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ON THE COVER Photography: Jeffrey Gamble/ Stylist: Chanda Renee & Princess Vines Asst. Stylist: Christina Pope, Miste Roule, Ashley Dalton Make-Up: Jojo Rodriguez using Mac Cosmetics Hair Stylist: Janel Sealy-Smith for Cocoamane Clothing: Jacket - Hernan Lander, Jeans - Supertrash, Boots - Kelsi Dagger Earrings & Ring: Melody Ehsani


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Interviewed By: Dyandra Brown & Glennisha Morgan Written By: Ardranae Byer & Glennisha Morgan

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Photography: Jeffrey Gamble/www.jeffreygamble. com Stylist: Chanda Renee & Princess Vines Asst. Stylist: Christina Pope, Miste Roule, Ashley Dalton Make-Up: Jojo Rodriguez using Mac Cosmetics Hair Stylist: Janel Sealy-Smith for Cocoamane Clothing: Vest, Leather Jacket & Pants - Gestuz, Tank - Princess of the Posse, Cap - New Era, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Earrings & Ring: Melody Ehsani

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rom MTV’s Making The Band to Danity Kane to Dirty Money, the multitalented Dawn Richard has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. This triumphant 20-something year old is a force to be reckoned with. Working along side Hip Hop mogul, Diddy, Dawn is taking notes. With a successful comic book and an upcoming new album with her group, Dirty Money Dawn is not slowing down. IKONS had a chance to catch up with her and discuss her transition from Danity Kane to Dirty Money, working closely with Diddy, her upcoming solo project and more. She’s an inspiration to

many and a IKON to us!

The Life of Dawn Richard Aside from your successful music career, what other interests do you have? Music is always first love , but I have a love for art period. From animation (having my on comic) to my appreciation for literature and dance. I grew up in an artistic family, so I was exposed early to to art culture. Coming from a very musical city like New Orleans and also having a father who was a musician do you feel like you were bound to do music? I don’t feel like I was pressured into music. My father made sure that it was my choice. He introduced me to it and like him I fell in love. I think deep down he knew I would. With the 5th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaching, what are your sentiments towards the current state of New Orleans? The state of New orleans is slowly coming into its own. I’m proud of how far we have come. Could things have been done quicker.... Yes... But the spirit of our people and what we represent helped to rebuild New Orleans to what it is now. We are survivors and conquerors... Was your family, one of the hundreds of families that didn’t return back to New Orleans? If so, Why not? Yes, my family was one of many that didn’t return. I think the lack of help from FEMA was one and the other was honestly I think my parents were scared. They lost their whole life in one day. I think some small part of them didn’t want to chance something like this happening again. But I’m happy to say my father wants to return home and I think its a great idea! We experienced your pain on national television when this devastation took place, what impact has this made on your life? Honestly , I’m glad I was able to show the world the reality of what happened. People sometimes forget or don’t have an honest view of tragedies like Katrina. It was hard to expose my life like that because I didn’t want people to see me as a victim. Instead I just wanted people to know that we were hurting and we needed help.

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“It was hard to expose my life like that because I didn’t want people to see me as a victim.” - Dawn Richard

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Clothing: Jacket - Hernan Lander, Jeans - Supertrash, Boots - Kelsi Dagger Earrings: Ring: Melody Ehsani

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be careful. Kalenna and I are quickly becoming like him. Lol [two] hustler bitches.

You had bits and pieces of your love life broadcast on national television. How did that impact your relationship? It’s not easy having your personal life on t.v. It was new for me and I had to adjust

From the last reunion on MTV, we saw there was a strain between your former band members Danity Kane and yourself. Are you on speaking terms with any of the girls? I think we (Danity Kane) have all moved on. I think it’s time for everyone else to do so as well. We will always have great music to listen back to a remember how great we were.

Is it true that Que proposed on Twitter? If so what was your initial reaction to the manner and the actual proposal? It wasn’t a real proposal lol! Did the reality show accurately portray your relationship? Everything I went through on camera was real. Those were my feelings. Many people thought that you and Que would fail. How did you two remain steadfast and make your relationship last thus far? Everyone always wants to see people who are happy fail. I never understood that. Its a sad truth. I guess its because deep down people who are miserable want you miserable too.

Tell us about your solo projects. When can we expect a solo album from you? I have Danity Kane comics out now. My comic book is doing so well. The #2 issue is on sale now at The soundtrack is coming Jan 2011. And both my and Kalenna’s solo projects are coming right after Dirty Money.

“Everyone always wants to see peo- The Style

How would you say your style has changed since your debut as a singer? I’ve evolved style-wise. I’ve always appreciated fashion. I think now I have more power over what look like and who I’d like to wear. I have way more freedom than I did before.

ple who are happy fail. I never understood that [but] it’s a sad truth.”

I’m seeing there’s a Dawn and Que Takeover, can you share a little with us what you guys have in store? Expect great music from both of us this year.

The Career What’s the transition like from Danity Kane to Dirty Money? The transition from Danity Kane to Dirty Money has been a three year process. I had to evolve musically. I think without Danity Kane I wouldn’t have had Dirty Money. What’s on your iPod right now? What artists inspire your music? Bat for lashes - “Let’s get lost”, Florence and The Machine - “Heavy in your Arms”, Marina and the Diamonds - “I AmNot A Robot”, Rufus Wainright - “Vibrate” and Dirty Money - ”Ass on the Floor.” How does it feel to now be in a group with the person (Diddy) who discovered you and produced Danity Kane? Do you feel a certain amount of pressure working so close to Diddy? I’ve always seen Puff as a great businessman. Being his groupmate and partner has brought me closer to his genius. His eye and ear for talent is incredible. He better

What made you lose the hair pieces and rock an edgy short hair do? It’s was time for a change. People saw me one way and no woman is ever just one thing. I see that you constantly TwitPic your unique and amazing Footwear collection? What sparked your love for shoes? I just appreciate a good shoe. All is right with the world if you have a good shoe. I like to twitpic them to make the ladies and the “kids” smile. Who are some of your favorite clothing and accessory designers? My fav designers [are] The Row , Chanel, McQueen and Chloe. I honestly have a love for any designer who takes risk. What is your favorite fool-proof piece to throw on for any occasion? My Alexa Mulberry bag is the go to move right now. Lol How would you describe your personal sense of style? What does fashion mean to you? I don’t have a personal style I just dress day to day with no rules. I’m influenced everyday by the world around me. I never dress for anyones opinion. I dress for me.

Dawn Feature  
Dawn Feature  

Dawn's Feature in IKONS Magazine Issue #3