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Welcome! Thank you for taking a look at my

portfolio, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Before you start

digging around you might want to hear a bit about who I am. As a kid I always liked to build posters with magazine cuttings, papers and whatever fell into my hands, and once I realize that was what I was craving for I worked my heart out and as of 2

today I feel fortunate and in my own element. The past couple of years working as a graphic designer and collaborating with several agencies have allowed me to meet very interesting people and immerse myself in all kinds of projects.

Graphic designer, unconditional lover of dogs and music, living in New York City.

I’ve been able to work for agencies and particular

clients from America and European countries, and even to travel and live in various places. Right now I’m happily based in New York. I have trained professionally studying Informatic Applications Development and Graphic Advertising. As a designer I am focused on graphic, web design and art direction. My work includes branding, web, mobile apps, graphic design and stationery, but I’m also looking forward to new challenges and unexplored ideas. I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact me whenever you want.



RESUMÉ Iker Fernandez


After studying Computer Applications Development and

Graphic Advertising, I have worked as a freelance designer for


over six years during which I have managed diverse corporate design-centric projects and worked as a graphic designer and

Adobe Creative Suite

art director for advertising agencies in Italy, Madrid, Pamplona and New York. My style stands out for a conceptual thinking,


for providing optimal design solutions to my clients, and for taking care of their brands as if they were my own. Additionally,


I like to stay current with the latest design trends and disruptions. Throughout the years, my career path has significantly


impacted both my portfolio’s evolution as well as my skill set. Punctuality and meticulousness are two of the things I value

Art Direction

the most, and the key in project organization, coordination, and delivery, always while working under strict deadlines. My


clients believe I am extremely reliable, fast and accommodating, and think I have a distinct taste for clean and well done design. With an attention to every pixel like no other, my restless and cheerful spirit will surely be a perfect bet for your team.





GRAPHIC DESIGN DEGREE 2010 - Corella Art School. Corella, Spain.

FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGNER AND ART DIRECTOR January 2011 - Present. New York, Madrid and Pamplona.


GRAPHIC DESIGNER AND ART DIRECTOR September 2012 - March 2013. Dommo CC, Madrid. GRAPHIC DESIGNER September 2010 - December 2010. Lirici Greci. Ancona.

LANGUAGES SPANISH Native or bilingual proficiency ENGLISH Full Professional Proficiency BASQUE Native or bilingual proficiency

GRAPHIC DESIGNER AND PRINTING TECHNICIAN February 2006 - October 2008. Luminosos Arga. Pamplona.




Best Self UX/UI


Best Self is a Kickstarter project created by entrepreneurs Allen Brouwer and Cathryn Lavery. After a very successful campaign on this platform they decided to go ahead with the company and start an online shop.

The second part was focused on the website’s graphic design – that later on would be implemented in Shopify – on the art direction of the photo shooting and on the management and coordination with the development team.

The first step of the project consisted on designing the user experience scheme. The project was expected to be very clean and clear, where blank spaces, corporate colors and big images stood out above all.

The result is a dynamic web, where each project has its own page with an exclusive design, and where we find animated elements and a complete integration with the brand’s social media.


Upward Magazine Print, Digital Magazine


Upward is a travel magazine created for people

The magazine content, always related to inter-

who enjoy discovering new places and adventures.

national travelling, includes art, gastronomy,

The magazine was created in New York in February

sports, and it’s closely related to big family trips.

2016 by a young couple with the idea of reaching a

It stands out for a very cared design, with a clas-

medium-high buying power target who apprecia-

sic layout in which every detail has been perfect-

tes the culture of family travelling.

ly looked after.


1.000 email Subscribers UX/UI


In 2016 the website 100 Email Subscribers will

Therefore we have designed a very visual site

show 100 success cases of how people got to in-

using big typographies and counters, and full-

crease their subscribers lists until 10,000.

screen images. The project consists in the user experience and user interface design, besides the web’s own corporate identity.


Etxe-Holz Branding, Print, UX/UI


Etxe-Holz is an engineering and patent company

Therefore the project consists of the design of the

with more that 30 years of experience in the

new brand, corporate identity manual, stationery,

livestock market. In 2012 they decided to make a

catalogs and stands design for international exhi-

big leap and focus on research, i+d and design of

bitions in Hannover (Germany), Argentina, Algeria

cutting-edge equipment for cow-comfort, in addi-

or Rennes (France) amongst other destinies, and

tion to widen their horizons with the company’s

the art direction for photographies and promo-

internationalization. These entails that during the

tional videos. In 2016 the company gives a big

last years the corporate image has been updated

leap forward with its new web, which includes an

and everything surrounding it at the same time.

online catalog and the incursion in social media

Starting from a typographic image with a great

(Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin). This website

personality and keeping its original colors we have

stands out for a simple design, a clear user expe-

created a very easy to recognize brand.

rience and for its responsive versions.


Akatu Print


Graphic design and illustrations for the third record of metal band Akatu. The album Phoenix tries to reflect the return of the band after many happenings that nearly ended up in projects.

Each double page has an illustration made with Chinese ink that copies the images used in the Rorschach test, getting a deep, psychological and lyric representative layout.


Slingshot Branding, UX/UI, Web Development


Slingshot is a web app that helps you plan the launch of your new product in five minutes. The project consists on the design of the brand’s logo, the user interface and user experience of the app, as well as the design and development of the product’s sells web page.

It is important to highlight that the general idea of this product’s app, its image and the design were carried out in a 24-hour Challenge set up by Bryan Harris in Nashville, in which I took part as freelance designer. Next we will see the different parts of the project, starting with the sales page.


Ciento Volando Branding


Ciento Volando is an artesanal handmade bowtie

The corporate image has a handcrafted look that

brand, with daring prints and untraditional colors.

resembles an old sewing workshop, which is the feeling that the brand tries to communicate with its

The brand takes great care in the products’ details,


the packaging, fabric label, and pampers its clients through quality, great finishing touches

The project consists of naming, corporate image,

and exclusiveness.

slogan, fabric labels and packaging, and art direction supervision of the photos taken by Ă?Ăąigo Irala.


dNow UX/UI, App Design


DNow is an app developed on a Hack Day organi-

The contest consisted of creating an app which

zed by Spanish newspaper El PaĂ­s (previously The

helped users and journalists on live blogging. We

New York Times and The Guardian had celebra-

were on Diario de Navarra’s team and we opted for

ted other editions). The prototype was designed,

Dnow, an app that allows the journalist to interact

partially developed and presented in less than 48

with users through social media and that feeds

hours. The app was created together with a jour-

news live, giving the users the chance to subscri-

nalist and a computer developer with the aim of

be to the news they are interested in.

connecting journalists and users throughout live blogs, a notification system and last minute news.


Enrique de Teresa Branding, Print


Enrique de Teresa is a renown Spanish architect

The premises to create his brand were that it

that has several constructions of worldwide ex-

had to be clean, simple, legible and typographic,

posure, such as Zaragoza’s Torre del Agua, Valla-

so creating an exclusive typography and taking

dolid’s University Science Department, Alcalá de

great care of details and spaces we applied just

Henares’ Cervantes Museum and Birthplace or

one single corporate color to obtain a sober and

Giessen’s THM Labor-und Technologiezentrum

elegant image.

Gutfleischstrasse. The project is completed with a corporate identity His projects, supported by the architectural and es-

manual, stationery and some pieces like bags or

thetic culture, are encouraged by his great creativity.

carrying tubes.


CDR Hoteles App Design


CDR Hotels is an online search engine focused on exclusive accommodation with the lowest prices. The brand and its app are well established in the market and they manage a high number of daily operations.

Through this redesign we expect to approach a younger target, and so the new image has a more practical user experience, fresher colors and a more simple and legible typography that allows the information to be the web’s main focus.


DespaĂąa Brand Foods UI/UI, Web Development


Despaùa is a company founded in New York over forty years ago, dedicated to import Spanish food and to manufacture its own products. The company does also have four stores/restaurants. The project consists on the design of the user experience, the user interface, the site’s developing and the coordination between the different teams involved in the project.

Through this website we have tried to update the business corporate image to turn it into a more actual, clean, easy and dynamic, keeping its original colors and logo, but adding new graphic elements, such as icons, new complementary colors, blank spaces, colored backgrounds or full screen photos. The main features of this website are, the fact that the client himself has access to the backend to update and manage specific sections of the site; and on the other hand, technical and design features as promotional sliders, responsive design, social media and mailchimp integration, customers advice, product valuation, store location or automatically shipping cost calculation.


Traer un amigo UI/UX, Print


Just like every year Caja Rural de Navarra tries to

The image tries to attract young people with a fresh

gain a young public by means of the "Bringing a

and funny communication. The project includes

friend has a reward" campaign. That is the reason

illustrations, posters, digital billboards, folded lea-

why creativity here is shown with a very visual ima-

flets, a website and social media.

ge, which represents some of Pamplona’s distinguished buildings and some of the campaign’s gifts.


Agogo Interactive UX/UI, Web Development


Agogo Interactive is a startup created in New York,

The web’s main features are a clean and simple

focused in online marketing for small businesses.

design, the use of a previously created logo, designs that explain Agogo’s operation system and its

Its fields are proximity marketing and positioning,

adaptability to all formats and devices.

and after being recognized as Best Marketing Agency of Queens in 2015 by "Best Of Queens" web-

In the web we can find information of Agogo’s ser-

site, Agogo has launched this website to commer-

vices, his founder and a contact pages, as well as

cialize its services.

the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter.


Traditional Chorizo Print, UX/UI, Web Development


DespaĂąa is a company established in New York

The project includes the design of the new packa-

since 1971. Nowadays it enjoys a great prestige in

ging, its promotion, the design and development

the city aknowledged through the sale and pro-

of a new site and the shooting of a cooking recipe

duction of first quality products. This concrete

(art direction and corporate video). In addition

project consists on redesigning the packaging of

there have been some weekly promotions for its

their key product, the Traditional Chorizo, manu-

restaurant located in Soho and for their wines

factured in the heart of Queens. To that end new


guidelines have been redefined using new typographies and graphic resources, keeping the original logo, but reaching a more actual global image, with an improved esthetic.


Journey Print


Journey is the first full-length album by Virenque,

I created a sense of subtlety with the layout’s

the rock band. This album was an introspective

blank spaces, and I pulled dominant colors from

project — a trip through different places and coun-

the photos to color the track titles. In short, the

tries — with songs that talk about personal situa-

visual experience of the album accompanies us

tions and feelings. I tried to capture the essence

on the journey through the album’s sounds. This

of the lyrics with photos I took in New York. For the

project consisted of graphic design, layout and

cover, I used the group’s symbol to silhouette one

photography for a digipack, and an interior twel-

of these photos.

ve-page publication.


Pay Off 10K UI/UX


Pay Off 10K is an online course created by seedti-

The project consists on user experience and user in- that shows how to save in your monthly

terface design in order for students to have an easy,

expenses by establishing goals and challenges.

agile and efficient tool to pursue their objectives.


540 Branding, Print, UX/UI


540 is a team of young developers with the purpo-

The project consists on branding, corporate image

se of finding the best possible solution for each

design, corporate image manual and several de-

challenge. Why 540? They don’t give each project a

sign pieces such as basic stationery, social media

twist, but a twist and a half, 540Âş.

design and web design.

Their work is distinguished for the connexion and

Some of the web main features are the original

collaboration of the best human teams, passiona-

menu, the fact that is responsive for all devices, the

te for their job. That is where the brand’s symbol

use of plain corporate colors and the animations.

and logo comes from.


Paloma Iraizoz Branding, Print


Paloma Iraizoz is a communications professio-

Her new personal brand shows her innovative,

nal that has worked for different media, brands

young, positive and dynamic spirit. The project inclu-

and institutions in Europe and the United Sta-

des the brand’s design, stationery, several promo-

tes, among which we could highlight El Mundo

tional elements and the design and development

newspaper, Catorce Comunicación, Pamplona

of her corporate website. The project is currently in

City Council, Navarre’s Government and Despaña


Brand Foods.


La Tómbola 2016 Branding, Print


Pamplona’s Tombola is an annual raffle celebrated

The web can be distinguished by a magazine for-

between the months of June and July in Pamplo-

mat in which the news are the main focus. In the

na’s Sarasate promenade. All the funds obtained by

home page five full screen images lead us to each

selling tickets are exclusively aimed to social works,

category, formed by news, images and videos.

and year after year this charismatic event has kept growing, becoming a unique tombola in Spain.

The typography and spaces have been very well cared, giving the impression of a clasic magazi-

For this year, its 71st anniversary, Cáritas has deci-

ne but including the most contemporary trends.

ded to launch a website to share news related to its

Besides, the design is completely responsive and

social projects, voluntary service, history and raffles.

it adapts to any format.


1KMM Branding, Print, Web Development


1KMM is a cloths’ sports brand, designed and

The batches are small to cover the needs of different

manufactured in Pamplona for people who love

clubs of any discipline and the production is made

practising sports in which effort, sacrifice and

in local industries.

sportivity are the main values. The full project includes the logo design, basic staThe company stands out for its quality and for crea-

tionery, design of the first clothes and design and

ting garment designed by athletes for athletes.

development of a corporate website.


Digits Discourse Branding, Print


Digits Discourse is a New York accounting agency

The image is made of a typographic game with the

with ten years of experience in the financial mar-

name initials and is very solid, legible, recognisable

ket. After a long business development they have

and simple. The project is formed by the brand’s

decided to settle their brand creating a new solid

design, corporate identity manual, basic statio-

corporate image that lasts at least other ten years.

nery (print and digital), promotional materials and

The brand intends to be strong and transmit a

design and development of a corporate website. The

positive energy. That is why the chosen colors are

project is currently in progress.

yellow, very luminous and vibrant, and a dark gray that contrasts with it, together with Brandon Grotesque typography.


Nafarroa Oinez Branding, Print


Corporate image and slogan for Nafarroa Oinez

Taupadaz bat egin! (basque), connected through

2013. Nafarroa Oinez is an annual festival cele-

the beats of the heart, it’s a close and friendly

brated to raise money for Vasque education. More

message, very consistent with the values and

than 100,000 people attend each edition, that in

principles of this organization. Thus the concept is

2013 was organised in Tudela.

represented by a flower formed by four hearts. The chosen colors are the main colors of that region,

The project includes creating the brand, the slogan, a

Ribera. The project had a very notorious presen-

corporate image manual and promotional materials.

ce in the local media, becoming the front page of several local newspapers.


Yoigo Print


Yoigo is a low cost mobile phone company that

The project consists on the monthly design of 4

operates in Spain. It is known for a fun and bold style

pieces: two posters – one for pre paid card offers

and all its promotions have a sharp message that

and another one for contract offers – and two ads

tries to connect with a potentially young target.

that are published in the national press.


Salacadula Branding, Print


Salacadula is a new company that emerged in

The corporate image and the logotype reflect the

Pamplona to organize weddings. It also offers ser-

brand’s values: simplicity, a cared esthetic, details

vices such as candy bars, anniversaries, birthday

and kindness winking at Cinderella’s fairy godmo-

parties or baby showers.

ther’s wand.


Virenque Branding, Print


Richard Virenque was born on November 19th 1969

Virenque is a young band with a very direct and elec-

in Casablanca, Morocco. Forty two years and twen-

tric style, therefore its symbol is their initial letter V

ty five days later, on December 14th 2011, the rock

with a lightning on the inside. The work is comple-

band Virenque was set up in Pamplona.

ted with the design of their first EP, Foundations, t-shirts/ merchandising, promotional posters and

This work is a general project that started with the

a website with the objectives of spreading the EP

creation of the brand.

for free and announcing the tour dates. The web has also an integrated blog with related news.


Virenque Print, UI/UX, Web Development


Richard Virenque was born on November 19th 1969

Virenque is a young band with a very direct and elec-

in Casablanca, Morocco. Forty two years and twen-

tric style, therefore its symbol is their initial letter V

ty five days later, on December 14th 2011, the rock

with a lightning on the inside. The work is comple-

band Virenque was set up in Pamplona.

ted with the design of their first EP, Foundations, t-shirts/ merchandising, promotional posters and

This work is a general project that started with the

a website with the objectives of spreading the EP

creation of the brand.

for free and announcing the tour dates. The web has also an integrated blog with related news.


Bank in a Box Branding, Print, UI/UX


According to SAP and Near Technologies agree-

The project includes the brand’s design, corporate

ment was born Bank in a Box, a platform to manage

identity manual, basic stationery, packaging and

financial services. The logotype needed to be versa-

user experience and interface of a corporate website

tile, actual and strong to reflect the brand’s values:

for its launch in Mexico.

security, flexibility and openness, and was created in collaboration with Nut Comunicación agency.


Gaizka Bilbao Print


Gaizka Bilbao is a photojournalist that comple-

He has great skills and reputation in social media,

ments his sports photography side with experi-

that is why he decides to share this knowledge

mentation. To that end he uses different techni-

through private courses for a reduced number of

ques and tools, one of which is the cell phone.

people going across the city streets. These are the promotional posters.


Guest Bloging UX/UI, Web Development


Cody Lister is a New York entrepreneur that helps

The designed and developed website is a sales web

people increase the traffic to their websites throu-

that is only available 15 days a year, due to the pro-

gh Guest Blogging. To that end he has created an

duct’s exclusiveness. Here we find information about

exclusive course that helps you use this tool to

Cody, the course and the included modules, suc-

gain success and traffic, which means a bigger

cessful stories and the possibility to buy different

subscription list and more sales.

versions or download an ebook for free.


Izaki Gardenak Print


Izaki Gardenak is a Vasque singing music group.

The picture was taken in the valley where the sin-

Their first record reflects the mystery of the band’s

ger was born and grew up, having a special mea-

name, which means see-through beings.

ning for him.


DN.Laboratorio Branding, Print


Corporate image for Diario de Navarra’s Journalis-

After participating in some journalism sessions

tic Innovation Laboratory. Just as important media

that took place at El PaĂ­s (Madrid) together with a

like The New York Times have done before, Diario

journalist and a computer programmer to create

de Navarra has created a journalistic innovation

an app for live blogging (dNow), Diario de Navarra

laboratory, born with the aim of transforming the

requested me to create their new brand’s design

way of working based on knowledge, contents and

and other materials, such as a corporate identity


manual, stationery and a web design.


Caminos Escolares Branding, Print


Every day many children from Tudela, Navarre,

Friendly logotype and graphic design used on

follow these marks to reach their school walking

appointment books,street marks, stickers,

or by bicycle through safe paths. There are four

T-shirts and more.

colors which indicate the routes to four schools.









Stoner by

Everlong by


The Shining

John Williams

Foo Fighters


Iker is the best designer I've

Iker is awesome. If you don’t

Perfect balance between good

ever worked with. He has a

work with him, you have

taste, imagination and commercial

great eye and was great with

issues. Great work, quick turn

focusing. It’s very easy to work with

communication and deadlines.

around. In fact, please don’t

Iker. He has a great creative vision

I look forward to working with

work with him, so we can get

and the ability to anticipate my

him again.

more of this time.

needs as a client.

Cathryn Lavery

Bryan Harris

Ramón Arellano





Most of the designers I have

I cannot say enough about how

Iker’s work it’s beautifully simple

worked with in the past either

much we enjoy working with Iker.

with a contemporary edge.

have poor taste or are terrible

We found him to be thoughtful,

Since its publishing our web

with deadlines - and often

intentional, and very strong

has received extremely positive

both. Iker is exceedingly great

at understanding our design

reviews. It has been inspiring to

with each!

vision. Iker is a professional and

work with someone so passionate

consumate team player.

about his work! Thank you, Iker!

Bob Lotich

Summer Johnson

Renè Bystron




Profile for Iker Fernandez

Iker Fernandez. Portfolio.  

Visual Design / Art Direction

Iker Fernandez. Portfolio.  

Visual Design / Art Direction

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