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Hamster The hamster lives in a cage.

It has got long whiskers and a lot of colours (gray, black, white, brown).

It runs a lot.

It eats fruit and nuts. The hamster can have 15 babies or more.

Arlette and Nahia

GIRAFFE The giraffe lives in Africa(Savannas or open spaces). It has got long neck and long legs. Small ears, yellow body and black points. They eat leaves, twings and fruit trees. The giraffe is the tallest animal living. It has got long tongue (18-45cm).



MONKEY The Monkeys lives in Africa and in the zoo. It´s very funny and fun. It´s brown and white on the belly. It has got small eyes and big ears. The monkey eats bananas. Is the animal more similar to the human.

THE PYGMY MONKEY The pygmy monkey lives in the Amazon (America). It is very small ( 15 centimetres long) and has got very big eyes. It eats insects, fruit and leaves. The pygmy monkey has got a sweet face but is very fierce.


FOX The fox lives in the Basque contry. It has got big ears, a tail orange and white body. It eats everthing. The most common fox is the red fox. It has got a tongue of 20 centimetres.Foxes can live for 10 years.

Jon and Imanol


The trout lives in the rivers. This animal has big eyes and its colour is grey and white. The king of the rivers, eats lot of insects and fishes because goes in the water very quicly with the smalls wings.


WHITE TIGER The white tiger lives in Asia. It has got four legs, sharp claws and the hair is black and white. It eats meat. It's very beautiful and big, it has got big teeth.

Animals project  

It´s a project about our favourite animals

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