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Midwest Holsteins SPRING 2019

Illinois • Iowa • Michigan • Minnesota • Wisconsin

Locket & Aria © AgriGrphics; Tess & Adara © Cybil Fisher


Numerous All-American & High Type Family Members

Her January ‘18 Doorman Sells! Heart of the Wheel Sale - March 16

MS APPLES ARIA *RC EX-92 Destry daughter of EX-96 Apple Red Avalanche Winter Calf sells March 9 in Quest for Success

ARETHUSA SID TESS EX-92 All-American Milking Yearling ‘15 Her Avalanche Fall Calf Sells March 28 - Best of Triple-T & Heath


11th Summer Yearling, WDE ‘18 Diamondback x EX-94 Goldwyn Artichoke She sells! Junior 2 due to Sexed Jordy March 9 in Quest for Success

Find your next winner from the heart of our breeding program this spring! Photos & consignments will be featured on our Website & Facebook page throughout the Spring! Ethan Heinzmann, Genetics Manager : 847.224.7861 // Gary Janssen : 847.224.7857 www.goldenoaksfarm.com // Find Us on Facebook __ 2 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019


Dairy judging is strong at the University of Minnesota,

so strong that its teams have placed first overall in six of the nine major contests in 2015, 2016 and 2017 held at: the All-American Dairy Show (Harrisburg, PA), the North American International Livestock Exposition (Louisville, KY), and World Dairy Expo (Madison, WI). Furthermore, over the past 8 years in these 3 contests, the University of Minnesota has placed 1st overall in 12 of the 24 contests. No other university comes close to this incredible record of success. If you’re considering a career in dairy, consider the U of M. In addition to our

highly successful judging teams, you can be part of the Gopher Dairy Club, where more than 100 student members gain experience and industry contacts through activities like an all-expense-paid 10-day trip to California in January for seniors. Both inside and outside the classroom, our dairy professors make teaching and working with students their top priority. Learn more today at ansci.umn.edu


GOLD! www.umn.edu 612.624.2277 www.ansci.umn.edu

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

4 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019




                                                                                                          cover photo by Brittany Olson, Dallas, Wis.

Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 • Fax (608) 356-6312 1-800-223-4269


 Monday, March 18 • 11 a.m. • Colby, Wis. Selling 80 Head of Registered Holsteins 55 cows, 20 bred heifers, 5 show age heifers

“Udders Designed for the Future”

EX-90 EX-91MS Guthrie daughter Sells with her VG-85 Mogul and VG-85 Dashawn daughters

VG-85 3-year-old Mogul daughter

GP-81 4-year-old Planet daughter

VG-85 2-year-old Apple Crisp daughter

VG-86 3-year-old Trump daughter

Other cow family notables • Jodi EX 2E Manat - lifetime production over 250,000; daughters selling include a VG Damion, VG Meridian, a July 2017 bred Mayfield and an August 2018 Gold Chip • Shinia EX-90 3E - daughters selling include a VG-85 Pety and a September 2018 Gold Chip



Laura Wackershauser, Executive Director Mara Budde, Director of Communications Kristen Broege, Director of Sales and Membership

~ Very young herd – 35 cows in their 1st or 2nd lactation ~ Recently classified: BAA 106.7, 4 EX, 21 VG, 20 GP ~ Several daughters of Guthrie, Pety, Montross, Mogul, Gold Chip, Airlift, Meridian, Bradnick, Apple Crisp and Yoder selling ~ Closed herd for many years – bulk tank SCC in the 100,000 range

WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION BOARD MEMBERS: Craig Carncross, President - Lodi, 608-592-2560 Heather Jauquet, Vice President - Pulaski, 920-371-7511 Erica Ullom, Secretary - Bloomer, 715-933-0477 Steve Endres, Executive Committee - Waunakee, 608-279-5952 Bryan Stremcha, Executive Committee - Bangor, 608-790-1925 Bob Cramer Jr. - Juda, 608-558-7775 Sara Feldmann - Howards Grove, 920-980-9704 Joseta Halbur - Eden, 715-821-9672 Craig Krohlow - Black Creek, 920-639-5388 Pam Selz-Pralle - Humbird, 715-334-3434 Sherry Siemers-Peterman - Cleveland, 920-946-0123 Ryan Weigel - Platteville, 608-434-4109

Sale at the farm - from the Hwy. 13 & Elderberry Road intersection (next to Shell convenience store) between Abbotsford & Colby, WI; take Elderberry Road 2¼ miles east.

Call sale manager for a catalog or view online at www.christensensales.com

Dean A. & Leah Haas, Owners 715-613-1063 • H3124 Elderberry Road, Colby, WI Christensen Sales Corp., Abbotsford, WI – Clerk & Sales Managers (715) 223-6345 Registered Wisconsin Auction Co. #33 website: www.christensensales.com email: info@christensensales.com


Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI – Auctioneer (715) 223-4014

Bob Webb - 920-377-1079 Corey Geiger, Vice President - 920-650-0294

Jim Hoskens, DePere, WI - Pedigrees, 920-366-7153

Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #191

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 5

World Class Opportunities in Dairy Science... Right in Your Own Backyard

▲ u Ranked among the top U.S. research universities by the National Science

Foundation, UW–Madison’s Big Ten benefits complement the small-school atmosphere experienced by Dairy Science students.

u The Dairy Science faculty includes internationally recognized specialists in

nutrition, genetics, lactation, reproduction, and dairy herd management.

u Cows on campus, the Dairy Cattle Center is located within one block of dairy

classroom buildings, providing access to cows during lab sessions.

u Dairy Science undergraduates participate in all kinds of “beyond the classroom”

experiences during their education. 79 percent of students complete an internship or field experience and 64 percent complete a mentored research project.

u UW–Madison’s proximity to dairy farms, agribusinesses, and events–such as World Dairy Expo, provides Dairy Science undergraduates with unique networking experiences and valuable hands-on learning.

BECOME A BADGER We invite you to attend the Dairy Science Spring Visit Day on Friday, April 5, the day before the 19th Badger Invitational Sale. Register at



$100 Ea

Iowa Holstein Heifer Raffle 1ST CHOICE FEMALE

~ Heifer Choices ~


Your choice of March calves from Rochelle by Doorman (2) or Solomon (2) to pick from. Pictured is Dam

12-5-2018 UNIX x SID x GOLDWYN BLITZ! Pictured is 2nd Dam

KINGSWAY TENACIOUS ROCHELLE EX-94 Banowetz Dairy 563.212.9192

OURIVER GOLDWYN BLITZ EX-94 J-Volker Holsteins 563.920.8151



9-1-2018 +3.44 PTAT ARTIST x EX DOORMAN x APPLE-RED Pictured is Ava

6-7-2018 +3.48PTAT UNDENIED x VG DOORMAN x CHELIOS CHEERIO Pictured is Dam

LE-O-LA ARTIST AVA-ET Le-O-La Holsteins 563.451.5376

MILKSOURCE DOORMAN CHEX-ET VG-86 Alan Kruse 563.451.9952

Thank You to these Donors!

~ Raffle Prizes ~

Your support is greatly appreciated! Driven Embryos DCS ~ Pete Knipper Farmers Union Coop ST Genetics Prairie State Select Sires Trans Ova Genetics Steel Cow Zoetis Envisions Hubbard

1st Prize ~ Heifer Choice or $2000 Cash 2nd Prize ~ $1500 Cash 3rd Prize ~ Trans Ova Certificate & $500 Cash 4th Prize ~ $1000 Cash 5th Prize ~ $250 Semen Certificate from Select Sires & $500.00 Cash 6th Prize ~ $250 Semen Certificate from ST Genetics & $400.00 Cash 7th Prize ~ $250 Semen Certificate from Select Sires & $300.00 Cash 8th Prize ~ $500 Cash 9th Prize ~ Zoetis Bucket & $200 Cash 10th Prize ~ $200.00 Certificate from Envision and $200.00 Cash 11th Prize ~ Zoetis Basket & $100 Cash 12th Prize ~ Steel Cow Portrait & $100 Cash

Proceeds to the Iowa Junior Holstein Association & the Iowa Holstein Association

For tickets, please contact Shellie Volker 319.269.0318 or Carl Mensen 563.329.0876 8 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

50 Hea d of Iowa’s Finest Sell! Fayette County Fairgrounds • West Union, Iowa • 11:30 AM • March 16, 2019

Iowa Spring Sale

SCottMore AtWood dAphne eX-92 eeVee 4-01 2X 365 34,390 3.0 1039 2.9 1003 Selling are two granddaughters from Daphne, leading it off is her just fresh Silver Jr 2 year old along with fancy spring yearling. The dam is a VG-86 Bradnick from Daphne. Jake & Rachel Mills

henkeSeen Ad rUMor-red-et eX-93-3e eX-MS 6-2 2X 365 28,880 3.8 1100 3.1 914 Selling is a Contender and her Dec. ’18 Ammo P calf from this EX-93 Advent! From the deep maternal line that extends back to Ripple EX-92, the cornerstone at Henkeseen! Henkeseen Holsteins

MISS oCd robSt delICIoUS-et VG-87

bUtlerVIeW ArCh CoVI-et VG-86-2Y 2-1 3 273 22,167 3.12 691 2.91 646 Covi will sell just fresh with her 2nd calf! An Archrival right from Silvermaple Damion Camomile EX-95 that can show! Butz-Hill Holsteins

2-05 2X 365 33,780 3.3 1121 3.1 1047 Selling from the heart of the Delicious family is an early and unique CHARL (11/18) +2868G +1020NM from a just fresh Modesty then a Shot Glass daughter of Delicious herself. MB Luckylady

Catalogs available online at www.iowaholsteins.org or contact Shellie Volker 319-269-0318or shelliev@ymail.com

Sale Staff:

Scott Courtney 563-380-1318 • Jason danhof 715-305-0522 kyle demmer 563-451-5376 • Carl Mensen 563-329-0876 bill rauen 563-607-0694 • Jim Vierhout 712-439-2932 Aaron ray tompkins 336-363-4639

Managed & Sponsored by:

Iowa Holstein Association MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 9

10- MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019


H GENERATION E T 6 1 L XCE A I T LL N E EN T O PDCA Calf Sale - April 13 - Champaign Co. Fairgrounds


SELLING! Mil-R-Mor Goldwyn Rezena-ET - Born 9/4/18 15 EXCELLENT DAMS BEST RECORDS AVERAGE 33,093m 4.0% 1325f Sire: Braedale Goldwyn 7x Premier Sire World Dairy Expo 7x Premier Sire Royal Winter Fair Dam: Mil-R-Mor Shottle Renee EX-90 5-00 345d 34,170m 3.9 1329f 2.9 990p Lifetime-to-date: 3 lact. 106,000m 2nd Dam: Miss Duplex Reno EX-92-2E 3-02 365d 28,300m 3.0 849f 3.1 890p pictured 3rd Dam: Astrahoe SG Rosa Reno EX-92-2E 11th Dam: Hayssen Fond Ariel EX-90 Lifetime: 152,770m 3.4 5160f 3.0 4633p Lifetime: 105,270m 3.4 3559f 4th Dam: Pinehurst Royal Rosa EX-91-2E Lifetime: 115,400m 3.5 4073f 2.9 3375p

12th Dam: Hayssen D V Audrey EX-90-2E Lifetime: 126,251m 4.4 5547f

5th Dam: Pinehurst Roulade EX-92-2E Lifetime: 142,070m 3.8 5395f 3.1 4436p

13th Dam: Whirlhill Q Rag Apple Ariel EX-92 Lifetime: 228,465m 4.2 9595f

6th Dam: Pinehurst Sweet Cleo EX-90 Lifetime: 191,570m 3.9 7393f 3.1 5875p

14th Dam: Arlite Posch EX-92 GMD Lifetime: 144,739m 3.6 5176f

7th Dam: Pinehurst Sweet Freedom EX-90 Lifetime: 90,130m 4.4 3983f 3.4 3079p

15th Dam: Audrey Posch EX-93-2E GMD Lifetime: 227,909m 3.8 9039f

8th Dam: Pinehurst Sweet Delight EX-91-3E GMD Lifetime: 151,600m 4.0 6116f 3.2 4907p 9th Dam: Pinehurst Rapture EX-96-4E GMD Lifetime: 160,790m 3.9 6337f 10th Dam: Pinehurst Fragrance EX-90-2E Lifetime: 131,700m 3.5 4659f

765 E. Rock Grove Road, Orangeville, IL 61060 Bob & Kaye: (815) 819-7282 � milrmor@aeroinc.net Lorilee: (515) 290-0453 � lorileeschultz@gmail.com Follow us on Facebook at Mil R Mor Farm! MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 11

Spring Opportunities. . . Both are Daughters by Artist from Andorra and the earliest daughters sired by 94HO18700 Stone-Front Artist.


Born 9-1-18 +3.44 PTAT In the Iowa Heifer Raffle on March 16th in West Union


Born 9-1-2018 +3.53PTAT Sells in the Quest for Success March 9th at the Great Northern



Rick & Kathy Demmer 6222 Sundown Road Peosta, IA52068

Riley: 563.451.8009 Royce: 563.542.5291 Regan: 563.542.8101

2-05 2 365 21,540 4.8 1043 3.5 754 3-11 2 71 5,793 4.3 248 3.3 191 Inc Over 40 Embryos exported Worldwide to date Doorman x KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET

12 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

Kyle: 563.451.5376 Rick: 563.542.5073 rkleola@yousq.net

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 27

Convention ticket sales have opened From Corey Geiger, Convention Co-chair


Hotel during their day of Dairy Jeopardy, Prepared Public Speaking, and many more Monday events.

We are pleased to announce tickets sales have opened for the 2019 National Holstein Convention headquartered at the Red Lion Paper Valley Hotel. There are a number of exciting events to choose from during the week. Choose early, however, as a number of events have limited ticket sales. Go to www.2019holsteinconventionwi.com to complete your online ticket order. Junior Welcome and Sundae Bar, Sunday, June 23 Iconic Culver’s frozen custard, with all the fixings, will anchor an evening filled with mixer games and learning how to improve your leadership game. Coach Steve Jones will challenge juniors to become influential leaders and share how to grow a winning culture. This high school teacher and head football coach should know as his Kimberly Papermaker football team has compiled a 1006 record that included five straight consecutive Division 1 Wisconsin Championships. Topping the event off will be the annual state-by-state exchange where juniors bring their favorite items from their home state to share with others. Pre-Convention Farm Tours, Monday, June 24 Join us on this pre-convention tour to witness the diversity of Wisconsin dairy farms. From a robot dairy to a conventional tiestall barn and a showplace, you will see legendary Holsteins at each stop. We will end the day with a visit to one of the Midwest’s largest dairies which will demonstrate how “America’s Dairyland” has it all when visiting Jenlar Holsteins, Forest Ridge Holsteins, Budjon Farms and Rosendale Dairy. Two price options exist: $40 for the meal and bus ride, or $20 for the meal only. Fox River Boat Cruise and Historic Home Tour, Monday, June 24 This river cruise is a chartered event limited to 70 guests. The historic Fox River and the bay of Green Bay were home to the oldest European settlements on the entire Great Lakes established by French explorers. This exclusive river cruise will explore natural shore lines, landscapes, and the historic homes along the Fox River. One such home is the Hazelwood Historic House. Placed on the National Register of Historic places by the U.S. Department of Interior in 1964, guests will go on a guided tour of this exquisite property. Lunch will be at Fratellos Riverfront Restaurant with breathtaking views of the Fox River. Junior and Adult Luncheon, Monday, June 24 Juniors and adults can refuel with a splendid pasta bar at the Red Lion Pre-Convention Farm Tours

14- MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

Badger Sports Park

Junior Fun at the Badger Sports Park, Monday, June 24 Opportunities galore to mix with juniors from across the country. Attendees can choose from go-karts, 18-hole mini-golf, batting cages, laser tag, inflatables, a mini bowling alley, and so much more. There will be a tailgate-style picnic with burgers, brats and all the fixings. A short tenminute ride via bus from the hotel, this event is a great way to conclude Monday’s fun-filled day. Host Farm Tours, Tuesday, June 25 The Host Day tours focus on modern breeding operations. Learn from four dairies that are using all the tools to breed and market world-class genetics. Capping it off, we will have lunch at the new $13-million Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center, which truly makes this a must attend event. Staggered start tour times will allow an enhanced viewing experience on the tours of MilkSource Genetics, Synergy Dairy, Siemers Holstein and Hilrose Dairy, LLC. Goats and Glass Tour, Tuesday, June 25 LaClare Farms sets the standard for goat milk dairy products, with a full line of award winning specialty and artisan cheeses that will accompany lunch. Among the most modern goat dairies in the world, goats are milked in a double 24 parlor and housed in a freestall barn with outdoor access to paddocks of fresh grass. The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass is revered among glass communities worldwide featuring over 3,500 objects. The BergstromMahler staff will give guests a guided tour of this unique collection that has accreditations from the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, the Glass Art Society, and the Paperweight Collector’s Association. Farm Wisconsin and NEW Zoo, Tuesday, June 25 Go beyond the barnyard at the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center. This $13-million facility and interactive exhibits will entertain attendees about Wisconsin’s diverse agricultural industry. Juniors and adults alike can drive the combine simulator and learn to balance farming and the environment with its kinetic sand water ways exhibit. After lunch at the Discovery Center, we head to the NEW Zoo at Green Bay. The Insider’s Encounter at the NEW Zoo will take us behind the scenes to see how animals’ nutrition needs are met and how veterinarians provide care for the wildlife. Farm and Float Tour, Tuesday, June 25 Looking for a mix of farm and fun? Come enjoy the day at Brooks Farms Host Day Farm tours

and the beautiful Little Wolf River for an afternoon of tubing fun. Brooks Farms is a recently expanded 700-cow facility. Highlights include a new double-16 herringbone parlor, automatic feed pusher, calf-feeding system and a focus on growing their Registered Holstein operation. From there, you will head to Little Wolf River to take in a fun and relaxing river trip through a mix of mild rapids along with quiet drifting areas. The tour will wrap up with a picnic lunch at the campground, complete with a campfire and s’mores. Family Night near Lambeau Field, Tuesday, June 25 With Legendairy Lambeau Field in full view, convention goers will enjoy a meal in true Wisconsin fashion — a hog roast with tenderloin steak sandwiches will anchor the dinner that will include all of Wisconsin’s favorite foods. A fullservice bar is included with the ticket purchase so convention goers can enjoy the Badger State’s famed old fashioned cocktails, Wisconsin-made wine or the beverage that made nearby Milwaukee famous, beer. Juniors and adults alike can play tailgate games or venture to the Titletown District just a short walk away with its loads of free games and playground equipment. Lambeau Field Tours can be purchased for an additional $12, but order tour tickets fast as the Lambeau staff can only handle the first 350 registrants. Botanical Gardens and Shopping Extravaganza, Wednesday, June 26 While at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens, guests will enjoy an herbal adventure that includes tastes and treats, remedies and recipes. As part of the adventure, guests will take home an herbal infused honey or scrub. After lunch at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens, the tour will continue with several area shopping destinations guided by event co-chairs Darlene Buhr and Krista Knigge. National Genetics Conference, June 26 and June 27 Thanks to generous sponsorships, dairy cattle enthusiasts can attend this dynamic meeting as guests of the 2019 National Holstein Convention. Featuring national and international speakers, along with farmer-breeder panels, the conference will kick off at 1 p.m. Wednesday and recess at 4:30 p.m. The meeting will reconvene at 7:30 a.m. Thursday and conclude at noon. All we ask is that you sign up for your name badge to gain admission. Cows 2 Careers, Wednesday, June 26 Borrowing a great idea from Michigan, we will host the second annual Cows 2 Careers for juniors on Wednesday. This 90-minute session will give juniors a chance to learn about the wide breadth of careers in our dynamic industry. The luncheon will include an incredible taco bar. The National Junior Genetics Conference, Wednesday, June 26 With some of the brightest minds already at Convention, we planned an action-packed, two-hour session on Wednesday afternoon geared specifically to juniors to inspire them to breed great cows or pursue a career in science and genetics. National Holstein Convention Pre-Sale Tailgate and Meal, Wednesday, June 26 The Convention theme, “Making Legendairy Leaps” will truly come to life when Holsteins and football come together at this event held on sight at the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center

Farm and Float

Fox Cities Exhibition Center. The sale spirit gets started with a tailgate party including a splendid display of Wisconsin’s finest award-winning cheeses, along with cheese carvings. A special treat will be Wisconsin’s famous deep-fried cheese curds! The first-half sale will feature some of the highest genomic Registered Holsteins in the U.S. To get the first-half sale event rolling, Wisconsin’s very own Chris Kroeze, “The Voice” runner-up from the most recent season, will sing his rendition of our nation’s Star Spangled Banner. The halftime dinner will feature some of Wisconsin’s stadium favorites: bratwurst, burgers, wings, steak fries, and all the fixings. The second half sale of live animals will feature high-type, deep-pedigreed Registered Holsteins to please even the most discriminating buyers. To begin the second-half sale crescendo, Chris Kroeze will perform “America the Beautiful.” Junior Dance, Wednesday, June 26 With the competitions wrapped up, it will be time to have some fun. Take in the excitement at the Junior Dance. The dance will be held on site during the sale so the kids can enjoy while the adults take in the sale festivities. An energetic and interactive DJ, photo booth, and variety of games will keep kids of all ages entertained! Dairy Girl Network Luncheon, Thursday, June 27 Open to everyone, Thursday’s luncheon will bring both men and women together to learn and share ideas about building positive and inclusive teams on our farms and beyond. Junior Awards Banquet, Thursday, June 27 Celebrate Juniors from across the country who are making their own “Legendairy Leaps.” Enjoy a meal that consists of oven-roasted chicken, beef tips with buttered noodles, and so much more. Please note, this year the Distinguished Junior Member Finalists will be honored at the Thursday night’s Gala Banquet. Making Legendairy Leaps Gala Banquet, Thursday, June 27 Join us as we gather together to celebrate the “Legendairy” accomplishments of our industry. The Gala will bring this fantastic week in Wisconsin to a full climax as we will recognize the Elite Breeder, the Distinguished Young Breeder, the Distinguished Service Award, and the six Distinguished Junior Member Finalists. The social hour will include hors d’oeuvres, entertainment, and a full-service bar. Attendees will have the choice of Sliced Roasted Sirloin or Ballotine Asiago Chicken, and dessert. The voice of Lambeau Field, Mr. Bill Jartz will preside over the event as we also look back on influential industry legends that have paved the way. Young Dairy Leaders Institute 25th Bash, Friday June 28: YDLI has been inspiring the next generation of leaders for 25 years. Whether you are a YDLI alumni or you are considering applying for the leadership conference, come Thursday evening and Friday to build your leadership skills and interact with some of the brightest minds in our industry from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Again, to place online ticket orders, go to: www.2019holsteinconventionwi. com/register. Family Night

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 15

Registration & Ticket Order Form 2019 NATIONAL HOLSTEIN CONVENTION Appleton, Wisconsin • June 23 – June 28, 2019 Registration Deadline: June 1, 2019 • Tickets are non-refundable $50 late fee for registrations postmarked after May 25, 2019 TICKET SALES CLOSE JUNE 1 ADULT AND JUNIOR CONVENTION HEADQUARTERS


RED LION HOTEL PAPER VALLEY 333 West College Avenue, Appleton WI 54911 TOLL FREE: 844.248.7467 Single: $114; Double: $124; Triple: $134; Quad: $144 • Rates plus 15% tax

The Appleton International Airport (ATW) is located approximately

Ask for Holstein Association Room Rate - group code HOLSTEIN

Paper Valley appreciates knowing in advance the flight information

6 miles from the convention headquarters. To coordinate their transportation efforts and ensure better service, The Red Lion Hotel


of guests requesting shuttle service to/from ATW. Contact them

300 West College Avenue, Appleton WI 54911 920.749.0303 • Rates plus 15% tax

with your flight info (arrival time, flight # and carrier name) and

Ask for Holstein Association Room Rate - promocode NHC0618

they will use this to track your flight. The hotel asks you to call


920.733.8000 upon arrival to confirm shuttle pick-up.

ADULT REGISTRATION FORM Registrant Name(s) (please print)

1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

l Special needs: ___________________ ___________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________________State ___________ Zip ________________________________ Phone ___________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________

JUNIOR REGISTRATION FORM Registrant Name (please print)

l Special needs: ___________________ ___________________

Name ____________________________________________________________________________ Age _____________ Address _____________________________________ City ____________________ State _______ Zip ______________

Phone ___________________________________ Email ___________________________________________________ Chaperone On-site Chaperone ____________________________________ Cell phone # _____________________________ Official Junior Convention T-Shirts, please indicate adult size: Small Medium Large XL XXL

All youth under the age of 22 attending the National Junior Holstein Convention must complete the following forms: CONVENTION PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT FOR JUNIORS


To be eligible to participate at the National Holstein Convention and in any Convention-sponsored or related activities, all Junior registrants must sign this Agreement and abide by the forms and rules included in this agreement. Failure to honor any one of these rules may subject registrant to immediate revocation of Convention participation and of the opportunity to participate in Convention-related or sponsored activities and events. The following rules apply to all Junior participants: 1. Participants must demonstrate good citizenship and adhere to the highest standards of conduct at all times. 2. No participant shall engage in any behavior prohibited by national, state or local laws. 3. At all Convention-related activities and events, including the time in transit, the rules of conduct specified by adult chaperones and advisors must be observed. 4. All participants acknowledge and accept the right of the host state Junior Program Committee and the board of directors of the host state and Holstein Association USA, Inc. and their staff, adult advisors and chaperones to establish and enforce rules for Convention participation and for all Convention-related activities and events. 5. For purposes of this Agreement, the Chairman of the host state Junior Program Committee shall have responsibility, with other representatives appointed by him/her or by the host State Association, to oversee the fair application and enforcement of the rules for Junior participants, in accordance with these procedures: a. Explain the alleged violation and present evidence of the violation to the reported violator. b. Provide the reported violator an opportunity to respond to the allegations. c. Therefore, it shall be the sole discretion of the representative group to decide if the allegations are substantiated and determine an appropriate penalty, which may include revocation of Convention participation privileges and a report of the violations to the National and State Associations. 6. Participant and his/her parents/guardians accept financial responsibility for the cost of the enforcement of the agreement and of any damage to persons or property caused by the participant. 7. The use or possession of any alcoholic beverage or controlled substance is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. 8. I have read and understand the rules and agreement above, and agree to accept and faithfully abide by them. ________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Junior

_______________ Date

____________________________________________________________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian (signature of Coach or Chaperone not acceptable)

______________ Date

I give permission for emergency care to be sought for _______________________________________________________________________ at a physician’s office, clinic or hospital if the parent or guardian cannot be reached in the event of illness or injury. I hereby release the hospital, its medical staff, nursing staff and physician from any liability that may arise out of any medical procedure performed pursuant to this consent form that is necessary for proper treatment of medical emergency. I understand that I am financially responsible for charges and hereby guarantee full payment to the attending physician and/or health care unit. Birthdate: ______________________________________________________________ Please list any food or drugs to which the above named is allergic: _______________________________________________________________________ Please list any other information, medical or physical that should be known: ______________________________________________________________________ I further give my permission for the above named to participate in activities planned for Junior members at the National Holstein Convention and agree to release the Holstein Association USA, Inc., the host state, and any others assisting in hosting this convention from any claim for injuries or damage of any nature sustained while participating in such activities. _____________________________________________ ______________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian Date _______________________________________________________________________ Telephone number(s) to contact in case of emergency, include area code

CONVENTION CONTACTS: STATE & NATIONAL Laura Wackershauser, Registration Chair 608.356.2114 • wisholsteins@gmail.com Corey Geiger & Krista Knigge, Conv. Co-Chairs • 920-650-0294 • cgeiger@uwalumni.com Kristen Broege, Junior Chair • 608.356.2114 • kristenb@wisholsteins.com Kelli Dunklee, Holstein Association USA • 802.451.4124 • kdunklee@holstein.com 16 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: “2019 National Convention” and send check with completed form to: Wisconsin Holstein Association, 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 REGISTER ONLINE:


2019 National Holstein Convention ADULT & JUNIOR SCHEDULE OF EVENTS & TICKET ORDER FORM Appleton, Wisconsin • June 23 – 28, 2019

Visit www.2019holsteinconventionwi.com for up-to-date National Convention information. * All times are subject to change and all tours subject to cancellation. Tickets are non-refundable

Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday, June 26 (continued)

Sunday, June 23 6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Dairy Jeopardy Orientation Junior Welcome and Sundae Bar No. ____ @ $5 pp __________

Monday, June 24 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (limit 70 guests)

10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. 5:40 p.m. – 6:10 p.m. 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

7:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 8:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 4:45 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 5:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (limit 350 guests)

Noon – 12:50 p.m.

1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (must preregister)

2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (must preregister)

4:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (must preregister)

7:30 a.m. – Noon (must preregister)

8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Noon – 1:20 p.m. (all are welcome)

12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Age 12 and under

Host Day Farm Tours No. ____@ $40 pp __________ Farm Wisconsin and Zoo No. ____@ $40 pp __________ NHWSO Silent Auction Junior Farm and Float Tour No. ____@ $40 pp __________ Goats and Glass Tour No. ____@ $55 pp __________ Family Night near Lambeau Field No. ____@ $30 pp __________ Lambeau Field Tour No. ____@ $12 pp __________

Botanical Gardens and Shopping Extravaganza No. ____@ $60 pp __________ Adult Luncheon No. ____@ $20 pp __________ Juniors Cows 2 Careers Luncheon No. ____@ $15 pp __________ National Genetics Conference No. ____@ free pp __________ Junior National Genetics Conference No. ____@ free pp __________ Convention Pre-Sale Tailgate and Meal No. ____@ $30 pp __________ Junior Dance & Games No. ____@ free pp __________

Thursday, June 27

Over age 12

Wednesday, June 26 8:00 a.m. – Noon 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Noon – 1:30 p.m. Dairy Jeopardy Contest NHWSO Interviews DJM Interviews Preconvention Farm Tours (bus & meal) No. ____@ $40 pp __________ Preconvention Farm Tours (meal only) No. ____@ $20 pp __________ Fox River Boat Cruise, and Hazelwood Historic Home Tour No. ____@ $65 pp __________ Prepared Public Speaking Contest DJM Luncheon (Invitation only) Junior & Adult Luncheon No. ____@ $20 pp __________ Dairy Knowledge Exam Dairy Bowl Coaches’ Meeting Junior Mixer at Badger Sports Park No. ____@ $30 pp __________

Tuesday, June 25 6:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Junior Events

1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

National Genetics Conference No. ____@ free pp __________ Dairy Bowl Finals & National Junior Forum Trade Show NHWSO Silent Auction Dairy Girl Network Luncheon w/speaker No. ____@ $15 pp __________ Junior Awards Luncheon No. ____@ $25 pp __________ No. ____@ $15 pp __________ Annual Meeting Adult Social Hour YDLI Cocktail Reception Making Legendairy Leaps Gala Banquet Beef No. _____ @ $40 pp __________ Chicken No. _____ @ $40 pp __________

Friday, June 28 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

YDLI Dairy Leadership Summit No. _____ @ $150 pp __________ Guests No. _____ @ $250 pp __________ 7:00 p.m. YDLI Dinner & Band-Wisconsin Discovery Ctr. (stand alone ticket) No. _____ @ $50 pp _____ YDLI Alumni


Annual Meeting & Regional Caucuses Dairy Bowl Contest NHWSO Silent Auction Trade Show

Postmarked after May 25, 2019

Event Subtotal


Late Fee $50.00


Total Enclosed $


Please make check payable to “Wisconsin Holstein Association” and send check with completed form to: Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 REGISTER ONLINE:


MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 17


33rd ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 16, 2019 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega, Wis. Fairgrounds





EX-94 2E EX-MS 4th 6-Year-Old & Older, WDE 2018 3-08 2x 365 35,290 4.0 1418 3.2 1137

EX-90 DOM 3-06 2x 365 40,050 4.2 1683 2.8 1125

EX-95 3E EX-MS 5-07 2x 365 34,690 3.5 1233 3.3 1156

EX-95 2E EX-MS 5-06 2x 365 40,500 4.1 1646 3.0 1231




EX-94 5-04 2x 365 36,160 4.3 1542 3.2 1162

EX-90 EX-MS 2-03 2x 329 23,986 4.6 1098 3.8 856

EX-92 2E EX-MS 4-05 2x 305 28,306 4.0 1138 3.3 921

A Crush winter calf sells from an EX Bruin has been a perennial showring Mogul with 30,980 4.4 1349. 2nd contender. Her flashy Avalanche fall dam EX-91 Toystory, then Annabell. calf sells. Ryan & Luedtke Majestic View, Shore & Connery

A Solomon fall calf sells from the Future’s spring yearling Beemer sells. GP-83 2Y Atwood granddaughter of 2nd dam VG-85 Sid, then 5 more Darla Rae. 2nd dam a VG-87 Guthrie. generations VG or EX. Scientific Wachtendonk

Hotsy Totsy’s winter yearling Solomon A January Artist sells from a VG-88 sells. Granddam 2E-92 Linjet with Armani with 30,670 4.8 1470. 2nd 25,730 4.0 1032. Next 8 dams VG or dam VG-88 Aftershock, then Escence. EX. Juckem Buttles

Dixie is a Goldwyn from the Adeens. Dam VG-89 EX-MS Durham, next 2 dams 2E-94. Dixie’s summer yearling Brewmaster sells. Holmland

MAYERLANE BRADNICK DANACA-ET This fancy Bradnick fall calf from the Adeens sells. Her dam is a 2E-90 Aftershock from Ky-Blue GW Debbie 3E-94. Pure Pride





EX-91 EX-MS 3-03 3x 330 29,580 3.6 1051 3.1 911

VG-87 2-01 3x 305 25,370 3.6 904 3.1 792

VG-89 EX-MS GMD DOM 4-09 2x 365 41,950 3.9 1640 3.1 1300

EX-93 3E 3-02 2x 32,060 4.3 1387 3.0 969

A red June ’18 Archive-Red sells A winter yearling Solomon sells from from 6445’s VG-86 2-year-old Golden this Atwood. 2nd dam VG-85 Planet Dreams. Great state fair heifer! with 158,580 4.0 6291 lifetime. Synergy Jacob Maier

Mojo is a full sister to Mr Mogul Delta. A Sid calf sells from Josephine’s A +2685G Tarrino fall calf sells from EX-91 Goldwyn. Next 3 dams 3E-93 Mojo’s GP-84 Kingboy with 34,960 Skychief, 2E-94, VG-88. Vomastic 3.6 1251 3.1 1075. Prososki

More Exciting Offerings... • Holmland sends a typey Callen winter yearling from an EX-91 Braxton. 2nd dam VG-87 Durham. • Jim Hoskens sends a September 1 Boost calf. Dam GP-83 2Y Madmax, 2nd dam VG-88 Windbrook. • A spring yearling Chrome sells from B-Long. Dam VG-88 with 1443F, 2nd dam VG-86 GMD with 36,540 1299F.

We will be having an auction to benefit the Waupaca-Waushara Junior Holstein Association.

Waupaca-Waushara Holstein Breeders will be offering a 5% rebate to any WI Junior Holstein member purchasing a calf at the sale.To qualify, juniors must be a state member by March 1, 2019. Watch for the catalog & sale updates on Facebook - facebook.com/wwholsteins/ KML

20 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

33rd ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 16, 2019 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega, Wis. Fairgrounds




EX-91 EX-MS 4-04 2x 365 29,910 4.0 1198 3.2 972

Junior Champion, WDE R&W 2016

EX-90 3-09 2x 341 31,990 5.1 1511 3.9 1253

A red Jordy spring yearling cousin to Althea is the dam of Ammo-P at ABS. Lady In-Red sells. Dam is a 2-year-old Her September ’18 Redburst sells. Diamondback from Contender Lynn 2nd dam VG-87 Shottle, then Apple EX-90. Booth EX-96. Bricco

From this clone of Apple EX-96 comes a red Lotus fall calf. Full sister was high seller of the 2018 sale. Milksource

MS MAUK-E-WAY ROSA-RED-ET Nom. Junior AA R&W Spring Calf ’18

Rosa’s June 2018 Unstoppabull sister sells. Their dam is a 2E-90 Demello with 26,260 5.1 1331, 2nd dam is a 2E-93 full sister to Rosedale Lexington EX-95. Booth




EX-90 EX-MS 3-10 2x 365 32,080 4.0 1299 3.5 1122

VG-87 DOM 2-00 2x 365 34,290 4.6 1566 3.5 1200

VG-86 2-02 2x 365 28,710 4.0 1152 3.2 924

5-11 2x 236 30,981 4.8 1738 3.0 926 inc.

Maui is a full sister to Mr Moviestar Mardi Gras. Dam is VG-86 GMD. Maui’s winter yearling by Alta Superstar sells. ALH Genetics

Arouse is projected over 2000F. A summer yearling King Royal from Arouse sells. Backed by 9 more generations VG or EX. Amanda Partners

Regina is the granddam of AI sires A July ’18 King Doc sells from Reeve-Red and Ronald *RC. A June Evelyn’s VG-88 EX-MS Delta with ’18 Boost sells from her VG-85 *RC 28,260 4.5 1302. Mayerlane Yoder. Buttles & Schneller


More Exciting Offerings... • Jim Sattler consigns a summer yearling Uno Daniel *RC from a VG Sanchez with 26,320M. 2nd dam also VG. • Ryan-Vu offers a summer yearling Door Andres from a GP Pulaski, then 2E-90 Fever, EX-93, and EX-92 dams. • A September 2018 +2585 Pharo from a 2-year-old Modesty sells. 2nd dam GP-82 Kingboy, then EX-90 Uno. Hintz • A spring yearling Solomon from an EX-90 Damion, EX-92 Braxton, VG-87 Sanchez, EX-91 Goldwyn and EX-96 Leader Melanie. Moede & Ledvina • Steve Maier sends a red Diamondback that was 6th fall calf at the 2018 Wisconsin State Fair R&W Show. Dams GP by Contender & Redliner. • A fancy red Apple-Crisp sells from the Enhancer Alicias. Dam a VG-87 Archive, next 2 dams EX-91. Hilrose • Get a fancy fall calf by Scientific Doppler, +3.27T. Dam is a VG Big Time with 20,260 4.3 875. Holmland • Bret Long offers a summer yearling Solomon. Dam a VG-88 EX-MS Sanchez with 35,020 3.8 1332F. 2nd dam VG-87. • A Beemer winter calf sells from Dajeda. Dam is a VG-88 Attic with 27,890 4.0 1114. 2nd dam GP-84 Colby. • Buy a high type Diamondback fall calf from a VG-86 Golden Dreams, next dam by Sid, then 2 EX-92 dams. Giese • Adam Borchert sends an Awesome fall calf. Dam a VG Bradnick, 2nd dam VG Pagewire with 39,050M 1299F. • Crystal-Oak sends an Impression fall calf from a GP-82 2-year-old Thunder. Next 4 dams VG or EX. • Gene Drought is donating two #2 sexed Tatoo embryos from an 2E-92 Damion for the junior auction. 2nd dam 3E-94 Outside, then 3E-95 Muddy Water.

SALE STAFF: Sale Chairman: Justin Hintz 715-851-0049 Jim Hoskens, Pedigrees 920-366-7153 Darrell Worden, Auctioneer 715-842-8098 Ringmen: Jay Jauquet 920-639-6408 Lynn Harbaugh 920-420-1524

For catalogs, contact: Dick Piechowski e-mail: holmlandfarms@gmail.com; Ph: 715-258-2757 Watch for the catalog & sale updates on Facebook - facebook.com/wwholsteins/ KML

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 21

Moyer Wins Michigan Holstein Association Outstanding Young Breeder Award

By Carla Wardin Brent Moyer is the 2019 winner of the Michigan Holstein Association (MHA) Outstanding Young Breeder award. When he was nine years old, Moyer fell in love with dairy cows on his uncle’s farm. In 2008, he moved to his current location and joined Paramount Enterprises, LLC., with his partner Brent Robinson. They now have 1800 cows and 1400 younger head. The 90 percent registered herd has a rolling average of 26,134 pounds of milk, 1,049 pounds of fat and 818 pounds of protein. He has 243 cows that have given over 100,000 pounds in their lifetime, with the highest at 285,655 lifetime pounds in her ninth lactation. In the last six years he’s bred five Excellent and 48 Very Good cows, and he developed four Excellent and 27 Very Good cows. The highest is scored 93 points. He has also bred or developed numerous All-American nominations. Out of all of his titles, the Outstanding Young Breeder award stands out. “This award holds a lot of meaning to me,” Moyer said. “I’m humbled, because it’s a reflection of how my peers feel about our farm. I certainly wasn’t expecting it.” Moyer has been developing his Holstein herd for a number of years. Prior to 2006, he was working as a herd manager at a dairy and had his own herd in a tie stall barn. Some of his focus was on show types. When he began farming with Brent Robinson, they started discussing why registered cows were important.

“We figured we’re going to be doing this for a long time, so we didn’t want to look at ugly cows... If you don’t enjoy what you’re looking at, it’s hard to enjoy what you’re doing.” “My thought was that you can base an entire herd off three or four cow families. I focused on what I want in a cow, which is eye appeal, a nice front end, a good udder, and what I call natural dairy strength. I like ones that look like they could go in the show ring, but instead of being 65 inches tall, are 60-62 inches. Great big cows don’t work,” he said. Moyer said since neither he nor Robinson came from a farming family that was handing anything down, they milked any cows they could to get started. After awhile, though, that model wasn’t working for them. “We figured we’re going to be doing this for a long time, so we didn’t want to look at ugly cows,” Moyer said. 22 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

MHA President Tim Baker (left) presents Brent Moyer with the Outstanding Young Breeder Award at the 2019 MHA annual meeting held in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

To positively develop the herd, they implemented an SCR system, and Moyer took on the breeding responsibilities himself. “We focused on higher type bulls and higher component bulls. Since we started, we have evolved tremendously. I would say it’s a completely different herd,” he said. “I’m working to produce the kind of cows that best fit our environment.” Like all Michigan dairies, Moyer has to adapt his plans to the changing economy. Paramount has also begun partnering with Goma Dairy, owned by Gert and Gertie Van Den Goor, and the blending of the farms, called Green Point Dairy, LLC., is allowing for even more efficiencies. “First, we’re making sure each facility has the proper focus and the right people are in the right places. Second, if we have the money, we buy something, but we’re not financing everything,” he said. “We try to remain as efficient as possible and do the best we can without doing any extra spending.” In 2019, Moyer plans on continuing his breeding program and building a high-quality herd. “Our plan moving forward is to keep the best of our cows at our dairy,” Moyer said. “If we can take the best cows and get daughters out of them, that’s really the kind of cows we want. We’d explore doing a little bit extra, like embryo transfer, with those 100-150 cows to get more that fit the mold.” He concluded, “If you don’t enjoy what you’re looking at, it’s hard to enjoy what you’re doing.”

Minnesota’s Directory of Services Dairyland Supply Specializing in TMR Mixers and Manure Handling Equipment

Phone: (605) 467-0812 centralvalleydairy@yahoo.com www.dairyandfarmsupply.com


25438 County Road 25 Lewiston, MN 55952 (507)-523-3723

Kory Bigalk D.V.M. 50 2nd Ave NW, Plainview, MN 55964 diamond.k.genetics@gmail.com

Hubbard Feeds Mankato: (800) 247-0730 Alexandria: (800) 892-8570 Worthington: (800) 533-5240 www.hubbardfeeds.com

Watertown Golwyn Rena ET EX-90

• Ashley Swenson, DVM • David Duxbury, DVM

“Providing Wisconsin and Minnesota with complete Embryo Transfer Services.”

Email: nancy@midwestembryotransfer.com In WI: 715-268-9900 • In MN: 952-737-9028 Cell: 715-377-2900 • Fax: 715-294-4994 493 Simmon Drive, Suite 4, Osceola, WI 54020


71st Illinois PDCA All-Breeds Calf Sale Saturday, April 13, 2019 • Champaign Co. Fairgrounds • Urbana 11am Showmanship Workshop • 12pm PDCA Spring Annual Meeting • 12:30pm Sale Starts

More Exciting Consignments: 9/18 Beemer x VG-85 Shottle x VG-86 Durham back to Chief Adeen EX-94-2E DOM. Bressner 11/18 Mogul x VG-88 Brokaw x EX-90 Roy back to the Adeens. Indian Creek

12/18 Solomon x EX-92-2E Dundee x EX-92-3E Gibson x Elegance EX-96-3E GMD DOM. R-Vision 12/18 RED Addiction-P x VG-87 Talent x EX-95-2E Outside. Powell & Erdman

Ms Apples Aria-ET*RC EX-92-2E 6/18 Surge daughter sells from Aria. Next dam is Apple-Red EX-96-4E DOM. Golden Oaks

Farnear-TBR American-Red-ET EX-92-2E All-American R&W Aged Cow 2017 Her 12/18 Diamondback sells! Telgmann

9/18 King Tut x GP-83 Adonis x EX-94-3E Dundee. Engel 10/18 Tatoo x Daniel x VG Olympian. Engel 12/18 Big Flavor x Saturn x GP Atwood. Engel 12/18 Big Flavor x Atwood x EX Advent. Engel 9/18 Solomon x EX-91 Toystory from Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96-2E GMD DOM. Red Carpet 12/18 RC Doorman x EX Hvezda. Red Carpet 9/18 Solomon x GP-83 McApple x VG-88 Big Gun. Mitchell 12/18 Deman x VG-88 Goldstar x VG-85 Windbrook. R-Homestead

Luck-E SS Mercedes-ET*RC EX-94 9/18 RC Ammo-P sells from a VG-85 Altitude daughter of Mercedes. Engel

Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96-4E Denver Fall Calf sells from a Lotus x VG-87 Destry daughter of Redrose. Schluter

12/18 RED Unstopabull x Diamondback x EX-94-2E Reality. Lenkaitis 6/18 Rainy x VG-86 Alexander x VG-88 Jasper. K-Lane 12/18 Marvel x GP-83 Durango x VG-88 Dempsey x EX-92 Advent. B-J-Grove 9/18 Marvel x VG-87 Gold Chip x VG-87 Alexander. Gueldener 9/18 Pizazz x Baseball x Planet. Doll 9/18 King Doc x VG-85 Baymont with over 32,000M. Michels 3/18 Gold Chip x VG-87 Lucius x EX-91 Cimaron. Reed

Mohrfield Supra Precious EX-94-3E 12/18 Doorman sells x Windhammer x VG-85 Atwood x Precious. Carter

Holbric Talent Constance EX-93-2E 9/18 Vogue sells from VG-88 Elegant x EX-92 Destry x Constance. Holbric

6/18 Dempsey x VG-88-2Y Doorman x VG-87 ManOMan. Reed 9/18 Crush x GP-83 Redburst. Hill 6/18 Dexter x VG-85 Adonis. Mulderink 12/18 Diamondback x VG Meridian x EX Atwood x EX-93-3E Roy. Carter 9/18 Corvette x VG-86 Atwood x EX Sid. Bluff-Ridge 12/18 Kingstar x VG-85 Alexander x VG-88 Gold Chip x EX-92 Bolivia. Golden Oaks March 2019 calves will also sell from Golden Oaks & Weis

Miss Duplex Reno-ET EX-92-2E Potential 16th generation EX sells from Reno’s EX-90 Shottle sired by Goldwyn. Mil-R-Mor

26 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

Holbric Linjet Roxette EX-92-2E 6/18 Stronger grand-daughter of Roxette sells. Dam is a GP-83 Godlwyn. Shanks

Catalogs: Gene McCoy 217-840-0157 or Darren Ropp 815-848-3424 Catalog available after 3/23 on www.illinoisholsteins.com & www.dairyagendatoday.com Online bidding with COWBUYER

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 27

South Dakota State University offers state-of-the-art research and processing facilities, acclaimed faculty and great opportunities in dairy production, dairy manufacturing and food science.

WHY DAIRY & FOOD SCIENCE? - B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in dairy science and food science - Opportunities for work-study, internships and undergraduate research - Active Dairy Club, Dairy Judging Teams and Food Science Club - Over $150,000 in scholarships available annually - 100% JOB PLACEMENT! - Starting salaries over $45,000 - State-of-the-art Davis Dairy Plant and Dairy Research and Training Facility

Manufactured by SDSU students in the adjoining Davis Dairy Plant, our cow-to-cone ice cream process ensures visitors a memorable scoop. Food Network Magazine voted SDSU’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream as the best ice cream treat in South Dakota in 2013. Contact: Vikram V. Mistry – David A. Thompson Endowed Department Head and Professor

28- MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

vikram.mistry@sdstate.edu | www.sdstate.edu/ds | (605) 688-4116 printed on recycled paper

2018 Illinois Holstein Association Awards ILLINOIS HOLSTEIN OF THE YEAR

The 2018 Illinois Holstein of the Year Contest was held on the Illinois Holstein Association’s Facebook page and the winner was selected based on the number of “likes” received. This year’s contest received over 1,000 “likes” and reached over 9,500 people. The winner received 482 votes. She’s classified VG-89 as a 2-yr-old, and she received the following show winnings in 2018: Champion Bred & Owned, 1st Sr. 2-yr-old, Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion at the Illinois Championship Show, 1st Sr. 2-yr-old, Intermediate & Honorable Mention Grand Champion at Midwest Spring Red & White Show. For her new owners, Dennis & Keith Engel, she was 2nd Sr. 2-yr-old at the International Red & White Show at World Dairy Expo. Congratulations to Schluter Shelby Lee-Red, bred by Jim & Marvin Schluter. Marvin and Jim Schluter were presented with the 2018 Illinois Holstein of the Year award from Illinois Holstein The 2018 Service award winners are Bob and Kaye Miller. As young entrepreneurs the couple Board Member and Public Relations Chairman Aaron began Mil-R-Mor Farm in northern Illinois more than six decades ago. Valuing a close-knit Heinzmann and Illinois Holstein President Ed Smith


community, they eagerly committed themselves to supporting others in the Illinois Holstein industry. Supporting youth has always been important to them as Bob and Kaye have been ever present to help the next generations of Holstein enthusiasts. The couple has shared their passion for good cows and the value of hard work in pursuing your dreams. From serving in the show ring or sponsoring awards, Bob and Kaye have always been ready and willing to lend a hand when needed. In addition to their involvement on various committees and helping at Illinois Holstein events, Bob also served as Illinois Holstein Association President in 1991-1992. Together, Bob and Kaye bred over 200 excellent cows and numerous state and national production leaders. They developed C Glenridge Citation Roxy - 97 into one of the greatest brood cows of all time and her descendants can be found in every corner of the globe. From pioneering embryo transfer in the 1970’s to judging Holsteins in Australia in the 2010’s Bob and Kaye have been world-recognized leaders. They remain humble and appreciative of all the opportunities Holsteins have given them. One of their greatest joys is being part of a wonderful family that values the farm legacy they built. We thank them for all their contributions to the dairy industry and the Holstein breed, and most of all, for enriching our lives with their friendship.

Bob and Kaye Miller were presented with the 2018 Illinois Holstein Distinguished Service Award from David Butler and Illinois Holstein President Ed Smith


This year’s Senior Breeder Award goes to a man whose extreme love of the Holstein breed has fortunately been reflected in his herd’s quality and longevity over the past 40 years. He’s bred many champions both in the show ring and out over these years. Some of these champions include: Grand Champion of the Illinois State Fair in 2017, a show herd that was awarded Premier Breeder & Exhibitor at both the Illinois State Show & State Fair in 2013, the 2006 Supreme Champion of the Illinois State Fair, an EX-95-3E Grand Champion in 2001, and of course the 1989 All-American Produce of Dam. Overall this breeder has claimed nearly 10 Premier Breeder Awards; several Grand Champions; four 2 Year-Old Futurity Winners and six 5 Year-Old Futurity Winners. His current BAA is 111.2 on 69 cows, ranking them 54th overall on the top 200 and 9th for their herd size. David Butler was presented with the 2018 While his list of accomplishments is long, his most important role will always be their caretaker. Illinois Holstein Senior Breeder Award from Illinois Whether it’s making sure each pen is freshly bedded every day, or waking up 3 times in the middle of the night to check on a cow that’s about to calve. Each and every cow has a special Holstein President Ed Smith pictured with his daughters Sarah Butler and Jackie Jansen and wife Karen place in his heart, and this love has extended down to his daughters Christie, Jackie and Sarah.


Her love of the Holstein cow and his desire to follow in his father and grandfather’s footsteps of being a dairy farmer met while they were active in the Illini Dairy Club at the University of Illinois. After graduating with degrees in Animal Science (Dairy) in the spring of 2005, they were joined in marriage in the fall of 2005 and began the journey of being Registered Holstein breeders and dairy farmers. After a year of dairy farming with his parents, the decision was made to join her parents at R-Homestead Holsteins. This year’s recipients of the Illinois Holstein Junior Breeder Award are Marc and Lora Hilgendorf of Nokomis. Marc and Lora’s desire to breed and be active in the dairy industry and especially in developing a top registered herd began with a working relationship at R-Homestead and today, they are making most of the management and breeding decisions. The herd has maintained a DHIR lactation average of over 24,000m 800f and 720p. They recently received a BAA of 109 with 10 EX Marc and Lora Hilgendorf were presented with the cows. A highlight of this past year was having a homebred cow receive EX-93 at 4-04! 2018 Illinois Holstein Junior Breeder Award from David Showing cattle has been a strong desire in both Marc and Lora. Although having never shown Butler and Illinois Holstein President Ed Smith cattle as a “youngster,” Marc caught the “bug” from Lora and enjoys being in the show ring. Lora, pictured with their children Landon, Kaylee and Logan to date, is the only Junior member to show both the Grand and Reserve Grand Champions at the Thank you to the Butler Family of Bluff-Ridge Holsteins for State Holstein Show in the same year, both were homebred cows. This love of showing has been sponsoring the Distinguished Service, Senior Breeder and Junior Breeder Awards in memory of Bob Butler! passed onto their children, Landon, 10, Kaylee, 8, and Logan, 5. 30 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019


s we go through life, we experience opportunities, challenges and successes! Zach: you have chosen to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, overcome the challenges and now have the success of being named the Wisconsin Holstein Boy 2018! We are so proud of this accomplishment! Mom & Dad, Carissa & Jesse

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

32 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

Tuesday, May 28 • 11:00 a.m. • Pine River, Wis. Mark your calendars now for this great offering of more than 150 head!

Budjon-Vail Doorman Superwoman-ET VG-88 EX-MS

Goldfawn Watchout Dempsey EX-93 EX-94MS

2-00 2x 351 28,394 4.0 1125 3.4 967

4-01 2x 294 28,700 4.6 1320 3.3 934

From the EX-96 All-American Goldwyn Subliminal, this Doorman has the udder you would expect! Superwoman has two McCuthchen daughters that are milking yearlings for 2019 and carrying Tattoo heifers. Superwoman will offer several daughters by Jordy and Corvette to be born in March 2019. Along with sexed embryos from these matings... The best of the best!

This seventh generation EX sells due to Doorman. The best part is she is from the WDE Supreme Champion Starbuck Winnie family! Watchout’s Beemer due right after the sale has tremendous potential for a Junior 2-year-old for 2019. All this along with her Solomon, a 2019 summer yearling that will take your breath away!

MDF Goldwyn Breezier 39-ET 2E-93 EEEEE

Opsal-Wlstar Dare Shot-ET 2E-94 EEEEE

4-02 2x 42,509 4.0 1691 3.0 1294

5-11 2x 365 58,177 3.5 2044 2.8 1647

From the EX-95 Outside Breeze hailing from the 2x WDE Supreme Tony Beauty family... Breezier’s sister is EX-95 Talent Barbara. Her 3 Doormans sell classified 85, 86 and 87 with Callen and King Doc daughters. Plus 2 Solomon calves from October and January are simply stunning! Her Beemer is due in April with a Tattoo heifer with unlimited potential as a Junior 2-year-old in 2019!!

Fresh again Christmas day, this gal sells with numerous descendants hailing from a 3E-94 Rubens w/300,000 lifetime from the maternal line that produced Durham. Also selling is EX-91 Guthrie with a superb Beemer due at sale time. Dare’s VG-87 Hero makes them special with a pair of Kenosha daughters. Don’t miss the Christmas King Royal from this prolific producer!

June 2018 BAA - 112.0% 29 EX, 25 VG, 2 GP February 2019 SCC - 74,000 • January 2019 RHA - 27,954 4.2 1175 3.2 881

Willis & Carla Gunst, Cathryn & Christopher 3687 30th Drive, Pine River, WI 54965 920.858.9367 Willis cell

Sale managed by:

2564 Pole Line Road, Ridgeway, IA 52165 Home 563.387.0035 Cell 563.380.1318 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 33

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 35

2019 Minnesota State Show June 13th to 15th, 2019 in Litchfield, Minn.

Judging the Open Show Yan Jacobs from CapSanté, Quebec Canada will be judging the open show. He was born and raised on Jacobs Farm. Today, he owns this farm with his father, Jean Jacobs and his sister Ysabel Jacobs. Jacobs Farm is now milking 215 cows. The herd has classified 60 EX, 145 VG and 42 GP. The herd average is 24,000 lbs, 4.4% F, 3.24% P. Jacobs Farm has been Premier Breeder at World Dairy Expo seven times and also seven times at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. They also got 94 All-Canadian nominations and 60 AllAmerican nominations. So far, judging has taken him around the world. Last year he judged the Utah State Show and the Wisconsin Spring show. Also, he has judged numerous county shows in Quebec. In 2016, Jacobs was the associate judge at World Dairy Expo in Madison. Along with working at the farm, he also has a full-time job raising his five marvelous children.

Judging the Red and White Show Brian Kelroy will be judggng the Red and Whites. He grew up on his family’s Registered Holstein farm in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin under the Kelroys Holsteins prefix. He has judged local, district, state and national shows throughout the country, and has also judged shows internationally in Australia, Japan, Peru and Poland. A recent highlight of his judging career was serving as the associate judge for the International Red and White Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo in 2017. Brian is also the judging coach for the University of WisconsinMadison Dairy Judging team where he has coached the team to a national championship at the Intercollegiate Dairy Contest at World Dairy Expo. Brian has also shown and bred animals that have competed well in the show ring, including Kelroy Rubens Vivian who was classified EX-95. He is currently employed by East Central Select Sires and previously worked as a classifier for Holstein USA. Brian and his wife, Dana, reside in DeForest, Wisconsin with their children Kian, Ava and Weston.

Judging the Junior Show Matt Sloan currently lives in Columbus, WI with his wife, Molly, and son, Dane. He grew up showing and fitting cows for his family’s registered Holstein herd in Mabel, MN. He has spent the past 20 years working as a professional cattle fitter where he has traveled to numerous states and 14 foreign countries to prepare cattle for state, regional and national shows. Matt has had the privilege to assist with several breed champions at World Dairy Expo and the Royal Winter Fair. Matt’s primary job for the past 10 years has been hoof trimming. He currently owns and operates his own hoof trimming business, Carpe Diem Hoof Trimming, which services some of the premier show herds in the Midwest and well as some of the largest, most progressive dairies in Wisconsin. Matt has also owned and exhibited several high-profile animals, claiming All- American nominations in Black and White Holsteins, Red and White Holsteins, and Jerseys.

Schedule of Events Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 8:00 a.m- 6:00 p.m. - Barns open for stalling Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 Barns Open All Day 12:00 p.m. - All Entries must be in place for R&W Show 1:00 p.m.- Juniors Showmanship Workshop 7:00 p.m.- All Cattle in place for Open and Junior Show 8:30 p.m.- Juniors Exhibitor Meeting Thursday, June 13th, 2019 9:00 a.m. - Red & White Show 1:00 p.m. -Juniors Lunchstand Open until 4 p.m. 2:00 p.m.- Jersey Jamboree 7:30 p.m. – Bean Bag Tournament ~ Hosted by the Young Adult Committee ~Ages of players are preferred to be 21 and over

36- MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

Friday, June 14th, 2019 8:00 a.m.- Juniors Lunchstand open until 2 p.m. 9:30 a.m. – Junior Show (Start with Cow Classes) - Adult Showmanship fundraiser will be before Junior Showmanship - Following the show is the MJHA Ag Olympics 7:00 – 8:00 pm – Exhibitor Supper ~ Sponsored by: Form-A-Feed Saturday, June 15th, 2019 8:00 am- Juniors Lunchstand open until 2 p.m. 8:00 am – Minnesota State Holstein Show 11:00 am – Futurity Class XLIV Show hosted by the Meeker County Holstein Club Show Location: Meeker County Fairgrounds 1230 N Armstrong Ave, Litchfield, MN 55355

MINNESOTA JUNIOR “MOOS” Don’t Miss These MJHA Activities at the 2019 State Show Wednesday, June 12th: Showmanship workshop: MJHA will be hosting a showmanship workshop at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. The clinic will be led by Katie Coyne who is the WDE Youth Fitting & Showmanship Contest Superintendent. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to improve your skills in the ring. There will also be an opportunity to take home some free show supplies for those who attend. This workshop is open to all youth, so spread the word! Friday, June 14th: Junior Holstein Show: The Junior Show starts at 9:30 a.m. on Friday. Come support young exhibitors as they showcase and compete with Minnesota’s best. Adult Showmanship Contest: Support Minnesota’s juniors through our fundraiser, which will take place following Grand Champion selection. Nominate adult for the friendly competition for $10 and they can get out of the class for $20.

Support the MJHA Lunchstand! Did you know that the Minnesota Junior Holstein Association will have a lunchstand open at the 2019 Minnesota State Holstein Show? Make sure to support MJHA as the funds raised from the lunch stand support activities for junior members. Lunch Stand Hours: Thursday: • 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Friday: • 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. (Breakfast), 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Lunch) Saturday: • 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. (Breakfast), 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Lunch)

Breakfast Menu: Lunch Menu: • Hot Ham & Cheese • Hamburger • Donuts • Taco in a Bag • Coffee • Pizza • & More! • Popcorn • & More!

Ag Olympics: Bring your friends along to participate in games like the egg toss, pie in the face, oreo on the forehead, water balloon toss, and kickball!

MINNESOTA JUNIOR HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION 2018-2019 BOARD OF DIRECTORS President: Katie Thompson Home: 5562 Co Rd 10 NE, Plainview, MN 55964 Phone: (507)-884-4860 Email: thompson1351@gmail.com Vice-President: Katherine Gathje Home: 18886 165th St., Richmond, MN 56368 Phone: (320)-223-4430 Email: gathj010@umn.edu Secretary: Shelby Kuechle Home: 14464 County Road 9, Eden Valley, MN 55329 Phone: (320)-333-5934 Email: shelbykuechle@gmail.com

Treasurer: Matthias Annexstad Home: 38171 403rd Ave, St. Peter, MN 56082 Phone: (507)-479-3365 Email:annexfarmer@gmail.com Reporter: Lauren Libbesmeier Home: 12567 140th Street, Watkins, MN 55389 Phone: (320)-293-8413 Email: lauren.libbesmeier@jacks.sdstate.edu Historian: Ben Donnay Home: 6245 120th Street, Glencoe, MN 55336 Phone: (320)-510-3274 Email: benjamin.donnay@my.uwrf.edu All-Breeds Liason: Chandler Kurth Home: 54174 890th Avenue, Stewart, MN 55385 Phone: (320)-552-1283 Email: chandler.kurth15@gmail.com

Director: Leif Annexstad Home: 38171 403rd Ave, St. Peter, MN 56082 Phone: (507)-479-3387 Email: lannexstad.18@gmail.com Director: Cory Schmidt Home: 54648 145th Street, Cosmos, MN 56228 Phone: (320)-424-2806 Email: cory.schmidt.cs@gmail.com Director: Jacob Pehrson Home: 39199 391st Avenue, St. Peter, MN 56082 Phone: 507-340-6538 Email: jr.pehrson@gmail.com


The SDSU Dairy Club invites you to the 16th Annual

Jackrabbit Dairy Camp South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD June 6-8, 2019

Youth ages 8 to 18 are invited to attend the Jackrabbit Dairy Camp to enhance and develop skills in dairy cattle judging, ďŹ tting, and showmanship. They will also gain knowledge about dairy products and how to positively promote the dairy industry.

For more information: visit: www.sdstate.edu/ds

or contact Brooke Engstrom @ brooke.engstrom@jacks.sdstate.edu

38- MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019 10:00 AM Baraboo, Wisconsin


Offspring sell from these Influential Cow Families



Reserve All-American Milking Yearling 2014 4-01 365 27,070 4.5 1215 3.4 911 From the Res. All-American, Leona EX-96 GMD 42,050, Golden Girl continues this family’s tradition of transmitting great type! Milking daughters sell by Avalanche, Doorman & Beemer along with their dtrs by Crushabull & an Undenied who’s +4.16 PTAT!!! The bred heifer line-up includes Beemer, Solomon & Doorman daughters with younger dtrs by King Doc & Doorman!

Res. Grand Champion District 5 Show 2014 Best Udder of Show - Midwest Fall National 2013 4-10 365 44,700 5.0 2230 3.4 1508 6-01 365 47,730 3.7 1746 3.4 1605 This two-time National Elite Performer and tanbark veteran has show age daughters selling by Doorman & Solomon that can compete with the best! Cecile’s EX-90 EX-MS 34,930 5.1 1772 full sister sells due to Tatoo along with her King Doc yrlg.

Holstein USA Star of the Breed 2014 2nd 150,000 lb. Cow Midwest Fall National 2017 4-04 365 46,920 4.5 2130 2.9 1366 An 8th generation EX or VG, Bethany already has a show winning VG-87 2y daughter. Bethany’s Avalanche Jr. 2 due with an Addison hfr., Barry due to House and her summer yrlg Kenosha daughters are cut from the same mold! They are sure to impress!




4-04 365 34,960 5.6 1974 3.6 1256 Back to back Nat’l Elite Performers! Her dam VG-87 GMD 37,970 5.0 1896. The Gold Milly’s run 10 gens. deep with EX & VG. Many offspring sell including Marabella’s beautiful uddered VG-86 Crush 2 yr old and Kenosha fall calf. There’s a long list of polled, red-factor members selling from the branch of this family that produced Mustafa-Red +2250G at Select Sires!

3-06 365 46,210 4.5 2060 3.2 1478 Colletta & her 2E-91 GMD dam make it 4 gens. EX over 40,000! Colletta has King Doc & Kenoshas selling. Colletta’s sisters selling: a VG-88 EX-MS Corvette, 2-VG-87 Corvettes & 2 VG Kingboys! Also from this family - the 2018 Dist. 5 winning spring yrlg by Crush just fresh & already VG! This family covers all bases!

4-06 365 46,400 5.5 2554 3.1 1418 8th generation Excellent from the highly regarded Stripes famly! Selina’s impressive 2 yr olds by Goldwyn, Kingboy and Monterey look to continue this long line of excellence! Crush, Byway & King Doc dtrs also sell from this deep rooted Wisconsin cow famly!

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor Midwest Fall National 2017 Premier Exhibitor Midwest Fall National 2018 Premier Breeder & Exhibitor District 5 Show 2017 & 2018 Premier Exhibitor District 5 Show 2013, 2014 & 2015

Rolling Herd Avg: 27,654 4.5% 1232 3.3% 923 SCC Avg: 57

9 Years Progressive Genetics Award Herd

Management Program: Sand Freestalls and Tie Stalls All Youngstock Raised with Headlocks & Freestalls

230 head sell, including an outstanding line-up of show-age calves and fresh 2 year olds. Total performance, high component cow families have always been the Heatherstone trademark. Invest with confidence as they have devoted their lifetime to breeding the right kind. We hope to see you on April 13th! Follow us on facebook! 40 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

#headtoheatherstone #hightype #highcomponents

Bid Online at Cowbuyer.com

These All Sell ...


1st 5 Year Old & Res. Grand Champion District 5 Show 2017 5-04 365 42,250 4.0 1683 3.0 1266 Fresh & looking better than ever, Avocado sells with Avalanche, King Doc & Barry dtrs! Hailing from the Ashlyns, her VG-88 Durham dam is a dtr of 2x Res. All-American Ambroisa 3E-95 GMD, then All-World Ashlyn 2E-96 GMD DOM.



Nominated All-American R&W 5 Year Old 2018 1st 5 Year Old & Res. Grand Champion Midwest Spring National R&W 2018 3-07 347 34,760 4.9 1702 3.2 1111 7th generation EX or VG due in June with an Unstopabull hfr! This family produced Redhot EX-92 ... the 2016 Int’l R&W Show Reserve Grand Champion!


This Doorman winter yearling is stunning! And she’s bred to be a good one! Her dam is the Res. All-American, Golden Girl EX-92, pictured on opposite page; then Res. All-American Leona EX-96 GMD and HHM All-American, Licorice EX-92 GMD DOM. Her Sr. 2 full sister selling, scored VG-87 first score & looks phenomenal!

Nominated All-American R&W Fall Calf 2018 Junior Champion Midwest Fall National R&W Show 2018 Regal could be the milking yearling to beat in 2019! By Avalanche from the EX94 Rhinestone, Regal is due the first of September with a Diamondback hfr!



3rd Milking Yearling Midwest Fall National 2018 One of several awesome uddered Diamondbacks selling! Dedicate is headed for 1250F at 1-10! Her Barbwire dam 37,440 4.3 1592, then a VG-87 Advent, VG-86 Lentini and the EX-90 GMD Roulette Damsel with 43,880. A different branch of the Redhot/Rhinestone family -- this one making the good ones in B&W!

The Holschbach Family

S5455 State Rd. 136 • Baraboo, WI 53913 Mike 608.963.2003 • hbach5@centurytel.net

2nd Sr. 2 Year Old Midwest Fall National 2017 3-01 290 31,701 4.1 1304 3.2 1003 RIP This Res. Int. Champion from the 2017 District 5 show sells due in June to Mafia along with her Baccalaureate Jr. 2 due late April! Cantina’s VG-88, 43,900 dam is a sister to Colletta, pictured opposite page. Next 3 dams EX, 40,000M!

GREAT NORTHERN Sale Managed Rick & Paula Bovre, Managers W4226 SR 23 E, Fond du Lac, WI 54937 • PH: 920.923.6991 by:

grnorth81@gmail.com • www.greatnorthernsalesarena.com MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019 - 41

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Michigan Holstein Association Cheese Plant Slated for 2020 By Carla Wardin ST JOHNS – In August 2018, Glanbia Nutritionals, Dairy Farmers of America, and Select Milk Producers Inc. announced plans to build a cheese plant in St Johns, Michigan. The $440 million production facility project will reportedly process 8 million pounds of milk a day and employ 250 people. The companies also announced that Proliant Dairy Ingredients will process whey in an $85 million adjoining building, which will create 38 jobs. The St Johns project is on track to be the largest food-processing plant in mid-Michigan. According to Glanbia, St Johns was chosen due to its proximity to milk supply, as well as transportation and business environment reasons. The news comes during a long-term dip in milk prices for Michigan farmers. Kristi Keilen milks 450 cows at K & K Dairy Farms in Westphalia, just 17 miles from the plant’s site. She’s president of the Clinton County Farm Bureau and a member of DFA. “I’m excited about the plant and

the opportunities it will bring for not only Michigan dairy farmers, but also the community,” said Keilen. “I foresee the biggest benefit being the decreases in transportation costs to get the product to a processing facility. I also think Glanbia is an excellent company, and hopefully they will be able to help market the product to sell more volume of it for dairy farmers.” Though Clinton County has an unemployment rate of 2.6%, even lower than the national 3.9%, the community is warmly welcoming the additional job opportunities. St Johns Mayor Eric Hufnagel is looking forward to the plant completion. “The obvious way the new plant will be benefiting the St Johns community will be the jobs it provides,” he said. “Whenever you have new jobs, the benefits also spill over into the community, whether it be more customers at local restaurants or more work boots sold at local stores. This also translates into a very accessible and cost-effective milk buyer for dairy farmers not only in St Johns, but communities around the entire state.” Dairy farmers and job seekers hope to

benefit from the cheese plant, but the state’s ag community in general is welcoming the business. “The size of this plant is phenomenal,” said Michigan Farm Bureau President Carl Bednarski. “It’s huge that this much product is not going to be shipped out of state. For a dairy farmer there is no downside.” Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) region manager Chuck Courtade foresees his members getting an improved return, but the positives won’t stop there. “There will be a benefit to all the producers in the state,” he said. “Of course, with our members, and Select and Glanbia, but it will also tighten up the milk market for everyone, keep more milk in Michigan, reduce hauling costs, and reduce market adjustment.” He continued, “It’s hard to see the scope of it from the road, but we’ve been seeing great drone pictures and video of the development. When you see the size of it, you understand why it’s going to take this long to build.” The St Johns plant is slated to open in 2020.

Great Lakes Spring Show- All Breeds! MSU Livestock Pavilion, East Lansing, Michigan

Spring Dairy Expo

March 22 – Cows 7 pm March 23 – Showmanship 8:30 am Heifers – 9:30 am

Mark Rueth will judge Holsteins, Ayrshire, Red & White and Milking Shorthorns. Pat Conroy will judge Jerseys, Brown Swiss & Guernseys.

Judge Chad Ryan, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

This is an all breeds show and open to everyone. Join us in one of the best livestock facilities in the Midwest!

Contact Suzanne Tuttila for entry information: michiholstein1@gmail.com or 571-490-7736 44 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

Ohio State Fairgrounds, Columbus, Ohio

March 28-30, 2019 The National Holstein Judging Conference will be held on Thursday, March 28 from 8 am-3 pm

More information can be found at https://springdairyexpo.com

19th Badger Invitational

Saturday, April 6, 2019 • 11 AM • Madison, WI • UW-Madison Stock Pavilion

Cavanaleck BG Bruin EX-95 EEEEE 2E

Budjon-JK Damion Eklipse-ET EX-94 EEEEE 2E

Springbend Aftershock Danica EX-94 EEEEE 2E

One of Majestic View’s best to sell this spring! Sept. Raptor that can compete at any level! Lot 1 • Lintvedt 605-225-4093

Gold Chip Summer Ylg that will follow in her dam’s footsteps, back-to-back nominations! Lot 2 • Sarbacker 608-873-3867

Grand Champion IL Champ. Jr Show ‘17 Fancy Undenied heifer that will be one to watch this year! Born on 9-8-18 and +3.16 type! Lot 4 • Erbsen 815-275-4990

Indianhead Redcarpet Tia-ET EX-94 EEEEE 2E

Our-Favorite Endless-ET EX-92 EEEVE

Greenlea A Care-Red-ET EX-94 CAN

3-08 2x 365d 35,290 4.0 1,418 3.2 1,137

4th Aged Cow Int’l Holstein Show ‘18, Res. AA 5-Yr-Old ‘17

3-04 2x 365 28,067 3.7 1,026 3.2 888 Nom. Jr All-American Sr 3-Yr-Old ‘16 & 4-Yr-Old ‘17

4-10 2x 365 31,760 4.1 1,290 3.2 1,007

Consignments that will make you JUMP AROUND!

4-07 3x 365 38,040 4.9 1,880 3.8 1,464

4-3 2x 365 42,050 4.4 1859 3.3 1378

3-10 2x 365 31,431 4.0 1,257 3.4 1,082 Res. Grand & Int. Champ. Royal Winter Fair R&W ‘17

Res. Grand Champ. Midwest Fall Nat’l ‘15 This Solomon December calf has her mother’s cut. FANCY and ready for the show ring! Lot 5 • Hendrickson 608-225-5530

Stunning September 1 Avalanche who goes back to Unlimited and is +3.85 type! Lot 6 • Stanek 715-577-5379

Siemers Goldwyn Goldie-ET EX-94 EEEEE GMD

Benrise Goldwyn Jojo EX-94 EEEEE

Greenwood-Acres Dun Celeste EX-94 EEEEE 2E

Res. Senior Champ WI Championship Show ‘13 Show-aged Atwood summer yearling with a winning pedigree! Lot 10 • Cull, Tom: 920-960-0350

1st Aged Cow, Sr & Grand MD Spring Show ‘12 Bred Sid heifer with potential to be like her dam and grandam, a 94-point pair! Lot 15 • Lemke 920-371-7738

She’s RED! From Care’s sister, this Diamondback Dec. calf could be your next All-American! Lot 7 • Crave 920-988-6437

5% discount for junior buyers • Great lineup of Black, Red and Swiss show heifers!

6-04 2x 365 43,840 3.7 1,634 3.6 1,558

All-American Sr 2-Yr-Old ‘11, Jr AA 5-Yr-Old ‘14 Jacoby Fall Ylg serviced to Tatoo in December! Lot 8 • Brey 920-495-2555

4-2 2x 365 35,280 3.9 1,375 3.2 1,117

General Chair: Danielle Warmka • 920-382-7460 • dwarmka@wisc.edu Catalogs: Emma Olstad • 608-712-0073 • olstad2@wisc.edu Facebook: Badger Invitational • 5% discount to junior buyers Catalog online at www.cowsmo.com

Pre-approval required. AARON RAY TOMPKINS BID ONLINE! 336-363-4839

5-08 2x 365 43,350 3.9 1,683 3.1 1,340

PO Box 6400 329 S Keller Ave Amery, WI 54001 sales@tommorrisltd.com 715-268-2629 • -6239 fax

44th Clinton County Classic

March 23, 2019 · 11:00 a.m. · Highland, Ill. · 30 miles east of St. Louis View the sale catalog at IllinoisHolsteins.com or Cowbuyer.com Check out our Facebook page for updates!

SCHLUTER SHELBY LEE-RED-ET VG-89-2Y Res. All-American R&W Sr. 2 ‘18 2018 Illinois Holstein of the Year Her Diamondback Spring Yrlg sells Schluter Holsteins

LUDWIGS-DG GOLDWYN ELLIE EX-95 Nom. All-American 150,000M ‘16 Nom. All-American Jr. 2-Yr-Old ‘12 Crush Fall Calf sells from Ellie Justin Powell

ARETHUSA SID TESS EX-92 All-American Fall Yrlg in Milk ‘15 1st Choice Altitude from Tess sells Red Carpet Holsteins

SAVAGE-LEIGH JASPER LEAH-ET EX-91 All-Indiana Sr. 2-Yr-Old ‘11 High Octane Jr. 2 sells from Leah’s VG-87 Gold Chip back to Licorice Darren Ropp

SUNROSE JESS*RC EX-94 Jr. All-American & Nom. A-A 5-Yr ‘13 Nom. Jr. All-American Aged Cow ‘14 Jess’s Armani Jr. 2 due in April sells Bruce Gingerich

LIN-MAX SANCHEZ AUSTIN EX-92 Supreme Champ NAILE Jr. Show ‘16 Sanchez Jr. 2 sells due in June, full sister to Austin Woker

SALE CO-CHAIRMEN Tyler Carter 618-267-1825 Lucas Clanton 618-322-3523 Aaron Heinzmann 618-781-7994 Josh Huelsmann 618-541-1326 Dylan Reed 217-254-5397 Brian Woker 618-367-0263 46 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

MOHRFIELD SUPRA PRECIOUS EX-94-3E Nom. Jr. All-American Sr. 2-Yr-Old ‘09 2018 Res. All-Illinois Jr. 2-Yr-Old by Atwood from Precious sells Carters Corner

LOVHILL GOLDWYN KATRYSHA EX-96 Grand Champion Int’l Holstein ‘15 Crush Spring Yrlg grand-dtr of Katrysha sells! Dam is an Archrival. MilkSource Genetics, LLC

GOLDEN-OAKS ATWD CHARLA-ET MS APPLES ARIA-ET*RC EX-93 GMD EX-92-2E Potential 10 generation EX King Doc Denver Summer Yrlg sells from Aria. Fall Calf sells from Charla x the Roxys Next dam is All-American Apple-Red Golden Oaks Farm EX-96-4E DOM! Golden Oaks Farm

GLORYLAND-I GOLDWYN LOCKET EX-94-2E Selling! Her Byway Jr. 2 due in June and backed by 10 generations VG-EX Dylan Reed

SALE FORCE Larry Kleiner, auctioneer 217-827-3468 Aaron Heinzmann,pedigrees 618-781-7994 Brian Olbrich, ringman 815-482-7426 Tim Ewing, Holstein USA 417-818-6455

SUNROSE LIBERTY EX-91 Res. Int. Champion IN State Fair ‘16 Crush Sr. 2 fresh in January sells from Liberty! Gingerich, Powell, Schmocker & Bue SALE CATALOGS

Lucas Clanton 618-322-3523 Kate Geppert 573-808-5607 ONLINE BIDDING



Sign-up for Gopher Dairy Camp! June 16-18, 2019 The 2018 Gopher Dairy Camp, hosted by the Gopher Dairy Club in cooperation with the Minnesota 4-H Dairy Project Committee and the Minnesota Livestock Breeders' Association, will be held June 10-12 on the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus. Gopher Dairy Camp is a fun 3-day workshop for teens who want to improve their dairy cattle skills. The camp is open to all youth who have completed grades 6-9, but have not yet started 10th Dairy judging is strong at the University of Minnesota, grade. Activities include Dairy Fitting and Showmanship Workshops, Dairy Showmanship Contest, so strong that its teams have placed first overall in six of the nine major contests in 2015, the Gopher Gold Auction, Workshop, Quiz BowlPA), Competition and fun around the Twin 2016 andDairy 2017 heldFoods at: the All-American Dairy Show (Harrisburg, the North American International Livestock Exposition (Louisville, KY), and World Dairy Expo (Madison, WI). Cities. Camp Fee: $70

Furthermore, over the past 8 years in these 3 contests, the University of Minnesota has placed 1st overall in 12 of the 24 contests. No other university comes close to this incredible record of success.

Registration: Registration for the 2019 camp will open in March. Attendance is limited to the first If you’re considering a career in dairy, consider the U of M. In addition to our 100 campers who apply. highly successful judging teams, you can be part of the Gopher Dairy Club, where more than 100 student members gain experience and industry contacts through activities an all-expense-paid 10-day trip to California in January for seniors. Both inside and Housing: All camperslike will be housed in the 4-H Building at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The outside the classroom, our dairy professors make teaching and working with students address is 1412 Cosgrove St, Falcon Heights, MN 5510. Transportation will be provided for the kids to their top priority. get to and from campus. Registration will be located in the entryway of the 4-H Building. GO FOR THE Learn more today at ansci.umn.edu


What to bring: Campers need to bring the following items: casual clothes, toiletry items, towels, a sleeping bag, clipping and showmanship clothes, clipping and fitting supplies.


Questions? Gopher Dairy Camp Co-Chair, Ashley Warren, at 320-237-1369 or warre473@umn.edu 612.624.2277


Gopher Dairy Camp Website: http://z.umn.edu/gdcamp.

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.


Ocean-View-HM Atwood June EX-92

Willows-Edge Real Mink-Red EX-92 at 3Y

3-07 2x 365 66,250 5.0 3322 3.3 2217 All-Time Senior 3-Year-Old National Leader for Milk, Fat & Protein 11th generation VG or EX from the Duster Juliennas

2-03 2x 365 29,639 5.2 1533 3.4 1005 7th Senior 3-Year-Old & Production winner, WDE 2018 1x All-American & 3x Nominated All-American 4th generation EX & 10th generation VG or EX

• Diamondback, Doorman and Artist daughters H Watch for her December Artist at the Badger Invitational on April 6! H

• Spring yearling by Defiant • Owned with Bonnie Van Dyk

Ocean-View Atwood Diondra EX-93

Ocean-View Sanchez Zida EX-90 at 3Y

4-02 2x 365 43,960 4.7 2054 3.1 1390 3rd generation EX-93 or higher with 40,000M 10th generation VG or EX from the Dixies

2-00 2x 291 22,500 4.9 1106 3.3 747 Last test: 144 lbs. 4.0%F 3.1%P 8th generation VG or EX from the Zandras

• Artist daughters and Doorman pregnancies

• September Solomon daughter and bred to sexed Diamondback

Indianhead Rdnk Cantina-Red VG-87 at 2Y Redneck x EX-90 3Y Destry x EX-93 Rosedale Lindy x EX-94 Talent Cat x EX-92 Kite Caramac • 5 Addiction-P daughters and is carrying a Seeger *RC heifer calf • Owned with John Sauber, Keith & Ray Hyovalti, and Blake & Chad Buehring

Prairie Creek Genetics

“We may not own many, but we love the kind we do!” Kyle, Judy & Richard Knutson

N6149 CTH XX, Onalaska, WI 54650 • 608-386-6014 • kyle.knutson@rocketmail.com 48 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2019

Profile for Illinois Holstein Herald

Midwest Holsteins - Spring 2019  

Midwest Holsteins - Spring 2019