intermediate Champion 1st Place Senior Three-Year-Old Other GMF Spring Show Results include: • Premier Breeder • Premier Exhibitor • 3rd Senior Three-Year-Old • 5th Senior Three-Year-Old • 3rd Four-Year-Old Recent Classification Highlights: • 3 new Excellents • 78 new Very Good cows • 4 Very Good 1st Score Two-Year-Olds

GreenWhere Meadow Farms, Inc. the Latchstring is Always Out 6400 N. Hollister Road | Elsie, MI 48831 Office 989.862.4291 | Fax 989.862.4292 | Email darcydorr@aol.com | www.greenmeadowfarms.com

2016 Graduate of Sauk Prairie High - bound for UW-Madison this fall! so proud e r a e W of you!

Allie with Jenny-Lou Atwood 3138 EX-91 EX-MS 3-05 3x 303 41,920 1493F 1214P Fresh again and milking over 170 lbs. this lactation. 3138 has a fresh Morgan as well as a bred heifer by Kingpin due in August. Her Dam:

Crescentmead Bax Princess EX-94 2E EEEEE 4-10 3x 365 44,770 1840F 1394P Next three dams EX-92 Durham, EX-92 Integrity and an EX-91 Mandingo. Additional daughters by Gabor (2) and Mogul. We are excited for Allie’s future as well as this exciting cow family!

Mystic Valley Dairy LLC Mitch Breunig       

 

Kevin Jorgensen 801 Winter Ave., Waupun, WI 53963 920-210-3992 kjorgensen@selectsires.com

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Minnesota Brood Cow Profile: Olmar Lynch Baby-Bumble-ET

By: Amy-Jo Vander Wal, Intern

Brian and Jill Nelson from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota built their herd, Olmar Farms, on the foundation of great cows, and of these cows included Olmar Lynch Baby Bumble-ET. The Nelson’s entered Olmar Lynch Baby Bumble-ET into Minnesota’s Brood Cow contest for 2016 and she is one of the well-deserved winners. Olmar Lynch Baby Bumble-ET (EX93 2E 95pt mammary system GMD DOM) is a Lynch daughter from Olmar Durham Baby Bunny (EX 92 3E GMD DOM) x Olmar Marty Bunny (EX-94 4E GMD) x Olmar Emory Baby Bunting (EX-91 2E) x Olmar Aerostar Beauty (VG-85) x Olmar Pontiac Babe (VG-86). All of these dams have more than just good scores but also high production records as well. With such a strong pedigree, it should come to no surprise that Baby Bumble was named the 2009 All-Minnesota Sr. Three Year Old. Baby Bumble has proven to be more than just a show cow but also a great brood cow for

Olmar Farms. Starting with Olmar Baby Bunting-ET (VG-86 2 year old) who was sold to Ferme Vinbert in Quebec, Canada on the National Convention Sale. She is the One Star Brood Cow in Canada and was highly contracted for embryos in Europe as well as one of her daughters was ranked in the top 50 TPI females in Europe in August 2015. Bunting also has daughters at Ferme Vinbert that have all scored over VG85 CAN. Another daughter of Olmar Durham Baby Bumble is Olmar Planet Baby BB-ET (GP 81 DOM). She was

purchased by Select Sires and is the dam of SSI Robust Biggio VG-88 GM) who is currently in the top 50 TPI proven bulls. More daughters from the winning brood cow includes Olmar Planet Baby Ruth-ET (VG-87), Olmar Planet Baby Cakes-ET (VG-88), Olmar Shottle Babe who was sold to Oakfield Corners in the Legends of the Fall Sale, Olmar Planet Bono-ET (VG 86) who has also been sold to Select Sires, Olmar Numero Uno Babes (VG 85), Olmar Fever Baby Face (EX-90 3yr old), and many other great potential daughters yet to be classified. Many of Baby Bumble’s offspring are still young cows and still have more potential to fill but yet they never fail to be strong cows with wide rumps and have tremendous udders. Olmar Lynch Baby Bumble-ET has proven herself to be one of the best brood cows on Olmar Farms and continues to prove herself through her offspring.

Olmar Lynch Baby Bumble-ET

Minnesota Holstein congratulates Lucas Plamann - 2016 DJM finalist Lucas Plamann, son of Steve and Debbie Plamann lives on a small hobby farm in rural Hutchinson, Minnesota. Lucaws grew up on a dairy farm until his family sold the cows in 2005. Lucas has always had a passion for the dairy industry and continues to stay involved by helping out as his neighbor, Loren Olson’s dairy. Some of Lucas’ accomplishments include winning regional 4-H quizbowl two years in a row and attending the national quizbowl competition in Louisville, Kentuckty. Lucas is very active in the Minnesota Junior Asssociaiton and currently attends Ridgewater and is finishing up his degree in Agribusiness with a dairy emphasis.

Congratulations Lucas on all of your accomplishments! 10 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

Minnesota Brood Cow Profile: Ylitalo Jolt Roz-ET

By: Amy-Jo Vander Wal, Intern

Tim and Dan Stender from Young America, Minnesota rebuilt their herd, Meadow-Marsh Holsteins, on the foundation of Ylitalo Jolt Roz. After a barn fire accident, Tim traveled to herd dispersals to look for great cattle to fill up his barn again. Once his barn was almost full, he heard about a herd dispersal in Wisconsin. At this sale, he had his eyes set on a daughter of Ylitalo Jolt Roz but instead of coming home with the heifer, he came home with the dam herself. With this dam, he now has eight daughters from her and thirteen granddaughters and great granddaughters. Not only this, but over 20 heifers in their yard trace back to her as well. The Stender’s entered Ylitalo Jolt Roz in the 2016 Minnesota’s Brood Cow Contest and she is one of the well-deserved winners. Ylitalo Jolt Roz-ET (EX-91) is a Second Look Jolt daughter from Ylitalo Commotion Razzle (EX-91) x

Ylitalo Blackstar Reba (EX-92) x Ylitalo Inspiration Rainbow (VG-87) x Ylitalo Joel Ruthie (VG-87). Roz has proven herself to be one of the best brood cows that Meadow-Marsh Holsteins has had so far. With such a strong pedigree it should come to no surprise that she passes that along to her daughters. Ylitalo Jolt Roz was flushed three times after Tim had bought her and then she died shortly after calving at Meadow

Marsh Holsteins. Although she was short lived, she provided the farm with a strong foundation for the future. With a total of nine daughters, they are all good plus and higher. Starting with Ylitalo Throne Roe (VG-87) who was sold at the same sale in Wisconsin as Ylitalo Jolt Roz herself. Then she only got better from there with Meadow-Marsh Dianne RozET (EX-91), Meadow-Marsh Lucky Roz (EX-91), Meadow-Marsh Deanna RozET (VG-87), and MeadowMarsh Tiara Roz-ET (VG-86). Meadow-Marsh Holsteins will be classifying again soon in May and are looking forward to the scores that these cows will come out with! Ylitalo Jolt Roz is one of the strong foundations to Meadow-Marsh Holsteins and continues to create strong progeny for the next generation of cow families to come.

Ylitalo Jolt Roz-ET

Minnesota Holstein Feature Story The full story can be found in the Minnesota Holstein News

Beranek Brothers Less than four years ago, the Beranek brothers became dairy herd owners for the first time, buying the established registered Holstein herd of Chuck Albrecht and renting facilities and equipment from him. It was the farm where the three had worked from their early teens until making the purchase in their late 20s. That made the transition from employees to owners extremely easy. Last year’s transition in their dairy career wasn’t quite as easy—but it’s one they’re very excited to have made. Late in May 2015, work began on an the brothers’ all-new freestall setup on the century farm where the boys grew up, just four miles from the Albrecht farm. “We outgrew the facilities on the Albrecht farm,” Perry Beranek explained of the decision to build new. “There were 48 tie stalls

and we were milking 60 to 80 cows. We had to switch them in from a bedding pack. And, things were wearing out. We didn’t want to put money into something we didn’t own.” He continued, “We kicked the idea around for awhile. We knew we had to do something. Chuck’s barn wasn’t the long-term answer. The high milk prices in 2014 allowed us to do it.” The three had purchased the home farm from their parents, Gerald and Cindy, in 2006, and were raising steers there—but none of the buildings were suitable for a modern dairy operation. The brothers actually found that to their advantage, not having to build around anything or try to fit it in. They opted for a Boumatic double 8 parallel walk-in parlor. “We never gave robots much thought. I

enjoy the milking part of it,” Perry said. To that, Chris added, “and the finances!” A 40x60-foot holding area separates the parlor from the 100x204-foot freestall barn that has 132 stalls in two pens, along with a special needs area. Tunnel ventilation provides good air flow in the barn. “It’s like an eight mph wind when everything is running,” Chris offered. “It’s annoyingly windy back there!” Baleage, corn silage, cottonseed, dry hay, ground corn, and protein mixes are fed as TMR. A skid loader is used to push feed back five times a day. Manure is pushed out to a pit and hauled out about every six days. . (Full story can be found on pages 6-7 of Minnesota Holstein News) MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer2016 - 11

Rickland Supersire 4577 GP-82 2-01 365 43,069 4.0 1718 3.1 1338

+2560G +2790M +56P +88F

Supersire 4577 just completed our best 2-year-old record ever. She is one of our over 40 Supersires milking in our herd. Her daughter, Rickland Kingboy 5498 with a +2710 GTPI, is the highest Net Merit Kingboy in the U.S. at +836NM and +152CFP. 5498 has 18 pregnancies by Exactly, Expresso, Five Star, Bonjovi and Flagship.

We are looking forward to seeing many of our friends at the National Holstein Convention in New York. Jim is running for the At-Large position on the Holstein USA board of directors. Thanks to Corey Geiger whose term is expiring after 6 years of dedicated service.

 

Welcome Russell Lisbeth EX-90

Jim & Greg Rickert Families

2-03 360 35,262 3.8 1344 3.2 1118 4-05 365 44,769 4.2 1889 3.0 1363 Lisbeth is the dam of Supersire 4577. She just completed this fantastic record and is backed by 4 EX dams.

Greg: 920-948-5150 Jim: 920-960-9640 W9135 Lincoln Rd., Eldorado, WI 54932 RHA: 1037 cows 31,221 3.9 1220 3.0 943 21 Year Progressive Genetics Herd Award

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Congrats to Wisconsin’s YDJM National Winners

Kalista Hodorff

Kaianne Hodorff

Kalista will be a high school senior this fall, and is exploring college opportunities for a career in the dairy industry

Kaianne will be a sophomore at Campbellsport High School this fall

Kalista with Gildale Advent Primrose

EX-94 2E

1st Junior 6-Year-Old & Older & Production winner, 2016 Midwest Spring National Show Nominated Junior All-American Aged Cow 2015

Kaianne with 2nd-Look Bwire 12437-Red-ET Reserve Junior All-American R&W Fall Calf 2015

Congratulations to Kalista, Kaianne, Hannah Nelson, and Kylie Nickels, Wisconsin’s four Young Distinguished Junior Members (YDJMs) who are all receiving national recognition. Additional best wishes to Matthew Kramer, Nicole Pralle, Elizabeth Sarbacker, and Jordan Siemers as they compete as Distinguished Junior Members at National Holstein Convention, along with all Dairy Bowl and Dairy Jeopardy contestants.

N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019 Office: (920) 477-6800 • mail@secondlookholsteins.com • Fax: (920) 477-2520 Doug Hodorff

Linda Hodorff

Corey Hodorff

Tammy Hodorff

(920) 979-2479 doug@secondlookholsteins.com

(920) 979-2480 linda@secondlookholsteins.com

(920) 602-6449 corey@secondlookholsteins.com

(920) 602-2944 tammy@secondlookholsteins.com

14 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

Our Rising

STARS St ar-Summit Fever Mabel EX-90

Dam: Star-Summit Jasper Macey EX-90 GDam: Star-Summit Roy Marriet VG-88 2-01 • 365 days • 36,187M 4.0% • 1460F • 3.1% • 1134P

St ar-Summit Hez Roma-Red-ET VG-85 Dam: Star-Summit SS Rhonda-Red EX-91 GDam: Star-Summit Advent Ruby VG-89 3-04 • 365days • 37,539M 4.6% • 1742F • 3.3% • 1242P

Star-Summit Farm 32 Years PBR Award

Tim Baker

Summer 2016 - 15 phone 616-896-8964 | barn 616-896-9452 | fax 616-896-8994 | 2335 16th Avenue MIDWEST | ByronHOLSTEINS, Center, MI 49315

Excellence at Olmar! Olmar Farms strives to breed and develop high scoring, high producing cows with each generation. Here are three Excellent young cows that we are excited to be working with.

Olmar Atwood Bree EX 90

2-11 2x 365d 28,410 3.9 1111 3.3 928 Breeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dam was a VG 88 Armstead from Olmar Lynch Brianna (EX) full sister to Baby Bumble EX 93. The next 3 dams are all EX 91 or higher from the Bunny family. Bree is due in August.

Olmar Sanchez Boloxi EX 90

3-00 2x 304d 29,270 3.1 915 3.0 864 Boloxi is from the VG 87 Roy from Olmar Durham Bella 3E 93. Her only two sisters are Olmar Freelance Belleah EX 92 2E and Olmar Shottle Beautiful 3E 90. Boloxi is due in November to Sympatico

Olmar Fever Baby Face EX 90

3-02 2x 346d 28,510 4.0 1179 3.3 932 Baby Face is a daughter of Olmar Lynch Baby Bumble 2E 93 GMD DOM. The next 3 dams are all EX 91 or higher. Baby face has several high producing, high scoring sisters in our herd. Currently, there are fancy young maternal sisters by Atwood, Numero Uno and Brokaw. She was fresh late February and is currently one of the top producers.

Contact us if you would like to work with these or other Olmar cows. Phase 4 Johnes Free Herd 109.1 BAA | 33EX 59VG 33GP 45 years PBR | 24 years PGH DHI avg: 2x 29,953 3.6% 1081 3.0% 894

BRIAN AND JILL NELSON US Hwy 14, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085 Ph. (507) 794-2697 www.olmarfarms.com olmarfarms@sleepyeyetel.net

Indianhead Gold Mae EX-94 4-00 3x 365 33,170 4.0 1340 3.0 991 Sire: Goldwyan Dam: Mayerlane Sky Mae EX-93 2nd Dam: Whittier Farms Lead Mae EX-95

photos by Lea McCullough

5 more Gold Mae Daughters:

Indianhead GM Windy

Indianhead GM Belair-ET

Indianhead GM Exuberant-ET

EX-91 3Y sired by Windbrook

EX-90 3Y sired by Braxton

VG-88 3Y sired by Genervations Epic

2-06 3x 314 24,172 4.1 989 3.2 771 ~ daughters by Atwood & Doorman

1-11 3x 365 32,170 3.2 1029 2.9 930

2-00 3x 347 31,682 3.6 1153 3.0 942 ~ daughters by Sabathia

Indianhead GM Buick-ET

Indianhead GM Snow Mae

EX-91 3Y sired by Braxton

EX-90 3Y sired by Snowman 2-04 3x 365 34,434 3.7 1288 2.8 980 ~ daughters by Brokaw & Archrival

1-11 3x 365 36,500 3.3 1219 2.9 1036 ~ daughters by Kite

As Dave Bachman once said, “ey still transmit to the average of their inheritance!”

RHA: 82 cows 3x 29,873 3.9 1110 3.2 920 No BST used 40 Excellents

1659 10 1/2 Street, Barron, WI 54812 Ph: 715-537-9376 Bob’s Cell: 715-790-7202 E-mail: bob@indianheadfarms.com

Herdsmen: Mike Mertins, Rodrigo Villalobos & Joe Witscher

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Michigan At A Glance From the Holstein President’s Pen Hey There All, It’s been a busy spring at Green Meadow Farms, watching the rain and classifying 1200 head and going to the spring show and getting cattle ready for the spring consignment sales. This time of year we give lots of tours to school groups, and it’s always interesting talking with the kids and getting their take on what dairy men and women do. Did I mention watching it rain? At any rate by now everyone has their corn in the ground and their first cutting about all done, right? It’s a great time to be in the dairy business unless you’re trying to make ends meet or on a milk co-op board. The European Union dairy farmers are in the same boat since they did away with their quota system so we truly are in an international market these days. I’ve been to a few committee meetings for the national convention coming to Michigan in 2018 and things seem to be progressing pretty well. Darwin and Kathy Sneller, Tom and Lynn Atherton and Renee McCauley have a good handle on what needs to happen and when. It’s amazing how what the tour committee does ties into the transportation committee which ties into the Junior convention committee which then involves the golf outing guys which in turn goes to the public relations, dairy bar, registration, sale and the biggy, the finance committee. Mary and I are looking forward to going to New York and looking for ideas on how to make the 2018 convention the best and most memorable one ever. Remember to save a day in August (not sure of the date yet) for the MHA picnic. Last year we had about eighty folks show up and had a great meal and some really good socializing go on. See you around,


Ike Hunt, Michigan Holstein Association President 18 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

Explore the Shores This year Holstein enthusiast will enjoy the charm of New York and next year they will converge on the corner of the nation in Bellevue, Washington for the National Holstein conventions. And when you’re done flying coast to coast, come explore the shores and more in Michigan for the 2018 National Convention in Traverse City on June 29- July 3. With a diverse ag industry that rivals our west coast friends in California, the Great Lakes State welcomes everyone to explore what we have to offer. You’ll find the fishing fun, the beaches bountiful and the Holstein herds beyond compare when you decided to make the 2018 National Convention destination your summer

“Con-vation.” Save the date; June 29- July 3 to join us in Traverse City! You can find the coming details at www.Michiganholstein. com.

Convention Consignments Three herds in Michigan will be sending their best to the National Convention Sale in Saratoga Springs, New York: Westvale View (page 44), End Road Farm and Double Eagle Dairy. These consignments are just a sampling of the deep pedigreed cows from among the best Holsteins in the world that are born and bred in Michigan! Look for them in Saratoga Springs on June 30th ! Explore the Shores!

Michigan Ambassadors Promote The Michigan Dairy Ambassadors will be hard at work this year as they spread out around the state to promote the dairy industry on behalf of all dairy producers.

Michigan Dairy Ambassadors: First row, left to right: Kristin Burkhardt, Charlene McAlvey, Suzanna Hull, Cindy Alexander, Elyse Zimmerlee. Second row: Mackenzie DeLong and HKayleigh Gratz. Third row: Allison Schafer, Miriah Dershem and Jessica Nash. These ten ladies competed for two scholarships awarded but all ten ambassadors will represent the dairy industry at promotional and outreach events throughout 2016. The scholarship winners were Kristin Burkhardt and Charlene McAlvey . Their selection was based on their application, professional introduction, interview and participation throughout the training that took place during the Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference held in February.

The Centurions Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) has embarked on a year of celebration as the entire cooperative from members to leadership take a moment to enjoy 100 years of existence. Older than the Michigan Farm Bureau, MMPA pioneered the milk cooperative movement in Michigan out of sheer desire for dairymen to make a profit. In short, MMPA existed for dairymen to sell their milk for a profit and they envisioned they would be better, together. The Michigan Dairy Cattle News would like to say congratulations to the 100 year old cooperative known in these parts as “Michigan Milk!”

Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder addressed MMPA members at their annual meeting congratulating them on 100 years and reinforcing how important they are to keeping agriculture one of the “Big Three” in Michigan.

Our Spectacular Spartans

It was another great year for the Michigan State University Dairy Club students as they selected, washed, clipped, fed and got cattle ready to sell for their annual Spartan Spectacular Sale in April. The students do all the work and gain valuable experience as they facilitate their sale from start to finish. The consigners donate their commission to the MSU Dairy Club for funding of activities for the club.

In the Ring

A Note from the Editor

All breeds of dairy cattle will be on exhibition at the MSU Livestock Pavilion in East Lansing on July 18-22nd. The all-breed event called Michigan Dairy Expo is filled with 4-H competitions, a sale celebrating the youth champion livestock animals, a dairy promotion event that educates and exposes hundreds of children to the dairy industry and an open show for every breed. Come join us in Spartan Nation for Michigan Dairy Expo July 1822nd!

The breeders in Michigan are excited to be a part of the Midwest Holsteins as we share the gems of our state with the rest of the Midwest. The Michigan Dairy Cattle News, formerly the Michigan-Indiana Holstein News, is Michigan’s first all breed’s magazine devoted to the promotion of the dairy industry in Michigan. We publish four times a year and welcome your inquiries. Contact us for advertising or to sign up for a subscription for our one of a kind magazine! – Melissa Hart, Editor farm.writer@hotmail.com 517-398-1957 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016 - 19

Her Beemer Spring Yearling Sells!

TomBeth Gold GoldenEarring EX-92 3-01 341 25,160 5.0 1270 3.5 869 (Goldwyn x EX-94 2E Allen x EX-94 4E Jolt) ~ owned with Oeh-My Farm photo by Beth Herges

Earring has made great memories for us since her purchase in the first Quest for Success Sale. Her Beemer daughter, Ms Oeh-My Beemer Passion, is cut like her mother and made to do the same for her new owners. Don’t miss your chance to make “Golden Memories” with this special Beemer on June 18 at Nabholz Farm in West Union, Iowa! Mark & Mary Ryan & Family Chad & Amy Ryan & Family N3934 Hwy 175, Fond du Lac, WI 54937 Farm Phone & Fax: 920-923-3528 Chad: 920-960-1449 BAA: 111.8% RHA: 23,480 3.8 906 3.1 739

The Wisconsin Holstein Association supports Jim Rickert for the At-Large position on the Holstein USA Board of Directors

• Past board member and President of the Wisconsin Holstein Association • AgSource/WI DHIA board member for 12 years • Badgerland Financial board • Lions Club member • Executive Committee member of 2008 National Holstein Convention • Fond du Lac Co. Holstein Distinguished Service Award • AgSource Distinguished Service Award • 21 year Progressive Genetics Herd award

Kelly & Jim Rickert MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

“Jim is a servant leader that looks for what is best for the collective good and has excellent listening skills. His diverse experience makes him supremely qualified to serve as a Holstein Association USA board member. As a personal friend, I can tell you he is a man of the highest integrity and puts his full efforts into any project that he is involved with.” - Kevin Jorgensen, WHA President

Developing Brood Cows at Meadow-Marsh

Meadow-Marsh CO Belle EX90

5-09  2X  305  26,310  4.4  1149  3.0  777 From the Bootpeg Bess family! Graybill Bolero VG86 with daughters by Goldsun and Talent 5 daughters by Goldwyn! 1 fresh the rest due in fall 1 daughter by Lauthority bred to Golden Dreams 1 spring yearling by Sanchez

Meadow-Marsh CO Sherry-ET EX92 2E 5-00  2X  305  25,060  4.6  1153  3.2  791 bred to Gold Chip, due in Dec. 1 daughter by Chelios that’s due in Nov to Aftershock 1 summer yearling by Dom

Meadow-Marsh Gwyn Cocoa-ET VG88

Indianhead Stormdancer-et EX91 5-10  2X  305  21,060  3.8  794  2.9  613 A Grandaughter of Blackrose herself, straight out of Stardancer! 3 daughters by Braxton 1 fresh Sid with a Sanchez heifer calf! 1 Goldsun bred to Bradnick 1 Durham 1 Jasper with a Chelios heifer

4-11  2X  305  25,510  4.0  1009  3.1  789 From the Gray-View Crissy’s! From two very good dams, and then 10 more generations of excellent cows! Due in October to Acme! Her GP Durham daughter is bred back to Airlift Her Dusk is due in Dec to a Hero son from our own Roz family! And a stunning June 2015 Absolute daughter!

Meadow-Marsh Holsteins

r voting Thanks fo one Jolt Roz as lo ta li Y r fo ins ota Holste of Minnes d Cows! 2016 Broo

Dan and Tim Stender 15420 110th Street, Young America, MN 55397 Ph. 952-467-2115 | 952-607-6297 Tim Cell | tstender30@yahoo.com


Come support our cheese curd stand: August 18-21 at the Athens Fair August 26-28 at the Edgar Steam Engine Show And mark your calendars for the WI Holstein Picnic on Saturday, August 27 at Fustead Holsteins, Wausau.




Looking forward to seeing everyone this show season!

R865 Mount View Lane Athens, WI 54411 Phone: 715-257-7255 e-mail: jbliven@semexusa.com

 

Don, Jenna, Malayna & Kendra Fahey 11360 Rainbow Dr., Merrill, WI 54452 715-537-0820 jennafahey23@gmail.com

Gary Stankowski Owner

 

Home: 3860 Sugar Bush Rd. Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-3197 Farm: 543 Hwy. S Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-0799

Ded-Dit Holsteins

 Mike & Linda King Kevin & June King

Visitors welcome by appointment


Ded-Dit Braxton Bigshot ~ Bred to Yoder. She has a VG-85 dam, then 8 generations EX starting with Briccows Talent Bewitched EX-90 Bigshot will show at the Wisconsin Valley Fair and will sell Saturday, August 6 in the heifer project sale. Briccows Talent Bewitched EX-90

Doug Dittmar 6006 - 3 Birch Street, Schofield, WI 54476 715-571-0843 22 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

Castleholm Rae-Love-Red 5-11 305 35,438 4.3 1509 2.7 971 EX-93 2E at 6-10 14th gen. EX

DAL-SKI HOLSTEINS David & Paulette Lemanski

Devin, Alex & Danielle 715-352-3382 dpadski@gmail.com 3475 Cardinal Lane, Marathon, WI 54448 Visitors Welcome


         


        

      

Har-Dale-Acres Rob Clair-ET VG-85

         

     

    

Fred, Lynne & Matt Harder

Russ & Rosie Bauman


 

Edgar, WI • 715-352-3177


A Grass-Based dairy farm with Strong Cow Families

She is the core of our herd! An Armitage granddaughter of Apple

   

Keith & Cassi Bauman Korbyn, Karsyn & Chase W615 Cty. Hwy. N, Edgar, WI 54426 715-615-3552

Ms Brandys Bella EX-90 EEVEV 3-06 2x 305 32,710 1278F 997P +2230 GTPI      

Sam & Jenn Zimmermann Mason, Adelle, Neah & Garrison E2259 County Rd. Q, Ringle, WI 54471 Cell: 715-218-8619

Call Milkyhill Cattle Sales for rates.

Barron County Fall Sale - November 5, 2016 Barron County Spring Sale - March 8, 2017 Contact ED mielke 715-574-2931 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016 - 23


Nor-Way-Pete’s March Classification Update Nor-Way-Pete Gold Kiss-ET now 3E-92 8-03 362 43,880 4.1 1769 2.7 1187 - EX dam, EX-91 granddam - due July 7 to McCutchen

Two of our Top Heifers Langs-Twin-B Mont 5165-ET GTPI +2600 PTA +1301M +48F +44P +698NM +7.1PL +2.66T +2.57UDC +2.29FLC 4/16

Langs-Twin-B Mont 5164-ET GTPI +2605 PTA +1069M +50F +37P +697NM +6.7PL +2.91T +2.49UDC +2.15FLC 4/16 Sire: View-Home Monterey-ET

• 6 cows earned their 2nd E • 1 new EX • 28 new VG cows • 8 VG 2-year-olds by Guthrie, Dempsey, Bradnick and Gold Chip

Dam: Langs-Twin-B Daddy 4976-ET VG-85 VG-MS 2-02 2x 307 27,395 3.5 969 2.9 797 inc. 2nd Dam: Langs-Twin-B Adora-ET VG-86 VG-MS DOM 3-10 2x 354 30,713 4.3 1332 3.1 952 3rd Dam: Langs-Twin-B C-S Ashlyn-ET EX-90 GMD DOM 4th Dam: Ralma Finley C-F Chuckle-ET EX-90 GMD DOM 5th Dam: Ralma Christmas Fudge-ET VG-88 GMD DOM 6th Dam: Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 GMD DOM


Floyd & Lloyd Baumann

Other highlights:

1751 Cherry Drive, Eland, WI 54427 RHA: 3x 31,397 4.0 1268 2.95 927 Chad & Andy Peterson, owners 715-302-0482 Visitors Always Welcome!

 

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc. Fred Lang 


7th Generation EX Owned by: Thomas & Florine Bunkelman Brooke, Brent & Brodie

New classification scores... Milksource Goldwyn Aspen EX-92 Timlynn Braxton America-ET EX-92 Tomkins Shottle Cavanya-ET EX-91 2E

Mission-Bell Baxter Diandra EX-90 Dams: EX-93 Boss Iron x EX-93 Outside x EX-92 Broker x EX-91 Astro Jet x EX-92 Jetstar x EX-94 Milu Diandra is a great cow to work with and is turning out to be a great brood cow. We have daughters by Ross, Redliner, Astroid, Headliner (3) and is due again in September to Durbin. We are looking forward to the show season & pulling season! F4680 Walnut Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 Ph.: 715-581-6460 E-mail: tomkinsfarm@yahoo.com 24 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

HOLSTEINS Hank, Shannon, Gabe & Jonah Boschma Athens, WI 715-205-7303


Special Apples at Bosside: Bosside Apple Alexa-Red-ET GP-83 VG-MS 1st score

  

Fustead Mogul Lilac-ET VG-87 DOM

• She has the same markings as Apple - even her head!

2-02 2x 365 30,365 4.9 1483 3.3 1004 +2467 GTPI +84F +42P +1112M

Ms Apple Okalif Xmas-Red-ET

Now available at Select Sires...

  

• We hope to flush her this fall along with some red “pen mates”.

John & Tineke Boschma H4370 Townline Rd., Colby, WI 54421 PH: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 E-Mail: bossideholsteins@hotmail.com RHA: 46 cows 25,956 1034F 806P BAA: 107.8%

Fustead Tango Lylas

  

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS       

2-year-olds we are excited about: Samway Epic Lila E 2-00 41d 3807m 3.4%F 2.7%P

Samway Cars Tahoe 2-02 305d 25,565m 4.0%F 3.3%P proj. Lila freshened in March with a Corvette heifer calf and has been serviced to sexed Beemer. Tahoe is due in December with a Golden Dreams heifer calf. Both will be classified for the first time the next time the classifier is here. We’re looking forward to the upcoming show season and wish everyone a safe and successful one!

Sam-Way Dairy Wayne, Samantha & Justin Giese

  

Willows-Edge Susi Facet-ET VG-86 VG-87MS GTPI +2411 sired by Supersire 240 20,621 4.3 894 3.0 611 inc. ~ Monterey daughter that is +2528G +1578M +3.63T, will be flushed soon ~ Facet is bred to Ferdinand   Leon & Lyle Matthiae E916 Hwy. Q Ringle, WI 54471 715-297-8485 Leon 715-297-8483 Lyle www.llmdairy.com Visitors always welcome MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016 - 25



   

The Schreiber legend has been going on for many years. It began when Galen was a junior in high school and he was chosen to receive a project calf after writing a 25 word essay stating why he wanted a calf. He received his registered calf from Eugene Witter Dairy from Wausau. That year, he showed his calf at the Athens Fair and received a blue ribbon. His showing career continued and after that he showed many calves from the farm. After graduating from high school his love for farming continued, but his parents were not ready to retire. He decided to join the Army from 1968 to 1971. He was stationed in Ethopia, Africa for 22 months. When he returned home, he hauled milk for Kenneth Fasse Trucking and also helped on the farm. Starting January 1, 1972, he rented the farm from his parents Kenneth and Madeline Schreiber on a 60/40 basis. That same year, Galen and Marlene were married on July 22. Farming was not new to Marlene, as she was raised on a dairy farm by Colby until her sophomore year of high school. On January 1, 1973, they purchased the farm. At that time, they had 55 head of animals, including 32 milk cows and 120 acres of land. In 1973, Galen went to NCTI for a farming course for Veterans. He graduated in 1975 with a 2-year degree in Production Agriculture. In 1976 their family started to grow and they welcomed a son, Bart. Also, that same year, they started renting more land. A neighbor asked if they would be interested in making hay on halves with them. Since it was a drought year, the Schreibers couldn’t pass this up, as they needed more hay for the animals (this same land is still rented today as the family does not want to sell it). In 1977, Galen decided to go back to NCTI for an Advanced Production Agriculture Degree and graduated in 1979. The family continued to grow as they welcomed a daughter, Jill. Over the next 15 years, the registered herd continued to grow. The Schreibers did several building projects that included: adding onto the barn twice for more room, putting in a manure pit and adding three silos. The children have fond memories of these days. Their philosophy was working hard and playing later. At this time, Galen and Marlene were both active members of the Abbotsford FFA Alumni. Galen was President from 1989 to 1993. Marlene served as treasurer for several years. They received the Honorary Chapter Degree in 1993. Bart and Jill were active members in FFA by showing cattle at the Wisconsin Valley Fair, Athens Fair, and Wood County Fair. Both kids had several projects calves that they sold and bought back. In 1994, Galen and Marlene purchased the neighbors farm, just a 1/4 mile away. They saw the opportunity to move the young stock there and expand the herd to 90 cows. The barn was gutted and pens put in to be more like a freestall set-up. They also added a heifer shed for the outside heifers. In 2002, the farm became Schreiber Acres LLC and Bart joined in the operation. Schreiber Acres hosted the Marathon County Daylight Meeting in 2005. In 2006, a new calf barn facility was built which can house 30 calves from babies to weaning. Over the next few years, they continued to find ways to improve the herd and to increase milk production. For 40 years, the Schreibers received production awards from the Marathon Holstein Association and Accelerated Genetics. Galen was a delegate on the board for Accelerated Genetics. The family’s fondest memories are of these cow families with over 200,000 lifetime of milk: Schreiber-Acres Top Gun Eva, 235,499 lbs.; Schreiber-Acres Robuck Cora, 219,781 lbs.; Schreiber-Acres Tri-Star Spot, 215,738 lbs.; Schreiber-Acres Nigel Robyn, 204,785 lbs.; and Schreiber-Acres Sabre Lyn, 201,015 lbs. After 40-plus years of hard work and long hours, the Schreibers had a milking cow dispersal on March 26, 2012. Farming was the family’s way of life, but they learned they had to slow down and enjoy life in other ways. The herd average at that time was 23,801 pounds of milk, with 880 pounds of fat and 734 pounds protein. It was an emotional and very stressful day, but the support of family and friends will always be remembered, especially the Holstein friends that they became so close to over the years. In April of 2012, a friend of the family stopped and asked if they would consider raising his calves and heifers. They agreed and now have 70 young stock that are raised for Jeremy and Katie Haas along with 30-35 steers. Galen, Bart and Marlene decided to go into cash cropping and now own 525 acres and rent another 175. They mainly grow corn, soybeans, a little wheat and some hay. Bart married Brittany (Daigle) who is a registered nurse. They have two adorable children - Bailey (almost 3) and Brett (6 months). Jill married Joshua Penk and they are both teachers in the Thorp School District. They have three adorable children - Landon (9), Kallie (7) and Hayden (4). Landon, Hayden and Brett (who will most likely take after his dad) love to work the land along side their Papa. Kallie and Bailey love to help Grandma feed the calves. Galen and Marlene enjoy being able to leave the farm to spend time with the grandkids and enjoy traveling. In 2013, Galen received a certificate for being a 40-year member of the Holstein Association with registered cattle. They are very active members in the Marathon County Holstein Association. Galen was on the Board for six years, serving as treasurer for four. Marlene is currently on the board and is serving as treasurer. Schreiber Acres LLC would like to take this time to thank the Marathon County Holstein Association Cooperative for sponsoring this ad.


         26 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

    

      

Snapshots of Success TJ Classic Minister Lega

cy EX-92

TJ Classic Minister Legacy EX-92 4-6 2x 17378 M 859F 4.9%F 602P 3.5%P Great Lakes Spring Show 2016: 1st 5-Year-Old, Reserve Sr. and Reserve Grand Champion Nominated All Canadian as a Jr. 3 in 2014 Due back in September with a Colton heifer Legacy has a Firepower Bull available

-90 Q Toonzani EX

Cloverfield TE

Cloverfield TEQ Toonzani EX-90 2-9 2x 305 16609 M 1092F 5.0%F 500P 3.6%P Great Lakes Spring Show 2016: 1st 4-Year-Old, Sr. and Grand Champion Midwest Spring National 2016: 2nd 4-Year-Old She has a VG Comerica Daughter in the herd Due back in November with a Joel heifer Peninsu la




Peninsula Kaught Mallory EX-95 6-7 2x 305 17640 M 828F 4.7%F 601P 3.4%P Great Lakes Spring Show 2016: 1st Aged Cow Midwest Spring National 2016: 2nd Aged Cow Mallory has a Rapid Bay Grayson daughter due in December and a Valentino winter calf here on the farm. Mallory will be entering our flush program here in June. Thank-You to the Buyers of our Consignments from this year’s Sales: • Nathan Jensen/Eric Silva - Sunset Canyon Jerseys @ Midwest Spring Special • Hannah Grace Schenedel of Texas @ Ratliff March Madness

Brent Moyer

2547 E. Caro Road | Caro, MI 48723 | bren_haven@yahoo.com | 989-553-4333 Several Breeding aged bulls available from different cow families


KYLE MITCHELL MEMORIAL AWARD At this year’s Annual Spring Thing meeting, the 7th Kyle Mitchell Memorial Award was presented to Emily Irwin of Belvidere, Illinois, in memory of late Junior member Kyle Mitchell of Winnebago. Below are excerpts of the presentation given by Junior advisor and Kyle’s brother, John at this year’s Junior Spring Thing. “The criteria for selection for this John Mitchell presented Emily Irwin with award encompasses an the 2016 Kyle Mitchell Memorial Award individual’s entire Junior at this year’s Junior Spring Thing Holstein career. The recipient has participated fully in Junior activities and the recipient has mentored younger members. The recipient maintains a positive attitude and demonstrates outstanding leadership abilities. The recipient must possess genuine character and be hard-working and honest, but not afraid to have fun! This year’s recipient has been involved in various Illinois Junior Holstein activities including: 1st Place Junior Dairy Jeopardy, Intermediate Jeopardy and Senior Dairy Bowl at Natinoal Holstein Convention. Holstein Association USA YDJM, 2-term Illinois Junior Holstein Association President, Vice-President and Reporter and she represented Illinois as the 2014 Illinois Holstein Dutchess. Emily Irwin of R-Vision Holsteins is a recent graduate of Kaskaskia College and will be attending Iowa State University this Fall. Congratulations Emily!”

Junior Dairy Jeopardy L-R: Justin Irwin, Kaycia Zimmerman* & Delana Erbsen

Intermediate Dairy Jeopardy L-R back: Connor Erbsen*, Brock Irwin, L-R front: Jordan Oellerich & Katie Carlson

Senior Dairy Jeopardy L-R: Emily Irwin*, Riley Zettle & Sarah Duncan

Emily Irwin was a member of the National Winning Senior Dairy Bowl Team at the 2015 National Holstein Convention in St. Charles, Illinois

Good luck to the Illinois Juniors competing at the 2016 National Holstein Convention in New York this Summer! 28 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

Poster Contest L-R back: Emma Carlson, Rachel Skidmore, L-R front: Lars Carlson* & Justin Irwin*



Top 11 Junior Dairy Bowl Contestants L-R back: Shana Lueking*, Taylor Huels, Top 10 Senior Dairy Bowl contestants L-R back: Jared Dickman*, Chuck Briley Lenkaitis, Megan Busker, Lila Sloan*, Delana Erbsen, Rachel Skidmore*, Elliot, Connor Erbsen*, Riley Zettle*, Brock Irwin*, L-R front: Emma Carlson, L-R front: Brady Heinzmann*, Payton Erbsen*, Lars Carlson* & Justin Irwin Katie Carlson*, Adam Olbrich, Jordan Oellerich* & Bailey Hart

Speech Contest Participants L-R back: Briley Lenkaitis, Brock Irwin*, Kaycia Zimmerman*, Bailey Hart, L-R front: Jordan Oellerich*, Allyson Aves, Samantha Heinzmann & Ashtyn Martin * denotes National Convention participants

Kyle Mitchell Dairy Bowl Awards L-R: John Mitchell, Senior Award Winner-Brock Irwin, Junior Award Winner-Payton Erbsen, Melissa Irwin MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016 - 29

Gorentz Absolute 5653-Red • Placed 7th in her class at Midwest National Spring Show • Polled • 2nd Bred and Owned

Thanks everyone for coming to all breeds! Wishing all our friends an Absolute perfect summer and show season!

GorentzDairy 45182 County Highway 35 • Dent, Minnesota 56528 • (218) 342-2603 Gorrentz.indd 1

5/8/16 7:10 PM


Gerald F. and Janice K. Albrecht 5325 Co. Rd. 10 N. Watertown, MN 55388 jalbrecht1@frontiernet.net • 952-955-1772

I would like to thank the MN HOLSTEIN membership for electing me as one of your delegates to the National Holstein Convention every year that I’ve been eligible since 1982. This will be my last since we dispersed our milking herd. We look forward to sponsoring the polo shirts for all the juniors at the Midwest Fall National Holstein Show at the MN State Fair. We will continue our many years as sponsors for outstanding juniors. We will continue sponsoring the 40 year National Holstein Members Awards. We will continue to sponsor All State Open & Junior Awards at future State Shows. We will continue to sponsor the 4-H dairy showcase shawls given to the 4-Her’s based on show placings, interview and responses to questions. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Milking Parlor at the MN State Fair where I have worked for 26 years. Jan Albrecht Albrecht Holsteins with Husband Jerry

3-01 3x 291 30,300 3.0 908 3.3 1014 5064 has a Chelios daughters and a GP-83 dam with 33,310M.

5. Hilltop-LLC Pagewire 3733 EX-92 at 7Y 3-04 3x 305 42,690 2.9 1238 2.8 1206 192,640 lifetime to date She has two daughters - a GP-82 Marvelous and a Meridian. Her dam is VG with 38,550.

4-09 3x 305 42,990 2.8 1207 3.0 1296 4385 has an EX-90 maternal sister by Shottle. Her dam is a VG Mr Sam with 161,000 lifetime.

4. Hilltop-LLC Tempting 5750 EX-90 EX-MS at 3Y

1-11 3x 322 31,360 3.2 1008 3.1 978 5750 has a Bookem daughter. Her dam is an EX Baxter with 46,480 3.5 1619 3.1 1421, a National Elite Performer.

2-05 3x 305 30,210 3.1 938 2.7 819 4953 has a Meridian daughter. Her dam is by Baxter and the 2nd dam is a VG-87 Roy.

6. Hilltop-LLC Atlantic 4953 EX-91 EX-MS

4-08 3x 305 35,360 3.1 1109 2.9 1010 421 has a VG-87 2-year-old Lauthority and an Aftershock daughter.

3. Kem-Gems September Storm 421 EX-92 EX-MS at 5Y

      

 

    

These Excellent cows represent our breeding philosophy of sound cows to work with and good young daughters to carry on the tradition. Plan to join us on Saturday, June 25 for the Green Lake Focus on the Farm Breakfast from 7 a.m.-12 p.m. We are excited to be hosting this event!

2. Hilltop-LLC Baltimore 5064 EX-91 EX-MS at 4Y

1. Hilltop-LLC Teston 4385 EX-91 2E EX-MS

Left to right:

421 photo by Sarah Damrow (reversed); all others by Lea McCullough

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Polled Dairy Cattle #PolledPlace

Stephanie Stout, Owner/Editor PO Box 813, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 Ph: 608.732.2757 Email: polledplace@polleddairycattle.com

MS Germaine Irresistible Gigi-ET 1st Place Senior Calf at the Great Lakes Spring Show. Co-owned with Thistle Dew Jerseys. Look for Gigi at the Michigan Dairy Expo.

989.277.2078 sjreed57@msn.com

32 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

Fustead Holsteins to host 2016 Wisconsin Holstein State Picnic Fustead Holsteins and the Brian and Wendy Fust family are excited to host the 2016 Wisconsin Holstein State Picnic on Saturday, August 27, at the farm in Wausau, Wis. The Fust family farm was founded in 1905 by Brian’s great-grandparents, Fred and Emma Fust. Their son, Clarence, and his wife, Dorothy, joined the family farm and had one son, Roger. Roger was the third generation to be involved on the farm, and he and wife Darleen and children Brian and Brenda were all a very crucial part of building the family dairy. In 1980, Brian and Wendy married and began focusing on breeding Registered Holsteins and high indexing animals. Brian’s Left: Bailey, Aiden, Jennifer, Connor & Adam; center: Brian & Wendy (top), Shannon, sister, Brenda, began working for Marathon Tyler & Sarah; right: Brad, Issac, Reagan & Nicki County DHIA shortly after graduation and continues to work there today. Brian and Wendy’s children Nicki, that helps with feeding and field work, and four full-time employees Bradley, Jennifer, and Tyler were all involved in the dairy operation that milk and help with cow care. They also have one full-time growing up. They also became the fourth generation to be active in mechanic. Doug Dittmar is another asset, as he helps with the 4-H and FFA. registrations and genetic testing while helping with other cow care. Tyler and his wife Shannon have two children: Sarah (2 ½) The Fustead herd consists of 496 cows, with 448 milking and and Tanner (1). Jennifer and her husband Adam have three sons: about 300 head of young stock. The rolling herd average on 3x Aiden (7), Bailey (5) and Connor (3). They are all part of the family milking is 30,513 pounds milk, with 3.87% 1182 fat and 3.10% operation today. Nicki and her husband Brad live in Alabama with 945 protein. their two children Isaac (12) and Reagan (11), where they are in The most prominent cow family for the Fusts was founded in youth ministry. Bradley was lost in 2008 to an automobile accident. the 1990s with Nectarlin Billie Bob Mark, EX-90 GMD DOM. Brian and Wendy are the current owners of the farm, while The Fusts are still working with offspring from this family, and the Tyler and Shannon have been building inventory with cattle and most notable bull sold was Fustead Emory Blitz-ET. Also prominent machinery. Brian and Tyler work together as herdsmen and making in the herd today is Glen-Toctin Bolt Lucille-ET, EX-90 GMD cropping decisions. Shannon and Jennifer care for the calves and fill DOM, as she is known for her high quality, high genomic offspring. in as needed. Adam works with feeding cows and young stock, in The Fust family is currently using proven sires Guthrie, Mogul, addition to field work. The Fusts have one other full-time employee Supersire and Saloon. Young genomic sires in the tank include

Glen-Toctin Bolt Lucille-ET EX-90 GMD 34 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

Fustead Durham Evelyn-ET EX-93

Lylas, Mitch, Jett, Montross, Sixto, Octoberfest, Spark, Marty, Beemer, Yoder and Jedi. Some of the favorite young milking cows are sired by Guthrie, AltaOak, Mogul and McCutchen. Additional favorites in the heifer pens are from Montross, Bombero, Yoder and Megasire. The Fusts typically focus on high production sires with high components, and pay special attention to feet and legs and udders when selecting bulls. Brian and Wendy have had tremendous success sending bulls to AI, with the most well-known being Blitz. Blitz was marketed through Select Sires and sold over 1.5 million units of semen. Also well-known are Fustead Goldwyn Guthrie-ET and Fustead Tango Lyias-ET. The Fusts’ son Bradley loved to show, and he bred Fustead Durham Evelyn-ET, who was first bred and owned at World Dairy Expo in 2009. Evelyn was also Nominated All-American that year. At the state level, Brian and Wendy were recognized in 2012 with the Distinguished Holstein Breeder Award at the annual Wisconsin Holstein Convention. They also received the Marathon County Holstein Breeders Service to Agriculture Award in 2014. Brian was a Wisconsin Holstein Youth Friend award winner in 2009. In 2014, the family farm was expanded with the goal to continue

to strive and improve genetics, type and production of the herd. Most importantly, the Fust family wants to have a successful farm that will continue for many generations to come. The Fust family has always felt it is very important to inform and reach out to the community. They hosted the FFA Food For America when Brian was in school, and have hosted it on the farm since 1998. There are about 450 fourth graders and 75 FFA students that participate every year. Brian and Wendy also continue to work with 4-H kids with showing and fitting, while also giving non-farm kids the opportunity to work with animals and have fun showing. The Fust family is excited to welcome guests to the farm for this year’s state picnic. They look forward to opening their barn doors and hope Holstein enthusiasts will take time from their busy schedules to support the youth of the state, as an auction will be held during the picnic to raise money for scholarships and junior funds. For more information on the auction items, check out the Fustead ad on page 36. We hope to see you on Saturday, August 27!

Upcoming WHA Events 2016 District Show schedule

June 13 District 1 Show, Rice Lake 13 District 2 Show, Tomah 14 District 7 Show, Luxemburg 22 District 8 Show, West Bend 22 District 5 Show, Portage 23 District 4 Show, Neillsville 24 District 6 Show, Madison 24 District 10 Show, Fond du Lac 27 District 3 Show, Lancaster

Visit the WHA website for more details on each show - www.wisholsteins.com.

2016 WHA Championship Show July 28-30 Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI Thurs., July 28 - Junior Championship Show, 8:00 a.m. Showmanship Contest, 1:00 p.m. All-WI Judging Contest, 4:00 p.m. Friday, July 29 - Red & White Show, 9:00 a.m. Jersey Show, 9:00 a.m. Friday, July 29 - WI Championship Show Heifer Show - 5:00 p.m. Saturday, July 30 - Cow Show - 9:00 a.m.

2016 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Saturday, August 13 • 5:30 p.m. WI State Fair Park, West Allis Come see this year’s crop of 3-Year-Old futurity entries along with the exhibitors dressed in their finest!

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016 - 35

WHA State Picnic

Saturday, August 27  •  11:00 a.m.-2 p.m. We invite you to join us on August 27 for the Wisconsin Holstein Picnic. There will be tours of our new parlor and freestall set-up, herd tour, a judging contest, meal and auction to support the Brad Fust Memorial and general WHA Scholarship Funds. A Herd Favorite

Auction Items • 2 Packer tickets - Kevin Jorgensen • 4 Badger tickets - Seehafer Refrigeration • semi-load of oat hulls - American Wood Fibers • New Holland Refrigerator & electric grease gun Swiderski Equipment • Barn Quilt - Shawano County Jr. Holstein Assoc. • Lilac x Bayonet calf - Fustead Holsteins • Genomic Holstein calf from SSI ART program Select Sires Inc.

Fustead Mogul Lilac-ET VG-87 VG-MS DOM 2-02 2x 365 30,365 4.9 1483 3.3 1004 +2467 GTPI +84F +42P +1112M

A few more items will be added to this list watch for more info in the July/August issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News.

• her son, Fustead Tango Lylas, +2654G at Select Sires • Her dam: Glen-Toctin Bolt Lucille-ET EX-90 DOM, then 7 more VG or EX dams

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS Brian & Wendy Fust Tyler, Shannon, Sarah & Tanner • Adam & Jennifer, Aiden, Bailey & Connor R12653 Cty. Rd. N, Wausau, WI 715-842-5868/Ph; 715-848-0465/Fax 36 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

2016 Summer Intern Sponsors Thank you to these individuals and farms for supporting the internship program. Each of these sponsors has donated $1,000 to the 2016 program.

Melvin & Darlene Hackett Spencer & Stacey Hackett Chris and Brook Rice MN 56367 I 320 267 3180 spenett@jetup.net

T-Spruce is currently marketing high genomic heifers and embryos! Call if interested.

T-Spruce Holsteins

Arnold & Kris Gruenes 17565 County Road 43 Richmond, MN 56368 320-453-7322

38 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

I’d like to express my appreciation to Past Directors of the Minnesota Holstein Assocaition for their service and commitment!

Glen Kurth Glen “Clancy” Kurth Stewart, MN

Open for You! There is one spot left to sponsor the 2015 internship program. With your donation of $1,000 not only do we have the opportunity to continue the internship program but you will receive a quarter page ad of recognition for your donation in all four 2015 Minnesota Holstein News publicaitons.

Please contact the MHA office today if interested.

Minnesota Holstein History Florence Volkert, Volkert Pioneer. by John Busacker

“Flossie and National Convention Sales” At the recent Spring Sale I had the pleasure of talking to Florence Volkert. Florence has a long history of service to the dairy industry and the Minnesota Holstein Association. She asked me to write something about the history of National Convention Sales, including the times that they were held in Minnesota. That story will be told, but first I would like to tell this one.

Industry as a herd manager, showman, and classifier. Merle waited for Florence to finish caring for the newborn, but already had one eye on Flossie, who’s stall was next to the pen. After asking all the questions and getting all the information it was agreed. Flossie would go to the National Convention sale in Wisconsin. Prior to the sale she scored Vg-88 at two years old. Some people might wonder why you would sell such a good young cow, but Florence said she thought it was a great honor to In 1967 the National Convention and Sale was held have someone like Merle Howard pick Flossie for a in Minnesota. Florence was in attendance. She National Convention sale. always said she thought it would be her first convention sale and last. That was not the case. It turns The 1968 sale was one of a kind, in that 48 of he out Florence has attended every National Conven- 58 sale animals were cows two years and older. tion since 1967 except for three. In 1969 she was in Unheard of by today’s standards. The Holstein California and still has a shoe horn from the DisWorld called them the backbone of the sale. Good neyland Hotel. In 1971 she was in Iowa where the young cows after good young cow right to the end temperature was 100 degrees. I am tempted to say of the sale. The cows averaged just over $2,300 and it was a hot sale. In 1978 she was in Kentucky and right in the middle of them was Flossie, selling to part of the Syndicate that sold Von Sun Crissy ElFrancis Gomez. Eventually Flossie ended up in evation. Crissy eventually ended up in Scott Coun- Vermont owned by Doug Nelson and family who ty, standing in the first stall at Dave Minar’s Cedar loved to show, becoming a regular at every show in Summit Farm near New Prague. In 1980 Florence the East and one year at World Dairy Expo where was a part of a syndicate that purchased Sir C Valor she stood 4th in her class. It was at that time that with the Minn. Valley Breeders Association. That Florence placed an ad in the Minnesota Holstein story will also be told another day. But in 1968 News saying how great it was to see Flossie again. Florence consigned a young homebred cow to the Flossie eventually scored Ex-95 3E, the first cow National Convention sale in Wisconsin. The cow bred in Minnesota to do so. was Volkert Pioneer Flossie. She was a daughter of Mooseheart Pioneer from a cow the Volkert’s had And the final irony of this story is that Merle purchased at Hugo Albrecht’s dispersal as an open Howard was the one time Dairy superintendant at yearling. As Florence tells it she was delivering Mooseheart Farm in Mooseheart, Illinois and bred a calf when Merle Howard walked into the barn. Flossie’s sire, Mooseheart Pioneer. Merle was well know through out the Holstein

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer2016 - 39

Geraldine F. Cooper June 18, 1927 - May 10, 2016 At the heart of every farm is a family, built on the love of cows and the people who care for them. Thank you for being our family’s foundation for future generations. Always on our minds, forever in our hearts.

 The Cooper Family

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Iowa Holstein Association Awards Distinguished Service Award, Larry Landsgard

The 2014 National Holstein Convention was very successful due to the diligent leadership of Larry. He has attended National Holstein Conventions for the past 20 years. During the last 10 years, he always carried a small notebook in his pocket and by the end of the convention, all the pages were filled with notes regarding good and even a few not so good things about each convention. After he was asked to chair our convention, these notes became very important and were incorporated into the planning process. Several goals were formulated by the Executive Committee, along with a personal goal Larry expressed - to make sure that everyone got along and shared the responsibilities. Amazingly, we are all still friends even after working so closely for so long. Larry fielded phone calls by the dozens every week. He spent hours on the phone and answered emails every day. When he called National to talk with Kelli Dunklee, they recognized his voice with no introduction. It sometimes took some persuading to get him to go along with some of the ideas. Larry really didn’t think he needed to be a part of the “James Bond” video that was done to invite members to Iowa. Larry and Trent got to drive Matt’s red convertible around to all the host farms with Leah and Jaclyne filming the happenings, well at least those on the highway. And Larry learned to “hang on to his hat” when they were driving back and forth on the Dubuque county pavement while filming the driving scenes. Larry has served the Iowa Holstein Association in almost every capacity including President, Board Member, Executive Committee, Chairman of the Herald, Breed Improvement, and Junior Advisory Committees, Ad Hoc Committees, National Convention delegate for many years and Chairman of the Souvenir Program Committee for the 2001 National Convention. He also continues to hold leadership positions on the District and County Holstein Boards. Larry has been a registered Holstein Breeder for over 40 years. The Lands-Brook herd with the help of his nephews, Zach, Jesse and Jordan, consists of 50 registered Holsteins and Milking Shorthorns. He has exhibited cattle at the local, district and state Holstein Shows, Iowa and Minnesota State Fairs, Midwest National Shows, and the World Dairy Expo. He’s exhibited Grand Champion Holsteins at the Iowa State Fair, and his highest classified Holstein, Lands-Brook Allen Dora EX-95-2E was 1st Aged Cow and Champion Bred and Owned at the Midwest Fall National Show. One of his greatest accomplishments would have to be breeding and developing one of the greatest Milking Shorthorns of the breed, Lands-Brook Christina-EXP EX-96-4E, Grand Champion 2013 World Dairy Expo, 4X Reserve Grand at Expo, and 6X All-American. Larry is very involved in his church, Clayton County Dairy Promotion in which he is a charter member, county DHI, and with the county dairy judging team as a coach. Last summer Larry thoroughly enjoyed a well-deserved vacation to Norway with the Lurin Choir from Decorah. He enjoys singing with the Choir and decorating and remodeling his recently purchased home just outside of Gunder.

Master Breeder Award, Reuben Steffens Reuben Steffens has been active with registered Holsteins ever since he had 4-H projects. His start was from his original 4-H calf, Tritomia Skylark Rose, which was the beginning of registered Holsteins on his father’s farm in 1938. He and his wife of sixty-seven years, Mary, bought a farm near Clermont in 1948 and chose Reu-Mar as their prefix. They began with only five cows so it took a while to build their herd. While Reuben and Mary have been retired for a few years now, their son Alan and grandson Aric continue to operate the 90-cow dairy. Reu-Mar Holsteins have been shown at county, district and state shows. The herd has been classified regularly and currently has a BAA of 105.7%. Consistent superior production is shown by their current rolling herd average of 25,473 pounds of milk, 924 pounds of fat and 770 pounds of protein. Reuben has consigned Holsteins to the district and state sales as well as AI sales. Reuben has been a 4-H leader, president and vice-president of the Fayette County Holstein Club and served as a district director of the Iowa Holstein Association for seven years. He has served on the state sale committee and breed improvement and management committee. He is past president of the Fayette County DHIA Board and was a director for nine years on the Tri-State Breeders Cooperative Board. Reuben has served on the resolutions committee for Mid-Am and chaired the Fayette County Dairy Committee. He is a past director of the Clermont Coop, member of Farm Bureau, county FHA committee, church council, parsonage building chairman, a director of the Fayette County Fair for 15 years and president for 10 years. He is a member of Dairy Shrine and the American Legion. Reuben served as a Technical Sergeant in the Army in the Pacific Theater in World War II and participated in a Veterans Honor Flight to Washington D.C. a few years ago. He was recognized with the Iowa Holstein Association’s Distinguished Service Award in 1993, Fayette County Distinguished Dairyman Award, Iowa Distinguished Dairyman in 1982, and the Fayette County Pioneer Dairyman in 1999. Reu-Mar was also recognized as a PBR herd for several years. Over the years, Reuben bred many excellent cows including herd favorites Reu-Mar Paragon Opal EX-91-5E 42 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016

and Reu-Mar Standout EX-91-3E. Reuben and Mary have four children. Brenda (Mark) Johnson of Cresco, Alan (Brenda) of Clermont, Kevin (Marilyn) of Maynard, and Karen (Marc) Vandegift of Marshalltown. Both Alan (1987) and Kevin (1989) received the Outstanding Young Holstein Breeder Award. All four children were 4-H members and showed Holstein projects. Reuben and Mary have six grandchildren. Aaron, Andrea (Brad) Sayles, Aric (Wendy), Jonathan, Alison Vandegrift and Matt Vandegrift. In addition, Reuben and Mary have six great-grandchildren. Their oldest great granddaughter, Alexis, participated in her first district show and county 4-H shows in 2015. Reuben and Mary still live in their home in Clermont and Reuben still enjoys attending World Dairy Expo, Holstein shows and sales. He even surprised his family last spring when he bought a heifer on a sale. Most Sundays you can find Reuben and Mary attending West Clermont Lutheran Church and then making the short trek over to Gunder for lunch.

Outstanding Young Holstein Breeder Award, Sheri Danhof While growing up, Sheri always enjoyed days spent at the farm whether it was feeding calves, milking cows or helping her dad, Frank, with registrations and classification. Showing was also enjoyed and very important to her family. Highlights from Sheri’s youth were showing Regancrest Broker Dory-ET EX-92, a daughter from Snow-N Denises Dellia, at the 1997 World Dairy Expo. Dory was also nominated Junior All-American that year. Dory along with Regancrest Jed Deborah-ET and Regancrest Juror Brina were an All-American Nomination for Best Three Females. Sheri was active in FFA, 4-H and the Junior Holstein Association serving as an officer. She received the District 1 Distinguished Junior Member Award. She also was a member of the Allamakee County 4-H Dairy Judging Team and was the 1996-1997 Allamakee County Dairy Princess. After graduating from high school in 1996, Sheri attended NICCCalmar for business. Prior to the farm’s expansion of the dairy in 1997-1998, Sheri became a full time employee working alongside her dad with the genetics and marketing, and now is a partner in Regancrest. She has invested in partnership with her family on some key individuals and has been developing them under the Regancrest prefix. One of her favorites being Regancrest Barbara-ET EX-92, the 1st 2-Yr-Old and Reserve Intermediate Champion at the Iowa State Fair. Barbara was on the cover of the Holstein World’s “Barbie Issue”. Barbara is the dam of Regancrest S At Broadway-ET EX-91 - former #2 PTAT 8/2014 GTPI+2045 and the dam of the 2015 Iowa Holstein Show/State Fair Produce of Dam. Another favorite from the Barbie family is Regancrest Dundee Barbidoll-ET EX-90, member of the 1st place Best Three Females at the 2009 Midwest Fall National. Through the years, Sheri became interested in their genetics and marketing program. She has really enjoyed the people that the business has brought to them, as well as, the opportunities. She has had the opportunity to travel around the World watching live animals sell from their genetics in 7 different countries. She was able to take a spring break in South Africa while she watched her dad judge their National Holstein Show. She also has traveled to Scotland to speak on their breeding program. Along with her husband, Jason, they have developed the Danhof prefix. They have invested in cow families that they have considered to be an excellent addition to some of the cow families at Regancrest. Jason and Sheri share a passion of breeding, owning and developing good animals. They also keep some of the high profile flush or show animals at their home – making these individual animals easier to manage and display, and also for marketing embryos, bulls to AI, and females for public auction. The first animal purchased was Holbric-ML Planet Diva-ET VG-87 DOM. Diva was purchased as a choice from Ernlo Sue-Lynn-ET VG-88, a Shottle daughter from Ernlo Daisy Lynn-ET EX-90 DOM. Daisy Lynn was a Durham daughter from Kerndtway Jolt DaisyET. Sheri remembers her dad bidding on Daisy at the Kerdtway dispersal. Diva is still in the Regancrest herd today and due back in early June. She has produced 142,950M 5085F 4627P in three lactations. The first bull that they sold to AI was a Freddie son from Diva, Danhof Detroit who recently graduated and made the active line-up at Semex. Daughters from Diva have been sold as sale consignments while others remain in the herd including a Mogul granddaughter, Danhof Mogul Dallas-ET VG-85 87-MS G+2476 and Mogul Delarae VG-86 87-MS G+2398, who is the dam of Danhof Dillion-ET GTPI+2722. Jason and Sheri also own some partnership animals with Matt & Jana Hamlett. One of the partnership animals is Butz-Hill Dundee Rival-ET EX-92 95-MS who was purchased as a summer yearling in the Field of Dreams Sale. Rival was Grand Champion of the 2010 Iowa State Holstein Show, Reserve Grand at the 2010 Midwest 2016 Iowa Holstein Association Board Fall National Show and Best Udder and 10th place 5-Yr-Old at the front row l to r: Bob Rahe, Trent Henkes, Tom Simon, Mark World Dairy Expo. Knudtson, Kevin Fossum; back row: Joe Gibbs, Shellie Volker, Their children are Lexie, 17, and Zachary, 3. Dave Chapman, Carl Mensen, Paul Stempfle, Walt Wessel, Paula Smith, Jess Rediske, Katie Stoll, Jeff Hammerand MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016 - 43

Celebrate at the Great Northern on June 7 at 7:30 p.m. and treat yourself to some of these individuals selling. ATWOOD DAUGHTER SELLS


Androscoggin Alx Alexandrea EX-91 at 3-11

Pineyvale Alexander Hope EX-90 at 3-03

3-03 365 28,480 4.4 1277 2.9 853

2-11 365 30,870 4.3 1323 3.1 944

Dam: Androscoggin Dundee Allison EX-93 2nd Dam: Androscoggin Dante Ambrose EX-93 3E

Dam: Chapel-Bank Outside Helen EX-95 174,840 3.7 6491 lifetime

FEVER DAUGHTER SELLS OTHER HIGHLIGHTS SELLING • Indigo, a VG Atwood - VG Talent dam, EX-94 granddam

• Legit, VG-87 - EX-92 dam with 365 58,590 4.5 2667 3.0 1487, 1st WI & 2nd Natl. Fat record • Brie, a just fresh Windbrook - EX-93 Roy dam, EX-93 Durham granddam

• Sophie-Red, by Picolo sells with her red Dresser heifer calf - EX-92 Rubens with 181,670 lifetime

Curr-Vale Durham Eve-ET EX-94 3E

• Rhianna, GP-84 2Y, fresh with her second calf - backed by 6 Excellent dams • other young cows & bred heifers sell carrying heifer calves

213,200 4.0 8527 3.3 6949 lifetime Dam: Dutch-Treat Royalist Emily EX-90 158,950 4.5 7177 3.1 4991 lifetime

All of these individuals are from deep, well-respected cow families and would be a great addition to any herd.

Marsh-Vue Registered Holsteins Doug, Gina, Zach, Jordan & Brianna Lemke Chilton, WI • 920-371-7738 • dgzjlemke@aol.com

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016 - 45


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  

RHA: 33,200 4.0 1320 3.1 1030

1/16 BAA: 105.5%; 10 EX, 160 VG, 245 GP



e ke au lw Mi to 3 I-4

Sugar Creek Dairy  Elkhorn

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  

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 

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       


 


photos by Lea McCullough

   


/ I-90

You’ re Invited . . . 2016 Make plans to attend the sale that has presented some of the world’s top genomic & type individuals including: Chassity, Gold Barbara, Hezbollah, Monique, Camomile & Katrysha!

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Midwest Holsteins - Summer 2016  

Midwest Holsteins - Summer 2016