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Edge Magazine Strangers like me - Buch Compagnia Italiana - Lookbook Alan Gillis - Cover The Female Founders Book- Cover Education GmbH - Broschure




Corporate design

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Typography Contest Strelka 2018 - Gorki 150 Ravinia Festival Florian Merkel’s Exhibition Anonime Icone Campaign Museumsinsel Campaign

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Wave Fashion Eigene Corporate Design Pretty Ugly Amsterdam Paris Commagatta Boutique Manuela Sabatini




web design


Pantone Food


Proteofit Website

01 - curriculum vitae



June 2016- March 2017 - Amsterdam Berlin GmbH During this internship I worked for international companies like Intel and ASUS, and local companies like MUUN. My everyday tasks were about the design of layout, concept design and corporate identities for new agencies and projects. November 2016- January 2017 - Education GmbH New identity design for the company (Infobroschures and Socialmedia)

BIOGRAPHY I was born on the 16.04.1993 in Orbetello (Italy). I grew up and lived in Porto Ercole, until I moved to Rome to study Design. I lived and studied in Rome for three years, and when I graduated, I moved back home for five months. Then I decided to move to Berlin in February 2016 to apply for a Master Degree in Graphic Design.I am in search of new inspiration and incentives to increase my works and my personal skills, and I am always prepared to new challenges and to learn what I do not know.

CONTACTS Brauhausstraße 9, 13086 Berlin ilariatr.93@gmail.com +49 (0) 15237182390 Ilaria Trombì airalit Ilaria Trombì


March 2016 - ProteiQ I’m regularly working for this startup. For them I made a newsletter design and I designed the website too. October 2015 Freelance Graphic Designer

EDUCATION October 2012- October 2015 Bachelor in Design Università di Roma La Sapienza Grade: 1,4 2007 - 2012 Language High School Degree Liceo Classico- Linguistico “Dante Alighieri” Grade: 93/100

DESIGN SKILLS Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Italian - Mothertongue

Adobe Indesign

German - C1 - fluent

Adobe After Effects

English - C1 - fluent

Adobe Premiere Pro

Spanish - A2/B1

Rhinoceros Autocad



02 - editorial design

edge - maga zine Edge Magazine is a draft of a magazine I developed with the analog photographer Intissare Aamri. Edge will cover several topics, which are divided into categories: Photography (street photography, reports, newcomer photographers); Interviews (artists, art collectors, DJs, migrants, social and political contacts), Design (rising products and designers), Guest contributions (reviews of exhibitions, conferences, concerts, lectures, vernissages), tips and travel inspirations. For the first issue we would like to present the reportages of Fabio Bucciarelli in Syria, Libya, South Sudan and an interview with the Spanish illustrators Daniel Rueda and Anna DevĂŹs.





02 - editorial design

- Strangers like me Strangers like me is the book that collects the analogical photographs of Intissare Aamri. The author was born in Italy, grew up in Morocco and since 2012 resides in Berlin. She got her first camera when she was 10 years old. Since then, she loves to develop films and train her eyes to recognize and hold on for just a moment.

Therefore, she only takes analog pictures. She prefers to photograph old people, children, street scenes, chaos, conflicts and countries - just scenes that tell stories. In this book you can see the photographs of Berlin, New York and Morocco.



02 - editorial design





02 - editorial design


- compagnia italiana lookbook


02 - editorial design


The Compagnia Italiana brand was founded in 1994 and has established itself in Italy and abroad immediately with basic collections for young women. In a short time, the style of a contemporary working woman became her special strength. The brand impresses especially with the originality of its prints, its outerwear, its shirts and blouses.


Natural materials such as silk, jersey, cotton and wool are preferred in the collections, yet their main focus is on the latest trends and innovative materials. I designed the lookbook for the winter collection, which emphasizes the uniqueness of these bright colors and prints.

02 - editorial design




alan - gillis cover -


Here Comes the Night, Alan Gillis’ third collection, expands and deepens the range of Hawks and Doves. She is also considered by Peter McDonald as a crucial band in the evolving history of poetry from Northern Ireland. Many of the protagonists in his poems fluctuate between the states of mind on the streets of Belfast and Basra. I read the book and I thought to give my own interpretation to the design.

02 - editorial design



02 - editorial design

- the female - founders book “The Female Founders Book� is a guide for those who are looking for entrepreneurial inspiration - and have found it. With this book they have created the Founder Bible - with strong content that helps to realize the dream of owning business and providing the tools for success. With 30 fascinating portraits of founders, the publishers Val Racheeva and Maxi Knust want to inspire women on the way to their own business.

It was important to them to find a modern and elegant design for the book cover. It should be very simple, with the color gold, calm but at the same time appealing and encouraging. But above all unforgettable. That’s why I chose a geometric pattern that symbolizes the power of women with a complicated but elegant tangle.




02 - editorial design


- education gmbh -

Since 1991 Education GmbH has been working in the education market in Berlin and other European countries. In addition to vocational education and training, she works in the European programs “Erasmus” and “Leonardo da Vinci”. The company wanted to develop a new information brochure, which informs about the new possibilities of foreign stays. The aim was to develop an information brochure for the Berlin office, which should represent Berlin and Europe together.


02 - editorial design

Contact us

Our Partners about us

Our Candidates about us

Education GmbH Seydelstraße 18 10117 Berlin

Lotta Peltola from Finland

Patricia from Spain “My internship was very interesting because it was directly related with my studies. I couldn’t made another internship better. I have been in SGS – Institut Fresenius. I carried out inorganic samples to analyze differents pollutans by differents methods depending on the kind of pollutans. “

Placement coordinator: Mickaël Maillé E-mail: office@education-berlin.de Tel: +49 30 42 02 46 92 0 Facebook: Education GmbH Internship in Berlin Skype: Education Berlin www.education-berlin.de

“We have had a successfull cooperation with Education GmbH. We can trust in the quality of our projects.” www. nuorisovaihto.fi Jenny Price from the UK “We had fantastic outcomes and continue to be impressed with their engagement for new projects”. www.eurotrainingservices.eu Stefania Feriti from Italy “I hope this collaboration will go on also in the future. The team is very professional and ccooperative.” www.cooptempolibero.it

Emmi from Finland “My internship is in a media company called CORPORATE MEDIA. It’s a relatively small office and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. I do small graphic design tasks such as editing images, designing flyers, mailings and logos.”

education gmbh your partner for work placement in berlin we link companies with students and young professionals

Diana from Italy “I made my internship by FEZ Zentrum, the biggest centre in Europe which deals with families and children. My main tasks were to organize events, to get in contact with partners, to translate documents and to attend meetings.”


who we are


what we do



Education GmbH has been providing services in the field of educational training since 1991

We organize work placements, accommodation and German language courses in Berlin

• •

We enjoy the trust of 12 partner organizations over 8 countries in Europe

Since 2005 we have gained extensive experience in dealing with the Leonardo Da Vinci European mobility program. We now continue to operate within the range of the Erasmus + program.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


We promote professional mobility and personal development of students, graduates and young professionals.

We prepare the trainees for their placement interviews and support them throughout their stay.

We arrange regular evaluation meetings with the trainees and issue final certification. We coach the candidates on better understanding the German working culture We provide administrative support and assistance in case of emergency. We guarantee transparent communication with the sending organizations.

The placements are aligned with the applicant’s skills and educational training as well as their personal aspirations. We conduct video interviews with each participant during which we thoroughly discuss their professional motivations and competences. In 10 years of experience we have gained extensive knowledge of the Berlin work market and enjoy trusted relationships with numerous local businesses.

Upon availability we offer a single or double in: - a host family - a shared apartment - a student’s house Details about accommodation: • All accommodation types are • fully furnished and equipped with bed linen, crockery and cutlery. •

A wireless internet connection is provided.

All of our accommodation units are well connected to the public transportation system.

Please note that no catering and cleaning services is included in the offer.

Some placement opportunities - E-commerce, marketing & sales - IT development and programming - Media and graphic design - Tourism industry, event and communication management - Youth and education work- non-profits - Arts & culture, fashion, urbanism

03 - posters

typography - contest

The Museum of Typography in Crete, Greece, launches the 4th International Poster Contest on Typography and Printing, as the Greek word “τυπογραφία” to which the museum is dedicated covers both arts. The aim of the competition is to combine the present and the future of graphics with typography, printing and their history. The poster that I have created combines the design of the old movable metal letters (from the printing press of Gutenberg) with the modern sans serif font and neon colors.



03 - posters

- strelka 2018 gorki 150 -

STRELKA is an annual festival that presents modern design and includes exhibitions, project presentations, master classes by competent designers and student experimental projects. The “Gorki 150� competition was the most important part of Strelka 2018. It was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the world-famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky.



03 - posters

- ravinia festival -

Ravinia, North America’s oldest music festival, is musically most diverse today and presents over 140 different events throughout the summer. These concerts range from Yo-Yo Ma to John Legend to the annual summer home of the country’s best orchestra, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Ravinia is an internationally recognized non-profit music festival that presents outstanding performances by the world’s best artists. The annual poster contest is used to promote the Ravinia summer season.



03 - posters

- florian merkel After a long period in which Florian Merkel dedicated himself to various performance and video projects, in 2010 he returned to his photographic roots with his work on the “Centaur Project”. The “Centaur Project 1” ties in with earlier series of landscape photographs. On the one hand, the images bring a documentary surface, while at the same time they focus on the subjective perception of an experienced public space.



03 - posters

- anonime icone Anonime Icone is an anonymous design exhibition designed for my bachelor thesis. The anonymous objects are intended for mass consumption and distributed without the help of advertising. They fill the markets with discretion, but they affect the quality of life. One wonders who has projected the objects or how many were sold. Besides the products that are known by the culture of design, there are also other industrial objects that are common. I designed both the furnishing and the communication of the exhibition. Communication is an important part of the projection of an exhibition. The official posters I have designed is a collage, on which I mixed all objects. Most important to me was the recognizability of the objects. For the visual concept of the communication, I have chosen Pop Art and a folksy style, to reflect the origin of the objects. For the official poster I developed an advertising campaign with questions about the objects. I was inspired by Andy Warhol and pop art, so style and color played an important role for me. The poster has a question: “You use it, but do you know it?� With this question, I wanted to emphasize that these objects are used every day and immediately recognized, even knowing little important information about them.


03 - plakate


03 - posters



03 - posters

museums- insel The Museum Island is the northern part of the Spreeinsel in the historic center of Berlin. It is the nucleus of the Berlin museum landscape and with its museums is now a much visited tourist destination and one of the most important museum complexes in the world. It consists of five museums: the Old Museum (Etruscan and Roman art and culture), the New Museum (Egyptian Art),

the Old National Gallery (sculptures and paintings of the 19th century), the Pergamon Museum (Babylonian and Islamic Art) and the Bode Museum (Byzantine Art). I developed new posters and I tried to give them a common identity. That’s why I used the same graphic with different colors and I only chose sculptures that I made blurry and pixelated.


03 - posters



03 - posters


pantone - food tuscany A project of culinary and photographic design. I made a connection between the Tuscan dishes and the PANTONE colors. I wanted to give the typical dishes from Tuscany an important graphic part. Pantone LLC is the worldwide recognized authority on color and the supplier of color systems and leading technology for the selection and precise communication of color in a variety of industries. The name PANTONEÂŽ is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.


04 - photography

873 C Crostino toscano

612 U Fettunta

457 C Farinata di ceci

7502 U Panzanella

7751 U Zuppa maremmana

131 U Spaghetti alla bottarga

7596 C Castagnaccio

4535 C Cantuccini

9042 C Ricciarello



04 - photography



04 - photography



04 - photography


wave - fashion Wave is a new fashion label that presents a product especially for marine and diving lovers. The Wave product is a waterproof bag made of natural materials that is made entirely in Italy. The realized logo focuses on the letter W, which is drawn with a fluid character, so that it approximates the representation of a wave.


05 - corporate design



05 - corporate design


- personal corporate - design

My personal logo represents the concept with which I begin each project and which reflects the result of my work: a mix of precision and simplicity (the perfect circle), with accents of asymmetry and stronger, less conventional elements (the distorted circle).


05 - corporate design





05 - corporate design





Museumsinsel Werbekampagne Art Direction


- pretty ugly -


05 - corporate design

Pretty Ugly is a project developed by the company Amsterdam Berlin. It is a photographic project, for which I have developed a logo. It’s about the imperfection of beauty, so models were photographed in ugly poses. The logo follows the idea of imperfection and consists of the visual change of the font of the word “ugly”, with the word “pretty” remaining the same and perfect.



05 - corporate design

- amsterdam paris Amsterdam Paris is a new digital advertising agency founded by Amsterdam Worldwide and Amsterdam Berlin. I worked at Amsterdam Berlin and I could suggest a logo for the new agency. The logo and corporate image should reflect the identity of the other

two agencies, but the new logo could not be identical. I used the monogram to describe the new agency. On the monogram I overlapped the letters and changed the font. The end result is a minimal but meaningful logo.



05 - corporate design


- commagatta boutique die neue Kollektion

Commagatta Boutique is an Italian women’s clothing business founded in 1984. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, in 2014, the business owner wanted to have a new logo developed. I was inspired by big and well-known fashion companies, as Balenciaga and Chanel. The goal was to develop a modern, strong and timeless logo that appeals to every customer. I wanted to do something that is both recognizable and easy to understand. A symbol of elegance, modernity and a bit of classic. The logo is a monogram designed in the shape of a circle. The two letters “C” and “b” are included in this circle.


05 - corporate design


manuela - sabatini Manuela Sabatini is a jewelry designer who is also a craftswoman. The logo was meant to symbolize spontaneity and naturalness, so I chose a metallic pendant from their collection to use the logo. The pendant represents a few and I have this pair as a silhouette drawn. From the pendant that represents a couple, I have drawn the silhouette. For this I have also made the business cards with social media contacts Manuela in different colors to expand the advertising.


05 - corporate design













Manuela Sabatini

Manuela Sabatini

Manuela Sabatini

Manuela Sabatini


proteofIt - website Proteofit is a new product from ProteiQ Biosciences UG. Proteofit is a dry-blood based diagnostic test that helps professionals to avoid overreaching and continuously improve their own performance.



I created the website for Proteofit. For the site I have used colorful, attractive colors to make the product attractive to the consumer and to represent the “sportiness”.




Scientific Solutions for Sports ProteiQ helps you improve endurance sport performance and personal well-being using advanced proteomics JOIN US





06 - web design








Scientific Solutions for Sports ProteiQ helps you improve endurance sport performance and personal well-being using advanced proteomics JOIN US


ProteiQ establishes an integrated platform to interpret molecular body feedback and provide customized recommendation to enhance athletic performance and well-being in a “smart” way.


ProteiQ employs the proteomics technology to be able to identify 600+ proteins biomarkers in a drop of dried blood. We empower endurance athletes maximize their performance without jeopardizing their health, being able to track over the time and advice them on their training scheme. Our vision is to be the most trusted advisor on smart achievement of sport goals.

OUR PRODUCT Proteofit provides the convenient dry blood spot based test by employing proteomics to prevent overreaching and to track performance. Our service includes the delivery of a dry blood testing kit, the rapid delivery of results along with an in-depth analysis and personal recommendations on the website and app. The test requires just one drop of finger-pricking blood. The customers can take the blood samples themselves without healthcare professional intervention. Currently we are developing our product protocol. Stay tuned!

We are the international team with highly complimentary skills, comprising a group of scientists, strategy consultants, commercial professionals across the technology, biotech, consumer goods and designing industries. Our scientist team and advisory board cover the fields of proteomics, molecular biology, mass spectrometry, machine learning, and human performance. Their extensive research experiences at Cambridge University, Appalachian State University, Northwestern University and Università degli Studi di Milano enable us to explore the protein signatures and the correlation with human sport performance.


Our business development and commercial team have (ten-year) experiences in the healthcare, medical devices and consumer goods sectors, with MBA degrees fom a first-tier business school.


Ilaria TrombĂŹ - Portfolio


Profile for Ilaria Trombì

Portfolio 2018 - Ilaria Trombì  

Portfolio 2018 - Ilaria Trombì  

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