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Design & Life | non-fat minizine | issue 01 Feb.13

Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine

Design & Life Minizine


Vol.01 / Feb.2007 Editorial / Art / Design / Photography PH Taipei

D&L News We provide the news that you don't want to miss. This is your basic protein.


8 Designers’ Circle From A to B, from B to C; it is the world of designers; it’s designers’ circle.

18 The Moment

There are a lot of moments in one's life. We treasure each precious moment.

22 D&L Lifestyle


Only enjoy the life can make a difference.

1/2 Recipe Cooking is Art. There are no rules. 1/2 recipe shows you the smartest way to cook.

D&L News | Design & Life minizine

D&L News We provide the news that you don't want to miss. This is your basic protein.

01. A logo with innumerable possibilities The iconic New York retailer Saks Fifth Avenue has a new identity. It is designed by one of the most famous design firm in the world, Pentagram. By divided the logo drawn in 1973 by Tom Carnese into 64 squares, it is now a logo that has 98,137,610, 226,945,526,221,323,127,451,938,506,431,029,735,3 26,490,840,972,261,848,186,538,906,070,058,088,36 5,083852,800,000,000,000 possibilities.

previous logo 

D&L News | Design & Life minizine

03. Rose for men Le labo is a perfumery located in Manhattan, NY. Just opened in 2006, Le labo has quickly became popular in Big Apple. With old-school French traditions, you can find Le labo has inspirations from modern New York, too. Rose 31, which recently was chosen by Wallpaper magazine as the best fragrance, is actually among the men's collection. It perfectly interprets the modern appearance of rose!

02. 21/21 While "20/20 vision" means perfect eyesight, what does "21_21" mean? "21_21 DESIGN SIGHT" is a design facility to be established in Roppongi, Tokyo, which means to see beyond today and into the future. It is a place to share views and ideas with not only designers but also consumers. The directors include Issey Miyake, Taku Satoh, Naoto Fukasawa, and Noriko Kawakami. With the building designed by Tadao Ando, there is one more landmark for people to visit in Japan! “21_21 DESIGN SIGHT� is going to open on March 30, 2007.

Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine

Designers’ Circle

From A to B, from B to C; it is the world of designers; it’s designers’ circle.

Rilla Alexander issue 01

Please introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Rilla Alexander and I am a member of art and design collective, Rinzen. We are 5 people who fill our days with drawing, music, sewing and rainbows.

Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine



Where do you live & how is the city?

What project are you working on?

I am originally from Australia, however am currently

Right now we are working on a project for Puma,

living in Berlin. Coming from a hot country, it is

designing a chair for Upper Playground and 5 minutes

quite fun to experience the full range of seasons -

ago we committed to doing a show in Madrid during

especially "proper" winters filled with snow.

the summer.

Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine



What do you usually do in your leisure time? What is the most exciting project you've done? I enjoy hunting for Scandinavian ceramics, furniture I would have to say that it is the Neighbourhood

and other design treasures. I also love visiting second

project which has just been released as a book

hand bookstores filled with East European and

published by Victionary in Hong Kong. It is a hand-

Russian children's books. Oh, and I LOVE sleeping.

made toy remix project which we played with 40 artists from around the world such as Friends with

Could you introduce one of your favorite

What is your comfort food? Could you describe

What kind of music do you like? Who is your

you, Devilrobots, Shynola and Nathan Jurevicius. In

restaurants or Cafe in your city?

how to cook it?

favorite singer or band?

One of the most "Berlin" restaurants is called the

I love bircher muesili - the swiss muesili soaked in

My favourite music is sweet and folky...

conference in Berlin where people had the chance to

Winerei. Not only does it have a wonderful atmos-

yoghurt filled with lots of delicious berries. I like to

like Feist and MĂşm.

make their own toys and to rework other peoples. It

phere but at the end of the night you decide how

eat cereal all day long.

was an incredible experience.

much you feel you should pay (as there are no prices).

keeping with the concept of reworking and remaking we also held a workshop as part of the Pictoplasma

Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine



Which album do you recommend? Despite what I said before, I listen to one album nearly every day...that is Back in Black by AC/DC. I run to it!

If you have 1 month vacation, where do you want to spend? Why? There are so many places in the world I am dying to explore - we have never been to South America

Which city do you like the most? Why?

or Canada - and there are still so many European countries we have never visited either. But I would

I really can't commit to one - Berlin, Tokyo, London,

also like to spend a month at home with my mother

New York. They are all so different and are filled with

and sisters, sewing and talking.

You have involved in many different fields: web design, graphics, typeface, fashion, interior.... What do you want to design next?

Sometimes I am so wrapped up in design that I don't have a life! But you know I really do love it.

so much creativity and inspiration. But I also like

Since I am so obsessed with ceramics and textiles

visiting little European towns - especially ones with

right now I think they will be my next thing!


What does design & life mean to you?

Designer's Circle | Design & Life minizine



This section is designer's circle. We hope you can introduce one of your friends who is a designer, and will be interviewed in the next issue! Could you introduce him(her) a little bit ? I would like to introduce my friend Nathan Jurevicius who you would know as the creator of Scarygirl. He designs the most wonderful characters, stories and toys and has some projects underway that are hard to believe! next on Designers' Circle : Nathan Jurevicius

The Moment | Design & Life minizine

The Moment There are a lot of moments in one's life. We treasure each precious moment.


You met the one. For the very first time.

You wished you meet each other earlier. 19

You talked. You laughed. You kissed.

You were nervous. but it is sweet. An Evening With Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea: In Concert is a live album recorded over the course of several live performances in February of 1978 and released that same year.

The Moment | Design & Life minizine


AMEDEI TUSCANY is one of the most expensive chocolate in the world. Since 1990, Alessio and Cecilia have 21

devoted and committed themselves to the search of perfect harmonious tastes, becoming reality in the form of a linear balanced bars or a napolitain shape, and a soft roundness of a praline.


D&L Lifestyle | Design & Life minizine


D&L Lifestyle


Only enjoy the life can make a difference.

The “LV” of gourmet specialty store


Founded in 1977, while Joel Dean and Giorgio Deluca opened its flagship store in New York, Dean and Deluca had become an upscale retailer of gourmet and specialty goods, wine and kitchenware. They started as a neighborhood store; today they became the most outstanding “super”-market worldwide.

D&L Lifestyle | Design & Life minizine



You won’t miss it when you come to SOHO, downtown Manhattan. When you walk in the shop, it’s a wonderful

Fresh herb is always better than dried one. However, canned herbs bring you the convenience. You can use them

experience. There is an espresso bar on left hand side where people love to grab a cup of house blend and a slice

all year long and give dishes an intensive flavor anytime you want. Dean & Deluca has tons of dried herbs. Try one

of oatmeal to start my SOHO shopping. Bright, fresh vegetables and foods are in the front, along with roasted

there, and you will find yourself stock up one by one. Dill is good for poach salmon; paprika gives BBQ chicken

coffee and favorable chocolate. Deli counter carries Maine lobster with homemade herbal mayonnaise, roasted

a unique hot layer; and ginger powder is good for baking. Now, they have a set of various canned herbs that set

beef, baby ribs, smoked salmon with drill vinegar, and variety of caviar.

with rack. It is good as a trial or as a great gift idea.

1/2 Recipe | Design & Life minizine

1/2 Recipe Cooking is Art. There are no rules. 1/2 recipe shows you the smartest way to cook.



Japanese baby spainish salad / by Small

Nowadays, they have 800 buyers all over the world looking for the best fine food for you. They collect ultimate fresh, luxury, and tasty thing to satisfy your appetite. Cost is never an issue to stop them from offering the best goods. Dean & Deluca knows who their customers are and serve them well. They treat their shop as a fine food museum. Their mission is to look for the better. Recently, several shops have been opened up in Asia. If you are lucky enough to have Dean & Deluca in your neighborhood, please stop by, and you will become a fan of it.

with smoked chickenMozzarella rolls

1/2 Recipe | Design & Life minizine

Hint ! Extra Virgin Olive Oil is my favorite. It is clear green, fruity with a distinctive grassy component, and a hint of peppery taste. Balsamic vinaigrette is also one of my favorite simple and delicious dressings. The price of balsamic is ranging. However, I recommend you to use as much as you can afford. Good balsamic is also suitable for adding with vanilla ice cream. You might wonder the flavor would be weird. Try it once, and you will find this a perfect match.

d with oll la a S h is n a p aby S zarella r z o m Japanese B n e k hic Smoked c 28

1 bag of organ

6 slice of smok

1/4 cup Extr

ic Japanese ba

ed chicken

by Spanish (1/2


a Virgin Oliv e Oil amic vinaigre tte

1/8 cup Bals

1 clo ves of m

inced garlic 1/2t fresh min ced ginger 1 1/2T salt 1t black pep per

I love to cook and collect recipes, but I never exactly follow the steps. For me, cooking should be playful. I always put my imagination to someone’s recipe and bring it to my vision. My cooking rules are easy and healthy. Modern people are always busy, and I believe, with 1/2 effort, 1/2 steps, 1/2 fat, 1/2 time of cooking, will also bring you to a lovely cooking experience and healthier dish. That’s why I called this chapter “1/2 Recipe”. Cooking is art. Let’s play.

1. In a big sala d bo wl, blend g arlic, black pe ginger, balsam pper, ic vinaigrette, and Extra Virgi Oil all togethe n Olive r. 2. Toss Japan ese baby Spa nish with (1) ingredient. 3. R olling min ced mozzarell a into smoke ch and bake at 20 icken, 0 degree for 10 minutes. 4. Arrang sa lad & chicke n rolls on ser enjoy it !! ving plate, a nd




I'm uploading this just to see how it works


I'm uploading this just to see how it works