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Booklet IV

Iberoamerican Leadership Congress 2011 Congress Booklet IV

Hosted by Puerto Rico March 18th to 24th ,2011


A message from your Congress Committee!

Hey AIESECers Welcome to the Congress Booklet IV ! It is with great pleasure and excitement that AIESEC Puerto Rico brings you the Iberoamerican Leadership Congress 2011. This is our fourth ILC 2011 Congress Booklet and we are thrilled to know that after all our hard work in less than a week the ILC will begin. In this booklet, our last, you will find information regarding logistics, study tour and parties. So prepare for an unique experience! AIESECly, CC Vikingos

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Content Introduction Booklet Content Virtual Agenda Sponsors Travel Information Faci Team CC Vikingos Parties Logistics ILC Study Tour

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Virtual Agenda

What’s going to happen? When?

To view the Agenda in a better quality visit this link:

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A special thanks from the CC Vikingos

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Faci Team

Camilo Cue to AI VP Org. Developmen t

Juan Carlos Peña MCP Colombia Jacob Formosa AI VP AIESEC XP

Malina Ciolpan AI VP Finances

Anna Schmith MCP Brazil

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Kubilay Gençkan MCVP ICX Turkey

Cindy Navarro MCVP OGX Colombia

Aniel Bhaga MCVP ICX Taiwan

Alberto Cajiao


CC Vikingos

Read more about the CC at:

Huberto Vargas CC VP Finance & Delegates

Yesenia De Jesús CCP

Emanuel Diaz CC VP External Relations Suzanne Kiszivath CC VP Comm & IM

María del Mar Frederique CC TL ER

Seth Peterson TL Delegates

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Pedro De Jesus ts CC VP Logistics & Special Even

CC Vikingos

Andres Remigio CC TL ER

Fernando RodrĂ­guez CC TL ER

Winkel Llorens CC TL IM

Jorge Santana CC TL Logistics

Marlene Medina CC TL IM

Clyde Fasick OCP Study Tour

Vanessa Floh Rivas CC TL Logistics

Naihomy Alamo CC TL ER

Amanda Castillo CC TL ER

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Parties Jungle Party Friday, March 18th

Black light Pija

ma Party

Saturday, March 19th

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Puerto Rican Night, Sunday, March 20th Puerto Rican Night, moment in which Puerto Rico will be showcased to the world, we’ll share our traditions, teach them our customs, and radiate our magic. It consists of a traditional Puerto Rican dinner where our delegates will be delighted  with spectacles, traditional food, and cultural showcases. Semi Formal Attire Place: Palacete Los Moreau, Moca See More:

Burlesque Party

Monday, March 21st

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e Party n li ir A e g la il V l a b Glo Tuestay, March 22nd * Remember to bring your countries alcohol!

y t r a P s r a e Y New Wednesday, March 23rd

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Leadership Awards, March 23rd In this event, AIESEC will commemorate their actual leaders for their excellence and contribution to the organization and society in general. Semi Formal Attire Place: Faro Hotel & Convention Center, Aguadilla

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MUST READ, important imformation!

AIRPORT 1. If there is a delay in your flight you should be responsible for your

transportation. 2. Transportation will be given only during the 17th (all day) and the 18th (until midday).

March 18th 1.Youth to Business and Opening Ceremony Change of Venue.

New Venue: Sagrado Corazon University Address: Calle Rosales Esquina San Antonio Parada 26 y media Santurce PR 00907 Tel. 787 728 1515 Room Name: Sala de Recreaci贸n

2. Check In Time: 7:00 a.m. * The chief delegate are the only ones in the delegation to bring the payments and documents to the CC Vikingos. All chief delegates need to be in the Sagrado Corazon University (Opening Venue) at 7:00am timely, not at 7:00am latin hour.

What you need this day?

* The passaport, Visas, Agreements and Insurance copies in the case you did not sent to CC Vikingos in March 12th. * Pay Pal Receipt printed. * Fee cash payments. If there were Paypal payments you should provide receipt.

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MUST READ, important imformation!

March 18th 3. Youth to Business Forum

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Attire: Business Attire *Bring a small bag with your Global Village stuff because your bags will go directly to the Hotel. 4. Global Village Venue: Plaza 5to Centenario Address: Corner Recinto Sur & San Justo Streets, San Juan, 00901 Attire: Typical attire Time: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. *Remember to bring your countries typical things!

March 25th 1. Delegates will be transported to the airport from Aguadilla at 6:00 pm. If

you are leaving before this date you shall be responsible for your transportation to the airport. 2.If a delegate wishes to stay for the party on the 25th the CC will offer transportation to the airports. Delegate shall be responsible for accomodations for this night is not included in the fee.

CECADER 1. Remember to bring your towels, soap, shampoo and twin sheets.

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ILC Study Tour March 24 to 27

Price: $ 275.00 Cancelation Fee: $50.00 before March 12th. After March 12th you need to pay all the Study Tour fee Deadline for payment: Pay Pal March 12th / Cash March 18, midday *The study tour is only for ILC delegates*

March 25th Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy

Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy has for decades been the site where visitors from the island and abroad are introduced to the fascinating underground geography of Puerto Rico. The karst landscape aboveground is itself impressive, made up of hills with sharp peaks, known as “mogotes,” as well as dramatic sinkholes, known as “sumideros.” Comfortable attire Place: Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy, Camuy See More:

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ILC Study Tour March 24 to 27

March 25th, night Bar Hopping We visit some bars in San Juan where give to us discounts in the drinks and VIPs areas for the ILC Study Tour group. Comfortable Attire Place: San Sebastian Street, Old San Juan, San Juan See more:

March 26th El Yunque National Forest El Yunque National Forest is located in the Sierra de Luquillo Mountains, about 25 miles east of the San Juan area. From its peaks, it offers visitors some of the most breathtaking vistas found in the Caribbean. Comfortable Attire and tennis Place: El Yunque National Forest, Luquillo See more:

March 26th Kayak in Bahia Bioluminiscente Laguna Grande Fajardo’s bioluminescent bay is one of the few scattered around the island – and one of the last that remain around the world. Visitors to Puerto Rico’s Laguna Grande are still privy to the delights offered by this increasingly uncommon phenomenon. Beach attire Place: Bahia Bioluminiscente Laguna Grande, Fajardo See More:

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ILC Study Tour March 24 to 27

March 26th, night Super Heroes Party ILC Study Tour Bye Bye Party. Super Heroe Attire Place: Eliza Colberg Camp, Río Grande

March 27th BEACH PARTY!

March 24 night will be stay on CECADER in Aguadilla. The March 25 to 26 nights will be stay on Eliza Corberg Camp in Río Grande. You need to bring your towel, soap, shampoo and conditioner. What ILC Study Tour price includes? 3 Breakfasts 3 Dinners Coffee Breaks Entrances to the attractions 3 day stay at a Hotel ILC Study Tour T-shirt Transportation The ILC Study Tour will finish in March 27 at 7pm. The transportation leave all the study tour group in Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport.

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Booklet VI  

Iberoamerican Leadership Congress Booklet IV

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