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From the Ed-Desk It is great to be part of the Editorial team with 2 highly energetic and very creative personalities TM Ilangathir and TM Jimut Bahan. We’ll all see as they unleash their talents from creating a great design to other additions like cross word and some interesting information collected from club members. As usual we have some excellent content in this newsletter starting with Mala Martina’s educating “What’s the good word”, Saro’s “Discover the Leader in you”, Chandramouli’s “Walk”, Dviya’s “Poem”, Dr. Sundaram’s “Create and Preserve Memories”, President’s message and Our own Area Governor Guru’s message. This newsletter is very significant as this is the first after we reached the 200 th milestone. You’ll get to see some moments captured and placed in this newsletter. The theme is appropriate for what the club stands for “Scaling New Heights”. Medleys has its own brand and name and reaching 200 is not just another milestone but a stepping stone for reaching newer heights. Take your time to crack the friendly crossword as you get to see the new office bearers and also the new members. We have a new office team which gets introduce in this newsletter. You ever wondered who the most popular male is or female in the club? Did you ever ponder how to reflect on all the time and help you get from your mentor? Well, you had your chance here and can see what others have to say as well. We have had a great run of 9 meetings already after our 200 – and releasing this in a perfect setting – before humorous and evaluation contest day. Are we living up to the theme “Scaling New Heights”?

Regards TM S Mohan Editorial Team

Area Governor’s Message I am glad that Medley has now become consistent in producing newsletters. As you all know, creating newsletters not only increases the club’s visibility but provides a channel for the members to unleash their potential in written communication. Writing skills also increase your ability in preparing very good scripts for your speeches and presentation, thus adding value to your already growing leadership qualities. At this juncture I would also like to remind all our members about the forthcoming contest season. Discover that comedian in you and hone your evaluating skills by participating in these contests. After all, making people laugh is a serious business. If you have the attitude and aspiration to do it, you become well recognized because of your humor skills. So dear Medleyans, gear up for the season, await bombastic laughter and prudent evaluation skills to be displayed, prepare yourself, participate and pull ahead. All the best!

TM Guruprasad P Area Governor - N2 District 82 / Region 13

From the President’s Desk I started my Toastmaster journey only from Oct 2012. But my awareness on TM was from 2008, when my husband joined TM and played various roles, including the role of a President for his club. Of all the roles VP Edn role attracted me more and I volunteered for it in Jan 2013.I always believed that opportunities and responsibilities should be taken or grabbed and not be thrusted upon. It was not easy; I had gained a lot of experiences from it. I wanted to bring in lot of new changes, which included education session every week and also setting up process to find out speakers and role players every week. Yes. We did. Medley started attracting TMs and guests from outside. I received a great support from my club president, TM Guruprasadh. The success of Medley was obvious by the number of turn outs for our milestone 200 th Meeting. It was a great meeting with lot of new activities, embedded in it. But in this journey, I also ensured that I took part in the speech contest and I was fortunate to get 3 rd place in the Division level International speech contest. One should remember that as an office bearer, not only you take care of the growth of your club but also, your growth in improving yourself, AS A COMPETENT SPEAKER. Six months of my journey just flew and I was willing to take the next step of being the president of my club. Before I took up the role of my club president, I went through the expectations set by our TMI. TMI said: Quote: Your leadership opportunity Serving as president is an opportunity to develop and enhance leadership skills while serving the club and helping it becomes a Distinguished Club. To enjoy a successful and rewarding term a club president must:  Set realistic and attainable goals  Plan how to accomplish the goals  Delegate tasks as needed  Monitor progress toward goals  Coach team members when necessary Unquote, Today, I am blessed with a wonderful team to work with me as office bearers. We have set innovative goals and monitoring it. The success and the challenges will come out from me in my next address. Thank You,

TM Jayanthi S President, Medley Toastmasters Club

Medley Ex-Comm.. Sergeant at Arms

TM Parandaman

VP Membership

TM Apurv


TM Chandramouli


TM Jayanthi

VP Public Relations

TM Alagubharathi

VP Education Treasurer

TM Sarathy

TM Sateesh

What’s a Good Word ? Did you know that the word Tabla originated from the Hindi words “tab bhi bola” ? What is the difference between a lectern and a podium? Why is a “chair” called a chair and not a table? Who came up with words? How were they born? How should we use so many words in our normal speech? How many words are there in the dictionary? The quality of life depends on the quality of questions we ask ourselves. English is a funny language and what’s funnier is the way it is being used now. Research shows that children upto the age of 10 learn around 10,000 words per year on an average and adults learn about 500 words per year. So what happened to us? What changed? Why did we stop becoming curious? Did we stop asking questions that would get our neurons to tingle? Did we stop asking questions that stimulates us? Or wait a minute...Do we just care about things that benefit us directly? I want to learn new words because I want to write GRE, CAT. I want to learn new words because it is going to be asked in the interview I will attend. I want to learn new words because my job demands me to. How about we just change that to – I want to learn, because – I want to learn. Imagine how you and I would be today if only we all would think this way, to live a life of value addition and not a life of compromise. All we have to do is to ask the right questions to get the best out of life. 3 things I do everyday to work on my vocabulary: 1. 2. 3.

REPLACE: Take a word I am familiar with for eg: fat. Find an alternate word for it like obese or stout or corpulent. I begin to use the new, unfamiliar word in place of the familiar word fat. REHERSE: Use the word I learn at least 5 times a day. If I don’t find a situation to use it, I create one in my mind and use it. REASON: There is a logic behind existence of every word. EVERY WORD For eg: Bibliophile— Bibli [bible] phile [love]. A person who loves reading books is called a bibliophile. I am now addicted to reading the logic behind words and some addictions are worth it.

All of the above have given my vocabulary an extra edge that makes my life worth it.

DTM Mala Mary Martina

Discover the Leader in You What is your tag in Toastmasters? It takes a million years for a charcoal to transform into diamond. Are you a charcoal tagged us diamond? Or, you are a diamond tagged as a charcoal? Are you a charcoal tagged as charcoal? Or, you are a diamond tagged as diamond? There are members who join the movement and do not undergo any change and continue to remain as a charcoal. At the same time, there are members who join as a charcoal and go through a tremendous transformation into a diamond. Toastmasters is a place where “Leaders are made”. It is indeed true for me. Toastmasters helped to me discover the leader in me and I learned that “Leadership is harvested and not hunted”. I’m sharing a few of my experiences in Toastmasters leadership roles. I see a number of toastmasters who join the movement with a goal to complete their DTM in just 2 years. I call them as hunters. A hunter wakes up one fine day and goes out looking for a prey. If he is lucky, he can get something and eat that for a few days. However, being a farmer or farming takes a lot of discipline. You’ll have to plough the land, sow the seeds, water the plants, remove the weeds, apply fertilizers. The result that you’ll see is humongous. You can generate food for a large community which can eat for even months together. Developing leadership is like harvesting. I joined toastmasters in the year 2006. I served as a Sergeant at Arms (SAA) for 3 times, VP Education 2 times, VP Membership once and President once – before I stepped out of the club and started taking roles at the Division/District. One of the clubs that I was part of, called TGIF Toastmasters, met on Fridays in the mornings at 7 am. I served as a SAA for about a year, there. I used to get up at 5 am in the morning, get ready, have my breakfast and drive to the meeting venue to reach there by 6.30 am sharp. I used to be the first person to reach there – to setup the props for the meeting. There are times when I used to wonder “Saro! You are a Sr. Development Engineer working in a multinational company, earning a handsome salary. Look at the kind of role which you are doing in a Toastmasters Club. You are doing the dirty work of putting up the banner, ribbons and setting up the props etc., Is it really worth it? What are you getting by doing this?!” In the one year that I performed the role of SAA, I learned that “Every role in Toastmasters has a purpose. If you are not learning anything by doing a role, you are not doing your role right”. By playing the role of a SAA, I learned two skills. 1.

How to connect effectively with people? During my early days of toastmastering, I was finding it very difficult to talk in English. I had the difficulty of thinking in Tamil (my native language), translating that into English and expressing my thoughts. Playing the role of SAA helped me to communicate confidently with people. One of the roles of the SAA was to meet and greet members and guests. I was standing at the door greeting members and guests. “Hey! John… How are you? It has been a long time since we met… I missed you in our club meetings”… “Hey Matt… Welcome to Toastmasters.


So nice to meet you. How did you hear about Toastmasters? The fact that you are here at 7 am in the morning shows that you are super committed to improve your communication skills”. I was not confident enough doing all of this during the initial days – especially when my brain was actively translating from Tamil to English J. However, true to Craig Valentine’s words, “Fake it until you make it”… I kept practicing it. Eventually, I learned the art of greeting people and making them feel good/important. It helped me immensely to connect with a cross section of people – both new and old in when I played the role of the Division Governor in the year 2011. How to make someone feel very important? Most of the SAAs that I’ve seen describe the taboo topics during the meeting and just abruptly handover the control to the president by giving a one line introduction such as “Ever charming President”… “Our Enthusiastic President” etc., When I did the role of a SAA, I learned the art of introducing the same boring President, differently week after week. I learned to introduce someone based on the Theme of the meeting. During the later stages of my toastmasters’ career, I was able to use that skill to appreciate members based on their best attributes – looking at the glass half-full, instead of half-empty.

There are times when I have done the running around to organize speech contests – going all the way to Parrys Corner to buy trophies, waiting at the printing shop to print certificates, buying mementos for role players, ordering snacks etc., I never felt that I’m doing things that wouldn’t “fit my title”. In fact, I was working as a “Sr. Product Manager” in a MNC at that time. A firefighter runs into a burning house when the entire population runs out in fear. Similarly, when people run away from opportunities I ran towards them. Edison says “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. It is very true. Every opportunity that I used, every role that I performed in Toastmasters – irrespective of whether they are BIG or SMALL helped me to transform from “What I was” to “What I am”. Today, I can proudly say that I’ve harvested leadership and the learnings are going to stay with me forever. A charcoal goes through extreme tension, extreme temperature and extended time period to transform into a diamond. You can become a diamond too… There are acres of leadership traits buried in you. Wear your framer’s hat and start to plough the field… to DISCOVER the REAL LEADER IN YOU!

DTM Saro Velrajan

A Walk to Remember vande mātaram sujalāṃ suphalāṃ malayajaśītalām śasya śyāmalāṃ mātaram vande mātaram Our national song in which we bow before the magnificent Mother India. I used to enjoy this song very often, as indulging in her beauty by walking in her land has been my passion. One of my most memorable walk was the one that was 15 kilometres long. A couple of my friends and I decided to cover the distance from Kemmangundi Horticultural Society to Hebbe falls (both in Karnataka) in a span of 5 hours. Kemmangundi literally means hill of red soil. It is very fertile soil and has some of the most beautiful flowers in India. The sight with greenery on both the sides and a narrow motor able red soil road reminded me of the poem Road Less Travelled. We were all packed for the trek, though not prepared for what was to come. As we covered the first km, we saw dense fog in front of us. It was nothing like a fog... It struck only then that it was clouds in front of us. As we walk through the clouds, the feeling was remarkable. Every contact we had with the cloud led to water droplets precipitating right on us. We were drenched in no time... The beauty of the experience made our eyes moist... At the five km mark, the wind was so strong. I have never seen such a powerful wind... It almost had the power to push me... me... We saw a thin tree uproot with such a great force and rest gently on the arm of two loving trees, just as the wind subsided a bit. Such was the power and love of the wind. At the ten km mark, we could hear the waterfall, but were lost a bit. And were trying to find our way around. That was when we saw him. A white mongrel with brown patches. He knew we were lost. He gave out a very soft loving bark. We all turned to look at it. With all the elegance, he walked in front of us, as though to say follow me. He stopped ahead of us, turned around and smiled. Then continued to walk. We got the cue. We followed him and soon the sound of the waterfall was becoming stronger. At around the fourteenth km, there was a huge water body ahead of us. The stream was rapid. We were not sure how to cross. The dog realised our plight. He gave out his characteristic soft loving bark. Walk passed us and crossed the water stream with such a grace and showed us the way. He returned to ensure that he escort us when we crossed the water stream. Just before we reached the falls, it was may be a couple of hours past noon. We were hungry. We took our packed sandwiches and shared a piece each with our new friend. He happily ate what we had to offer and ate it graciously. Just when we finished

our little meal, he barked in excitement and pointed in the direction of the falls. We walked a few hundred yards, and then, we saw it. The most beautiful, pristine, lively, magnificent waterfall right in front of our eyes. There was a very colourful rainbow which rightfully crowned the fall. I have never seen anything so beautiful in my entire life. The four of us stood there and took all the photographs we could. Then set aside everything and... Just stood there, in silence. We looked at the beauty of the waterfall and let the mist, drench our thirsty souls. The sound of the water playing various notes on the rock was an unheard melody to our ears. When the beauty was truly filling our eyes, ears, body and mind. I realised the true meaning of our national song: Mother, I bow to thee! Rich with thy hurrying streams, bright with orchard gleams, Cool with thy winds of delight, Dark fields waving Mother of might, Mother free. vande mト》aram

TM Chandramouli G Secretary, Medley Toastmasters Club

TM Divya S

We Meet to Create Memories; But, We Depart to Preserve Them “To meet and depart is the way of life, But, to depart and meet is the hope of life. We meet to create memories; But, we depart to preserve them and that is life.” ~Anonymous On one Sunday evening, one of my friends took me to hear some lectures on financing. The club had a joint meeting with the Toast Master Club. The meeting started in time, and the agenda had been drawn minute by minute and followed meticulously. The members were well dressed and the ambiance was good. The outlook was majestic and I was hooked in. There were some wonderful speakers like DTM Sudha Dutta and DTM Sukla Dutta, the middle aged couple who led the show; above all, at the end of the meeting there was a sumptuous dinner! I enrolled the same day as member of Inner Universe Toast Master Club No.25620, Area 55 and Division H, Abu Dhabi.! Even though the average age of the Club members was around 45, I was still considered as a senior member and did not draw much attention initially. But, within the next few meetings, everybody opted to guide me; rather I befriended many. I selected then President TM Rajasekar, as my mentor; a fantastically good guide, whose basic mantra was nothing but encouragement. The members were so enthusiastic, that getting slots was mostly difficult; the meeting was once in 15 days, on Sunday evenings. The evaluators, even though were very appreciative, did not fail to point out the required improvements, critically. A few samples are: “Dr, use the micro phone next time!”, “Dr, Can’t you see me when you speak and improve your eye contact!” “Finish in time, next time (foolish)!”, “Your modulation is miles away!”, “There is a big hall and nobody has requested you to stand at the corner!”, “Write down your script to 650 words!” “Talk to your mentor” Having been a lecturer for some times on Engineering, for me the 5 to 7 minutes time was a difficult constraint. However, my speeches improved (had to repeat only twice!), over the time. I also set the Club record, by completing the CC manual in 8 months. The next 10 speeches from Story Telling and Special Occasion Speeches Manuals were completed in the next 8 months for ACB (Bronze). It could not have been possible but for the encouragement of many members; a few samples:

“see a good TM in the making, poised and confident,” “see sincerity in reinforcing the message,” “the speech has take Home Value” “Packed with humour” “Well inspired” “Message was educational” “Lively speech with perfect body language” I participated in almost all the competitions including the ‘Humorous Speech Contest’ and of course, could not reach the standards of the established speakers; who were stalwarts. However, from the good old (annoying!) person, I became the respected speaker (blue eyed boy?) over the period and was sought after to fill in the roles, whenever any role player was absent. I had delivered speeches on different topics like Protection of Endangered Species of Animals, Global Food Wastage, Diversity in the Work Environment, Diabetics and Healthy Life, Environment Friendly Tours, Cooperation, Will Power of the City of Leningrad, etc. It made me to study new general topics (over the boring Engineering topics?) and do some research on each topic. I became genuinely interested in the Club activities and I could feel the warmth of Caring and Sharing and sense of belonging. Even though there are many Clubs in Abu Dhabi, our club was a unique one and every club wanted to have a joint meetings with this club. During the short journey, I have received 4 Best Speaker Awards, one Best Evaluator Award and one Best Table Topics Speaker Award. I have done all roles and received the “Most Enthusiastic Member Award 2011-12” and the “Club Achiever Award 20112012”. I could not stop rejoicing, some of the wonderful speeches from TM (Mrs) Judith Sheraf, TM Bharath Khatri, TM R.M.Bhasker, TM Anil Akinieni, TM (Mrs) Nandhiniand, TM Shahjehan, of the club to mention a few names. However, “The Good thing about Evolution Psychology is Humans are designed to fall in love; And the bad thing about the Evolution Psychology is, Humans are not designed to stay in there.” ~Anonymous I changed my job and joined the GC of Chennai Metro, after nearly 12 years of living abroad. If anybody asks me about one thing which I am longing for, without hesitation, I will say it is the Toast Master’s meetings in ABU Dhabi. Those memories are preserved with me; and that is life- Is it not?

TM T.K. Sundaram

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Know your members... Q: How did you come to know about Toastmasters and Medley in particular?

TM Alagubharathi

A: In my company HCL expressions club celebrated 50th toastmasters meeting. I attended that and impressed. So searched how I could join and joined there. That club president advised me to visit community clubs. I visited medley. I liked it very much. So transferred my membership to medley.

Q: When did you join Toastmasters and Medley in particular? A: The communications and friendship to different kind of people. Q: Do you have any suggestions to improve the TM setup and our club further? A: No comments. Medley is awesome always. Q: Few lines about your mentor. A: In one line, my greatest gift from toastmasters. Q: Which is your favorite moment at Toastmasters? A: Every moment is favorite. Nothing in particular.

Q: How did you come to know about Toastmasters and Medley in particular?

TM Sunil

A: My Toastmaster Journey commenced in Kuwait in the year 2009. I had been constantly observing the term "toastmasters club" in the Classifieds column of a leading Kuwait English daily Saturday. I was curious since the wording "toastmaster" and the content had apparently no connection ! What was common between the public speaking and toastmaster. Curiosity led me to 'Capitol Toastmasters Club' in Kuwait City. In 2010 when I decided to relocate to India, one of the major concern was to find out a good TM Club near my residence which had convenient timing. A search in TMI website led to a phone call to Mr. Sundararaman and I reached Medley.

Q: When did you join Toastmasters and Medley in particular? A: I joined Capitol Toastmasters Club Kuwait City in September 2009 and later when I relocated to India, joined Medley Toastmasters Club in the year July 2011. Q: Which is the best thing about Toastmasters that you really like? A: The camaraderie among Toastmasters. The willingness to share knowledge and help budding toastmasters. Q: Do you have any suggestions to improve the TM setup and our club further? A: Our Club's standard is already exceptional, thanks to the efforts of a group of enthusiastic senior and junior toastmasters. Still, we had several toastmasters who were excellent speakers who stopped attending meetings. I hope we would be able to bring them back as regular attendees so that our meetings will be more lively and informative. Q: Few lines about your mentor. A: I don't have a mentor. But number of senior toastmasters both in Kuwait and Chennai helped me a lot with constructive criticism and candid comments. I remember in particular the advice of senior Kuwait toastmasters TM Anil Lobo, TM Xavier Muthu, TM Sabeena Bilgrami, TM Shegufa Merchant etc. In India, I constantly learn from the experiences of many senior toastmasters including TM Sundararaman, TM Karthik Srinivasan etc. Q: Which is your favorite moment at Toastmasters? A: When I won the Semi-Annual Humourus Contest at Area Level in 2009 in Kuwait City.

The Ed-Team

TM S Mohan

TM Ilangathir

TM Jimut Bahan

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