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School: Colegio El Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Subject: Customer Service Teacher: Ana Lucía Pérez

Digital Portfolio By: Andrea María Cordón Mayén Grade and Section: 10th. Grade CCLL “A”

Index • Improvement Analysis…………………………....…3-5 • Ethics Presentation……………………………..…..6-10 • Reflective Essay………………………………....….11-12 • Reading Comprehension…………………….……13-16 • Presentations and Summaries……………..…17-38 • Pictionary………………………………………...…..39-42 • The Ultimate Goal………………………………….……….43

Improvement Analysis

Slogan: La Meritita Comida Mexicana.

Reason why we chose that resurant: We chose this restaurant because it is one of the most famous restaurant in Guatemala, but sometimes it gives a poor and bad customer service, either in the cleaning or in the waiting time, it also gives different amount of food every time you go there.

Improvement Analysis

Los Cebollines needs it to improve their portion's size quality because once, one of us went to that place and took the same order with her mother and her food was bigger than her mother's. Los Cebollines needs to improve a lot in their cleaning service, sometimes the bathrooms are not clean, the odor is terrible and sometimes they don´t have paper.

Ethics Presentation

Subway The truth behind the Subway Restaurants

What is Subway? Subway is the American franchise specialized in selling submarine sandwiches and salads, owned by Doctor's Associates, Inc., but do this restaurant gives all they offer?

The truth behind its bread • On february 2014, a blogger started a petition for the Subway Company to remove the chemical “Azodicarbonamide” from their bread. • They use this chemical as a “bleaching” agent.

Other problems: • Subway has not only bein demand for its bread, but also for many other things, these are some of them: – A man demanded Subway after he found a 18cm. Knife in his 33cm. sub. – Subway was demanded by the DUPAGE COUNTRY HEALTH DEPARTMENT, and more than 125 people because after eating in the Subway restaurant of Illinois they got infected with Shigella.

Reflective Essay

Subway Subway is one of the companies that persist in Guatemala, but their design restaurant is very small it is hard to be with your friends in that place sharing, and obviously eating is not that easy. On February, 2014, a blogger started a petition for Subway company to remove some chemicals from the bread that they use. Subway says it's in the process of removing a chemical from its bread as part of an ongoing effort to improve its recipes. Azodicarbonamide, a chemical found in Subway's bread is used to make shoe rubber and yoga mats. They also have been demanded for giving a sandwich that is supposed to be 1ft. and it was not that longer. Subway was demanded by one person he demanded 1 million dollars, because he got that illness and 125 other people. For that bacteria Subway needed to clean their restaurants and the people that worked in there. Shigella meaning: Shigellosis is an infectious disease caused by a group of bacteria called Shigella. Most who are infected with Shigella develop diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps starting a day or two after they are exposed to the bacteria.

Reading Comprehension




WORDS: Branches: A subdivision or subsidiary section of something larger or more complex. Shutting Down: To cause to stop operating. Staff: A group of assistants to a manager, executive, or other person in authority. Recruiting: A new member of an organization or body. Scripts: A copy of a text used by a director or performer. Rapport: A sympathetic relationship or understanding. Demand: To require as useful, just, proper, or necessary; call for. Pre-empt: To appropriate, seize, or take for oneself before others.

Why is Customer Service important in Business? I believe that customer service is really important for business, it is vital to have a good customer service, because the life of a business are the clients, the customers, and in order to have a good relationship with the people that make possible the growth of your company you have to treat them good, and that is exactly what customer service is.

Presentatio ns and Summaries

You Really Want To Eat That? Rebeca Domテュnguez Alejandra Godoy テ]gela Blanco Ana Careen Villatoro

Why We Choose This Company? We chose KFC because this company kills approximately one billion chickens per year with very cruel methods. The company ignored the warnings of the PETA organization, by the sadistic abuse of these animals. This is why we choose this company, because we are against animal cruelty.

The Cruelty of the Origin of this Food • In overcrowded cages • Ammonia vapors • Do not arrive at two months of age • They cut the peak • The exaggerated use of hormones

• Processes of electrocoagulation • Plucked • The violent processes

PETA CAMPAIN • KFC promised to PETA that was going to make decisions with respect to animal welfare. But he has done nothing. In May 2001 would increase the demand for welfare, but at present to being one of the more aggressive poultry industries.

Undercover Investigation • The birds are slaughtered and drain their blood to put them in boiling water, but this process is flawed as most chickens are still alive and blood has not yet been drained when immersed in tanks of scalding water causing her flesh turns red. •

Internal Customer Confession:

Supporting Phrases • “I just find it bizarre – the massive gulf between the marketing of KFC, which plays on the whole soul food, hanging-out-with-friends angle, and the [factory] farm reality. They’re clever … to create that diversion to the point where you don’t think about the process behind it. I’m sure it would put people off for life.” By The Go! Team

Dalai Lama • “I have been particularly concerned with the sufferings of chickens for many years, I find it unacceptable that violence is the basis of some of our food habits.” By Dalai Lama

What Things KFC Can Do? • Accessing the program "Animal Care Standards", to reduce the ammonia in the air and improve the living spaces • Rules that workers do not abuse the chickens • That change in mechanized harvesting of chickens • That its rules are being verified

Pamela Anderson Supporting PETA • • Visit the web page: And sign the petition

The Truth Behind KFC

 The international famous chicken restaurant with delicious food, for some people, has been asked to stop been cruel to the chickens before they cook them. This restaurant is really bad, and not because of their food, before they kill the birds to prepare their famous food, the birds are treated really bad, with cruelty and wickedness, their pecks are cut, they are burned with hot water and abused by many other things. Aside from the fact that the chickens are treated badly, the conditions in which they are held captive are terrible, the are in In overcrowded cages without space to move freely, breathing ammonia vapors, and injected with to many hormones so they can grow faster and bigger, but because of the use of hormones the chickens often break their legs due to the overweight they have. One organization called PETA already called the attention to this restaurant, and KFC promise to the PETA organization that they were going to change their methods of treating the chickens, but the truth is that they haven’t done a thing to change this and they keep killing and treating bad the chickens they are going to cook.

The Closure of Bancafe Estefanía Cardona Anna Lucia Lainfiesta Ma. Fernanda Rodríguez Krizthel Romero

The Story of a bankruptcy announced O In 1998, BANCAFE SA, lost large sums of

money he had invested in bonds of the Russian government after the announced suspension of payments. In October 2005 , Bancafe International Bank, lost others $ 208.6 million .

On 2006 O Some of the features that characterized the

different forms of expression of the crisis were announced : the bitter experience suffered by millions of people unable to have your cash in the national banking system, which has caused the closure of Banco del CafĂŠ .

In 2007 O A curious event. the product of all this

psychosis who experienced both savers and those who depend on the national banking system was the lack of cash circulating throughout the country .

What about the money? O In all cases , it has been the government

itself has intervened to ensure the recovery and return of the money to savers. Representing the loan of $ 150 million that the World Bank is making an effort to ensure the recovery of the resources that have been reported as lost (Q.1, 600 million).

Legal Changes O Among the legal changes made by thought

reform we can find the Article 114 of the Banking Act , which now provides for the revocation of authorization of the financial -offshore - where "the entity is convicted by a final judgment by money laundering offenses or other assets and financing of terrorism. "

Other Changes O The Fund for Savings Protection, which ,

according to the chairman of the Economic Committee of Congress , Emmanuel Seidner, required more resources to ensure financial soundness. O The banks provide the Fopa a fixed monthly

fee per thousand in Q2 depository obligations to form the background supporting institutions in bankruptcy.

Check Out This O https:// O

The Closure of Bancafe  Bancafe, a well-known and dependable bank that operated in Guatemala, or it was until they announced they have lost a big quantity of money and all because they invested the money in a Russian bond. This event leave a lot of people without the money they have been saving for all their lives, or without the money they had to survive, but the real question is, what did Bancafe do to pay the money they have lost to the owners of the money? Nothing, even the ones who are still paying for the errors made by Bancafe is the government, which means that the money they are using to pay that money is the one that comes out of our taxation, and that is just not fair, what do we have to do in this problem? The good thing is that they are almost over paying the money lost by Bancafe. The final conclusion about this is that the bad decisions made by Bancafe years ago, ended in the closure of the bank, and the loss of the trust they had won over the past years.


The Ultimate Goal in Customer Service The ultimate goal in customer service is developing customer loyalty for LIFE. Loyalty mean that a person or a group o people are going to prefer always your products over others. But to make this a reality you have to never forget to attract, satisfy and preserve a good service to your customers.

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