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A Love That Vanishes by Ilana Gilbert

She is one with the storm. She said to him once, “if this is a dream, never wake me.” He replied, “that’s the best compliment of my life.”

Though they were together, she felt that they were miles apart. She knew there was something wrong.

Sep 26 to me: (1 of 2) Like 3 weeks ago, an old friend, she asked just to see me and talk but i had already been drinking and she knows how stupid i am when i drink, i knew (2 of 2) you could see it in my face, thats why i couldnt tell you because i know we are close and i dont want to lose you

Sep 26 to me: (1 of 2) Thats the reason ive been distant, i fucked cheated on you, 1 time and i havnt been able to look at you the same from the guilt, i got drunk and taken (2 of 2) advantage of i didnt want to or ever want to again im a huge piece of shit and im sorry, there are no feelings except my love for you and im sorry

Sep 26 to me: And im not going to move on. i love you and its not a love that vanishes over night

Sep 26 to me: (1 of 2) I dont want her, i was pissed at her and told her never to call me again, i never wanted to make you feel anything but good im not lying when i (2 of 2) say that i love you! Please give me another chance even though i dont deserve one

Sep 26 to me: (1 of 2) i respect and love you enough to go along w your descision, just know that a drunken mistake doesnt mean i dont love you just makes (2 of 2) Â me a fucking idiot for losing the best thing in my life

Sep 26 to me: (1 of 2) I didnt want to i was drunk as hell and she came on to me its not an excuse for what i did but you deserve to know the truth, and your right i dont (2 of 2) deserve you, you are something very special and i knew youd ďŹ nd out and id lose you and iv been scared and sad about it

Sep 26 to me: Dont have me be the reason you close your heart if its not me someone will be perfect for you No its not all gone, i can ďŹ x this for us i can the person im suppose to be the man i want to be, when i saw you the ďŹ rst time i knew we were meant to be

She was woken from that dream.

And this was his confession.

A Love That Vanishes  

by Ilana Gilbert

A Love That Vanishes  

by Ilana Gilbert