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Welcome to the first issue of Two to Eight! I am very proud to present to you our first magazine. In this magazine you can find movies, celebrities, games and music. It’s all about entertainment. This issue is dedicated to superheroes, in the spotlights we got The Avengers. I’m a very big fan of the Avengers movie; I’ve seen it six times in theatres! It was totally worth it! We also have a interview with my favorite actor, Chris Hemsworth, who also portrays the Norse Thundergod, Thor Odinson. And what more? 007’s: Skyfall, Assasin’s creed III and much more! I hope you enjoy it and till our next issue! May the force be with you.

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On the cover: Chris Hemsworth GQ (2012) On the content page: Tom Hiddleston 1883 (2012)

“You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.” - Tom Hiddleston Two to Eight 7


Chris Hemsworth’s

Hunt for Glory W

ith roles as diverse as a Norse god and a ’70s Formula 1 driver, CHRIS HEMSWORTH has certainly kept everyone guessing. He talks about his recent projects and parenthood.

Shortly before the release of Thor, Hemsworth noted in an interview that he “went from being recognised in Australia, to being a fresh face in America, and for now there’s that calm-before-the-storm feeling”. Given the subsequent success of Avengers Assembleand Snow White and the Huntsman, and with Rush, Red Dawn and Thor: The Dark World all coming out next year, it would be safe to say the storm has broken. You’ve just finished working with Ron Howard on Rush. Did you get any hands-on driving experience? Yeah, we did a lot. We had a month’s worth before we started shooting – you know, learning how to drive these cars. They’re Formula 1 cars, but replicas of cars from the ’70s; very different from modern Formula 1 cars, but still incredibly tricky to drive. We were warned constantly about going too quick, but the adrenaline junkie in most of us takes over at times and we pushed a little more than we should. It got to the point where I was thinking, “Whoa, if this goes wrong I’m not in a good position…” They’re like go-karts on steroids.


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Does your background in TV – particularly with the pace and limited rehearsal time of soap operas – affect the way you approach projects now? It was a great training ground. The conditions are tougher than a film set, where you have a lot more rehearsal time, a lot more prep and discussion, and the scripts have been worked on for longer. Whereas TV, in my experience, was incredibly fast paced and you’re kind of thrown in the deep end. I credit a lot of my time in TV with whatever ability I might have now. You’re filming Thor: The Dark World at the moment with [Game of Thronesdirector] Alan Taylor. As a fan of the show, what’s it like working with him? Awesome. Yeah, I love the way he adds an incredibly organic element to the fantastical world of Thrones, and I think that’s what Thor could benefit from. It’s grounded in reality, no matter how mythical or science-fiction-like it becomes. There’s a truth to it all. Certainly, working with him now, you can see he doesn’t want Thor or the Asgardians to seem like some distant race or god-like. He still wants them to be relatable. The Avengers is now the third highest-grossing film of all time. What’s it like to be a part of such a huge phenomenon? It’s great. I think, firstly you want to make a film that you’re proud of and you enjoyed making. For me, that’s what it’s about. Secondly, you want people to see it. So to

be reaching that kind of an audience is hugely satisfying. Especially when young kids come up and they’ve seen the movie 10 times. As a kid, I used to do that, and to think there’s a whole generation out there now looking at something you’ve been a part of…it’s a special dream. With such an all-star cast, what was the atmosphere like on the set of The Avengers? Most of the time we’re all on set together and it just became a laugh for all of us. We sort of fed off [the energy of] each other and before you know it, someone has to step in and say, “Come on, we’re trying to shoot a movie here!” Robert Downey Jr obviously has an incredible sense of humour and wit about him, which you see in all his characters. He’s like that in real life. You’re playing catch-up; always 10 steps behind what he’s saying. All those guys I learned something from and admired. Did you have a comic-book hero as a child? No, not really. I didn’t really read comic books as a kid. The ones that were most familiar to me were probably The Incredible Hulk, Superman, Batman – the obvious ones. I didn’t know much about Thor until I got the part.

What’s been the biggest change for you since the release of Thor? The biggest change to be honest – I mean, yeah, people recognise you – but the most rewarding thing is being able to pick and choose who I want to work with. You have the opportunity to try and get in contact with people that you might not have had access to before. That’s what you want; you want freedom and choice, in the industry and anything you do in life. I read somewhere that to get yourself into the mode of a drunken huntsman for Snow White, you used to spin around before takes. Were there any techniques you used to get in the zone for Thor? [That quote came about because] I was asked, “Do you have any prep?” and I said, “Not really.” Then I sort of jokingly added, “Sometimes I’d spin around in circles to make myself feel drunk.” But it’s the one scene. I wouldn’t say it’s a ritual by any means. [For Thor], there’s a lot of ongoing reading and rereading of the script. I have a guy that I work with a lot who’s a voice coach, but also far more than that.

“ I certainly couldn’t play him as Australian because people would think: That’s Crocodile Dundee! ” Two to Eight 9



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“ I’d rather be hanging out with my family than updating to people I don’t know about what I had for lunch.” We pull scripts apart and go into who these people are; his whole attitude of approaching a character is, instead of trying to mimic something or work out technically how you do that, it’s more why does someone speak like that. What’s in your personality or nature, or your past that has moulded you into sounding like this? That then raises a whole lot of questions about the character – which is great. You do that all the way through the film, even afterwards it’s hard to switch off sometimes. How did you settle on that very proper “English” accent for the Norse god, Thor? For whatever reason, it just seems to fit that world. Probably for no other reason than that it’s the way it’s been done in history. We associate Shakespearean speak [with god-like beings] because so many British actors have done it over the years. It resonates with the audience. Also, we had Anthony Hopkins, who is Welsh but has similar tones. I certainly couldn’t play him as Australian because people would think, “That’s Crocodile Dundee!” The top two Google searches that follow your name are “Chris Hemsworth workout” and “Chris Hemsworth Thor workout.” Do you ever feel that the impression people have of you as a big buff guy hinders your choice of roles? It was nice to do the James Hunt movie because it wasn’t about that. It’s funny, you have one scene in the movie [Thor] where you have your shirt off, then you do a press tour and it’s like, “So you spend the whole time in the film with your shirt off.” It was all of 10 seconds. So it can overshadow things. It is what it is, and that was what that character called for. But no, there’s no complaint about it. It becomes a challenge because you then have to be smart about what you pick after that; you want to show range. I don’t just want to do action films. Doing Rush, I think, was the best experience I ever had, because it was far more intimate and character based. It wasn’t about special effects. That was why I got into acting, because I’m interested in people’s personalities.

You seem to steer clear of all the tech outlets that other celebrities use, such as Instagram and Twitter. Why is that? I think there’s a danger of being overexposed with that stuff. The mystery of who you are is what keeps people interested in wanting to see you on the screen. Also, it’s easier for them to believe you as that character if they don’t know too much about you. It’s hard not to be overexposed these days with the Internet, and especially when you do a tour for something like The Avengers or Snow White, where you’re contracted to do an incredible amount of press. Besides, I’d rather be hanging out with my family than updating to people I don’t know about what I had for lunch. Also, there are so many fake ones out there, which is pretty frustrating. What do you do to relax? At the moment, hang out with my little baby. It’s fascinating watching her; every day there’s something different. Now she’s becoming more and more aware of the world and that’s incredible. Also I surf, train and see movies: regular stuff. My wife and I are pretty outdoorsy and adventurous; we like to keep moving. Lastly, of all the characters you’ve played, which do you most relate to? I think I relate to – and make sure you put this down – James Hunt, but not his philandering ways. Not in that way, be very careful that you say that [laughs]! What I admire and hope I have is that passion; that need to live life and make the most of things. For more photos and info visit:

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Daniel Craig is back as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in Skyfall, the 23rd adventure in the longest-running film franchise of all time. In Skyfall, Bond’s loyalty to is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As M16 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

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The Avengers

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Marvel Studios presents in association with Paramount Pictures “Marvel’s The Avengers”–the Super Hero team up of a lifetime, featuring iconic Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins. Starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by

Joss Whedon, “Marvel’s The Avengers” is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series “The Avengers,” first published in 1963 and a comics institution ever since. Prepare yourself for an exciting event movie, packed with action and spectacular special effects, when “Marvel’s The Avengers” assemble in summer 2012. In “Marvel’s The Avengers,” superheroes team up to pull the world back from the brink of disaster when an unexpected enemy threatens global security. 5 - star rating. Now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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l. Thor - r. Captain America

l. to r: Hawkeye, Captain America, Black Widow Loki


Iron man

18 Two to Eight

THE AVENGERS CAST The whole cast on set Robert Downey jr.

Samuel L Jackson

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Two to Eight’s, top ten hottest superhero actors! The last few weeks the fans voted eagerly for their favourite superhero or supervillain and here are the results. Who is the hottest superhero/super villain?

10. Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds

Age: 35 Hero/Villain: Deadpool and Green Lantern Secret Identities: Wade Wilson (DP) and Hal Jordan (GL) Appearances: X-Men origins: Wolverine, The Green Lantern Upcoming movies: None

9. Spiderman Andrew Garfield

Age: 28 Hero: Spiderman Secret Identities: Peter Parker Appearence: The Amazing Spiderman Upcoming movies: The Amazing Spiderman II (2014)

Who didn’t make it to the list: James McAvoy – Professor X Nicholas Hoult – Beast Brandon Routh – Superman Christian Bale – Batman Sebastian Stan – The Winter Soldier Ben Affleck – Daredevil Edward Norton – The Hulk Mark Ruffalo – The Hulk

22 Two to Eight

James Franco – Harry Osborn Aaron Stanford – Pyro Lucas Till – Havok Taylor Kitsch – Gambit Julian McMahon – Doctor Doom James Marsden – Cyclops Collin Farell – Bullseye Daniel Cudmore – Colossus

HOTTEST SUPERHEROES! 8. Magneto Michael Fassbender

Age: 35 Villain: Magneto Secret Identities: Erik Lensherr Appearance: X-men: First Class Upcoming movies: X-Men: Days of future past (2014)

7. Wolverine Hugh Jackman

Age: 44 Hero: Wolverine Secret Identity: Logan Howlett Appearance: X-Men Trilogy, X-men origins: Wolverine Upcoming movies: The Wolverine (2013)

6. bane Tom Hardy

Age: 35 Villain name: Bane Secret Identity: Dorrance Appearance: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Upcoming movies: None

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5. HawkEye Jeremy Renner

Age: 41 Hero name: Hawkeye Secret Identity: Clint Barton Appearance: Thor, The Avengers Upcoming movies: The Avenger 2 (2015)

4. Captain America Chris Evans

Age: 31 Hero names: Human Torch and Captain America Secret Identities: Johnny Storm (HT) and Steve Rogers (CA) Appearance: Fantastic Four 1 & 2, The First Avenger: Captain America, The Avengers Upcoming movies: Captain America; The Winter Soldier (2014) The Avengers 2 (2015)

3. Iron Man Robert Downey Jr.

Age: 47 Hero name: Iron Man Secret Identities: Tony Stark Appearance: Iron Man I & II, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers Upcoming movies: Iron man III (2013), The Avengers 2 (2015)

24 Two to Eight

2. tHor Odinson Chris Hemsworth

Age: 29 Hero name: Thor Secret Identity: Thor Odinson Appearance: Thor, The Avengers Upcoming movies: Thor; The Dark World (2013), Avengers 2 (2015)

1. Loki Laufeyson Tom Hiddleston

Age: 31 Villain name: Loki Secret Identity: Loki Laufeyson Appearance: Thor, The Avengers Upcoming superhero movies: Thor; the Dark World (2013)

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Assassin’s Creed III

ASSASSIN’S CREED III INVITES PLAYERS TO EXPERIENCE THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION THROUGH THE EYES OF A NEW ASSASSIN, CONNOR. Designed from the ground up over more than two years, Assassin’s Creed III takes one of the gaming’s most beloved franchises to new heights The year is 1775. The American colonies are about to revolt. You are Conner, an assassin who has sworn to secure liberty for his people and his nation. To do so, you will hunt your enemies across a staggeringly large, open, and realistic world. You will unleash your lethal skills in a violent quest that will take you from chaotic city streets to blood-soaked battlefields in the hostile American wilderness and beyond. You will meet legendary heroes of American history, and together you will conspire to annihilate those who threaten liberty itself. Whether you use your predatory instincts to kill silently, or your fearsome arsenal to kill openly, on thing is clear: the world that the Assassins live in has become far more deadly. And so have you. YOU ARE CONNOR, THE WARRIOR SON OF A NATIVE AMERICAN MOTHER AND BRITISH FATHER. AS A BLOODY REVOLUTION DRAWS EVER NEARER, YOUR CLAN IS THREATENED BY A POWERFUL GROUP SEEKING TO CRUSH THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION AND CONTROL THE THIRTEEN COLONIES. Shocked into action by the devastation of your village, you pledge your life to the cause of freedom, and embark on a decades-long quest to achieve it. Your predatory instincts, honed by years of hunting through unforgiving wilderness, allow you to stalk and eliminate your targets in utter silence. When open combat beckons, you will unleash a staggering array of new weapons including tomahawks, rope darts, firearms, and more. Centuries before the term “black ops” is defined, you will pioneer this new kind of warfare. THERE’S THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION YOU KNOW FROM HISTORY BOOKS. AND THEN THERE’S THE REVOLUTION YOU’LL BE FIGHTING, SET IN A WORLD THAT’S FAR MORE REALISTIC, GRITTY, AND ALIVE THAN ANY HISTORY BOOK EVER COULD BE. Pursue your enemies through a massive, dynamic world whose only constant is that it’s always changing. From the legendary battlefields of Lexington and Concord and the crowded streets of Boston and New York, to the snow-covered Appalachian wilderness, you’ll wage war in a stunningly alive and open environment. Whether you’re tracking your quarry’s blood trail through freshlyfallen snow, or taking advantage of howling winds and dense fog to conceal your attack, one thing is certain: you’ve never fought this way before. 28 Two to Eight

IN ASSASSIN’S CREED III CONNOR WILL BATTLE HIS ENEMIES NOT ONLY ON LAND, BUT ALSO ON THE HIGH SEAS ABOARD HIS STALWART VESSEL, THE AQUILA. You’ll navigate tumultuous waters and command your own naval warship, sending enemies to their watery graves with cannons and an array of powerful naval weaponry. Or should you choose, ready a boarding party and take the fight to the enemy by battling hand-to-hand on the deck of their own ship. As Connor, the most complex and technically advanced Assassin to date, you’ll move through the Assassin’s Creed aquatic world with remarkable precision and fluidity, enhanced by more than 1,000 new animations for Connor alone. What awaits is the most detailed and immersive open-sea combat ever experienced in an open world game. EXPERIENCE THE JAW-DROPPING POWER OF ANVIL NEXT, THE ALL-NEW ENGINE DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY FOR ASSASSIN’S CREED III. The team spent three years building this revolutionary system from the ground up, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking. It begins with stunning breakthroughs in motion-capture, animation, and AI technology, which deliver more realistic character animations and interactions than ever before. It continues with dynamic weather, seasons, and time, which significantly affect the world around you. And no all-new engine would be complete without a dramatically-expanded combat and stealth system. Take down your enemies with tomahawks, pistols, and more. Use your instinctual tracking skills to learn what happened after an event, and shape your future actions accordingly. Experience the true scope of war as thousands engage in battle. Anvil Next delivers a next-generation Assassin’s Creed experience on current-generation systems. Assassin’s Creed III will be in store October 31th...

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30 Two to Eight

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“Be comfortable with yourself, just be who you are.” From left to right: Christian Climer, Maika Maile, Chris Kamrada and Jay Enriquez.

There For Tomorrow is a band from Orlando, FL based melodic rock alternative band. Four guys dedicated to creating passionate, energetic music. There For Tomorrow got their original start in high school, where many bands come and go, but forming in the younger years of their lives only bonded There For Tomorrow into a stronger unit. Maika Maile (vocals/ guitar), Christian Climer (guitar/vocals), Jay Enriquez (bass/vocals) and Christopher Kamrada had experienced more together in their school days than most bands see in their whole careers. It all began back in the day when Maika and Chris played sports together in elementary school- fast forward a couple years, the middle school addition of Jay and Christian, a band name change, and the musical inspirations of punk and 90’s rock – the Orlando bred foursome There For Tomorrow was complete. The chemistry between the band members was undeniable and the name ‘There For Tomorrow’ stood for something much more than just four kids fooling around with instruments- it was a promise to themselves and 32 Two to Eight

everyone else that they had plans of sticking around. With early influences such as Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World, NOFX, and Thrice, it was no surprise There For Tomorrow quickly stood out from the rest. The band’s debut album Point of Origin, released in 2004, garnered them enough attention to perform dates on the Vans Warped Tour in 2006 and 2007. After touring, they recorded an EP in 2007 with James Paul Wisner (New Found Glory, Paramore, Dashboard Confessional), Pages, which quickly started to draw attention from label execs and managers alike. In the days where MySpace was the main portal for new music and a prime source for A&R reps to scout new talent, There For Tomorrow was an eyebrow raiser for many. It wasn’t until Eric Tobin from Hopeless Records messaged the band with interest that they felt the perfect fit. By 2008, they were signed to Hopeless Records and the achievements kept pouring in. Since their signing to Hopeless, There For Tomorrow released a self-titled EP in 2008 and their first full-length A Little Faster in 2009. After the EP’s release, they

Meet There For Tomorrow

opened up on tour for Anberlin and went on to win the MTVU Woodie Award for Breakout Artist of the Year, beating out acts such as All Time Low and We the Kings.

intensity the band felt while recording their newest project and how it came together so honestly and organically.

They continued their avid momentum by playing on the 2009 Vans Warped Tour and the 2010 Take Action Tour. And not only is their national fan base growing, but their international as well- having toured in countries including Japan, the UK, Europe, and Australia for Soundwave Festival 2011. But in the midst of constant touring, the band was ready to record their next full length, and quite possibly their most important.

The Verge is filled with the rawest material There For Tomorrow has put out to date- being a true testament to not second guessing yourself, or your work- something the band stands strongly for.

“The road has narrowed down so much for us from traveling the world and gaining experiences. We want our new album to really represent us and our passionour mentality of where we’re going as a group and how we’ve changed,” says lead singer Maika Maile. There For Tomorrow’s sophomore album The Verge, produced by Michael Elvis Baskette (Incubus, Chevelle and Alter Bridge) was released in June 2011 and symbolizes something much larger for the band than a new record. The Verge describes the passion and

“I think it’s really important to be a storyteller,” says Maile. “Young people are important and they need to know they can share themselves and express themselves. We just want to empower people. Be comfortable with yourself, just be who you are.” There For Tomorrow will be doing a US headline tour this fall. Their sophomore LP, The Verge, is available on itunes and Amazon. For more information on There For Tomorrow, please go to In the picture our Chief Editor Kelly Soumeru and Christian Climer.

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There for Tomorrow The Verge Punk/Rock

Beyonce 4 R&B

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