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Midwest Holsteins SUMMER 2017

Illinois • Iowa • Michigan • Minnesota • Wisconsin

A Family Divided... ...We’re Cubs & Brewers Fans!

Here are our 5 cute grandkids and a pretty cow. What more could you ask for?!?! Pictured is Clearfield Isaak Roll-TW EX-90. She has a daughter by Doorman. I’m running for National Holstein Director from Region 3. I will do my best to represent everyone in my region. I would appreciate your support.

Clearfield Farm Jerry & Sharon Smith and family Davis, IL (815)275-6684

2 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Thank you! Jerry Smith


Dairy judging is strong at the University of Minnesota, so strong that its teams have placed first overall in five of the six major contests in 2015 and 2016 held at: the All-American Dairy Show (Harrisburg, PA), the North American International Livestock Exposition (Louisville, KY), and World Dairy Expo (Madison, WI). The team was 2nd (to the University of Kentucky) at Harrisburg in 2016, but placed 1st in reasons by a 16-point margin in that contest. Furthermore, over the past 7 years in these 3 contests, the University of Minnesota has placed 1st overall in 11 of the 21 contests. No other university comes close to this incredible record of success. If you’re considering a career in dairy, CONSIDER THE U OF M. In addition to our highly successful judging teams, you can be part of the Gopher Dairy Club, where more than 100 student members gain experience and industry contacts through activities like an all-expense-paid 11-day trip to California in January for seniors. Both inside and outside the classroom, our dairy professors make teaching and working with students their top priority. Learn more today at


GOLD! The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. • (612) 624-2277


4 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Midwest Holsteins INDEX


2018 National Holstein Convention.................................. 7 Albrecht Holsteins .......................................................... 17 Brenhaven Holsteins & Jerseys ........................................ 38 Clearfield Farm.................................................................. 2 Corey Geiger for Holstein USA Vice President ..............12 Farnear Holsteins/GenoSource ...................................... 41 Garden Valley Genetics .................................................. 33 Gildale Holsteins.............................................................. 12 Green Meadows Farm .................................................... 14 John Bierbaum for Holstein USA Vice President .......... 34 Larson Acres .................................................................... 22 Little Valley Dairy............................................................ 48 Marathon County ...................................................... 28-32 Minnesota Directory of Services................................ 46-47 Mystic Valley Dairy/Ke-Jo ................................................ 6 New Day Dairy................................................................ 33 Olmar Farms .................................................................. 13

ADVERTISERS Pine-Shelter Farms .......................................................... 17 Ran-Rose Holsteins ........................................................ 15 Reed Dairy ...................................................................... 38 Rho-Nic Holsteins .......................................................... 35 Rob-Cri Holsteins ............................................................ 33 Rod-er-Dic.................................................................. 24-25 Schaufine Farms .............................................................. 23 Selz-Pralle Dairy ........................................................ 18-19 Star-Summit Holsteins......................................................16 Starward Farm ................................................................ 45 Sugar Creek Dairy .......................................................... 39 University of Minnesota.................................................... 3 University of Wisconsin-Madison .................................. 8-9 Vitality Crew...................................................................... 5 Wargo Acres .................................................................... 44 WHA................................................................................ 45 Wildvale Registered Holsteins ........................................ 40

cover photo by Joey Opsal, Blue Mounds, WI

Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 • Fax (608) 356-6312 1-800-223-4269 To Advertise: P.O. Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone (608) 723-4933 • Fax (608) 723-4973 e-mail: WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION STAFF: Darin Johnson, Executive Director Laura Wackershauser, Editor/Advertising Manager Sharon Maffei, Membership Coordinator Ashley Yager, Public Relations Associate WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION BOARD MEMBERS: Kevin Jorgensen, President - Waupun, 920-210-3992 Craig Carncross, Vice President - Lodi, 608-592-2560 Erica Ullom, Secretary - Bloomer, 715-933-0477 Heather Jauquet, Executive Committee - Pulaski, 920-371-7511 Pam Selz-Pralle, Executive Committee - Humbird, 715-334-3434 Bill Calvert - Cuba City, 608-759-2080 Steve Endres - Waunakee, 608-279-5952 Sara Feldmann - Howards Grove, 920-980-9704 Joseta Halbur - Eden, 715-821-9672 Craig Krohlow - Black Creek, 920-639-5388 Sherry Siemers-Peterman - Cleveland, 920-946-0123 Bryan Stremcha - Bangor, 608-790-1925 NATIONAL DIRECTOR: Paul Buhr - 608-606-3480 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 5

Ms Apples Annesa-ET


EX-92 2E EEEEE (new score!)

3-03 3x 365 38,815 1834F 1328P 4-07 3x 349 42,639 1934F 1450P 5-08 3x 147 18,604 888F 614P inc.


e have 14 Annesa daughters in the herd with 7 milking. We are very excited about her Kingboy and Yoder daughters due later this summer and look for her stylish December 2016 winter calf at the shows this summer.

We believe in the Apples! In addition to Annesa’s influence, we have a super fancy Boris-Red fall calf from Apple-B and a Kingboy 2-year-old that has the look of a future star from an EX-91 Gold Chip x EX-94 Damion from Apple. Best of luck at the shows this summer!

Mystic Valley Dairy LLC Mitch Breunig

8667 Cty. Hwy. V, Sauk City, WI 53583 | 608.963.6819 e-mail: 24 EX, 149 VG, 161 GP, 42 G RHA: 425 cows 33,045 3.9 1288 3.02 999 6 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Ke-o J

Kevin Jorgensen

801 Winter Ave., Waupun, WI 53963 920-210-3992

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 7

8 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 9

Gildale Holsteins to host 2017 Wisconsin Holstein State Picnic Erik and Brenda Gilbertson of Gildale Holsteins might just be two of the most passionate young dairy professionals in the industry today. In a world where the landscape of the family farm has evolved dramatically, the Gilbertsons are living proof there is still a place for owning and operating a successful ‘small’ farm and raising their three girls leading by example. Gildale Holsteins is tucked into the rolling hills of southeastern Iowa County and built on three generations of Gilbertsons farming in Hollandale. Erik’s grandfather, Otis, started his dairy on a farm just down the road from the homestead. The Gilbertson’s farm currently sits on 80 acres within the village limits, and includes the 46-cow tie stall barn, machine shed, house and lush pastures for the cows to graze April through October. Just a half mile down the road is the remainder of the Gilbertson’s land, including an additional 180 acres

Brenda and Erik Gilbertson with (left to right) Elise, Makenna and Naydeen

10 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

for yearling heifers and dry cows, crop land, and the newly constructed heifer shed. Erik decided early on that if he couldn’t buy into the family farm by age 30, he didn’t want to be a part of it. He has worked side by side with his father, Mark, all his life. In 2008, Mark and Erik sold a portion of their cattle by public auction. They formed an LLC in 2008 that included the cattle and machinery. This year Erik turns 37 and it’s finally he and wife Brenda’s turn to take the helm. Even with the transition, Mark remains involved in the day-to-day operation of the farm. In March of this year, Erik and Brenda officially took ownership of the farm. Erik and Brenda still own a home just a quarter mile down the road from the farm, but they are hoping to complete renovations on the farmhouse and move in prior to the fall picnic date. The Gilbertsons are excited to raise their family on the home farm and instill the same values they had growing up. Brenda grew up on Cava-Lanes Holsteins in Manitowoc County, and her family farm roots run deep. After several years working in communications in the dairy industry, Brenda has migrated to Gildale as full-time mom and support system. She was a founding member of Dairy Girl Network when she embarked on freelancing projects. Brenda’s involvement has since evolved to focusing on growth for the dairywomen organization. In addition, she and Erik are successful AdvoCare independent distributors – both of these positions have helped in supplementing farm income. Brenda joked in college, telling friends she would someday meet her husband at World Dairy Expo, and that is precisely where she and Erik were formally introduced in 2006. They married in 2009, and now have three children – Makenna (6), Elise (4), and Naydeen (1). All three girls enjoy their days on the farm, and Erik, Brenda and Mark admit seeing their excitement is what it’s all about at the end of the day. Mark also admits it has been fun to see and be reminded of how experiences on the farm shape a person, and how living it is essential for understanding how it influences the kids. Erik and Brenda grew up in the show ring in their respective

counties, and shared a similar highlight of that experience at the 1999 Wisconsin Junior State Fair. That year, Erik was named Supreme Showperson, and Brenda exhibited the Junior Champion Female, Hagen CL Broker Mariah-ET. Mariah was a cornerstone cow family from Brenda’s youth, and her family is still represented at Gildale along with four other cow families from Cava-Lanes. Some of the barn favorites from the Cavanaugh’s cow families go back to Cava-Lanes Gibson Shannon, EX-93. Shannon was Intermediate Champion at the District 10 Holstein Show and won the Manitowoc County Culver’s Futurity in 2008. She was the pride and joy of Brenda’s brother, the late Todd Cavanaugh, who insisted Shannon left him a cow pie on his gravesite. The Cavanaugh family honored his wish and delivered a cow pie – which not only got the community talking, but honored Todd’s personality and passion for Shannon as a foundation cow. Shannon traces back to a cow that Todd purchased from Canada in the early 1990s, which is another special connection as many influential founding cows at Gildale originated in Canada. A few of the cows Mark and Erik developed include Bridgewood Stardust Barbie EX-93, Paradigm Formation Mint EX-90, and Valleylane G D R Nutmeg EX-92. Offspring from all three of these cows are still prominent in the herd today. In fact, Gildale Jasper Nugget EX-91, is a Jasper from EX-92 Terrason Naomi and EX-92 Nutmeg. Nugget is one of three cows the Gilbertsons will IVF in the coming weeks, and her granddam, Nutmeg, was Erik’s perennial show cow from his 4-H days. Nutmeg

Gildale Jasper Nugget EX-91

had a list of accolades a mile long, and Nugget is looking like she will follow in grandma’s footsteps. Gildale Aftershock Maria, EX-93, is from the Mint family line. Her dam is a VG-88 Fabulous x EX-93 Storm Maire x EX-90 Formation Mint x Prelude from the Alton Lea herd. Maria is an exciting young cow that will also be IFV’d to Goldwyn this year. In addition to Canadian cow families, the Gilbertsons have offspring from the Windy-Knoll-View Pala family that have made waves. Gildale Advent Primrose sold in the Gilbertson’s 2008 sale and is now a member of the EX-95 club for Second-Look Holsteins. Erik and Brenda are excited to work with Gildale Damion Precious, an EX-91 maternal sister to Primrose, that will also be on an IFV program this summer. There’s no doubt the importance of Registered Holsteins at Gildale. Erik and Brenda’s passion stems from the opportunity to milk good cows. Erik even admits he is scared walking in a barn and not being able to see good cows. With recent classification results that yielded 16 Excellent, 26 Very Good and 6 Good Plus cows and a 110.3% BAA, its not likely that Erik will have to look at ‘ugly’ cows anytime soon. The Gildale herd is on pasture more than six months of the year, and has an RHA with 46 cows at 21,000 pounds milk. The Gilbertsons work with Gerry Laufenberg of ABS Global for AI services, and have an outstanding conception rate. Mark and Erik were once adamant about sticking to 100% bulls, but Erik has begun using a few 99% sires after being ‘backed into a corner’ genetically. They are currently using Defiant, Dempsey, Solomon, Dundee, Gold Chip, Addiction-P, Doorman, Crush, Ammo-P and Aftershock as service sires. Erik really likes his Aftershock heifers (and cows), as well as Armani, Hypnotic, Damion, Atwood, AppleJack and Sid calves. Picnic guests can expect to see some of the Gilbertson’s favorite young cows sired by Aftershock, Atwood, Absolute, and Goldsun. The Gildale crew has had a great run in the show ring, a result of their desire to breed the best cows possible. They have been recognized as Premier Breeder and Exhibitor at the District 3 Holstein Show multiple times and consign to select sales each year. The Gilbertson family is very excited to welcome Holstein breeders to Gildale Holsteins and scenic southwest Wisconsin on September 17th. For information leading up to the event, follow the Gildale Holsteins page on Facebook. There’s no doubt that visitors will find a great little red barn filled with outstanding cows and a devoted Registered Holstein family instilling passion for breeding good cows into the next generation.

Gildale Storm Maire EX-93

Gildale Advent Primrose EX-95 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 11

The Wisconsin Holstein Association supports

Corey Geiger for Vice President of Holstein USA • Proven Leader

- Past Wisconsin Holstein Assoc. Board member & President - 6-year member of the Holstein USA Board of Directors - National Dairy Shrine President - Co-chair of 2019 National Holstein Convention

• Dedicated Volunteer - Secretary-Treasurer of Klussendorf Association - Superintendent of National Collegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest

• Industry Professional - Managing Editor of Hoard’s Dairyman - Co-owner of Ran-Rose Holsteins, Reedsville, WI “Corey Geiger would be a valuable asset to the leadership team at Holstein USA. A proven leader in Wisconsin and at the national level, he brings a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to all of his endeavors and the Wisconsin Holstein Board of Directors strongly supports his bid for Vice President of Holstein Association USA.” - Kevin Jorgensen, WHA President

Wisconsin Holstein Association Picnic Sunday, September 17 • Gildale Holsteins, Hollandale, WI Something for everyone: Networking ~ Insightful speakers ~ Cattleman’s lunch ~ Entertainment ~ Run/walk event ~ Children’s activities ~ New heifer facility viewing ~ Tag Sale Barneveld Hwy. 151 to Madison

Erik and Brenda Gilbertson Makenna, Elise and Naydeen Mark Gilbertson 605 First Ave., Hollandale, WI • Erik 608.574.1031 • Brenda 608.574.2855 • Mark 608.574.8107 BAA: 110.3%

12 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017




Hwy. 18 Co

Gildale Holsteins


Hwy. 39 Mineral Point




New Glarus

Travel to the rolling hills of Southwest Wisconsin! Make it a weekend getaway and visit local tourist attractions.

• Mineral Point: Brewery Creek Inn, 608-987-3298 • Barneveld: Deer Valley Lodge & Waterpark, 608-924-1600, (Gildale block ends August 15) • New Glarus: Swiss Aire Motel, 608-527-2138, (Gildale block ends July 15)

or enjoy camping at one of several nearby State Parks

x E c f e o l lence y a D A 13 New Excellent Cows


Cybil Fisher ©

Olmar Atwood Jubilee EX 90

Jubilee sports a fabulous mammary and youthfulness that will serve her well in future lactations. She has a Gambler daughter due in November and a Saloon bull available for sale.

er h t : O X E New

Cybil Fisher

Olmar Kolten Dottie EX 91

Hailing from the Dazzling Star Family, Dottie has the most impressive frame. She has passed that on to her Gillespy daughter.

Also From the Dazzling Star Family

Olmar Shampoo Starry Eyes EX 92 Quote from the classifier as she was the last cow for the day, “And where has she been hiding all day?” Olmar Shottle Desire EX - 5th gen EX

From the Bunny Family

Olmar Alexander Black Ice EX Olmar Federal Brittany Tw EX - 5th gen EX Olmar Cena Petal EX - Sister to Baby of Pearl Olmar Al Baby of Pearl EX - Sister to Petal and has a fancy Sept Goldchip A fancy third sister by Applecrisp is due in November to Incredible Red

From the Bella Family

Olmar Admiral Bella City EX - 9th gen EX with daughters by Mardi Gras and Scenario

Other Farm Favorites

Olmar Hero Excite EX Olmar Palermo Silkience EX Olmar Guthrie Fantastic EX - 35,000# 2 yr old Olmar Epic Amore EX

Phase 4 Johnes Free Herd 109.2 BAA | 31EX 75VG 35GP 46 years PBR | 24 years PGH DHIR avg: 2x 29,779 3.6% 1055 3.0% 889

BRIAN AND JILL NELSON US Hwy 14, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085 Ph. (507) 794-2697

14 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Vote Corey Geiger A Leader Bringing Ideas to Life

Top to bottom, left to right: Promoting U.S. Dairy on trade missions in the Middle East, Mexico, Singapore and Vietnam; Recognizing World Dairy Expo pioneers; Brought Midwest Holsteins publication to life; Inspiring dairy youth; Breeding, showing and milking cows; Leading cow-based discussions; A homebred Hoard’s Supreme Champion - Ripp Co Braxton Dairy; Talking farming to non-traditional audiences.

Fellow Holstein Breeders, my life and industry experiences, including serving as national director and on the Wisconsin Holstein board for 8 years, twice as President, have prepared me to represent you and lead Holstein Association USA.

Ran-Rose Holsteins I ask for your support and your vote for Vice President at this year’s National Holstein Convention in Washington.

Randall and Rosalie Geiger Corey Geiger and Krista Knigge Jonathan Petersheim, herdsman 4227 Hickory Hills Rd., Reedsville, WI 54230 Corey cell: (920) 650 0294; 25,228M 935F 760P • 9 EX, 39 VG, 12 GP • 19 consecutive years under 100,000 SCC MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 15

14 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

We love our Crush Calves! They are tall and dairy with a lot of body and they stand out in pens. 15 Crush heifers registered so far, with more coming They will be in the show ring this year!

Pine-Shelter Cheyenne EX-95-3E 4-08 3x 365d 40,820 3.4 1376 3.0 1238 •WDE Grand Champion 2003

Crush’s Maternal Line: Dam: Edg Claire Cling-ET Gdam: Pine-Shelter Claire Wood-ET 3rd Dam: Pine-Shelter Chelsy Sho-ET 4th Dam: Pine-Shelter Cheyenne


Alberts Brothers

Dave: cow/bull info: (507) 356-8625 or (507) 269-3084

Pine-Shelter Chelsy Sho-ET VG-86 2-00 3X 365D 32,050 3.7 1174 3.1 978


WOW! 50 Years Ago

Jan Kurth became Extension Home Economist in Carver County 50 years ago in June 1967.

Jan is pictured at a 4-H banquet in 1968 with FRANK QUILICI, 2nd Baseman for the 1965 American League Champion MN Twins Frank worked the off season for OAK GROVE DAIRY in Norwood. Frank later was the manager of the TWINS and then was the play by play broadcaster for the TWINS The cow head pictured on the logo is MN’s first 4-E cow owned by us. Sandy Kee Ivanhoe Boots-EX-92-4E

Jan (Kurth) Albrecht will recieve her 40yr NATIONAL HOLSTEIN MEMBER AWARD in Bellevue, WA in June. Jan & Jerry Albrecht sponsor the 40yr National Holstein Member Award Congratulations to AUSTIN SCHMITT on being named a DJM National Semifinalist and ISAAC NESLON on being named a YDJM National Finalist in 2017. Jan & Jerry sponsor the MN DJM and YDJM Awards.


Gerald F. and Janice K. Albrecht 5325 Co. Rd. 10 N. Watertown, MN 55388 (952)-955-1772

51 EX 117 VG 112 GP 10 G 290 classified cows average VG 86.5

Lea McCullough photo

O SELZ-PRALLE DAIRY Scott & Pam Selz-Pralle, Ryan, Jessica & Nicole N4621 Hwy. 12, Humbird, WI 54746 • (715) 334-3434 • E-mail: 18 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

ur cows average 105 pounds of 4% milk each day and look good doing it! Last year, 13 cows finished over 50,000 and 72 made records over 40,000. Pictured is Joliam Shot Pepper 3729-ET, EX-94 2E (95, 94, 100, 92, 93). She made at 5-06 365 37,686 5.4 2031 3.3 1349. We’re living the dream high milk production from high scoring cows!

Selz-Pralle Atwood 4153

Joliam Goldwyn 3404-ET EX-91 3E

3-06 365 39,257 4.2 1664 3.1 1230

EX-92 92, 90, 92, 90, 93

8-07 365 44,075 3.9 1710 3.2 1405 Lifetime to date: 224,180 9428 7108

Joliam Shottle Mystik 3768-ET

Joliam WB Mirage 4145

EX-93 2E 97, 94, 97, 88, 92

EX-91 90, 90, 92, 92, 91

4-08 365 45,724 3.9 1779 2.7 1241

4-02 344 42,864 3.7 1595 2.9 1255

Joliam L Picante 4197-ET

Joliam Atwood Frisco 4105-ET

EX-92 92, 93, 88, 92, 92

EX-93 92, 94, 87, 90, 94

4-01 365 43,057 4.4 1889 3.3 1402

4-07 365 43,701 3.6 1554 3.2 1415 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 19

2017 Iowa Holstein Convention Highlights The 2017 Iowa Holstein Convention was held February 25 at the Backwoods Bar & Grill, McGregor. Officers elected for 2017 are Trent Henkes, President; Carl Mensen, Vice-President; and Kevin Fossum, Joe Gibbs, Mark Knudtson, Dan Moon, Jess Rediske, Katie Stoll and Walt Wessel as Directors-at-Large. Following the annual meeting, the standing committees met followed by the board reorganization meeting. Jeff Hammerand, Mark Knudtson and Dan Moon were elected to serve on the Executive Committee The Friday evening banquet was attended by approximately 110 people. The emcee for the evening was Mark Knudtson. Jessica Stempfle, the 2016 Iowa Holstein Princess crowned Jenna Chapman as the 2017 Iowa Holstein Princess. Kathy Demmer presented the Iowa Holstein Auxiliary Scholarship to Alyssa Dougherty. The Iowa Holstein Auxiliary Hall of Fame Award recipient was Trent Henkes. Jeff Hammerand presented the Young Distinguished Junior Member Awards to Regan Demmer and Ben Scott and the Distinguished Junior Member Awards to Andy Dougherty and Kate Stewart. Trent & Leslie Henkes, Trent was the recipient of the Iowa Holstein Auxiliary Hall of Fame Award.

Mark Knudtson recognized the recipients of the Progressive Breeders Registry Award and the Progressive Genetics Herd Award. The Top BAA Herds and Top Production Herds were recognized by Carl Mensen. This year’s 40-Year Members of the National Association were Steve Gerlach, Patsy Kerndt, Henry & Barbara Runde, Kenneth Shatek, Philip Specht, and Alan Steffens. Leslie Henkes presented the Linda Pagel Scholarship to Andy Dougherty. Mary Scott and Nathan Arthur were the recipients of the Iowa Holstein Association scholarship. Blake and Jordan Hansen, who were unable to attend, were honored with the Outstanding Young Holstein Breeder Award. Paul Schmitt received the Master Breeder Award posthumously. Linda Pagel presented the award given in memory of Russel Pagel to Kay Schmitt. Ron Lenth received the Distinguished Service Award from Trent Henkes. We would like to thank District 1 for hosting this year’s convention. The 2018 Iowa Holstein Convention will be hosted by the Iowa Holstein Association with a date and a location to be determined. 2016 Alternate Iowa Holstein Princess Sally Hamlett, 2017 Iowa Holstein Princess Jenna Chapman, 2016 Iowa Holstein Princess Jessica Stempfle

Linda Pagel Scholarship recipient Andy Dougherty and Linda Pagel Ron and Kathy Lenth - Ron received the Distinguished Service Award Young Distinguished Junior Members Ben Scott and Regan Demmer Iowa Holstein Association Scholarship recipients Mary Scott and Nathan Arthur

President Trent Henkes and Past President Tom Simon Linda Pagel with Kay Schmitt and her family accepting the Master Breeder Award in honor of Paul Schmitt 20 - Midwest Holsteins, Summer 2017

2017 Iowa Distinguished Junior Members Andy Dougherty, 21, is the son of Ron and Julie Dougherty of Epworth, Iowa. He has two younger sisters, Alyssa and Amanda. Andy grew up just a few miles from Farnear Holsteins which his grandparents, Joe and Virginia Simon started in 1962. Now his uncles Tom and Rick Simon and families own and operate Farnear Holsteins. Andy states that Farnear Holsteins is what “a family farm is all about.” Spending time on the 120 cow Registered Holstein herd with 300 replacements has taught Andy responsibility, dedication, and hard work and has made him who he is today. Andy started his involvement with the Iowa Holstein Association when he showed a calf in the novice class at his district show. He continued showing Holsteins at the district and state level. Andy participated in various contests at the National Junior Holstein conventions. He has competed in Junior and Senior Dairy Bowl, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Jeopardy, Digital Historian, and the State Scrapbook Contest. He was also a 2013 YDJM Finalist. Andy has served as Treasurer, Reporter, Digital Historian, and District 8 representative of the Iowa Junior Holstein Association. This summer, Andy will represent Iowa in his last year as a Junior member in the senior jeopardy contest in Washington. Currently, Andy is a junior at Iowa State University majoring in Dairy Science. He is involved in the Iowa State Dairy Science Club. He helps with the ice cream mixing, Dairy Coalition, and Intramurals. Andy is also a member of the Agricultural Marketing and Management Organization. This past summer, Andy had completed an internship for R-John Holsteins in California. He currently works for Farnear Holsteins during school breaks and on weekends when he is home. After graduation from Iowa State, Andy would like to pursue a career in the A.I. industry. He wants to continue building his herd of registered Holsteins and promoting the Dairy Industry. He plans to become actively involved with the Iowa Holstein Association after completing his Iowa Junior Holstein membership.

2017 Iowa Holstein Association Board of Directors

Front Row l to r: Walt Wessel, Vice President Carl Mensen, President Trent Henkes, Katie Stoll, Jess Rediske Back Row l to r: Secretary Paula Smith, Paul Stempfle, Dave Chapman, Jeff Hammerand, Kevin Fossum, Doug Lyons, Mark Knudtson, Lance Schutte, Treasurer Shellie Volker, Dan Moon

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Follow the latest news from both the Iowa Holstein Association and the Iowa Junior Holstein Association on Facebook.

Kate Stewart, 20, is the daughter of Matt and Diana Stewart from Oelwein, Iowa. Along with her four older siblings, Jared, Lindsey, Mike, and Dan, Kate grew up on the 295-acre fifth generation family farm. Following in her brothers and sisters’ footsteps, Kate became active in the Iowa Junior Holstein Association at age 9. She participated in Junior Quiz Bowl, Junior and Intermediate Jeopardy, Folding Display Contest, Prepared Public Speaking, and Scrapbook. These events allowed Kate to explore the history of the Holstein breed, to see how far it has come, and to dream of where it will go. “My adventure began with the Holstein cow. It has taken me to my fair share of shows, inspired me to share the dairy farmer’s story as the 2015-2016 Iowa Dairy Princess, and has allowed me to help raise hundreds of dollars for the Great American Milk Drive. But my adventure didn’t end when I left for college, I’ve climbed mountains in Panama to visit dairy farms and learn the farmer’s stories, I’ve visited farms in China and learned how policies impact an industry. My love for the Holstein cow has given me a world view, broadening my vision and instilling in me a passion for helping people,” Kate Stewart said. “Being a member of the Iowa Junior Holstein Association has shown me that no obstacle is too great when you are surrounded by a community that is continuously working together for the betterment of the product, animal welfare, and their neighbors. Having had the opportunity to travel and speak with farmers from across the country at National Holstein Conventions it became evident that it wasn’t just the Iowa Junior Holstein Association that had this support, it was simply how the dairy community worked.” Currently, Kate is a sophomore at Iowa State University dual majoring in Global Resource Systems and Agronomy. She is actively involved in the Iowa State Blood Drive, Global Health and AIDS Coalition, and Dairy Science Club – especially volunteering with Food at First, helping serve meals to those in need in the Ames community. She is also an ambassador for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Global Resource Systems, and the Peace Corps. Kate is currently serving as the Vice President of Community Service for Kappa Delta Sorority as well as leading a small group for St. Thomas Aquinas Church. This summer, Kate will be in Uganda with the Iowa State University – Uganda Program. Along with students and faculty, she will be developing a school garden for an elementary school in the Kamuli District, teaching curriculum in agriculture, science, and nutrition to grades 1 through 7, as well as participating in one or more bi-national team projects that support the school garden program such as irrigation, beekeeping, and agroforestry. “I am rooted in the dairy community in which I love for that is where my adventure began - with the Holstein cow, and after graduation I plan to use my dairy knowledge as well as my knowledge gained from my degrees to best help people in developing countries increase crop and livestock yields in sustainable practices. I can only dream of where my adventure will take me next.” Midwest Holsteins, Summer 2017 - 21

Lars-Acres Gwatwd Landi-ET VG-87 VVVVV at 2-06 Champion Bred & Owned of Junior Show, Midwest National Spring Show 2017 ~ owned by Brooke, Dane & Luke Trustem

Dam: Biljean Bolivia Lyndi-ET EX-91 EX-MS 5-10 3x 235 28,530 3.7 1066 2.7 765 2nd Dam: Biljean Gibson Lyric EX-91 EX-MS 4-05 2x 365 28,100 3.9 1095 3.1 860 3rd Dam: Biljean Durham Lovely-ET EX-92 DOM 3-00 2x 345 30,150 3.1 941 3.2 965 4th Dam: Biljean Juror Lovely EX-93 5th Dam: Biljean Target Lovely-ET VG-85 6th Dam: Castleholm Star Lass Love-ET EX-91 DOM 7th Dam: Biljean Valiant Job Lass EX-92 GMD DOM 8th-10th Dams: VG-86 DOM, VG-88 GMD DOM, EX-90

Congratulations to Brooke on being a National Distinguished Junior Member Semi-Finalist! ~ Freshman at UW-Madison ~ Badger Dairy Club Outstanding Freshman ~ Badger Dairy Club Outreach Officer ~ World Dairy Expo Milkhouse Co-Chair ~ AWA Breakfast on the Farm Food Co-Chair ~ Magnolia 4-H Queen

Brooke, Dane & Luke Trustem 18218 W State Road 59, Evansville, WI 53536 22 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

ank you to the buyers of our spring sale consignments - best of luck with your purchases!

Blessed! Thank You

The past few months have involved many changes for our family. December 2, 2016 was a day that closed a chapter of our lives that so greatly molded who we are as people and what we had known as every day life for the past 40 years. But, that day we were again reminded of the many blessings that lifestyle has provided us. Though we no longer milk cows, we look forward to continuing our involvement in the holstein industry. We are so thankful for the support of our many friends, family and fellow breeders that made the Legacy Showcase at Schaufine a success. We wish the best for all of the buyers and look forward to following your successes in the future! -Boyd, Sandy & Amy

Congrats to The Hoovers!

Legacy Showcase

In March we welcomed Brad Hoover to the family! We wish Brad and Amy the very best and look forward to spending more time in Pennsylvania visiting them and the rest of Brook Corner Holsteins.

Breeding age bulls for sale

Boyd, Sandy &Amy Schaufelberger

Boyd: 618.267.2011 Amy: 618.267.1899

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 23

14 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

14 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Minnesota Brood Cow Profile: Saintville Shottle Masie-EX-92-3E Rick Haler from Norwood Young America, Minnesota built his herd, Saintville Holsteins, on the foundation of great cows, and one of these cows is Saintville Shottle Masie EX-92-3E. Haler entered Saintville Shottle Masie into Minnesota’s Brood Cow contest for 2017. Masie is very deserving of the title 2017 Minnesota Holstein Brood Cow.

ranking megasire daughter in the world in 2015. Saintville Iota Mareen, another Mallory daughter, went EX-90 as a 3-YrOld and was a dam of merit in 2016. Mareen is the dam of Saintville Lisa who sold at the World Classic Sale in 2016 for $55,000.

Saintville Supersire Marasire, another Mareen daughter has two sons over +2700 GTPI going to AltaGenetics. Masie is a true foundation cow for the Haler family. She has proven herself both in milk and in offspring and is truly deserving of being the 2017 Minnesota Holstein Brood Cow.

Saintville Shottle Maisie is a Shottle daughter from Saintville Roy MercedesVG-89 x Saintville Zepulin Melody VG89. Masie is currently in her 9th lactation and her 8th lactation consisted of 35,833 lbs of milk with a 3.7 fat and 3.3 protein. Not only does Masie produce well, but she also has a list of impressive offspring. Masie currently has two sons in A.I., Saintville Jeeves Magic and Saintville Robust Mitch. Masie’s daughter Saintville Megaman Mallory VG-86 sold at the 2010 Minnesota National Convention for $19,000. Some of Mallory’s offspring include Miss Bookem Marly GP-83 owned by T-Spruce Holsteins who has sons in AI and progeny milking in Japan. ST-M Sterling Mindy-ET who had a #1 Saintville Shottle Masie EX-92-3E

Minnesota Holstein congratulates Austin Schmitt - 2017 DJM finalist

Austin Schmitt, son of Mark & Natalie Schmitt lives on a dairy farm near Rice, Minnesota. They currently milk 90 registered Holsteins and manage 500 acres of corn, alfalfa and soybeans. Austin is a student at the University of Minnesota and is pursuing a degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Dairy Production and minors in Agronomy and Agriculture Food Business Management. Austin has been involved in Minnesota 4-H where he enjoyed project bowl as well as dairy judging. Austin also attended the National 4-H dairy conference in 2012. Austin is very active in the Minnesota Junior Holstein Association and spent many years on the MJHA board, most recently as president of the association.

26 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Minnesota Holstein Feature Story The full story can be found in the Minnesota Holstein News

Rodash-View Holsteins WANAMINGO, Minn. – Although David Friese grew up on a dairy farm, his love for dairy cows didn’t fully develop until a little later in life. “When I was young I showed one calf, but the day of the show she was in heat,” David said of his slightly traumatic first time showing. “I switched to sheep.” However, his stint with the smaller species didn’t last long and he returned to bovines, the animals that truly captured his attention. Over the years, David and Becky Friese along with their family have built a registered herd of Holsteins on their 75-cow dairy, Rodash-View Holsteins, near Wanamingo, Minn. On June 9, the Friese family will host the annual Minnesota Holstein Association Field Day in conjunction with being a tour stop for the National Red and White Convention. “It’s always fun to get together with people in the Holstein business and share what [animals] we have,” Becky said. With classification only two days before their tour, the Frieses will have the

(LtoR) David & Becky Friese with sons Marshall & Josh (Photo courtesy of Dairy Star)

barn ready, and the animals clipped and cleaned for a fun-filled day for the two events.

Their herd will be on display in their tunnel-ventilated tiestall barn they built in 2006. Cows display the traits the Frieses use in their breeding philosophy – structurally big cows with lots of dairy strength, good feet and legs, strong ud-

ders, and longevity. Showing has always been a part of their yearly routine. “We’re looking for sound, functional cows and if they’re good enough to show, we’ll go,” David said. (Full story can be found on pages 6-7 of Minnesota Holstein News)

Minnesota Holstein congratulates Isaac Nelson - 2017 YDJM finalist Isaac Nelson, son of Brian & Jill Nelson lives on a dairy farm near Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. They currently milk 150 registered Holsteins, raise 150 heifers and 60 bulls. Isaac has worked alongside his parents for as long as he can remember. Isaac is also very involved in 4-H and FFA. Isaac also competed in 4-H Dairy judging in Harrisburg, WI in the fall of 2016. Isaac is very active in the Minnesota Junior Asssociaiton including showing at the state shows, attending junior conventions and being a member of the quizbowl team and a dairy jeopardy participant.

Congratulations Isaac on all of your accomplishments!

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer2016 - 27

MARATHON COUNTY HOLSTEIN BREEDERS Come visit us at the cheese curd stand! • Athens Fair August 17-20 • Edgar Steam Engine Show - August 26-28

Classification Update: Dream Team Atwood Sometime VG-87 at 2Y Tree-Hayven Atwood Petal EX-90 at 4Y

Dream Team Holsteins Don, Jenna, Malayna, Kendra & Kase Fahey 11360 Rainbow Dr., Merrill, WI 54452 715-537-0820

GRANDEUR HOLSTEINS BLIVEN FAMILY R865 Mount View Lane Athens, WI 54411 Phone: 715-257-7255 e-mail:

Behling Family Dairy Home of

TRAVIS & BROOKE BEHLING R238 Lovers Lane, Athens, WI 54411 • 715-210-5138

Gary’s Dairy

Good-Time registered Holsteins

Gary Stankowski, Owner Home: (715) 693-3197 3860 Sugar Bush Rd., Mosinee, WI 54455 Farm: (715) 693-0799 543 Hwy. S, Mosinee, WI 54455

Introducing our new “C” line! Cora Mary Ann - born September 19 9 lbs. 2 oz., 20 1/2 inches

5117 CTH “N”, EDGAR, WI 54426 • 715-352-3656 Mike & Linda King Kevin & June King

Visitors welcome by appointment

The Best Things come in 92’s! Keith & Cassi Bauman Korbyn, Karsyn & Chase W615 Cty. Hwy. N, Edgar, WI 54426 715-615-3552

Dal-Ski Toystory Pnutbutter EX-92 7-03 365 39,272M 1449F 1074P

Stetzerlann Toystory Bonnie

Ded-Dit Holsteins

EX-92 2E EX-95MS ~ 7 calves at 10-00

Latest family to join the Ded-Dit herd: Rob-Cri Corvette Tacoma ~ from the Talk-About Linjet Try family; Corvette x Bradnick x VG-86 Atwood sister to Vangoh Durham Treasure

Doug Dittmar 6006 - 3 Birch Street, Schofield, WI 54476 715-571-0843 28 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

DAL-SKI HOLSTEINS David & Paulette Lemanski

Devin, Alex & Danielle 715-352-3382 3475 Cardinal Lane, Marathon, WI 54448 Visitors Welcome


IBER ACRES LLC E R H C S Custom Calf & Heifer Raising

Galen & Marlene 2193 Wuerztburg Rd., Athens, WI 54411 715-223-4534 Cell: 715-316-1968

Bart, Brittany, Bailey & Brett 2213 Wuerztburg Rd., Athens, WI 54411 Cell: 715-721-6116

Moo-dy Acres Mike, Barb, Madison & Abigail Borchardt W4370 Wien Drive, Edgar, WI 54426 715-352-2448

4 daughers of Har-Dale-Acres-JP-Pride-ET Peach +2568 GTPI Polly +2479 GTPI Prancer +2477 GTPI Pizza +2462 GTPI Pizza is now fresh and milking.

We have sold our milking herd and now will be selling their daughters as they get close to freshening throughout the year. All Select Sires breeding including Spur, McNuggets, Gold Chip and McCutchen. Call Russ at 715-573-0521 for more information.

Fred, Lynne & Matt Harder

Russ & Rosie Bauman

8470 Hwy. H, Athens, WI 54411 Phone/Fax: 715-257-7480 • Matt cell: 715-316-7332

Edgar, WI • 715-573-0521

Dan and Michelle Mielke

A Grass-Based dairy farm with Strong Cow Families

She is the core of our herd! An Armitage granddaughter of Apple

F2171 Huckleberry Rd, Colby, WI 54421 715-223-4371 Cell: 715-255-2356 email:

For Sale: Milkyhill Dairy

Ms Brandys Bella now EX-92 DOM 3-06 2x 364 37,350 3.9 1471 3.1 1149 +2228 GTPI - 1st 4 milking daughters by Defiant & AltaJackman are all VG-85 or VG-86 Sam & Jenn Zimmermann Mason, Adelle, Neah & Garrison E2259 County Rd. Q, Ringle, WI 54471 Cell: 715-218-8619

• 150 ft. barn, large stalls, show place • 4 bedroom house, 1.5 baths • landscaped yard • north side of Fenwood, WI

Contact ED mielke 715-574-2931 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 29


April 2017 Classification Update

Miss Langs Twin-B Kboy 5106 NOW VG-85 VG-MS at 2-06 +2633G +1498M +55F +45P +659NM +5.8PL +3.20T +2.71UDC

• 24 new VG cows • 3 new EX cows, including: Nor-Way-Pete Stl Karin EX EX-MS 6-02 346 40,333 4.7 1884 2.8 1121 172,000 lifetime to date 4th generation EX

• 1 at 4E, 1 at 3E, 2 more went 2E

Dam: Langs-Twin-B Mogul 4915-ET VG-88 DOM +2394G 2-03 365 30,560 4.0 1233 3.1 934 2nd Dam: Ralma Shottle Oreo-ET VG-85 DOM


Floyd & Lloyd Baumann

1751 Cherry Drive, Eland, WI 54427 4/17 RHA: 3x 29,710 3.93 1168 3.01 895 Chad & Andy Peterson, owners 715-302-0482 Visitors Always Welcome!

Marathon, WI Ph: 715-443-3595 Fax: 715-443-3833

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc. Fred Lang Wausau, WI Ph: 715-675-0896

New Excellent 3-Year-Old! Owned by: Thomas & Florine Bunkelman Brooke, Brent & Brodie

Tomkins Hztry Sizln Sunshine EX-90

Sky-Reach Day Dream EX-90 EX-91MS Gameday Attic Lorin VG-86

F4680 Walnut Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 Ph.: 715-581-6460 E-mail: 30 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Sire: Minnigan-Hills Day-ET Dam: Sky-Reach Al Wilma EX-90 91-MS 2nd Dam: Friesian-Knoll Durham Winnie EX-92 2E, 210,000 lft. Day Dream has a VG-87 sister by HMV Lancelot & a sister by Claynook Tonka.

HOLSTEINS Hank, Shannon, Gabe & Jonah Boschma Athens, WI 715-205-7303

MARATHON COUNTY HOLSTEIN BREEDERS Newest Addition at Fustead Holsteins

Bosside Shottle Dodie EX-90

205,528 lbs. lifetime in 5 lact. ~ due September 1 with a Mr Salvator heifer We are looking for a “share milker” to share the workload and the milk check with potential to take over the complete operation with a 15 year contract. Call for more details.

John & Tineke Boschma H4370 Townline Rd., Colby, WI 54421 PH: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 E-Mail: RHA: 31 cows 24,723M 965F 817P BAA: 107.8%

Savannah Emma 6 lbs. 11oz and 20 inches long born February 6th to Tyler and Shannon, she joins siblings Sarah and Tanner

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS Tyler, Shannon, Sarah & Tanner Brian & Wendy Fust Adam & Jennifer, Aiden, Wausau, WI Bailey & Connor 715-842-5868/Ph; 715-848-0465/Fax

Keeping the Procky Family Going Strong Peru is turning into a great individual!

Samway Baltimor Grace VG-85 at 2-03 2-01 2x 216 16,323 3.3 540 3.0 491 inc. Another promising 2-year-old at Sam-Way Dairy! Grace is due in September with an Airlift heifer calf.

Wayne, Samantha & Justin Giese F1761 Huckleberry Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 715-352-2972 home 715-965-7147 cell

L-L-M-Dairy SS Peru-ET VG-88 GTPI +2482 2-00 2x 365 29,705 4.4 1309 3.2 961 Peru is a Supersire from Procky that is going strong. We just calved in a Kingboy daughter from Peru that scored VG-85. She has daughters up to +2644G and granddaughters up to +2780G. Leon & Lyle Matthiae E916 Hwy. Q Ringle, WI 54471 715-297-8485 Leon 715-297-8483 Lyle Visitors always welcome MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 31



Sam-Way Dairy

Samantha and Wayne Giese were married in the fall of 2004 and, at that time, had no intentions of ever owning a dairy farm. They were both content with their jobs - Wayne was an agronomist at the local co-op and Samantha was working at a cheese factory. In 2005 Wayne’s parents, Russ and Barb, decided to take some time away from the farm and go on vacation to visit their daughter in Florida while Wayne and Samantha took care of the family’s farm. Little did they know that those five days of working with the animals would stir up a desire in them to want to do it as a lifestyle. Their son Justin was born the following February so Samantha quit her job and together they began looking at various farms in the area that were for sale. That summer Wayne’s parents decided that 2006 would be their last year dairy farming, so their search for a farm was over. On January 1, 2007, Wayne and Samantha purchased the herd of cows, began leasing the line of equipment, and rented the buildings and land in order to keep their overhead cost at a manageable level. Any replacements that were needed were purchased from his parents until their own replacements became available. In the fall of 2008 they purchased the farm which consisted of 80 acres. The following spring an additional 40 acres of land was purchased from a neighbor and a new calf shed was built that summer allowing them to add a few more cows in the barn. In the spring of 2012 they purchased another 75 acres of land and currently rent an additional 40 acres from Wayne’s parents, giving them a current total of 204 tillable acres. Today, their herd consists of 54 total cows as well as 70 head of youngstock. Samantha and Justin enjoy taking care of the calves and younger heifers and Wayne focuses most of his time on the cows, and together they make sure the fieldwork gets done. The breeding decisions are primarily focused on type, but they also realize that milk production pays the bills with the current rolling herd average at 26,394 pounds of milk with a 3.6% butterfat and a 3.1% protein. High type genomic bulls are most commonly used but they still believe that some of the older, proven bulls cross really well with the daughters of these younger bulls. The bulls currently being used are Doorman, Solomon, Devour *RC, Defiant *RC, Lotus *RC, Jordy-Red, Durham and Dempsey. Samantha also puts together a show string of heifers each year, and together her and Justin travel to about half a dozen shows throughout the year. One cow that looks to leave a mark in the Samway herd is Samway Palermo Osbourne. She scored VG-87 as a 2-year-old and was flushed to both Brash and Doorman. She also knows how to pay some bills with lactation totals as a 2-year-old of 30,313 pounds milk with 1353 pounds of butterfat and 1122 pounds protein. She’s fresh again in early May and has begun this lactation even stronger than the previous one. Wayne and Samantha plan on flushing Sam-Way Palermo Osbourne VG-87 her to Doorman again and then IVFing her to Goldwyn this fall. Wayne and Samantha admit that they have met a few individuals who have taught them more than they could have imagined about the Holstein industry. They would like to thank Krista Luedtke and Tony Mayer for their willingness to share your knowledge and expertise with us. Tony is also a partner on a couple of the heifers at Sam-Way Dairy. Lastly, the Giese’s would like to thank the Marathon County Holstein Breeders Coop for sponsoring this ad.

Wayne, Samantha & Justin Giese F1761 Huckleberry Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 715-352-2972 home 715-965-7147 cell 32 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Introducing the newest member of Team GVG Sadie Rae Daniels ~ born 1/10/17

Thank you for all the support and buyers at our sale. Good luck with your purchases!

Welcomed with love by Justin, Darci, big brother Weston and all the ladies at Garden Valley Genetics.

Justin & Darci Daniels Weston & Sadie


N9958 North Branch Rd., Hixton, WI 54635 715-896-5780 Like us on Facebook!

Robert & Christine Barden 6487 Eckels Road, Plover, WI • Bob cell: 715-340-5013

New-Day Detour Magdelena born 7/26/15 +2507G +3.3PL +0.3%P +.14%F +3.07T +2.52UDC ~ ready to flush this summer! Dam: New-Day Saloon Monica VG-85 at 1-11 2nd Dam: Family-Affair Mixr Milly-TW GP-80 2-01 296 24,535 761F 788P 3-00 365 41,904 1263F 1239P 3rd Dam: R-E-W Daz Bonita-ET GP-83 4th Dam: Regancrest G Bedazzle-ET EX-91 5th Dam: Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 (pictured)

Robert, Kena, Emanuel & Evan Strack

New Day Dairy

Athens, WI 715-680-1668 | RHA: 108 cows 31,035M 1108F 962P BAA:105.2% MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 33

John Bierbaum Bio:

for Holstein Association USA Vice President

John Bierbaum, of Burnsville, Minn., earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration – accounting from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Business. He worked as a CPA for Arthur Andersen & Co., served as Pohlad Companies Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and then Treasurer and CFO of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. He retired in March 2013, but remains active in dairying with Johnan Holsteins in Mantorville, Minn. They milked 60 Holsteins until their dispersal in May 2017. The herd has a 107.6 BAA and has been a recipient of the Progressive Genetics Herd award. Bierbaum served two terms as director at large on the Holstein Association USA board. During that time, he chaired the Audit committee, and served on the Executive and Governance committees. He served as chairman on the Holstein Foundation board of Trustees, chaired the 2010 National Holstein Convention, is a former president and director of Minne-sota Holstein Association and is a part of the organizing committee for the 2017 Red & White National Convention. He has received the Person of the Year, President’s award, and Long-time Meritorious Service award from the Minn-esota Holstein Association. He also received the Friend ofMinnesota Junior Holtsein Association award. John is a former chair and program director of Leadership Minneapolis and was honored as Alumni of the Year. He and his wife, Nancy, have three children and two grandchildren.


Name one key attribute you possess that will bring value to the Holstein AssociationUSA membership and board of directors, if elected.

I believe I understand the role of elected officers serving in a useful and productive manner. My style of leadership is to help the people around me be willing contributors and to encourage them to give their best in action and thinking. My skill traits have developed through maturity and experience and include business and financial management and long-term strategy. HAUSA is blessed with skilled staff and committed board members. The talents of those and future folks will be needed to keep HAUSA at the fore-front of a changing industry; an industry where change is likely to accelerate. I think I can help with that challenge.



MHA Endorses John Bierbaum because of the first hand view at his management skills when John Bierbaum steered the association out of legal and financial difficulty. MHA also endorses John because of his strong support and interest in the juniors, his successful chairing of the 2010 National Convention and his passion and drive for the association and industry.

Minnesota Holstein Association is asking for your support in the election of John Bierbaum for the Holstein Association USA Vice President position. ~MHA Board of Directors


John Bierbaum

Holstein Association USA Vice President

Michigan At A Glance Relief Spreads Like Wildfire from Michigan Dairymen By Bev Berens Some left Michigan one truck at a time, others in multi-truck convoys. Their destination and goal: to deliver hay, feed, supplies and especially hope, to ranchers three and four states away who had lost everything but hope in wildfires that blasted Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado the first week of March. Thousands of cattle could not escape wind-whipped flames that consumed the plentiful dried grass intended to feed them until spring pasture. Thousands more had to be put down after the fires, from injury and suffering beyond recovery. Stacked hay, homes, barns, shops and sheds in harm’s that happened to be spared, were saved only by miracle. “There’s not a lot extra in the dairy industry today,” said Clint Marshall, Ogemaw County dairy farmer. “But we, the farmers of all kinds are the people who truly care about animals and livestock. We stepped up and did what we could. The help was badly needed down there.” His community of Ogemaw County gathered enough hay, grain, fencing supplies, and equipment to fill a combination of nineteen semi-trucks and flatbed trailers with hope. A pallet full of brand new farm boots in various sizes even showed up for the trip, delivered by men whose own shoes needed repair. Enough money was donated to cover all the fuel for each truck’s round trip, with

Smoke preceeded the fires, turning day sky to night as the fire approached the town of Knowles, OK. Ten homes in town were lost in the fires. (Shala Underwood photo.)

$5700 left. “In all, about $65,000 came out of this community in a very short time in the form of inventory, fuel and donated trucks and trailers,” said Roy Smith, co-organizer for the group and herd manager at Rosebrugh Dairy. Jock Kartes was also a co-organizer and both men recruited help from their respective farm clerical staff to track donations, arrange fuel permits, handle money and paperwork. The left-over money has been sent directly to a fence supply retailer in Oklahoma, purchas-

Michigan: Your ‘ConVAcation’ Spot

The 2017 National Holstein Convention is upon us and that means we are just one short year away from the 2018 National Holstein Convention hosted by the Michigan Holstein Association in the heart of cherry country! The Traverse City area is known for its beautiful agricultural bounty and the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. Combining breathtaking attractions with 36 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

a rich blend of adventure and relaxation Traverse City is true North! Our tours will have you biking around Mackinac Island, sailing on tall ships, fishing in fresh waters, hiking on sand dunes, tasting local wines and shopping in unique stores. And the best part- visiting with some of the most progressive Holstein breeders in the nation! Drive through our beautiful state on your way to the northwest corner or fly into the Traverse City Regional Airport. Kill two birds with one stone and combine your summer vacation with the national convention then mark down June 29-July 3rd as your “Summer Convation!” Visit our website often for updated information and details of the 2018 National Holstein Convention as you plan to Explore The Shore, Michigan Holsteins and More!

ing materials for the ranches to which the group originally delivered. Smith’s idea hatched on March 19th while tending fresh cows. He and a friend would each bring a load of supplies with Smith’s father riding along for father-son time. Miller Feed collected donations for eighteen ton of calf and grower grain mixes. Miller and Smith agreed to make up any shortfall from their own pockets that donations didn’t cover. Word spread nearly as quickly as the fires did on March 6th. As supplies, truck and a driver for one truck were committed, more donations rolled in, snowballing the need for additional trucks, drivers and fuel, growing by two, five and seven trucks at a time. With each commitment of supplies, another truck and driver volunteered their services, and enough fuel money (approximately $1200 per truck) fell into place. The group left on March 31st; each tractor-trailer had two drivers and each driver and truck was committed to a regular load on Monday morning. “Whether you donate inventory or purchase supplies or fuel to go down there, the most touching thing to me was the display of unity that this community showed,” said Marshall. “A small community that is obviously going through difficult economic times themselves, they didn’t think twice. People just stepped up and did what they could; every ten-dollar donation was just as important as a thousand dollars.”

Relief Spreads Like Wildfire from Michigan Dairy Farmers Tera Baker of Tri-Koebel Farm in Three Rivers, shared the sentiment that all donations large and small added together to make a big impact that helped fellow agriculturalists with cattle to feed and no feed to give them. Baker’s husband, Shawn, and his father, Roger, piloted a truck that left on April 2nd with donations from southwest Michigan. Berrien County Farm Bureau, ADM Nutrition and EDJ Transport helped make the donation possible. Caregivers for orphaned calves grouped on ranches were thrilled with donations of high quality milk replacer on the load. And it was no surprise that hungry, range raised beef cows devoured every last stem of high quality dairy hay delivered by Ogemaw County dairy farmers. The trip for all was emotional. “We were overwhelmed by what we saw,” Smith said. “Eight miles out of Ashland(Kansas) and we didn’t see anything that looked like fire had burned it. Then we topped a hill and as far as you could see it was black--forty miles of just black.” The remains of equipment and vehicles stood where they disintegrated in the remains of a shop; a crumbling chimney and ash, the only signs that a home once stood in place Baker delivered his load to a collection point in Knowles, OK. Shawn and Roger were served breakfast in a community center while their truck was unloaded. Smith and Kartes decided early on to deliver goods directly to ranches. Smith delivered to the Giles ranch which lost 89 percent of the ranch’s 44,000 grass acres, three homes and 850 head of cattle in less than an hour and a half. “We talked cows, where they get their

semen; they had just set up 700 heifers to breed AI which would be suicide on a dairy. She was surprised that we AI every day,” Smith said. “It was a pleasure to see her forget per pain even for just twenty minutes.” Smith admitted to struggling with the why. “Why did God allow this this to happen to good people,” he said. “It made me frustrated.” One rancher tearfully accepted the supplies, apologizing for having to take help On the Giles ranch, fire swept within 150 feet of a dry lot housing heifers. Heat melted the hose from the diesel pump, but the heifers and hay stacked next to the lot were spared. “One of the sisters told me, ‘I guess God just wanted us to get up and feed cattle again the next day’,” Smith said. “Sometimes in life we have to just be thankful for what didn’t happen.” “In the world we live in today, the major media groups focus on division---politics, race, what have you,” Marshall said. “This was a good example of how our industry can unite, without any agenda, just purely out of the goodness of people’s hearts. The media and everyone ought to pay attention to that.”

Oklahoma rancher mingle with Michigan farmers and truck drivers as supplies arrive in Knowles, OK on April 1.

Roger and Shawn Baker attaching American flag to their gift of hay and supplies. (Tera Baker photo)

Off the



Matt Van Dyke and Madeline Meyer took a study break during finals week at Michigan State University to pose for a picture. Madeline is a familiar face as she is a former Michigan Dairy Ambassador while Matt’s mug is well known as the famed walk-on player for Tom Izzo’s Spartan Basketball team. What do Matt and Madeline have in common? They are farm kids. Madeline is from a dairy farm west of East Lansing and Matt is from a lettuce farm, northeast of East Lansing and hopes to one day take over the family farm. Matt credits his success from a walk-on player to earning considerable playing time, to his work ethic developed from growing up on a farm. In an article posted on the Spartan Athletics website he said, “I have been helping before I can even remember. Ever since I could walk I would be out in the fields pulling weeds. I probably wasn’t getting much done when I was younger, but I was still out there,” laughed Van Dyke. “You start out with smaller jobs then you progress as you get older. I just knew I always wanted to be with my dad out on the farm.” Photo credit to Madeline Meyer MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 37


RHIANNON Great Lakes Spring Show Reserve Junior Champion Summer Yearling

Look for us at the Michigan Dairy Expo! 989.277.2078

38 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

mS Sugar-C aLEXndr QuEEn-ET Queen’s daughter by Coyne-Farms Jabir-ET, she’s fresh again at 2-11 and milking 124 lbs. per day with 4.2%F and 3.8%P at 46 days fresh. She has a View-Home Monterey daughter at +2354G.

gp-82 at 2Y 1-10 3x 365 30,420 4.1 1235 2.8 865

Sugar-C Jabir E LizzY

Empress is pregnant to View-Home Cardinal and milking 88 lbs. with 4.0%F and 3.3%P. She has a VG-85 Supersire daughter - Sugar-C SS Easy, +2373G and 2-02 3x 128 11,400 4.5 515 inc. Easy has a +2632G Denver & 2 daughters by Ferdinand-ET, +2630G & +2514G.

EX-90 VEVVE at 3Y +2131g 3-02 3x 365 37,890 4.5 1700 3.2 1209

Sugar-C unO EmprESS-ET

Pregnant to Doorman. She has 2 Teacher daughters: Sugar-C Silky-ET VG-87 VG-MS, +2386G, proj. to 30,000 & bred to High Octane; and Sugar-C T Sultry-ET VG-85 VG-MS, +2246G, proj. to 34,000 & due to Wa-Del Bourbon. Also has a +2201G Mack fresh with a Flagship heifer, a +2469G OCD Jabir Heisenberg-ET, and 6 heifers by Diamondback.

Sugar-C unO ESSaY-ET EX-90 EVEEE at 4Y +2172g 2-03 3x 365 36,570 4.1 1505 3.1 1138 3-00 3x 265 27,500 4.2 11573.3 900 inc.

photos by Lea McCullough

RHA: 33,200 4.0 1320 3.1 1030

1/16 BAA: 105.5%; 10 EX, 160 VG, 245 GP

2x PBR & 9x PGH award winner

We are pleased to be honored as a 2017 Herd of Excellence by Holstein USA!


9 to

N5633 Hwy. O, Elkhorn, WI 53121 • Phone: 262-728-0702 Cell: 262-374-07931 • email:

Rick & Marleen Adams


o 3t I-4

e ke au lw Mi

Sugar Creek Dairy H Elkhorn

Queen’s offspring reign supreme here at Sugar Creek Dairy! She also has a VG-85 3Y Planet daughter that made 40,840 3.8 1567 3.1 1216 at 2-11. We are excited for more great things from this fantastic family. Look for Essay’s Diamondback son - 138HO5949 Sugar-C Etrade-ET, +3.50 type and aAa 315, semen available from Sugar Creek Dairy or Crimson Pride Genetics.

We have embryos by Crush that will be implanted in June for March calves.

EX-92 2E EEEEE 2-00 3x 365 37,940 3.7 1413 3.0 1140 Lifetime to date: 128,220 3.9 5000 3.0 4000


ier a classif s ed that ha n USA y resolv o b ti re ia e c h sso urt e it lstein A n and her co o H m fro uee t the Q for the a ts th n d e declare the requirem ribed below... sc et have m atus pre ation st classific

/3 I-90 Ma n diso

11th Generation EX Apple!

Ms Ava Avila-ET-RC EX-91-3Y EEEEE 3-03 365d 36,286 5.1% 1849 3.2% 1178 Numero Uno x Superstition Ava Daughter by Addiction P Pregnancies by Jordy Bred to Contender Ms Angelinas Super Ava-ET-RC EX-93-2E 5-08 365d 41,555 4.8% 2005 3.0% 1232 Super x EX-91 Stormatic x EX-96-3E Apple Daughters by Diamondback & Mogul Pregnancies by Jordy Bred to California

Wildvale Holsteins 12838 N Hubert Road, Winslow, IL 61089 Kris & Theresa Wild Kris Cell - 608.214.3259 Theresa Cell - 608.214.3260 Robert & Shirley Wild - 815.868.2202 Cows, heifers and bulls available at most times!

40 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Thank you!

Thank you to all those who helped make the Genetic Fiesta Dos Sale a success! We couldn’t have done it without our generous consignors, buyers, sale staff and farm crew. We appreciate all of your support and can’t wait to hear about the success of your purchases. We are so glad you could take some of the party home with you!


Kingboy x VG-86 Supersire x VG-87 Shottle +2585 GTPI, 706 NM$, +1298M, +2.28 T, 6.8% SCE Currently working KB 961 and her +2831G and +2728G Deltas, +2690G Mega-Duke and +2661G Charismatic


Goldwyn x Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 Female Embryos available by Jordy-Red & Doorman Nom Junior All-American Junior 3-Year-Old 2016 3rd Junior 3-Year-Old, International Jr Show 2016

Embryos always available, inquiries welcome!

October 5th, Mark your calendars! GS Auctions will be hosting a sale at the Sheraton, Thursday night of World Dairy Expo! Selections are underway, call or email to consign!

Good Luck to all the Iowa Juniors who are heading to National Convention! 10476 Cemetary Road, Farley, Iowa 52046 Tom Simon: 563-599-9183 | Rick Simon: 563-744-3541 Mark Simon: 563-542-1297 | Bill Rauen: 563-607-0694

2188 78th Street, Blairstown, Iowa 52209 | Tim Rauen: 563-451-5866 | Kyle Demmer: 563-451-5376 Mark Butz: 319-350-1426 | Amanda Hauck: 570-765-0536

Emily Irwin Selected as 2017 National

As a little 8 year old eager for my first year of 4-H and a calf of my very own to show, my parents gave me a calf which I affectionately named Princess. When I received R-Vision Dundee Princess, I became more interested in helping out around the farm and getting involved in the Junior Holstein Association. R-Vision Holsteins is a 200 acre family owned and operated dairy farm located in Belvidere, Illinois. The farm is home to 70 cows and 65 heifers. We have our 180 acres of crops custom farmed which allows us to concentrate on cow comfort and management. The other 20 acres are buildings and pastures which house the heifers and cows. The crops are used to feed our animals, and any excess is sold. Cows are milked in a 51 stall stanchion barn, but spend the majority of their time in the sand bedded freestall barn or the pasture. Dry cows and heifers are housed in open housing facilities. Our current DHIA rolling herd average is 27,687 pounds of milk, 1,113 pounds of fat, and 889 pounds of protein. I have always loved being outside working with the cows; one of the first jobs I was able to do, and continue to enjoy, is caring for the baby calves. Calves are given colostrum for the first 2 feedings and are then switched to an accelerated milk replacer. After a week of being bottle fed, they are put on the bucket and given free choice water and calf starter grain. Throughout the calf raising process, I keep the hutches well bedded with straw, and carefully monitor calf health being sure to treat a calf if necessary. I take the responsibility of calf care seriously because if the calf doesn’t have a healthy start, she will take longer to reach breeding weight and not produce to her potential as a cow. One of my favorite jobs on the farm is managing and taking care of the show animals with my brothers. This job entails feeding, watering, bedding, breaking to lead, and clipping the show animals. When feeding the show animals, I carefully manage their daily feed intake on an individual basis and ensure they have access to plenty of water. Other important aspects of show animal care are keeping the heifers clean and breaking the animals to lead. I allow adequate time to break the heifers to lead, at least 3 weeks before the first show of the season, to ensure they are well trained. I also wash them many times so they get used to that. I do my own body clipping and I work on toplines. It takes a lot of time to get the animal clipped correctly but it is very important because it helps them look their best in the show ring. Although taking care of baby calves and managing the show herd are my primary duties on the farm while I’m home from college, it doesn’t stop there. I help with moving heifers when they outgrow their pens, vaccinating, feeding grain and hay to heifers, and milking. I also help with additional jobs like cleaning the pipeline and putting straw in the mow. Working with my show herd has brought me many memories. One of these memories was in 2010 when Darcy was Reserve Grand Champion of the Illinois Jr. Championship Holstein show as a Jr. 3 Year Old. After Darcy won Reserve Champion honors, we decided to have her pictured. I was given the opportunity to hold Darcy’s head for the picture which was a huge task for short little me. To my surprise, I was able to hold her head long enough for the photographer to take a really great picture! Another show memory that I have was in 2014 when my fall calf Petunia won Supreme Junior Champion Overall Breeds of my county fair’s Junior

42 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

Show. This was very special to me as I received a banner in memory of one of my mentors that passed away. When I joined 4-H, I also joined the Illinois Junior Holstein Association, and I started attending Dairy Bowl practices. In addition to practicing for the dairy bowl and dairy jeopardy contests, another opportunity that I took advantage of was participating in the folding display contest. Making folding displays are a great way for me to learn more about dairy topics that interest me and to educate the public about dairy. I have made five folding displays and have won at the state level each year, and have also competed in the national contest. The first year that I went to Illinois’ Spring Thing, the qualification contest for National Convention, I won the Junior Jeopardy contest. I went on to attend my first National Holstein Convention in Tennessee where I participated in the Junior Jeopardy contest, and even though I did not place, I was proud to answer one question correctly. Attending my first convention in Tennessee motivated me to continue working hard to earn trips to compete at future conventions. Over my junior Holstein career, many of my favorite memories have been made at the nine National Holstein Conventions that I have had the pleasure of attending. I earned the opportunities to participate in and win both the Junior and Intermediate Jeopardy contests, and at last year’s convention in New York I placed 2nd in Senior Jeopardy. I have also competed in the Junior Quiz Bowl Contest three times where my team has placed in the top 5. The 2015 National Convention in Illinois was my favorite convention not only because Illinois hosted it, but also because I was a member of

Distinguished Junior Member Semi-Finalist the winning Senior Dairy Bowl team! It was a neat experience to see how much planning and work goes on behind the scenes by convention volunteers and sponsors to make the convention run smoothly. Another one of my more memorable conventions was when I was named a National Holstein Young Distinguished Junior Member at the 2012 Convention in Missouri! I love attending conventions and competing in dairy bowl and dairy jeopardy, but jeopardy is my favorite because I can read the question fast and buzz in with an answer right away. An important part of being in the Illinois Junior Holstein Association is participating in the fundraisers. Our organization needs funds in order to continue doing activities, especially to help finance trips to National Conventions. Over the years, I have sold Butterbraids and Pizza Kits, assisted with the embryo shuffle, was “sold” in the Junior worker auction, chaired the Railbird judging contest, modeled live auction items at the Sizzler Sale, worked the food stand at the Illinois Golden Opportunity Sale, sold cow jewelry, and donated silent auction items to the Junior auction at the Illinois Holstein Convention. I also helped organize an adult showmanship contest at the Illinois State Show to raise money for the 2015 National Holstein Convention. Once I got involved in a few IJHA activities, I decided that I wanted to contribute more to the organization by taking a leadership position as an officer. The first office position I was elected to was the reporter. As the reporter, I was responsible for taking pictures at IJHA events throughout the year and then making the paper and digital scrapbooks to compete in the contest at National Holstein Convention. My paper scrapbook won 1st place and the digital scrapbook placed 4th! The following 2 years I served as the secretary. This position entailed attending and taking notes at the spring and fall meetings and turning in minutes to the Illinois Holstein Herald. I took on a much larger role the next year when I was elected vice president. In the IJHA, the vice president is responsible for organizing and serving on all of the committees as well as planning and executing all aspects of the Illinois Junior Championship Holstein Show. Being the person in charge of the State Junior Show requires getting sponsors for all of the awards, ordering the awards, lining up a judge, and securing volunteers to help with animal check in and show ring cleanliness. Thankfully, after all of my hard work and preparation, the show went very smoothly! After being part of the officer team for 4 years, I gained the confidence to run for the president. I served as the IJHA president for 2 years. During this time, I created the meeting agendas, ran the meetings, communicated closely with the adult advisors, and oversaw the rest of the officer team. Another opportunity within the IJHA that I decided to take advantage of is the Illinois Holstein Dutchess Contest. The Dutchess contest, held at the Illinois Championship Holstein Show, consists of a speech, impromptu dairy related question, and a personal interview. I was honored to be selected as the Illinois Holstein Dutchess in 2014! As the Dutchess, I handed out awards at the Illinois Holstein Championship Junior and Open Shows and Illinois State Fair Junior Holstein Show, passed out slips at the Illinois Golden Opportunity Sale, and attended the Junior Spring Thing among other Illinois Holstein events. During my reign as Dutchess, the National Holstein Convention was held in Illinois, so I was given the opportunity to be the emcee at the Junior Banquet. Being Dutchess gave me a wonderful opportunity to be a role model for younger Illinois Holstein members, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time as Dutchess! In 2013, I was selected to be on the Illinois 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl

Team which competed at NAILE. I gained a lot of new knowledge from practicing, and I earned the captain spot for my team which placed 3rd in the contest. The next day, we participated in the 4-H division of the dairy judging contest at NAILE. Prior to this, I had only participated in local judging contests and had only given reasons a few times. Needless to say, my first experience in a big judging contest didn’t yield the results I wanted, but it sparked my interest to become more involved in dairy judging. The next fall I was selected for the Illinois 4-H Dairy Judging Team that competes at the National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest at the World Dairy Expo! My team and I put a lot of time in preparing for this contest, and as a result we placed 5th high team and I placed 4th high individual, earning an All-American distinction! Judging for the Illinois 4-H team at World Dairy Expo and NAILE helped me develop a passion for judging. This interest and success helped me make the choice to attend Kaskaskia College earning a dairy judging scholarship. At KC, I had the privilege of working with a very talented coach and team, and I enjoyed traveling the state and country for workouts and contests. As a result of my dedication to the judging team, I placed in the top 10 individually at all 3 national postsecondary contests with my team placing 2nd at each contest. In a quest to gain a more diverse dairy work experience, I worked at a neighboring 140 cow dairy farm this past summer. My job entailed milking and feeding calves and supervising the high school employees. I enjoyed this opportunity because I experienced different management strategies and facilities such as feeding calves pasteurized waste milk and milking in a double 8 herringbone parlor, and working with the PC DART program. In order to expand my dairy farm work experience even more, I will be completing an internship this summer with Riverview Dairy on one of their 19,000 cow dairies in South Dakota! Currently, I am a junior at Iowa State University majoring in Dairy Science. I have become involved with several organizations on campus. I am actively involved in the Dairy Science Club, the Dairy Judging Team, and Collegiate 4-H. Being involved in student organizations on campus has enhanced my educational experience at ISU by allowing me to meet a variety of new people. I have also had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant for the dairy cattle evaluation course. With this responsibility, I organize picture classes, assist with listening to reasons, and help grade assignments. This experience has improved my own judging and will hopefully pay off when I judge this fall! Once I graduate from Iowa State, I hope to either become a herdsman for a dairy or to go into the industry working in reproduction. As the end of my junior Holstein career quickly approaches, I realize my experiences with the Holstein Cow and the Holstein Association have been instrumental in forming who I am today and the future that I plan to pursue. I love being a part of the dairy industry, and I am thrilled to be Illinois’ DJM!

Congratulations Emily!

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 43

Wargo-Acres Manners now EX-94! 4-07 3x 352 39,030 3.8 1400 3.2 1233 by Klassic Big Time-ET March Classification Recap: • Wargo-Acres Doria-ET EX-93 4E • Wargo-Acres Dest Early-Bird EX-93 3E • 25 Very Good 2-year-olds • 10 new Excellent cows • New herd totals: 52 EX, 169 VG, 94 GP with none lower for 108.2 BAA on 315 cows We are overstocked - if you are looking for VG or EX cows to add to your herd please call for more information. Breeding age bulls from high scoring, deep pedigreed cow families also available. Gordon & Emily Carncross Craig, Jen, Gavin & Nolan Carncross W13157 Co. Hwy. J, Lodi, WI 53555 608-592-2560 Craig cell BAA: 108.2% on 315 cows RHA: 31,522 3.8 1196 3.1 981

44 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017

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MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2017 - 45

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