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Ilana Degann | (818) 271-8289   Alto | Height: 5’7” | Eyes: Green | Hair: Blonde 

THEATRE                                                  Agnes of God   Anteater Cheater Beaters  Attention  Chess -​ ​ C ​ oncert    Seussical  High School Musical  The Diary of Anne Frank  Bang Bang You’re Dead  The Music Man  Funny Girl  A Midsummer Night’s Dream  The Addams Family Musical  A Chorus Line  Bat Boy 

Dr. Martha Livingstone Ilana  Amber  Ensemble  The Cat in the Hat  Sharpay Evans  Mrs. Van Daan  Katie  Alma Hix  Mrs. Meeker  First Fairy  Featured Dance Ens. & Ukulele  Maggie  Sheriff Taylor, Bud, Ruthie 

UC Irvine ​(dir. Keira Talley​) UC Irvine ​(dir. Jane Page)  UC Irvine ​(dir. Kelley Ho)  UC Irvine ​(m.d. Gary Busby)  Calabasas PAEC  Calabasas PAEC  Calabasas PAEC  Calabasas PAEC  Calabasas PAEC  Calabasas PAEC  Calabasas PAEC  Calabasas PAEC  Class Act Musical Theatre  Class Act Musical Theatre 

COMMERCIAL                                              Macy’s Back to School 2015  Covergirl/Pitch Perfect 2 

Actor, Singer, Beatboxer Actor, Beatboxer   

CONCERT                                                 Featured Soloist and Beatboxer at ​Total Vocal 2015​ featuring Deke Sharon, Shelley Regner -​ ​ Carnegie Hall   

TRAINING                                                 Bachelor of Arts, Drama Candidate - University of California, Irvine  Acting:​Andrew Borba, Richard Brestoff, Nick Manfredi, Sam Massaro, Chynna Walker  Singing/MT:​Gary Busby, Dennis Castellano, Myrona DeLaney, Rickie Gole, Michelle Lane  Voice and Speech:​Robert Tendy (​ Fitzmaurice Technique under Cynthia Bassham)  Movement/Contact Improv:​Annie Loui, Kelsey Jennison, Michael Calacino  Dance:​Allison Eversoll, Lauren Gibson-Etter, Melanie Lastrina, Elizabeth Schultz, Jennifer Sanett, Rachel Kay   

SPECIAL SKILLS                                             Accents: Yiddish & New York, IPA Proficient. Basic ASL, 8 Years Guitar, 5 Years Ukulele, Beatboxing,  Improvisation, Neofuturist Writing (Collective Member UCI 30 Plays in 60 Minutes), A Cappella and Choral  Singing, Directing, Stage Management, Sound Design, Wiggling Ears, Licking Elbow, Double-jointed  Shoulders, Valid CA Driver’s License and United States Passport