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Key Cabinet Types A Solution For Everyone - Key Cabinet _____________________________________________________________________________________ By David - Key cabinets in some respects are very simple devices. They are locked boxes which store keys. Keys protect important valuable items, and the key cabinet protects the keys. Although it is a simple concept, these boxes serve very very important functions and also come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and types. Some people or small businesses may need to only store a small number of keys in one central location whereas a larger business may have hundreds or even thousands of keys to keep track of. Click Here

Basically there is a key cabinet solution for just about every possible scenario. These lock boxes come in a wide array of sizes, including small portable cabinets which hold eight to ten keys, all the way up to large cabinets with multiple shelves and drawers holding thousands of keys. While most of the cabinets are made of steel or metal, there are also ones that are more decorative and made out of wood or other materials.

The two main types of key cabinets are electronic or digital key cabinets and locking key cabinets. An electronic version is keyless and instead uses a keypad to gain access. A locking key cabinet uses a key for access. There are also cabinets which have manual combination locks with a dial that is similar to a safe.The locking key cabinet is the simplest type of key cabinet. These tend to be small wall mount or portable models that can be locked or unlocked with a key.

A digital or electronic key cabinet has keyless entry. A keypad is used to gain access in a similar way that you would operate a security alarm. When the correct access code is keyed into the keypad the cabinet opens. These form of key cabinet may also come with additional security features such as alarm signaling when an incorrect code is entered and lockout feature, low battery signal indicator and a tracking mechanism to track access to the cabinet.

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