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Welcome to the all new Ilkeston and Kimberley Sub Aqua Club magazine …...“Mouthpiece”...... (“demand valve” or “second stage” didn’t really have the same ring) This is the first edition of what will hopefully become a quarterly magazine for existing club members and anyone else out there who may have seen divers disappearing into the depths and thought ... “I wouldn’t mind a go at that”… Or perhaps you’ve done some holiday dives with PADI and you fancy sharpening up your skills.

About Our club was founded over 40 years ago by like minded people who enjoy the underwater world of SCUBA Diving. It is now the largest SAA club in the Midlands region. We meet at Kimberley Leisure Centre at 8.30 pm on Friday nights. We have one and a half hours in the pool and then get together in the bar afterwards. We are affiliated with the Sub Aqua Association and have over 60 members. Family memberships are available and these are recommended as in addition to diving we are also a family & social club. Children over the age of 12 can commence diver training in the safety of the pool. The pool is available to all members on Friday nights for swimming or snorkelling.


Well here’s your opportunity. Within these pages you will find contact details , current club membership fees, and of course feedback and photos from the various trips and social events that take place during the year. Everything that you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. This year club members have dived around the UK coast including Scapa Flow, St Abbs and the Farne Islands. Inland quarries…. and some slightly warmer dives in the Red Sea, Cyprus, and Spain. I hope that you enjoy the new format, any suggestions or comments that you may have, or photos that you would like including in future issues, can be emailed to

A Few (?) Words From The Diving Officer Well, the last twelve months has certainly been an eventful period for IKSAC, a year of change and unprecedented challenge. Over the last few years the club has lost a large number of senior experienced divers, many have effectively retired from club diving, and although some of them remain on the periphery of the club, having been elected as honorary life members, they are no longer the backbone of the hard core diving contingent that they were for many years. On top of this, last year saw the untimely deaths of former long time member Alan Daniels and the serving chairman of IKSAC Pete Smith. Their considerable input will certainly be sorely missed and was much appreciated by the club. The net result of these events left the club with a dearth of experienced divers, and apart from myself a complete lack of qualified instructors, I personally felt that IKSAC had reached it’s all time nadir and wondered whether it would ever regain its rightful place at the vanguard of East Midlands diving. However as the saying goes “Cometh the hour cometh the man”. We were extremely fortunate in receiving an offer from Chris Brown-Needham to take the reins as acting club chairman. Chris made it clear from the outset that this was only to be a temporary role for him, but in his time in office he has greatly contributed in turning the club’s fortunes around. I’m sure the newly elected chairman Paul Greenfield will continue Chris’ sterling work, and am delighted that Chris has accepted the role of Vice-Chairman. I took a gamble on choosing a relatively inexperienced newcomer to the club, Ian Collins to take up the mantle of Training Officer. What he lacked in experience was more than matched by his enthusiasm and his undoubted people skills. Ian has assembled a capable team of assistant pool instructors to work with him in both the training and lecturing programs.

Al Steans

IKSAC Diving Officer.

Humber Update Great News The club has managed to secure the funding to have the Humber completely overhauled during the winter period. All tubes are now going to be replaced and the gel coat repaired where necessary.

Commenting on the news, Chris Brown Needham said ..“we’re all looking forward to the Humber returning as good as new, and now that the new boathouse is completed we’ll have a safe and secure storage for it”.. It is anticipated that the work should be completed well before the first trips in the Spring.

Boathouse After several weekends of working parties the new boathouse is now complete. It is situated at Redhill marina near Ratcliffe on Soar.

It will house both RIBs with an area left at the rear for repairs and maintenance. Thanks to Ian J for organising the works and to Ray and Adrian for supplying hardware and expertise. And a special thank you to all volunteers who gave up their weekends to ensure that the build progressed smoothly...(ish).


In his time in office Ian has turned what was in essence a rudderless ship, to a disciplined, well thought out and implemented skills and educational regime. The results have been remarkable, all the trainees have gone from novice status to achieve success in club divers examinations, when the new diving season comes to enable these trainees to complete their necessary open water skills, we will have a new batch of competent, well trained safe divers to complement the old guard, who are undoubtedly getting older. My congratulations go out to all the newly qualified divers, in particular I’d like to say a big well done to Eric Hobson and Brian Turner. Ian has done a great job, on one memorable night we had 21 divers training in the pool in one hectic session, all fully kitted out and all trainees diving on a one to one basis with suitably qualified instructors, a magnificent achievement. I’m extremely pleased that Ian is continuing in his role as T.O, we’ve made startling progress, but there’s still a long way to go, trainees to become club divers, club divers to dive leaders, assistant pool instructors to club instructors, club instructors to open water instructors. I’m confident everyone has the ability to make that next step up, if they wish to do so. A massive thank you to ALL the committee; Johnno for organising the equipment and constantly ensuring a supply of free air for the training program. Ali for taking on a thoroughly thankless role, and meticulously organising an awesome Scapa trip, best live aboard I’ve ever been on. Angie for allowing her home to be used as a doss, for over active socialisers, too drunk to drive home. Paul for the hundreds of E;Mails, Gary for scrupulously looking after the finances (Treat yourself to a few beers out of the £26). Steve for all the free or at cost advertising banners and bumph. Sue for her usual selfless efforts on the catering front and finally to all the divers whose efforts have again returned the club to its accustomed position at the forefront of local diving. I’m really looking forward to next year with a renewed optimism a million miles away from the despondency of twelve months ago. Safe diving, Happy Christmas and prosperous new year to all our members.


Club Barbecue




4th September


The annual club BBQ was held at Steve and Angie’s and luckily this year the weather was kind to us. Another fantastic event that brought all the club members together- good food, lively chat and plenty of beers ensured that the evening was a complete success. The bouncy castle was particularly popular with the younger members (and some of the older ones too). The fun continued until the small hours (apologies to the neighbours). Steve’s fire pit was the place to be as the early morning chill set in and many a sore head was nursed the following day. Thank god it’s only once a year!! A big thank you to Steve and Angie for organising the event and for opening up their house, and see you next year!!

You can see more photos on our facebook page Search for iksac dive club

Plymouth 23rd-28th August The annual club trip to Plymouth took place as usual during the monsoon season. Club expeditions officer, Ali Allen, had this to say…“I can’t say I was too impressed with the weather when we pulled onto the campsite, absolutely throwing it down, no way was I getting out of the car so off to the pub we went! We had about a half hour reprieve where we managed to get most of the tent up. Not ideal to start a week of camping wet through but I guess that comes with the delights of camping. Let’s hope for better weather!”.. Thankfully the weather improved and by the Thursday it was positively balmy. We managed to get out on the RIB for a day’s diving around the breakwater which was a pleasant experience, swimming through the gullies and kelp beds. Unfortunately with all the rain, the viz wasn’t great but we still got 10-12 metres. On the Friday the weather held and some members hitched a ride on Trev & Mary’s RIB to dive the mewstones. They reported good viz and strong currents and had a good day. Other members retired to the beach with their families for an afternoons sunbathing and rock pool investigating. On the Saturday Sarah completed her first UK open water dive, whilst Nick and Wayne dived the the ‘nature trail’ in Bovisands Harbour Next year Ali is organising a trip to Oban on the west coast of Scotland. Details of this will be posted on the IKSAC website in the new year.

St Abbs In the last weekend in June some of the members ventured up to the Scottish border to do some diving. Unfortunately that weekend was rough and it wasn’t possible, however the place was so beautiful that we wanted to go back and see what all the excitement was about. We headed up on the Friday night of 30th July. Knowing that we could not get on the site before 12 noon we stopped over in a lay by 20 miles inside the English border and got the beds set up in the camper and went to sleep. Woke up in the morning with the same excitement as the previous day and we got ready to travel the last few miles when Steve Hardy and family went past. We were soon ready and followed the Hardy’s to Coldingham, St Abbs. Got to the campsite at 10am to be told that the pitch was not vacant yet; we decided to go into St Abbs and have a coffee. Drove down into the harbour and the sea was like a mill pond. I knew then that it was going to be a good week end. We travelled back to the camp site to arrange who would be diving that day. Yes, every body wanted a go!! We split the trainees up with dive leaders and made our way to Nest ends. This site was a little rough, we got all the gear ready and suited and booted we went in. The swell was a little rough around the left hand side, so we went right and found some little gullies with lots to see. Not a great dive, but it was one for the trainees to log. Sunday Morning and Sea Gull Rock was the second dive site. I took in Sam Attwood and Nick Place. Ray Cooper and Steve buddied with Lee Attwood. Keith Hutchinson took in Angela Hardy and Katie Bonsal. We dropped in off the North Harbour Rocks and surface swam to the first big rock, dropped down and went clock wise around the rock. The visibility was great with lots of fish, lobsters and sea life. All the trainees performed to a high standard and we were all waiting for the next dive. We went back to the campsite for breakfast and to collect the other non divers, then returned to the Harbour.

Stoney Cove Because of its proximity to us, several trips are organised to Stoney Cove per year. The weekends get extremely busy and because of this visibility can sometimes be poor. But just occasionally we experience perfect conditions. The 19th September trip was one such occasion. Several club members made the one hour journey down the M1 and were rewarded with 10-15m viz and water temperatures still on a summer high. All major sites were dived including the Stanegarth, The Wessex and The Nautilus. In addition to the dives, several trainees were able to complete the skills that count towards the SAA club diver qualification. We’ll be there again from Spring 2011 so remember to watch the website and Facebook for more details.

Capernwray 20th-21st November


The first club trip to Capernwray was arranged by Vice Chairman Chris Brown Needham. Having visited the site before he promised great visiblity and loads to see. Some members went up on the Saturday whilst the rest of us joined them on Sunday morning. After an alarm call at 05.00 and a two hour drive up to the edge of the Lake District we were hoping that everything would be as good as described. We weren’t disappointed!! We had two great dives and saw all that Capernwray had to offer including the plane, the helicopter and Lord Lucan & Shergar. The water temperature was only 9ºC but viz was good for the most part. The highlight of the day for most people was the fish. We fed them on the 7 metre shelf on the final ascent. What a way to spend a deco stop! A bag of fish food results in being mobbed by Rainbow Trout the size of small Salmon. They seem to come in from all over the quarry and only leave when all the fish pellets are gone. Afterwards we all decamped to the on site restaurant for a much needed coffee and a thaw out. Capernwray is a quality venue that is geared up for divers’ needs. Small touches like free hot showers go a long way. We’re already discussing a weekender when a lot more IKSAC members can attend and we hope to see you there!!


Ian & Paula

19th September-25th September 6th November


The afternoon was a little drizzly. Steve had been talking to an RNLI guy on the harbour, he suggested that we looked for a passage just off Broad Craig; we decided that it would be worth a look. What great visibility and environment; what a fantastic dive, perfect visibility at perfect slack tide. To make the most of it we decided that another dive around Big Green Carr would be good for Lee and Sam. Keith and Angela were also joining us on this dive. We all entered the water to watch Keith jump in from the 4 metre Harbour wall. Off we went for another great dive in one of the best dive sites on the East coast. Monday came and we visited the harbour to be told that there would be no diving that day, gutted we consoled ourselves with a full breakfast at the harbour café. With diving off for the day we decided that it would be good to go to the beach. It the last day for the Attwood’s, because Lee was being moody and wanted to go home, something to do with work commitments!!! Lisa did offer herself to Lee to stop another day??? We played the normal holiday games of frisbee and catch ball, I had a rounder’s set in the camper, we split into two mixed teams we thought it would be good entertainment to have a game. Paula and Lee were a little competitive, but there was no escape with their attempts to cheat. I think that Lee’s team did win, but only just. Lee and family left early that evening and everybody else headed back to the campsite via the pub in Coldingham. Monday brought a clear day, the last dive site was Nest Ends for a re-run. The sea was like a mill pond. We kitted up, I was with Nick, Steve with Ray, Keith with Angela, we dropped in to find a magical garden of sea life, visibility 10-12 metres, crabs the size of footballs, lobsters the size rugby balls and a Sea garden that covered the floor. An environment that I feel is the best dive site in the UK. This concluded our St Abbs weekend. Another great dive weekend at a great place with some great people; thanks to all that attended.


C LU B M E M B E R S P H O T O ’ S 6

If you would like to submit photos for inclusion in the next issue please email them to

AGM The AGM was held on Tuesday 9th November at the Dewdrop Inn at Ilkeston. The following members were elected to the committee. The full minutes will be available on our website


Paul Greenfield

•Vice Chairman:

Chris Brown Needham


Sarah Petter

•Diving Officer:

Alan Steans

•Training Officer: Ian Collins Gary Lampon


Ali Allen

•Social Officer:

Angela Hardy

•Boat Officer:

Ian Johnson

•Publicity Officer: Richard Petter •Floating:


Sue Cosford Nick Place Keith Hutchinson

Club Merchandise A big thank you to Steve for producing all the club merchandise. Steve offers this service free of charge and all proceeds go to the club. This is a valuable source of income so please dig deep and get your car stickers, wall planners, calendars etc. See Steve or Angela Hardy for details of upcoming promotions

Club fee’s Did you know that you can now spread the cost of your club subscription. Paying by monthly standing order is easy and convenient. See Gary Lampon for details.

Air Fills

Ian Johnson’s compressor has been commissioned and he will now be able to offer fills to members. The costs will be • 12L : £2 • 15L : £3 Proceeds will be split 50/50 with the club to cover Ian’s filter and maintenance costs. See Ian for details.

· · · · · · · ·

Ian Collins - Achieved Dive Leader Nick place - Achieved Club Diver Rich Petter - Achieved Club Diver Aimee Petter - Achieved Open Water, working towards Club Level Sarah Petter - Achieved Elementary Diver Lee Attwood - Achieved Open water, working towards Club Level Sam Attwood - Achieved Open water, working towards Club Level Brian Turner - PADI open water, working towards SAA Club level

· Ian Johnson, Steve Hardy, Angela Hardy, Nick Place and Richard Petter have all attained SAA Nitrox Certification. · Ian Collins, Ian Johnson, Nick Place and Richard Petter have attended the RYA VHF radio course and passed. · Attendees for Elementary: Sarah, James and Chris have attended Elementary Lectures and Advanced Snorkel, with Sarah passing her exam at the end of November. · Attendees for Club Diver lectures were: Nick Place, Richard & Aimee Petter, Lee & Sam Attwood and Brian Turner. All passed and they all need to log their dives, practise all the Club skills and get the DO to sign them off. · Derby Deep pool We have introduced the use of the 4mtr pool at Derby on Monday nights, this has been fantastic in helping the students improve on their buoyancy and skills. Richard Petter has achieved his Dry Suit Pool Assessment prior to a reassessment in Open Water. If you would like more information about the Derby pool sessions, please talk to the Training Officer · Dive Leader Lectures Dive leader lectures have been introduced to progress those members that want to gain more knowledge and confidence. These were attended by Ian Johnson, Gary Lampon, Adam Lampon, Ian Collins and the occasional Nick Place. Ian Collins passed his exam and practical exercise.




· Thanks to all the Instructors that have taken an interest with the training and delivery of the lectures over the past several months: Gary Lampon, Paul Greenfield, Andy Blackburn, Ali Allen, Ian Johnson and Angie Hardy. We have a new Equipment Officer this year. If you require Scuba Equipment for Club use, please let me know. There will be limited kit on pool nights, so please communicate if you require tanks or equipment. I’m looking forward to newly qualified Club Divers helping with training, the course to attend is the assistant instructor course, get your National Course Application (NCA) form from the training Officer Thanks to Alan Steans for your help and support

Ian Collins

Training Officer



Club Fee’s Try Dives: • £10 per session. Up to

maximum of five. Or book all 5 sessions for £40.* Annual Membership fee: • £120 per individual • £180 per family including children up to 18 years old living under the same roof • £50 Social Membership SAA Membership fee: • £52 first year • £42 subsequent years

By Phone Ian Collins - Training Coordinator 07885857689 or Sarah Petter - Club Secretary 07886085940 On the web

Lectures , Examinations and Qualifications:

• Free ∗

You can contact Ilkeston and Kimberley Sub Aqua in the following ways

There is a £1 per session charge for air when using club cylinders

Email Or

Fancy Diving with Sharks? Swim with us in the 3.8 million litre Blue Planet aquarium. This hosts the largest collection of sharks in Europe. The trip is scheduled for January or February. Full details are available at If you are interested contact Chris Brown Needham ( or visit the club website for updates

End of year Icebreaker Work off that Christmas belly by joining us at Vobster Quay and Capernwray over the Christmas break. Chris Brown-Needham is organising both trips and dates will be published as they are decided. If you are interested in either venue please contact Chris with your preferred date.

Dates For Your Diary • 3rd December Sponsored

swim in aid of Macmillan

• 4th December

Christmas meal at The Shepherds Rest , Bagthorpe

• 15th December

Night Dive and dinner at Stoney Cove

• 26th December

Raft Race Matlock

• Xmas break

Capenwray & Vobster Quay (Chris Brown Needham)

• Jan/Feb 2011

Swim with sharks at the Blue Planet Aquarium Cheshire

• Febuary 2011 possible Egypt

trip (Steve and Angela)

• Spring 2011 St Abbs and

Farne Islands T.B.A

• 29th April - 2nd May 2011

Dive Fest Pentewan Sands Cornwall (Ian Collins)

• May 2011 possible Egypt trip • August 2011

Egypt and Oban trip (Ali Allen)

For further details follow us on facebook or see

Capernwray is approximately 2 hours by car and can be easily done in one day. As an added bonus those that came on the last trip can use their Capernwray cards to get free entry from Monday to Thursday. Vobster may be better as an overnighter as it is about 3 hours away. All options will be discussed when an idea of numbers has been established...See you there!!



The quarterly magazine of Ilkeston and Kimberley Sub Aqua club

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