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Midwest Holsteins SPRING 2017

Illinois • Iowa • Michigan • Minnesota • Wisconsin

Something for Everyone. . . High Type, Elite Genomics, Show Heifers & Embryos from the Best of the Best!

Best Wes tern Plus Dubuque , Iow May 5, 20 a 17

KHW Regiment Apple-Red 3E-96 4-1 2x 365 35,750 4.7 1687 3.7 1314 Timeless. . . No matter what sire, what color, or what generation, the Apples transmit and make $$$$$. We are thrilled to offer her high type dtrs by Brasch and Kenosha. Born in December, they have the cut and recognition for numerous marketing opportunities.

Val-Bisson Shottle Imelda EX-94 6-08 2x 190 18,798 4.2 788 3.7 682 Inc Dam of Doorman. Imelda sells open and ready to flush. A favorite among many, she is prolific donor and phenomenal transmitter. One of the easiest cows in the world to mate. Buy the foundation and watch it develop.

Co-Vista Robust Riley EX-90 2-1 305 27,530 3.9 1069 3.3 920 Her VG-86 Uno sells fresh and along with her 2816 GTPI Jedi born in July and ready to flush. This family has continuous spiked over PA and they like to make embryos!!! Next dam is Gold Invite Ex 94 Nom. All-Canadian followed by a VG 88 Shottle back to Dellia 2E95. Flush age and over 2800 and available doesn’t happen very often.

Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby VG-87 2-4 2x 305 29,450 3.2 950 3.1 916 The dam of Rubicon and from Planet Sapphire, then all the way back to Dellia 2E95. This high production family hits again and again. Selling is her 909NM Delta Gr’dtr from an EX Uno. She sells bred and ready to IVF for her new owner.

Join us on Cinco de Mayo and then attend the Courtlane Celebration Sale on Saturday! Tom Simon 563.599.9183 Rick Simon 563.744.3541 Mark Simon 563.542.1297 Bill Rauen 563.607.0694 For catalogs, please email Kyle ~

Tim Rauen 563.451.5866 Amanda Hauck 570.765.0536 Mark Butz 319.350.1426 Kyle Demmer 563.451.5376


Dairy judging is strong at the University of Minnesota, so strong that its teams have placed first overall in five of the six major contests in 2015 and 2016 held at: the All-American Dairy Show (Harrisburg, PA), the North American International Livestock Exposition (Louisville, KY), and World Dairy Expo (Madison, WI). The team was 2nd (to the University of Kentucky) at Harrisburg in 2016, but placed 1st in reasons by a 16-point margin in that contest. Furthermore, over the past 7 years in these 3 contests, the University of Minnesota has placed 1st overall in 11 of the 21 contests. No other university comes close to this incredible record of success. If you’re considering a career in dairy, CONSIDER THE U OF M. In addition to our highly successful judging teams, you can be part of the Gopher Dairy Club, where more than 100 student members gain experience and industry contacts through activities like an all-expense-paid 11-day trip to California in January for seniors. Both inside and outside the classroom, our dairy professors make teaching and working with students their top priority. Learn more today at


GOLD! The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. • (612) 624-2277


4 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

Midwest Holsteins INDEX Badger Dairy Camp ...................................... 68 Bluff-Ridge Holsteins .................................... 77 Brenhaven Holsteins & Jerseys ...................... 10 Cash’s Fairview Dairy.................................... 77 Clinton County Classic Sale .................... 26-27 Courtlane Celebration Sale .......................... 32 Farnear Holsteins ............................................ 2 Gildale Holsteins .......................................... 71 Gorentz Dairy .............................................. 70 Green County Heart of the Wheel Sale.. 74-75 Green Meadows Farm .................................. 22 Heatherstone ................................................ 16 Hilltop Dairy ................................................ 30 Illinois Championship Show ........................ 77 Indianhead Dispersal .............................. 28-29 Iowa Spring Sale ...................................... 42-43 Johnan Dispersal ............................................17 King Street Dairy .......................................... 10 Koester Dairy ................................................ 50 Lang, Eric ...................................................... 55 Luck-E Holsteins .......................................... 12 Mannanah Valley .......................................... 40



Marathon County .................................... 44-47 Michigan Holstein Association...................... 37 Midwest Spring Special ................................ 67 Milksource Genetics ...................................... 51 Minnesota Directory of Services .................. 76 Minnesota Spring Sale ............................ 60-61 Moram Holsteins & Jerseys .......................... 35 NICC Dairy Club Sale.................................... 6 Northwest Illinois Spring Sizzler .................. 73 On-Q Holsteins ............................................ 48 Opsal’s Ridge .......................................... 62-63 Outagamie County Spring Sale .................... 48 PDCA Calf Sale............................................ 70 Quest for Success III ................................ 19-21 R-R Letters.................................................... 34 RedFest with a Touch of Black .................... 78 Reeds Dairy .................................................. 35 RHC Holsteins .............................................. 58 Rickert Bros. .................................................. 31 Rob-Cri Dispersal.......................................... 66 Rock Edge Holsteins...................................... 41 Rod-er-Dic ......................................................59

Rosedale Dispersal..........................................49 Saintville Holsteins ..........................................9 Selz-Pralle Dairy ............................................33 Sheeknoll Farms ............................................79 South Dakota State Dairy Club ....................23 South Dakota State University ......................13 Star Summit Holsteins....................................54 Stetson Dispersal .......................................... 66 Summit Farms ................................................36 Sunrose Holsteins ............................................8 Tick Tock Energy .......................................... 73 University of Illinois ......................................18 University of Minnesota.................................. 3 University of Wisconsin-Madison .................. 7 Violet Hill ...................................................... 69 Vitality Crew .................................................. 5 Voigtscrest...................................................... 41 W-R-L Daniels Farm LLC ............................72 Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale .................................................................. 56-58 Wisconsin Dairy Showcase............................ 80 Willows Edge ................................................ 11 Wilstar............................................................ 24

cover photo by Maddy Hensel, Pittsville, Wis.

Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 • Fax (608) 356-6312 1-800-223-4269 To Advertise: P.O. Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone (608) 723-4933 • Fax (608) 723-4973 e-mail: WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION STAFF: Darin Johnson, Executive Director Laura Wackershauser, Editor/Advertising Manager Sharon Maffei, Membership Coordinator Ashley Yager, Public Relations Associate WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION BOARD MEMBERS: Kevin Jorgensen, President - Waupun, 920-210-3992 Chad Ryan, Vice President - Fond du Lac, 920-960-1449 Kent Wendorf, Secretary - Viroqua, 608-689-2201 Craig Carncross, Executive Committee - Lodi, 608-592-2560 Pam Selz-Pralle, Executive Committee - Humbird, 715-334-3434 Bill Calvert - Cuba City, 608-759-2080 Steve Endres - Waunakee, 608-279-5952 Joseta Halbur - Eden, 715-821-9672 Heather Jauquet - Pulaski, 920-371-7511 Tracy Nelson - Ellsworth, 715-307-1804 Bryan Stremcha - Bangor, 608-790-1925 Erica Ullom - Bloomer, 715-933-0477 NATIONAL DIRECTOR: Paul Buhr - 608-606-3480 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 5

11thDAIRY Edition NICC CLUB SALE Selling 65 Head Holstein & Jerseys Saturday, April 1, 2017 11:30A.M. Fayette Co. Fairgrounds, West Union, Iowa

Harvue Roy Frosty

EX97 3E GMD 44700m 2222m 2x Supreme Ch World Expo Selling her Sept of ‘16 Armani Gr. Dau. Dam-Ex92, 39000m 1850f Potential fourth generation Excellent Consignor: Golden Oaks Farm

Henkeseen L Lipstick-Red- ET Larcrest Cale ET EX94 3E 25400m 1095f Gr. Dam-EX91 2E, 31300m 1280f Selling-A Colt P Red Dau. Born Sept. ‘16 8 Excellent Dams going back to Roxy Consignor: Trent Henkes

VG89 DOM 41700m 2200f 1 st Fat-Minn. 2yrs Selling Nov. ’16 Modesty Gr. Dau. 3 rd Dam-Larcrest Crimson EX94 3E DOM GMD 46300m 2440f Life: 195800m Next Dam-Cosmopolitan Consignor: Hendel Farms

Scientific Alexas Rae ET

EX94 3E 38600m 1580f Selling Her VG85 2 yr old Aftershock Gr. Dam-Debutante Rae, EX92 GMD DOM 32900m 1440f 8 generations Excellent Consignor: Mayerlane Holsteins

Additional Headliners—

Schulte Bros Tequila Lizzy ET Kingsmill Tobis Trinity ET EX90 14570m 5.8% 847f Selling her an Mar. ’16 Incentive dau. Gr. Dam- Excellent Consignor: Mitch Schulte

EX91 2E 29270m 1200f Selling her Fever dau. due sale time. Gr. Dam-EX96 3E 44090m 2190f Next Dan-EX96 3E DOM Consignor: Jim & Janet Kappers

For catalogs & more info contact: PETE’S AUCTION & PHOTO, INC. **507-352- 4162 ** Catalog online after March 20, 2017 at & Dairy Agenda Today Normen Peterson, Auctioneer 507-421- 3890 Alan Dkyshorn, Pedigrees 712- 441-0686 Chuck Will, Ringman 218-731-9536 Brad Peterson, Ringman 507-273-2710 John Diersen, Ringman 507-459-1975

MS Minsu Dolo Nobilo ET VG87 at 3yrs 30470m 1021f Selling June ’16 Integral dau. Gr. Dam-VG88, 32300m 1300f Next dam-VG88, 25090m 1170f 4 th Dam-VG87, 32440m 1490f Next 7 dams all Excellent Consignor: Dean Opsahl

Sale hosted by: NortheastIACommunityCollegeDairyCenter 1527 Hwy 150, Calmar, IA 52132 Dairy Club Adviser: Dave Lawstuen 563-534-9957 Ext.112 Cell 563-419-3870

**VG86 Sid Dam-EX91 3E, 34500m 1090f, Life: 188800m. Next dam-Ex91 GMD DOM, 33500m 1380f. 3rd dam-EX92 GMD DOM 45100m 1880f. 4 th dam-EX90 GMD DOM, 29200m 1190f. Consignor: Matt Henkes **A Sept ’16 Sochi Dau. Dam-EX, 25700m. Gr. Dam-EX93 3E, 31500m Life: 176900m. 3rd Dam-EX95 4E, Top Rec.44300m 2050f, Life-216000 Next dam-EX94 2E, 34500m 1490f, Life: 127000 Consignor: Caleb Norton **Kingboy dau. due saletime GTPI2555 Dam-A VG88 Planet, 33080m 11430f Gr. Dam-A VG87 Mac dau., 25500m 1120f Next dam-VG88, 31800m 1300f 4 th Dam-VG88 GMD DOM, 36500m 1590f Consignor: Red-E- J Holsteins **A Mar. ’16 Piranha-P RC dau. , GTPI +2320G. Dam-A VG86 Doorman dau. The number 5 type cow of the breed - PTAT+3.77. From the Apple family. Consignor: Blake Hansen

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esota Br



One of a Kind

Saintville Shottle Masie-EX 92-3E


•Next two dams are 89pts • Two sons in AI • Daughter Saintville Megaman Mallory sold in 2010 at the Minnesota National Convention Sale for $19,000 (pictured below).

2-00 2X 333 33210 3..5 1152 3.1 1026 3-00 2X 365 35970 3.7 1319 3.0 1091 4-09 2X 342 32340 3.9 1257 3.2 1019 5-10 2X 365 39870 4.0 1577 3.1 1242 7-02 2X 365 34030 3.9 1344 3.4 1159 8-04 2X 365 35833 3.7 1318 3.3 1186 9-07 First two tests were 138lbs and 129lbs

Saintville Megaman Mallory-VG 86 Life 2455 228150 3.8 8650 3.2 7330 • Daughter Miss Booken Marly GP 83 owned by T-Spruce has sons in AI and progeny milking in Japan • Daughter ST-M Sterling Mindy-ET has a daughter that was the #1 ranking megasire in the world- 2015 • Daughter Saintville Iota Mareen-ET went EX-90 as a 3-yr-old and was a dam of merit in 2016 Saintville Iota Mareen-ET EX 90

• Daughter Saintville Oak Marisa-ET has a son just released at Accelerated. Marisa is the dam of Saintville Lisa the 9th ranked Silver in the world. Shesold at the World Classic Sale in 2016 for $55,000 • Daughter Saintville Supersire Marasire VG-86 has two sons over +2700G going to AltaGenetics

Saintville Holsteins

Rick Haler “We invite you to come check out this spectacular cow family!” - Rick and Christy

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 11

12 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

Dairy Science & Food Science at SDSU South Dakota State offers state-of-the-art research and processing facilities, an acclaimed faculty and great opportunities in DAIRY PRODUCTION, DAIRY MANUFACTURING and FOOD SCIENCE.

• B.S., M.S., and PH.D. degrees in DAIRY SCIENCE and FOOD SCIENCE • OPPORTUNITIES for work-study, internships, undergraduate research • ACTIVE DAIRY CLUB, DAIRY JUDGING TEAMS & FOOD SCIENCE CLUB • Over $100,000 in SCHOLARSHIPS are available annually • 100% JOB PLACEMENT! • Starting salaries OVER $ 45,000

Manufactured by SDSU students in the adjoining Davis Dairy Plant, our cow-to-cone ice cream process ensures visitors a memorable scoop. Food Network Magazine said it, and we’ll say it again, the SDSU Dairy Bar sells the best ice cream treat in South Dakota. SDSU’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream was voted the best ice cream treat in the state by the magazine in 2013.

Visit Us!

For more info contact: Vikram V. Mistry, Professor and Head Dairy Science Department | 605-688-5731 | | 605-697-2585 | Mon.- Fri. 8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m.

Cybil Fisher

Savage-Leigh Golden Girl

Heatherstone Redhot-Red

VG-88 at 2Y 1-11 2x 365 25,120 4.1 1020 3.3 818 Reserve All-American Milking Fall Yearling 2014 2nd Milking Fall Yearling, World Dairy Expo 2014

VG-87 Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion of R&W Show, WDE & Royal Winter Fair 2016 Undefeated in class at World Dairy Expo

Dam: Savage-Leigh Leona EX-96, 5x All-American nominee 3rd & 4th dams are also All-American nominees

Dam: Heatherstone Razzy-Red EX-91 2E 5-05 2x 365 45,500 4.8 1710 3.0 1364 Reserve Junior All-American R&W Fall Calf 2009 Next dams: VG-87 GMD, VG GMD, EX GMD, EX-91

Golden Girl is recently fresh and we certainly expect she will complete 4 generations of EX when we score in May.

To the Badger Invitational: Heatherstone Gold Rush-ET born 12-1-16 Avalanche x Golden Girl

To the Quest for Success III Redhot’s maternal sister: Heatherstone Reveal-Red born 6-5-16 Synergy Always-Red x Razzy-Red

These two stylish calves are your ticket to the spotlight! Bid last to take home the next All-American from these deep cow families. Mike & Valerie Holschbach Family S5455 Hwy. 12, Baraboo, WI 53913 608-963-2003 • 16 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

University of Illinois Building on Excellence with a Strong Foundation Opportunities with Animal Sciences BS, MS, PhD Programs Nationally and Internationally Renowned Faculty Extensive Research in Nutrition, Management, Genetics, Reproduction, Lactation, Biotechnology, Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Students attending the Midwest ADSA-SAD meeting Congratulations to South Dakota State University for hosting a successful Midwest ADSA-SAD meeting!

Internships • Scholarships Online Courses Dairy Certificate Programs Dairy Challenge and Judging Teams

Illini Dairy Club, in their 34th year at state fair, had 4500 kids milk a cow! Governor Bruce Rauner milks a cow!

University of Illinois Dairy Farm, 2016 Join us at the PDCA Calf Sale, April 1, Champaign Co. Fairgrounds, Urbana, Illinois For more information, contact: Department of Animal Sciences 1207 W. Gregory Drive Urbana, Illinois 61801 Head: Advisor/extension: Advisor: Phone: 217.333.4397

18 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 19

20 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 21

14th Annual

South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD June 8-10 Youth ages 8 to 18 are invited to attend the Jackrabbit Dairy Camp to enhance and develop skills in dairy cattle judging, fitting, and showmanship. They will also gain knowledge about dairy products and how to positively promote the dairy industry. For more information: visit: or contact Kayla Post: or 507-227-1288 Our Mission: To provide networking opportunities among club members and industry professionals, while developing leaders and promoting the dairy industry to consumers.

24 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

43nd Clinton County Classic March 25, 2017 · 11:00 a.m. · Carlyle, Ill. · 50 miles east of St. Louis

Hollendale Rapid Her early Detour dtr sells at +2737GTPI +151RZG Peak Genetics c/o Scott Culbertson -- 507-923-1881

Astrahoe Storm R Roberta EX-93 Fancy potential 15th gen EX Goldchip Jr. 2-yr-old sells from Roberta’s EX-91 Skychief daughter Mark Irwin -- 815-701-8090

KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-3E DOM Her Diamondback great-grand-daughter sells Nate Janssen -- 847-224-7859 Armani due in June to Defiant from the Apples John Erbsen -- 815-275-4990 Fancy Fall Dundee daughter sells Holbric/Deaver -- 608-207-0342 SALE CO-CHAIRMEN Tyler Carter 618-267-1825 Lucas Clanton 618-322-3523 Bob Fruend 618-920-5375 Aaron Heinzmann 618-781-7994 Josh Huelsmann 618-541-1326 Brian Woker 618-367-0263 26 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97-3E 2x All-American - Life: 217,250 4.8 10507 3.0 6447 Her VG-87 GoldSun 4-yr-old grand-dtr sells Golden Oaks -- 314-422-9723 Atwood Jr. 2-yr-old also sells from this family Woker -- 618-367-0263

Luck-E Damion Tassel EX-94-2E 7-08 365d 29,610 3.9 1148 3.2 933 Selling are her Doorman Spring Yearling & Byway Summer Yearling daughters Oakfield Corners -- 585-704-2501

Luck-E Ladd Jubilee-Red EX-92-3Y 1st Jr. 2 & HM Int. Champ. MW Spring Nat’l R&W ‘15 Her POLLED full sister sells just fresh with her 2nd calf backed by 9 EX dams Engel -- 847-347-5561

Dupasquier Goldwyn Rozlyn-ET EX-90 Nominated All-American Jr. 2-Yr-Old ‘12 Her VG-86 Alexander sells fresh 3rd dam is Thrulane James Rose EX-97-2E Woker -- 618-367-0263

Golden-Oaks U Chardonnay-ET VG-85 SHE SELLS! Jr. 3-yr-old Numero Uno due in July x EX-93 Atwood Charla backed by 10 gen EX back to Roxy Golden Oaks -- 314-422-9723

Rainyridge Talent Barbara-RC EX-95 All-American & All-Canadian 5-yr-old 2010 Goldwyn September calf sells from Barbara’s VG-86 full sister Justin Powell -- 262-613-3371

SALE FORCE Scott Courtney, auctioneer 563-380-1318 Alan Dykshorn, pedigrees 712-441-1318 Kyle Demmer, ringman 563-451-5376 Brian Olbrich, ringman 815-482-7426 Bruce Gingerich, ringman 574-536-3061

Sale Catalogs: Lucas Clanton 618-322-3523 Kate Geppert 573-814-3148 Tim Ewing, Holstein USA


Schluter Rainey Sassy-Red 10 gen VG-EX with numerous All-American R&W noms. Maternal sisters sell by Diamondback, Awesome & Armani Schluter -- 217-898-5707

Oakfield-Bro Fontain-Red-ET EX-90 5-03 365d 25,500 4.9 1245 3.3 831 Her Absolute daughter sells due in June to Drake LeRoy Kleiner -- 618-664-1016

Woodlawn Dundee Daphne-ET EX-91 Fancy Jacoby Fall Calf sells - maternal sister Nom. All-American Jr. 2-year-old ‘16 Oakfield Corners -- 585-704-2501

Savage-Leigh Lavisha-ET VG-89 2-00 365d 36,980 4.7 1721 3.4 1253 Her fresh VG-87 Goldchip grand-daughter sells Ludwigs -- 618-960-6539

Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96-4E Lifetime: 2671d 255,980 4.3 10988 3.3 8563 Selling 2 Lotus yearling grand-daughters Joe Schluter -- 309-737-4544

Kozak Rliner Spring-Red-ET VG-86 Jr. All-Illinois Jr. 3-yr-old ‘16 SHE SELLS with her Armani April Yearling Koebele Klassic -- 217-683-2343

Rolling-Lawns Rhythm-ET EX-93-2E 5-10 365d 26,690 5.0 1329 3.1 836 Her Fancy Sid grand-daughter sells Rolling-Lawns -- 314-308-1005

Weseman Best Velocity EX-92-2E Nom. Jr. All-American Sr. 3 ‘09 & Jr. All-IL Aged ‘12 Selling is her September Sid grand-daughter Telgmann -- 217-343-2019

Miss Long Green Alexsue EX-91 Her fresh Sr. 2-yr-old Absolute daughter sells Next dam EX-93 Stormatic Wendling -- 618-483-5532

Ri-Val-Re Adv Sully-Red-ET EX-92-2E Lifetime: 1608d 134,370 4.3 5769 3.0 4025 Selling her fresh Goldchip 2-yr-old daughter Gueldener -- 618-377-2545

Markwell Durham Dawn-ET EX-94-2E Her fancy Golden Dreams Spring Yearling sells 3rd dam is Blackstar Raven EX-95-3E Oakfield Corners -- 585-704-2501 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 27

Indianhead Holsteins Complete Dispersal Friday, April 7 ~ 11:00 a.m. ~ Barron, Wis. A “Goldwyn” Opportunity - 4 of the 8 Goldwyns selling:

Indianhead Trinity-ET EX-94 2E

Indianhead Gold Symphony-ET VG-85 2Y

6-00 3x 365 40,860 4.6 1886 3.3 1334

1-11 3x 334 27,194 3.6 990 3.0 813

Dam: Indianhead Trilogy EX-94, HM All-American 4-Year-Old 2004 4-09 3x 365 42,620 4.0 1663 2.8 1138 2nd Dam: Indianhead Milan Tina EX-92 8-11 3x 365 36,340 4.2 1538 3.2 1150 3rd Dam: C Alanvale Inspiration Tina EX-95 2E GMD DOM

Dam: Indianhead Shottle Rae EX-90 2-02 3x 365 35,220 3.6 1263 3.0 1005 2nd Dam: Astrahoe RM Rosa Rae-Lyn EX-90 4-011 3x 365 59,210 4.1 2446 2.8 1659 3rd Dam: Pinehurst Royal Rosa-ET EX-91 2E

Trinity is due to Sirwood at sale time. She has 8 daughters selling along with female pregnancies and sexed embryos by Diamondback.

A potential 15th generation EX - she’ll see the classifier before the sale! Symphony calved again in December at 3-00 with a beautiful Hypnotic heifer.

Indianhead Apricot-Red-ET VG-87 2Y

Indianhead Gold Abby-ET VG-87 2Y

2-05 3x 365 27,550 3.6 1005 3.1 861 Dam: Exodus ABC EX-93 8-05 3x 365 33,900 4.2 1422 3.2 1098

5 generations of VG & EX - Apricot is due April 18. One for the shows in 2017!

2-04 3x proj. 305 24,005 3.8 821 3.1 736 Dam: Exodus ABC EX-93 8-05 3x 365 33,900 4.2 1422 3.2 1098

A full sister to Apricot, she’s due back August 1 with an ultrasounded heifer by Redneck-Red. is could be your Junior 3-Year-Old for the fall shows!

What a Produce! 28 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

Cow families represented in the sale... Stookey Elmpark Blackrose EX-96 C Alanvale Inspiration Tina EX-95 Tiple-J-Mac Bic Betty EX-94 Whittier Farms Lead Mae EX-95 Krull Broker Elegance EX-96 Harvue Roy Frosty EX-96 Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97 Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96

Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94 Pinehurst Royal Rosa EX-91 Yursden Kite Caramac EX-92 Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise EX-96 Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 Windy-Knoll-View Pledge EX-95

High PTAT sires behind a spectacular group of 140+ heifers selling... Doorman Sabathia Armani-Red Awesome-Red Golden Dreams Solomon

Airlift Beemer Addiction Archrival Diamondback Brady

Mogul Bandares Barbwire Brazzle Heztry

Wide choice of full-aged show heifers for sale, including... 7 born December 2016 8 born September 2016

4 born June 2016 12 born March 2016

7 born December 2015 4 born September 2015

All Junior buyers receive a chance to win a valuable heifer calf - full sister to:

Indianhead GC Tiajuana Corvette x EX-94 Tia

e invite you to join us as we close the books on our 41 rewarding years of Holstein breeding. Select W from modern sires and unmatched pedigrees to take home a special addition to your herd, including 30 offerings in RED! Complimentary morning coffee and donuts and lunch is on us! Special financing for qualified buyers with letter of credit presented by March 25. Call for details. Latest bulk tank SCC: 67,000 RHA: 86 cows 3x 29,323 3.9 1143 3.21 942 Johnes tested For sale updates - follow us on Facebook! Sale managed by:

ROBERT & KARYN SCHAUF SCOTT & AMY COURTNEY 2564 Pole Line Road, Ridgeway, IA 52165 Home 563.387.0035 Cell 563.380.1318

1659 10 1/2 Street, Barron, WI 54812 Bob’s Cell: 715-790-7202 E-mail: Herdsmen: Mike Mertins, Rodrigo Villalobos & Joe Witscher MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 29

Developing Families at Hilltop A Pair of Atwoods with Pedigree

Hilltop-LLC Atwood 6090 EX-90 EX-MS at 3Y 1-11 3x 365 22,000 4.0 860 3.3 725 3-02 3x 161 18,470 3.3 583 3.1 441 inc.

Jenny-Lou-KJ Atwood 6223 VG-87 VG-MS at 2Y 2-06 3x 322 30,890 3.5 1058 3.1 954 inc.

Her dam is EX-90 with 28,980 4.8 1386 3.6 1049; next dam 2E-93 EX-MS with 32,290 4.6 1481 3.3 1061; tracing back to the “Queen of the Breed” 4E-97 GMD DOM Roxy. An 8th generation VG or EX, 6090 has a Supersire daughter and is bred back to Diamondback.

Her dam is 2E-90 EX-MS GMD with 43,780 4.1 1785 3.0 1298; the next dam Durham Juba 2E-95 EX-MS GMD with 215,230 3.5 7504 2.8 1318 lifetime. 6223 has two daughters by Doorman and is pregnant to Solomon with a heifer.

Three New Excellent Cows with Strong Maternal Lines

Hilltop-LLC Sid 5895

Hilltop-LLC Shottle 4901

Hilltop-LLC Jordan 4991

EX-90 EX-MS at 3Y

EX-90 EX-MS at 5Y

EX-90 EX-MS at 5Y

1-11 3x 305 26,970 3.2 856 3.2 873 3-05 3x 194 25,950 3.0 691 3.0 681 inc. Her dam VG-87 by Sanchez with 33,500 3.4 1136 3.2 1078; the next dam VG-87 with 173,580 3.4 5871 2.9 5026 lifetime. 5895 has daughters by Drumstick & Bowman and is bred back to Apple Crisp.

4-09 3x 45,470 3.0 1361 3.1 1399 Lifetime to date: 140,300 3.3 4628 3.1 4408 Her dam VG-86 by Buckeye with 38,550 2.8 1081 2.9 1049; the next dam VG-85 with 33,740 3.2 1066 3.1 1058. 4901 has daughters by Atwood, Emotive & Jerrick.

4-00 3x 341 32,520 4.0 1299 3.4 1094 5-01 3x 234 27,340 3.5 904 3.1 724 inc. Her dam GP-82 by Dolman with 28,610 4.1 1174 3.4 986; next dam GP-83 with 122,670 4.4 5419 3.6 4455 lifetime. 4991 has daughters by Shottle & Impression and is due again with a Shottle heifer.

Proud to be ranked #16 on Holstein USA’s top BAA herds over 250 cows. For herds over 750 cows, we were #1 with a 104.7 BAA on 1047 cows classified. Managers: Rich, Cal & Loren Greenfield, 920-296-9289 Herdsman: Kevin Greenfield, 920-296-9292 N309 County Trk. Q, Markesan, WI 53946 30 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

RHA: 1226 cows 30,476 3.56 1084 3.24 987 104.7% BAA - 35 EX, 294 VG, 465 GP Find us on Facebook for more cow photos & herd updates

World’s Highest Exactly to Quest for Success on March 31 ~ Choice of these two Top 50 flush-age heifers ~ Rickland Modesty 6210-ET born 4/17/16 +2822 GTPI +2254M +80F +64P +924NM +7.6PL 2.7 DPR 2.88 SCS +181FE +2.6FI .57BSC +2.53T +2.35UDC +1.94FLC She averages 10-15 oocytes per collection with a really low SCE and at only .81 stature. 6210 combines the world’s two highest bulls in Montross and Modesty.


Rickland Exactly 6295-ET born 7/4/16 +2773 GTPI +1655M +69F +49P +793NM +6.7PL 2.9 DPR +3.38T +2.96UDC +2.41FLC 6295 is the #1 Exactly in the world - she is fancy and ready to IVF!

Their Dam

3rd Dam

Sarah Damrow

Rickland Montross 5321-ET +2626G • fresh 4 months, milking 120 lbs. with a 5% test • Next dam: VG McCutchen milking 150 lbs./day, has over 35,000M as a 2-year-old 5321 is the modern kind of cow - medium stature with an excellent mammary system. She will be a VG 2-year-old when we score in March.

Tramilda-N Super Bella-ET EX-92 5-02 365 45,982 3.6 1662 3.0 1394 5th Dam: Glen-D-Haven Oman Biffy VG-86 DOM

Make your choice on March 31 of these two world-class heifers - from our best at Rickland Holsteins. We invite everyone to stop in and see our fresh Montross, Kingboy and Monterey daughters. Greg: 920-948-5150 Jim: 920-960-9640 W9135 Lincoln Rd., Eldorado, WI 54932

Rickert Bros. LLC R Home of Rickland Holsteins

Jim & Greg Rickert Families

RHA: 1037 cows 31,221 3.9 1220 3.0 943 22 Year Progressive Genetics Herd Award MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 31

JOLIAM REBEL-RED-ET Sired by Defiant and ready for the Fall Yearling class this summer! She sells in the Quest for Success sale on March 31!


EX-93 2E EEEEE “National Elite Performer” 5-06 365 48,370 5.0 2428 3.2 1525 5 lact: 215,120M 4.9% 10,439

All-American pedigree going back to EX-94 “Renita Ranger” with big time production. Check out Rebel at the Quest for Success III!

SELZ-PRALLE DAIRY Jessica & Nicole Pralle • N4621 Hwy. 12, Humbird, WI 54746 • (715) 334-3434 • E-mail: MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 33

May 12 • Seymour, WI

R-R Letters Complete Dispersal R-R-Letters Astro Jet Happy EX-90 3E GMD 4-04 340 35,825 3.5 1239 2.6 926 Over 200,000 lifetime

• Over 20 family members sell! Dam: Paltzer Letters Happy Home VG-87 2nd Dam: Paltzer Jed Holly Happy VG-88 3rd Dam: Paltzer Valiant Holly Heather VG-89 4th Dam: C Chestnut Lane Holly-Twin EX-91 DOM

Gateway-Acres CC Charm EX-93 3E 5-01 364 32,354 3.4 1099 3.0 980 Over 190,000 lifetime

• 12 family members sell! Dam: Gateway-Acres Ma Chris-ET EX-90 2E DOM 2nd Dam: Vigo-A Leadman Crystal-ET EX-90 DOM 3rd Dam: Vigo Christina-ET EX-91 DOM 4th Dam: Vigo Elevation Jewell EX-94 2E GMD DOM 5th Dam: Vigo Royal Jewel EX-95 2E DOM

R-R-Letters Rubens Koreen EX-93 3E 5-00 365 33,610 3.6 1208 3.1 1048 Over 180,000 lifetime

• Over 20 family members sell! Dam: R-R-Letters Champ Kitty VG-86 2nd Dam: R-R-Letters Milan Kozy VG-85 3rd Dam: R-R-Letters Bstar Kutie VG-86 4th Dam: Crescentmead S-W-D Kutie-Twin EX-91 2E DOM 5th Dam: Wern Farms Kingpin Maple EX-90 GMD

BAA: 109.1% 19 year PBR Herd RHA: 27,211 1031F 784P Heifers are raised in freestalls 34 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

R-R Letters

Russell & Robert Letter

W4682 Cicero Rd. Seymour, WI 54165 Ph: (920) 833-7004

Holyland Excite 2501-ET VG-85 VG-MS at 2-02 +2558G Sire: Morningview McC Kingboy-ET +255G Dam: Holyland Mxer Elite 2116-ET GP-84 VG-MS 2Y DOM 2-01 365 34,840 4.1 1431 3.2 1109 2nd Dam: Straussdale Ger Eclipse-ET VG-88 EX-MS Excite 2501 was purchased in the Quest for Success II in 2015 from Loehr Dairy. She is a maternal sister to 7HO12721 Holyland Elite Exactly-ET, +2587G at Select Sires. Excite 2501 is contracted for embryos and is very prolific.

Here’s your chance to “upgrade” your program at the Webb-Vue Modesty 8216-ET born 6-21-16 +2771G +1970M +79F +59P +825NM +2.87T +2.93UDC Sired by Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty-ET, +2872G There is interest in embryos and you can start getting a return on your investment soon! Robert & Peggy Webb Home of Webb-Vue Registered Holsteins 36 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

N5328 W. County A, Plymouth, WI 53073 Phone: 920-526-3504 | Bob’s cell: 920-377-1079 E-mail:

2016 Outstanding Holstein Boy & Girl Logan Voigts

Being named the 2016 Outstanding Holstein Boy was an extremely humbling experience. To be bestowed with this award and considered amongst the people who have received this award in the past is truly an honor and something I will never forget. My black and white journey began on my family’s farm, Voigtscrest Holsteins, where we milk 75 registered cows, including 10 Jerseys. Here my parents Larry and Kim, as well as my older twin brothers Adam and Matt run the 300-acre farm located between Belmont and Platteville, Wis., in Lafayette County. My involvement on the farm began at young age, helping feed calves, brushing cows during milking, and tagging along behind people trying to help in whatever ways I could. At age seven I finally got the chance to show my first calf after watching my older sister, Carrie, and older brothers show before me. Little did I know that would be the beginning of my Holstein and dairy career, as now I have exhibited at numerous local, district, state, and national shows. Showing was just the springboard that launched me into many activities such as dairy judging, cow camps, fitting clinics, and Junior Holstein Convention. Junior Holstein Convention is what really propelled my involvement with the Holstein Association. Throughout the years I have competed in the essay contest, dairy jeopardy, and my favorite contest, dairy quiz bowl where our shorthanded three-person senior team has placed fourth and fifth the past two years. As a younger member, I took advantage of nearly every opportunity the association had, attending as many events as possible, and it became a goal of mine to someday be a JAC to provide youth with the same knowledge and experiences I had gained from prior JAC’s. Two years ago I took this large step in my Holstein involvement by being elected as a JAC. Being a JAC was undoubtedly one of the best experiences I have ever had, learning how to work effectively with a team and gaining invaluable skills for the future all while helping the youth of this great organization. After graduating from Belmont High School in 2014, I followed my heart to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently, I am a junior majoring in Dairy Science with a certificate in Agricultural

38 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

Business Management. I have become involved with many great organizations here on campus. Through Badger Dairy Club, I served as a grounds chair for World Dairy Expo, where I managed the student labor that keeps the pavilions clean and maintains the expo grounds in general, additionally I am one of the cattle care chairs for the 18th Badger Invitational Sale this upcoming spring. On the campus dairy judging team I have competed in the Accelerated Genetics contest where I was second high individual, and most recently at the NAILE in Louisville where I was eighth high individual overall. I am also a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, where I have been a member of the permanent finance committee, and currently serve as the Vice Noble Ruler of Management and Operations. Additionally, I have served on the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences-Student Association and from this stemmed my role as a student representative on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association (WALSAA). After graduation, I plan to use the skills and knowledge I have gained through my education along with my experiences on the home farm and in the dairy industry to pursue a career in dairy genetics, hopefully while continuing to build and develop my personal herd of Registered Holsteins. Receiving an award like Outstanding Holstein Boy is by no means an individual effort, I have many people to thank for helping me get to this point. First and foremost, my family, especially my parents who deserve all the thanks I can offer. Without their constant encouragement and support I surely would not have made it this far. My family also instilled me with a passion for the Holstein cow that I will never be able to thank them for enough as the experiences it has given me will help me throughout life and my future career. I would also like to say thank you to all my advisors and coaches, especially Bill and Kelle Calvert, who have worked with me to help develop and grow personally while picking up new skills along the way. Finally, a huge thank you to the entire dairy industry and everyone who has helped me out in one way or another. Over the years all your advice, teachings, encouragement, and support have shaped who I am today and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. To the younger members of this great association, never let go of your passion for this industry and the Holstein cow. The friends you make through this association are some of the best ones you will ever make and you will be connected with them throughout the rest of your life. It is the excitement you show that fuels the passion of the JAC’s to be the best they can, and in turn what drives the cycle that produces amazing leaders and industry people from this organization. While I am sad to end my career as a junior, I can’t wait to take advantage of opportunities to give back to it in the future. God bless the Holstein cow, this great organization, and all the people within it.

Kristen Broege

Without a doubt, I can say that being named Outstanding Holstein Girl in January was the biggest honor of my life so far. I will never be able to explain the feeling of being announced as Girl at this year’s Junior Convention as I sat up on stage amongst some of my closest friends. This award holds a lot of meaning for me because of the Association it comes from, and the outstanding Holstein people that have won it in the past. My passion for Holsteins began on my family’s 400 cow grade Holstein farm. I will always remember feeding calves there alongside my mom, sorting cows with my dad, and raising our first show heifers with my two younger sisters. At about 8 years old my parents helped me purchase my first Registered Holstein project calf. I also began participating in quiz bowl, attending Junior Convention, competing in dairy judging, and attending shows. My father unexpectedly passed away in 2011. After, my mom, sisters, and I moved to a small farmette outside of Janesville, where we raise our Holstein heifers and house our milk cows elsewhere. Our herd currently consists of about 14 animals. I am especially proud of our Rock-Edge herd because we have truly built this herd from the ground up. Recently, I am most proud of our first third generation homebred calf hitting the ground this past December. It may seem like a small feat to some, but to me it shows progress. Every Summer I look forward to attending various Holstein events, but especially enjoy exhibiting my cattle and working at the shows. Of course, leading in the ring is one of my favorite parts, but is certainly not the only. I’ve made the most memories working in the barn, on the wash rack, around the clipping chute and behind the line with some truly great people. In 2013, I decided that I wanted to be more involved with the Junior Association on a state level and ran for Wisconsin Holstein Royalty. I will never forget being told multiple times that I was “just too young” at the time and to not be disappointed if I was not named to either position. I did no let this tear me down, and I let my passion for the Holstein cow and willingness to want to do more for the organization shine through. I was named the 2014 Wisconsin Holstein Princess Attendant and in that year I met a countless number of Holstein enthusiasts, hard-working juniors, and sat ringside to some of the best Holsteins in the world. By far my greatest time spent in Junior Holsteins was spent on the Junior Activities Committee for the past two years. In this time, I learned a lot about myself as a leader and was inspired by the

Juniors I met along the way. Never did I see myself being an outgoing, public speaking, team leader. I can accredit these attributes to the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association. Currently, I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Dairy Science with a certificate in Agricultural Business Management. On campus, I’m very involved in Badger Dairy Club, Association of Women in Agriculture, and the National Agri-Marketing Association. I compete annually on the Collegiate Dairy Judging team and am the Advertising Chair for the 18th Badger Invitational Sale. I will be interning this summer with East Central Select Sires as a Sales and Marketing Intern and after graduation will be pursuing a career in marketing dairy genetics or in another role at a bull stud. The journey to this point in my life would not have been possible without the people that have made a huge difference along the way. First, I would like to thank the outstanding Junior membership I have gotten to know for the past decade. I can truly call some of you my best friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would also like to thank all of the adults and mentors that have pushed me along the way. In addition to that, the people that have believed in my sisters and I at various times, whether that be at shows or housing our cattle. Lastly, but far from least, my family. Mom, thank you for being the biggest supporter to all of my ambitious dreams. To my two sisters, Jenna and Nicole, thank you for being the best two people to own, show, and breed cattle with. Watching you both show sure does make me nervous, but it also gives me goosebumps because of how proud I am of you. I would also like to thank my father for always driving me to do my best, and for watching from above the past six years. I have always been a firm believer in “when one barn door closes, a window opens on the other end”, and my Junior Holstein career has certainly taught me nothing short of that. In September I lost my favorite Holstein cow, Brunland Sanchez Dakota. The awards and accomplishments will fade, but in losing her I reflected on all of the great opportunities I had because of her. We took her to many shows at which I was fortunate enough to work with and meet fantastic youth and adults in this industry. I’ve grown to understand that the magnificent Holstein cow is what gets us into this community, but what also makes us stay are the people and memories we make along the way. I’ve loved every minute of being a Junior member, and look forward to many years of giving back, as it would be hard not to! Thank you again, I couldn’t be more honored to be chosen for this award.

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 39

#PolledPlace & Bouquet of Breeds ll Tag Sale May 12 & 13, 2017 - Hosted by Manannah-Valley, Eden Valley, Minnesota

Featuring All-Breeds - Something for Everyone!

Offering the best of Manannah-Valley! 4 from this cow family and several others

Schedule of Events Thursday, May 11th Prices released at 6pm

Exciting Early Consignments

Apple’s Red POLLED grand-dtr due in Oct. Red POLLED grand-dtr of Planet Silk

Watch for Consignments from Friday, May 12th Sale starts at 10am Corstar, Empty Pockets, Oat-Hill, Meeker County Holstein Mtg & Meal 7pm Willolea, Good-Vue, Lenkaitis, D&D, Guest Speaker: Lindsey Lepke Adamscrest, National-Ride, Crystal-Ball, MysticalView, DreamRock and MORE Saturday, May 13th Breakfast provided from 8am-10am Clipping Demonstration 11am Appreciation Meal 1pm Sale ends at 3pm Silent Auction & Crafts Available Watch for more ads!

Contact Us

Early catalog deadline is March 20th Stephanie Hammerly 608.732.2757 John Schmitz 320.420.2432

Sale Catalog & Updates: & Facebook 40 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

s n o i t a l u t a r g n o C ! n e t s i r K We’re proud of you! • Outstanding Holstein Girl 2016 • JAC Chairman 2016 • National DJM Representative 2016 • WHA Princess Attendant 2014

Rock Edge Holsteins

Kristen, Jenna & Nicole Broege

7747 E. Hwy. 14, Janesville, WI 53546 • 608-289-5373 •

We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. But we are even more proud of your values, your attitude and your perseverance. Your love of the Holstein cow (and let’s admit it, a soft spot for that little brown cow) will take you far. We are excited to see what your future holds! Love, Mom & Dad Adam, Karen, Aaron, Lydia & Naomi Matt, Rosie & Maverick Carrie

LARRY & KIM VOIGTS & FAMILY 28230 College Farm Rd., Platteville, WI 53818 608-732-3923 Visitors always welcome! MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 41


New Board Members President: Doug Ditmar Vice President: Floyd Baumann Secretary: Sam Zimmerman Treasurer: Galen Schreiber Directors: Brian Fust, Mike Borchardt, Wayne Giese

GRANDEUR HOLSTEINS BLIVEN FAMILY R865 Mount View Lane Athens, WI 54411 Phone: 715-257-7255 e-mail:

Gary’s Dairy Good-Time registered Holsteins

Dream Team Holsteins Welcome to the newest Dream Team member:

Kase Donald born 2/17/17 7 lbs. 2 oz, 20 in. Don, Jenna, Malayna, Kendra & Kase Fahey 11360 Rainbow Dr., Merrill, WI 54452 715-537-0820

Gary Stankowski Owner Home: 3860 Sugar Bush Rd. Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-3197 Farm: 543 Hwy. S Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-0799

Behling Family Dairy

5117 CTH “N”, EDGAR, WI 54426 • 715-352-3656 Mike & Linda King Kevin & June King

Visitors welcome by appointment

The Complete Package - Production & Type

Home of

TRAVIS & BROOKE BEHLING R238 Lovers Lane, Athens, WI 54411 • 715-210-5138

Ded-Dit Holsteins

Castleholm Rae-Love-Red

Morningview Domain Dana

5-11 305 35,438 4.3 1509 2.7 971 EX-93 2E at 6-10 14th gen. EX

VG-88 proj. 36,096M 1309F 1033P


~ from the Morningview Baxter D-Rae family ~ housed at Fustead Holsteins

Doug Dittmar 6006 - 3 Birch Street, Schofield, WI 54476 715-571-0843 44 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

David & Paulette Lemanski

Devin, Alex & Danielle 715-352-3382 3475 Cardinal Lane, Marathon, WI 54448 Visitors Welcome


IBER ACRES LLC E R H C S Custom Calf & Heifer Raising

Galen & Marlene 2193 Wuerztburg Rd., Athens, WI 54411 715-223-4534 Cell: 715-316-1968

Bart, Brittany, Bailey & Brett 2213 Wuerztburg Rd., Athens, WI 54411 Cell: 715-721-6116

Moo-dy Acres Mike, Barb, Madison & Abigail Borchardt W4370 Wien Drive, Edgar, WI 54426 715-352-2448

4 daughers of Har-Dale-Acres-JP-Pride-ET Peach +2568 GTPI Polly +2479 GTPI Prancer +2477 GTPI Pizza +2462 GTPI Pizza is now fresh and milking.

We have sold our milking herd and now will be selling their daughters as they get close to freshening throughout the year. All Select Sires breeding including Spur, McNuggets, Gold Chip and McCutchen. Call Russ at 715-573-0521 for more information.

Fred, Lynne & Matt Harder

Russ & Rosie Bauman

8470 Hwy. H, Athens, WI 54411 Phone/Fax: 715-257-7480 • Matt cell: 715-316-7332

Edgar, WI • 715-573-0521

Dan and Michelle Mielke

A Grass-Based dairy farm with Strong Cow Families

She is the core of our herd! An Armitage granddaughter of Apple

F2171 Huckleberry Rd, Colby, WI 54421 715-223-4371 Cell: 715-255-2356 email:

Keith & Cassi Bauman Korbyn, Karsyn & Chase W615 Cty. Hwy. N, Edgar, WI 54426 715-615-3552

Ms Brandys Bella EX-90 now DOM! 3-06 2x 305 32,710 1278F 997P +2230 GTPI - working with her offspring

HH Look for Bella-On-Q LotsofLuv-Red-ET at the Quest for Success III on March 31. She was Nominated Junior All-American Red & White for 2016 - she could be your winter yearling for 2017! See our ad on page 48. HH

Sam & Jenn Zimmermann Mason, Adelle, Neah & Garrison E2259 County Rd. Q, Ringle, WI 54471 Cell: 715-218-8619

Call Milkyhill Cattle Sales for rates.

Barron County Spring Sale - Sat., April 15 Vernon County Sale - Sat., April 22 H new sale time - 11 a.m. H

Contact ED mielke 715-574-2931 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 45


Langs-Twin-B Jacey 5000-ET VG-86 VG-MS at 3-05 +2496G +1082M +31F +48P +571NM +3.7PL +2.23T +2.08UDC 2-03 2x 365 30,450 4.1 1245 3.1 950 • son at Select Sires • Rubicon heifer at +2643G • 4 Flagship heifers born Feb. 2017

Four-of-a-Kind Alex Amber 2E-92 6-00 365 53,392 3.7 1995 2.7 1450 2016 National Elite Performer - due in April to Chrome - Mogul pregnancy due in August - over 210,000 lifetime to date - 5th generation EX

Dam: Hartford Lotta-Hill 940 VG-87 DOM +2186G 2-01 365 32,490 4.8 1545 3.2 1049

If anyone is looking for some good project calves or cows, give us a call!

NOR-WAY-PETE FARMS, INC. 1751 Cherry Drive, Eland, WI 54427 RHA: 3x 29,654 3.96 1174 3.0 890 Chad & Andy Peterson, owners 715-302-0482 Visitors Always Welcome!

Floyd & Lloyd Baumann

Marathon, WI Ph: 715-443-3595 Fax: 715-443-3833

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc. Fred Lang Wausau, WI Ph: 715-675-0896

Backed by 7 EX dams! Owned by: Thomas & Florine Bunkelman Brooke, Brent & Brodie The challenges of 2016 with two family members with cancer has made us stronger for 2017. We didn’t have much last year, but this is a whole new year and we hope to come out stronger then ever with what we have raised from young stock. Even though the start of the year was rough, it will continue to get better to the end of the year.

Sky-Reach Redliner Dash VG at 2Y Dam: Mission-Bell Baxter Diandra EX-90 2nd Dam: Mission-Bell Boss Iron Direct EX-93 3rd Dam: Mission-Bell Outside Dash EX-93 then 4 more EX dams

Dash has daughters by Aftershock & Redneck and she’s bred back to Hanoverhill Raider. Looking to come out and have some fun this year to represent Tomkins Farm LLC! F4680 Walnut Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 Ph.: 715-581-6460 E-mail: 46 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

HOLSTEINS Hank, Shannon, Gabe & Jonah Boschma Athens, WI 715-205-7303


Selling April 15 at the Barron Spring Sale -

Newest Addition at Fustead Holsteins

5 heifers:

H AltaSpring yearling, dam VG-88 Bogart H RED September calf by Captain-Red, 2nd dam VG-88 Advent from the Ravens H 3 from the Apple Family: - November Captain x Save 2-year-old x Ms Apples Alanna VG-88 - December Brandvale Damien x Megasire x EX-91 Uno x Apple - yearling sired by Brunner Redstar-P x Ms Apples Alanna VG-88; RED & polled! John & Tineke Boschma H4370 Townline Rd., Colby, WI 54421 PH: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 E-Mail: RHA: 31 cows 24,723M 965F 817P BAA: 107.8%

Savannah Emma 6 lbs. 11oz and 20 inches long born February 6th to Tyler and Shannon, she joins siblings Sarah and Tanner

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS Tyler, Shannon, Sarah & Tanner Brian & Wendy Fust Adam & Jennifer, Aiden, Wausau, WI Bailey & Connor 715-842-5868/Ph; 715-848-0465/Fax

Keeping the Procky Family Going Strong Peru is turning into a great individual!

Samway Willies Pal Whiskey 2-00 2x 135 8,918 4.7 418 3.5 308 inc. Sire: Glenn-Ann Palermo Dam: Samway Lon Willie 2x 189,561 4.5 8592 3.3 6297 lifetime Whiskey has a fall heifer calf by Durango *RC & is due in October to Hypnotic *RC.

Wayne, Samantha & Justin Giese F1761 Huckleberry Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 715-352-2972 home 715-965-7147 cell

L-L-M-Dairy SS Peru-ET VG-88 GTPI +2482 2-00 2x 365 29,705 4.4 1309 3.2 961 Peru is a Supersire from Procky that is going strong. We just calved in a Kingboy daughter from Peru that scored VG-85. She has daughters up to +2644G and granddaughters up to +2780G. Leon & Lyle Matthiae E916 Hwy. Q Ringle, WI 54471 715-297-8485 Leon 715-297-8483 Lyle Visitors always welcome MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 47

Find LotsofLuv at Bella-On-Q LotsofLuv-Red-ET Lotus x Absolute sister to Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited EX-94 Nominated Junior All-American R&W Winter Calf Reserve All-Wisconsin R&W Winter Calf Junior All-Wisconsin R&W Winter Calf 9th Open & 4th Junior Winter Calf, Intl. R&W Show She sells! Don’t miss your chance at LotsofLuv, a great winter yearling prospect for 2017, on March 31 at the Quest for Success III. Cybil Fisher

Lynn & Sara Harbaugh

Sam & Jenn Zimmermann

N11912 Graetz Rd., Marion, WI 54950 920-420-1524 Lynn cell | 866-590-0241 Fax

Mason, Adelle, Neah & Garrison E2259 County Rd. Q, Ringle, WI 54471 Cell: 715-218-8619

THE 50TH OUTAGAMIE CO. SPRING SALE Friday, April 21st, 7:30 p.m., Seymour Fairgrounds, Seymour, WI




5-05 2x 365 39,380 3.1 1221 2.7 1079 Two fresh Goldwyns sell from Rita - they are potential 16th generation EX! From an EX-90 2E Durham, then EX-92 2E Linjet and EX-91 2E Royal Rosa back to Audrey Posch. Ken Szews

8th Fall Yearling, Intl. Junior Holstein Show 2015 Lipgloss sells! Fresh with her second calf in February, she’s backed by 3 EX dams. 3rd dam is Acme Star Lily, EX-94 2E, Grand at WDE in 1998 and the Royal in 1997-1999. Rachel Coyne

3-04 3x 306 37,730 3.9 1364 3.2 1118 She sells! From the Roxys, she was fresh again in February. Regan is +2223G and has daughters to +2692G. Her dam is an EX-90 Super then 9 more generations EX. Shiloh Dairy

If you are interested in consigning or for a catalog, please contact: Sale Chairman, Skyler Buman - 920-660-2013 or email

Sale Sponsored by:

Catalog will be available online at and Find us on Facebook! New this year - Juniors will receive a 3% discount on their purchase.

Holstein Breeders 48 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

SALE STAFF: Auctioneer - Darrell Worden Pedigrees - Kevin Jorgensen Jay Jauquet, 920-639-6408 Lynn Harbaugh, 920-420-1524 Brandon Ferry, 608-335-8861

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 49

Building on the Excellence of Altitude

KHW Uno Arkansas-ET

EX-90, EX-MS, 3YR +2183GTPI 2-1 3X 365 32669 5.3 1735 3.3 1076 3-4 3X 359 45294 4.6 2065 3.2 1467 (INC)

Arkansas, an Uno from Kamps-Hollow Altitude EX-95, is a 7th generation Excellent, is making a tremendous impact on our herd through her 10 daughters and many grand daughters.

ARKANSAS TOP DAUGHTERS- K-Star Montross Rascal-ET (VG) +2523 GTPI K-Star Supershot Rain-ET +2521 GTPI K-Star Delta River-TW +2444 GTPI K-Star Supershot Rainbow-ET +2427 GTPI K-Star Silver Rhyme-ET +2406 GTPI +3.36T K-Star Jacey Rachel-ET +2306 GTPI

GRAND DAUGHTERS- 12/16 Modesty x Rascal +2772 GTPI 10/16 Delco x Rascal +2713 GTPI 10/16 Delta x Rachel +2610 GTPI 6/16 Supershot x Rascal +2605 GTPI 9/16 Superstar x Rascal +2508 GTPI 9/16 Superstar x Rascal +2505 GTPI

Dan & Amber Koester Family Lance & Cynthia, Kyle, Brent and Bria 1099 East Angle Road, Dakota, IL 61018

Dan Cell - 815.821.3789 Kyle Cell - 815.821.3344 RHA 340 cows - 3x 37,581 3.8 1427 3.1 1182 Progressive Genetics Herd Award - 25 years 50 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 51

Minnesota Holstein Association Upcoming Events You are invited! The Minnesota Holstein Association would like to invite you to attend our upcoming events.

Minnesota Spring Special Sale April 8, 2017

Minnesota State Show June 24, 2017

Minnesota All Breeds Convention March 3-4, 2017 The 2017 All-Breeds Convention will be held on March 3-4, 2017 at Jackpot Junction Morton, Minn. Meeker County is this year’s host and they have a great convention planned for attendees. Minnesota Junior Holstein Association All Breeds Convention March 24-26, 2017

Mark your calendars for the 2017 MN Spring Special Sale. The sale staff is currently out making selections for the sale. If you have an animal you would like to consign please contact the MHA office at 320-259-0637. Check the website often for updates, ads and the sale catalog. If you would like to receive a catalog please contact the MHA office at 320-259-0637.

Minnesota Red & White Club State Show June 22, 2017 Open to juniors from all states! The 2017 MJHA All-Breeds convention will be held on March 24-26, 2017 at the Holiday Inn, Owatonna, Minn. Members ages 9-21 will share in activities mixers, workshops, and speakers. In addition there will be contests such as dairy quiz bowl, dairy jeopardy, a public speaking contest, photo contest and a display board making contest. This is a great chance to meet new people throughout the state that share a common interest in dairy cattle. If interested in attending please contact the MHA office as soon as possible.

52- MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

The Minnesota Red & White Club State Show will be held in conjunction with the MHA state show in Hutchinson, Minn.

The MHA State Show will be held at the Mcleod County Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Minn. The Southwest Minnesota Holstein Association will be hosting the event and will do a great job welcoming exhibitors and spectators from near and far. Confirmation of judges and their bios will be included in the June MN Holstein News.

Midwest Fall National Show

Minnesota Junior Holstein Association State Show June 23, 2017 The MJHA State Show will be held at the Mcleod County Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Minn. Following the show the MJHA board of directors will be holding an Ag Olympics competition for all youth to participate in.

August 30, 2017 The Midwest Fall National Show will be held in conjunction with the MN State Fair Holstein Show on August 30, 2017 at the MN State Fair grounds.

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Congratulations to the 2017 40 & 50 year members of the Holstein Assocaiton USA 50 Year H. John Meyer, MN Joe R. Stransky, MN Alton W. Pagel, MN David C. Pierson, MN 40 Year Dennis D. Gransee, MN Janice K. Albrecht, MN Kenneth E. Bemboom, MN Gale Hoese, MN Donald H. Schweer, SD Daniel J. Thyen, SD Rodney L. Waltner, SD Robert J. Nordling, MN Margaret Pearson, MN Michael A. Zeinstra, MN Marvin Polikowsky, MN

Congratulations to the 2017 Minnesota Distinguished Junior Member Austin Schmitt -Read more about Austin on pages 8-9 of the Minnesota Holstein News

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For more news and full show results visit Follow us on Facebook Minnesota Holstein Association Also follow us on Twitter @ MNholstein MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017-53

Midwest Holsteins, Spring 2017 - 55

31st ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 18, 2017 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds





EX-95 2E EX-MS 5-03 2x 365 48,240 4.5 2191 3.1 1484 2013 Star of the Breed Lalia milks, shows and has a big pedigree. Dam VG-88 Durham, 2nd dam EX-91 sister to 3E-95 Lustre. Lalia’s June 2016 Brokaw sells. Milksource

EX-96 2E EX-MS All-American in milk 2002-2004 8-04 2x 365 46,890 4.7 2192 2.9 1382 Take home a spring yearling Atwood bred to show. Dams: VG Damion x EX-92 Braxton x VG-87 Sanchez x 3E-91 Goldwyn x Melanie. Mead-Manor

EX-95 4E EX-MS GMD DOM All-American Senior 3-Year-Old 2006 8-00 2x 44,810 3.5 1548 2.9 1290 Amy has 12 EX daughters. Her December 2016 Brokaw sells. Tree-Hayven A summer yearling Doorman from Amy’s EX-90 Goldwyn also sells. Gates

EX-94 3E EX-MS Res. Sr. Champion, MW Spring Natl. 2012 7-04 2x 345 33,240 5.7 1884 2.9 975 Dam is a VG Encore, 2nd dam 4E-92, 3rd dam 3E-90. Shimmer’s Sid fall calf sells. Ryan-Vu





EX-93 3E EX-MS 4-00 2x 365 38,990 3.4 1338 3.1 1198 A Goldwyn fall calf sells from Trendy. Calf ’s full sister is VG-87 with 30,180M. Trendy’s full sister is Treasure EX-96. Rob-Cri

EX-93 2E EX-MS 5-05 2x 365 37,780 4.7 1765 3.2 1195 A spring yearling Doorman sells from a GP 2Y Gold Chip. 2nd dam VG-88 Durham then Mitze, a 5th gen. EX Maui. Oeh-My

EX-90 EX-MS 2-00 2x 365 30,620 3.1 957 3.0 910 Her dam is Erhardt Gold Beauty EX-92. 2nd dam Brea Starbuck 2E-94, then Tony Beauty. Barbie Doll’s June 2016 Capital Gain sells. Borchert

EX-92 2E EX-MS DOM 4-04 2x 365 39,480 4.8 1782 3.3 1293 Beth’s dam was EX-90 with 216,720 lft. A December 2016 Ladys-Manor Durbin sells from Beth’s GP-82 Bradnick. Westphal





EX-97 4E EX-MS DOM All-American 125,000 lb. Cow 2004 4-09 2x 365 33,740 3.9 1299 3.0 1007 A leggy Crush fall calf sells. Dams: GP Lexicon x VG-87 Pronto x EX Jolt, then Tamara. Stone-Front

EX-94 2E EX-MS 4-00 2x 365 30,120 4.1 1233 3.2 958 A fancy summer yearling McCutchen sells from Amber’s VG-87 2Y Goldsun granddaughter. 2nd dam EX-90 Braxton. Pure-Pride

EX-93 2E EX-MS 5-06 2x 365 36,020 4.6 1661 3.1 1124 Gin’s a full sister to Lexington EX-96, 2013 All-American 5-Year-Old.Take home a fancy Sanchez fall calf from Gin’s 2-year-old Brokaw. Bella-Ridge

EX-90 2E EX-MS 3-04 2x 365 42,490 3.7 1593 2.9 1239 Christa’s dam was a 3E-92 Encore with 215,510 lft. A full aged Sid fall calf sells. Dams: GP-82 2Y Sanchez x VG-86 Gold Chip then Christa. Hilrose





EX-90 4-01 2x 365 45,420 3.2 1444 2.9 1282 A spring yearling Bowman sells from Fusion’s VG-87 Sanchez granddaughter with 37,200 3.4 1258. 2nd dam GP-82 with 36,020M. B-Long

EX-94 2E DOM 4-11 2x 365 31,570 4.2 1312 3.1 955 A fancy September 2015 Airlift sells from a VG-87 Laurin, 2nd dam is one of Claudette’s 4 EX Durhams. Schwenck

VG-88 DOM 4-07 2x 365 26,660 3.4 908 3.0 796 Her dam is a VG-88 GMD Durham with 45,410 3.1 1405. A fancy winter yearling Brokaw from Trixie’s GP-82 Clark sells. Ott & Coffeen

EX-93 2E EX-MS 2-05 3x 365 30,010 4.5 1342 3.0 901 Joules dam is Durham Jewel, 2E-91 EX-MS GMD DOM. A March 2016 Chrome sells from Joules VG-86 Brokaw. Mead-Manor


56 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

31st ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 18, 2017 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds





VG-85 3-06 3x 281 26,000 4.0 1030 2.9 746 Chipper hails from Ralma breeding. A +2751G, 1062 DWP$ Modesty sells. Dam is a fresh Kingboy from Chipper’s VG Uno with 40,757 4.7 1912. Rugg

EX-91 EX-MS DOM 2-00 2x 365 30,380 4.8 1459 3.5 1052 A summer yearling +2594G AltaSuperstar sells from this Mogul. Granddam is VG-86 GMD DOM with 30,430 4.4 1343 3.5 1053. Sandy-Valley

EX-90 EX-MS GMD DOM 4-08 2x 365 44,550 3.5 1537 3.1 1369 A December 2016 +2635G Spark sells from Roxy’s +2607G Yoder granddaughter. 2nd dam VG-88 EX-MS Uno then 10 gen. EX. Mad-Wolf Dairy

VG-88 EX-MS 4-06 2x 363 35,390 4.2 1485 3.3 1172 Petite’s dam was Rabur Gold Panzer,VG-87 GMD DOM. 2nd & 3rd dams 3E-91 GMD DOM. Petite’s contracted Supersire has a +2610G Hangtime selling. Royola





VG-87 2-01 3x 365 29,657 5.2 1537 3.7 1083 Tyla is an Earnhardt from show winner Guthrie Tart EX-90.Tyla’s long, dairy spring yearling Golden Dreams can be yours. Forward Holsteins

EX-91 EX-MS 5-00 2x 294 33,811 4.6 1546 3.1 1049 inc. A spring yearling Armani sells from this 10th generation EX Enhancer Alicia. 2nd dam EX-90 Advent, 3rd dam EX-92. Wils-Gold

All-WI R&W Fall Yearling 2016 2nd Fall Yrlg., Intl. Jr. R&W Show 2016 Graffiti’s Armani winter yearling sister sells.Their dam EX-92 Barbwire, 2nd dam 2E-90 with 34,260 3.9 1344. Coffeen

EX-94 3E EX-MS GMD 5-03 3x 365 38,200 4.2 1611 3.1 1169 Lifetime: 237,230 4.2 10,009 3.0 7119 A summer yearling All For It sells from an EX Redburst. Next 2 dams VG then Rachel. Ian Brown





EX-91 EX-MS 4-04 3x 365 29,420 4.6 1341 3.3 961 Alpha’s dam is a VG-87 full sister to Atwood. A full aged Armani fall calf sells from Alpha’s VG-88 Braxton. Liner

EX-91 EX-MS 3-03 2x 365 38,020 3.4 1293 3.0 1158 Yardelia is a Dorcy from Shottle Yeah VG-88 DOM with sons in A.I. Her September 2016 High Octane continues this prolific family. River-Bridge

EX-91 EX-MS 2-01 3x 307 24,380 3.8 933 2.8 688 Carly traces back to Railane Charles Charlene EX-94. Take home a red Supersire granddaughter of Carly’s VG-88 Lawnboy. Prososki

VG-87 DOM 2-06 2x 365 27,040 4.5 1076 3.3 882 Amethyst is a full sister to Saloon +2637G. A September 2016 AltaSuperstar sells from her VG-87 Mogul daughter. Mayerlane

More Exciting Offerings...



EX-91 EX-MS *RC 5-01 3x 365 34,660 4.8 1678 3.2 1126 Athena is a 9th generation EX Enhancer Alicia. Make the 10th with her 5 sexed Armani embryos. Ullom

EX-91 EX-MS GMD 2-00 3x 335 40,430 4.4 1770 3.3 1332 Hian’s dam is Durham Hia EX-91 with 61,180 3.7 2241 2.8 1705. A May 2016 Alco +2318G sells from Hian’s VG-86 Bookem granddaughter. Bremer

• B-Long sends a fancy Punch fall calf from a VG Gold Chip with 33,170 3.2 1065. 2nd dam EX-90 with 36,230 3.8 1387. • A flashy red All About It fall calf from a 2Y Save dam sells. 2nd dam VG-88 Lauthority with 28,250 4.3 1204. Sawall • From the Adeens comes a gorgeous fall calf by Crush. Dam is a GP Hero from a VG-88 Jasper then 4 EX dams. Opsal-Wilstar • An October 2016 red Captain sells from a VG-87 Demello with 29,930 3.5 1035. 2nd dam VG Talent. Synergy • Second-Look sends a summer yearling Armani from a VG-86 2Y Brokaw. Next 4 dams all VG and over 32,000M.

SALE STAFF: Sale Chairman: Tom Anderson 715-853-3013 Jim Hoskens, Pedigrees 920-366-7153 Darrell Worden, Auctioneer 715-842-8098 Ringmen: Jay Jauquet 920-639-6408 Lynn Harbaugh 920-420-1524 KML

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 57

31st ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 18, 2017 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds





EX-91 EX-MS 6-10 3x 365 34,189 4.1 1388 3.0 1025 Sabrina is a 15th gen. EX. A summer yearling Acme from Sabrina’s VG Alta Amazing daughter could be the 17th. Ullom

EX-92 2E EX-MS 7-11 2x 365 26,040 3.6 933 2.8 681 A flashy spring yearling Atwood from Lina’s VG-85 Sanchez sells. Full sister to Sanchez was Reserve Junior All-Wisconsin 2014. Coffeen

EX-90 EX-MS 3-06 3x 365 41,260 4.2 1745 3.0 1254 Sarah Rae’s potential 10th generation EX Mogul winter calf sells. Cordes Doorman and Atwood embryos from Sarah Rae also sells. Mayerlane

Junior Champion, Waupaca Co. Fair A December 2016 McCutchen sells to benefit the W-W juniors. Dam a VG Shout with 37,750M. 2nd dam is VG-87 Buckeye sister to Pizazz with 42,410 3.6 1546. B-Long

More Exciting Offerings... • Level-Plain offers a high index December calf by Modesty or Heisenberg. Dam a GP-83 VG-MS 2Y Oak. 2nd dam GP Garrett with 31,130M. • Krohlows send a Doorman fall calf from a GP-83 Absolute then VG-87 Mac with 30,880 3.9 1215. • An outcross opportunity from Holmland. Selling is a September 2016 Cashay from a 7th gen. VG or EX Banco from the Celsius Judy family.

• Whittail Valley offers a Tango fall calf. Dam GP-83 Sanchez with 32,650 4.0 1294 then 4 generations VG or EX Juror Faiths. • Take home a summer yearling SS Homer from a high production pedigree. Dam 2Y Royal-Vista Ethan, 2nd dam GP Large with 33,280, 3rd dam 185,740 lft. Munes • Gene Drought also donates embryos by Sandy-Valley Crown P from a VG-86 CAN Mitey-P to benefit the W-W juniors.

We will be having a semen auction to benefit the Waupaca-Waushara Junior Holstein Association.

Waupaca-Waushara Holstein Breeders will be offering a 5% rebate to any WI Junior Holstein member purchasing a calf at the sale. To qualify, juniors must be a state member by March 1, 2017.

For catalogs, contact: Dick Piechowski e-mail:; Ph: 715-258-2757 Watch for the catalog & sale updates on Facebook - KML

To the Quest for Success III -

RHC Brazzle Repeat-ET born 4/14/15   by Arrowstar Brazzle-imp sells due in June to mayfield - her full sister was fresh the end of January  and looks fantastic!

Her Dam:

Golden-Oaks Ashock Rebel-ET   EX-92 Lea McCullough photo

5-04 305 28,579 3.5 1007 2.9 827 inc. • 10 generations VG & EX back to Roxy The Roxys x the Barbies! Repeat combines these two great cow families and looks like she will keep repeating the tradition!

Bob Jr. & Nikki Cramer Family W3224 Norton Rd., Juda, WI 53550 608-934-1040 58 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017


Saturday, April 8, 2017 • 11:00 a.m. • Olmsted County Fairgrounds, Rochester

Sheeknoll Durham Arrow EX-96-2E 4-00 305 29020 3.8 1110 3.0 869 Something very special and Lot 1 at the sale! She is Sheeknoll Sid Choo Choo-ET the fancy all black Sid Dec 2016 model from the one and only 2016 International Holstein Show Grand Champion Thomas herself! Sheehan’s gave us their very best and this calf will not disappoint! ~Sheeknoll Farms

Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET EX-95-2E 4-04 345 39270 4.1 1606 2.9 1154 Fancy cut Archrival fall calf for 2017! Her dam, a VG-86 Absolute from Gold Dana Rae, EX-95-2E, the 2014 Midwest Fall National Grand Champion right from the Debutante Raes!

Da-So-Burn Becon Benita 2-11 365d 37530 3.7 1390 2.9 1090 Selling a+2774 GTPI Modesty x Bombero 8820 who is due April 20th and looks fabulous x Da-SoBurn Becon Benita. Don’t miss out on this huge genomic opportunity. ~T-Spruce

Sale sponsored and managed by:

Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96-4E 5-03 365 47540 4.2 1998 2.7 1304 Well made RC Golden Dreams bred heifer due with a Soloman female in early June! Dam a VG-86 Action-Red. The granddam is WDE Grand Champion Budjon Redmarker Desire, EX-96-4E! ~John & Rachael Holmgren

~John & Rachael Holmgren

Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket EX-94 4-11 365 37310 5.0 1855 3.4 1264 Selling from this family is a +2650 flush age Josuper and her +2620 Marty maternal sister. Dam is a VG-85 Mack, 3rd dam Locket. This deep pedigree goes all the way back to the Queen of the breed Roxy!. ~Hartford - Bob Eustice Online bidding available at on the day of the sale

~Innovative Holstein Genetics & Maverick Global

Sale Staff:

MINNESOTA HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 158, Pipestone, MN 56164 320-259-0637 | Fax 320-856-5108 Email

online catalog at

60 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

Larcrest Canto VG-88 Selling a breed leading Modesty over +2750 GTPI from an International cow family that just improves everyone’s bottom line! She sells ready to IVF and fill world markets! also selling a Jedi sister also flush age and over +2700 GTPI! Get in on the ground floor and take this pair home! Granddam pictured.

Sale will be broadcast live via www. with real-time bidding to pre-approved buyers. Contact Aaron Ray Tomkins 336-363-4639

Scott Courtney.....................563-380-1318 Scott Culbertson..................614-264-5980 Pat Heeren..........................507-273-2412 Ted Norling.........................605-957-5376 Tracy Schaefer.....................320-360-5188 Jeremy Schafer...................651-380-2968 Matt Timmer.......................507-360-8199 Paul Trapp..........................608-525-2075 Jim Vierhout.......................712-470-1202

SPRING SPECIAL All animals have a negative test for TB and are eligible to be shipped anywhere in the United States.

Idee Shottle Lalia EX-95-2E 5-03 365 48240 4.5 2191 3.1 1484 A beautiful December calf by Archrival from Lalia sells. This calf sells with a huge pedigree and loads of production. Granddam a VG-88 Durham then an EX-91 Leduc followed by 11 more VG or EX dams. Don’t miss this calf! ~Milksource

Larcrest Crimson-ET EX-94-3E 5-02 365 46390 5.3 2448 3.5 1620 Selling 3 Granddaughters of Larcrest Chima EX91, 3rd Dam is Crimson. 2 are due in May with Modesty females and 1 is due in May with a Heisenberg female. What a great way to get yourself started in this family! ~Larry Lexvold

Blue Horizon Jasper Fortune EX-92 4-04 305 28540 4.4 1252 3.0 851 Fortune’s full sister, an Atwood daughter and a December Megasire granddaughter are selling! Don’t miss this opportunity to take these family members home!

Sandy-Valley Gold Tangia-ET EX-94-2E 5-10 365 35130 4.2 1492 3.1 1104 Selling a pretty Hero spring yearling with a pedigree made for greatness. Dam by Durham, 2nd dam is Tangia, then an EX-91 Magna back to Ricecrest Terry Tory EX-93-2E.

~Orbit Farms & Pine Stream Dairy

Larcrest Chenoa-ETS VG-87 2-04 365 35930 4.1 1487 3.3 1191 Selling a +2688 flush aged Jedi from a VG-85 Liquid Gold then Chenoa. 3rd Dam is the one and only Larcrest Crimson EX-94-3E. Loaded pedigree, great heifer. ~Hartford - Bob Eustice

~Hartford- Bob Eustice

Mahoney Destry Rae-Red EX-91 Reserve R&W Int. Champ MN State Fair ‘16 No stranger to the showring, this silky, red, balanced beauty has a maternal sister selling by Avalanche. If you are looking for a lovely fall calf with pedigree to boot, don’t miss this heifer! ~Mahoney Holsteins

2017 MN Spring Special Sale Featured Herds

•Featuring a great group of young cows with huge pedigrees from Flower-Brook, Andy Stuewe

visit for sale updates and an online catalog MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 61

62 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 63

Asia Named 2016 Illinois Holstein of the Year

Luck-E Advent Asia-RC EX-94 6-02 365d 40,150 4.9% 1984 3.3% 1337 Dennis & Beth Engel of Luck-E Holsteins were presented with the first Illinois Holstein of the Year award from President Jason Oertel

The Illinois Holstein Association debuted a new contest that recognized an animal that had great success in 2016. This Illinois Holstein of the Year contest accepted nominations and results were based on votes from the Illinois Holstein Association’s Facebook page. Receiving the first Illinois Holstein of the Year award was Luck-E Advent Asia-RC EX-94. Asia was bred by Luck-E Holsteins, Hampshire, Illinois. She is now owned by Bert-Mar Farms, Osseo, Wisconsin.

Asia is the dam of 76HO1603 Awesome-Red and 200HO6450 Adonis-Red. Her first six daughters are ALL classified EX as 3-year-olds! Two of her daughters, Luck-E Durham Autumn-Red-ET and Luck-E Durham Avail-Red-ET, were named Honorable Mention All-American Red & White Produce of Dam. Surely a family that transmits. Luck-E Holsteins is excited to share that the first public offering from Asia will be selling on the Illinois PDCA Calf Sale on April 1st - - a March Diamondback. Congratulations to the breeders of Asia, Luck-E Holsteins, the Engel family!

Kleiner Recieves 2016 Distinguished Service Award This year’s Illinois Holstein Distinguished Service Award winner is a husband, father and grandfather who was also a dairy farmer until 1997. In his community, he has been active in his church, the local Optimist Club and county fair board. When he was farming, he served on the Prairie Farms Board of Directors and the Prairie State Select Sires Board. When he stopped farming, one of the jobs he held was as a Regional Representative for Holstein USA covering Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas. Later he helped start Dairy Agenda Today. Larry Kleiner, our favorite pedigree reader, is the winner of this year’s Service Award! Larry has helped with countless sales taking bids, reading the pedigrees and doing anything else that was needed. Throughout all of these activities he has always been passionate about quality Holstein cattle and the people who are involved with the industry. The family “behind the man” include his wife Sharon, sons Shad and Cody, their wives Liz and Robin, and Larry’s grandchildren Ella, Lila, Silas and Clayton. Congratulations Larry! Award sponsored by Marilyn, Karen and David Butler 2016 IL Holstein Distinguished Service Award Recipient Larry Kleiner Presented by IL Holstein Association President Jason Oertel

64 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

Clantons Awarded Senior Breeder Award

Award sponsored by Marilyn, Karen and David Butler IL Holstein Senior Breeder Award Recipients Bruce & Joyce Clanton Presented by IL Holstein Association President Jason Oertel

This year’s Illinois Holstein Senior Breeder started his career on a dairy farm raising cows, pigs, chickens…you name it! But his love and passion was for dairy cows. He showed Guernseys in high school at county fairs, state fairs and helped fit at national shows. In 1970, he married his high school sweetheart and the following year they bought a farm and turned black and white! Over the years, they have recieved several Junior All-American nominations, one Reserve Junior All-American, three Futurity winners, a State Fair Grand Champion as well as Premier Breeder and Exhibitor at the State Fair. The family farm has produced names such as Slim Rubie, Melvin Royale, Inspiration Nellie, Broker JJ and B-J-Grove Champion Hoover. This breeder has served on many local boards as well as being a State Show Chairmen, Illinois State President, Vice President and a Director for several years. He has also written a famous book of poems. The 2016 Senior Breeders are Bruce Clanton and his wife Joyce of B-J Grove Holsteins. Bruce and Joyce have two children, Lucas and Yvonne. Lucas and his wife Michelle are the parents of Bruce and Joyce’s two grandkids Kasey and Kyle. Congratulations to the Clantons!

Heinzmann Recognized with Junior Breeder Award The competitive nature of our Junior Breeder for 2017 started when he was a young kid competing in the show ring against his siblings and playing soccer with them after chores…then playing basketball in school where he still holds the record for the most fouls in a tournament! Our Junior Breeder went to the University of Illinois and his judging team won World Dairy Expo his senior year and is still known as a team that always argued about cows. His herd is averaging 88 lbs. without BST and he has four cows classified at EX-94. Ethan Heinzmann is the Genetics Manager at Golden Oaks Farm. Despite the intense competition among siblings in his family, his brother Aaron speaks on behalf of the family when he says they are proud and amazed at Ethan’s determination and accomplishments as a leader both at the farm and in his personal family life. Ethan helps to set the direction for the herd of 650 milking cows at Golden Oaks with a RHA of 28,668lbs milk, 3.68% fat and 3.22% protein. They have classified 50 EX cows and 150 VG cows and Ethan takes the honor in breeding Golden Oaks Sid Charlise, a Sid x Golden Oaks GC Chalise x Golden Oaks Champ Rae. Charlise was named Junior Champion at World Dairy Expo in 2015 and was also selected as the 2015 People’s Choice heifer. Congratulations to Ethan Heinzman, our 2016 Junior Breeder!

Award sponsored by David, Karen and Marilyn Butler IL Holstein Junior Breeder Award Recipient Ethan Heinzmann Presented by IL Holstein Association President Jason Oertel

50 Years of Illinois Holstein Dutchesses

We celebrated 50 years of Illinois Holstein Dutchesses at this year’s convention. Those that were able to join us for this special celebration are pictured and listed. For a complete list of all 50 Illinois Holstein Dutchesses, please visit

1967 1969 1970 1972 1978 1979 1981 1983 1984 1986 1990 1991

Karen (Ryan) Harms Sandy (Farlow) Cassens Linda (Matlock) Drendel Diane (Smith) Bausman Sandra (Brammeier) Hackstadt Patti (Gaffner) Mauer Deanna (Stoll) Pratt Lisa (Moeller) Brackney Lisa (Gaffner) Kuhl Lynn (Lenschow) Paulus Kim (Lenschow) Winkelman Tammy (Twenhafel) Oertel

1992 1994 1995 1997 1998 2003 2004 2006 2008 2010 2011 2016

Nancy (Gaffner) Walker Deb (Olbrich) Rink Sarah (Brenner) Graybill Sara (Dust) Lennox Amy (Meyer) Roady Stephanie (Stout) Hammerly Julie (Drendel) Ashton Katelyn (Kenney) Olbrich Melinda (Kollmann) Krausz Katie (Probst) Lidy Amy Schaufelberger Morgan Olbrich

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 65


Stetson Holsteins complete dispersal Thursday, April 6 • 11:00 a.m. Locted from Stetsonville, WI: 3 miles east on Cty. A

Sat., April 22 • 11 a.m. • Over 100 head selling

Selling 80 head of Registered Holsteins 44 cows, 14 bred heifers, 22 calves/yearlings STETSON BARBWIRE CHAROITE VG-88 3-04 365 30,930M 3.7% 1129 Backed by 8 generations of EX and VG dams, she sells along with her September 2015 Apple Jack daughter.

STETSON HOGAN RAZOR VG-88 3-10 365 31,380 3.6% 1115 Razor sells along with her stylish September 2015 Durham heifer bred to Reginald.

Rob-Cri Stormatic Manitoba-ET EX-94 6-00 2x 365 36,950 3.8 1404 3.0 1115 4th 4-Year-Old, Midwest Spring National Show 2012 1st at Wisconsin Holstein Futurity 2011 Supreme Champion, Central WI State Fair 2011 Reserve All-Wisconsin Fall Yearling 2009 Manitoba sold in our Raising the Roof Sale in October 2011 to Glenn Ubbelohde. Selling on April 22 - a VG-86 Atwood granddaughter due in June with a Bradnick heifer; and a Damion from the Atwood due in June.

CINN-APPLE ABSLT JASMINE-TW GP-84 2-00 361 22,880 4.3% 981 Backed by 6 generations of EX and VG dams, she sells fresh in January. Eight of her family members also sell. More points by sale day!

STETSON BRAXTON ECLAIRE This 2-year-old Braxton is backed by 2 VG dams and will be scored before sale day.

STETSON BRADY MARY VG-86 2-03 349 25,100 3.5% 886 3.9% 744 Due after the sale to Absolute. Dam: Vaarendahl Marsh Buckle EX-90, 1713d 131,808 3.8 5045 3.2 4212 lifetime.

STETSON SID WONDER 6-2 GP-82 2-06 305 26,430 3.7% 974 Sired by Sid, she’s backed by 4 generations of EX and VG dams. Herd Facts

Rob-Cri Atlantic Beehive EX-93 4-08 2x 245 24,255 3.5 860 2.9 705 inc. 3rd Senior 2-Year-Old, Midwest Spring National 2014 1st 4-Year-Old & Grand Champion, District 4 Junior Show 2016 Junior All-Wisconsin 4-Year-Old 2016 Sold privately to Mike & Julie Duckett in 2013, she’s now owned by Jason Kearns. Selling are Beehive’s two fresh Windbrooks that will be scored before the sale.

ROB-CRI HOLSTEINS Robert & Christine Barden 6487 Eckels Road, Plover, WI • Bob cell: 715-340-5013 • Kim cell: 715-252-5124

• Current DHIA RHA: 25,817 3.86 996F 3.15 814P (2x, no BGH) • Current BAA: 106.8, 2 EX, 11 VG & 15 GP; herd will be rescored before sale day. Anticipating several GP 2 & 3 year olds to be VG & possible EX by sale day. • Heifers are full pedigreed & sired by: Sanchez, Chelios, Golden Dreams, Reginald, Absolute-Red, Guthrie, Attic, Atwood, Redburst, & Durham. • Excellent herd health, herd SCC 100,000 range, Master Guard & Bovi-shield Gold vacc. up to date. • Semen tank w/inventory and some embryo lots also sell. Call sale manager for a catalog or view online at

Stetson Holsteins Steve, Kathy & Josh Langteau

RHA: 2x 24,603 3.8 935 3.17 779 BAA: 109.2%

W4077 Cty. A, Stetsonville, WI • 715-678-2110 or 715-678-2511

Sale Managers:

Sale managed by: Christensen Sales Corp., Abbotsford, WI 715-223-6345

262-736-4141 66 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017


Sales Staff: Auctioneer: Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI 715-223-4014 Jim Hoskens, pedigrees 920-366-7153 Bryan Stremcha, ringman 608-790-1925 Don Mayer, ringman 715-829-3417 Randy Meyer, ringman 715-630-0776

Midwest Spring Special Friday, March 24, 2017 11:00 AM

Olmsted County Fairgrounds, Rochester, Minnesota 100 Top-pedigreed Jerseys sell that will compete at both State and National levels, as well as a lof of production animals and project calves

Marynole Excite Rosey EX-94 Intermediate Champion WDE 2012. Reserve Grand Champion WDE 2014. 5-time nominee in milking form for ABA All-American. Selling 2 opportunities- A full age Sept. maternal sister by PREMIER and a SHOWDOWN summer yrlg from Rosey’s full sister. Kueffner Steinlage

Discoverys Hired Jynx All-American summer yrlg 2015. Reserve Jr. Champion 2015 International Jersey Show. Jynx sells and is due back October 1st. She is entered in the Jersey Jug Futurity 2017 Cole/Mazarro

Edgebrook Tequila Madison Intermediate Champion 2016 International Jersey Show. Selling 1st choice from 7 full sisters due March 2017choice to be made by 6/25/2017.

Schulte Bros Tequila Shot EX-91 Selling 2 opportunities- Selling her beautiful summer yrlg by VERBATIM and her stunning FULL sister.

Discoverys Tequila Jewelene EX-94 All-American Jr. 3, All-American 4-yrold, All-American 5-yr-old 2016. Dams FULL sister sells along with a beautiful VERBATIM Jr. 3 family member. Discovery Genetics

Genesis Velocity Jitter EX-91 Grand Champion 2016 Jersey Jamboree. Jitter sells fresh 3-1 and will be ready to roll at the spring shows

Seacord Farm Action Alison EX-91 Reserve Grand NY State Fair 2015. Alison sells due in April and is sure to anchor any show string.

Arethusa Vaudeville Excitement EX-91 Sold to West Coast in the Arethuse sale for $105,000. Her super nice INCENTIVE Sr. yrlg-in-milk sells due in August.




Myron Arthur


For catalogs email or Greg 320-583-7450 or Ole 320-212-5321 T

ace he Pl

! to Be

Sale will be broadcast live on

Shulte Bros.

The P


to Be


Apply now for the

2017 Badger Dairy Camp! June 8-10, 2017 UW-Madison Campus - Madison, WI Tentative Schedule Thursday, June 8 3:00-5:00 p.m. 5:00-6:00 p.m. 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Registration Pizza Party, orientation Dairy workshops

Friday, June 9 7:00 a.m. 8:00-11:30 a.m. 12:00-1:00 p.m. 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Breakfast Fitting demonstration & group fitting Lunch Showmanship fundamentals & contest; show work stations Dairy workshops Dinner Activities Lights out

4:00-6:00 p.m. 6:00-7:00 p.m. 7:00-10:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m.

Saturday, June 10 7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 12:00-1:00 p.m. 1:00-3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m.

Breakfast Dairy Judging & Linear workshops Lunch Dairy Judging workshops Awards Dorm check-out

Youth between the ages of 12-18 can apply to attend this exciting 3-day program: • Build award winning judging, fitting & showing strategies. • Participate in hands-on Dairy Science workshops. • Take home life lessons, self-confidence, teamwork & sportsmanship. • Test your skills in camp showmanship & judging contests.

Learn from outstanding instructors…

This camp fills up fast - send your application today!

Camp Application Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________ City, State, Zip ________________________________ County ______________________________________ Telephone ____________________________________ E-mail ______________________________________ Age as of Jan. 1 _______________ Gender __ M __ F Adult Shirt Size: __ S __ M __L __ XL __ XXL Level of Show Experience: __ Novice __ Intermediate __ Advanced I approve of my child’s attendance at Badger Dairy Camp and certify that within the past two years he/she has had a physical examination, is in good health and able to participate in all camp activities. If medical attention is required for illness or injury while attending camp, I give permission for such care. In consideration of my child’s participation in this camp, I hereby release the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, its officers, employees and agents from any and all liability arising out of any injury or illness my child incurs while participating in camp activities. I understand the activity in which he/she will by involved. I understand that participation is voluntary and I choose freely to have my child participate. I understand that the camp provides limited accident insurance, which is primary on the first $1000 and excess up to $5000. Campers are encouraged to have their own health insurance as accident insurance provided by the University is limited. I understand that any youth who does not abide by camp rules and regulations is subject to dismissal without reimbursement or recourse and any damage to facilities will be assessed to those responsible. I understand that the tuition for Badger Dairy Camp is $115. Enclosed is a $65 nonrefundable reservation fee. The reservation fee will apply to the camp tuition, and the balance will be paid at camp check-in. All checks should be made payable to Badger Dairy Camp/UW-Madison. I understand that the University may take photographs and or videos of camp participants and activities. I agree that the University of Wisconsin-Madison shall be the owner of and may use such photographs and or videos relating to the promotion of future camps. I relinquish all rights that I may claim in relation to the use of said photographs.


UW-Madison Dairy Science faculty, staff and students along with UW Vet School students, UW Extension team members and prominent dairy industry professionals.

I am covered by ____________________________________ Are there restrictions on your participation? __ No __ Yes (explain on a separate sheet)

A huge thank you to our 2016 sponsors whose enthusiastic support allows us to keep the program affordable for dairy youth.

__________________________________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian __________________________________________________ Printed Name of Parent or Guardian Send this form and $65 deposit to: Badger Dairy Camp, Attn: Nikki Lennart Dairy Science Department 1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1284

UW-Madison Dept. of Dairy Science c/o Nikki Lennart 1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1284 Phone 608-263-9409 68 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

Application deadline: May 1, 2017 Roommate Request ________________________________

Ace’s Avalanche pick sells at the Quest!

Durbin & Brady Daughters Selling

Greenlea Ad Ace-Red EX-92

Ziems Big Time Lucy Goosey EX-93

Res. All-American Fall Yearling 2009

2nd 5-Year-Old, District 6 Show 2015

Dam: Yursden Kite Caramac EX-92, Grand Champion R&W, WDE 2006 All-American R&W Jr. 2 2004 & 4-Year-Old 2006

Dam: Ziems Stormatic LaffyTaffy EX-91 2nd Dam: Ziems Dante Loony Tune EX-94 3E 3rd Dam: EX Inspiration

- owned with Steven Nelson, Dylan Reed & Ziems Holsteins

Ace’s daughter: Ziems Dante Loony Tune 3E-94 Golden-Oaks All That As-Red HHM All-Amer. R&W Summer Yrlg. 2016

Selling at the Quest for Success III: - 1st choice December 2017 Avalanche female

Winter Yearling Sid Sells

Selling at the Green Co. Heart of the Wheel Sale: - a 4/15 Durbin Junior 2-Year-Old show prospect for 2017, due in April to Jacoby

EX 4-Year-Old Bradnick Sells

Ziems Atwood Lotus

Ziems Encore Feather EX-93 3E


All-NY Senior 2-Year-Old 1999 Res. All-NY Senior 3-Year-Old 2000 2x member Nom. AA Best 3 Females 3rd 5-Year-Old, NY Intl. Spring Show 2003

Dam: Ziems Stardust Lotus 4E-94 (inset) Reserve All-NY 2009 & 2004 Best Udder, NY Intl. Spring Show 2009 2x member Nom. AA Best 3 Females Next Dams: VG-88 Blackstar, EX-91, 5E-92, EX, EX

Selling at the Green Co. Heart of the Wheel Sale: -a big Sid winter yearling from Atwood Lotus

Selling at the Green Co. Heart of the Wheel Sale: Ziems Bradnick Franzia EX-90 - scored EX 20 days fresh as a 3-year-old, she sells fresh as a 3rd calf 4-year-old Dams: VG-87 Alexander x EX-92 Supreme x Encore Feather 3E-93

Tim, Leah & Claire Ziemba 1397 Hillside Road Cambridge, WI 53523 315-730-3312

Glauco 2-Year-Old Sells

Milksource Goldwyn Lala VG-85 2Y Dam: Idee Shottle Lalia 2E-95 (inset) Holstein USA Star of the Breed ’13 HM All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2009 2nd Dam: Idee Durham Lalika VG-88 3rd Dam: Idee Leduc Lydie EX-91 4th Dam: C Ravenswell Lydia EX-92

Selling at the CUDS Sale in Ithaca, NY: - a promising 2-year-old Glauco (Duplex brother to Goldsun) from Lala, will be scored before the sale

Our new heifer barn is finished - stop in anytime to check it out. We are located just 1 mile north of Sherona Hill! MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 69

West Central Holstein Club Home of the Top BAA herds in the Nation! Willolea Holsteins Ryan Griffin Anna Titera Dale & Sheri Rupprecht Greg Johnson Dave Lemke David Smith David Joos Jr.

113.1 112.3 109.7 109.3 108.7 108.2 107.6 106.5

J&A Dairy Tanner Rentz Jeffery & Korinna Rhode David &Janice Huwe Gorentz Dairy Scott & Jolene Tumberg Stephen Anderson

106.3 106.2 105.1 104.9 104.7 104.6 101.4

Congratulations to the members and families behind these great herds! Club Activities: District Show - August 3, Bagley, Minn Club Picnic at Willolea Holsteins in late summer


45182 County Highway 35 • Dent, Minnesota 56528 • (218) 342-2603

Early Consignments for Illinois PDCA Calf Sale - Saturday, April 1

Champaign Co. Fairgrounds, Urbana, Illinois - Swiss, Ayrshire, Jersey, Holstein Sell

Luck-E Advent Asia-ET “E94-2E” 6-2 365d 40,150m 4.9 1984f 3.1 1261p People’s Choice Int. R&W Impact Cow, 2016 Diamondback dau sells! Luck-E Holsteins

BVK Shottle Anna-ET “E94” 5-3 305d 43,320m 3.3 1451f 2.8 1200p June 2016 Golden Dreams daughter sells. D. Ludwig Farms LLC

Eskdale-NB Talented-Red-TW “E92-2E” 3-9 365d 35,120m 4.0 1398f 3.3 1155p June 2016 Defiant daughter sells. Sunshine Associates LLC

Diamondback 12/16 heifer. “Dam “VG85” @ ç Wendy-Oaks Sanchez Dani-ET “E91” 2/03. Grandam “2E95” Golden Oaks 5-9 344d 32,474m 3.8 1243f 3.1 1008 (RIP) 6/16 Golden Dreams. Dam “2E91” with Res. Grand Champ., IL State Fair Jr. Show, 2016 26,420m. From the Roxy family. Bob Miller 9/16 Maternal Sister by Kingboy Sells. 3/17 Diamondback. Grandam “2E92” with Cloverdale Farms, Ltd. 36,620m. Jim and Marvin Schluter 9/16 Malone Heifer. Dam: “2E91” with 25,120m 10/16 Relief. Valerie Greco 910f 748p. Grandam “2E93”. 3/17 Modesty. Neuhaus, Schluter Andrew and Sarah Lenkaitis 3/16 Aikman Mitchell Koebele Chaser 3/16 heifer. Dam “VG85” @ 2/09. Grandam “VG88” with 30,520m. Golden Oaks For more information Gene McCoy 217/840-0157 12/16 Barbwire heifer. 6/16 Dundee. 9/16 Di- For catalogs: Connie Gritton amondback. Luck-E Holsteins llinois PDCA Online Catalog Dairy Agenda Today under featured sales 9/16 Dempsey. Dams: “VG86”, “2E90”, “3E92. or Sarah Butler

A RED winter calf, ready for show WHITES and BLUE ribbons!

Selling in Madison at the Badger Invitational on March 11: Gildale Absolute LIBERTY-Red-ET born 12-5-16 Dam: Gildale Ad Little-Red EX-91 2E 103,180 lft. to date at 5-07 2nd Dam: Ever-Green-View Loop-Red-ET VG-88

3rd Dam:

Miss Louisiana-Red-ET EX-90 2E GMD 5-05 3x 365 44,790 4.0 1777 3.4 1533 4th Dam: Miss Celcius Lorena EX-92 3E GMD DOM 5th Dam: Rothrock Leader Leial-ET VG-89 GMD 6th Dam: Walkup Astronaut Lou Ann EX-94 4E GMD DOM 7th Dam: Willowlyn Elevation Lou EX-91 3E DOM 8th Dam: Willowlyn Rader Betty Lou VG-87 9th Dam: Willowlyn B B Betty VG-85 GMD

Liberty stands for true type and production - everything you want all in one. Liberty’s 2-year-old full sister recently scored VG-85.


Wisconsin Holstein Association Picnic at Gildale Holsteins Sunday, September 17 Join us in Hollandale for a family day of fellowship with Holstein breeders, learn what’s new at WHA and see the Gildale Girls with scenic view on pasture!

It’s an exciting time of growth at Gildale. We welcome you to Southwestern Wisconsin for our tag sale in September. The barn is full of promising young cows backed by excellence, plus many foundation cows still showing their glory. We’re overstocked with high-genetic calves and moving into a new heifer facility this spring. Family is our core value and we celebrate as Erik and Brenda become owners at Gildale. A special salute to three breeders holding dispersals this spring - best wishes to our friends at Rosedale, Indianhead and Willows Edge.

Gildale Holsteins

We’re advocates who care - helping our friends define and achieve their freedoms. Mark, Erik, Brenda, Makenna, Elise & Naydeen Gilbertson Erik & Brenda, 605 First Ave., Hollandale, WI • • BAA: 110.1% AdvoCare Independent Distributors Mark 608.574.8107 • Erik 608.574.1031 • Brenda 608.574.2855 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 71

Northwest Spring Sizzler Sale Friday, May 19, 2017 · 7:30pm Stephenson Co. Fairgrounds · Freeport, Illinois Now accepting consignments for Northern Illinois’ Premier Spring Sale! There will also be a Food Stand and Silent Auction benefitting the NW Junior Club!

Sale Committee

Jerry Smith -- 815.865.5683 Brett Zimmerman -- 815.541.6510 Kyle Koester -- 815.821.3344 Ken Borgmann -- 815.275.0640 Darcy Steffes -- 815.541.4483

70 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

74 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 75

MN DIRECTORY OF SERVICES Dairyland Supply Specializing in TMR Mixers and Manure Handling Equipment

Phone: 800-450-7733

Phone: (605) 467-0812

Hubbard Feeds Mankato: (800) 247-0730 Alexandria: (800) 892-8570 Worthington: (800) 533-5240

ADVERTISE HERE! Don’t miss your opportunity to have an ad for your farm in every publication. For just $35 an issue you can have a business card ad here!


Kory Bigalk D.V.M. 50 2nd Ave NW, Plainview, MN 55964


Advertise your embryos, cattle or any type of genetics HERE for only $35/issue. This also covers a three-month listing on the Minnesota Holstein website CALL 320-259-0637 TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! The Minnesota Holstein Association does not assume liability for errors and does not accept responsibility for the animals, products or services advertised.

Spring is in the Air

Selling March 25 Selling April 1 Clinton County Sale PDCA Calf Sale Bluff-Ridge Destry Juicy Dam: Bluff-Ridge Shottle Jam-TW VG86 2nd: Bluff-Ridge Roy Jessie-ET EX93 3rd: Bluff-Ridge Broker Jay EX95

(pictured left)

Bluff-Ridge Dempsey Bree-TW September Calf D: Bluff-Ridge Sid Barrett VG86 2nd:Bluff-Ridge Skyfame Blossom EX90 3rd: Bluff-Ridge Leduc Bloom-ET EX92

Bluff-Ridge Baltimor Annie D: Bluff-Ridge Skyfame Aura-ET VG86 2nd: Bluff-Ridge Franco Amy 2 EX93

(pictured left)

Also Selling - Clinton County Sale Bluff-Ridge Armani Jennifer D: Bluff-Ridge Encr Juliann-ET GP83 2nd: Bluff-Ridge BRBK Janice-ET EX91

The Butler Family 35821 E 900 N Rd., Arrowsmith, IL Bluff-Ridge BW Brandy Spring Yearling David: 309-475-2131 D: Bluff-Ridge Goldsun Jazzy VG 86 Christie: 815-530-0331 2nd: Bluff-Ridge Dundee Jaden Ex 91 Sarah: 309-824-8621 3rd: Bluff-Ridge Brkr Janice-ET Ex 91

We hope to see you July 19 - 21 for the 2017 Illinois Championship Holstein Show

How DoYou LikeYourPretzel? Salty or Sweet CASH-FVD COLT P PRETZEL*RC

Junior Show & Showmanship Judge - Perry Phend Open Show & Futurity Judge - Molly Sloan Interstate Center Bloomington, Illinois

Born 7/27/14 Fresh 12/9/16 87# January Test *will be serviced by sale time* Colt P x Million x Integrity Dam: Sky-View-Acres Million Piper VG-86 102# Jan 5-11 3x 313d 37,716m 3.2 1216f 2.7 1010p Life: 1439d 120,239m 3.3 4025f 2.8 3359p 2nd Dam: Integrity with over 237,000 lifetime Pretzel’s Maternal Sister by Guthrie: 126# Jan 2-02 3x 365d 31,818m 3.0 939f 2.8 877p Bid last at the Clinton County Classic on March 25th and you can decide for yourself! CASH’S FAIRVIEW DAIRY Beth Weas-Cash 1841 E. 1600th St. Paloma, IL 62359 217-491-1286

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017 - 77


with a Touch of Black

Saturday, April 15 11:30 a.m. at Crescentmead Holsteins, Ixonia

Tree-Hayven Dfint Radia-Red

DJL-Purepride Afterparty-ET

Radia sells! From 2 VG dams, here’s a chance to have some fun this summer.

This McCutchen summer yearling sells! From a VG-87 2Y dam then an EX granddam, this heifer will get you in the winner’s circle this summer.

Big time summer yearling for 2017!

Adam Borchert, 715-650-0326

Pure Pride Show Cattle, 715-556-0021

Crescentmead Swetie Pie-Red EX-93

All-American R&W 4-Year-Old ’16 Res. All-American R&W Jr. 2 & Jr. 3 ’14, ’15 All-Canadian R&W Young Cow 2015 What an opportunity! Make your own Swetie Pie. 5 #1 sexed IVF embryos by Jordy-Red sell from Sweetie Pie’s VG-88 All-American dam Amaryllis. Crescentmead, 970-371-0540

Ehrhardt Gold Beauty-ET EX-92

Heritage-E Daylight-ET

All-American Junior 3-Year-Old 2013

Ar-Line Advent Wine-Red EX-93 2E 7-00 3x 32,800 4.7 1531 3.2 1056

Beauty’s stylish Sid spring yearling sells. 2nd dam EX-94 Starbuck then All-American, All-Canadian Tony Beauty. The magic cross - Sid x Goldwyn x Starbuck.

Wine’s September 2016 Awesome-Red calf sells and she is fancy! Next 4 dams VG.

This fancy December 2015 Brady daughter sells and what a pedigree! Dam is EX-91, 2nd dam All-American EX-91 then EX-92, EX-94 Adeen and EX-94 Ada.

Ranae Holthaus, 608-486-4285

Winter Yearling for 2017

Sarbacker & Evangelo, 608-698-2855

Jack Bothwell, 414-258-2890

Sale Staff: Todd Wendorf Niles Wendorf Joe Kietzman Ron Roskopf Chad Ryan

920-988-3323 920-342-9482 608-289-0096 414-587-4402 920-960-1449

Norm Nabholz Roger Turner Chris McCullough Ryan Krohlow

563-590-3204 608-770-0012 608-214-9742 920-639-5500

Hosted by The Wendorf Family W2444 Evergreen Rd., Ixonia, WI 53036 Directions to Crescentmead Holsteins - From I-94, go north on Hwy. 67 8 miles to Evergreen Rd., go left 1/4 mile to farm on right.

Sale managed by/Catalogs: Todd Wendorf 920-988-3323 or e-mail: Catalog online at and 78 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017


Photo: The Bullvine




Grand Champion Holstein & Reserve Supreme Champion, 2016 World Dairy Expo Unanimous All-American Aged Cow, 2016 People’s Choice Winner, 2016 Holstein World Thank you to everyone who supported and cheered us on during World Dairy Expo. We’ll remember that day forever! Daughters by Chelios, Doorman and Sid Embryos by Doorman, Solomon and Sid

Offerings this spring from Thomas: • Quest for Success (March 31st, Marion, WI) – June 2016 Doorman • The Equinox (April 6th, Syracuse, NY) – 1st Choice Solomon • MN Spring Sale (April 8th, Rochester, MN) – December 2016 Sid • Sunrose Sale (May 13th, Millersburg, IN) – 1st Choice Sunrose Saturn

Photo: The Bullvine

The Sheehans • 4428 County Road 16 SE • Rochester, MN Home: (507) 289-4251 • Robert’s Cell: (507) 259-3477 • Connect with us on Facebook!

WISCONSIN DAIRY SHOWCASE CLASSES Entry form & link to online entry system is available on the Wisconsin Holstein website ( To make an entry, indicate the breed and class number. For example: J-1, H-1 or R-1. *Ayrshire and Milking Shorthorn entries should use their separate entry form.

ALLIANT ENERGY CENTER, MADISON, WI Ayrshire & Milking Shorthorn Show • Thursday, April 27, 2017 • 4:00 p.m. Jersey Spring Show • Friday, April 28, 2017 • 10:00 a.m. Midwest Spring Red & White Show • Friday, April 28, 2017 • 10:00 a.m. Midwest National Spring Show • Saturday, April 29, 2017 • 8:30 a.m.

Entry Fee Schedule

$30.00/entryif postmarked on or before 4/1/17 $50/entryif postmarked 4/2/17 to 4/15/17 (maynotbelistedintheshowbook) $100/entryif postmarked after 4/15/17 (willnotbelistedintheshowbook) Online entry system available at; Mail entries to: WI Holstein Association, 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 All entries must be accompanied by full entry fees and signed agreements to be considered an entry - late fees will apply to those entries without proper entry fees.

Hotel Information Clarion Suites at The Alliant Energy Center

2110RimrockRoad,Madison,WI53713608-284-1234 •ReferenceRoomBlock:WI Dairy Showcase.Roomblockandtheserateswillbe heldopenuntilMarch25. •Roomblockforthenightsof Wednesday,April26-Saturday,April29 -roomtypesrangefrom1bedroomsuite,to2queenbedswithsofasleeper,as wellasroomswithfulllivingroomsandkitchens;ratesare$129pernight

Comfort Inn

722JohnNolenDrive,Madison,WI53713608-255-7400 -ReferenceWIDairyShowcase

Sheraton Madison Hotel


Holiday Inn Express & Suites

610JohnNolanDrive,Madison,WI53713608-709-5050 -ReferenceWIDairyShowcase -roomsavailableThursday,April27-Saturday,April29

Pre-Order Supplies

Straw,shavingsandfeedwillbeavailable.ContactPrairieViewFeed(Joel)inadvance toplaceanorder:(608)513-1316. Available:Largestrawbale 18%completedairy Pineshavingsbale

Smallstrawbale Beetpulp Fullpalletshavings

Smallhaybale 37%proteinpellet

Also on site this year -

Nascosupplystore&Sweeney’sWesternOutfitters Grounds will be open for move-in at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 26 80 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2017

1.WinterCalf -bornDec.1,2016-Feb.28,2017 2.FallCalf -bornSept.1-Nov.30,2016 3.SummerYearling-bornJune1-August31,2016 4.SpringYearling-bornMarch1-May31,2016 5.WinterYearling-bornDec.1,2015-Feb.29,2016 6.FallYearling-bornSept.1-Nov.30,2015 7.Junior&ReserveJuniorChampion(JuniorShow) 8.Junior&ReserveJuniorChampion(OpenShow) 9.JuniorBestThreeFemales (Fall Yearling & under, animals must be shown in their individual classes. All must be bred by the exhibitor & at least one owned, solely or in partnership, by exhibitor. Each exhibitor limited to one entry.)

10.Unfreshened2-Year-Old- bornMarch1-August31,2015 11.Junior2-Year-OldCow- bornMarch1-August31,2015(mustbefresh) 12.Senior2-Year-OldCow- bornSeptember1,2014-February28,2015 13.Junior3-Year-OldCow- bornMarch1-August31,2014 14.Senior3-Year-OldCow- bornSeptember1,2013-February28,2014 15.IntermediateChampion&ReserveIntermediate ChampionFemale(OpenShow) 16.FourYearOldCow- bornSeptember1,2012-August31,2013 17.FiveYearOldCow- bornSeptember1,2011-August31,2012 18.SixYearOldandOlderCow- bornbeforeSeptember1,2011 19.ProductionCowClass (Must bring proof of production to check-in; cows may only be switched from another milking cow class to this class with additional paid entry fee. Holstein cows must have 150,000 pounds lifetime. Red & White cows must have 125,000 pounds lifetime. Jersey cows must have a minimum of 10,000 pounds cheese yield and meet current breed average component levels of 4.8% Fat and 3.65% Protein)

20.ChampionBred&Ownedof theJuniorShow 21.Senior&ReserveSeniorChampionFemale* (JuniorShow) 22.Grand&ReserveGrandChampionFemale* (JuniorShow) 23.BestUdderof Show* 24.ChampionBred&Ownedof theShow* 25.Senior&ReserveSeniorChampionFemale* (OpenShow) 26.Grand&ReserveGrandChampionFemale* (OpenShow) 27.BestThreeFemales  28.Produceof Dam 29.Dam&Offspring 30.PremierBreeder* 31.PremierExhibitor*  32.StateHerd(6animalsearningpointsasin PremierBreeder/Exhibitor) For questions in regards to Holstein group classes, please consult Holstein USA’s National Show program. Jersey Show management reserves the right to cancel any classes due to lack of participation.

Midwest Holsteins - Spring 2017  
Midwest Holsteins - Spring 2017