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Old Man and the Sea

Our story starts with an old man who was a fisherman. This old man hadn’t caught a fish in many day’s.

He thought to himself “Today is my lucky day”, and so it was.

For a very long time the man sailed steadily out to sea. Watching other fisherman sail out as he did.

By the time the man reached where he wanted to be the sun had come up. He could no longer see the other fisherman.

The old man then started to fish. He waited and waited.

Until finally he felt a fish biting the bait. The fish kept biting, but didn't bite the hook.

Then the fish bit down on the hook he could feel it was a big one. The fish and him fought two days.

After the two long days of fighting with the fish finally the man reeled the big fish in, and took him back to shore.

About the Author Isaac David Kukulka Age: 15 D.O.B.: April,27th,1998 Born: Wausau, WI

Old man and the sea short story  
Old man and the sea short story