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Ilfa Finance Solutions

Realises entrepreneurial ambitions

You, as entrepreneur, have ambitions. Ambitions, for which you need financial flexibility and clout. You want your business to grow or you may consider selling it. Or, you want more grip on the resources available within your company, so you can continue doing business. Wherever your ambitions lie, you shall be able to deliver your strategy, as we deliver the funding with our innovate approach to financing. Together with you.


Why choose Ilfa Finance Solutions?

´ IFS is first in the Netherlands, to offer an integrated solution for the entire capital structure of your company. ´ As independent advisors, we support you in all possible financial issues. ´ IFS exclusively houses experienced senior consultants who previously worked ‘on the other side of the table’ (banking, equity and corporate treasury). ´ IFS is the equity advisor in the Netherlands that solely supports management, without having an interest in the funding side. ´ We both advise ánd implement. ´ We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We understand what moves you and we speak your language. ´ You’ll get access to our extensive network. ´ You’ll stay in charge. We will take your funding issues off your hands in order for you to focus on your business.


Ilfa Finance Solutions

A unique perspective on funding

Ilfa Finance Solutions (IFS) is the first Dutch consulting firm able to give integrated, independent advice on the entire capital structure of your company. We use a unique method in which internal capital, equity and debt capital are represented. These three components form the capital structure of your company. We see them as rotable discs, which we strategically put to use to optimise the entire liability side of your balance sheet. In practise, this means that we determine which single component or combination of components can be best used to fill your funding needs. By aligning the rotable discs, and taking market trends into account, we realise the most appropriate capital structure for your situation and for your company. So you can continue to run your business.

An important role for Equity So far, you may have searched for (additional) funding in the form of debt capital and the optimisation of the available internal capital. We notice too often that equity is considered only in very specific situations. A missed opportunity. We deliberately and pro-actively take equity along in our advice, handing you an essential tool with which to realise previously complex financing solutions and which enables you to optimise existing funding propositions.


Ilfa Finance Solutions realises the optimal financing mix Diversification of funding sources is essential for your independency. By optimising the equity and internal capital structure we minimise the share of debt capital in total funding. By adjusting and tuning the three components, IFS achieves an optimal financing mix - and thus fundability against better terms and conditions, enabling you to run your business. We take your funding issues off your hands. And, whilst we execute, realise and implement together wĂ­th you, you can keep your hands on the reins. Naturally, we shall pro-actively tap into our extensive network for you. This network includes a.o. national and international banks, M&A boutiques, corporate finance advisors, venture capital companies, mezzanine providers, institutional investors and lawyers.

The three funding components of IFS

Whom do we work for? The IFS consultants have been strategic and operational sparring partner for CFOs, CEOs and DGAs in almost all sectors of industry, for more than 15 years now. Especially SMEs, family owned business and multinationals are part of our clientele.

With the three funding components (the rotable discs), we realise a comprehensive integrated total solution for the entire capital structure of your company. Together with you. How we concretely put these discs to use, you may read on the following pages.


Internal Capital Questions from entrepreneurs about Internal Capital ´´ How can my working capital be the source of internal funding? ´´ Do I actually need external funding? ´´ What improvements can I make to put my available resources to use more effectively

The response of Ilfa Finance Solutions For many companies working capital is the source for internal capital. We analyse the possibilities how to most effectively put this working capital to use in order to reduce the need for other forms of funding. Of course, we shall also realise these opportunities for you.

The approach of Ilfa Finance Solutions Optimal use of your working capital starts with understanding and insight. With an accurate cash flow forecast, we give insight into what resources are located where and for what period they are available to you. Subsequently, we optimise the cash management structure (cash pooling and cash concentration), thus putting the available resources to their best use, reducing the total financing requirements of your organisation and consequently bringing the interest burden down to a minimum. If and when external funding is necessary for the overall financing of your business, we shall advise you how to allocate the external funding optimally within your company. 6

What working with IFS means for your company

Advisory products Internal Capital

• Understanding, grip and control over the

• Design and implementation cash flow

resources available within your company. • Minimisation of capital requirement and therewith required financing. • Minimisation of interest expenses. • Improving your negotiating position with your banks, resulting in an improvement of the tariffs & conditions.


• Design, implementation and optimisation cash pool structure. • Optimisation of working capital. • Design and implementing in-house bank. • Set up and optimising the corporate treasury organisation.

In short We align your available internal resources, your financing needs and cost of financing with one another. The result is an optimal capital structure, which provides more clout and more room for you to run your business.


Debt Capital The response of Ilfa Finance Solutions

Questions from entrepreneurs about Debt Capital ´´ Which debt capital structure (a.o. bank financing) best fits our corporate strategy? ´´ Our (growth) strategy may run aground due to adjusted terms & conditions put upon us by our bank. Can’t this be done differently? ´´ What is my company’s worth in today’s financial markets?


IFS supports you proactively in defining and achieving the optimal bank financing. During realisation, we assist you in negotiating with a number of banks befitting your organisation, sector and industry. Our goal is to realise a credit facility, consisting of a loan volume, conditioning, pricing, collateral and structure that fits the current financial status and strategy of your company - in terms of dynamics and flexibility like a glove. In order to ensure that this arrangement is placeable in the current banking environment, we determine your Credit Rating and the return which your bank will realise on your account under current regulations. From the onset, these indicators shall give you good insight into your negotiating position and placement probability of your credit facility.

What working with IFS means for your company • Optimal structuring, pricing and conditioning of your bank financing. • Financing which facilitates the growth and dynamics of your company and serves as an instrument for you to run your business without too many constraints.

Advisory Products Debt Capital • Advising, designing and realising the optimal finance structure, as part of the overall capital structure of your company.

• Benchmarking the possibilities and placeability of bank financing. • Access to asset based finance solutions such as factoring and supply chain finance.

In short You realise optimal (bank) financing which is provided by the right bank, with competitive pricing, based on the right terms & conditions, and aligned with your corporate strategy. And this gives you room to run your business.


Equity Questions from entrepreneurs about Equity ´ My company is entering a new phase. Do I need additional equity? ´ Is it feasible and desirable to attract equity in my situation? ´ I want to attract equity and retain control of my company. How do I achieve this?


The response of Ilfa Finance Solutions

Growth scenarios,

We advise you on the optimisation of the equity structure and the realisation thereof. We shall be your sparring partner as well as your independent advisor. Is additional equity, or an increase of subordinated debt needed? We will advise and support you during all steps in the entire process. Think of venture capital companies, mezzanine providers and institutional investors of a signature and profile which match the DNA of your company.

Take-over(s), Buy-in(s), Management succession issues, Spinoffs.

IFS stands out in this type of advice as we have no invested interest on the funding side. We focus solely on supporting the entrepreneur and its management team.


What working with IFS means for your company • • •

Optimisation of the equity and shareholder structure. A detailed approach to realising our recommended equity structure. Access to investment banking, corporate finance advisors, venture capital companies, mezzanine providers and institutional investors that fit the strategy of your company and the stage in which your company finds itself. A long-term solution for the shareholder base and capital structure of your company.

Advisory Products Equity • •

Advising and bringing to effect the optimal equity structure, as part of the overall capital structure of your company. Independent sparring partner for entrepreneurs and / or management during the implementation of the equity component of the capital structure. Full support of entrepreneurs and / or management in all conceivable aspects of the realisation of equity.

In short You shall get a key element in hands with which to optimise your capital needs and find a matching strategic (financial) partner to realise the strategy of your company. And, this gives you room again to run your business.


Do you want to know what Ilfa Finance Solutions can mean for your business? We are happy to meet you. Please contact us at: Ilfa Finance Solutions (IFS) B.V. Maliebaan 89 3581 CG Utrecht The Netherlands +31 (0)30 760 2110

finance equity treasury


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