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WELLTH GAZETTE We define wellth as a combination of memorable experiences, deep human connections, wellness home and lifestyle. Your WELLTH is my MISSION Ilona Lee, Founder

Four Seasons Private Residence. Downtown NYC designed by Magdalena Keck



Inspiration comes from life, people and places; it's everywhere, you just need to stop and look.  –Magdalena Keck




MAGDALENA KECK Known for her conceptual and minimalist design of pied-à-terre interiors, Ile Maison member Magdalena Keck is always up to something new. Exactly a year after the publication of Pied-à-Terre: Magdalena Keck, a retrospective of her most inspiring residential projects published by Glitterati, Keck launched her latest venture, Magdalena Keck Gallery, in November 2018. Her first gallery exhibition, “Morgan O’Hara: LIVE TRANSMISSION, ON STAGE,” is currently on view at Roll & Hill located at 3 Mercer Street in Soho through February 21. In between these two milestones, she was named a finalist in an international design competition for her design of the tech company Square's office in NYC and began work on designing vacation residences in  the Catskill Mountains.  ETTEZAG HTLLEW

We caught up recently with Keck who told us to stay tuned because there’s much more to come in 2019! Keck says that her inspiration comes from many sources, but that in her interior design studio it’s almost always from the memories and aspirations of her clients. We wanted to find out what else guides the vision for her brand each day. Q: Tell us about your work, your inspirations, your new projects, etc. Besides the recent launch of Magdalena Keck Gallery, we have just started to work on a residence in the new Renzo Piano building in Soho. We also are developing a new, very exciting restaurant concept that will come to life later this year. Inspiration comes from life, people and places — it’s everywhere,  you just need to stop and look. Q: What would be your dream project? A hotel on the beach or in the mountains. Q: Your recipe for wellbeing? Meditation, bath and a walk every day. Yoga, steam room on the weekend + garden in the summer. Hiking in the woods when I can. Q: Favorite beauty/wellness ritual you ever experienced? Eucalyptus steam room + full body scrub + massage + dry clay sauna at a Korean spa Juvenex. I love that it is open 24/7.  




Q: Favorite art piece and why? The Morgan O’Hara drawing I have: Movementi delle mani di VLADIMIR ASHENAZY mentre dirigue ie 1 mov: lento allegro moderato, Simfonia no.2, mi mi mane opus 27, SERGEI RACHMANINOV, la Cech Republic, Teatro Drizetti, Bergamo, Italia, 26 maggio, 2002.

The artist has a regimental system she has been working within since the 80s, but within this system she exercises incredible freedom and expression. This resonates with me. I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen her work in person to come and see the exhibition at Roll & Hill before Feb. 21. Works from this series are in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, and the National Gallery in DC. For more information and to see a video of the artist’s process, visit



Magdalena Keck Gallery curated Morgan O’Hara LIVE TRANSMISSION: ON STAGE exhibition at Roll & Hill in Soho, NYC



EETTEZAG HTLLEW Living Room at the Four Seasons Residence, Downtown NYC designed by Magdalena Keck





Magdalena Keck’s roof garden, her summer peace oasis.

Q: A hotel you recommend? Casa Mar Paraty in Costa Verde in Brazil – a tiny place perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean, beautifully designed, you make your own caipirinha   and enjoy the endless shades of green, blue and black. Q: Where do you find your bliss? In my rooftop garden when in the city,  otherwise in the woods.  Q: What fulfillment means to you? Having everything organized and planned,  but having the freedom and ability to change and adapt with ease. Q: What success means for you? Being completely content with the projects at hand, and being able to always expand your horizons and do new things. Credits for photographers as follows: Portrait of Magda: James Conkle Four Seasons and Exhibition at Roll & Hill: Jeff Cate Roof Garden: Magdalena Keck






Join us on February 10th to learn more about your authentic style. Meet Martina in person and explore an exclusive collection of her unique couture pieces, designs, and limitless fabric selections.  A selection of Martina Dietrich Couture pieces will be available in her studio for purchase.

“My mission is to create memorable experiences for my clients, helping them  to steal the show at any occasion, shining in their authentic style .“ - Martina Dietrich RSVP: 




“LA VIA AURELIA” BY AIMA SAINT HUNON The series "La Via Aurelia", created by the multi-media artist Aima, presents a young lady in Art Deco style, representing the human jungle, according to the artist.


Aima uses the linocut technique, working one to six colors per piece. Each piece is made of unique design that together create a universal message, going from feminine to masculine, occidental to oriental, animal to human, giving us a perfect understanding of her message and concept. The perfect essence of the beings is reflected on Aurelia’s ever transforming image of herself. Their souls’ become fused forming a unique and universal thought.” Aima Saint Hunon “Aurélia follows her destiny into the strange depths of humanity, drawing inspiration from beings that share her journey and illuminate her path. together the phantasmagoria of her soul.



Art pieces are exclusively available at Ile Maison. Please visit for more details.

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Ile Maison Wellth Gazette volume 1  

Ile Maison Wellth Gazette volume 1  

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