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Midwest Holsteins SPRING 2016

Illinois • Iowa • Minnesota • Wisconsin


Dairy judging is strong at the University of Minnesota, so strong that its teams placed first overall in all three of the major contests in 2015: the All-American Dairy Show (Harrisburg, PA), the North American International Livestock Exposition (Louisville, KY), and World Dairy Expo (Madison, WI). They didn’t just win; they won decisively in all three, including an amazing 54-point margin of victory in Madison. This year was just the latest in a string of wins for U of M student teams, who have been consistent top finishers at all the major contests over the past decade. No other university team comes close to this streak. Congratulations! If you’re considering a career in dairy, CONSIDER THE U OF M. In addition to our highly successful judging teams, you can be part of the Gopher Dairy Club, where more than 100 student members gain experience and industry contacts through activities like an all-expense-paid 11-day trip to California in January for seniors. Both inside and outside the classroom, our dairy professors make teaching and working with students their top priority. Learn more today at ansci.umn.edu.

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

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(612) 624-2277

• www.ansci.umn.edu

Wisconsin Holstein Association

Iowa Holstein Association www.iowaholsteins.org

OFFICERS Tom Simon, President t $FNFUFSZ3E 'BSMFZ *"tTBTJNPO!IPUNBJMDPN Trent Henkes, Vice-President t UI4U -VBOB *"tUMIFOLFT!OFJUFMOFU Paula Smith, Secretary/Editor t UI4U #SPPLMZO *"tMBOHTNJU!OFUJOTOFU Shellie Volker, Treasurert UI4U 4VNOFS *"tTIFMMJFW!ZNBJMDPN DISTRICT DIRECTORS Paul StempflettUI4U .BZOBSE *" Doug Lyonstt.JMJUBSZ3E $BTUBMJB *" Lance Schuttett)JDLPSZ"WFt.POPOB *" Dan Bolin t tUI4U $MBSLTWJMMF *" Dave ChapmanttUI4U 3VUIWFO *" Carl Mensentt6OHT3E (VUUFOCFSH *" Bob Rahett3UF %ZFSTWJMMF *" DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE Todd Bushmantt4UBUF)XZ $BMNBS *" Joe Gibbstt#JFSNBO3E &QXPSUI *" Jeff Hammerandtt/#BOLTUPO3E &QXPSUI *" Jess Rediskett4DFOJD3JWFS3E %FDPSBI *" Katie StollttUI"WF .POUJDFMMP *" Jason Volkertt."WF .BZOBSE *" Walt WesselttUI4U (SFFMFZ *" PAST PRESIDENT Matt Hamlett tt#"WF "SMJOHUPO *" NATIONAL DIRECTOR Mark Kerndt tt8.BJO4U 8BVLPO *"

MIDWEST HOLSTEINSď€ ď€€ď€ˆď€Œď€?ď€Šď€‹ď€‰ď€€ď€…ď€ƒď€„ď€‡

902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 • Fax (608) 356-6312 1-800-223-4269 larryn@wisholsteins.com To Advertise: P.O. Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone (608) 723-4933 • Fax (608) 723-4973 e-mail: lauraw@wisholsteins.com

www.wisholsteins.com WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION STAFF: Larry Nelson, Executive Director Laura Wackershauser, Editor/Advertising Manager Sharon Maffei, Membership Coordinator Ashley Yager, Public Relations Associate WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION BOARD MEMBERS: Paula Bovre, President - Fond du Lac, 920-923-6991 Kevin Jorgensen, Vice President - Waupun, 920-210-3992 Kent Wendorf, Secretary - Viroqua, 608-689-2201 Todd Borgwardt, Executive Committee - Valders, 920-758-3133 Chad Ryan, Executive Committee - Fond du Lac, 920-960-1449 Bill Calvert - Cuba City, 608-759-2080 Craig Carncross - Lodi, 608-592-2560 Chris McCullough - Juda, 608-934-1425 Tracy Nelson - Ellsworth, 715-307-1804 Pam Selz-Pralle - Humbird, 715-334-3434 Marci Walker - WI Dells, 608-253-3003 NATIONAL DIRECTORS: Paul Buhr - 608-606-3480

Corey Geiger - 920-650-0294

Midwest Holsteins Spring 2016




  

  

  

  

  

  

    

  

  

 

 

 

  

   

  

  

  

  

   

   

  

  

  

   

 

  

  

   

  

  

  

 

  

  

  

 

  

   

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

 

  

  

  

   

cover photo of KHW Redman Adelaide VG-86, by Kaelyn Weigel, Platteville, WI

Midwest Calendar of Events March            

April           


    

                                      MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 5

ead of H 0 8 st Sell! ne i F s Iowa’ Fayette County Fairgrounds • West Union, Iowa • 11:00 AM • March 19, 2016

Iowa Spring Sale


2-03 2X 330 25,688 4.5 1158 3.3 851 Selling a +2630G Delta sister to Da-So-Burn Uno Burberry from Da-So-Burn Dorcy Becka VG-86 and then back to the Barbie Family.


4-10 2X 324 31,040 4.3 1340 3.1 967 Selling from the 2015 Grand Champion at the WDE Junior Show is a fancy 6/2015 Atwood Summer Yearling ready to hit the Show Ring!


9-01 2X 365 36,750 4.3 1582 3.3 1211 Apple’s 3.10PTAT RC and TV Spring Yearling by Corvette sells along with her RC and TV +2351G 3.32PTAT Integral.


2-02 2X 365 41,710 5.3 2204 3.6 1487 Selling is an early 1/2016 +2669G +883NM Profit and a 12/2015 Montross +2587G +63P from 2614G Supersire from Larcrest Cale VG-89 and then back to the Cosmopolitans!

Sale Force:

Scott Courtney 563-380-1318 • Norm Nabholz 563-590-3204 • Bill Rauen 563-607-0694 Kyle Demmer 563-451-5376 • Scott Culbertson 507-923-1881 • Ron Roskopf 414-587-4402

Managed by: 2564 Pole Line Road Ridgeway, IA 52165 Home: 563-387-0035 • Cell: 563-380-1318 secourtney@hotmail.com • Fax: 563-387-0046

6 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

Sponsored by:

Iowa Holstein Association

Leaving Her Mark of Excellence! Olmar Lynch Baby Bumble 2E 93 GMD DOM

4-06 2x 365 40,434 3.8 1550 3.1 12321


Lea McCullough

Cybil Fisher Photography

N r

yr old

Baby Bumble has left her mark in our herd. There is no doubt “That’s a Bumble” when you see her milking daughters with their wide rumps, uphill climb and strongly attached udders between great legs. They are the kind that thrive in freestall set-ups, but can also take it to the tanbark trail. Bumble has 6 classified daughters averaging 86pts and 3 young up and coming daughters by Atwood and Brokaw. Bumble and her daughters consistently genomic test well above parent average making her offspring some of our most heavily contracted. BIGGIO - A hot new release PROVEN bull from Select Sires lands at #36 on the Top 100 TPI list. He is a grandson of Baby Bumble from her Planet daughter at Select. Her heavily contracted full sister is pictured below.

Olmar Planet Baby Bunting VG 86 Can 1st lact sold on National Convention Sale am o Olmar


a y

o E E

3-07 2x 365 47,821 3.4 1604 2.9 1408


Baby Bop recently set a production record at Olmar Farms for highest 2nd lactation record. She has been contracted along with her Numero Uno daughter. She is fresh again and ready to flush.

12 New Excellent Cows and 14 New VG 2 year olds at Olmar!!! Olmar Durable BarlieET EX

O r rst 11t Generat on Excellent all w t t e Olmar re x!

2-02 2x 365 34,156 2.9 1003 3.0 1010 Barlie has a Silver daughter and pregnancies by Goldchip.

V s t o r we s te www olmar arms com to see ll class cat on dates and tate ale cons nments Phase 4 Johnes Free Herd 109.1 BAA | 33EX 59VG 33GP 45 years PBR | 24 years PGH DHI avg: 2x 30,920 3.5% 1081 2.9% 903

BRIAN AND JILL NELSON US Hwy 14, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085 Ph. (507) 794-2697 www.olmarfarms.com olmarfarms@sleepyeyetel.net

8 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

 On April 7th at 11:00 a.m. we will sell 68 good young milk cows and a dozen springing dry cows and heifers.

Conceited (reversed) by Cybil Fisher; Dish Rae by Nick Sarbacker

Our-Favorite Conceited-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM 4-08 3x 365 44,330 3.7 1625 3.2 1430 ~ 7 EX & 18 VG daughters

Scientific Gold Dish Rae-ET *RC EX-90 DOM 6-10 3x 365 44,700 3.8 1717 3.0 1363 ~ 4 EX & 17 VG daughters

he cows pictured are the cornerstone cows that our herd is built on. We will sell a few young Excellent cows and some young cows that will be Excellent one day. We will be selling cows by Atwood, Sid, Doorman, Hero, Fever, Headliner, Supersire and Mogul.


e milk 140 cows on two farms and after 28 years at the home of Our-Favorite Holsteins, the farm has been sold. The cows selling will be our best young cows and we will rebuild our herd with the older cows and a group of heifers that we are excited about at our second farm. Please join us on April 7th in Fall Creek, Wis. Call for a sale catalog. Pedigrees: Kevin Jorgensen, 920-210-3992 Ringmen: Don Mayer, 715-829-3417 Bryan Stremcha, 608-790-1925 Auctioneer: Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #191, 715-223-4014 Catalogs will be available online at www.christensensales.com or call 715-223-6345. Sale conducted by:

Christensen Sales Corp., Abbotsford, Wis., clerk & sales manager (715) 223-6345 Reg. Wisconsin Auction Co. #33 www.christensensales.com info@christensensales.com

   E15265 Hillview Dr., Fall Creek, WI 54742 (715) 456-8718 Todd • (715) 577-5379 Cade e-mail: primecow2@aol.com www.holsteinworld.com/our-favorite MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Minnesota Holstein Association Upcoming Events You are invited! The Minnesota Holstein Association would like to invite you to attend our upcoming events. Minnesota All Breeds Convention March 4-5, 2016 The 2016 All-Breeds Convention will be held on March 4-5, 2015 in Fago, North Dakota. The West Central Holstein Club is this year’s hosts and we have a great convention planned for attendees. Minnesota Junior Holstein Association All Breeds Convention March 18-20, 2016 Open to juniors from all states! The 2016 MJHA AllBreeds convention will be held on March 1820, 2016 at the Best Western, Willmar Minn. Members ages 9-21 will share in activities mixers, workshops, and speakers. In addition there will be contests such as dairy quiz bowl, dairy jeopardy, a public speaking contest, photo contest and a display board making contest. This is a great chance to meet new people throughout the state that share a common interest in dairy cattle. If interested in attending please contact the MHA office as soon as possible. Minnesota Spring Special Sale April 9, 2016 Mark your calendars for the 2016 MN Spring Special Sale. The sale staff is currently out making selections for the sale. If you have an animal you would like to consign please contact the MHA office at 320-2590637. Check the website often for updates, ads and the sale catalog. 12- MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

If you would like to receive a catalog please contact the MHA office at 320-259-0637. Minnesota Red & White Club State Show June 22, 2016 The Minnesota Red & White Club State Show will be held in conjunction with the MHA state show inRochester, Minn. Minnesota Junior Holstein Association State Show June 23, 2016 The MJHA State Show will be held in Rochester, Minn. Following the show the MJHA board of directors will be holding an Ag Olympics competition for all youth to participate in. Minnesota State Show June 24, 2016 The MHA State Show will be held at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds in Rochester, Minn. The Rochester Holstein Club will be hosting the event and will do a great job welcoming exhibitors and spectators from near and far. Jason Lloyd has been selected to judge the show. Confirmation of judges and their bios will be included in the June MN Holstein News. Midwest Fall National Show August 31, 2016 The Midwest Fall National Show will be held in conjunction with the MN State Fair Holstein Show on August 31, 2016 at the MN State Fair grounds.

Stay Connected To stay up to date with the activities of the association and your fellow members please visit www.mnholstein.com or check Minnesota Holstein out on Facebook. MHA E-Newsletter You can receive a monthly email update and association communications via email. Just provide us with your email by calling 320-259-0637 or sending it to minnesotaholstein@ gmail.com.

Minnesota Holstein History mindless ramblings down an endless cow lane. by John Busacker

“Showmanhsip” Showmanship has always been a hot topic of discussion for judges. Some judges feel it should be the first class of the show, while everyone is in a good mood and their clothes are spotless. Others feel it is a marathon and it should be the last class of the day. It is survival of the fittest, literally, and let’s see who wants it the most. No matter how hot it is or tired you are or where you placed let’s see that smile. No matter how much manure is on your shoes or sweat and froth soaked on your hsirt let’s hear you rattle off those answers. Things have changed greatly in showmanship, clipping is a major art form instead of the normal head, tail

and shoulder. Years ago you had to wear white, all white with a black bow tie and black hard toe shoes. No exceptions, ever. Well there was one time. In the early 1970’s a young lady won the 4-H showmanship award at the Minnesota State Fair wearing white shorts and tennis shoes. After the show there were no shortage of people who pointed out to the judge that it was impossible to win showmanship wearing tennis shoes. Personally I had hoped it might start a trend. But, such was not the case and in the forty plus years since, I must say I have never ever seen another person win a showmanship class wearing tennis shoes.

MHA News Subscription Be on the lookout for a NEW Minnesota Holstein Website! Stay up to date with all the events and news! Or follow us on facebook at Minnesota Holstein Association or Twitter @MNHolstein

The Minnesota Holstein Association would like to offer you the opportunity to subscribe to the Minnesota Holstein News. The Minnesota Holstein News is published in January, March, June, and September. The one year subscription rate is $25. The Minnesota Holstein News is full of updates on the Holstein industry and the Holstein Association in Minnesota; you can find everything from upcoming and past sales, shows, and various other events, to the offerings of local herds in Minnesota, and surrounding states to breeder profiles and industry hot topics. If you are interested in subscribing to the Minnesota Holstein News please fill out the card below and return the card and payment to MHA. Minnesota Holstein News - 2015 Subscription Card Name: ____________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________ City _______________________ State ______ Zip_________ Telephone: _________________________________________ MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 13

BHM-COOKIE COCO-ET EX-91 92-MS 2-00 2x 303 20,120 3.8 766 3.1 620 3-00 2x 327 25,290 3.8 961 3.1 793 4-00 2x 365 29,370 3.5 1018 3.2 929 Daughters: - VG-87 2-year-old Windbrook - 2 Doormans, 1 owned with Eric Swiggum and the other by Jacob, Logan & Madison Harbaugh - Silver heifer born 2/6/2016 Maternal Sisters to Coco: - BHM-Cookie Jaspe Candice-ET VG-88 3Y 2-11 24,410 4.1 996 3.4 820 - BHM-Shtl Cameo-ET EX-93 2E 5-09 33,980 3.6 1229 2.9 970

Sire: Ms Atlees Sht Aftershock-ET Dam: BBVK Goldwyn Cookie-ET VG-87 at 2-10 2-05 365 37,310 4.1 1512 3.2 1211 2nd Dam: BKB Alice-ET EX-90 by Durham 2-03 327 23,350 4.8 1127 3.7 862 3rd Dam: Shoremar S Alicia-ET EX-97 8-11 365 38,250 4.3 1650 3.3 1270 4th & 5th Dam: EX-94 Adeen & EX-94 Ada

Coco is always a favorite with visitors in the barn as she is so well balanced and quite pleasing to the eye. We generally try to use the top bulls available, but really try to balance type along with the genomic game, hopefully giving us quality animals to market on sales and privately. We welcome any visitors and any inquires.

Steve & Kay Holte

  

         www.holsteinworld.com/crest-view/ Visitors Welcome MIDWEST HOLSTEINS




 Absolute x VG-87 Advent x VG-88 Redmarker x EX-93 Rubens Racquel x 3E-94 Stelbro Renita Ranger-Red



 Gold Chip x VG Windbrook x 2E-90 Jasper x EX-91 Sept. Storm x 2E-95 DOM Altitude



 Braxton x VG-88 Atwood from the Jenas!

Where dreams of excellence are bred!

N9036 Lewiston Station Road Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 John 608-432-3113 • Tim 608-697-2922 walkerajm@gmail.com www.holsteinworld.com/walk-era MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

42nd Clinton County Classic April 2, 2016 · 11:00 a.m. · Carlyle, Ill. · 50 miles east of St. Louis

Ludwigs-DG Goldwyn Emmy EX-94 4-11 305 39,000 3.8 1991 3.0 1176 Res. Grand IL State Show & 2nd Mid-East Fall Nat’l ‘14 Fancy Doorman Calf! Justin Powell -- 262.613.3371 Fresh VG-87 Sid x Emmy’s sister also sells! Ludwig -- 815-674-1575

Morsan Gold Terror EX-92 2-07 338 23,869 3.6 854 3.0 715 1st Sr. 2 & HM Grand Lindsey Expo ‘13 Next 2 dams Nom. All-American & All-Canadian Selling a special Aftershock December calf! Budjon & Joel Phoenix -- 920-488-4129

BVK Atwood Abrianna EX-92 3-02 305 25,170 5.0 1257 3.2 805 Res. All-American Jr. 3-Yr-Old ‘13 Next 2 dams EX-94. Selling a Doorman Summer Yearling from Abrianna! Butlerview -- 217-341-2437

Schluter Rainy Sassy-Red 7th Winter Calf Int’l R&W Show & 1st Mid-East Fall 10 gen VG-EX with numerous All-American R&W nominated sisters. Selling is Sassy’s sister - December calf by Defiant! Jim & Marvin Schluter -- 217-898-5707

Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX-92 Unanimous All-American Sr. 3-Yr-Old ‘13 All-American 4-Yr-Old ‘14 & Sr. 2-Yr-Old ‘12 Selling is a GoldChip Summer Yrlg out of Barbara’s Atwood sister. Budjon-Vail -- 920-488-4129

D-K-Silk Atwood Satin EX-91 Res. Int. Champion & 1st 3-Yr-Old Mid-East Spring Selling is a full sister born in June! Dam is Sunrose Saturn, then Shottle Silk EX-90. Gingrich, Powell & Smocker -- 262-613-3371

Golden-Oaks Atwood Charla EX-93 3-06 344 39,140 4.2 1641 3.5 1369 10 gen EX back to Roxy Selling is a March Yrlg by Brazzle! Golden Oaks -- 314-422-9723

SALE CO-CHAIRMEN Tyler Carter 618-664-1825 Lucas Clanton 618-322-3523 Bob Fruend 618-920-5375 Aaron Heinzmann 618-781-7994 Josh Huelsmann 618-541-1326 Brian Woker 618-367-0263

SALE FORCE Scott Courtney, auctioneer 563-380-1318 Larry Kleiner, pedigrees 217-827-3468 Chad Griffith, ringman 513-543-2315 Kenneth Hall, ringman 501-940-9711 Mike Lortie, ringman 260-367-1700

Sale Catalogs: Lucas Clanton 618-322-3523 Kate Geppert 573-814-3148 www.illinoisholsteins.com www.dairyagendatoday.com

Lake-Prairie Alison-Red EX-92 3x All-American R&W nominee x EX-94 x EX-96 All-American. Her April Armani Spring Yrlg sells! Marvin & Joe Schluter -- 309-737-4544

Lochdale Shaquille Missy-Red EX-92 3-02 365 26,585 3.6 966 3.0 805 Nom. All-American R&W & 4th Int’l R&W Show ‘15 1st choice Armani sells! Golden Oaks -- 314-422-9723

16 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

Tim Ewing, Holstein USA


O-C-E-C Toystory Fenway EX-94 3-06365 36,540 3.6 1201 3.3 1008 Super fancy Dec calf sells-full sister to Grand IL State Jr. Show Fenway. Jerry Smith -- 815-865-5683

Black Lion Complete Chaos EX-94 6-08 305 30,690 3.6 1097 3.0 926 Next dam is EX-91. Selling a fresh Absolute Jr. 2-Yr-Old. Zehrview -- 815-743-5766

Budjon-JK Durham Embrace EX-95 5-10 365 50,710 4.4 2207 3.2 1611 June Aftershock grand-dtr sells from Res. A-A 4-Yr-Old ‘08 Embrace. Budjon -- 920-488-4129

Bluff-Ridge Bones Dolce EX-93 Nom. Jr. All-American Jr. 3-Yr-Old ‘13 Selling is Dolce’s Sept Brady sister! Dam is EX-92-4E Durham x EX-95 Broker. Bluff-Ridge -- 309-475-2131

KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96 DOM 4-01 365 35,750 4.7 1682 3.7 1314 Apple’s Sept Integral calf sells! Erbsen -- 815-275-4990

EK-Oseeana Ambrosia EX-96 All-American 5-Yr-Old from Tri-Day Ashlyn Selling is a fresh Acme & her Atwood Dec calf x VG-86 Fever x Ambrosia. Woker -- 618-367-0263

Ri-Val-Re Adv Sully-Red EX-92 4-05 365 35,060 3.8 1326 3.1 1093 Awesome Aladdin Jr. 2 sells from Sully! Next 3 dams EX, several VG. Gueldener -- 618-920-6454

Penn-Gate Festive EX-91 3-08 365 39,483 4.1 1635 3.3 1290 Festive’s fresh Atwood Sr. 2 sells! EX Goldwyn dam from Finesse family. Tegeler -- 217-994-0277

Circle-K Iota 752 VG-88 3-01 365 28,320 3.8 1112 3.2 898 Her Sept Spark grand-dtr sells at +2620GTPI +1243M +61F +45P. Circle-K & Kleiner -- 217-827-3468

Golden-Oaks Dur Champ-ET EX-94 2-09 365 30,920 3.8 1164 2.9 900 Fresh GoldSun x Dur Champ x Champ Rae sells. Aaron Heinzmann -- 618-781-7994

Goldie Sanchez Chardonay-ET EX-94 3-04 365 32,130 3.9 1243 3.3 1072 Her VG-86 Supersonic dtr sells along with her 12/15 Montross calf. Nate Janssen -- 847-224-7859 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 17

2016 Wisconsin Holstein Barn Meetings Holstein Breeding 101: Is it the Same Game or Have all the Rules Changed? The Wisconsin Holstein Association invites all members and area dairy farmers to the 2016 Barn Meetings. We have three fantastic breeders opening their doors to show how they approach “breeding a great herd of Registered Holsteins.” These farms all have a different style and have different goals to breeding Holsteins, but have all found great success. We invite breeders to join us for a discussion about what’s new and hot and what’s not. Is it the same old game or have all the rules changed? There are no right or wrong answers and we think one of Wisconsin’s strengths is its diversity in breeder’s styles and goals. There are a lot of “tools” in the toolbox to pick from, whether you are going after a +2800 GTPI individual or an All-American. Do you embace these new “tools” or does the word genomics make your skin crawl? Where ever you fall on the spectrum, you might be surprised at what ideas are out there to help you breed your definition of that “perfect” cow. Good food, good fellowship and good cows are on the agenda and we want you to be a part of it so mark your calendars. The schedule for the barn meetings are: Wednesday, March 23 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Berryridge Farms LLC, Waunakee (Dane County) Endres Family 7094 Hyer Rd., Waunakee • 608-279-5952 Steve’s cell Directions: Take Highway 12 west from Madison, turn right (north) on Highway P and right on Hyer Road. First farm on the left. Wednesday, March 30 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Sugar Creek Dairy, Elkhorn (Walworth County) Rick & Marleen Adams N5633 Hwy. O, Elkhorn • 262-728-0702 Directions: From I-39/90 south in Janesville take Exit 175A for E Racine St. and follow US-14 E/WI-11 E to Delevan. In Delevan, take a left at second set of stoplights by Citgo onto County Trunk O. Farm is 4 miles on Cty. O, with tan and green buildings - look for “Sugar Creek Dairy” on barn. Thursday, March 31 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Voight Acres, Shiocton (Outagamie County) Steve & Sue, Mitch & Amanda, and Tim Voight Family N4405 Rexford Rd., Shiocton • 920-209-9372 Tim’s cell Directions: From Stevens Point, head west on Hwy. 10 for 33 miles. Turn left onto County Rd X for 10 miles. Turn left on Broadway St., then right on State Rd. 54 for 3.4 miles. Turn right onto County Rd. S and travel 10 miles to Rexford Road. Turn left on Rexford, farm on the left. From Appleton, take County Road A north to County Road S. Take a left and travel 5.1 miles to Rexford Rd. From Madison, take Hwy. 151 to I-41 north. In Appleton, take Exit 139 for County Road OO. Turn left on N. Lynndale (Co. Rd A), and 7 miles to County Rd S. Travel 5.1 miles to Rexford Rd. All barn meetings are open to any interested Holstein breeder. For more information on the barn meetings please call the Wisconsin Holstein Association or the host farm.

Endres Berryridge Farms LLC Steve, Randy & Jeff Endres Families Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC will be hosting our first barn meeting on Wednesday, March 23. Berryridge Farms, Waunakee, was established in 1915 and is a fourth generation family farm currently run by brothers Steve, Jeff and Randy Endres and their families. Steve is married to Kathy and they have three children, Cassie, Lizi and 18 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

Zach; Jeff and Jenny Endres have three children, Sarah, Natalie and Nicole; and Randy and Karen have three daughters, Eliza, Ava and Mara. The brothers take pride in the next generation enjoying the business, being active on the farm and their involvement in showing dairy cattle at the local, district and state level with much success. Berryridge is home to 540 cows with 500 milking at a rolling herd average of 31,290 milk with 4.3% 1345 fat and 3.09% 966 protein. They are a Yahara Pride Farms member and focus on sustainable nutrient and crop management. The family farms about 1,000 acres of corn, alfalfa, soybeans and wheat. A new 308-stall tunnel ventilated freestall barn was recently built to optimize cow comfort. The herd is bred for milk production with strong components, quality udders and dairy strength with the help of the SMS mating program from Select Sires. When selecting bulls, the Endres family uses a combination of genomic young sires and proven bulls. When looking for genomic young sires to incorporate into the breeding program, they choose bulls that combine strong production traits with type from proven cow families. One herd highlight is Berryridge Shottle 1270-ET, EX-92 2E GMD DOM, with a top record at 4-09 3x 365d 55,110M 3.9% 2152F 3.1% 1692P. To date, 1270 has had five bulls go into AI and also has a great group of daughters by Jeeves, Lauthority, Gold Chip, along with a VG-85 two-year-old Supersire with a GTPI at +2386. Another cow that has had a large impact on the herd is Berryridge Toystory Naomi, EX-91 2E GMD. Naomi has been a great brood cow with over 20 offspring sired by Clark, Atwood, Numero Uno, Bradnick, Gold Chip, McCutchen, Doorman and Goldwyn pregnancies. The family’s favorite daughters include VG-88 and VG-87 two-year-old Gold Chips, and a VG-87 two-year-old Bradnick. Ke-Jo Hi Metro 1920-ET (Joyful) is EX-92 3E GMD with over 251,000 lifetime milk and goes back to 2nd-Look Durham Juba EX-95. Joyful’s most notable daughter is Berryridge Sanchez Joanna EX-91 2E, who has daughters by Corvette and Beemer. Other family members include a VG-87 Guthrie and three great young Atwoods that are not yet scored. Finally, Berryridge Supersire 2184-ET VG-86, is another exciting two-year-old with a GTPI at +2376. There is also a great group of young VG two-year-olds sired by Defiant, Guthrie and Mogul. The Endres family feels their best older cows are sired by Shottle, Sanchez, Goldwyn and Gabor. The Endres family invites you to visit their farm on March 23 to see these great cow families and their herdmates.

Sugar Creek Dairy - Rick & Marleen Adams Sugar Creek Dairy and Rick and Marleen Adams will host a barn meeting on March 30. Rick and Marleen have been farming together since they were married in 1980, and farmed with family in Lake Geneva until 1997. At the time, they milked just 50 cows. In 1997, the Adams partnered to create Sugar Creek Dairy, and in 2008, they became sole owners of the operation. Rick and Marleen’s two children, Ryan and Sara, are both employed off the farm. The workforce at the dairy includes 12 employees. Sugar Creek Dairy is home to 200 acres, with the majority of feed purchased from neighboring farms and all harvesting being custom done. Three sand-bedded freestall barns, with a small post-fresh barn make up the milking facilities. Cows are milked in a double-12 parlor. All calves are raised on site, with heifers sent to the Adams’ new heifer facility, built nine miles away in 2014. The herd boasts a rolling herd average of 32,726 milk, with 4.0% 1312 fat and 3.1% 1020 protein. The herd’s BAA is 105.5%, with 13

Excellent, 160 Very Good and 240 Good Plus cows. Rick and Marleen aim to breed a herd of cows that make a lot of milk and look good doing it. Semex mates the cows and heifers, which are bred for strength and width so they can eat more feed, give more milk, gain weight while they do it, and then breed back. When it comes to technology and tools available, the Adams utilize Holstein Complete, the Easy program, and Enlight, in addition to genomic testing their top heifers. SCR Heat time with rumination is utilized for heat detection, and to spot off-feed cows. The Adams family made their first key registered purchase with Second-Look Marvel Helena. She produced a SWD Valiant heifer calf on Christmas day in 1985. Second-Look Val Boots became the foundation of the Mary family, one of the Adams’ highest quality Registered Holstein females. In addition to members of the Mary family, guests at the barn meeting can look forward to seeing member of the families of SugarC Alexander Queen EX-92 and Navs Mac Shawna VG-87. From the Shawna family, guests can also look forward to seeing Sugar-C Pety Spice, the number one Pety heifer for Net Merit in the U.S., with +2627 GTPI and +813 NM$. The Adams have 10 milking Doormans with 30 more to calve. They also have 10 milking Mogul daughters, 10 Sid daughters, and 20 heifers over +2400 GTPI. This diverse group also has heifers by Chelios, Headliner, Supersire, and McCutchen. Sugar Creek recently had six new Excellents and 78 new Very Goods in January, along with 24 new VG first lactation cows. Rick and Marleen look forward to welcoming guests to the farm on Wednesday, March 30, in Elkhorn.

Voight Acres Steve & Sue, Mitch & Amanda, and Tim Voight Voight Acres and the Steve and Sue, Mitch and Amanda, and Tim Voight families welcome Wisconsin Holstein breeders and enthusiasts

to the farm as they host a barn meeting on March 31. This fifth generation farm family formed an LLC in May of 2014, when Tim and Mitch bought into the farm. Steve and Sue have been farming since 1978. The Voight family built a new barn in 2014, consisting of 285 freestalls with sand bedding and the option for natural or tunnel ventilation. With the new barn came a double-eight parallel parlor, with room to expand to a double-12. The farm resides on 400 acres, including rented and owned land. The Voights worked to build their 85-cow herd that was previously in a stanchion barn, and now milk 263 cows twice a day with a rolling herd average of 24,053 milk with 3.8% 910 fat and 3.1% 751 protein. The herd maintains an outstanding SCC of 50,000. When it comes to breeding philosophies at Voight Acres, the family strives for good, sound cows with high lifetime production. They select bulls for high type, high components and low somatic cell count. Durham and Linjet played a big part in the genetic influence in the herd. With that in mind, one of the highlight cow families of the herd stems from Voight-Acres Durham Daisy, EX-91. Daisy was Reserve Grand Champion at the 2003 Wisconsin Junior State Fair, and had a pair of EX Linjet twins. Voight-Acres Daisy Duke, EX-94, was Grand Champion at the Outagamie County Fair and Grand Champion of the District 7 Holstein Show in 2013. Voight-Acres Daisy Mae, EX-93, was another influential dam that the Voight family flushed and had success with. Also leaving an impact on the herd is the Tonic-J family, transmitting through high production and type. Voight-Acres Lou Rhonda, EX-92, and Voight-Acres Durham Megan, EX-92, both continue to make an impact on the herd with these outstanding traits. The Voight family looks forward to welcoming Holstein breeders to the farm on Thursday, March 31 as they open the doors of their beautiful new facilities.

Join us... For the 2016 Midwest Spring Shows New Holland Pavilions, Alliant Energy Center Madison, WI • Friday & Saturday, April 22 & 23 Friday, April 22 at 10:00 a.m. - Midwest Spring Red & White Show - Wisconsin Spring Jersey Showcase NEW THIS YEAR! Saturday, April 23 at 8:30 a.m. - Midwest National Spring Show

The Wisconsin Holstein Association welcomes all Holstein and Jersey breeders to the Midwest Spring Shows at the state-of-the-art facilities in Madison. Enter today! Entry forms, hotel and additional show information can be found on the Wisconsin Holstein website at www.wisholsteins.com.

Entries are due April 1, 2016. Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave • Baraboo, WI 53913 www.wisholsteins.com • 1.800.223.4269


MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 19


Saturday, April 9, 2016 • 11:00 a.m. • Olmsted County Fairgrounds, Rochester

Hendel PLT Marilyn 3021-ET 4-09 2x 365 28740 3.9 1522 3.1 1211 Very early Spark daughter over +2500 GTPI from Hendel’s best cow family! Fancy calf with a full pedigree! Marilyn is the granddam.

Olmar Shottle Sally EX-92 3-10 365 35820 3.6 1306 3.0 1060 Sally’s fancy, big December ManOman daughter sells. A potential 3rd generation EX with AllAmerican heritage. ~Olmar Farms

Sheeknoll O Man Sunny VG-86 3-02 305 27080 3.6 979 3.1 834 Big, beautiful Gillespy bred heifer due right after the sale to Monterrey! Multiple VG dams that just know how to make money! Granddam pictured. ~Sheeknoll Farms

~Hendel Farms

The sale offers something for everyone. Lots of milking potential, fancy show animals and new genomic offerings to add to your herds value this year! Crescentmead Summer Breeze EX-90 2-11 365d 37530 3.7 1390 2.9 1090 From a full sister to Crescentmead Summer Breeze who was the 2006 All-American Summer Yearling, comes a lovely EX-91 shottle. ~Neil Rickeman

Bulrush R M Kallesto VG 87-CAN 7-06 365 31362 3.9 1224 3.2 1016 Selling a beatiful fresh Goldwyn 4 year old from the Red Marker pictured. Her Granddam is a maternal sister to Bulrush Jed Kallie Ex-96-2E. You’ll love this cow with All-American heritage!” ~Bulrush Holsteins

Sale sponsored and managed by:

MINNESOTA HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 158, Pipestone, MN 56164 320-259-0637 | Fax 320-856-5108 Email minnesotaholstein@gmail.com

online catalog at www.mnholstein.com

20 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

To participate in the online embryo auction visit www.dairyauctions.com to register and bid! Bidding will begin Wednesday March 30, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. CST. Bids will be accepted online and on sale day at the grounds. The embryo auction will end on sale day, Saturday, April 9, 2016 at 3:00pm CST.

Sale Staff: Scott Courtney.....................563-380-1318 Scott Culbertson..................614-264-5980 Pat Heeren..........................507-273-2412 Adam Johnson....................218-329-9244 Tracy Schaefer.....................320-360-5188 Jeremy Schafer...................651-380-2968 Andy Steinhagen................612-581-7523 Paul Trapp..........................608-525-2075 Russ Thyen..........................320-583-8049 Jim Vierhout.......................712-470-1202

SPRING SPECIAL All animals have a negative test for TB and are eligible to be shipped anywhere in the United States.

Gaige Hightlight Tamara EX-97-4E A beautiful Mr. Metal Springing heifer with an All American heritage. She’s from a VG-87 Shottle, EX-92-2E Eland then the 97-4E Tamara herself!” ~Royal Ridge Holsteins

Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96-4E LIFE 2637d 255,630 4.0 10213 2.8 7204 Don’t miss this lovely bred heifer due soon after the sale. A Heztry from a 92 point Durham daughter of Budjon Redmarker Desire- Grand Champion WDE 2005!

Kamps Hallow Altitude-ET EX-95-2E 7-00 2x 365d 39690 4.7 1849 3.3 1310 Ready to run is this stylish RED Olympian Fall calf from VG-87 Shamrock, then EX-91 Goldwyn Aiko direct from Advents dam, Altitude, EX-95! ~James Martin

~Trevor Tuman & Chandler Bening •A VG-86 Sid 3 year old from 88 point Roy, 91 point Astre and 91 point Astro Jet. She sells fresh and needs to see the classifier soon! ~Mike & Dan Brasch • A fancy summer yearling to add to your showstring. Dam is an 85pt Haven from an EX-90 JayZ. ~ Sunkist Acres

Victory-View Foxy-Red EX-94 Macland Dempsey Button EX-91 3-07 305d 33,170 3.7 1222 3.0 871 1-11 305 25200 3.5 879 3.0 748 “A bigtime SR. 2 Year old to anchor any showstring. Super fancy McCutcheon direct from a National Show winning family! Bred to Atwood, the But- This Adonis fresh heifer is a potential 18th generaton’s deliver everytime upon calving from the tion VG or EX that includes Victory-View Foxy-Red. ~Mike & Dan Brasch family! ~Jim McFarland

• Selling is a silky Atwood Springing JR 2 from an EX-92-2E James then a VG-85 Durham ~ Royal Ridge Holsteins •Selling a beautiful Red Adonis fresh Sr. 2 year old. Dam is a VG-88 Lawnboy then VG-85 and EX-90. This one is the Shiny Strap kind! ~ Harmony-Corners

2016 MN Spring Special Sale Featured Herds

•Featuring an awesome group of show heifers and fresh cows from Rolling-River, Dan and Mike Brasch. •A select group of young cows and heifers from Manitoba visit www.mnholstein.com for sale updates and an online catalog MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 21

22 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

She’s as Pretty as the Dakota Sky Maternal Sister

Selling on the Clinton County Classic - April 2


Dam: Bluff-Ridge Durham D-Jay EX-92-4E 2nd Dam: Bluff-Ridge Broker Jay EX-95 (below) Maternal Sisters: Bluff-Ridge Bones Dolce EX-93 (left) Bluff-Ridge Atwood Darlin-ET 6th Sr. Calf IL State Fair ‘15

2nd Dam

BLUFF-RIDGE BONES DOLCE EX-93 Nominated Jr. All-American Jr. 3-Yr-Old ‘13 3rd Jr. 3-Yr-Old & Best Udder WDE Jr. Show ‘13 1st 5-Yr-Old IL State Fair ‘15

The Butler Family 35821 E 900 N Rd., Arrowsmith, IL


David: 309-475-2131  Christie: 815-530-0331  Sarah: 309-824-8621

TIM’S HOOF TRIMMING SERVICE Professional Hoof Trimming

Serving you with honesty & integrity!

Tim Lesko Phone: 630-674-5683 Serving most of the Midwest

Northwest Spring Sizzler Sale Friday, May 13, 2016 · 7:30pm Stephenson Co. Fairgrounds Freeport, IL Now accepting consignments for Northern Illinois’ Premier Spring Sale! There will also be a Food Stand and Silent Auction benefitting the NW Junior Club!


Jerry Smith -- 815.275.6684 Kyle Koester -- 815.821.3344 Darcy Steffes -- 815.541.4483 Brett Zimmerman -- 815.541.6510 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 23

24 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

WHA Barn Meeting

Queen by Lea McCullough; Sable by Beth Herges

Wed., March 30 • 11:00 a.m.



EX-92 at 5Y GTPI +1880

VG-85 at 3Y GTPI +2037

2-00 3x 365 37,940 3.7 1413 3.0 1140 3-02 3x 365 28,820 4.1 1168 3.2 923

2-01 3x 365 40,980 4.0 1642 3.1 1281 ~ 2 Supersire daughters: Shelia, GP-83 and +63P; and Shari, +2400G - her Pety daughter is the #1 Pety in the U.S. at +813NM

~ Milking daughters by Uno (2 at VG-87), Planet and Jabir From 11 generations EX and VG dams going back to 4E-97 GMD DOM, All-American Northcroft Ella Elevation

Dam: Navs Mac Shawna-ET VG-87 VG-MS DOM GTPI +1887 4-01 3x 39,010 4.1 1592 3.3 1270, 3 sons in A.I. Next Dams: VG-87 VG-MS DOM, VG-87 VG-MS GMD DOM

Top 5 Reasons to attend our Barn Meeting... 1. Our January 27 classification on 275 head yielded 6 new Excellents and 78 new Very Goods, including 24 2-year-olds. 2. Our 630 cows average 104 pounds per day with a RHA of 33,200 4.0 1320 3.1 1030 3. See our favorite cow families - including the “Queen” and Shawna’s family (above). We’re also proud of our “M” family with several generations of 150,000 to 250,000 lifetime. 4. We have 10 milking daughters by Doorman and 15 milking Mogul daughters. 5. Discussion on “Holstein Breeding 101: Is it the Same Game or Have all the Rules Changed?” Lunch will be provided and the herd will be available for your inspection. We look forward to seeing you at Sugar Creek! 39

/ I-90

N5633 Hwy. O, Elkhorn, WI 53121 • Phone: 262-728-0702 Cell: 262-374-0793 • email: marleenkayadams@gmail.com RHA: 33,200 4.0 1320 3.1 1030

1/16 BAA: 105.5%; 10 EX, 160 VG, 245 GP

n diso Ma to

Rick & Marleen Adams

Sugar Creek Dairy 


e ke


au ilw oM 3t



MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

30th ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 19, 2016 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds





EX-93 EX-MS 3-11 2x 320 27,440 3.1 851 3.1 838 Chassity’s September 2015 Doorman sells. Full sisters were 1st & 3rd at Madison in 2014. Next 4 dams EX-92. Duckett

EX-95 3E GMD DOM HM All-American 125,000 lb. Cow ’07 6-00 2x 365 50,470 3.1 1558 3.3 1679 Lizzy does it all. Here’s your chance to buy her Goldwyn winter yearling. Cordes

EX-96 2E DOM All-American 125,000 lb. Cow 2011 4-09 2x 365 44,694 4.2 1890 3.4 1510 A July 2015 Atwood sells from a VG Phoenix then an EX Jasper daughter of Pasta. Buttles

EX-91 2E EX-MS 3rd Junior 2-Year-Old, WDE 2009 4-11 2x 344 36,930 3.9 1435 3.0 1124 Shimmer’s fancy December 2015 Corvette calf can be your blue ribbon winner. Rob-Cri





EX-91 EX-MS 4-03 3x 365 41,260 4.1 1654 3.1 1283 Ava is a 9th generation EX Apple. A *RC spring yearling Armani sells from Ava’s VG-85 Alchemy. Wilstar

EX-91 EX-MS 6-10 3x 365 34,185 4.1 1388 3.0 1025 Sabrina is a 15th generation EX. An Acme winter calf from her 2 year old Boss Iron sister sells. Ullom

EX-92 2E EX-MS 4-02 2x 365 35,790 4.0 1439 3.2 1146 A stylish September 2015 Beemer sells from Astonish’s VG-85 2Y Hero. 3rd dam 3E-94 Lee with 306,750 lft. Hilrose

VG-85 2Y 2-02 2x 247 18,692 3.1 573 2.9 538 inc. A stretchy June 1 Byway from Addison sells. 2nd dam is a VG Damion sister to Goldwyn Africa EX-95. Borchert





VG-86 2Y 2-00 3x 303 25,517 3.9 1242 3.6 908 inc. Pot O Gold’s +2428G June 2015 Silver sells. 2nd dam VG-87 w/41,720 4.0 1666. 3rd dam EX-91 w/59,450 4.1 2445 3.2 1906. Synergy

VG-85 2-03 2x 196 16,568 4.0 655 2.9 473 inc. Coin has sons going to AI including a +2586G Yoder. A March 2015 +2488G full sister is coming to the sale. Level Plain

VG-85 2Y 1-11 2x 365 29,420 4.0 1169 3.2 936 Sage is a sister to #4 Sterling and #12 Saloon. Her +2482G Silver fall calf sells. Sandy-Valley

EX-92 EX-MS GMD DOM 9-11 2x 365 40,250 3.7 1499 3.0 1208 A July Monterey sells from Pilgrim’s VG-86 Shottle granddaughter. 2nd dam VG-86 with 33,120 3.4 1111. LLM Dairy





EX-92 EX-MS 4-03 3x 365 35,580 4.0 1407 3.1 1109 Abilene’s September 1 Defiant fall calf has a huge pedigree. Granddam is Chief Adeen 2E-94, then Ada 2E-94. Moede

EX-92 2E EX-MS 7-07 2x 365 33,570 3.8 1263 3.0 1002 A December 2015 Gold Chip sells from Firefly’s EX Aspen with 34,130 4.2 1431 2.9 985. Bricco

EX-92 2E EX-MS 4-06 3x 305 30,250 4.0 1220 2.8 880 Eclipse hails from the Elegance family. A full aged RED Alacazam fall calf sells from her 2-year-old Satchel P. Vomastic

VG-88 EX-MS 2-11 2x 344 30,490 4.1 1242 3.2 975 Bella’s summer yearling Armani sells. 2nd dam is a VG Elegant, then Harbaugh Bella EX-92. Wilstar

SALE STAFF: Sale Chairman: Tom Anderson 715-853-3013 Jim Hoskens, Pedigrees 920-366-7153 Darrell Worden, Auctioneer 715-842-8098 Ringmen: Jay Jauquet 920-639-6408 Lynn Harbaugh 920-420-1524 KML

26 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

30th ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 19, 2016 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds





EX-94 2E EX-MS Res. AA R&W 4-Year-Old 2011 5-02 2x 365 47,290 3.4 1630 2.9 1381 Leta has had 4 daughters Nominated AllAmerican. Her December 2015 O’Kalif sells. Duckett

EX-90 EX-MS 2-00 2x 365 23,620 4.7 1121 3.6 853 Tart is a show stopper and prolific flush cow. A polled December 2015 Doorman calf sells from Tart’s fancy Earnhardt 2-year-old. Dorshorst

VG-88 GMD 6-02 3x 365 57,050 3.6 2032 2.9 1657 Selling is a RED Acme summer yearling from Lici’s VG-85 VG-MS Reality-Red. Hintz

1st Summer Yrlg., Intl. R&W Show 2014 All-American R&W Summer Yrlg. 2014 A fancy September 2015 Redliner full sister to Truth sells. Dam GP-83 Contender, then an EX-92 Rubens. Stanek





VG-87 EX-MS DOM 2-03 2x 360 33,724 3.9 1298 3.2 1063 Glamour is the #32 CTPI cow and #1 Meridian. Her November 2015 +2575G Silver daughter sells. Sandy-Valley

VG-85 5-02 2x 345 26,520 4.3 1150 3.2 858 Chime is an Active from Solid-Gold Cheesecake, VG-88 DOM w/40,300 4.6 1854. Chime’s Bradel winter calf sells. Country-Aire

EX-94 2E DOM 4-11 2x 365 31,570 4.2 1312 3.1 985 A fancy September 2015 Airlift sells from a VG-87 Laurin. 2nd dam is one of Claudette’s four EX Durhams. Booth

EX-90 3-01 2x 294 23,929 3.3 801 2.9 685 Rumba’s Arrow sister, GP-82 at 2Y, has a Reginald winter calf that sells. 3rd dam is full sister to Rally EX-94. Thiel

More Exciting Offerings...

ALEXAS SHOTTLE SARAH RAE-ET EX-90 EX-MS 3-06 3x 365 41,260 4.2 1745 3.0 1254 A Denver winter calf and embryos by Mogul, Kingboy and McCutchen sell from Sarah Rae. Dam EX-94 then Debutante Rae EX-92. Mayerlane

MORNINGVIEW DRM SANTA-ET VG-88 DOM 2-01 2x 365 33,710 5.0 1685 3.4 1151 Santa is the dam of R-E-W Seaver. A Sept. ’15 Hi Metro from her VG-86 Windbrook granddaughter sells. 2nd dam EX-92 Shottle. Bremer

• A full pedigree October 2015 Mogul sells from a VG-87 Shottle,VG-88 Outside & VG-88 BWM. Holmland • Tyler Sawall sends a polled *RC Socrates P fall calf from a 2-year-old Ladd P. 2nd dam VG-87 with 35,570M. • A full age Hero fall calf sells from a GP 2-year-old Windbrook. Next 2 dams EX-90. B-Long • Liners send a spring yearling Beemer from a VG-87 Braxton w/41,000M at 2Y. 2nd dam VG-87 w/35,210M. • Stone-Front sends an outcross March 2015 Doorman from a VG Arrow projected to 37,000M. 2nd dam VG-88 w/45,990M. • Norrboms send a December 2015 Guthrie. Dam is a GP-84 Atlas w/34,380. 2nd dam GP w/1384F, 3rd dam 3E-91 w/1649F. • B-Long sends a September 2015 Shot from an EX Alexander w/36,480 3.4 1243. 2nd dam had 1345F at 2Y. • A Mixer Kuhn fall calf sells from a VG-86 Observer w/28,990M. Granddam VG-86 w/185,740M lft. Scott Munes • Prososki’s send an Atwood fall calf from a VG 2-year-old Planet. 2nd dam VG-88 EX-MS Sanchez.

• A December 2015 Redburst can be your State Fair calf! Dam GP-83 Advent w/1095F. 2nd dam VG-85 Storm. Norrbom • A growthy December 2015 Kingboy sells from a VG Million w/38,450 3.7 1410. Granddam VG-86 Mr Sam, 4th dam Daphne EX. Seward • Edelburg’s offer a growthy May Atwood from a Shottle. 2nd dam VG-87 GMD DOM Oman w/38,660 3.7 1449. • A growthy Brokaw fall calf would look great at State Fair. Dam is a GP Bradnick, 2nd dam VG-86. Edelburg • Holmland sends a July 2015 Headliner. Dam is GP-83 with brothers in A.I. 2nd dam is Lars-Acres Tricia, EX-91. • Look for a September 2015 Aftershock from the Ashlyns. Dams GP 2Y Hero, VG-88 Jasper and EX Goldwyn. Gunst & Opsal • Get a big pedigree Aftershock fall calf from Opsals. Dam is a VG Guthrie, then 2 EX by Throne and Derry. • A stylish black Aftershock from the Elegance family will catch your eye. Dam is a VG Goldwyn w/26,810 3.9 1035F at 2Y. Harthaven

We will be having a semen auction to benefit the Waupaca-Waushara Junior Holstein Association.

Waupaca-Waushara Holstein Breeders will be offering a 5% rebate to any WI Junior Holstein member purchasing a calf at the sale.To qualify, juniors must be a state member by March 1, 2016.

For catalogs, contact: Dick Piechowski e-mail: holmlandfarms@gmail.com; Ph: 715-258-2757 Catalog available online at www.holsteinworld.com KML

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 27

Damhof Complete Herd Dispersal Friday, April 15th, 2016 • 10:30 AM • Blomkest, MN

170 Head Sell!


4-01 2X 365 28,170 3.0 852 2.8 796 This Matson daughter is just one example of the great offering from this deep-pedigreed homebred herd.

50 Years of Registered Holsteins! All heifers have been genomic tested! Great group of bred heifers and young stock! Low SCC!

2564 Pole Line Road Ridgeway, IA 52165 Home: 563-387-0035 • Cell: 563-380-1318 secourtney@hotmail.com • Fax: 563-387-0046

Spring Sale Offerings

Lyonden Minister Jaguar-ET VG-85 VG-MS Kerndtway Metro Rylee-ET EX-91-2E EX-MS

3-05 365d 31,940 3.9% 1242 3.2% 1020 Minister x VG-89 Leduc x EX-95-3E Chesapeake x EX-92 Boutonniere

SELLING! Clinton County Classic Sale - April 2nd Her Atwood Sr. 2-Yr-Old fresh in January!


5-03 365d 40,080 2.8% 1138 2.8% 1124 Hi Metro x VG-86 Inquirer x EX-92 Durham Regina x 6 More EX Dams

SELLING! Illinois PDCA Calf Sale - April 9th

Show-Age Brady December Calf - Potential 13th generation VG-EX! Dam: Kerndtway Sanchez Rozwell EX-90 EX-MS 2nd Dam: Kerndtway Advent Roz-ET*RC EX-91 EX-MS 3rd Dam: Kerndtway Metro Rylee-ET EX-91-2E EX-MS (above)

6447 Fitzgerald Rd., Rockford, IL 61102 Kevin & Palma Lyons (815)979-2370 ∙ lyondenk@comcast.net Brian & Lori (815)962-0001 ∙ Chris (920)563-1082 ∙ Dan & Kelly (260)359-1780 28 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 29

Photos by Beth Herges | 3/4 Image Reversed

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Changing of the Guard at Holbric Saturday, May 28, 2016 - Holbric Holsteins - Harvard, Illinois

Photo provided by WI Holstein News

The Kind We Sell!

2015 Wisconsin Championship Show Junior Champions Holbric Dickey Shadow & Sherona-Hill Applesox-Red

We sold six heifers last year; four of the six were Junior Champions at state shows, state fairs and/ or multi-state shows. One was Nominated All-American, two of them were Junior Champion & Reserve Junior Champion at the same show! We’ve been fortunate enough to have 24 years of consecutive All-American Nominations in Black & Red, Junior & Open Bred & Owned. In the past 3 years, we’ve tallied 18 nominations for animals that we bred, owned or exhibited.

Watch for more sale updates on our website & Facebook page! HOLBRIC HOLSTEINS

1213 Rte. 23  Harvard, IL 60033 815-482-7426 Brian  815-482-3821 Mark holbricholsteins@hotmail.com  www.holsteinworld.com/holbric/ MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 31

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

H A BROOD COW T I W F L PED A C IG W O PDCA Calf Sale - April 9 - Champaign Co. Fairgrounds RE E SH SELLING!

Mil-R-Mor Sid Karly - Born 10/21/15 7 Direct Dams ALL EX, Average EX-93 AND 183,393 lbs. Lifetime to Date! Sire: Pine-Tree Sid Premier Sire 2015 World Dairy Expo Dam: Mil-R-Mor Gold Kara EX-93-2E 4-01 365d 30,200m 1088f 825p Current lactation: 112d ave 124 lbs Kara’s milking daughters: Mil-R-Mor Damion Karla VG-88 Mil-R-Mor Lee Karamia VG-88 Type-leading sires in Karly’s pedigree: Sid World Dairy Expo Premier Sire 15 All-American Nominations this year Goldwyn Gold Medal Sire 5X World Dairy Expo Premier Sire Durham EX, Gold Medal Sire 5X World Dairy Expo Premier Sire Raider Breed’s Leading Sire of EX-97 Daughters

Karly’s Dam: Mil-R-Mor Gold Kara EX-93-2E

2nd Dam: 3rd Dam: 4th Dam: 5th Dam: 6th Dam: 7th Dam:

EX-90-3E EX-91 EX-93-4E EX-93-4E EX-95-4E EX-97-5E

1,280 Fat Life: 119,780 Milk Life: 240,680 Milk Life: 203,012 Milk Life: 259,422 Milk Life: 243,577 Milk

Using January 2016 milk prices, Karly’s 7 nearest dams have averaged over $33,000 income from milk sales alone, plus many thousands from offspring sales!

Selling on the Clinton Co. Classic - April 2 Mil-R-Mor Corvette Sacha - Born 9/2/15

Sire: Sonnek GC Corvette EX-90 Dam: Mil-R-Mor Lauthority Sachet VG-86-2Y 2nd Dam: Mil-R-Mor Mac Safari EX-90 3rd Dam: VG 4th Dam: EX-91-4E 34 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

765 E. Rock Grove Road, Orangeville, IL 61060 Bob & Kaye: (815) 819-7282 � milrmor@aeroinc.net Lorilee: (515) 290-0453 � lorileeschultz@gmail.com Follow us on Facebook at Mil R Mor Farm!

2016 Junior Convention Highlights NATIONAL DJM Jordan Siemers 12 & UNDER RECOGNITION Brianna Meyer, Clarissa Ulness, Garrett Ulness 1ST JUNIOR SPEAKING CONTEST Brianna Meyer 1ST PLACE JUNIOR ART Clarissa Ulness 2ND PLACE SENIOR ART Brandon Biese TRIP AWARD WINNER Maddie Zutz

ESSAY CONTEST 1st Senior - Maddie Zutz 1st Junior - Clarissa Ulness 4th Junior - Garrett Ulness 5th Junior - Brianna Meyer DAIRY JEOPARDY 1st Junior - Lauren Siemers 3rd Junior - Clarissa Ulness 2nd Intermediate - Jake Siemers 1ST PLACE SCRAPBOOK 1ST PLACE BANNER 1ST PLACE BELL-R-RING

1ST PLACE JUNIOR DAIRY BOWL TEAM Garrett Ulness, Lauren Siemers, Clarissa Ulness, Brianna Meyer 5TH PLACE SENIOR DAIRY BOWL TEAM Jake Siemers, Brandon Biese, Summer Henschel, Maddie Zutz JUNIOR DAIRY BOWL TEAM 2 Bennett Borgwardt, Blake Biese, Luke Zutz, Kate Greif ROOKIE DAIRY BOWL TEAM Austin Meyer, Whitney Ulness, Eli Staudinger, Abby Meyer

Ad sponsored by Manitowoc County Holstein Breeders and Calumet County Holstein Breeders MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 35

1920 and Naomi photos by Beth Herges; 1270 by Nick Sarbacker

Ke-Jo Hi Metro 1920-ET EX-92 3E GMD

Berryridge Shottle 1270-ET EX-92 2E GMD

Berryridge Toystory Naomi EX-91 2E GMD

~ over 251,000M lifetime ~ goes back to 2nd-Look Durham Juba EX-95 ~ impressive Atwood daughters, granddaughters & great-granddaughters recently fresh

~ approaching 250,000M lifetime ~ Best record: 4-09 3x 365 55,110 3.9 2152 3.1 1692 ~ sons, grandsons in A.I. ~ VG-85 2Y Supersire daughter at +2386G

~ 70 progeny and counting!

 Wed., March 23 at 11 a.m. for a

7094 Hyer Rd, Waunakee, WI 53597  

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

WHA Barn Meeting

We invite you to come see these cow families and their herdmates. We also have a great group of two-year-olds by Supersire, Mogul and Defiant.





Purple Ribbon Classic March 5 in Marshfield  A September 2015 super fancy Webb-Vue Spark x Clay Entertain EX-90



March 25 in Fond du Lac  VG-87 Senior 3-year-old by Guthrie  Supersire x VG-88 Domain x Belara EX-94, milking 140 lbs./day Awesome AltaSpring x VG-88 Epic 3-year-old x Denali Rae EX x 7 more EX Roxys DISH RAE EX-90


April 2 in Whitewater



Your Goldwyn fall calf for 2017! Choice of five females due in September 2016 x Barbidoll EX-90 x Barbie EX-92; maternal sister is EX-92 Barby Best calf on the farm! October 2015 Monterey x VG-86 Let It Snow x Mankato VG-89 X Mopsie EX-93





We are sending some of our best to the spring sales. If you are interested in more information on these or other animals available, please give us a call! Gordon & Emily Carncross | Craig & Jen Carncross W13157 Co. Hwy. J, Lodi, WI 53555 wargoacres@gmail.com | 608-592-2560 Craig cell

Check us out at www.wargoacres.com BAA: 108.4% on 335 cows, #1 for herd size RHA: 394 cows 31,001 3.8 1195 3.2 995

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Spring Sale Consignments To the Dual County Sale - March 19

Jerland SH Gwennyth-Red-ET EX-91 EX-MS

Tri-Day Ashlyn-ET EX-96 2E GMD DOM

2-02 2x 304 20,880 4.4 918 3.4 709 All-Minnesota Junior 3-Year-Old 2014

All-American Senior 3-Year-Old 2000 All-American & All-Canadian 4-Year-Old 2001

Dam: Scientific Grace-Red-ET EX-91 (pictured below)

21 EX daughters, 19 VG daughters

Selling Gwennyth’s red Contender daughter due in June with a Diamondback heifer calf.

Ashlyn’s granddaughter by Destry sells due in April to sexed Diamondback.

To the Outagamie Spring Sale - April 15

Larcrest Chessa-ET EX-90

Scientific Grace-Red-ET EX-91

2-08 365 25,146 4.5 1131 3.7 930

5-00 2x 365 28,530 4.4 1260 3.7 1058 Nominated All-American R&W 2007 & 2008

Dams: Larcrest Crimson-ET EX-91 DOM x  Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 DOM

Look for her Predestine daughter, +2287G, bred to Donatello and due in June with a heifer calf.

First 8th generation Excellent red Roxy!

Grace’s red Acme daughter sells due in June with a Diamondback heifer calf.

To Hammer Time at Heritage - April 2 Greenlea-TM Real Ab-Red-ET EX-92 4-03 2x 31,960 3.7 1171 3.1 980 Nom. All-American & Junior All-American R&W 2012 & 2013 Dams: Cherrie-Kreek Beulah-Red-ET EX-92 x 7 generations  EX back to Jan-Com Fond Matt Matilda EX-97 5E GMD

Her red VG Contender daughter sells. Could be a 10th generation EX! owned with Tim Natzke & Smithcrest Holsteins MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

from Marsh-Vue Holsteins To Define your Destiny - May 14

Budjon-JK Glchip Explain-ET Junior All-American Summer Yearling 2015 All-Wisconsin Summer Yearling 2015 2nd, International Junior Holstein Show 2015 Dams: 2E-95 Dundee x 2E-92 2E DOM Storm x 3E-96 3E GMD DOM Linjet Eileen x 3E-96 Elegance

SHE SELLS! Due June 3 with a Diamondback heifer calf, she’s ready to anchor your show string in 2016!

To Spring Fashions at the Northern - March 25

Hazels Gldwn Hagar-ET EX-91

Amlaird Lee Alice-ET EX-94 2E

Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97 3E GMD

3-03 2x 365 40,340 5.1 2051 3.0 1223

7-05 2x 365 36,980 5.0 1837 3.2 1186

Dam: Quality-Ridge Stormi Hazel EX-96 2E, nominated All-American 7 straight years

Dams: EX-94 2E DOM Chief Adeen x Starbuck Ada EX-94 2E DOM

5-07 2x 365 44,710 5.0 2222 2.8 1248 Supreme Champion, WDE 2009 & 2010

Hagar’s Aftershock daughter sells due in June with a Diamondback heifer calf.

Alice’s EX-90 Baltimor daughter sells along with her Wickham calf.

Selling Frosty’s VG-86 Atwood daughter. Also selling an Atwood great-granddaughter due in June with a Diamondback heifer calf.

Wea-Land Freelance Rascal EX-94 2E 4-11 2x 365 31,500 5.8 1824 3.7 1150 Dams: VG-87 Linjet with 211,000 lft. x VG-86 Lee

Her Aftershock springing heifer sells due in April to sexed Diamondback.

Ms Ken-Dren Sanchez Feather EX-94 3-05 2x 365 32,610 3.6 1183 3.2 1045 Dams: VG-88 x EX-91 DOM x 3 gen. VG or EX GMD DOM to Plushanski Chief Faith EX-94 4E

Her Attitude springer sells due to sexed Diamondback.

Don’t miss these exciting consignments from some the breed’s top cow families!

 Doug, Gina, Zach, Jordan & Brianna Lemke  

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Outstanding Pedigrees, Outstanding 2-Yr-Olds Selling April 2nd ~ Clinton County Classic Sale

Ms Miracle Astro Dazzle VG-86

Selling! Her GoldChip fresh in December, plus her full aged Ladd-P calf. Next dam is an EX-91 Skychief, then Linjet Murphy EX-96-3E

Heinz-Hope Farm

Golden-Oaks Dur Champ-ET EX-94

3-05 3x 365d 36,840 3.6% 1323 3.4% 1238 Selling! Her fresh GoldSun daughter. Next dam is EX-93-3E Champ Rae, then 7 more EX Roxys!

Also Selling...PDCA Calf Sale - April 9th

Nelson & Bonnie Heinzmann - 618.226.2578 Aaron, Jenn, Lane, Brady & Samantha - 618.781.7994

Show-Age Kingboy Fall Calf x Lithium x 13 generations VG-EX Roxys!

GET IN ON A WINNING TEAM R-Homestead Ashock Teamster Fresh 12/12/15, this Aftershock Sr. 2-yr-old just went VG-85 at 50 days in milk! Her first test was 88 lbs. 3.7%F & 2.9%P with 13,000SCC. Dam: R-Homestead Team Jordan VG-86-4Y (3rd lact) 2nd Dam: R-Homestead Dundee Tilly-TW EX-90-2E 3-05 365d 26,180 3.3% 868 3.1% 802 3rd Dam: R-Homestead Milan Taylee-ET VG-85 3-02 365d 30,580 3.0% 910 3.0% 923 4th Dam: R-Homestead Encore Toy EX-93-3E (left) 4-11 365d 31,680 3.5% 1096 2.9% 915 Sr. & Res. Grand Illinois State Jr. Holstein Show 2001

She sells on the Clinton County Classic! 40 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

R-Homestead Encore Toy EX-93-3E

R-Homestead, Ltd.

David Ruppert Family 20252 N. 24th Ave., Nokomis, IL 62075 Phone: (217) 563-2846 Email: rhomestead@illinoisalumni.org

Apply now for the

2016 Badger Dairy Camp! June 9-11, 2016 UW-Madison Campus - Madison, WI Tentative Schedule Thursday, June 9   

  

This camp fills up fast - send your application today!

Camp Application

Friday, June 10    

        

   

Saturday, June 11      

     

Youth between the ages of 12-18 can apply to attend this exciting 3-day program:      

Learn from outstanding instructors…

   

A huge thank you to our 2015 sponsors whose enthusiastic support allows us to keep the program affordable for dairy youth. UW-Madison Dept. of Dairy Science    


MIDWEST HOLSTEINS


December 1-3, 2015, Bloomington, IL � Hosted by the Heart of Illinois Club

2015-2016 IL Holstein Executive Board Front L-R: Secretary Tina Hall-Yagow, Past President Brian Olbrich, Treasurer Carol Jones, President Jason Oertel; Middle L-R: Holstein Association USA Director Dale Drendel, Jerry Smith, Vice-President Ed Smith; Back L-R: Steve Irwin, Holstein Association USA Vice-President Boyd Schaufelberger & Rodger Koehn Not Pictured: Aaron Heinzmann

2015 ILLINOIS HOLSTEIN SENIOR BREEDER AWARD Lynn & Gary Zehr, Zehrview Holsteins, Graymont, IL Back in the 50’s, a couple of young boys were growing up on a small Holstein dairy farm. It appeared that the boys could have been more interested in imitating Roy Rogers by playing cowboys and Indians than helping on the dairy farm. At times, the two got into some heavy spats, but even so, these boys were inseparable. Their dad started this Holstein operation with his folks. They milked the cows in a stanchion barn. As the boys grew a bit older, dad took the family to the county fair. It was a fun day of rides, fair food and watching the livestock show. That was the beginning of a passion and desire that continues on today. Their dad decided to select the kids a heifer to show the following year. This Senior Yearling, after many hours of preparing her for the show, won first place. Little did they know how this event would change and mold the rest of their lives. In the years following, the two boys showed at the 4-H fair and eventually added more shows and fairs. As they grew up, the Holstein Cow became a huge part of their goals and dreams. Although school activities were also important to them, the Holstein Cow always came first. The eldest son returned to the farm after graduating from Illinois State University, while the younger brother stayed home to farm after graduating high school. The partnership was officially established in the late 70’s. They continued milking registered Holstein 42 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

cows and farming row crops and alfalfa. Their top priority always focused on selecting and breeding for show quality animals and pedigrees. This partnership survived a terrible tragedy in 1994, a barn fire. It was a very sad day because several show cattle perished. However good genetics and hard work brought future show ring success to this farm. They converted from the stanchion barn to a trigon parlor and added a 12 stall box stall barn. They The Butler Family with Lynn & Gary Zehr & President Brian Olbrich Holsteins. These brothers have complemented currently milk approximately each other very well over the past 40+ years 100 cows. The brothers continued to focus on breeding as one specializes in animal husbandry and the high quality show type. Over the years, they other in crop production. Not a day goes by have been fortunate to have had many class that one of them isn’t at the farm. Lynn is married to Mona and they have two winners and won All Americans, All Canadian, and Junior All Americans. In addition, they sons, Russell and Danny. Gary is married to have had several State Fair Grand Champions Tricia and they also have two children, Rosalee and Junior Champions and Futurity winners. and Wyatt. The future of Zehrview Holsteins is Some of their special show cows include: very eminent because Lynn and Gary’s children Arlinda Polly, Babs, Sadie, Maggie, Marquis also enjoy showing. Congratulations to Lynn & Gary Zehr, the Gay, Iris, Rosalie and Rose. This year’s Senior Holstein Breeder Award 2015 Illinois Senior Breeder Award recipients! goes to Lynn and Gary Zehr – Zehrview

2015 ILLINOIS HOLSTEIN JUNIOR BREEDER AWARD John Mitchell, Mitchell’s Holsteins, Winnebago, IL John is a 2008 graduate of the University of Illinois where he was active in Alpha Gamma Rho, competed with the dairy judging team, was part of the platinum award winning team representing Illinois in the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge, was president of the Illini Dairy Club, and was named a senior 100 honoree by the University during the spring of his senior year. Growing up, John was active in 4-H, showing his dairy animals and sheep, and took advantage of every opportunity to participate in dairy bowl practices and competitions with both 4-H and the county and state Holstein teams. He has been to nearly every National Holstein Convention since 2000, either participating in youth programs or coaching the youth of Illinois. John farms in Winnebago, Illinois as one of the co-owners of Mitchell Dairy and Grain LLC. Formed in 2014 by Tim, John, and Aaron Mitchell, it is the most recent expansion of the Mitchell’s family farm. John is the 6th generation to farm in Winnebago since 1868 and is now the 3rd generation on the current dairy operation, which was purchased in 1960 by John’s grandfather, J. Douglas Mitchell. Shortly before John graduated from high school in 2004, with a nod toward future expansion, a new milking facility large enough to accommodate a double twelve herringbone parlor was built and initially outfitted as a double eight. When John returned home from the University of Illinois with a degree in Animal Sciences, in the

spring of 2008, plans were placed in motion to include John in the business and there was talk of expansion in the dairy once again. Sadly plans slowed when his dad Mike, and brother Kyle, died in a farming accident in July of 2008, but expansion soon continued with the addition of a new calf building, commodity shed, and a number of bunker silos in 2009. Expansion began again in the spring of 2014 when John’s brother, Aaron, graduated from the University of Illinois and returned to join the farming operation. The 350 cow facility was completed in early 2015 and the first cows were moved into the new barn in May. The business is currently milking 320 head, three times a day with a rolling herd average of 24,784 pounds of milk, 872 pounds of fat, and 759 pounds of protein. The herd had a BAA of 104 on the last classification and has also garnered the Progressive Genetics Herd award for the last 17 years with their average CTPI in 2015 coming in at 1825. The family also farms about 2500 acres, primarily corn and beans. John recently completed seven years as a state director representing the BooneWinnebago Holstein club for the Illinois

Judy, John & Jan Mitchell

Holstein Association, is currently president of the Boone-Winnebago Holstein club, is a member of the Winnebago-Boone County Farm Bureau Board, and is president of the Winnebago-Boone County Farm Bureau young farmer’s committee. John enjoys competing in young farmer’s discussion meets and has represented Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau at the state level multiple times. Furthermore, he spends countless hours each year coaching dairy bowl teams, preparing future generations of young dairy enthusiasts for state and national competitions. Congratulations, John, on receiving the 2015 Illinois Junior Breeder Award!

2015 DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD 2015 National Holstein Convention Chairs

This year’s Distinguished Service Award winners were all of the chairpersons of the 2015 National Holstein Convention. Without the dedication of these leaders and their committees, we would not have had the extremely successful National Convention this year. Their endless volunteer hours and creative ideas have not gone unnoticed. Special thank you to National Convention CoChairs - Ron Schaufelberger & Dale Drendel, Finance Chair - Joann Hartman, Junior Convention Co-Chairs - Melissa Irwin & Becky Meier, Senior Banquet Chairs - Boyd & Sandy Schaufelberger, Host Day Co-Chairs - Nate Janssen & Brian Wesemann, Sale Co-Chairs - Gary Janssen & Brian Olbrich, Golf Tournament Chair - Bernie Heisner, Publicity Chair Julie Ashton, Trade Show Chair - Sarah Lenkaitis, Non-Delegate Chair - Dave 2015 National Holstein Convention Chairs Fischer, Transportation Co-Chairs - Jerry Smith & Ed Smith and Registration Front L-R: Dale Drendel, Karen & Ron Schaufelberger Chairs - Brent & Carrie Pollard & Wendy Erbsen. Congratulations, National Convention Chairs, on receiving the 2015 Back L-R: Brian Olbrich, Gary Janssen, Jerry Smith, Ed Smith, Boyd & Sandy Schaufelberger, Joann Hartman, Dave Fischer, Jan Mitchell, Distinguished Service Award! Each chairperson received a special embroidered Bernie Heisner & John Mitchell; Not pictured: Melissa Irwin, Becky blanket with a message thanking them for their help with the 2015 National Meier, Nate Janssen, Brian Wesemann, Julie Ashton, Sarah Lenkaitis, Brent & Carrie Pollard & Wendy Erbsen Holstein Convention! MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 43



Fetch yourself this fancy, deep bodied Atwood fall yearling in Whitewater, WI, on April 2nd. She sells bred to sexed Acme.


Briccows Mry Best Friend 2E-94 94-MS 5-02 2x 365 38,730 3.3 1294 2.9 1135 Nominated Junior All-American Aged Cow 2006 3rd Aged Cow, International Junior Holstein Show 2006 Next 3 dams: VG-89 w/32,270 3.8 1225; VG-87 w/34,040 3.6 1218; 2E-90 w/31,150 4.0 1261

Maternal Sister

Briccows Dundee Frisbee 2E-92 92-MS 3-08 2x 349 31,002 3.4 1057 2.9 902 Maternal sister to Frisbee: Briccows Roy Fiesta EX-92 5-01 2x 304 30,440 4.2 1269 3.1 934

Briccows Sid Football-ET VG-87 91-MS 3-02 2x 343 30,722 4.0 1216 3.1 948 2nd place, Shawano County Futurity 2015 This Sid daughter of Frisbee is a favorite young cow!

Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale


This December 2015 Gold Chip calf should be your focus on March 19th in Weyauwega, WI. Her dam is an EX Aspen with 4-03 2x 365 34,130 4.2 1431 2.9 985. Granddam is Firefly.

Briccows Drake Firefly 2E-92 92-MS 7-07 2x 365 33,570 3.8 1263 3.0 1002 over 190,000M lifetime to date Next 4 dams: VG-87 Roy w/30,043 4.5 1340; VG-88 Jed w/32,003 4.1 1298; VG-87 w/34,040 3.6 1218; 2E-90 w/31,140 4.0 1261 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Pete, Brenda, Brent & Riley Bricco N3103 Wegner Road, Marion, WI 54950 (715) 460-4208 cell e-mail: onepete@frontiernet.net - We are an rBST-free herd -


K-Star Facebook Announce VG-88, EX-MS, 3YR +2278GTPI 2-2 3X 362 38435 4.2 1626 3.3 1273 3-3 3X 138 17854 4.0 723 3.1 561 (INC)

Announce has been a herd favorite since day one. Her dam is a VG-86 Armstead with 3 records over 43,000M. Announce completes 10 generations of homebred VG or EX dams! Her Freddie sister is EX EX-MS with 42,000M. Announce's 8/15 Delta daughter, K-Star Delta Answer is +2698 GTPI and 863NM! She also has a Tango yrlg bred to Delta. With pregnancies by Jedi, and more IVF planned in the near future, we're excited for the next great ANNOUNCEment! Dan & Amber Koester Family Lance & Cynthia, Kyle, Brent and Bria 1099 East Angle Road, Dakota, IL 61018

Dan Cell - 815.821.3789 Kyle Cell - 815.821.3344 koesterdairy@gmail.com RHA 340 cows - 3x 35,129 3.8 1366 3.2 1099 Progressive Genetics Herd Award - 24 years MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 45


Save the date! Marathon County Holstein Breeders will be having a

Calf & Heifer Showcase Sale Saturday, April 16 at 12:00 noon hosted by Dream Team Holsteins, Don & Jenny Fahey Contact Don at 715-573-0820 for more information.

GRANDEUR HOLSTEINS BLIVEN FAMILY R865 Mount View Lane Athens, WI 54411 Phone: 715-257-7255 e-mail: jbliven@semexusa.com

   

Excited to be hosting the Marathon County Calf & Heifer Showcase Sale on April 16. Watch for a choice of two Windbrook winter yearlings from an excellent cow family!

 Don, Jenna, Malayna & Kendra Fahey 11360 Rainbow Dr., Merrill, WI 54452 715-537-0820 jennafahey23@gmail.com

Gary Stankowski Owner Home: 3860 Sugar Bush Rd. Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-3197 Farm: 543 Hwy. S Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-0799

Our new future farmer!

 Mike & Linda King Kevin & June King

Visitors welcome by appointment


   



         

      

46 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

      

Castleholm Rae-Love-Red 5-11 305 35,438 4.3 1509 2.7 971 EX-93 2E at 6-10 14th gen. EX

DAL-SKI HOLSTEINS David & Paulette Lemanski

Devin, Alex & Danielle 715-352-3382 dpadski@gmail.com 3475 Cardinal Lane, Marathon, WI 54448 Visitors Welcome


Ded-Dit Holsteins Selling in the heifer project sale at the Wisconsin Valley Fair, Saturday, August 6

 

Ded-Dit Braxton Bigshot ~ VG-85 dam, then 8 gen. EX starting with Briccows Talent Bewitched EX-90

Doug Dittmar 6006 - 3 Birch Street, Schofield, WI 54476


       

Har-Dale-Acres Rob Clair-ET VG-85

      

Fred, Lynne & Matt Harder

 

Russ & Rosie Bauman Edgar, WI • 715-352-3177

Call Milkyhill Cattle Sales for rates.

Barron County Spring Sale - April 9 Vernon County Sale - May 7 at 7:30 p.m. Contact ED mielke 715-574-2931


   

A Grass-Based dairy farm with Strong Cow Families

On-Q Jackman Sun-ET +2472 GTPI +632NM +5.2PL (12/14) The forecast is for a lot of “Sun” this Summer! She is flushing well and due to calve with a Delta heifer in September. ET heifers and bulls out of Yoder, Monterey, Main Event, Demaris, Silver and Pat-Red coming in summer and fall. Dam:    Granddam:  

3rd Dam: 

Sam & Jenn Zimmermann Mason, Adelle, Neah & Garrison E2259 County Rd. Q, Ringle, WI 54471 Cell: 715-218-8619

     

Keith & Cassi Bauman Korbyn, Karsyn & Chase W615 Cty. Hwy. N, Edgar, WI 54426 715-615-3552 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 47


A Tribute to a Great Cow

Miss Langs Twin-B Kboy 5106

Highest Scored Toystory in the World

GTPI +2660 PTA +1636M +58F +47P +690NM +5.7PL +3.16T +2.64UDC +2.48FLC 12/15 Sire: Morningview McC Kingboy-ET

Ms Regancrest TS Stacia-ET 2E-94 GMD

Dam: Langs-Twin-B Mogul 4915-ET VG-86 DOM 2-03 2x 365 30,562 4.0 1233 3.1 934

11/10/06 - 12/29/15 5-10 365 42,038 3.72 1546 3.08 1307 Lifetime: 220,564 8112F 6882P ~ we have her daughter that is EX-94

2nd Dam: Ralma Shottle Oreo-ET VG-85 VG-MS DOM 3rd Dam: Ralma Christmas Fudge-ET VG-88 GMD DOM 4th Dam: Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 GMD DOM


Floyd & Lloyd Baumann

1751 Cherry Drive, Eland, WI 54427 RHA: 3x 31,419 4.03 1266 2.94 923 Chad & Andy Peterson, owners 715-302-0482 Visitors Always Welcome!

 

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc. Fred Lang 


Classification Results Owned by: Thomas & Florine Bunkelman Brooke, Brent & Brodie

New classification scores... Milksource Goldwyn Aspen EX-92 Timlynn Braxton America-ET EX-92 Tomkins Shottle Cavanya-ET EX-91 2E

Flambeau-Manor Damion Napa EX-90 EX-MS Damion x EX-91 Lheros x EX-92 Jolt x VG-87 Leadman ~ daughter by Gold Chip ~ bred to Doorman

Other results: Sky-Reach O-Man Hunter EX-90 92-MS Sky-Reach Ammon Fran VG-87 2Y Sky-Reach Day Dream VG-85 2Y Sky-Reach Rliner Bellemont VG-85 2Y

We are looking forward to the show season & pulling season! F4680 Walnut Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 Ph.: 715-581-6460 E-mail: tomkinsfarm@yahoo.com 48 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

HOLSTEINS Hank, Shannon, Gabe & Jonah Boschma Athens, WI 715-205-7303


To the Barron Spring Sale Bosside Oak 1097 Toby-ET   

Farnear-Regan Toast-ET now EX-90 92-MS

        

John & Tineke Boschma H4370 Townline Rd., Colby, WI 54421 PH: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 E-Mail: bossideholsteins@hotmail.com RHA: 46 cows 25,956 1034F 806P BAA: 107.8%

Fustead Mogul Lilac-ET VG-87 VG-MS 2-02 2x 365 30,365 4.9 1483 3.3 1004 +2529 GTPI +87F +47P +1190M

Now available at Select Sires...

Fustead Tango Lylas

  

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS      

Sam-Way Dairy

Willows-Edge Susi Facet-ET VG-86 VG-87MS GTPI +2411 sired by Supersire 240 20,621 4.3 894 3.0 611 inc.

Samway Fame Famous VG-85 86-MS at 2-04 Famous is due in June to Dempsey and will be IVF’d this fall to the one and only Goldwyn.

Sam-Way Dairy Wayne, Samantha & Justin Giese

  

~ Monterey daughter that is +2528G +1578M +3.63T, will be flushed soon ~ Facet is bred to Ferdinand   Leon & Lyle Matthiae E916 Hwy. Q Ringle, WI 54471 715-297-8485 Leon 715-297-8483 Lyle www.llmdairy.com Visitors always welcome MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 49





he story began in May of 1973 when I was a young boy. When I was four my mom and dad purchased the farm next to my Dad’s parents in the Town of Wien that I now run with my wife Barb and our two daughters Madison and Abigail. My parents tell me I was always trying to help them with the chores when growing up long before I was able to. I started showing cattle when I was in sixth grade with Edgar FFA at the Wisconsin Valley Fair and the Athens Fair and continued showing through high school. I got my first registered calf in 1982 as a Doboy Heifer Project calf, Krause-Acres Ford Jolly. She was a really good cow at producing milk but not producing heifer calves - with five lactations she produced five bull calves. After graduating I started working off the farm full time and still helping with the farm part-time and doing relief milking in the area for 10 years. In 1997 I decided to go back to the farm full time. I bought the cattle from my parents and “Moo-dy Acres” was created. I rented the farm until 2002 when I decided to buy the farm from my parents. On July 25, 2003, Barb and I got married and we began to farm. Barb works fulltime off the farm as an accountant and helps when she is able with milking and crops. During the summer of 2004 we remodeled the milking cow portion of the barn and added freestalls and new mats for the cows. In July of 2004 we welcomed our first daughter Madison and in June 2006, our second daughter Abigail joined the farm. When the girls were little they loved helping with the chores as they are able and always making sure that the cows had all their feed pushed in with their little red shovels and wheelbarrows. In July of 2011 Bethany, a neighbor girl, came looking for a job helping on the farm as the current farmer she worked for was selling his herd and she did not want to give up working with the animals. Not long after starting to work here she asked about showing some of our heifers at the upcoming fairs. Her interest in showing our cattle brought back all those great memories of my showing days. That first year Bethany showed three of our heifers. Our girls loved helping that summer with the walking and washing of the calves and all the extra attention that was given to those three show animals. Out of those first three animals that were shown from our herd, one animal remains - Moo-dy Acres Jotan Nicki-Red. She is one of the stars of our herd and looks as young as any of our fresh 2-year-old heifers. It is hard to believe she will be turning six years old this fall. Nicki has really become one of our foundation cows as she has been successful at both milking and being the key player in growing our numbers of Red Holsteins in the herd. Not long after Bethany got the girls interested in showing, our oldest daughter Madison was old enough to show at the Athens Fair as a Cloverbud with our 4-H club, the Wien Wildcats 4-H. That same year as a Director of the Marathon County Farm Bureau we began the “Little Britches Dairy Show” at the Athens Fair. The show was a huge success with over 30 kids showing calves at the fair. The “Little Britches Dairy Show” has continued to grow at the Athens Fair with many new kids showing every year and many returning year after year as they wait for their turn as a 4-H exhibitor in the big ring. In 2012 we were able to bring the “Little Britches Dairy Show” to the Wisconsin Valley Fair with the help of the Marathon County Holstein Breeders and the Marathon County DHIA office. It has also been a huge success and we have been able to bring the experience of showing animals to many young children who may have never even seen a calf before or who have never even seen a dairy farm. This past fair we were even able to bring the show to the Show Pavilion at the Wisconsin Valley Fair which is extra special for those young 4Hers waiting for their turn in the “big” ring. Our family keeps busy away from the farm also as members of Hope Lutheran Church, Marathon County Farm Bureau, Marathon County Holstein Breeders and Wien Wildcats 4-H. Madison and Abigail enjoy going to Cow Camp every year with the juniors and making many new friends who enjoy working with and showing animals as much as they do. We have really learned to enjoy going to the many shows in our area with our family. The girls have had a few successful years at the local fairs and even the District 4 Show since those first three animals rekindled the show bug in our family. In the early part of 2014 Madison decided she wanted to have a project animal for the upcoming show season just like she had seen the bigger kids doing. We were able to locate her one from some friends of ours, Don and Jenna Fahey. They had a great heifer for Madison to start her 4-H showing days with and we welcomed Dream-Team Asteroid Rayann to our farm. We all learned a lot about showing over the next several months and when Rayann made her appearance at the Wisconsin Valley Fair that July she was selected as the Supreme Junior Champion. Rayann continued to shine that summer as she went on to be selected as the Supreme Junior Champion at the Athens Fair as well. We have had a few other great heifers who have performed very well for us over the past few years at the local fairs as well as the District show. They are: Langfrthgen Apple Maybel-Red who was the Jr Red & White Champion at the Wisconsin Valley Fair in 2014; Moo-dy Acres Absolute Martha-Red, 2nd blue at the District 4 Show in 2014; Moo-dy Acres Rudolph Niya-Red; Ace-N-Spades Redburst Desire-Red, Red & White Junior Champion at the Wisconsin Valley Fair in 2015 as well as 2nd place at the Marshfield Fair; Moo-dy Acres Gourmet Nevada; Bosside Rvn Vessa-Red. Madison and Abigail are active members of the Marathon County Holstein Juniors and enjoy helping out with the brat fry sales the Juniors organize at county sales and meetings. Both girls are also active at church and enjoy playing basketball and volleyball any chance they get with their local school teams. We have been growing the herd over the past few years by attending numerous sales in the state and picking young stock that we hope to be key players in our herd for many years to come. Our current herd average is 21,760 with 3.68 800 fat, 3.17 690 Protein and 76 somatic cell. We are looking forward to classifying our herd for the first time in May. We want to thank the Marathon County Holstein Breeders for sponsoring our story, Dr. Waylon Fischer from Northern Lakes Vet     Service for his flushing services and herd health and Criag Krohlow for    his aAa services.

 

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

2016 Summer Intern Sponsors Thank you to these individuals and farms for supporting the internship program. Each of these sponsors has donated $1,000 to the 2016 program.

Melvin & Darlene Hackett Spencer & Stacey Hackett Chris and Brook Rice MN 56367 I 320 267 3180 spenett@jetup.net

T-Spruce is currently marketing high genomic heifers and embryos! Call if interested.

T-Spruce Holsteins

Arnold & Kris Gruenes 17565 County Road 43 Richmond, MN 56368 320-453-7322

I’d like to express my appreciation to Past Presidents of the Minnesota Holstein Association for their hard work and dedication!

Glen Kurth Glen “Clancy” Kurth Stewart, MN

Open for You! There is one spot left to sponsor the 2015 internship program. With your donation of $1,000 not only do we have the opportunity to continue the internship program but you will receive a quarter page ad of recognition for your donation in all four 2015 Minnesota Holstein News publicaitons.

Please contact the MHA office today if interested.

Ra-Mar-Land Sept Leaf


EX-91 3E 2-00 365 27,528 3.5 952 2.8 768 Lifetime: 147,390 3.5 5061 3.1 4627 Dam: Ra-Mar-Land Addison Lorelei VG-86 DOM GMD 2nd Dam: Ra-Mar-Land Ohio Luisa EX-90 3rd Dam: Ra-Mar-Land Big Jim Lucky VG-87 DOM 4th Dam: Ra-Mar-Land Rex Lucille VG-86 5th Dam: Ra-Mar-Land Car Val Lucy VG-87

Leaf Daughters

Ra-Mar-Land LipGloss-Red-ET *PO VG-88 5-04 364 48,637 3.4 1642 2.8 1364

Ra-Mar-Land Lorilee Colt-ET *PO VG-85 2-01 365 31,780 3.5 1120 2.9 929

Ra-Mar-Land Lacey ID-ETS *RC VG-88 EX-MS 5-03 289 33,822 3.5 1199 2. 957 inc.

Ra-Mar-Land Lucey ID-ETS *RC EX-90 EX-92MS 4-10 357 45,273 3.6 1633 2.9 1296

Ra-Mar-Land Licorice-Red-ET VG-86 4-02 365 46,923 3.0 1425 3.1 1447

Ra-Mar-Land Luna VG-85 5-08 358 46,130 3.6 1648 2.8 1274

Ra-Mar-Land Cole Libra *RC VG-87 3-05 328 26,028 3.7 971 2.9 760

Ra-Mar-Land Lollipop-Red-ET GP-84 2-09 307 29,120 3.7 1065 2.9 836

Leaf Sisters & Brothers Ra-Mar-Land September Lei VG-89 EX-92MS (owned by Emerald Acres, DePere, WI) 4-10 365 48,350 3.4 1624 3.0 1452 Ra-Mar-Land Gold Lace EX-90 DOM (owned by Second Look Holsteins, Eden, WI) 4-10 365 42,980 3.7 1581 3.1 1331 Ra-Mar-Land Lion King *RC EX-90 7HO8059 +1528 milk and +39 protein with 3504 daughters Ra-Mar-Land O Phantom EX-90 14HO5177 +1169 milk and +39 protein with 1714 Daughters Ra-Mar-Land Lucky Charm VG-88 7HO8991 +1251 milk and +41 protein with 332 Daughters

Still at Ra-Mar-Land are Leaf’s last daughter, Ra-Mar-Land Luckie *PO, born 10-24-2014; and Lip Gloss daughter, Ra-MarLand Lipliner *RC *PO, due March 1, 2016

We are very thankful to Paul Ossman, the Hodorff family, and Bill, Tony and Jacob Brey for having faith in this cow family. We wish them well in continuing the family legacy. 52 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

Ra-Mar-Land Holsteins Steve & Kari Selner • Emily & Madeline N2115 County V, Denmark, WI 54208 • 920-863-5203

54 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 55

THE 49TH OUTAGAMIE CO. SPRING SALE Friday, April 15th, 7:30 p.m., Seymour Fairgrounds, Seymour, WI




  Selling is a full sister to Ellie due June 1 with an Atwood heifer. From six generations EX, the dam is an EX-91 Astronomical from Elegance herself.  

1-11 2x 365 32,760 3.9 1262 3.2 1051 A fresh AltaOak granddaughter of Procky sells! She has the same cut as her VG-86 Million dam. 3rd dam is Rudolph Pilgrim, EX-92 2E GMD DOM. Potential to make your next high genomic calf! 

7-07 2x 365 35,300 3.8 1347 3.5 1225   A spring yearling by Aftershock sells from Treasure’s Fremont sister. She’s a great opportunity for a WI Junior State Fair! 

If you are interested in consigning or for a catalog, please contact: Sale Chairman, Skyler Buman - 920-660-2013 or email skyler.buman@gmail.com

Sale Sponsored by:

Catalog will be available online at www.greatnorthernsalesarena.com and www.dairyagendatoday.com. Find us on Facebook!

Holstein Breeders

SALE STAFF: Jay Jauquet, 920-639-6408 Lynn Harbaugh, 920-420-1524 Brandon Ferry, 608-335-8861 Roger Turner, 608-770-0012 Darrel Worden, 715-571-0833

Jamsar Armni Tunia Princess born 6/20/15 by Armani She sells on March 25 at at THE NORTHERN


Jamsar Atwood Petunia-ET EX-92 EX-MS at 3-11 2-02 365 24,490 3.9 962 3.3 803

 Registered Holsteins MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

2nd Dam: Scientific Paradise Pixi-ET VG-85 VG-MS at 3-01 2-01 3x 365 34,646 3.5 1196 2.9 1000 3rd Dam: Paradise-RV Durham Pride-ET VG-86 VG-MS 2-08 2x 365 33,660 4.1 1385 3.4 1148 4th Dam: Vandyk-K Integrity Paradise EX-96 2E DOM 5-10 2x 365 39,580 4.2 1670 3.3 1294, Supreme Champion, WDE 2000 & 2002 Next Dams: EX-90 DOM Broker, EX-94 2E Mark, VG-88 Melvin

Jim & Sarah Neuser Laney & Alyssa 9526 Menchalville Rd., Reedsville,WI 54230 920-901-3460 jslaneuser@gmail.com

We know you’ll love this stylish Armani summer yearling. Take her home on March 25 and add some royalty to your herd!

Thank You!

By now, most Illinois breeders probably know that we sold our cows in November. I would like to thank Vir-Clar Farms of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin for purchasing the cows. I would also like to thank Meier Meadows for agreeing to buy our heifers and Gueldener Farms for caring for the select few that we kept. We wish everyone good luck with your Brite Side genetics. It has truly been a fun ride for us and we look forward to our new adventures!

One of our favorites...

Brite-Side Shot Powder NOW EX-91 EEVVE at 4-01 2-01 365d 30,200m 4.0% 1212f 2.9% 871p Shottle x EX-90-2E Goldwyn w/ 36,000m x EX-94-4E DOM Ito x 5 more VG-EX Dams

Spring Sale Consignments... Clinton County Classic Sale - April 2 - Carlyle, IL Sr. 2 prospect! Atwood x VG Sanchez x VG-87 Damion x Rudolph Zip - Due in March to Monterey!

Illinois PDCA Calf Sale - April 9 - Champaign, IL Pot. 6th gen. EX 1/16 McCutchen traces directly to Penn-Gate Skychief Finesse EX-95-3E DOM

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 57


Sherdale Sanchez Sally VG86 3YR

2-00 2x 365d 18170 3.6 658 3.0 538 3-04 2x 365 21701 3.6 711 3.1 664 Sally has a yearling heifer by Aftershock that is a standout in the heifer pen and Sally is due in March to Archival! She may never win a show but she is low maintenance and helps keep the bills paid!

DALE & SHERRI RUPPRECHT 218-684-1029 DALE CELL 218 681-6419 HOME

Sherdale Farms 18141 220TH STREET NE THIEF RIVER FALLS, MN 56701


Thank you to everyone that purchased sale consignments in the past, keep an eye open for more to come! Daughters

•Meadow-Marsh Diane Roz-ET EX-91 •Meadow-Marsh Lucky Roz EX-91 •Ylitalo Throne Roe VG-87 •Meadow-Marsh Deanna Roz-ET VG-87 •Meadow-Marsh Tiara Roz-ET VG-86 • Total of 9 daughters all good plus or higher!

Grd’s/ Great-Grd’s


d Co w




t e st

esota Br

• We have 1 EX, 8 VG and 4 GP granddaughters and great grandaughters in the herd with none lower! • Over 20 heifers in the yard trace back to her too! She las left her mark on the Meadow-Marsh Prefix.


YLITALO JOLT ROZ-ET EX-91 4-07 365 27,950 4.0 1117 3.3 923


Meadow-Marsh Holsteins

Tim and Amy Stender would like to announce the birth of their daughter, Cassandra Anne. She was born December 8, 2015, at 8lbs 4oz and 20.5” Cassie is the 7th generation on the Stender farm, and mom and dad are already planning for her future show calves!

Dan & Tim Stender • 15420 110th Street, Young America, MN 55397 Ph. (952) 467-2115 • tstender30@yahoo.com • Tim cell (952) 607-6297

“a family farm since 1863”


Tremendous Trio Wildvale JayZ Fraz EX-93 EEVEE @ 5 yrs.

4-04 308d 29,502 3.9% 1161 2.9% 862 5-04 146d 17,297 3.7% 633 2.8% 481 inc. Due in August with a Diamondback heifer! Fraz’s VG-88 EX-MS-3Y Polled Magna P has 2-10 311d 31,158 4.6% 1429 2.9% 904! Next 3 Dams: VG-85, VG-88, VG-85

Denlee Alexander Kelsie EX-92 EEVVE @ 4 yrs. 4-10 365d 42,243 4.8% 2036 3.2% 1349 Due this Summer to Paride! Dam: Denlee Samuelo Kelly VG-86-2Y 2nd Dam: Denlee Outside Keely VG-86-3Y

Ms Angelinas Super Ava*RC EX-91 EEEVE @ 5 yrs. 4-00 365d 41,262 4.1% 1694 3.1% 1283 Due in April to Jax P*RC & has heifer pregs due in March by Diamondback & July by Jedi Her VG-86-2Y Uno is due in May to Bankroll Ava’s dam is an EX-91 Stormatic, then APPLE!

Wildvale Holsteins 12838 N Hubert Road, Winslow, IL 61089 Kris & Theresa Wild Kris Cell - 608.214.3259 Theresa Cell - 608.214.3260 Robert & Shirley Wild - 815.868.2202 Cows, heifers and bulls available at most times!

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 59

MDF Goldwyn Breezier-ET EX-92

Miss Alexander Louie-ET EX-92 2E

4-03 365 42,509 4.0 1691 3.0 1294

5-05 365 40,749 4.0 1623 2.9 1174

A March 2016 Doorman x Breezier will be our representative to Hammertime at Heritage. From EX-95 Outside Breeze who descends from 2-time WDE Supreme Champion Tony Beauty. Simply our brightest star!

A January 2015 Gold Chip x Louie is an absolute shooting star, a stunning beauty! This is the Toystory/Trump family of Mystic Valley. Genetic power included in this package headed to Spring Fashions at the Northern on March 25 in Fond du Lac!

Farmdale Canyon Dazzle EX-94 3E GMD

Wilstar Planet Bella VG-88 2-11 344 30,491 4.1 1242 3.2 975

6-02 365 42,721 4.8 2037 3.3 1397 A Senior 2-year-old Atwood from an EX sister to Dazzle is a special opportunity at the Spring Fashions on March 25. Fresh in January with a Mogul heifer, Atwood Jazzlyn has the look! 94-3E Integrity Dixie is the next dam.


An August 2015 Armani x Bella will shine like Northern Lights at the Waupaca/Waushara calf sale on March 19. This family is from the EX-92 44,000 lb. Durham Bella matron. An additional April 2015 Armani from the Apples will also be in Weyauwega.

  3687 30th Drive, Pine River, WI 54965 920.858.9367 Willis cell MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

These stars are available to meet your most discriminating needs. Call us if you are looking for high quality milking cows as we have excess cattle calving all spring.

68th Illinois PDCA All-Breeds Calf Sale Champaign Co. Fair - 12:30 Also selling a nice selection of show-aged calves -- Ayrshire -- Brown Swiss -- Jersey Saturday, April 9, 2016

Penn-Gate Skychief Finesse EX-95-3E DOM 1/16 McCutchen sells x EX-91 Goldwyn x EX-912E Approval x Finesse. Oertel & 6/15 Brady x VG-87 Bradnick back to Finesse. Golden Oaks

Luck-E Advent Kandie-Red EX-95 Kandie’s RED 10/15 O’Kalif sells! Also, a 12/15 Beemer x Atwood sells from the same family as WDE Reserve Grand Champion Kandie. Engel

9/15 Fremont x EX-95-2E DOM Linjet Twizzle x Bardholm Trust Lee EX-93. Engel

Mil-R-Mor Gold Kara EX-93-2E 10/15 Sid sells from Goldwyn Kara with 7 direct dams that average EX-93 with 183,393 lifetime to date. She has 2 VG-88 maternal sisters. Mil-R-Mor Partial Listing of More Exciting Consignments: 6/15 O’Kaliber x VG-85 Goldwyn x EX-90-2E Red-Marker. Drendel

9/15 RED Defiant x VG-88 Reality x EX-90 RedMarker. Lenkaitis

2-9/15 RC Reality Full Sisters x VG-87 Advent x EX90-2E Rotschenk from Celcius Lorena EX-92. Moser

12/15 Acme x EX-90 Dundee from Elegance. Reed

6/15 RED Absolute x EX-91 Talent x Wilstar-RS Kite Lover-Red EX-91-2E. Golden Oaks

12/15 Sterling x VG-87 Gold Chip x VG-88 Alexander x EX-92 Durham. Gueldener

12/15 Airlift x Alexander x EX-90-2E Drake. K-Lane

12/15 Acme x EX-90 Dundee from Elegance. Reed

10/15 RED Integral x VG-87 Alchemy x EX-90 Sterling. Janssen 12/15 Corevette grand-daughter sells from 2x All-American Alicia. Ruppert 12/15 Brady x EX-90 Sanchez x EX-91 Advent x 7 more VG-EX Dams. Lyons

Catalogs: Gritton Graphics 815-745-2049/Gene McCoy 217-840-0157/Available after 3/20 on www.illinoisholsteins.com & www.dairyagendatoday.com

Spring Sale Consignments

Clinton County Classic - April 2nd K-LANE LAVANGARD PEACHES GP-83-2Y Fresh in January, milking 80lbs/day - bred back to Airlift

Dam: Golden-Oaks Clark Peachy VG-88 2nd Dam: Golden-Oaks Peachy-ET VG-87 Next 9 Dams ALL EX, Several GMD & DOM!

7th Dam: Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 GMD DOM


Rodger, Rhonda, Rick, Rachel & Riley Koehn

PDCA Calf Sale - April 9th K-LANE AIRLIFT APRIL Born: 12/4/15 Dam: K-Lane Alexander Alexis NC 2nd Dam: Luck-E Drake Atisha EX-90-2E 8-01 309d 29,350 3.7% 1088 3.0% 866 Lifetime: 135,110 5.1% 6824 3.0% 4048

3rd Dam: Luck-E Outside Anxious EX-94 Next 6 Dams: EX-90, EX-93 GMD DOM, EX-94 GMD DOM, VG-86, EX-93, VG-85

2845 Kennedy Road, Peotone, IL 60468 � Phone: 708-878-8518

February Classification Results 4 New EX & 4 New VG-2Y Now 27 total EX cows! MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016 - 61

MN DIRECTORY OF SERVICES Dairyland Supply Specializing in TMR Mixers and Manure Handling Equipment

Stewart, MN • Est. 1990

Show heifers available for sale.

Give us a call!

Patrick Rusch – 320-583-6372 Rachael Rusch – 320-552-0249 Patti Schaefer – 320-221-2490

https:// / www.fa // f cebook.com/DaMarHolsteins/ • 56479 County Road 11 Stewart, MN 55385 fa



Advertise your embryos, cattle or any type of genetics HERE for only $35/issue. This also covers a three-month listing on the Minnesota Holstein website www.mnholstein.com CALL 320-259-0637 TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! The Minnesota Holstein Association does not assume liability for errors and does not accept responsibility for the animals, products or services advertised.

STEVE PETERSON Regional Representative and Tri-Captain Holstein Association USA 62039 County Road 50 Wadena, MN 56482 Fax 218-631-3013 Cell 218-849-2238

ADVERTISE HERE! Don’t miss your opportunity to have an ad for your farm in every publication. For just $35 an issue you can have a business card ad here!

MINNESOTA HOLSTEIN NEWS TRIVIA WINNERS The following two advertisers were drawn to receive these ads for free by submitting the answer to January’s trivia. Minnesota Holstein recipients be sure to check out March’s Trivia question on page 22 of the outer wrap.

Brands-Haven Holsteins Producing Real Dairy Products Breeding Bulls Available Elwin Brands - 507.215.1836 “The earth is the LORD”S, and everything in it, the world and all who live in it” Psalm 24:1

62- MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2016

Ziems-EF Dundee Ebony 2E-92

Ziems-LKH Damion Muddy 2E-92

Reserve All-NY Senior 2-Year-Old ’11 Reserve Grand Champion, WI District 6 ’13 ~ due in March

Member of 1st Dam & Daughter, Midwest Spring Natl. ’14 ~ due in April with Diamondback heifer ~ daughters: Reginald Monet VG-88, 3rd at MW Spring Natl. ’14; by Atwood, 7th Spring Calf, WI Championship Show ’15

Dams: Budjon-JK Gibson Enchant 3E-92 then Krull Broker Elegance 3E-96 Ebony has a Dempsey Junior 2-year-old due in March that could be one to watch, along with her fall yearling, Elani, that will be at the spring shows.

Selling at the RedFest

Dams: Ziems-LK Outside Ms Mudd 3E-94 then East-Cupcake Muddy Water 4E-95, 4x All-NY & 2x milking class winner at Eastern Spring National - Muddy’s big ribbed winter calf by Brady sells at Hammer Time

with a Touch of Black:

- a fancy 12/15 Brady daughter & an extremely correct 12/14 yearling by Atwood

Selling at the CUDS Spring Classic (Cornell): - Muddy’s square summer yrlg. by Reginald

Golden-Oaks Doorman Fallout

Windsor-Manor Ruby-Red 2E-92

St Jacobs Sanchez Hava VG-86 at 2Y

GP-84 87-MS +2214 GTPI +2.51T

Res. Grand Champion, NY State Fair R&W ’11

Dams: Kings-Ransom Super Faddle VG-86, Kings-Ransom Shot Fiddle EX-94, VG-88 Durham, EX-92 Leader, EX-94 Triple Threat ~ She has an 8/15 Octoberfest at +2537G & +59P

SS Deuce x Windsor-Manor Rubn Ruby 3E-94, dam of over 10 EX and multiple R&W All-Americans ~ due in May to Diamondback

Dam: Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92, All-American Senior 2-Year-Old, Res. All-American 4-Year-Old ~ She has a VG Braxton 2-year-old and an awesome Gold Chip Junior 2-year-old. She also has an Atwood milking yrlg. for fall.

Selling at the CUDS Spring Classic: - Fallout’s 8/15 Octoberfest at +2390 GTPI, +74F, +46P - Fallout’s 11/15 Rubicon at +2437 GTPI, +86F, +44P, +2.64T

Selling at the Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale: - Fallout’s 8/15 Octoberfest at+2223 GPTI, +2.19 PTAT

Contact us this spring if you are looking for deep-pedigreed, high scoring milking cows, we have a nice group, mostly fresh.

Selling at the RedFest

with a Touch of Black:

Selling at the CUDS Spring Classic: - Hava’s granddaughter from the VG 2Y Braxton - a flashy late March spring yearling by Doorman

- Ruby’s striking 12/15 Awesome-Red daughter

Others to the CUDS Spring Classic: - Ziems Durbin Morning Glory *RC - a square fall calf from VG-86 Absolute that goes back to the Valiant Mist EX-94/Matt Misty EX-96 family; maternal sister sold for $9000 in Quest for Success and was 5th at the Southern Spring National as a R&W in B&W class; full sister to dam: Ziems Absolute Mimosa, EX-90, Reserve Grand Champion at NY State Fair R&W Show ’15 - ZBW Durbin Sweet Swan - a fancy May heifer from an EX Talent x EX-92 Durham x EX-92 Astro Jet x EX-91 Starbuck x EX-91 x EX - Ziems Pure Lorelle - a rare Pure from a GP Man-O Man, then an EX-91 Final Cut and multiple high EX cows back to Triple Threat Mint EX-94 from Ridgedale - 5 #1 reverse sorted Jacoby x Milksource Goldwyn Lala VG-85 at 2Y; dam is Idee Shottle Laila EX-95 & 2014 Holstein USA Star of the Breed, 4th dam the great Ravenswell Lydia EX-92 and same family and Licorice, Lotto, Lulu Lyndley and Lustre.

Also to the Cobleskill Dairy Fashions Sale: - Ms Ziems Durbin Tangerine - a big fall calf from VG-87 Superstition then Gold Tiara EX-92, 10th Senior 3-Year-Old at WDE

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13th Annual

Jackrabbit Dairy Camp June 2-4

Youth ages 8 to 18 are invited to register for the Jackrabbit Dairy Camp to enhance and develop skills in dairy cattle judging, fitting and showmanship. They will also gain knowledge about dairy products and how to positively promote the dairy industry. Campers will get a chance to take part in the South Dakota State Dairy Fes on June 4 at Swiftel Center. At Dairy Fest, campers will participate in Dairy Fest educational activities. Visit sdstate.edu/ds or contact Olivia Klinzman at anneliese.klinzmann@jacks.sdstate.edu for more registration details.

~ Our Mission ~ To provide networking opportunities among club members and industry professionals, while developing leaders and promoting the dairy industry to consumers.

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Midwest Holsteins - Spring 2016  

Midwest Holsteins - Spring 2016