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Creating A Link Roundup – How It Will Get Traffic To Your Blog Ian Knabel

A weekly link roundup or weekly update is an incredibly ef f ective way to generate traf f ic (and backlinks) to your blog. Getting traf f ic is a challenge f or all bloggers and it doesn’t matter what niche you are working in. T he whole idea of having a blog is to share your thoughts, your point of view, your wisdom with the world but if you aren’t getting traf f ic or visitors to your blog who’s really seeing all the heard work you’ve done….. T hat’s why most of the top bloggers, the online marketers who are at the top of the pile ALL create a weekly link roundup.

So Ian, What Is A Link Roundup? I didn’t think you’d ever ask… A link roundup is simple a weekly list of the latest news in the particular niche you operate in. Sounds simple but there’s a little more to it. T he content has to be Newsworthy. It actually needs to be valuable content worth reading that will educate your reader about some change to your market. Current/Up To Date. T here is no point including things f rom February in your July link roundup. Getting this wrong will turn your readers away in droves Possible controversial. Don’t play it saf e and try and please everyone. Af terall you want people to interact with you, comment on your post, share on Facebook & Twitter. What better way than to throw in a little bit of controversy. Catchy Headlines. Remember you’ve got about 3 seconds to grab the attention of your reader so make it catchy!

What Will A Link Roundup Look Like I’m on a lot of email lists (and I mean a lot!) and some bloggers do a weekly link roundup really well and others…well they need a little work. Some of the people I look f orward to reading are Ana Hof f man, Mari Smith, Kristi Hines and Yaro Starak I would recommend you check out each of these bloggers and see how they put together their weekly link roundup. T hese guys and gals all do a great job of trawling through the “net” each week, sorting out the good f rom the rubbish (and as you know, there is a lot of rubbish) and then condensing the newsworthy articles into a link roundup. Some publish the weekly link roundup as a blog post, some send it out in an email and others as a Podcast. T he thing that surprised me when I was researching f or this post is that I couldn’t f ind anyone doing weekly a weekly link roundup in video f ormat on YouTube. Hmmm, might be an opportunity here I think.

Here are some more examples f or you to review and start putting together an idea of how you can create your own weekly link roundup. 10+ Blog Link Roundups to Get Traffic From – Traffic Generation Cafe http://www.traf f icgenerationcaf e.comSat, 15 Jun 2013 07:00:00 GMT no one till now have mentioned me But the thing is I never starved f or link round-up. I think I have to start it up. Reply. Ana Hoffman July 8, 2013 at 5:34 pm. Great content is easy to link to, Pawan. Maybe time to take a look at … 10 Strategies to Generate 1000+ Traffic to Every Blog Post http://www.slideshare.netFri Aug 31 01:24:22 -0500 2012 T he 10 best strategies that will generate 1000+ traf f ic to every post of your blog. SEO content marketing roundup, week ending May 22nd http://www.seocopywriting.comWed, 22 May 2013 10:00:43 GMT Other discussions center on post-Penguin linking strategies, mobile search, Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr, analytics and ref erral data recovery, as well as Google’s continued experimentation with Authorship and its new company logos markup f eature. In the meantime, content marketers f eel the stress of …. Ana Hoffman shares “Triberr: Your Step by Step Guide to Being Heard” at Traf f ic Generation Caf é. Heidi Cohen shares “33 Blogging Tips to Maximize Social Me How to Use Content + Social Media for Link Building | Search … http://www.searchenginejournal.comTue, 18 Jun 2013 16:15:54 GMT Let’s look at the ways you can use great content + social media to establish trust, build an audience of bloggers who love to link out, get exposure f or your link worthy content, and learn how social media really af f ects your link prof ile. Establish Yourself on Social Networks. Whether you are …. Kristi Hines · Kikolani. Kristi Hines is a f reelance writer, online marketing consultant, social media enthusiast, and author of Kikolani which covers blog marketing and blogging tips.

Why Do A Weekly Link Roundup And How Do I Benef it From Linking To Other Peoples Blogs? T his is a great question and one I get asked of ten and the answer is certainly longer than the question. T here are a number of ways that creating your own weekly link roundup will help you get traf f ic and I’ll explain a couple here. A key when compiling your link roundup is to make sure you are including well known, well respected bloggers who have a large active reader base. T he people who f it this category have built their blog f rom nothing and in general will be appreciative of the mention and the backlink you are creating by linking to them.

Once you post your new weekly link roundup, once the Google “bots” have crawled your site the person you are linking to will see they have a new link. Here is where you have a chance of being noticed and perhaps getting a mention on their high traf f ic blog, creating a backlink to your site. Who do you think is the real winner here? the “authority” site you sent a link to or your little brand new blog that is trying to stand up and get noticed by the Google giant? Of course, it’s you! Even if only 1 out of 10 people link back to you, its still a winner in my book! Another way of getting noticed is to go to the blog you are linking to and add something valuable in the contents at the bottom. Something like this “Wow, thanks so much f or another super inf ormative post. I didn’t realize that I could do XXXX on my blog. I have set it up now and cant wait to see the results. BT W I also included a link to this post in my weekly link roundup on my blog. T hanks so much f or this tip!” T his does a number of things; Creates social juice on the blog you are visiting by adding a comment T hanks and strokes the ego (we all have egos and like to be thanked) of the person who wrote the post Lets them know straight away that you have shared a link to their site Another way tha creating a weekly link roundup will help you get traf f ic is by keeping the traf f ic you have! We all work hard to get every visitor we can to our blogs. T his is where some people just don’t get it! If your blog is f ull of old crappy worthless content that new visitor will stay about 5 seconds bef ore hit the back button and they’re gone f or ever. To be successf ul and build a blog that has a high f low of returning loyal readers is the ultimate dream of all who blog. T he only way, T HE ONLY WAY, T HE ONLY WAY, ( this is really important) to build a base of loyal returning readers is by creating value in your posts. People must enjoy reading your posts and they must f ind it worth their time to read your posts. T he perf ect scenario if when they enjoy reading, learn something, share and comment on your post and then come back next week and do it all again. T hat is the bloggers dream scenario and one that you can help become reality by creating a weekly link roundup! About Ian Ian Knabel specialises in providing actionable steps f or the new internet marketer that will enable them to set up their online presence correctly f rom the start. You can reach him at or connect at

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A weekly link roundup or weekly update is an incredibly effective way to generate traffic (and backlinks) to your blog