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Midwest Holsteins Fall 2015

Illinois • Iowa • Minnesota • Wisconsin


b: 5-2-15

+1381M +98F +53P +845NM +6.3PL +3.08T +2.67UDC +2.45FLC Sire: Woodcrest Mogul Yoder-ET

Her Dam:

Jenniton D-Tello Esther-ET Fresh 7-16-15 GTPI +2455 +785M +82F +44P +3.9PL +1.81T • Sired by Donatello

2nd Dam:

3rd Dam:

Jenniton M-O-M Savana-ET

Jenniton Bolton Rowena-ET

VG-88 at 2Y *TY 2-02 3x 365 29,390 4.6 1345 3.7 1085

EX-90 DOM 3-00 2x 365 29,270 4.1 1207 3.4 988

Next dams: EX-90 DOM, EX-90 2E, VG-88 GMD, EX-90 2E DOM, EX-90 2E GMD DOM, EX-90 3E GMD DOM

JENNITON REGISTERED HOLSTEINS, LLC Ted & Marcia: 608-574-7072 Kyle & Karlee: 608-574-9182

Ted & Marcia Thompson Kyle & Karlee Thompson 3861 Thompson Rd., Barneveld, WI 53507 Located 30 miles west of Madison on Hwy. 18-151

You win big

at the University of Minnesota because we offer a unique blend of Big Ten excitement with the down-home comfort of our small St. Paul campus.

The Gopher Dairy Club is one of the largest and most active at the University of Minnesota. It’s your ticket to ADSA activities, Senior Trip to California, the campus-wide fun of Minnesota Royal, and scholarships for incoming new members – all of which are funded by our student-managed Gopher Dairy Bar at the Minnesota State Fair. And, our students are well known in dairy cattle judging, National Dairy Challenge, as well as National Dairy Shrine, which “Gophers” have consistently been awarded the most scholarships over the past decade. Academically speaking, our dairy faculty has declared teaching its top priority, so students are always first.




We welcome you to check us out for a golden opportunity!

Call (612) 624-2277

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Wisconsin Holstein Association

Iowa Holstein Association

OFFICERS Tom Simon, President t $FNFUFSZ3E 'BSMFZ *"tTBTJNPO!IPUNBJMDPN Trent Henkes, Vice-President t UI4U -VBOB *"tUMIFOLFT!OFJUFMOFU Paula Smith, Secretary/Editor t UI4U #SPPLMZO *"tMBOHTNJU!OFUJOTOFU Shellie Volker, Treasurert UI4U 4VNOFS *"tTIFMMJFW!ZNBJMDPN DISTRICT DIRECTORS Paul StempflettUI4U .BZOBSE *" Doug Lyonstt.JMJUBSZ3E $BTUBMJB *" Lance Schuttett)JDLPSZ"WFt.POPOB *" Dan Bolin t tUI4U $MBSLTWJMMF *" Dave ChapmanttUI4U 3VUIWFO *" Carl Mensentt6OHT3E (VUUFOCFSH *" Bob Rahett3UF %ZFSTWJMMF *" DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE Todd Bushmantt4UBUF)XZ $BMNBS *" Joe Gibbstt#JFSNBO3E &QXPSUI *" Jeff Hammerandtt/#BOLTUPO3E &QXPSUI *" Jess Rediskett4DFOJD3JWFS3E %FDPSBI *" Katie StollttUI"WF .POUJDFMMP *" Jason Volkertt."WF .BZOBSE *" Walt WesselttUI4U (SFFMFZ *" PAST PRESIDENT Matt Hamlett tt#"WF "SMJOHUPO *" NATIONAL DIRECTOR Mark Kerndt tt8.BJO4U 8BVLPO *"

MIDWEST HOLSTEINSď€ ď€€ď€ˆď€‰ď€Šď€Šď€€ď€…ď€ƒď€„ď€‡

902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 • Fax (608) 356-6312 1-800-223-4269 To Advertise: P.O. Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone (608) 723-4933 • Fax (608) 723-4973 e-mail: WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION STAFF: Larry Nelson, Executive Director Laura Wackershauser, Editor/Advertising Manager Sharon Maffei, Membership Coordinator Ashley Yager, Public Relations Associate WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION BOARD MEMBERS: Paula Bovre, President - Fond du Lac, 920-923-6991 Kent Wendorf, Secretary - Viroqua, 608-689-2201 Todd Borgwardt, Executive Committee - Valders, 920-758-3133 Chad Ryan, Executive Committee - Fond du Lac, 920-960-1449 Bill Calvert - Cuba City, 608-759-2080 Craig Carncross - Lodi, 608-592-2560 Kevin Jorgensen - Waupun, 920-210-3992 Chris McCullough - Juda, 608-934-1425 Tracy Nelson - Ellsworth, 715-307-1804 Pam Selz-Pralle - Humbird, 715-334-3434 Marci Walker - WI Dells, 608-253-3003 NATIONAL DIRECTORS: Paul Buhr - 608-606-3480

Corey Geiger - 920-650-0294

Midwest Holsteins Fall 2015



                                                       

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MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Opine-P Photos Š Beth Herges

Excellent-90 EX-MS | GTPI+2088 2-08 3x 365d 34,910lbM 4.3% 1486F 3.5% 1222P Man-O-Man x VG-86 Shottle x Hickorymea Bosco Oval P EX-90

Opine Polled Daughters! u Regancrest Opines Oasis *PC AltaOak x Opine Good Plus-83-2YR VG-MS GTPI+2282 +1222M +47F +45P +1.57T Oasis Dtrs:

Regancrest M Osella (s. Monterey) GTPI+2572 +1414M +67F +53P +2.66T Regancrest Power Osaria *PO (s. Powerball) GTPI+2449 +1066M +60F +52P +1.39T

Oasis Sons:

Regancrest First Oscar (s. Alta1stClass) GTPI+2544 +734M +61F +38P +2.23T

Opine Polled Sons!

u Regancrest P Olivia *PC Pulsar x Opine GTPI+2420 +978M +47F +45P +2.45T

u Regancrest KB Octane *PC Kingboy x Opine GTPI+2301 +934M +39F +37P +2.67Y

u Regancrest KB Osiana *PC Kingboy x Opine GTPI+2382 +1083M +56F +48P +2.15T

u Regancrest O Oakley *PC 107HO1467 | AltaOak x Opine GTPI+2237 +1316M +37F +51P +1.68T

u Regancrest First Odelia *PC Alta1stClass x Opine GTPI+2349 +245M +39F +23P +2.67T

Regancrest Supershot Oz *PC (s. Supershot) GTPI+2484 +1767M +56f +60P +1.17T Regancrest Osborn-PP (s. Powerball) GTPI+2322 +1296M +32F +50P +1.73T u Regancrest Opines Opal *PC Predestine x Opine | GTPI+2171 - Sons by Powerball +2414G *PC and +2344G *PP 6 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2015

1095 Hwy9, Waukon, Iowa 52172 USA | Ph. +1 563-568-2055 | |

Minnesota Holstein Fall Harvest Sale

2nd Annual

Calf Raffle

Join in the Fun:

Grand Prize: a pick of one of these 4 calves (must be present to win or have a representative there to pick that calf) Calf: Reg # 143382359

Calf: Reg # 840003126634692

Lexvold Littlton Cagle-ET

Sheeknoll Atwood 2565-ET

DOB May 27, 2015

DOB November 9, 2014

SheeKnoll Farms

HOLSTEINS Larry and Barb Lexvold

Sire: Snowbiz Littleton-ETS Dam: Larcrest Cagney-ET (photo)

Robert, Kelly, Krista & Andrew Sheehan

Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET Dam: Sheeknoll Bolton Ariana EX 92 (photo)

Calf: Reg. #3129238117

Calf: Reg. # 840003125129464

DOB June 4, 2015

DOB March 20, 2015

Mat-Ar-Dor Advent Daisy-ET

Mahoney Armani Eleanor

Mahoney holsteins



Keith & Kay Mahoney

Matt, Polly, Jacob & Aiden Timmer

Sire: KHW Kite Advent Red-ET Dam: Butz Butler Destry Dani-ET VG 87

Same family as 6th Dam: Mahoney Adv Roxette-Red (photo)

Sire: Mr Apples Armani-ET Dam: Mahoney Talent Cherry-Red EX90

Only 200 tickets sold! 9 other prizes worth $100 or more in value. Proceeds go towards Junior programs. Check out or Minnesota Holstein Association on Facebook to find out more information. Interested in purchasing a ticket? Contact Minnesota Holstein today! 320-259-0637 Drawing right before the cattle sale begins at 11 AM. Watch our website, Facebook and other advertisements for everything the sale has to offer.

Something for Everybody!

Prestige-Gen A S Kicker VG-89

Ziems Absolute Mimosa-Red VG-86 at 2Y

1st Junior 2-Year-Old, WI District 6 Show 2015

2nd 4-Year-Old & Reserve Grand Champion, NY State Fair Red & White Show 2015

Alexander x BVK Atwood Alex x Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94 2E, Queen of the Breed II Finalist & full sister to Shoremar S Alicia EX-97 x C Aitkenbrae Starbuck Ada EX-94, All-American 3-Year-Old & Res. All-Time All-American 3-Year-Old Kicker is due back in March & has pregnancies by Diamondback. See her at WDE or at home at Sunshine Genetics. Owned with Barbara Ziemba & Jeff Cole.

Dams: Miss Mariposa-Red VG-88 at 2Y x Lylehaven Rubens Maia VG-88 at 2Y x Lylehaven Sky Mickee 3E-92 x Lylehaven Star Maya 2E-92 x Metcalf G Valiant Mist 2E-94 x Mighty Fine Matt Misty 2E-96 x Murco P I Mitt 2E-93 Mimosa will be bred back & IVF flushed this fall. Owned with Barbara Ziemba.

Milksource Goldwyn Lala

Ziems Big Time Lucy Goosey EX-93

Dams: Idee Shottle Laila EX-95, Holstein USA Star of the Breed 2015 x VG-88 Durham x EX-91 Leduc x Ravenswell Lydia EX-92. Lala’s full sister was Nominated All-American and All-Canadian Milking Yearling 2013. Lala will be scored soon and IVF flushed this fall. We have daughters by Sid and Glauco.

Dams: Ziems Stormatic Laffy Taffy EX-91 x Ziems Dante Looney Tune 3E-94 Lucy G is due back in May to Golden Dreams & will be IVF flushed this fall.

2nd 5-Year-Old, WI District 6 Show 2015

Tim, Leah & Claire Ziemba

Ziems-LKH GWA Ms Monster

Ziems Atwood Elani

N7465 Meadow Lark Dr., Elkhorn, WI 53121 315-730-3312

3rd Fall Yearling, WI District 6 Show 2015 7th Fall Yearling, NY Intl. Spring Show 2015

3rd Fall Calf, WI District 6 Show 2015

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Ziems-LKH Outisde Ms Mudd 3E-94 x East-Cupcake Muddy Water 4E-95 Monster was fresh in August & will show as a Milking Yearling at WDE. Owned with Barbara Ziemba and Leo & Karen Hurtgen.

Ziems Dundee Ebony 2E-92, Res. Grand Champion WI Dist. 6 2013 x Budjon-JK Gibson Enchant 3E-92 x Elegance 3E-96 Owned with Barbara Ziemba.

Illini Golden Opportunity Sale

Saturday, October 24, 2015 · 10:30am · Boone County Fairgrounds · Belvidere, IL Cattle Preview & Pork Chop Dinner on Friday Evening at 6:30pm

KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96-3E DOM Grand Champion Grand Int’l R&W Show 2011 Red Ladd P March Calf sells right from Apple herself! Apple Partners -- 815-275-4990

Irwindale Leduc Macy EX-95-4E All-Canadian Sr. 2-Yr-Old & 4-Yr-Old A fresh Atwood 2-Yr-Old sells from VG-87 Laurin x Durham sister to Macy. Irwindale -- 217-871-7738

Tri-Day Ashlyn-ET EX-96-2E GMD DOM 3 exciting heifers sell from the Ashlyn family! Fall Calf by Corvette, Fall Calf by Damion & Fall Yearling by Aftershock. Ruppert -- 309-498-0444

C Alanvale Inspiration Tina EX-95 2x Reserve All-American Aged Cow Fancy September Gold Chip x Braxton x EX-92 Milan from Tina sells. Reverts -- 815-988-9414

Derrwyn Factor Miata-Red EX-94-2E Life: 152,150 4.2 6417 3.1 4703 VG-87 Durham-Red fresh with her 3rd calf in Sept back to Miata. Holbric & Goldenberg -- 815-482-7426

Hicklee Goldwyn Good EX-94-2E 1st 125,000 Lb. Cow Mid-East Fall Nat’l 2012 Her Sid Jr. 2-Yr-Old sells fresh in June. Swanson -- 815-703-7607

Silvermaple Damion Camomille EX-95 All-American & All-Canadian Jr. 2 & Jr. 3-Yr-Old June 2015 Arrowstar Brazzle sells from Camomille. Ruppert -- 309-498-0444

R-Vision Hero Petunia VG-87-2Y 2-06 137d 13,238 4.2 552 3.0 394 inc. Petunia’s April 2015 Gold Chip sells backed by 9 generations of VG-EX. Emily Irwin -- 815-701-8090

Gray-View-B Holbric Countess EX-93-4E Life: 142,980 4.2 6012 3.0 4354 Ladd P sells fresh in Sept with her 2nd calf from a VG-87 Reality x 11 gen EX. Holbric-- 815-482-7426

Additional Consignments:

Atwood 2-Yr-Old for Spring 2016! Due in November to All For It. Dam is VG-86 Fever x VG-88 Shottle from 8 gen EX Roxys. Clearfield -- 815-275-6684 A +2258GTPI Mogul 2-Yr-Old sells fresh in July with her +2551GTPI Supersire calf. David Freeman -- 618-780-3240 VG-87-2Y Guthrie sells fresh with her 2nd calf! Dam is a GP-82 Laurin then VG-88 Durham. Justin Graham -- 618-779-6777 Heztry Summer Yearling sells from a VG Atwood back to Laurie Sheik. Ruppert -- 309-498-0444 A Benner Banana sells fresh in Sept. Dam is a VG-87 Dundee. Bressner -- 815-848-3048 Scott Courtney, auctioneer 563-380-1318 John Erbsen 815-275-4990 Sale Catalogs: Larry Kleiner, pedigrees 217-827-3468 Brian Olbrich 815-482-7426 Jason Swanson 815-703-7607 Jason Swanson, chairman 815-703-7607 Chad Ryan 920-960-1449 Email: Eddie Bue, co-chairman 715-299-4651 Boone County 4-H will have a food stand! 10 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2015

Genomics Ryan-Vu Regin Raz a Taz VG-86 (Reginald x VG Atwood x EX-93 Adolph x the Roxys) All-wisconsin summer Yearling 2014 member of nom. All-American Junior Best Three 2014 reserve intermediate champion, Dist. 10 show 2015 • Dam of the #2 type heifer in the breed, Ryan-MVLOO Beemer Rapture at +4.06T ~ owned with Majestic-View & Crailoo Dairy

showrinG success Ryan-Geiger Durham Radiant EX-93 2E (Durham x EX-93 Adolph x the Roxys) • Dam of Ryan-Geiger GWAtwd Reaction-ET VG-88 All-wisconsin winter Yearling 2014 nominated Jr. All-American winter Yearling 2014 owned by Jordan & Whitney Ebert, WI

Ryan-Vu Brokaw Reaction-ET nominated All-American spring calf 2014 owned by Mattie Leak, UT

• Same family as Ryan-Vu Damion Relish 2-time nominated All-American owned by Glamourview, MD

Radiant has daughters by Doorman, Chelios and Atlantic that we are excited to develop!

our branch of the roxy family has given us the best of both worlds and we look forward to further developing these individuals! inquiries on these and other cow families are always welcome. Mark & Mary Ryan & Family Chad & Amy Ryan & Family N3934 Hwy 175, Fond du Lac, WI 54937 Farm Phone & Fax: 920-923-3528 Chad: 920-960-1449 BAA: 111.8% RHA: 23,115 3.8 870 3.1 712 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Lafayette collector achieves Guiness World Record to achieve the Guinness record. The witnesses commented on some of the major categories that they listed, finding 3,264 figurines, 888 stuffed animals, 605 items of wearing apparel, and 537 mugs, glasses, pitchers, etc. Each piece is numbered before it is put on display and is recorded by description, size, material, and acquisition (purchased or gift/ cost/date) on a computer spreadsheet. The assigned number is placed on the item with a sticker, or written on it. The collection started in the mid- to later 1970s with just a few pieces. It now fills every shelf, cabinet, couch, desktop, staircase ledge, kitchen counter, wall space, bedroom, closet, bathroom, the entire basement including the furnace room, and nook and cranny of the house. About a dozen larger pieces are displayed outdoors in summer. In June, two witnesses spent two days counting every piece in the collection, as required

The collection includes every type of item imaginable—tins, bags, boxes, baskets, coffee mugs, plates, teapots, salt & peppers, creamers & sugars, toothpick holders, watches, wall clocks, alarm clocks, night lights, banks, music boxes, Christmas ornaments, cigarette lighters, artist prints, wall hangings, stuffed animals, toys, miniatures, barns, card games, golf balls, dog toys, puzzles, jewelry, ceramics, milk bottles, milking machines, T-shirts, sweatshirts, other

clothing items, quilts & throws, pillows, statues, photos, books, greeting cards, postcards, candy, bookends, lamps, pieces made from cow manure, items from many foreign countries, and much more. Some of the items date back to Ruth’s youth and 4-H days, including trophies from showing cows and wooden advertising pencils that relate to dairy cattle. Klossner’s love of (real) cows started when she was very young. Some of her first pets were calves. She took an active part in working with her family’s herd of 30 Holstein cows near New Ulm, Minnesota. Her mother died in 1966 when Ruth was a senior in high school and her father quit dairy farming. Ruth continued to stay active in 4-H and kept her prize-winning 4-H cow for six years, boarding her in different dairy herds. The cow was champion of the Minnesota State Fair 4-H show in 1966. Klossner was named Minnesota Holstein Girl in 1967 and National Holstein Girl in 1968.

Minnesota Holstein Association 2nd Annual Fall Harvest Raffle

Only 200 tickets sold


Saturday, November 21, 2015 McLeod County Fairgrounds Hutchinson, MN Drawing will be right before cattle sale begins at 11:00 a.m. Grand Prize: Choice of calf from one of the following supporters: * Lexvold Holsteins *Mahoney Holsteins * Mat-a-Dor Holsteins * Sheeknoll Farms or $3000.00 cash


•2nd place $1500 CASH •3rd $1000 credit off retail price, MN Select Sires •4th $1000.00 cash •5th $750 certificate towards ad in Midwest Holstein •6th Canvas “Mother’s Love” by Bonnie Mohr ($510 Value) •7th $500 CASH •8th $300 Fleet Farm gift card •9th 1 night stay & 2 banquet tickets to MN All Breeds Convention •10th $100 CASH

Contact Minnesota Holstein Association at 320-259-0637 or for more information

Minnesota Brood Cow Profile: Markwell Dundee Dorian-ET John and Rachel Holmgren from Motley, MN built its foundation on strong cow families with solid type. The Holmgren’s entered Markwell Dundee Dorian into Minnesota’s Brood Cow contest for 2015 and she is a well deserved winner. Markwell Dundee Dorian-ET (EX-94 3E GMD) is a Dundee daughter from Markwell Durham Doreen-ET (EX 91 3E GMD) x Markwell Luke Rapture-ET (EX 92 4E GMD) Markwell BStar E Raven-ET (EX 92 3E GMD) x Markwell Mark Elite (EX 92 4E GMD) x Rockalli Mars Emily (EX 94 4E GMD) Dorian has proven herself to be one of the best brood cows on the Holmgren farm so far. With a strong pedigree it is no surprise that she passes that along to her daughters. Holmgren Talent HannahET is a 2 times EX 92 daugher, her full sister Homgren Talent Montana also scores EX 92 and was the reserve All-MN Junior three-

Markwell Dundee Dorian-ET

year-old in 2014. Other daughters following in their mothers footsteps are Holmgren Snowman Dream (VG 87) who was reserve All-MN junior calf and has peaked her production at 123 pounds on two times per day milking. Dorian’s son Holmgren Osborndale Ivanhoe owned by David Joos Jr. has scored 94 points and daughter Holmgren Goldsun Dana (VG 86) was the second place milking yearling at the Minnesota State Fair and a part of the first place produce of dam class at the 2014 District show. In addition to all the progeny listed Dorian has three VG Shottle two year-old daughters, 2 VG Renaissance Triumphant two year-old daughters and a fancy summer calf Brokaw daughter. Markwell Dundee Dorian is a backbone to Holmgren’s strong cow family and will continue to create strong progeny for the next generation of cow families from Holmgren Holsteins

Minnesota Holstein Feature Story The full story can be found in the Minnesota Holstein News

Women in Overalls While the overall number of farms in the U.S. are declining, the number of women in charge are on the rise. Although there is no doubt women have always played an important part in farm life, their roles seem to be evolving. Since 2002 alone there has been a 30% increase in women managing farms. The women involved in the Minnesota Holstein Association are no exception to these figure. Jill Nelson, Katie Olson and Shelby Mahoney are all Minnesota Holstein members who are some of many women that can not only be found involved in their local Holstein clubs but also helping manage their family farming operation as well. These women are not only a part of the Holstein industry but also the future of it. Tell us about you and your farm operation: JN: I farm with my husband, Brian and children, Isaac, 15 and Josh, 13 on my family’s farm. We moved back to the farm in 2002 and purchased the farm from my dad, Roger and uncle, Floyd, in 2009...

KO: I am the herd manager at Olson-Lane Holsteins, my family farm owned by my parents, Jim & Beth Olson, where we milk 65 cows in a tie stall barn. We raise our 75 heifers on site, run 300 tillable acres of alfalfa and corn. 280 of those acres are on the home farm and we rent 120 acres from my grandparents, Allen & Donna Aarsvold. I presently own 20 animals. 13 registered Holsteins, 6 Jerseys under the Inspire Jerseys name and recently bought a Red and White heifer this summer... SM: I am currently working on my parent’s dairy farm in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. We have around 80 milking registered Holstein cows both Black & White and Red & White. White. Our cows are in a 65 tie stall barn and we also have some switch cows on a bedded pack. We milk twice a day with 5 automatic take off milkers. Most of the work on the farm is done by my parents and me, with some help on weekends or during busy times from our hired help. Dad mixes feed for the milk cows, feeds heifers, cleans and beds the outside animals, does maintenance work on equipment.... (full story can be found on pages 12-14 of Minnesota Holsteins News)

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2015 - 13


Schaufine GW Atwood Bravo Bravo VG-88

IL IL Championship Championship Show Show

Boyd, Sandy Sandy && Amy Amy Schaufelberger Schaufelberger Boyd,

State Fair 4th Spring Yrlg, 1st Land of Lincoln - Schaufine Atwood March-ET 1st Sr. 2, BU - Schaufine GW Atwood Lala VG-87 4th Sr. 3 - Schaufine Sanchez Rustic-ET VG-88 4th 5 yr old - Schaufine Time Bali EX-93

5th 4 yr old - Schaufine Time Bali EX-93 2nd 5 yr old Futurity - Schaufine Million Justice EX-91

59 VG

29GP Check out Schaufine Farms on Facebook!

20 EX

BAA: 109.0 on 108 cows

July 2015 2015 Classification Classification July

618.267.2011 | |

2015 IL Championship Show 2 yr old Futurity Winner | 2nd Sr. 2, 1st B&O, Best Udder Reserve Intermediate Champion | Reserve Grand Champion B&O State Show 2015 Southern Spring National 5th 2 yr old Futurity - Schaufine GW Atwood Lala VG-87 2nd Sr. 2, 1st B&O 6th Sr. 3 - Schaufine Sanchez Riley-ET EX-90

Other Highlights Highlights Other

Premier Breeder Breeder Premier

ur B anner annerDay ay Our O

Bravo Š Sarah Damrow


Honeycrest Fest Kissimee-ET

(will be scored soon)

2-01 3x 169 21,530 5.0 907 3.2 590 inc. proj. 32,230 1509F 1005P +2395G +673M +82F +36P +565NM +3.4PL +2.16T Kissimee, by Kickball and from three EX dams right back to Blackstar Raven EX-95, is performing exceptionally well with fantastic components. It is Kissimee’s daughter by Montross, Kiss Me Kate, that is turning heads and commanding attention. Kiss Me Kate has a GTPI of +2608, a full pedigree and will start on a flush program at year’s end. Inquiries are appreciated. Gordon & Emily Carncross | Craig & Jen Carncross W13157 Co. Hwy. J, Lodi, WI 53555 | 608-592-2560 Craig cell

Check us out at BAA: 108.3% on 300 cows


RHA: 384 cows 30,495 3.8 1157 3.1 930

Great Another

Show Season!

SheekNoll DURhAM


Arrow eX-93 94 MS

4-0 306 29,090 3.8 1112F 3.0 871P

2nd Place 5-Yr-Old & HM Sr. Champion, 2015 Midwest Fall National Reserve Grand Champion, 2015 MN State 4-H Show 1st Place 4-Yr-Old & Res. Champion, 2014 Midwest Fall National Although her given name is Arrow, we call her ‘Thomas’. Thomas calved in April 2015 with her 4th calf. She’s calved every April and is due again in April 2016. 5 pregnancies, 5 units of semen. Congratulations to the Hornberg family of Winona for purchasing and having a successful show season with Thomas’ only daughter, Sheeknoll Fever Firefly. (1st Place Summer Yrlg., 2015 MN State 4-H Show)

Congratulations to Ellen for being a Runner-Up in the 2015 Princess Kay of the Milky Way Contest!

Available on the Minnesota Fall Sale Raffle:

Ariana’s Atwood Daughter SheekNoll ATwooD 2565

Born: 11/09/2014

Full sister: Sheeknoll Atwood Empress, 1st Summer Yrlg, 2014 Midwest Fall National

DAM: SheekNoll BolToN ARiANA eX-92 (at right)

3-1 365 38,550 4.5 1721F 3.3 1287P

Reserve All-American Summer Yearling, 2011 1st Place Jr. 2-Yr-Old & Res. Int. Champion, 2012 Midwest Fall National

The Sheehans • Rochester, MN • 507-289-4251 • Connect with us on Facebook!

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Hilltop-LLC Impression 4728 EX-93 EEEEE at 4Y 2-02 3x 299 30,860 3.2 973 2.8 879 3-01 3x 296 32,930 2.9 970 2.9 941 4-01 3x 307 38,800 3.6 1393 3.1 1172 She has two daughters in the herd - a GP-83 Shottle 2-year-old and an Aftershock yearling. Impression is due in October to Gold Chip with a heifer calf.     

      MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

“All Roads Lead Thank You for attending the Dale and I would like to thank everyone who had any part in the recent successful 2015 National Holstein Convention. The committee chairmen did an outstanding job. The volunteers were a help beyond expectations. Those who attended any event were greatly appreciated. I know all have busy schedules and priorities to home and family are important. Your participation is what made the convention a huge success. Many, many positive comments were made by attendees and 2015 in Illinois made a lasting impression on Holstein breeders and industry people from across the nation and internationally. Also we send a huge thank you to all our sponsors and monetary and in kind contributors. Without you none of this would have been possible. Ron Schaufelberger & Dale Drendel Co-Chairmen 2015 National Holstein Convention


to Illinois” National Holstein Convention!

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2015 National Holstein Convention National Junior Holstein Convention 2015 - Illinois MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2015 - 21

Primrose raised to 94!

Gildale Advent Primrose 2E-94 at 7-11 owned by Kayli, Kalista and Kaianne Hodorff - Primrose freshened with her 5th calf in May

Our September classification also yielded: B&Z Planet 7482 - now EX, milking with 4th calf at 4-08, dam is a VG Buckeye. Owned by John Zook. Over 40 NEW VG cows, including: • 2nd-Look CM 8251 (VG-87), +2027 CTPI. From a VG-87 Gabor, her Massey daughter is due in October. • 2nd Look Palermo 7952 (VG-87) from a VG-86 Damion, she’s one of 5 new VG Palermo daughters. Cows raised to VG-88 included 2nd-Look Dorcy 7658 & B&Z Planet 7815, +2142 GTPI.

11 EX ~ 145 VG ~ 426 GP ~ 223 G ~ 25 F ~ 1 P

N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019 Office: (920) 477-6800 • • Fax: (920) 477-2520 Doug Hodorff

Linda Hodorff

Corey Hodorff

Tammy Hodorff

(920) 979-2479

(920) 979-2480

(920) 602-6449

(920) 602-2944


Our Winning Ladies


2015 Reserve All-Iowa Four Year Old 2015 Reserve Junior All-Iowa Four Year Old 2015 District 1 Junior Show ~ Reserve Grand Champion 2015 Winneshiek County Fair Open Show ~ Grand Champion

LYONS-DL CHARGER TWIZZLER-RED VG-87 2015 Reserve Junior All-Iowa Senior 3 Year Old 2015 Iowa Holstein Show ~ 5th place 2015 National R&W Convention ~ Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand/Junior Show, Reserve Intermediate Champion/Open Show and Best Bred & Owned


2015 Junior All-Iowa Fall Calf 2015 District 1 Holstein Show ~ 2nd place & HM Junior Champion 2015 Winneshiek County Fair Open Show ~ Junior Champion

LYONS-DL LADD JOCLYN-RED VG-86 2015 Reserve Junior All-Iowa Senior 2 Year Old 2015 Iowa Holstein Show ~ 5th place



2015 District 1 Holstein Show ~ 1st place Spring Calf 2015 National R&W Convention Show ~ 1st place Spring Calf

2015 District 1 Holstein Show ~ 2nd place Winter Calf 2015 National R&W Convention Show ~ 1st place Winter Calf & HM Junior Champion


Lyons Holsteins Doug, Lynnette, Carly and Michael 131 Military Road | Castalia, IA 52133 563.419.0275 ~ BAA 109.7 ~ 11 EX 29 VG 8 GP





              

  


           

    


        


  

1985 1975

 

       


        

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS



“Team Ava” - Crystal & Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS EX-95 Star of the Breed

“Queen” Haya (left) named Junior Champion at the District 10 Show


“Team Hilda” Jordan with Siemers Dunde Hilda 8669-ET EX-95 Wisconsin’s Cow of the Year

2010, 2012

Hosted 2 successful sales, the second sale averaged $11,208 on 106 full lots


Crystal and Jordan with the 1st and 2nd place Spring Calf at the 2006 International Junior Holstein Show, Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS and Siemers Alisha Gold Ali-ETS


Eskdale Dundee Marcia Mona Star of the Breed

Siemers Gold Glams-ET 1st at the Manitowoc County Futurity & Wisconsin Holstein Futurity


Ryan-Vu Sid Molly, 1st Junior 2 Year Old, World Dairy Expo


“A Monumental Achievement” All-American Junior Best 3

Siemers Destry Joy-Red-ET EX-92 94-MS, Grand Champion of All-WI R&W Show & Intermediate Champion, WI Championship Show


photos by Lea McCullough



EX-90 GTPI +1885

VG-86 VG-MS at 2Y GTPI +2207

2-00 3x 365 37,940 3.7 1413 3.0 1140 3-02 3x 365 28,820 4.1 1168 3.2 923

2-03 3x 143 13,260 4.6 600 3.0 400 inc. proj. 32,000 1300F 900P

Along with Essay and her full sister, Queen has a Planet 2-year-old and a Jabir yearling developing nicely. Queen is from 11 generations EX and VG dams going back to the 4E-97 GMD DOM & All-American Northcroft Ella Elevation.

Essay has three daughters in the herd: two Teachers born December 2014, one at +2369G & +3.12T and a second at +2228G; and a Mack born March 2015 with +2275G. She has 10 female pregnancies due next spring sired by Diamondback and is being flushed to Jedi. Look for Essay in the Semex tent at World Dairy Expo!

Essay’s full sister is GP-84 VG-MS and +2217G. She has a December 2014 Supersire at +2421G. This pair of full sisters are a great pair that are developing into super young cows! We are an hour from World Dairy Expo - stop in and pay us a visit! 39

/ I-90

N5633 Hwy. O, Elkhorn, WI 53121 • Phone: 262-728-0702 Cell: 262-374-07931 • email: RHA: 32,000 4.14 1322 3.19 1018 6/15 BAA: 105.5%; 10 EX, 160 VG, 245 GP MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

n diso Ma to

Rick & Marleen Adams

Sugar Creek Dairy 


e ke

au ilw oM 3t




ions Sale - Oc t a r e n e G r tobe o M r 17 l-R i M After more than 50 years in the registered Holstein business, Bob and Kaye are retiring. Their granddaughter Lorilee will continue the Mil-R-Mor herd on a smaller scale. To make the transition, they are offering up their best on the Mil-R-Mor Generations Sale. This is your opportunity for . . .


More than 25 head backed by 5 to 15 generations of Excellent dams will sell!

Mil-R-Mor Atwood Radiant VG 85 2Y Potential 12-gen EX Roxy sells!

Free-State Encore Fancy Gay EX-94 Her potential 11-gen EX gr-dtrs sell!


Miss Duplex Reno EX-92

Her 15-gen EX & pot. 16-gen EX offspring sell!

More than one dozen sell with 2 of 3 nearest dams over 200,000 lbs. milk lifetime

Hedgerow Leadman Abby EX-94 302,920 LT Will-Lo-Acres Matt Pearlina EX-91 316,490 LT Mil-R-Mor Marlen Marigo EX-94 251,499 LTD All three cows are matriarchs of long-lived cow families with numerous offspring selling!


Mil-R-Mor Lauthority Marsha VG-85-2Y Sells! 2-03 2x 238d 17,546 3.8 662 2.9 514 Inc.

Roughway Wildflower Aspen EX-90 Sells! 3-02 2x 340d 25,088 4.4 1114 3.0 745

Mil-R-Mor Dempsey Lulani VG-85-2Y Sells! 2-00 2x 146d 9971 3.8 382 3.1 306 Inc.

And of course, GENERATIONS OF ROXY DESCENDANTS Over 40 Roxy family members will sell! Bob & Kaye Miller & Family 765 E. Rock Grove Rd., Orangeville, IL 61060 815.819.7282 Bob & Kaye 515.290.0453 |

Scott Courtney 563.380.1318


Henry “Sonny” Bartel

at was th e m e v e ga attle ment h t breeding c lle l p m st co an A ter a The be d I were bet never bred e n “ Jim a as because h we had.” w k i e e than h American l

We lost a gre at cowman a nd showman I considered . it an honor to fit and to be asked to sho w or lead for him.

Dalef ords F arms Jerry Muzzy

So long Sonny-Good Friend

23415 130th Ave. NE, Thief River Falls, MN 56701



Benner Stanley Cup Bubbles VG 85 2nd Sr 2yr old Midwest Fall National Junior Show Bubbles’ 3rd Dam is BRAEDALE BALER TWINE

SETH RUPPRECHT 218-689-7041

Benner Sanchez Nakita EX 90 2nd 5 yr old Midwest Fall National Junior Show 3-04 365 27,956 5.3 1490 3.6 1005

Sherdale Farms

Dale and Sherri Rupprecht and Sons DALE AND SHERRI RUPPRECHT


18141 220th St. NE Thief River Falls, MN 56701 - (218) 681-6419 218 681-6419 HOME Seth (218) 689-7041 THIEF Dale (218) 684-1029 Cole (651) 303-8023

218-654-1029 DALE CELL

33rd Annual Pioneer Classic Pioneer Dairy Club of UW-Platteville Saturday, October 24 • 11:00 a.m. • Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster, WI Open House, Friday, October 23 - 6-9 p.m • Continental Breakfast Sale Day at 10:30 a.m.




EX-95 2E DOM


EX-92 EX-MS at 3-10

EX-90 EX-MS +2167G *RC

7-00 2x 365 39,690 4.7 1849 3.3 1310 Lifetime: 144,460 4.4 6295 3.5 5015 December 2014 Kingboy sells at +2383G +443NM +3.8PL +3.19T +2.85UDC and +2.34FLC. Her dam a VG-85 VG-MS at 2-10 Numero Uno from Altitude herself. Backed by 5 more EX dams. Steve Carpenter

2-01 2x 365 27,400 4.4 1199 3.3 897 Selling is a March 2015 Yoder - +2439 PTPI +4.3PL +2.19T. Dam is a +2219G Numero Uno then Super Ava. 3rd dam EX-90 Stormatic, then the world-reknown EX-96 3E DOM Apple-Red! Dalton Hahn

2-00 2x 365 32,150 3.3 1067 3.0 972 Springing Shotglass due in December with Crankit heifer. 2nd dam EX-94 Goldwyn with 36,950 1481F 1187P & Res. Interm. Champ at 2010 MW Spring Show, then EX-94, EX-92 GMD DOM, EX-92 and EX-94 GMD DOM dams. Golden Oaks

2-02 2x 365 29,990 4.5 1351 3.0 904 Silk’s July 2015 Olympian granddaughter sells. Dam is a +2155G Paige daughter. Behind Silk is a VG-85 2Y Bolton and VG-87 Goldwyn, the Global R&W Cow of the Year 2011, and 8 more generations VG or EX. Ed Peck





EX-91 EX-MS at 3-11 2-02 2x 365 28,020 3.7 1050 3.1 876 Favor’s June 2014 Armani daughters sells. Granddam is EX-91 Redmarker with 4-09 2x 365 31,740 4.8 1520 3.2 1011, then EX-90 Rubens, VG-87 DOM, EX-92 and EX-95 GMD. Wayne DeBuhr

Jr. All-American R&W Winter Calf 2012 Nom. All-American R&W Winter Calf 2012 March 2015 Barbwire maternal sister to Kiss Me-Red sells! Dam VG-89 VG-MS Advent with 38,090 1601F 1254P. 2nd Dam VG-88 VG-MS with 27,340 1052F 870P, then EX-90, EX-93 GMD DOM and EX-90. Paige Hoesly



EX-91 EX-MS at 4-07

6-07 3x 305 36,220 4.0 1448 2.8 1003 July 2015 Addiction-P daughter sells. Verdejo has sons in AI. Granddam VG-88 EX-MS Rubens with 3-11 2x 365 25,710 3.8 971 3.0 784. Ed Peck

March 2015 Aftershock sells. Dam is a GP-82 2Y Sid then Lil-Gold by Goldwyn. 3rd Dam EX-90 Dundee, then VG-85 Durham, EX-92 Outside and VG-86 Charles. Bred for the showring! Karlee Ketelboeter

Other Outstanding Consignments:



EX-95 3E DOM


6-07 2x 365 65,020 3.9 2530 3.0 1919 2nd Natl. Milk & 5th Natl. Protein Just fresh Guthrie 2-year-old from GP-82 Aspen with 4-05 2x 365 32,700 4.1 1328 3.1 998. 3rd dam VG-87, then VG-88, EX-94 GMD DOM and EX-90 GMD DOM. Nobland Farms

5-07 2x 365 29,150 5.1 1500 3.8 1104 September 2014 *RC Malone from Aiko herself with embroys sold worldwide. 2nd dam Altitude, then 5 more EX dams. High Altitude Syndicate

For Catalogs or Information, contact: Co-Chairs: Cassy Krull 920-253-9428 Allison Quick 262-354-2925 Dietric De Jager 920-210-6928 Joel Dieckhoff 608-214-2384 AUCTIONEER: John Hager, Waukon, IA PEDIGREES: Norm Nabholz, West Union, IA To request disability accommodations, contact Tera Montgomery, advisor, at 608.342.6027 or

• Winter calf from the Elegance family sells. A December 2014 Airlift backed by a VG-85 Dusk, GP-83 Wildman, VG-86 Freelance, EX-90 Outside, EX-93 GMD DOM Skychief then EX-96 3E GMD DOM Elegance. KRULL FARMS • Fresh Heztry 2Y from EX-92 Advent with 31,890 1200F 1029P. 2nd dam EX-91 EX-MS Durham with 34,830 1318F 1149P. GARY MCCARTHY • Fever winter yearling sells due in December to Atwood. From a VG-89 EX-MS Dundee, then EX-91 2E, EX-93 2E DOM, EX-90 and EX-92 3E DOM dams. MACKENZIE, MOLLY & MONTANA SARBACKER • Absolute winter yearling due in December to Kingboy. Dam GP-81 Eland with 25,840 977F 702P, 2nd dam EX-93 2E DOM Ito with 31,000 1280F 969P. KATHERINE LARSON • Second calf Gold Chip sells with 2-05 2x 305 18,840 4.0 751 2.8 531. Dam GP-83 Ito with 25,000 996F 704P, 2nd dam VG-87 VG-MS Canyon with 29,930. JAMES MORET • Fresh *RC 2-year-old by Rocher Ster Dancer-Red sells from EX-90 EX-MS Jordan with 25,100 799F 702P. 2nd dam VG-88 Shottle with 32,400 1128F 931P, then EX-92 Finley Senora, VG-87 Mtoto and EX-91 Rudolph from the Saturdays. STEVE HOLTE • A GP-82 2Y Gold Chip sells from 7 generations VG and EX dams from the Hillarys. Dam is VG-87 VG-MS Wildman with 28,000M, 2nd dam EX-90 Titanic with 30,410M, then EX-92, EX-91 2E GMD DOM, EX-94 3E GMD DOM Hillary, EX-94 3E GMD DOM and VG-88 GMD DOM. LEAH HENKES LANGE • March 2015 Absolute calf from VG-86 Braxton with 20,740 807F 641P. 2nd dam VG-85 Goldwyn. BEN BUSKE

Many more exciting Holstein, Jersey and Milking Shorthorn consignments. MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

2015 Iowa Holstein Show

Total Head Shown: 226 ~ August 14 ~ Des Moines, Iowa ~ Judge: Michael Heath

Judge Mike Heath, Jason Volker with the Grand Champion Female Farnear-TBR Popsicle-ET, Brandon Ferry with the Reserve Grand Champion Ouriver Goldwyn Blitz and Dan Hovden

Judge Mike Heath, Iowa Dairy Princess Mikayla Lien, David Lyons with the Reserve Senior Champion Crisdhome Durham Crayola-ET, Brandon Ferry with the Senior Champion Female Ouriver Goldwyn Blitz , Jason Volker and Dan Hovden Junior Heifer Calf (23) 1 - KCCK McBeth, KCCK Holsteins 2 - Le-O-La Charisma-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 3 - Le-O-La Charm-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 4 - Stempfle Doorman Rumchata, Stempfle Holsteins 5 - Gibbs AA Landmine, Gibbs Holsteins 6 - Biercrest Chelios Tanysha, Biercrest Holsteins 7 - Edgebrook Absolute Perfection-Red, Sawyer Farms 8 - Gibbs Brokaw Starling, Gibbs Holsteins 9 - Banowetz Aftershock Pleasure, Shawn & Levi Banowetz 10 - Royal-Review Exstacy, RoyalReview Holsteins Intermediate Heifer Calf (28) 1 - Edgebrook Windhammer Clarissa, Edgebrook Jerseys 2 - Golden-Oaks KB Lockette-ET, Le-OLa Holsteins 3 - KishHolm Shock Em Cowgirl, KishHolm Holsteins 4 - Stempfle Doorman Funkymonkey, Stempfle Holsteins 30 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2015

5 - Schulte-Bros Hydn Ramona-ET, Schulte Bros 6 - Butz-Hill Brokaw Sid-ET, John Butz 7 - Cloverhillfm Alx Vadonna-ET, CloverHill Farms 8 - Henkeseen Daine MC Diamond, Henkeseen Holsteins 9 - Lyons-DL Crown Georgene-Red-PO, Lyons Holsteins 10 - Stempfle GW Atwood Harmony, Stempfle Holsteins Senior Heifer Calf (32) 1 - Wildrose G Dreams Chanelle, Stempfle Holsteins 2 - Le-O-La Atwood Leanne-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 3 - DL-Lyonsview Candy-Red, Lyonsview Dairy Farm 4 - Le-O-La McCutchen Carisa-ET, LeO-La Holsteins 5 - Henkeseen Eq Whiskey Sour, Henkeseen Holsteins 6 - Arthuracres Wdbrook Adeen-ET, E-Rock Dairy 7 - Lyons-DL Airlift Kia, Lyons Holsteins 8 - RJR Attic 4203, Reuter Dairy 9 - Jacobs Atwood Cassil-ET, Farnear Holsteins

Grand Champion & Intermediate Champion Female & Best Udder of the Show: Farnear-TBR Popsicle-ET, Volker-Hovden Holsteins Reserve Grand Champion & Senior Champion Female: Ouriver Goldwyn Blitz, Volker-Hovden Holsteins Reserve Senior Champion Female: Crisdhome Durham Crayola-ET, Volker-Hovden Holsteins Reserve Intermediate Champion Female: E&M Acres Goldchip 450, Volker-Hovden Holsteins Top Bred & Owned: Courtlane Colton Lisa, Courtlane Holsteins Junior Champion Female: KCCK McBeth, KCCK Holsteins Reserve Junior Champion Female: Le-O-La Charisma-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins Premier Breeder: (Tie) Farnear Holsteins & Moondale Farm Premier Exhibitor: Volker-Hovden Holsteins 10 - Stempfle Atwood Glam It Up, Stempfle Holsteins Summer Yearling Heifer (18) 1 - Miss Farnear Sage-ET, Farnear Farms 2 - Butz-Hill Sierra 57889-ET, John Butz 3 - Gibbs Contender Atlee-Red, Gibbs Holsteins 4 - Korian Damion Honey, Korian Holsteins 5 - Cloverhillfm ABS Aurange-ET, Clover-Hill Farms 6 - EK-CHF Windbrook Actavia-ET, Clover-Hill Farms 7 - Cost RR T-Sol-Red, Cost Farms 8 - Arthurcreek Gold Chip Chili, Nathan Arthur 9 - Lyons-DL Grapejuice-Red, Lyons Holsteins 10 - Ranjall Atwood Cadence, Shawn & Levi Banowetz Junior Yearling Heifer (18) 1 - Hahncrest Atw Danica-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 2 - Stempfle Gold Chip Jasmine, Stempfle Holsteins 3 - Korian Atwood Brenna-ET, Korian Holsteins 4 - Overmann Laddp Peanuts-Red, Tony Overmann 5 - RJR Sid 3983, Reuter Dairy 6 - Quality-Ridge Atwood Heidi, Quality-Ridge Holsteins 7 - Cost Airlift Paisley, Cost Farms 8 - Banowetz Lauthority Frozen, Shawn & Levi Banowetz 9 - Tower Ridge Defiant Mary, Tower Ridge Farms 10 - Rollingriver Silver-Red, Hawkeye Holsteins Winter Yearling Heifer (10) 1 - Korian Dempsey Blaze, Korian Holsteins 2 - Gibbs BN Dillon-ET, Gibbs Holsteins 3 - Stempfle Goldwyn Gabby-ET, Stempfle Holsteins 4 - Farnear Abbies Annetta-ET, Farnear Holsteins

5 - Arthuracres Maxmus Angel, Arthuracres 6 - Cloverhillfm Andromeda-ET, CloverHill Farms 7 - Jo-Ed Braxton Tease, Jo-Ed Holsteins 8 - Hanson Hilltop Sanchez Catie, Hanson Hilltop Farms 9 - Kris-Del Airlift Jazz, Kris-Del Farms 10 - Red-E-J Bradell 188-TW, Drew Martins Senior Yearling Heifer (14) 1 - Quality-Ridge Air Misty-ET, Quality Ridge Holsteins 2 - Stempfle Chelios Ginger, Stempfle Holseins 3 - Farnear Abbie Autmn-ETS, Farnear Holsteins 4 - RJR Doorman 3728-ET, Reuter Dairy 5 - Henkeseen White Zinfandel, Henkeseen Holsteins 6 - Eagle-View Attic Gr-Gr-D, EagleView Dairy 7 - Welsh-Edge Sanchez Atain-ET, Lyonsview Dairy Farm 8 - Hawkeye Atwood Dani, Hawkeye Holsteins 9 - Moondale S Pandora, Moondale Farm 10 - Huhe Dundee Spritz, H&H Farms Junior Best Three Females (13) 1 - Le-O-La Holsteins 2 - Stempfle Holsteins 3 - Korian Holsteins 4 - Henkeseen Holsteins 5 - Gibbs Holsteins 6 - Lyons Holsteins 7 - Farnear Holsteins 8 - Quality Ridge Holsteins 9 - Arthuracres Holsteins 10 - Reuter Dairy Junior Two-Year-Old Cow (10) 1 - Lindale Sid Ellen(BU), Volker-Hovden Holsteins 2 - Ms Farnear-TBR Aria Adler-ET, Farnear Holsteins 3 - Banberg Braxton Saltine (B&O), Shawn & Levi Banowetz

4 - Ms Brasilias Barbara-ET, Regancrest 5 - Morsan Atwood Caramel, VolkerHovden Holsteins 6 - Gibbs Ag Freestyle, Gibbs Holsteins 7 - Hawkeye Colt-P Erin-Red, Hawkeye Holsteins 8 - Nu-Wave Z-Breeze Brax Envy, Z-Breeze Holsteins 9 - Jo-Ed Dalen Trix, Jo-Ed Holsteins 10 - Cost Palermo Vollie, Cost Farms Senior Two-Year-Old Cow (18) 1 - KishHolm Clea-ET (BU & B&O), KishHolm Holsteins 2 - Arolene Goldwyn Divine, VolkerHovden Holsteins 3 - Jeanlu Goldwyn Gracie, John Butz 4 - J-Volker Sid 911-ET, Volker-Hovden Holsteins 5 - Lyons-DL Ladd Joclyn-Red, Lyons Holsteins 6 - Cost Atwood Manhattan-ET, Cost Farms 7 - Kris-Del Alexander J-Lo, Kris-Del Farms 8 - Regancrest Braxton Amana-ET, Regancrest 9 - Moondale WH Carline, Moondale Farm 10 - HH-S Chasmer Qupid, Hamlett-Hill Holsteins Junior Three-Year-Old Cow (13) 1 - E&M Acres Goldchip 450, VolkerHovden Holsteins 2 - Regancrest Atwood Barby-ET (BU & B&O), Regancrest 3 - Moondale Sanchez Stacy, Moondale Farm 4 - Farnear Uno Bridge Brie-ET, Farnear Holsteins 5 - Henkeseen Domain Dreamy, Henkeseen Holsteins 6 - Regancrest S At Broadway-ET, Regancrest 7 - Scottmore GC Maritime-ET, Velkommen Valley Farm 8 - Sul-Mar Jordan Reno, Sul-Mar Holsteins 9 - Jo-Ed Tammy RC-ET, Jo-Ed Holsteins 10 - Moneek Sailing Mazy, Moneek View Farm

Senior Three-Year-Old (9) 1 - Farnear-TBR Popsicle-ET (BU), Volker-Hovden Holsteins 2 - Hillpoint Aliza-Red-ET, Lee-Ann’s Holsteins 3 - Sacquitne Alxder Alex Anisa, VolkerHovden Holsteins 4 - Moondale Fever Piper (B&O), Moondale Farm 5 - Lyons-DL Chger Twizzler-Red, Lyons Holsteins 6 - Regancrest Explode China-ET, Regancrest 7 - Biercrest Morey Delilah, Biercrest Holsteins 8 - Hamlett-Hill Bea-Ann-ET, KCCK Holsteins 9 - Budjon-JK Atlantic Emmalee, IrishLand Farms Four-Year-Old Cow (14) 1 - Crisdhome Durham Crayola-ET (BU), Volker-Hovden Holsteins 2 - Lyons-DL Casino Lucky (B&O), Lyons Holsteins 3 - KishHolm Collette, KishHolm Holsteins 4 - Miss Sanchez Lilly, Le-O-La Holsteins 5 - Willows-Edge At Caramel, Velkommen Valley Farm 6 - Morningview Frank Miracle, Courtlane Holsteins 7 - Regancrest Atwood Donlee, Regancrest 8 - Henkeseen S Heartbreaker, Henkeseen Holsteins 9 - KRF Aurora Sugarland, BJs Ayrshires 10 - Ms Irish-Land Grace, Irish-Land Farms Five-Year-Old Cow (10) 1 - Courtlane Colton Lisa (BU & B&O), Courtlane Holsteins 2 - Regancrest Rosebush, Regancrest 3 - Henkeseen San Dawnette, Henkeseen Holsteins 4 - Moondale Damion Taphee-ET, Moondale Farm 5 - Moondale Espen, Moondale Farm 6 - Farnear-TBR Atwood Babes-ET, Farnear Holsteins

7 - Miss Arizona-ET, Hawkeye Holsteins 8 - New-Star Adv Harmony-Red-ET, H&H Farms 9 - Nor-Way-Pete Sanchez Stacy, Volker-Hovden Holsteins 10 - Madren Baltimor Milady, Larry Madren Aged Cow (9) 1 - Ouriver Goldwyn Blitz, Volker-Hovden Holsteins 2 - Le-O-La Talent Libby (BU & B&O), Le-O-La Holsteins 3 - Moondale Trudy, Korian Holsteins 4 - Miss Damion Microsoft, Regancrest 5 - Miss Glen Magnum, Korian Holsteins 6 - Regancrest-BH Glimmer-ET, Regancrest 7 - Moondale Goldwyn Paddy-ET, Moondale Farm 8 - New-Star Adv Hillary-Red-ET, H&H Farms 9 - Sul-Mar Pronto Trixie, Sul-Mar Holsteins

Best Three Females (8) 1 - Regancrest 2 - Farnear Holsteins 3 - Moondale Farm 4 - Regancrest 5 - Henkeseen Holsteins 6 - Lyons Holsteins 7 - Le-O-La Holsteins 8 - Cost Farms Produce of Dam (4) 1 - Regancrest 2 - Scottmore Holsteins 3 - Henkeseen Holsteins 4 - Le-O-La Holsteins Daughter-Dam (3) 1 - Henkeseen Holsteins 2 - Le-O-La Holsteins 3 - P&A Ayrshires

Carter, Cole and Kaleb Kruse, Jen Wakeley with the Junior Champion KCCK McBeth, Regan Demmer with the Reserve Junior Champion Le-O-La Charisma-ET and Judge Mike Heath

Reuter Dairy receiving the Iowa Holstein Show Herdsmanship Award from Larry and Jane Madren sponsored by Madren Holsteins.

Judge Mike Heath, Jason Volker with the Reserve Intermediate Champion E&M Acres Goldchip 450, Dan Reuter with Intermediate Champion Farnear-TBR Popsicle-ET and Dan Hovden

Brooke and Blake Courtney with the Top Bred and Owned of the Show Courtlane Colton Lisa. MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2015 - 31

© Sue Crull

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Princess © Lea McCullough Petunia© Kathy DeBruin

Your Golden opportunitY!

2nd Dam: R-Vision Dundee Princess EX-91-2E

R-Vision Hero Petunia VG-87-2Y 2-06 137 13,238 4.2 552 3.0 394 inc.

4-08 365 38,920 4.3 1688 3.3 1297

R-Vision Holsteins

SellinG oct 24th petunia'S april 2015 Gold chip dauGhter

Mark, Melissa, Emily, Brock & Justin Irwin 10946 Grange Hall Rd., Belvidere, IL 61008 Phone: (815) 701-8090 Email:

Falling for Foundation Cows

RJR Aftershock Destiny EX-90 EX-92-MS 2015 Northwest IL District Show Results: 2nd 4-Yr-Old & Best Udder, Res. Sr. & Res. Grand Daughters by Windbrook & O'Kaliber Bred back to Meridian Will be doing IVF to Diamondback & Doorman

Karen Steffes Dennis, Jane & Darcy Steffes

Steffes Fever Joy VG-87

2015 Northwest IL District Show Results: 1st Sr. 3, 1st B&O, Best Udder Sr. 3-Year-Old Intermediate & Grand Champion B&O Due in March to Shottle Will be on an IVF flush program

Watch for Classification Updates in December!

5127 E. Bethel Road Elizabeth, Illinois 61028 Phone: 815-541-4483 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2015 - 35

Minnesota Holstein History mindless ramblings down an endless cow lane. by John Busacker

“My favorite bull”

“A good day to buy cows”

There have been many great sires in the last 40 years, Durham and Storm would be right at the top of my list, but the greatest bull to come along is Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation in my opinion. I will not bore anyone with numbers and proofs, if anyone is interested they can look them up. Elevation is the greatest sire I have ever seen come for one reason. He had the ability to work on anything. It did not matter what a cows breeding, records or classification was. You had just as good a chance of getting a great daughter from a 68pt cow as you did an 86pt cow. There were offspring in Minnesota that you might remember.

Henry Bartel Seniors Beau Vache herd was dispersed Sept 9, 1968. It is the only time in history a 96, 94, 93 pt cow were sold in Minnesota at public auction. The queen of the herd and star of the sale was Texal Beau Babe who was scored EX 94 at the time and later scored EX 96. She was All-American three year-old in 1965 and a major favorite at a number of Minnesota shows for years to come. Her daughter sold for $16,000 in the 1974 Golden Gopher Classic. Henry’s brother Harvey Bartel purchased her. Beau Robanon Lois was EX 92 at the sale and later scored EX 94-4E. Lois was seven times All-Minnesota or reserve All-Minnesota. She was Grand Champion at the 1972 state HolMarti’s bred Olmar Elevation Bess EX 92 All-Min- stein show, had an EX 92 astronaut daughter and nesota as a calf and 2 year old and Olmar Elevation a triple threat daughter that topped the Golden Gopher Classic at $38,000. She was purchased by Dazzling Star EX 94, if she had only been a little bigger she could have room anywhere. Deer Brook Olsondale Farms, Virgil Olson and sons. Beau Gilmore Ray Apple EX 93 was bred by Agrimson’s Patsy O-Day was scored EX 92 and later scored EX and later sold to an investor herd. Bill Eustice bred 93-3E She had a great grad daughter Walnut Lake a sire that was All-Minnesota and Honorable men- Topper Rhonda who topped the Walnut Lake Sale at $5,700 on April, 25 1977. She was purchased by tion All-American in 1981. Howard and Marion George Lorenz. Heins bred several excellent Elevation daughters and Esmur-Downs Elevation Bell EX-95. The allHow did the three cows sell at the Beau Vache American aged bull in 1979. Herd dispersal? Babe brought $3,700, Lois $2,400 and Patsy $1,800. A 96, 94, and 93 point cow all for just over $8000. Not a bad day to buy a cow.

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MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

      SALE OF ELIGIBLE ANIMALS: When an animal that is entered in the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity is sold, the eligibility may be transferred to the new owner, and it shall be his responsibility to inform the Futurity Committee of the change of ownership. The seller shall inform the buyer that the animal purchased is already entered in the Futurity. To aid in this, exhibitors will receive an entry certificate for each animal after entry payment has been received. New owners will need to sign an entry form after notification of entry into Futurity.                                  

    

     

  Full entry fees must accompany entry form or sent within the appropriate time noted above.




Full Name of Animal Date of Birth Reg. Number Sire Sire’s A.I. Organization 

2018 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Official Entry Blank

                                              

2018 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity

29th Annual WHA Futurity Eleven three-year-old Holstein cows paraded around the coliseum at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin on Saturday, August 15 to compete for the title of first place in the 29th Annual Wisconsin Holstein Futurity. John Erbsen of Lanark, Illinois served as the official judge. The Wisconsin Holstein Futurity is a non-traditional cattle show, where the exhibitors enter their animals three years prior to the show in hopes of raising a high-quality show cow. It is a prestigious show where only the best in Registered Holsteins compete. Topping the class was Milksource Dty Tammy-Red-ET, owned by Grady and Lane Wendorf and Dawson and Kylie Nickels of Ixonia and shown by Ryan Krohlow. They received a $1,500 check from Badgerland Financial, a major sponsor of the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity. Milksource Dty Tammy-Red-ET was also named the Best Udder of the show sponsored by East Central Select Sires and was the top fat and protein production winner sponsored by Rural Mutual Insurance Agent, Brian Greenman. In second place was Oeh-My Atwood Enso, owned by Chase and Willow Oehmichen of Abbotsford and shown by Chad Ryan. She took home a check for $750 presented by International Protein Sires. Enso was also named the top milk production winner sponsored by Rural Mutual Insurance Agent, Brian Greenman. Miss Summer Song-ET, owned by Dawson and Kylie Nickels of Watertown and shown by Dawson Nickels placed third. Agropur presented a check for $500 to the Nickels siblings. Miss Summer Song-ET was also the first place Junior and received an award sponsored by Angela Davis-Brown of Ma-Brown Holsteins and Jerseys and $50 sponsored by the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association. Even though the cows are the stars of the show, the WHA Futurity is a time for our exhibitors to exchange their blue jeans and boots for ball gowns and tuxedos. All the exhibitors dressed to impress, but only three best-dressed individuals were named. Each best-dressed individual received a trophy with a photo frame and a cash award. Best Dressed Junior was awarded to Nicole Wright and sponsored by Frisle-Vu Holsteins. Joel Kietzman was awarded the Best Dressed Adult Male sponsored by Indianhead Holsteins. Scenic-Edge Holsteins was the sponsor for the Best Dressed Adult Female and this award went to Christa Wendorf. Courtney Booth and Kristin Olson served as Mistresses of Ceremonies for the evening where they helped to introduce the exhibitors and dignitaries. In attendance were Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculuture, Ben Brancel; Alice in Dairyland, Teyanna Loether; Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs, Deanna Schlies; WHA Princess, Sierra Lurvey; WHA Princess Attendant, Cierra Ehrke-Essock; National Red and White Queen, Carley Krull; Wisconsin RWDCA Princess, Savannah Micke; Green and Dane County Dairy Royalty, and National Anthem singers, Bryce Krull and Molly Sarbacker. The futurity would not be possible without our generous sponsors. WHA would like to thank the major futurity sponsors, Badgerland Financial, International Protein Sires, Agropur and Brian Greenman, Rural Mutual Insurance Agent, for helping to make this show a success. 38 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2015

1st Place - front, left to right: Lane and Grady Wendorf; back Candace Sarbacker for Badgerland Financial, Kylie Nickels, Niles and Carolyn Wendorf, Ryan Krohlow holding Milksource Dty Tammy-Red-ET, Troy and Sarah Wendorf, Dawson Nickels, WHA Princess Sierra Lurvey and WHA Princess Attendant Cierra Ehrke-Essock

2nd Place - seated, left to right: Alice in Dairyland Teyanna Loether and Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs Deanna Schlies; back - WHA Princess Sierra Lurvey, JT Pfaff for International Protein Sires, Chad Ryan on the halter of Oeh-My Atwood Enso, Chase and Willow Oehmichen, Secretary of Agriculture Ben Brancel and WHA Princess Attendant Cierra Ehrke-Essock

The purpose of the WHA Futurity is to help promote the dairy industry to the general public and display the care and dedication that we have for our animals and the products they produce. The WHA Futurity was initiated and held at the Wisconsin State Fair to inform people that are not from an agriculture background about the Registered Holstein and the dairy industry.

2015 Futurity Final Placings 1st Place - Sponsored by Badgerland Financial - $1,500 Milksource Dty Tammy-Red-ET Sire: Scientific Destry-ET Owner: Grady & Lane Wendorf and Dawson & Kylie Nickels, Ixonia Exhibitor: Ryan Krohlow Total Purse: $729.76 Best Udder of Show sponsored by East Central Select Sires Top Fat & Protein Production sponsored by Brian Greenman, Rural Mutual Insurance Agent 2nd Place - Sponsored by International Protein Sires - $750 Oeh-My Atwood Enso Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET Owner: Chase and Willow Oehmichen, Abbotsford Exhibitor: Chad Ryan Total Purse: $611.13 Top Milk Production sponsored by Brian Greenman, Rural Mutual Insurance Agent 3rd Place - Sponsored by Agropur - $500 Miss Summer Song-ET Sire: Gillette Windbrook Owner: Dawson & Kylie Nickels, Watertown Exhibitor: Dawson Nickels Total Purse: $492.50 1st Junior sponsored by Ma-Brown Holsteins & Jerseys and WI Junior Holstein Association 4th Place - Miss Atwood Darcy Total Purse: $452.95 Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET Owner & Exhibitor: Joel Kietzman, Waunakee Best Dressed Male sponsored by Indianhead Holsteins 5th Place - Mar-Linda-K Damion Harmony Total Purse: $373.87 Sire: Erbacres Damion Owner & Exhibitor: Nicole Wright, Watertown Best Dressed Junior sponsored by Frisle-Vu Holsteins Best Bred & Owned sponsored by Lirr Farms

3rd Place - seated, left to right: Fairest of the Fairs Deanna Schlies and WHA Princess Sierra Lurvey; back - WHA Princess Attendant Cierra Ehrke-Essock, David Hitner for Agropur, Kylie Nickels, Dawson Nickels holding Miss Summer Song-ET, Secretary of Agriculture Brancel, Alice in Dairyland Teyanna Loether and Judge John Erbsen.

6th Place - Miss Guthrie Lacey Total Purse: $215.69 Sire: Fustead Goldwyn Guthrie-ET Owner: Chase & Willow Oehmichen, Abbotsford Exhibitor: Krista Luedtke $100 added prize money sponsored by International Protein Sires 7th Place - Bleck Brady Hvezda Jingles Total Purse: $215.69 Sire: Orbe-View S Strm Hvezda-ET Owner: Brady Bleck, Glenbeulah Exhibitor: Elise Bleck $100 added prize money sponsored by International Protein Sires 8th Place - Jamsar Atwood Petunia-ET Total Purse: $215.69 Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET Owner: James & Sarah Neuser, Reedsville Exhibitor: James Neuser $100 added prize money sponsored by International Protein Sires

Best Dressed Female: Christa Wendorf

Best Dressed Male: Joel Kietzman

9th Place - Crescentmead Drmfx Cherish Total Purse: $215.69 Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET Owner & Exhibitor: Kylie Nickels, Watertown $100 added prize money sponsored by International Protein Sires 10th Place - Miss Summer Serenade-ET Total Purse: $215.69 Sire: Gillette Windbrook Owner: Summer Breeze Syndicate, Ixonia Exhibitor: Christa Wendorf Best Dressed Female sponsored by Scenic-Edge Holsteins $100 added prize money sponsored by International Protein Sires 11th Place - Jimdandy BW Glimmer-Red Total Purse: $215.69 Sire: Hylite Barbwire-Red-ET Owner: McKenna & Coltin Coffeen, DePere Exhibitor: McKenna Coffeen Best Junior Bred & Owned sponsored by Lirr Farms $100 added prize money sponsored by International Protein Sires

Best Dressed Junior: Nicole Wright MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2015 - 39


         


Russ & Rosie Bauman Edgar, WI • 715-352-3177

GRANDEUR HOLSTEINS BLIVEN FAMILY R865 Mount View Lane Athens, WI 54411 Phone: 715-257-7255 e-mail:

   

    

    

 Our new 11th generation Excellent! Dream Team Fever Dixie EX-90 Don, Jenna, Malayna & Kendra Fahey 11360 Rainbow Dr., Merrill, WI 54452 715-537-0820

Gary Stankowski Owner Home: 3860 Sugar Bush Rd. Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-3197 Farm: 543 Hwy. S Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-0799

 Mike & Linda King Kevin & June King

Visitors welcome by appointment

Classification Highlights Castleholm Rae-Love-Red 14th generation Excellent Advent now EX-92 2E at 6-03!

Matt-Dari Brokaw Vinnie Exciting young cow now VG-87 at 2-07 with VG-89MS

Rob-Cri Roy Whistle EX-92 3E Whistle has an Atwood heifer calf born 8-25-15 she’s for sale!


Loren & Anita Birkey Wausau, WI • 715-573-7655 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

DAL-SKI HOLSTEINS David & Paulette Lemanski Devin, Alex & Danielle 715-352-3382 3475 Cardinal Lane, Marathon, WI 54448 Visitors Welcome


Ded-Dit Holsteins


Deddit Atwood Bazinga VG-86 VG-MS granddaughter of Briccows Talent Bewitched EX-90 and 7 more gen. EX. Cows are housed at Fustead Holsteins.

Doug Dittmar 6006 - 3 Birch Street, Schofield, WI 54476


Har-Dale-Acres Rob Clair-ET VG-85

      

Fred, Lynne & Matt Harder

 

 

 

          

Call Milkyhill Cattle Sales for rates.

Will be done professionally. Contact ED mielke 715-574-2931


   

A Grass-Based dairy farm with Strong Cow Families

On-Q Jackman Sun-ET +2472 GTPI +632NM +5.2PL (12/14) The forecast is for a lot of “Sun” this Summer! She is flushing well and due to calve with a Delta heifer in September. ET heifers and bulls out of Yoder, Monterey, Main Event, Demaris, Silver and Pat-Red coming in summer and fall. Dam:    Granddam:  

3rd Dam: 

Sam & Jenn Zimmermann Mason, Adelle, Neah & Garrison E2259 County Rd. Q, Ringle, WI 54471 Cell: 715-218-8619

     

Keith & Cassi Bauman Korbyn, Karsyn & Chase W615 Cty. Hwy. N, Edgar, WI 54426 715-615-3552 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS


Langs-Twin-B Daddy 4976-ET GP-82 at 2-03

FARMS “Striving for that fine line of genetic excellence”

New EX from our July Classification North-Log Advent Frosty EX-90 5-09 365 37,220 3.6 1336 2.7 1175

     Carl & June Norrbom

Paul & Kim Norrbom Katelyn, Paige & Emily

GTPI +2372 PTA +1485M +19F +40P +537NM +6.7PL +1.97T +1.52UDC +.79FLC 8/15 Sire: Ronelee SSI O Daddy-ET Dam: Langs-Twin-B Adora-ET VG-86 by Bookem 2nd Dam: Langs-Twin-B C-S Ashlyn-ET EX-90 GMD DOM 3rd Dam: Ralma Finley C-F Chuckle-ET EX-90 4th Dam: Ralma Christmas Fudge-ET VG-88 GMD DOM 5th Dam: Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 GMD DOM

4976’s four daughters by Monterey -

Langs-Twin-B Mont 5165 Langs-Twin-B Mont 5164 Langs-Twin-B Mont 5140 Langs-Twin-B Mont 5139

+2622 GTPI +2621 GTPI +2609 GTPI +2609 GTPI

Floyd & Lloyd Baumann

  

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc. Fred Lang  


Best Young Cows at Nor-Way-Pete Owned by: Thomas & Florine Bunkelman Brooke, Brent & Brodie

We really like our Heros, Gold Chips, Bradnicks and Sids. Ultra fancy 2-year-olds with exceptional udders. Classification will be fun for a long time as we have many more daughters of all four bulls to still calve. They are following the footsteps of Atwood and Sanchez, two of the best bulls we have ever used. Question: Why do the high GPTAT young sires seem to maintain their high ranking for type when proven, while we see much more fluctuation in NM and health traits? The classifier only looks at the young sire daughters for about two minutes. I’m sure there is a good reason.

Tomkins Hztry Sizln Sunshine


We are looking forward to the new year and the upcoming show season!

RHA: 3x 257 cows 29,579 3.9 1150 3.0 879

F4680 Walnut Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 Ph.: 715-581-6460 E-mail:

Visitors Always Welcome!

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

1751 Cherry Drive, Eland, WI 54427 Chad & Andy Peterson, owners 715-302-0482


Flushing Soon! Ms Mega Arm 9255-ET


GTPI +2545 +383M +63F +39P +4.9PL 2.83SCS +3.4DPR +2.12T +1.58UDC +1.77FLC Her dam is Ms Apples Uno Armana-ET *RC, VG-88 88-MS at 2Y! She was purchased in the Apple Mania Sale and we also won with her consignment O’Kalif-Red x Apple due December 26! Combining O’Kalibra EX-97 with Apple EX-96. John & Tineke Boschma H4370 Townline Rd., Colby, WI 54421 PH: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 E-Mail: RHA: 46 cows 25,956 1034F 806P BAA: 107.8%

Fustead Mogul Lilac-ET VG-87 VG-MS 2-02 2x 365 30,365 4.9 1483 3.3 1004 +2529 GTPI +87F +47P +1190M

Watch for Lilac’s son...

Fustead Tango Lylas

   

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS       

Sam-Way Dairy

L-L-M-Dairy SS Peru-ET VG-85 VG-86MS GTPI +2467 +51P +81F 2-00 252 21,322 4.5 950 3.2 689 inc. ~ pregnancies by Rubicon, Delta, Profit, Hangtime & Fer

Samway Airlift Drifter VG-85 at 2-02 Congratulations to Justin for all the success he had this summer showing Drifter’s stylish daughter, Samway Durango Dream.

Sam-Way Dairy Wayne, Samantha & Justin Giese

  

       Leon & Lyle Matthiae E916 Hwy. Q Ringle, WI 54471 715-297-8485 Leon 715-297-8483 Lyle Visitors always welcome MIDWEST HOLSTEINS


 The Marathon County Holstein Breeders manage a cheese curd stand at several events during the year. The cheese curd stand was started in 1988 when the board was looking for a way to make a little extra money. The group first started to sell at The Athens Fair using cheese curds from Bledsoe’s Cheese of Marathon. In 1996 they sold curds at the Wisconsin Farm Progress Days at Ross Farm in Marathon. In 1998 they expanded to sell at The Edgar Steam Engine Show and from 2004 to 2006 sold at The Marathon Tractor Pull held on Father’s Day. Deep fried pickles were added to the menu in 2002 and, on average, sell 225 pounds of pickles. Cheese curds sales average 12001300 pounds each year. Workers in the stand receive a $10 Fleet gift card for each shift they work. When they first started the stand, Don and Linda Christiansen, Eddie Mielke, and Dan and Michelle Mielke helped to organize the helper schedule. For the first five years the stand was rented from the Wittenberg Lions Club and the group got the ingredients through them as well. In 1993, the Holstein Breeders built their own stand with the help of Dan Mielke and started to get the ingredients though Village Spirits Restaurant. The floor of the stand was fixed in 2008 and the frame rebuilt in 2015. Proceeds from the cheese curd stand helps pay for scholarships, the Awards Banquet, trophies for first place winners at the Wisconsin Valley Fair for both the black and white and red and white Holstein shows. Association funds pay a portion of the county ads put in the Wisconsin Holstein News and helps sponsor the county overnight spring trip to visit other farms. The group also helped the Athens Fair to build a cover over the show ring, paid for one of the judges at the Wisconsin Valley Fair until 2011, and helps sponsor the Little Britches show at the Wisconsin Valley Fair and the Athens Fair. With the success the Marathon County Holstein Breeders have had with the cheese curd stand, they Long lines at this year’s cheese curd stand would encourage other associations to try such a at the Athens Fair fundraiser.

Marathon County Holstein Breeders 2014 Bus Trip group

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Homebred Show Results Medusa

© Cybil Fisher

Irwindale Braxton VG-88-2Y Braxton x EX-90-3Y Atwood x VG-88 Jasper x EX-95-4E 2x All-Canadian Leduc Macy Next 4 Dams: EX-90-2E, EX-93-3E, VG-87, EX-90 2015 Illinois Championship Show Grand Champion B&O Junior Show 1st Junior, 6th Open Sr. 2-Year-Old 3rd Illinois Holstein 2-Year-Old Futurity 2015 Illinois State Fair Grand Champion B&O & Res. Grand Junior Show 1st Sr. 2-Year-Old Junior Show

© Sarah Damrow


Irwindale Lauthority EX-90-3Y 2-05 341d 25,630m 3.9% 1002f Lauthority x EX-91 Affirmed x VG-88 Roy x VG-88 Durham 2015 Illinois Championship Show 4th, 1st B&O Sr. 3-Year-Old 2015 Illinois State Fair 3rd, 1st B&O Sr. 3-Year-Old In an age when so many show animals have been purchased, we are extremely proud of these two homebred beauties. Medusa goes back 7 generations to a Walkway Chief Mark that was bought 25 years ago as a calf. Ricki is the 11th generation homebred, spanning 32 years of Irwindale breeding. Not bad, considering that we only have a 30 cow herd.

Irwindale Holsteins 2274 1800th St.  Beason, IL 62512  John 217.447.3337  Steve 217.871.7738 RHA 27,467M 997F BAA: 110.3% 11 Time PBR Herd



SCHROEDER HOLSTEINS John and Bev, Tim Schroeder Jason and Michele Schroeder

Specializing in TMR Mixers and Manure Handling Equipment


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and Sons

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WeMontgomery, will help you design logo and a business MN a56069 cardPh. that507-367-5285 works for you! All types of businesses welcome! Serviceable age bulls for sale.

Bulls are all A.I. sired. TODAY CALL 320-259-0637

45408 551st Avenue Courtland, MN 56021 Ph. 507-359-2589

Ser viceable age bulls for sale

Level IV Johnes Free Herd | TB Accredited DHIR: 27,346M 1095F 778P BAA: 107.0 | PBR 31 Years Registered Holsteins since 1927

STEVE PETERSON Regional Representative and Tri-Captain Holstein Association USA 62039 County Road 50 Wadena, MN 56482 Fax 218-631-3013 Cell 218-849-2238


Normen Peterson STEVE PETERSON

Auctioneer & Photographer

Regional Representative and Tri-Captain


25664 Co Rd 5 Ph. 507-352-4162 Holstein Association USA Wykoff, MN 55990 Fax 507-352-5981 Email 62039 County 50

Wadena, MN 56482 Fax 218-631-3013 Cell 218-849-2238


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    

           

SELZ-PRALLE DAIRY Jessica & Nicole Pralle N4621 Hwy. 12, Humbird, WI 54746 • (715) 334-3434 • E-mail: MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

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Midwest Holsteins - Fall 2015  

Midwest Holsteins - Fall 2015