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“Do not be afraid of not being fashionable.” Adolf Loos

About me

My name is Ilån Landy and I was born and raised in Menorca on the Balearic Islands. I have family around the world that allows me to travel and to know different ways of living. That gives me different points of view and an other perspective of live. I left my home at nineteen years old to pursuit my career. I’m a tranquil person that spends time doing things meticulously and well done. I’m attentive on the small details because I think that in the small details makes the difference.

Interior Designer CV Ilán Landy Phone: 638381716 Av. D’Eduard Maristany 17, 9th floor, 1st apartment. Sant Adrià del Besos, 08930

Personal Statement I’m a creative and meticulous interior design student with good attitude for team work and cooperation. I’m a passionate drawer with a high capacity of spatial intelligence and enjoy creating simple and architectural solutions for space problems.

Education 2015- Present. 
Currently studying the Degree in Interior Design from Elisava School of Design and Engineering (Graduating in 2019). 2012- 2014 
 Certificate of Higher Education in Cuisine Management from Joviat Hostelry School.

Employment and work experience July and August 2016-Present
 Club Marítimo de Mahon (Menorca) An interesting period of time where I’m in the department of “Mooring and Port Services” handling the services given to the boats that arrive to the marina. During special events such the “Copa del Rey de barcos de época” and the “TP 52” I’m part of the team in charge of the organization of the event and the organization and design in addition to have the responsibility of the hosting and the transport of different regatta teams. July and August 2012-2015
 Club Marítimo de Mahon (Menorca) I’ve been working as a sailing teacher during summer sailing camp. I had to organize different didactic activities and games for kids from 5 to 14 yo and give personal lessons to adults who wanted to initiate in the sailing world.

-2017 Redorka construcciones A creative period of time where I’ve work side by side with a builder team as a consultant in three interior design projects during house refurbishment. I had to decide the distribution of the apartments, the colocation of the furniture, the lightening installation and the kitchen design. 2014 
An stimulating and intense period of time working in different events as a cuisine and preparations manager for caterings and private celebrations.

Profesional training and qualifications I have a native Catalan and Spanish. As well for familiar reasons I speak fluent French. I also know intermediate English.

Skills Expert AutoCAD for plans 
 Good level in InDesign and Illustrator
 Good level on drawing expression Good level and experience in Photography
 Basic knowledge of Rhino

Hobbies and interests I define myself as a person that has a large amount of different interests. I really like music, architecture, pottery, drawing and getting inspired on the art and history that surround me. I like to research my culture and I want to preserve it. I also really like cooking and everything that is related to gastronomy. I’m a person that really likes sailing and enjoying from the nature.


1- House in Binibeca Year: 2016 Type of project: Professional Design statement: Summer house next to the sea

2- Reburbishment of the Kichen

Year: 2016 Type of project: Professional Design statement: Mediterranean kichen

3- Monky Tandem Club

Year: 2017 Type of project: Academic (Elisava) Design statement: Mediterranean kichen

House in Binibeca

This project was a proposal for a client that wants an idea and an option to build a house in Binibeca, a residential area from the south of Menorca with nice views to de sea. The client wants a summerhouse with at list four bedrooms for his family and to afford the accommodation of his friends. The project is a collaboration between an architect student and me. It took for us one week to organise the information and work enough to have a idea and represented in Autocad.


Reburbishment of the Kichen

The clients were a retired couple and wanted to refurbish the property for summer. They have a big family and an active social live, so they wanted a big space to throw summer parties. As you can all see, the house we found was a bit of a mess. The preexisting kitchen was build in a narrow extension of the house into the patio, on the western limit of the property. It had counters on both sides and small windows. Its with was exactly two meters wide. It was a very dark, crowded and cramped space. This project represents what I think a Mediterrean patio-house should mean. From the beginning, I wanted to fully integrate the patio with the house. Not only as a complement, but as a useful space. This idea, jointly with one of the clients’ passions for cooking, resulted in a complete outdoor kitchen.


Monky Tandem Club

Monkey Tandem Club is an academic teem work between graphic, product and space design. In my position, being in charge of the space design, I’ve been developing the drawings moodboard, the distribution of the space and the creation of the model build in scale 1:50. Do to the requests of our briefing, we crate a place with a bar area, restrooms, a mapping area, a common area to organize and debate, private spaces to create, different levels, bike storage and a terrace in order to create a cycling lobby. All that design in a classic and stylish way to create a special cycling club that is sponsored by the brand“Anís del Mono”


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Ilán Landy Phone: 638381716 Av. D’Eduard Maristany 17, 9th floor, 1st apartment. Sant Adrià del Besos, 08930

Porfolio Ilán Landy  
Porfolio Ilán Landy