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The new definition of efficiency Precision Farming


You wish to automate agricultural machines simply using a GPS? Then here’s the solution!



GPS Automation? We call it Precision Farming Leverage your existing technology and upgrade this with an automated and efficient GPS control. May it be crop protection sprayers, planting machines or any other agricultural equipment: All those machines that currently have a manual or automatic electronic control, can be controlled via GPS. Having a John Deere Rate Controller (automatic part width section control) is a prerequisite for this. We provide you with the appropriate set of cables with high-quality, robust glass fibre sleeves.

It’s just so easy: | Plug the cables appropriately together (wire your actuators if required) |M  ake the relevant settings in the Rate Controller | Start Precision Farming

All information without guarantee – subject to change without notice

High-quality, robust and ready to use ISOBUS Connector Total length 3 m Order number 7100118030

Master switch ISOBUS connector to the power supply and the connection* of the Rate Controller to the machine. An input for an external master switch is also available. * T here must be an ISOBUS cable available on the tractor side.

Total length 2 m Order number 7100118050

The master switch (foot switch) adapter cable harness connects the ISOBUS harness with the foot switch which is included in the Rate Controller Kit.

EL-4 Adapter Cable Harness Total length 4 m Order number 7100118020

Universal Terminal Box EL-4 Adapter cable harness for pinning in-between to the John Deere EL-4 spray computer. All part width sections and the mass flow rate can be controlled by the Rate Controller.

Total length 2 m Order number 3100118010

Universal terminal box for individual wiring of your auxiliary equipment. By default 10 part width sections, one flow sensor and one pressure sensor are routed to terminals. With the full range of equipment, up to 16 part width sections, 2 pressure sensors and a flow meter are wired.

Universal Connection Cable Harness Total length 2 m Order number 7100118040

Universal Installation Cable Harness Universal connection cable harness for free wiring with open wire ends. All the pins of the Rate Controller’s connector are wired.

Total length 7,3 m Order number 7100118060

With this cable harness you can make tractors GPS-enabled even without the use of any GPS equipment. There are connections for all the important components such as the Starfire receiver, the display, the radar, the master switch, the rate controller, the steering wheel as well as a speed output.

Prices and Ordering Simply state our item number when placing your order and within approximately 48 hours, you will receive the cable sets for your precision farming. You may place your order in the following ways:

ISOBUS Connector Order number  7100118030

Master switch


Order number  7100118050


Order number  3100118010


| By E-Mail: | Via the Webshop: | Webshop | Cable sets | By Telephone: +49 (0) 93 33 90 41 300 With each order please specify the delivery and invoice addresses and your phone number or e-mail address. The payment is made by cash in advance, cash on delivery or via PayPal.

Adapter Cable Harness Order number  7100118020

Universal Terminal Box


Still have questions? We will be glad to help you further!

Online-Shop Universal Connection Cable Harness Other products and services can be found in our Online shop!

Order number  7100118040


Universal Installation Cable Harness

* A ll prices are retail prices in Euro, incl. 19 % VAT, shipping charges to be paid in addition. Ilgenfritz-Electronics GmbH & Co. KG Marktplatz 4 97234 Fuchsstadt Germany Telefon: +49 (0) 93 33 90 41 300 Telefax: +49 (0) 93 33 90 41 329

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Order number  7100118060


The new definition of efficiency: Precision Farming  

You wish to automate agricultural machines simply using a GPS? Then here’s the solution!

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